you are not civil rights leaders

Black LBGTQ History Icons

Marsha P. Johnson

  • A leader of the Stonewall Riots. According to several eyewitnesses, Marsha was the one who “really started it”. She was “in the middle of the whole thing, screaming and yelling and throwing rocks and almost like Molly Pitcher in the Revolution or something”
  • Dedicated her life to activism:
    • Co-founded the Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries (later renamed Street Transgender Action Revolutionaries)
    • Ensured that the young drag queens, trans women and other street kids on Christopher Street were fed and clothed. Marsha also housed them whenever she could. 
    • In the 1980s, she was an activist and organizer in ACT UP. 

Stormé DeLarverie

  • Also a leader in the Stonewall Riots - has been identified as the “butch lesbian that threw the first punch” against the police officers.
  • Several eye-witnesses recollections also recognize her as the cross-dressing lesbian that yelled “why don’t you guys do something” at the bystanders that evoked the reaction from them that helped make Stonewall a defining moment in history.
  • Unofficially worked at gay bars who otherwise couldn’t afford security.

Bayard Rustin

  • Was a leading strategist of the U.S. Civil Rights Movement between 1955-1968:
    • The formidable behind the scenes figure of the civil rights movement who organized the March on Washington
    • Through his influence, the civil rights leadership adopted a non-violent stance.
    • Is and was often overlooked in African-American history because of the public’s discomfort with his sexual orientation.
  • Supported LGBTQ rights and movements.
  • Was posthumously awarded Rustin the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Barack Obama.

Miss Major Griffin-Gracy

  • Another leader in the Stonewall Riots.
  • Has been involved in community efforts since 1978. She has worked at local food banks, provide services for trans women suffering from addiction or homelessness. During the AIDS epidemic she also provided healthcare and funeral services.
  • Is currently serving as the Executive Director for the Transgender GenderVariant Intersex Justice Project, working to assist transgender persons who are disproportionately incarcerated under a prison-industrial complex.

Alvin Ailey

  • At the young age of 22, Alvin AIley became Artistic Directer for the Horton Dance Company where he choreographed as well as directed scenes and costume designs.
  • Formed the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre in 1958 but continued to choreograph for other companies.
  • Ailey’s signature works prominently reflects his Black pride.
  • Is credited for popularizing modern dance. 
  • Was also posthumously awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Barack Obama.

Feel free to add anyone I’ve missed!

reminder to my fellow asians

Japanese internment happened.  The Chinese Exclusion Act happened and was not repealed until 1943.  Chinese people could not become American citizens until 1943.  Asian Indians could not be citizens until 1946.  Japanese people couldn’t become citizens until 1952.  Asian-Americans had no voting rights protection until the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

Make no mistake: discrimination and racism against AAPIs has been built into America from the start.  The diminishing and erasure of our contributions to building this country continue to this day.  We are the fastest-growing group and yet we either stay silent or are silenced.  We are not taught about our civil rights leaders.  We are conditioned to believe the myth of the model minority.

When it comes down to it, the rights we have today are a result of the Black civil rights movement and those Asian civil rights leaders who stood with them.  We are indebted to them, but as a group we don’t show it.  We are taught anti-blackness and colorism from an early age.  Some of us never realize our own racism and bigotry.

But we have to first understand it and second fight it, because this country is built on oppression of people of color.  You are either with other PoCs or you are not.  I’ll give you a hint: solidarity is the key.  Realize that the enemy is not other PoCs.  At the end of the day we aren’t white, and the past and present shows that.  They will try to divide us and pit us against each other.  They will offer us a seat at the table only if we remain lower.

That is, to be frank, bullshit.  That is not equality.  Reinforcing the hierarchy that white people have built only reinforces white supremacy and racism.  The faster we as a group understand this and combat it, the better.  This Day of Remembrance is a stark and moving reminder that we AAPIs remain targets.  It follows that it’s in our best interests to stand with other PoCs.

I support solidarity.

Yellow Peril supports Black Power.

Steven universe and the show we didn’t get

Okay I literally have 0 followers so this is just me screaming into the void but I want to talk about the Steven Universe we almost had. Buckle up kids this is a long one.

So in Season 1 we had great worldbuilding and great writing and masterful set ups

We had in episode 1 Steven stumbling through learning his powers this set up a coming of age story, we also had the gem monsters set up as the conflict which was secondary to the emotional dramas that took the space of most the episode(s).

In the next few episodes we learn that the gem civilization is gone (from what we see at least). All we see of the gems culture is ruins, this implies to the audience that there isn’t a gem civilization anymore at all, the crystal gems are all that’s left besides ruins and gem monsters.

We learn really fast that

  • There was a war for earth
  • This war was won but at the cost of the gem civilization
  • The three that survived are left to pick up the pieces and defend the planet against gem monsters
  • During this they help the son of the leader of the rebellion learn how to be a gem
  • Steven is half human and so his future and powers are uncertain

That’s a pretty high stakes set up right there, you can see why so many people think so highly of this show. But if you look theres really only 2 moving parts introduced in the very first episode

Plot A is Steven learning his powers

Plot B is the gem monsters

So by the end of season 1 we get the culmination of these two plots, the way A and B plots are supposed to converge

The gem monsters are revealed to be damaged fallen soldiers of the war that destroyed the gem civilization, set up in the monster buddies episode and paid off with the Mirror gem/ocean gem episodes

Steven, by learning about his powers all season, has learned a way to heal these damaged people, set up in episode Indirect Kiss and paid off in the season finale.

Look at all that set up! Look at how well it paid off! This is brilliant!

So now that we know that the monsters are people and the crystal gems are not the last of their kind AND we know that steven can heal these people. Season 2 had a perfect goddamn setup to be about Steven helping damaged gems

Season 2 should have been about bringing back a lost civilization with the help of damaged but healing soldiers who were cut down in the war that got them to that point

And Steven, who is half human and half the leader of the force that helped destroy the gem empire, was set up as the driving force to help put all of this back together but this time better

But no.

Instead the gem empire still exist, is still after earth, and the gem monsters have been almost entirely forgotten.

What the hell??

That was so much setup and for what?? Why do all these plot points get discarded?? Why are so many characters only there for one episode?? We are well into Season 4 how is it the show seems more aimless than the first season??? If this isn’t a “crush the empire” story then where the hell is the plot going with this?? Does anyone know the answer to these questions?? Well the writers sure fucking don’t and that’s for sure.

Steven Universe is all set up and barely any payoff and it’s getting ridiculous.


These are some designs I made to celebrate Black history and significant figures who I’ve always really appreciated. I plan on coming back to these and expand as much as I can. These were really fun to work on and even my Frederick Douglass design was hung up and mounted at my college’s gallery.

The purpose of these pieces were to convey black figures in a simple form that also had a detailed summary of them, I’ve noticed in history books the history of any minority whether it be Black history or Womens history is greatly undetailed about the struggles and other leaders that are looked over. so I took it into my own hands and thought it was a nice way to honor these figures.

Stay Tuned.

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“Reproductive health care should be a right for everyone — regardless of their income, their zip code, gender, you name it. I have such admiration for health center staff and doctors all across the country who go to work every day. Many of them walk through protesters just to get into work and provide care for patients. That’s what keeps me centered.”    

- Cecile Richards is the president of Planned Parenthood and Planned Parenthood Action Fund and a leader in the field of women’s health and reproductive rights.

Check out the in-depth Q&A with Cecile below!

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anonymous asked:

1) I'm just so tired after Civil War; so tired of fandom. I love Tony Stark, I'm "Team Iron Man" or whatever, but do people understand that that's a marketing gimmick- the teams? Both sides have done things that are right and wrong, and both have understandable actions/ reactions; it shows that superheroes are human. The point of any iteration of CW is to show that Steve and Tony are better together- that's literally the lesson.

2) The universes that escaped the consequences of CW were ones where they were able to sit down, talk and compromise- together. And the point still stands, because guess what, in IW they’re going to “kiss and make up”. They have to. They’re the leaders of the Avengers, the leaders of the only superheroes in the MCU, and they want and care about the same things. It’s who they are. And gosh, not to be too on the nose, but literally “Where civil blood makes civil hands unclean” applies.


Yes! This! Thank you Team Iron Man, I want to hug you right now.

Seriously any fan that thinks that either Tony and/or Steve, the two most popular characters in the franchise, whose relationship actually has a 50+ year history, and who’ve always worked best when they’re unified, are going to go anywhere if the fans of either scream loud enough on Tumblr is seriously deluding themselves. 

It a shared universe. It will always be a shared universe. The writers, themselves, have stated that they wouldn’t have split them up if they didn’t intend to have it be a ‘learning moment’ and put them back together again. 

I have a Marvel RSS feed and I read an interesting article not too long ago. I forget which publication posted the article, I’ll have to dig it up again, but the gist of the article proposed that the reason GotG works so well for people, as a franchise, on a psychological level, is the bonds between the team that formed. That Marvel is pulling a thread with GotG, that focuses heavily on familial ties and the idea behind made families and audiences are not only responding to it, they’re totally eating it up. As a comic reader I can confirm that the best panels, the ones I love the most, are Steve and Tony teasing each, or Sam and Steve having each others’ backs. Basically, unified fronts.

People on Tumblr can talk about clinging to ‘pettiness’ and ‘salt’ all they want. It doesn’t sell - not in the long haul. Doesn’t allow parasocial relationships between audience and fictional character to stick. May sell at first. But wont last. Love is stronger than hate. Always.

I’ve used this example in meta before but it’s so fitting to this topic I’m bringing it up again. When Star Trek the original series first aired the character of Spock really struck a chord with people - the idea of being alien, not fully accepted into society, really resonated with the audience. For Gene Roddenberry, the show’s creator, who had to fight to keep Spock as a character to begin with (the network thought that Spock’s ears made him look devilish… networks in the 60′s, man) this was a problem, because the network wanted the focus on Kirk, not Spock. 

During roughly this same time Gene Roddenberry struck up a weird friendship with Isaac Asimov, the godfather of science fiction. Initially Asimov criticized the fledgling show for scientific inaccuracies, and Roddenberry decided to respond to the criticisms with a letter to Asimov that basically read, to paraphrase, “I know, dude, I know, but *you* try dealing with NBC, they wont let me get away with anything. Every script is an uphill battle”.

From there Asimov and Roddenberry became pen-pals, united in their mutual disdain of censoring art, particularly when it applied to science, and a friendship formed (Asimov soon became an adviser for the show) and Roddenberry asked Asimov for advice on how to get people to like Kirk as much as Spock. Asimov’s response (and keep in mind that this guy authored over 90 books - he was the George RR Martin of his time): ‘Make them friends. Make them save each others lives. Put them in as many frames together as you can manage. Make it so everyone can’t think of one without thinking of the other.’

Over fifty years later and guess what’s still a successful franchise? And guess what duo is iconic? Moral of the story, fandom? Friendship, not animosity, is way more endearing to a franchise’s longevity. 

Source on the Roddenberry/Asimov thing

The idea that MLK was ‘nice’ to white supremacists is also just historical revisionism 

He was sent death threats. The FBI considered him dangerous. People assaulted and murdered many of his followers. White America thought he was too confrontational and not appeasing enough to the sensibilities of whites. He was considered disruptive and an “outside agitator.” He was not a beloved man. He was hated and despised.

His protests came with the risk of being brutalized or killed by police or vigilantes. He decried the white moderate for caring more about order than justice. He refused to condemn riots, ‘the language of the unheard,’ because of how violent America was to Black people. Despite their differences, Malcolm X offered him protection and self-defense. Even though he was committed to nonviolent resistance, which meant breaking the law, disrupting traffic and yes - willingly opening yourself to being brutalized, he was more complicated than you give him credit.

The United States hated him and for his troubles he was killed.

He was not the caricature of nonviolence you think he was. Read a fucking book.



Click the link and read the whole thread. While the Civil Rights Movemnt brought with it many advances, one of its most unfortunate legacies is the way history is re-written so that our leaders are used to silence & guilt those who want to fight racism and refuse to prioritize the feelings of racists.

Happy Martin Luther King Day, please use this day to reflect and educate your self. 

Reject revisionist history when it comes to the horrors of racism and the battles that were held to oppose it.

We were in a battle then, and we are in a battle now.

most missed MCQs

Here are some random facts that were the most missed questions on my Euro midterm that was composed of old AP questions 

  • Banking was the main source of the Northern Renaissance financial success
  • The end of Italy’s renaissance was the sack of Rome by Emperor Charles V
  • The anabaptists were mainly considered ridiculous by the other sects of Christianity because of their strict belief in the separation of church and state
  • When the Jews, Moors, and Huguenots were expelled from Spain and France respectively, it negatively affected the economy because these races were made up the middle class.
  • The direct effect of St. Bartholomew’s Massacre was the War of Three Henrys aka a civil war.
  • The Fronde was a noble uprising in which they tried to keep their rights
  • The Robot were the manual labor serfs in Bohemia
  • A result of the 30 Years War was the maintained political fragmentation of the Holy Roman Empire
  • The cause of the inflation of prices in Europe during the 15th and 16th centuries was the increase of population and precious metals
  • The reason behind Oliver Cromwell’s quelling of the Irish Rebellion was because the Royalists were attempting to overthrow the government.
  • Pride’s Purge is when Cromwell received control of Parliament and got rid of the House of Lords aka the nobility. It was left as the Rump Parliament
  • Intendants were used in French provinces to keep control and wtch of the people
  • Dutch Art focused of the average people and the middle class life
  • 17th century rulers supported academics that offered technology and prestige
  • Kepler proved mathematically that the plants’ path is in the shape of an ellipse
  • The metric system is an enduring change of the French Revolution
  • Edmund Burke was a foreigner who wrote a critic of the French Revolution
  • The major mid-17th century trade center was Amsterdam
  • The Civil Constitution of the Clergy curbed the power of the clergy
  • The COncordat of 1812 reconciled with the church but did not give its major rights back
  • The aim of the Congress of Vienna was to restore the previous monarchs to the throne and to return and keep the balance of power
  • IN Boccaccio’s Decameron you saw popular anticlerical beliefs
  • Oliver Cromwell was not a leader in the 30 Years War
  • Politique were instrumental in ending the wars of religion
  • Charles V did not go to parliament first
  • Marriage was tightly controlled by the law and parental guidance
  • The most important thing to an Enlightened Despot was the codification of a law
  • The growth of trade led to the growth of towns into national units
  • The consulate under Napoleon is very similar to the rulings of an enlightened despot
  • The 2 European powers that defied the pattern of absolutist government were England and the Dutch Republic
I’m Jewish and I will always fight against racism in all of its forms.

“…צֶ֥דֶק צֶ֖דֶק תִּרְדֹּ֑ף“  “Justice, Justice you shall pursue…” (Deut. 16:20)

Justice is a central tenant of Jewish tradition.  The above verse from Deuteronomy is recited following every recitation of the books of the Torah each year in order to remind us of the injustices of our world.  Justice goes beyond simply loving our neighbors as commanded in Leviticus 19: 17-18, as it is the injustices that we have faced throughout Jewish history which continue to further our commitment to social change. 

Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heshel famously prayed with his feet, when marching with other famous Civil Rights leaders in the mid-twentieth century.  As Jews, we will continue to fight for justice for all people because tolerance will bring about the gift of shalom, of peace.

Protect The Heart (Tony x Reader)

A/N: Hey guys!! I just have to say one thing is I’m sorry but I feel that I’m actually not that good at writing Tony fics I try my best tho haha😅 Anyways, enjoy!!

Request: Hey! Can I request a imagine where reader (just a normal girl) is dating Tony Stark but their relationship isn’t working anymore since the news about the Sokovia Accords (she is on Caps side) and they decide to take a break. After all the fight against Cap and finding how his parents died, she sees he’s feeling guilty, defeated, broken and tired and goes after him to take care of him (but she still thinks Cap’s right). A little bit of fighting, angst, fluffy moments. Could you do it for me?

“Why the hell would you agree to that?” You asked, throwing your hands up in frustration as you looked at your boyfriend.

Tony frowned as he crossed his arms over his chest. “You don’t get it, Y/N. If we don’t do this now, it’ll be done to us later and it’s not going to be pretty, trust me.”

“I don’t get why you would sacrifice your freedom of choice, what if they send you somewhere where you shouldn’t be?” You questioned.

Tony had just told you that he was willing to sign the documents, the Sokovian Accords, to be specific and you totally disagreed with it. You felt that they shouldn’t give their freedom of choice to the panel as they don’t have the actual experience of going out on the field like the Avengers, and might make a wrong choice for them.

“You’re not part of the Avengers, you won’t understand and besides, it wouldn’t affect you,” Tony said and you scoffed. “It’s true, you aren’t an Avenger, you’re not even part of S.H.I.E.L.D.”

“You’re right.” You nodded, glaring at him.

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Exclusive Interview: Dustin Lance Black (and his husband Tom Daley) in Paris!

It was just before their surprise wedding, on May 8th: TÊTU met the director Dustin Lance Black and his fiancé, the diver Tom Daley.

Dustin Lance Black was the surprise guest of the Mania series in Paris. The filmmaker, Oscar winner in 2008 for the screenplay of Harvey Milk , came to defend When We Rise , his mini-series tracing 40 years of LGBT activism in the United States from the early 1970s to the present. On this occasion, TÊTU met exclusively the 42-year-old filmmaker to discuss his series, of course, but also the future of militancy and his next projects. While at her side, her husband, British Olympic diver Tom Daley, was watching …

TÊTU: Your series When We Rise is aimed at an audience that knows nothing about the LGBT movement but about homosexuals, right?

Dustin Lance Black: Together! The show has been designed for a large audience but LGBTQ community members do not know much about their own story! That’s why I said yes to ABC. In recent years, I have received several proposals from other networks to work on similar projects. We would surely have had more money, more time, but in the end we would have preached converts! We would have addressed a public already sensitized. For ABC, it was necessary to build a series that people who are not from the LGBT community are able to understand. That’s why When We Rise does not start with LGBT activism, but with young people who campaign in feminist movements, for peace or for civil rights …

You were not afraid that ABC, Disney’s chain, would water down the series?

DLB: I wanted to work with them! I heard a rumor that they were trying to develop a project around LGBT issues. I asked to meet with the leaders of the chain to see if they were serious. When I realized they were, I told them “I’m going to need a year of research,” which is very long for them. They said “no problem”. It was inspiring because ABC was the only channel I had the right to watch when I was a kid. I grew up in a Southern family: Conservative, Military and Mormon. ABC was the only channel my mother let me watch because it is a family network. This show is the opportunity to touch children who, like me younger, may feel alone in the world. It is even the only reason to do it! You know, Nobody makes money with this kind of project. If you do this job for big checks, go write movies where the guys wear capes!

You started working on When We Rise long before the election of Donald Trump and yet the series resonates terribly with what is happening today in the United States. Or with what could happen in France …

DLB: Or in the UK with the Brexit! (He turns to Tom Daley) It’s your fault Tom, you started this bullshit!

Tom Daley: I know! (Laughter)

DLB: More seriously, I started writing the series four years ago. At that time, we were experiencing a very progressive and exciting time in the United States in the evolution of LGBT rights. And already at the time, I was afraid. Fear because we, the people of diversity, had lost our connection to each other. Yet there was a time when we were all in solidarity. Not only the LGBTQ, but also people who pray for another god, people from other countries, people whose skin color was different, workers … But we ended up dividing. Thunderstruck by our own struggles. We have forgotten that we must also fight for our brothers, for our neighbors, as well as for us. To say that is not politically correct. It’s being smart! If minorities do not work together then we will be easily defeated! My series puts forward several ideas, but one of the most important is that each of us on this planet, in your country as in mine, we are part of a minority. It only depends on how you divide the cake. What you can snatch from your neighbor, you can get him out tomorrow. No one is a majority. This is what When We Rise is talking about , though it is seen by the LGBTQ prism in the United States, but we can also make a comparison with the struggles of diversity here in France or England. We are part of a minority. It only depends on how you divide the cake. What you can snatch from your neighbor, you can get him out tomorrow. No one is a majority. This is what When We Rise is talking about , though it is seen by the LGBTQ prism in the United States, but we can also make a comparison with the struggles of diversity here in France or England. We are part of a minority. It only depends on how you divide the cake. What you can snatch from your neighbor, you can get him out tomorrow. No one is a majority. This is what When We Rise is talking about , though it is seen by the LGBTQ prism in the United States, but we can also make a comparison with the struggles of diversity here in France or England.

Condensing 40 years of LGBT history in 7 episodes is a real challenge …

DLB: And if we remove the ads, there is only 6 hours of program! I have a lot of rushes, maybe one day I would make a director’s cut! (Laughs) But there are tricks to get by. The first is to be very strategic and very determined on the story we want to tell. The challenge is not to tell the life of every person in the LGBT movement, only a handful of them who created a family in San Francisco to survive homophobia. It is their history, their perceptual. There are other LGBTQ heroes whose lives have not yet been told, many struggles that have never been described. I heard the frustrations of LGBT people telling me “you have not talked about this person! From this place ! Of this struggle! Instead of annoying me, it made me very happy. I said to myself, "Okay, I laid a frame, your turn to tell these lives! People begin to understand the power of history. This is something we have not had so far in the LGBT movement: a popularized and easily accessible story.

Can we see your series as a response to Stonewall , the film by Roland Emmerich, to whom many have criticized taking too much freedom with the reality of the riots in New York?

DLB: Let me tell you one thing: Roland is my friend. He has donated a lot of money to a number of causes, particularly in favor of LGBTQ youth in Los Angeles. He saved heaps of lives and I love him. So I may not be the right person to ask this question … He made me read a version of his script and I told him what I thought. When I was researching When We Rise , I had interviewed Stonewall survivors. Two have since died. I sent the recordings to him and said, "These interviews are yours. You can do whatever you want. In a way, I see how he got closer to what I sent him but I also see how he got away from it … But in the end, it’s his film. I often tell my film students, When it comes to writing about a true story: each filmmaker must decide how much he wants to twist the truth before filming. I want to twist it as little as possible.

Is that why you want the activists whose lives you depict to be consultants on the series?

DLB: I try, as far as possible, to interview myself the people who have lived the things I want to tell. I do not like to rely on books or interviews. Interviews are often edited and a book is always the point of view of its author. When I write, I want to come closer to the truth to create an essential story. For opponents of equality will always try to say: "None of this has happened! And I refuse to give them that power. Even before the series was broadcast, American ultra-conservatives were already saying "this is all wrong! I was able to answer them: "The people who have lived through these events are there to tell you that everything is true. You will not snatch our history from us! ”

You wrote Harvey Milk , J. Edgar , Part 8 , Now When We Rise … Are you the one-man man: LGBT history?

DLB: I started as a screenwriter for series like Big Love , where I was mainly talking about my Mormon education. I’ve also produced, Prophet’s Prey , a documentary about the Mormon Church and I will soon begin a mini series with Ron Howard, Under the banner of Heaven . This is another side of me, which has nothing to do with my homosexuality but it remains related to my experience. To be an artist is to be endowed with a history. The more complicated the better! (Laughs) And the more one puts oneself in a narrative, the more it becomes universal. For example, at this time,

Why are you looking at Tom?

DLB: Because Tom is the symbol of romance! (he smiles)

TD: And I’m the star of his film!

DLB: Do not say that, it’s going to make the front page of all the English tabloids! I would like to make this film next fall. And I also work on a biopic by Byron Rustin (a close adviser to Martin Luther King), who was also gay, for HBO. There is so much to tell because LGBT history has been buried for so long. Women’s movements or for racial equality have had the right to films! And it gives people inspiration. Thanks to them, they feel less isolated. All this work has not taken place on LGBT history. Forty years ago, in the United States, you were at risk of electroshock, lobotomy or prison treatment just for writing this story. We lost time because at the time, to do what I do today, the price to pay was too high. And if my mission is to rectify that,

When We Rise episodes are available on Canal Plus Series

anonymous asked:

Using a Martin Luther King Jr qoute is rich how? What not modern and fashionable enough for you. Over the years the over all approach to race as whole was "Hey, maybe we should be a less shitty" and it was doing so well for so long. But recently sensationalizing black on white tentions has become a god damn gold mine the media. They are playing you and twisting the information to warp it into something it isn't. Discrimination illegal for a reason. People need to come together not devide further

Do you really need me to explain the concept of irony to you? Specifically, cherry-picking and blanding out a quote from one of the most famous civil rights leaders in order to disregard everything he fought for and that people are still fighting for today?

Here’s what Dr. King had to say about empty platitudes of togetherness and being “less shitty”:

“Whites, it must frankly be said, are not putting in a similar mass effort to reeducate themselves out of their racial ignorance. It is an aspect of their sense of superiority that the white people of America believe they have so little to learn… Loose and easy language about equality, resonant resolutions about brotherhood fall pleasantly on the ear, but for the Negro there is a credibility gap he cannot overlook. He remembers that with each modest advance the white population promptly raises the argument that the Negro has come far enough. Each step forward accents an ever-present tendency to backlash.”

— Martin Luther King, Jr., Where Do We Go From Here, 1967

anonymous asked:

hey!! so i get why people r attracted 2 the idea of communism because it's such an ideal, but it's just too good, people are corrupt and evil and that's why communism fails! if society doesn't have a leader then who will make sure that the society stays communist? as soon as someone or a group of people is elected to make sure they stay communist, you have an authority. the whole idea of communism is flawed, and that is exploited by people who are evil, and that's why communism just doesnt work.

you seem to be operating under the assumption that communism cannot be democratic and that a leader has to rule with an iron fist; as in any just society, we would still have a civil process, laws, a general code of morality- we just wouldn’t have corporations and people wouldn’t live in fear of poverty. and of course if any government is corrupt or not leading in accordance to the peoples’ will, i believe the people always have a right to revolt against it. i am aware that a lot of this is idyllic and i’m not out here saying that anything is going to be perfect– there will always be injustice, no matter how much you want to stop it– but that this is just my view of what i want society to look like, and i want to do what measures i can to get the world to look closer to that. and just because something won’t be 100% perfect doesn’t mean that you should give up altogether toward actions that lead to a more equal and humane world. having high standards & ideals is important for motivating improvement in whatever shape that will take

Mr. Townson's Top Thirty

Mr. Townson, the wonderful APUSH god who has a history of 100% pass rates, has given the gospel of APUSH to his people. Here are Townson’s top 30 things that will certainly be on the test (some of these are more than one thing, but they’re related topics), followed by his top picks for what the essays will be.

  1. Spanish, French, English Exploration and Settlement
  2. Bacon’s Rebellion
  3. Half-Way Covenant & First Great Awakening
  4. Proclamation of 1763
  5. Articles of Confederation & Shay’s Rebellion
  6. Compromises in the Constitution
  7. Washington’s Farewell Address
  8. Alexander Hamilton’s Financial Plan
  9. Marbury vs. Madison
  10. Missouri Compromise
  11. Nullification Crisis
  12. William Lloyd Garrison
  13. Manifest Destiny
  14. Compromise of 1850
  15. Kansas-Nebraska Act
  16. Radical Reconstruction
  17. The Gilded Age
  18. Populism
  19. Imperialism
  20. Progressivism
  21. The Lost Generation
  22. The New Deal & Court Packing
  23. The Cold War
  24. McCarthyism
  25. Conformity in the 1950s and Levittown, NJ
  26. Civil Rights Leaders
  27. Gulf of Tonkin Resolution
  28. Nixon Doctrine/Vietnamization
  29. Camp David Accords
  30. Reganomics

Townson’s Top Essay Picks

  • Early America (pre-American Revolution)
  • Progressivism
  • Imperialism
  • Jacksonian Democracy
  • Reconstruction

Exam tip: every year there is a question about African Americans or women.

There is 1 DBQ. Everyone does the same one of that. 

There are 4 choices for the FRQs. You write 2. You must write an essay from the first category, which is pre-1900, and you must write an essay from the second category, which will be from the 1900s or later.

It is YOUR job to research and know these topics, their related facts, and their implications. I’m not going to do that for you. It won’t help you in the long run. Study well, study strong. I’m probably going to keep posting a bunch of review questions on here. Look them over, but in general, STAY OFF OF TUMBLR! You should be studying.

If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.
~Martin Luther King Jr. ~

anonymous asked:

O being a leader still makes 0 sense to me. we didnt see her develop as one or have a journey and since we skipped 6 years we might not get the chance to see her fully grow, even with a flashback i think or feel like it was still feel very unearned. B and C have had a journey since s1 ! i hope they dont forget about their leadership !

A thing that she herself admitted. She is not a leader.  We do get that the grounder system of government is not wise, right? Trial by combat. It is barbaric, not civilized. It doesn’t matter how you want to invent social justice causes for a fictional society in the name of righteous anger, the grounders are messed up. They are messed up on purpose. They survived a nuclear apocalypse that was harder than anything the Arkers or Mountain Men saw. Plus they had Becca whispering in their ears with her opaque motivations, turning them into anti technology barbarians who worshipped a fake god made out of her AI. 

Do not borrow trouble. You don’t know what they are going to do, so wait to see what they do before you start getting angry. You haven’t seen ANYTHING. Wait.

Today’s inspiration comes from one of history’s most prominent American Civil Rights Leaders, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. For the entrepreneur, student or investor, your dreams are within reach. You don’t need to have all of the answers when you begin, everyone has to start somewhere. #BlackHistoryMonth #IgniteAmbition #MLK