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Your art looks so soft and lovely, I’m so glad I found your blog ❤️

Thank you so much!! Have a Todoroki and Midoriya helping out after school, tidying and cleaning up a place, after a villain attack. Probably a granny’s house. Soft bois are kind bois!

He says robotic hands aren’t good for tying ties. Hinata doesn’t believe him, but he does it for him every morning anyways.

“the troubles that lgbt people go through for being lgbt can be recognized and reflected by lgbt fans in bts’ storylines and song lyrics” yes!!!

“bts constantly talk about how they use their work to fight for young people who are discriminated against and confused by society” yes!!!!!!!

“and all the members have said and done a ridiculous amount of things related to lgbt rights that could mean they’re gay………………..” yes!!!!!!!

“and all of this is PROOF that JIKOOK IS REAL and theyre in a gay relationship and in gay love~~~~~!!!! and every time bts mention gayness they’re HINTING that SOON jikook are gonna PUBLICLY COME OUT as a gay couple and show their love to the world!!” NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stiles and Derek share glances from across the bar for the past hour.

“Either I’ve got a real chance with Monsieur Eyebrows there, or I’m on his hit list…,” Stiles mutters to Scott as he bites his lip, debating.

“I’ll take the risk, hold my beer.”

“Wait, what?!” Scott flails, grabbing his glass and sending out an SOS group text with the guy’s picture and description, just in case.


3 years later


“Everyone please raise your glasses in honor of Mieczyslaw,” Scott covers the mic, “sorry Stiles I had to,”

“and Derek.  Who knew that three years ago you were both destined to converge on the same path in life and become one in heart and soul. Stiles took a gamble, he thought Derek was either the man of his dreams or a serial killer.”

Cora snorts loudly as Laura intones, “He still calls me to come get rid of spiders in his home!”

Derek flushes, but Stiles grabs his hand and kisses his cheek, “Spiders are evil incarnate, Der.”

John chuckles and whispers to Melissa, “Stiles found out about Derek’s arachnophobia and tried to create a spell to protect their house. Nearly lost his eyebrows when it backfired.”

“Hey, HEY! This is a joyous occasion, people! Back to our love story.” Stiles fixes his jacket and sits down with a huff.

“You looked sexy even with half an eyebrow,” Derek murmurs, delighting in following Stiles’ blush as it  travel from the top of his eyes below his collar with his lips.

“As you can see,” Scott gestures to the couple in question, “It seems the only thing Derek killed was the chance of anyone else being able to lovingly cradle and protect Stiles’ heart. Cheers to the Stilinski-Hales!”

You are a work of art.

Yes, you.

Your personality, your talents, your skills, passions and beliefs. Your skin, your muscles, your bones, heart, and other various tissues. Your face, your smile, all the way down the depths of you inner being; you are a work of art. A masterpiece. A beautiful picture that not a single soul could ever replicate.

—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin

Pashplush! Published a report/pictures regarding today’s Yuri on Concert event. And here’s the picture of the stage when they are playing Otabek’s FS music. Otabek’s FS music was too instense and so amazing. There’s even a pyrotechnic effect in the stage during the performance.🔥🔥

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In episode 8, Claire tells Jamie that whenever she heard birdsong she would pretend that Jamie was talking to her. Could we have a fic where Claire hears birds singing and she is talking to Jamie. Maybe while in a park with Brianna. Thank you for all your hard work and your wonderful stories. I just love the stories

The had sea raged since sundown, our modest ship flung from trough to crest without the slightest thought for her passengers. As a result, any snatch of rest was compromised by the Artemis’ constant tossing, my cabin thrown about like a helpless plaything. My limbs hit the hard planks of the walls, and the sudden loll of my neck—once jellied by deep unconsciousness—brought me into a painful wakefulness. I moved my legs, trying to stretch the stiffness out of them, but my knees met something more solid than wood: Jamie, lying beside me.

At some point in the night, he’d crept into my bunk, disregarding the fact that his stepdaughter lay just above us. Not that he was inclined for anything beyond sleep. No, the only thing my husband was capable of on stormy seas was retching into the bucket kept within his reach. Presently, its lack of odorous contents indicated that he hadn’t made full use of it—yet.

Despite my daily cups of ginger tea, it was acupuncture that had ultimately alleviated some of Jamie’s sickness. Tonight, I knew his coming hadn’t been driven by nausea, but by a feeling that had become my own steadfast bedmate since our onboard separation: a homesickness for the heart and flesh.

Until now, I hadn’t minded that Jamie had tip-toed into my room, laying himself clumsily beside me. But my cramped quarters were claustrophobic enough without the addition of his sharp elbows, which kept thumping my abdomen with the relentlessness of a jack hammer.

I sat up, trying to adjust myself into a more comfortable position, when I heard Jamie’s sleepy voice rise above the ruckus.

“Yer awake, Sassenach?”

“Hard not to be,” I said. “It’s like a bloody tsunami out there.”

“Aye, it just may be,” Jamie croaked. One eye opened, peering owlishly through the dark, to see me narrowly avoid a collision between my head and my bunk’s ceiling. “I feel as though one’s starting to roil in my gut, at least.”

“Please,” I said, nodding towards the available bucket at his side, “direct any bodily tsunamis over there.”

“Dinna fash. Willoughby has set me straight—for the most part.”

“The other part is what I’m fashing myself about,” I said, nudging him gently away. He smiled, though I noticed the sudden pensiveness of his expression when my face caught the glare of the moonlight, lancing through the grated windows.

“Are you all right?” he asked, a concerned hand finding my thigh. The weight of it, warm and reassuring, dispelled the lingering memories that had disturbed me in my dreams. “Ye look…”

“It’s nothing,” I said, all too unconvincingly. Even without the lit lanterns, I knew Jamie could sense my lie, and felt his grip tighten, as if to urge the honesty out of me.

As always, the security of his touch—the dichotomy of its firmness and the way it pried me open—made my words come easily.

“I told you, at Lallybroch, about the birds?” I said now, softly.

“Aye. You said you used to speak to them, as if you were speaking to me.” Again, his touch seemed to respond to my own subconscious will for confession, and I melted into it. If someone were to ask why I loved him, I would cite this moment: the way his tone indicated no trace of scorn, or disbelief, in my bizarre behavior.

“And I told ye as how a plover mourns,” he continued. “Condemned to the grave by the death of their mate.”

I sighed and nodded.

“I was wondering if perhaps…well, if it wasn’t just the romantic sort of mate. Or if it wasn’t only plovers that felt grief.”

“Ye mean—”

“I mean: I mourned for you. Of course I did. But that wasn’t the first time I had felt, I don’t know, heard by a bird. It had happened before when—” And here I swallowed, wanting to say her name without faltering. My voice betrayed me, though, cracking as soon as it formed on my tongue. How could it not? 

“When Faith died,” I managed finally. “Even then, I saw birds. Not a plover, not that time, but a blue heron—and I didn’t feel quite so alone then, either.”


“It’s been over 20 years, Jamie; I’ve stopped grieving for her. If that sounds terrible then at least I know it.” I tried to hide the sudden sheen in my eyes, but Jamie refused to let me turn away. He held my chin, witnessing my guilt and sorrow with understanding, not judgment.

“The awareness of her loss hasn’t gone away, of course. It’s more of a hollowed presence now, or an emptiness that’s been normalized. But a bird would come to my windowsill every now and then, and I swear she’d be there, listening. And I could hear her too somehow.” I paused, before adding quietly: “All the sounds she never made.”

“What ye have with Faith, Sassenach—what any parent has with their child—it’s beyond what can be explained. If ye feel it, it’s real.”

“You sound like the crew mates.”

“The crew mates’ beliefs may no’ always be logical, but there are things that canna be explained by logic. You, of all people, ken that.”

“Well when you put it that way,” I said, my eyes drifting towards the moonbeam, which still creeped down the walls with a trickle of water. “It’s the same with Brianna, you know—I can’t stop thinking about her. Envisioning all the pieces of her life that I’ve lost.”

“And the birds?”

“There was an cormorant flying alongside us the other day. And it was like Brianna was next to me, trying to tell me everything that I’ve missed.”

Jamie turned onto his back, silent, but still kept his arm wrapped around me.

“I’ve no’ met her,” he said after a while. “And I’ve no’ seen her either, save for the photographs ye showed me. But I think I feel her too sometimes. When it’s neither day nor night. When it seems as though time doesna exist, and it’s only me and whatever lays out there, within and beyond the sea. A world that I’ve no’ seen, but that I ken—I feel. She’s there, somewhere, I’m sure of it. And I wonder if she feels me here, too.

“Whatever happens when we pass, or when we canna be wi’ the ones we love…I think there’s something that remains, always. That’s why we can mourn, or can feel the lost ones when they’re gone. Our greatest loves—well. I dinna think they can be broken by something as simple as time or place.”

I hummed into his shoulder, and then raised my face to his.

“I suppose we, of all people, should know that.” I said, echoing him and resting my head against his chest.

“Aye, Sassenach. I think we do.”

And as the Artemis continued her rough passage through the night, I no longer minded the constant upheaval, or the crowdedness of my bunk. I knew that when time and place had taken their final tolls, I would miss the imposition of Jamie’s body—though it would never stop pressing itself into my own, letting me know that Jamie was there long after he, or I, was gone.

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btw andrew unfollowed lena dunham on instagram and i’ve never stabbed him as much as i do now

andrew unfollowed lena dunham on instagram

andrew unfollowed lena dunham on instagram


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can you do like dating sweet pea would include or something like that

The Sweetest Pea:

A/N: I didn’t want to choose for you if you wanted to be a Serpent or not; so I tried to make this as neutral as I could. Maybe I’ll make a Serpent & a Non-Serpent headcanons later. Just go in my ask box if you want those headcanons, hopefully this is good.

•Dating Sweet Pea was steamy kisses, and hugs from behind.

•He loved the way his serpent jackets looked on you. Especially with your hair down.

•He is skyscraper so at times he loves to mock you and rest his shoulder on your head.

•If you are his size Sweet Pea wraps his arm around your shoulders and give you a kiss on your head.

•Sweet Pea loves PDA because everyone can see you’re his and he’s yours.

•He hates that it sounds territorial at times bc he understands you’re a free beautiful woman, oh but he loves knowing you chose him.

•Jealousy on Sweet Pea is adorable.

•You know this, so you flirt back sometimes knowing fully he’s steaming in the inside.

•He knows what you’re doing and can’t wait to be alone with you.

•You try not lead on others that much anyway.

•Dating Sweet Pea you become (or are already) best friends with Toni and she makes it her mission to get Sweet Pea jealous of her.

•”I could have her anytime SP I know her that much” -Toni smirks

•”If you ever need a break from him you know where I live” -Toni winks

•”If I had met her before, she’d be with me” -Toni chuckles

•Fangs and you have a sweet friendship where he’s like your older brother.

•Toni is like your Phoebe, but Fangs he’s Joey. (Friends reference)

•Fangs is very overprotective of you, you guys also have a friendly flirt thing going on; but this one doesn’t bother Sweet Pea.

•Whenever Sweet Pea gets in a fight which is frequently. He only wants you to take care of him. You bandage him up and clean up his wounds, but every time you do this it ends in a make out session. Which he won’t admit it, but it’s the only reason he comes to you.

•You’ve figured this out and to get back at him for getting into fights you buy cartoon bandages. Sometimes Sweet Pea gets the ninja turtles, sometimes Dora, but the ones that he hates the most are Barbie.

•When you guys don’t feel like getting out of the house, you guys chill listening to Sweet Peas vinyls and read, or talk about anything and everything.

•You feel very lucky when you get him to dance.

•You love it when you get him to dance because it’s you and him. Close proximity, swaying around with big smiles on your faces. It’s only you and him and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

•Sweet Pea would never admit it but he’s the one who said “I love you” first.

•You were hanging out with him, Fangs and Toni at Pops.

•It looked like it was about to rain, but before that some wannabe jocks cane up to you guys and wanted to fight.

•You weren’t having it, as sweet as you were, when the time comes you can raise hell.

•You were so steamed and they left you guys alone.

•You left Pops after paying and leaving a decent tip and Sweet Pea took you to your house. Your parents were out of town.

•You caught a bit of the rain soaking as you tried to protect Sweet Peas bike from the rain.

•You made your way inside and you took him into your room for fresh towels and he just blurted it out.

•The rain has rearranged your looks, but in that moment all he saw was your glistening skin, and how much you cared for him.

•You wanted to mess with him so you paused for a bit and said “Thank You.”

•It was torture for the serpent so he raised his voice and it was vulnerable which only made him more handsome.

•”Babe did you not hear me, I said I love you, I’ve never said I love you to anyone” he looked like he was going to break.

•”I thought it was obvious that I love you too” you pulled him in for a kiss.

•One of the greatest things about Sweet  Pea though, was his commitment to win over your parents.

•They knew he was in a gang, but he never called it that. He always referred to them as his family. They respected that.

•His charisma and jokes are what won your parents over.

•He was over the moon knowing your parents trusted him and liked him for you because all he wanted is to be with you and make you happy.

•Dating Sweet Pea meant piggy back rides whenever you asked.

•Dating Sweet Pea also meant any time you guys came across a stuffed animal claw machine he made it his mission to win you one.

•You has a collection of a bunch of stuffed animals from him.

•He doesn’t handle losing so well so when it took more than 5 tries you would make him surrender to keep going on about your day.

•You would also make him listen to some pop music which he refused to like and would go on and on about how “music used to better, and the instrumentals and vocals were something to be admired not cats away for hits.”

•Although If they got you dancing he stopped caring.

•Cuddles with him though were one of the seven wonders of the world. The guy was never cold. He had such warmth radiating from him.

•You both enjoyed binge days because of cuddles. Whether it be a new show or new movies, you cuddled away.

•If one of you fell asleep the other one would never hear the end of it, most times though you’d both fall asleep.

•He loved when your rested on his lap or chest. You loves it as well when he fall asleep on your lap. You both had a habit of caressing each other’s hair while they napped.

•Dating Sweet Pea was owning an old polaroid camera and taking pictures of you two together. Sometimes just him, you could never get enough pictures.

•He in return bought one as well, so he could take more pictures of you and you couldn’t protest since it was his camera.

•It also meant photography dates, you two weren’t experts; but you sure did enjoy those days.

•You two were made for each other that’s all that mattered.


Pennywise watching you as a baby.

You have yet to learn how to speak at the time, mostly just gurguled babbling. One day he coaxes you towards him waving a plush toy with a jingle bell inside of it. “Come on little one~ Come see your pal ol’ Pennywise!” He says smiling. You waddle towards him eyes fixed on the jingling toy in his cloved hand as he sits cross legged on the floor. As you inch closer, his eyes turn to a burning amber. Once you get to him you take the toy from his hand and examin it instensly. Pennywise opens his mouth just a little. Exposing his fangs when suddenly you discard the toy that caught your attention just moments ago. Pennywises face drops in disapointment of not getting his meal… then to surprise. You climb awkwardly on his lap and outstretch your arms. “Mm!” You whine through your pacifier. Pennywise stares at you bewildered at your request but smiles seeing his victory is upon him. Plucking you up, he holds you under your shoulders in mid air smiling at you. His eyes burning into you. You stare back at him expressionless and garble something he couldnt catch. “Whats that little one?” He teases setting you down infront if his white face. Spitting out your saliva covered pacifier you place your small hands on his face. Gripping his red nose at first (which he has become accoustumed to) only to peer up at his amber coyote eyes. A smile formed on your face immeditaley. “Pe..Peh..” You attempt to speak. Pennywise giggles. “Pe..Peeeeh?” He mocks in amusement. “Penny!” You say gleefully. Clutching his red nose again.

Pennywise stared at you in surprise. Shocked he heard you just say your first word. A warm.. almost burning feeling eased his hunger. His instinct had vanished. A big smile appeared on his face anyway.

“Thats right! Penny! Look at you little one! Youre growing up so fast!”

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I see it as more emotionally linear then 100% literal. The first half her rep is her getting crucified, she’s trying to fight back against that, and it finally climaxes into LWYMMD where she realizes she can’t stop it. After LWYMMD she seems more at peace with her reputation, and is focusing more on love/herself. There is less anxst and anger as the album goes on because she’s slowly letting go of having lost her good reputation and simultaneously falling in love. By the end she’s happy