you are not going to be able to deal with katie's new fic

The Demon’s Guide To Deal-Making

The Demon’s Guide To Deal-Making
Demon AU
Pairing: Sebastian Stan x reader
Rating: T
Warnings: …demon!Seb is a little shit?
Word count: 4700+ words

Sometimes, the most beautiful thing happens. A friend points out how a certain actor could ostensibly be a handful of supernatural creatures. Photographic evidence follows. A fic happens. I never thought I’d write an actor fic, but what the hell. Demon!Seb came out of nowhere and trolled the hell out of me. Huge thank you to @ursulaismymiddlename for feeding this insanity. I’m dedicating this fic to @loup-malin who submitted her lit review the other day and @bakexprayxlove who in addition to fueling the demon!Seb craziness will also be graduating today! I was unsure if I should tag the people who said they wanted to be tagged for Sweet Dreams - Assorted Flavours”. There might be more supernatural!Seb fics coming (Kati is working on a merman!Seb that I am so looking forward to!), so if you want to read about more supernatural Seb, tell me.

Okay. You ready?

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So last night I started thinking about Youtuber!Klaine AUs and ended up writing out a huge idea for it in a post. Today I wrote that. It took me hours when I thought it would just be a quick drabble, so I really hope you like it! (I’m also not proofreading it so I’m sorry for any mistakes! I need to lay down now, haha)

Summary: Kurt gets popular on Youtube for a “It Gets Better” video. Blaine is popular for his covers. Kurt is out. Blaine is not. 8,500 words.

It Gets Better Really Happens uploaded by kurtehum 
Published on September 20, 2012

[Kurt sits in front of the camera, with a brick wall background. He takes a deep breath] I can’t believe how lucky I am right now. Growing up in a small town in Ohio, which was just so conservative and god even the parents of my bullies hated me and who I was, I never thought that it would get better. I always saw those Youtube videos about older people in the LGBTQIA community talking about the It Gets Better campaign and I just….never believed it, really. I had more bullies than friends in high school. Glee club was my only safe place and even then….performing didn’t end up being the escape I needed to get out of that town so I just - I took the chance and came out to New York City on my own with no plan. It’s been two weeks now and somehow - somehow I’m making it? [laughs] I got an internship at vogue dot com and it’s - it’s a whole new world for me and it’s amazing. My boss is probably the single most amazing person in the world and - now I can’t believe it but I’m making one of those videos I hated in high school because I thought it would never happen to me. [he reaches up and wipes away a few tears] Because I’m here in a city that accepts me for who I am and I’m actually thriving and I know I have so much more to do, but right now - I’m not in my little homophobic town anymore getting beat up by people who hate me just because I love who I love. Or well, hypothetically, because I still haven’t had a boyfriend but you know, New York City. It’s full of possibilities. [laughs] So to anyone like me who is watching this from Ohio or Kentucky or Texas or - or anywhere where you don’t feel safe being yourself….it can get better. It really, really can. [smiles]

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