you are not aztec

Dear non-natives

The Plains warbonnet is not a Cherokee thing. It is not a Navajo thing. It is not an Indian thing. It is a Plains thing.

Stop calling every silly thing you draw that even vaguely resembles a native “Cherokee” or “Navajo” or “Aztec.”

Stop drawing the warbonnet everywhere as the apparently definitive native thing. It isn’t part of all of our 600+ cultures.

Same goes for the tipi, not part of every one of the 600+ indigenous cultures.

Stop thinking that if a native person doesn’t have dark, “mahogany” skin, that their heritage is invalid. Even without admixture, we actually do have varying skin tones.

Stop wearing crappy fake warbonnets.

Stop wearing redface.

Stop using us as your silly mascots. We are people.

Stop saying “spirit animal.” It’s derived from a New Age bastardization of a something that actually exists in some of our cultures.

Don’t smudge. Cleanse all you like, that’s fine, but don’t smudge.

Don’t call us “Indians.” “Native American” isn’t great either, it is not our name, but it’s slightly better than “Indian.” “Indigenous” is also fine.

Don’t use NDN/ndn. That is ours.

Step off about our hair. If you meet a long-haired native, admire it if you like, maybe even ask them about it (RESPECTFULLY), but do not touch. The same applies for someone with short hair, but additionally for those with short hair, don’t say things like “oh you’d look more native/Indian/etc if your hair was long.” We didn’t all traditionally have long, flowing hair. Believe it or not, there are actually different haircuts existing in our various cultures, and aside from that ultimately it’s a personal choice, one does not need to have long hair if they don’t want to. Doesn’t make them any less native to have short hair.

Don’t pray to our spirits/gods/energies. Native spiritualities are closed, they are not for outsiders.

Don’t say “The Native Americans believed…” Firstly, the past tense is silly, we still exist and do things. Secondly, we are NOT A MONOLITH. As I mentioned before, there are upwards of 600 different Native American cultures.

Don’t ask about someone’s “Indian name.” That’s not only insensitive, the name you are referring to in that instance is something sacred, and might not be something that person wants to share with you.

Don’t call yourself silly crap like “howling wolf” or “flying eagle.” That’s also racist and insensitive.

Regardless of whatever you might think you’re doing, or what your intentions may be, if a native person tells you that what you’re doing is disrespectful, STOP DOING IT.

You aren’t honoring us. You’re just mocking us further, demonstrating your continued ability to treat us like shit and get away with it even now, centuries after our colonization began. Your feelings are not more important than our history and survival.

To those doing your best as allies, thank you, keep doing what you do. HOWEVER, don’t let opportunities to educate others escape you. By letting them continue to be ignorant, you are failing. Spread the message.

There will be no “please.” It’s been more than 500 years, and we still are made to be invisible in our homelands. Still we are treated like less. Some even think we all died long ago.

We are still here

We will still be here

Treat us with respect.

How to Be a Pirate (You will be remembered, my dear)
  1. If it is the ocean that sings to you, or the thrill of Aztec treasure, or other kingdom’s riches, know that you cannot go back. Once you set sail, the saltwater will haunt you even if you retire to a desert. There will never be enough golden coins or golden islands that will satisfy you. The life of a pirate is a thirsting life, and it is common knowledge that saltwater does not quench.
  2. Kiss your mother and father’s graves goodbye before you set sail. If the ocean will not be your grave, the gallows are too far from the churchyard to comfort your spirit. Keep your farewells frugal. Better yet, disappear without a word. Legends are not borne out of nostalgia.
  3. Turn a blind eye to the third mate whose hair is bunched into their hat and keeps their chest wrapped tightly under their bleached tunic. Her hands may be small, but they will build callouses just like yours once she scrubs the deck long enough. Bad luck is not the fault of a stowaway woman, and the storms are not her doing—after all, the crew had thrown Jonah into the sea to calm it. You’d be better off watching out for the storm that is the woman. She will put you to shame when she sets fire to your enemies to fight tooth and nail for the freedom she earned.
  4. Treat a mermaid gently if one accidentally gets tangled in your fishing net—comb the hooks out of his hair and don’t curse if he bites your fingers. Offer him your hat to shield his eyes from the sun and answer his questions when he asks in panic why his fingers are wrinkling. If you must chuckle, try to do so silently, so that he does not think are laughing at him. Mermaids are born singers—their egos are easily bruised.
  5. When a man goes overboard in the midst of a storm, throw the rope to him. If he cannot cling onto it, lower yourself in a rowboat to help him from the bobbing waves. But remember to never jump in after him, if he turns away and rides the waves into the deep. Do not blame yourself. You could hold your breath forever and still cannot rescue a drowning man who swims away from a lifesaver.
  6. Whistle while you work. The songs that your mother used to sing you to sleep with are not a curse just because it is from the past. And melodic tales about purple mountains and golden cornfields will stun your mermaid guest—he will ask you again and again how fast horses run, and how do flowers smell like. He will test your patience, but even pirates enjoy basking in Scheherazade’s glory. We all like to be heard other times than when we’re shouting orders.
  7. There is little use in envying your legendary predecessors. Madame Ching and Blackbeard’s skin peeled under the sun just like yours. Legends never feel like legends when their shoulders ache.
  8. You will lose your hand along the way. Some lose their eye, others their foot, others aren’t as lucky and lose their hope. It is all part of chasing the impossible. When the time comes—and it will come, when you are least prepared—there is no shame in weeping. There will never be enough saltwater. Let your mermaid guest dress your wound and see your tears. He will miss your tender palms, and you will miss that sense of safety. But let him treat you; his fingers are nimble and cool to the touch.
  9. When he sings to you the songs of his world and people, do not be overwhelmed—there will always be a part of the ocean that you will never see. The greatest pirates will never know what lies beneath their hull. Most hurl a mermaid out of their sight for fear of deception, and never lit a candle for him to see a dancing flame for the first time, cautioning him to keep his hands to themselves.
  10. Keep your plank short and sturdy—no one wants to walk to their death with shaky knees. No captain can avoid a mutiny, but that does not mean that you did not do something wrong. Which is why without a doubt, when your second mate plunges blindfolded into the sea, your heart will sink right down with him. But a captain is expected to root out betrayal and never betray themselves. Careful—if you catch yourself calling him name when you call all hands on deck, your crew might suspect that you regret it.
  11. Buried gold can afford bejeweled, decadent hooks for where your hand had once been. The richest of pirates can afford hooks of pure gold and a diamond cuff whose reflection can almost replace the spark in your dulled eyes. But they will only ever be hooks, and your mermaid will gasp in pain every time you cut his skin, even if you try to be gentle. He knows that you can’t help it, but don’t get cross if he shies away from you when you come too close. Mermaids are not quite used to love which makes them bleed.
  12. Pirates are not heroes. They kill in order to avoid the gallows. They maroon rather than forgive. All who sail past you will assume the worst of you, and point their cannons at your sails without consideration. It may be easier to live up to their expectations and take up your sword. It is far more exhausting fighting for your nobility.
  13. Your mermaid guest cannot stay for long. The sun scorches his skin, shrivels his scales, cracks his voice. The explosions of your ship’s cannons and your musket rounds piercing the Royal Navy shake him to their core. You can beg all you want, but your hook only hurts him when you try to hold on to him. He will wait until it is nighttime to quietly throw himself overboard. Two of your mates will hold you back from diving after him. They know that they could not save you if you did.
  14. Do not be alarmed when you find yourself under the starlight missing home. Any captain of a loyal crew will be desperately lonely when sailing alone in the wide, treacherous expanse that is one’s own head. I’m afraid, however, that it is too late now to turn back. Your lost hand, or cold, nimble fingers would not be there home waiting for you even if it wasn’t.
  15. Understand that you will never be remembered. Even if your name is emblazoned with fear in every queen’s heart, even if the tales of your terror make every captain shudder. They will not remember the songs you hummed under the moonlight. They will not remember your careful fingers loosening hooks from their hair. Legends are not borne out of love.  

Herbs for Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreaming is a phenomenon in which the body rests but the mind does not. In other words, you dream, but you are aware of that fact. Through this, dreams can be manipulated, and with practise, even controlled. Lucid dreaming can be achieved through several different methods, but I find that the best way it is done is with the use of herbs.

Herbs for lucid dreaming:

Calea Zacatechichi: Likely the most well known herb for dreaming, the Mexican Dream Herb brings about clearer, more wild dreams. A feeling of well-being accompanies after drinking tea, infusion, tincture, or smoking, as well as a clearer head the next day. Keeping an intention in mind is helpful when using this herb as you fall asleep. It is often used in ritual to meet spirit guides in dreams, too!

Mugwort: This is my favourite dreaming herb. It has been and is used in many different cultures for lucid and prophetic dreams and astral travel. Some users report having darker dreams that reveal hidden insights and core wounds, helping them to find closure. It helps you enter and stay for long periods of time in a conscious dream state and promotes REM sleep. It also brings more brilliant and longer dreams!

Heimia Salicifolia: Sun Opener Herb is another name for this powerful dream/sleep herb. It is known widely for enhancing memories as you dream and was regarded as scared by the Aztecs for this. It also causes yellowing of the vision, prophetic visions during sleep, and altered acoustic perception. Other effects include a feeling of well-being, heavy feeling limbs, floating thoughts, calmness, relaxation, and reduced pain. Some people have used this herb for a mild high*, though it is nonaddictive. 

Celastrus Paniculatus: The herb commonly known as Intellect Tree is regarded in India as a sacred medicine for memory enhancement and therefore helps with dream recall. Take it in conjunction with other dream herbs so you remember your experience more sharply. 

Salene Capenis: Also known as Xhosa Dream Root, its roots are traditionally used by shamans to promote lucid dream states in healers and other shamans during initiation ceremonies. It is noted as a “teaching plant” that is considered highly sacred.

Nymphaea Caerulea: This is another nonaddictive herb that is used often times for a mild high*. It promotes a deeper and more restful sleep, better dream recall, and more intense visual imagery during dreams. This herb is typically consumed in teas, elixir extracts, or by smoking it.

Asparagus Racemoses: Tian Man Dong is known well for spirit alignment. Known also as ‘Shatawari’, ‘Wild Asparagus Root’, ‘The Flying Herb’,  and ‘Heavenly Spirit Herb’ this delicate white flower is said to open the heart and cause dreams about things upon the heart and soul. The Chinese say it effective to help one fly through the universe at night, achieving magnificent dreams and moving in alignment with the spirit

Entada Rheedii: Or more commonly, African Dream bean, is traditionally used in African medicine to induce vivid dreams and enable communication with the spirit world. Entada facilitates entry into the dream world, and promotes increased REM awareness. This makes it easier for the sleeper to realise that they are dreaming and thus gives them an edge in achieving lucidity. This herb contains several active compounds, essential oils and alkaloids.

The Wiccan’s Glossary

“A lot of Spanish speaking indigenous people of Mexico always tend to say to me, "I see you writing & speaking Nahuatl. I wish I spoke, Nahuatl, too!”
But what they don’t know is that MOST of us, more so us that were raised in pueblos, ejidos, little villages, we already speak Nahuatl, at least a large list of words we use daily are actually Nahuatl words. 
What happened is that when the Spaniards forced our ancestors to speak Spanish (or Castellano/Castilian), and prohibited us from speaking Zapotec, Mixtli, Nahuatl, Maya, etc., our people had no choice, as captives, but to speak Spanish, but in secret they still spoke their indigenous tongue among each other.
Our ancestors believed that it was very important to speak our tongue (regardless what tongue it is, as long as it’s indigenous to you) and that is why they continued speaking it, even if with time it watered down some, the fact remains that our ancestors passed it on.
A lot of us that were born, and raised in, or by parents raised in villages, pueblitos, ejidos, we are speaking Nahuatl meanwhile we speak Spanish. 
Don’t believe me? I’m going to write down a few words for you in Nahuatl, and you’ll be shocked as to how you thought you were speaking Spanish, but in reality you were speaking Nahuatl:

Aguacate - Ahuacatl
Camote - Camotli
Chayote - Chayotli
Chapopote - Chapopotli
Chipotli - Xipotli
Coyote - Coyotl
Atole - Atolli
Cacahuate - Tlacucahuatl 
Elote -Elotl
Huarache - Kwarachi
Jicama - Xicamatl
Mescal - Mexcalli
Guajolote - Wuehxolotl
Comal - Comalli
Chiquito - Tzitz Quit (pronounced Chiqui)
Mecate - Mecatl
Popote - Popotl
Pozole - Potzolli
Papalote - Papalotl
Mole - Molli
Milpa - Milpa
Mezquite - Mizquitl
Jitomate - Xictomatl
Chocolate - Xocolatl

These are just a few that we use on a daily basis, but most of what we say is really Nahuatl, at times Zapotec, Mixtli, and other Native tongues, and that’s why when you go to Spain, or even attend a school in Mexico, you might even fail a Spanish class because, We speak Nahuatl mixed with some Spanish, and we owe all thanks to our ancestors that were so dedicated in passing down our tongue. 
I hope that empowered you, and gave you pride as well!“ - credit to (Ricardo Ignacio) 

a (growing) List of Water Deities

A water deity is a deity in mythology associated with water or various bodies of water. Water deities are common in mythology and were usually more important among civilizations in which the sea or ocean, or a great river was more important. Another important focus of worship of water deities were springs or holy wells.

As a form of animal worship, whales and snakes (hence dragons) have been regarded as godly deities throughout the world (other animals are such as turtles, fish, crabs, and sharks). In Asian lore, whales and dragons sometimes have connections. Serpents are also common as a symbol or as serpentine deities, sharing many similarities with dragons.

As stated above, this is a GROWING list of water deities that I will be adding to periodically as research and time permits.  I advise that if you become interested in any deities, you check to make sure that their culture is not a closed one.  **AKA: Don’t appropriate.

If you would like to see the list, click below!

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anonymous asked:

Hi, I just read about the Bosco Verticale in Milan, and about China starting construction of a similar vertical forest in Nanjing, and thought you may have interesting insight into the design, or the effectiveness of these solutions. Or perhaps a thought-provoking architect's perspective on the challenges with something like this, and maybe why they went with this design as compared to an alternative one? When I look at them I see vertical Aztec Chinampas, would love to know how you see them!

Nanjing Towers Stefano Boeri

I see a concept that looks and works better in a rendering because in execution it lacks architecture. Basically we took a mundane looking tower and added a bunch of planting areas and trees to all the balconies. That is all. I think these types of projects will fade quickly out of favor.

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British Memes Gothic
  • There is a Nandos on every street. They are all cheeky. You do not know what makes them cheeky. Each houses a garrison of lads. You do not want to enter, but you cannot resist a cheeky Nandos. The smell of banter and peri peri overwhelms you.
  • A meerkat is trying to sell you insurance. You have forgotten what the insurance is for. All that matters is the comparison. If you are good and do not protest, the meerkat promises, you will get a free meerkat toy.
  • Freddos are too expensive. No-one you know remembers a time when they were the right price. You stare at the sweet shelf, lost in the glamour of the Pick'n'mix and the little chocolate frogs.
  • The DFS sale is now on. It is always now on. Has it ever been off? No matter. It is now on. If you hurry, you can get a year of interest-free payments.
  • Jamie Oliver is on the television. Jamie Oliver is in your school. Jamie Oliver is in your kitchen, cooking an eight-course banquet in 30 minutes. It’s full of big flavours. He always has enough herbs. You do not ask where he gets them from. You can only be thankful it’s Jamie Oliver and not Heston Blumenthal.
  • Everyone watched Dick and Dom when they were a child, no matter their age. Do they age? Where have they gone? What was the nature of their bungalow? Are they of the same deathless kindred as Bruce Forsyth? You suspect Graham Norton may also be involved.
  • There are four candles. Everyone you mention them to thinks you’re talking about utensils.
  • A car races past you. Behind the wheel is a man screaming about POWER. This is the worst day… in the world.
  • When you sleep, you can hear Stephen Fry behind your eyelids, asking you about the significance of the march hare to the Aztecs. You say that they worshipped them. Klaxons blare from all around.

They stop on the side of the road for lunch. Polnareff scarfs down his sandwich and immediately falls asleep sprawled across the backseat, snoring loudly. Kakyoin claims the passenger seat and pulls out his notebook, all but forgetting his food as he sketches the barren, rocky landscape around them. Avdol settles down in the driver’s seat with a worn paperback novel and a contented hum. With no more room left in the car, Joseph and Jotaro wander off to find somewhere to sit down and eat.

As Jotaro opens his can of juice, he notices the gleam in his grandfather’s eye.

“Hey Jotaro, did I ever tell you about the time I punched an Aztec god right into space?”

Jotaro grunts in reply, concentration focused on his lunch, and his grandfather takes it as permission to launch into the story. He’s pretty sure he’s noticed at least five major inconsistencies in the story before young Joseph has arrived in Italy, and he has to keep interrupting to ask what certain words mean, but between his high-school English and Joseph’s rudimentary Japanese, he actually finds himself drawn into the story.

((some grandfather-grandson bonding time))

Some Beauty Things

These are some things that are hella hyped, but for good reason! They bring peace and sanity I swear. 

-Mario Badescu products

-Thayer’s Witch Hazel (Rose) 

-Tea Tree Oil 

-Tea Tree Oil Shampoo + Conditioner (trader joe’s)… it’s sulfate free and fucking amazing

-Rose Water (but make this shit yourself you’ll feel more free)

-Aztec Clay Mask

-Apple Cider Vinegar 

-Coconut Oil (I use it on my skin because my hair is not a fan)

-Hot Castor Oil + Olive Oil (some oils my hair is a fan of)

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
  • Part 1: A buff gentleman, the nicest criminal, and half an Italian fight an adopted vampire who just really hates being consistent.
  • Part 2: Your next line is 'A high-tailing trickster, a flattened Bubble Boy, a 50 year old master of the sun, cause the extinction of some Aztec Gods', to you!
  • "A high-tailing trickster, an italian who likes bubbles and has his crush on, a 50 year old master of the sun, cause the extinction of some Aztec Gods. NANI!?"
  • Part 3: A Japanese Clint Eastwood gains the powers of punching and joins his nerfed granddad, a cherry licking motherfucker, the hottest man on Earth, 'Hon Hon Hon' The Guy, and a dog go to Egypt in order to fight the same adopted vampire who still isn't consistent but now really likes stopping clocks
  • Part 4: In 1999, a teenager with a 70's Pompadour punches some people just to befriend them, and ends up having to deal with a serial killer that killed one of said friends, only for it to turn out that maybe the real unbreakable diamonds were the friends he made along the way + Clint Eastwood and an ambulance
  • Part 5: The adopted vampire had a kid who is somehow even more inconsistent, joins the mafia so he can become the most fashionable and inconsistent, only to end up fighting the current boss who just really hates people who know his identity and will kill them with his power to not make any sense
  • Part 6: Clint Eastwood has Spidergirl for a daughter but manages to end up in prison only to escape with her newfound friends, undefined non-white dreads woman, a 9 year old baseball fan who thinks things are made of ghost, an asshole, and the Weatherman. However a priest that loves a certain adopted vampire like he loves god decides to do the gayest thing possible and reset the universe.
  • Part 7: The buff gentleman gets nerfed to depressed cripple, and bubble boy gets buffed to cool dude, they work together on their horses to find pieces of Jesus' corpse in a weird cross country race, but the president of America really hates that but loves killing Italians, also the adopted vampire is now Raptorman
  • Part 8: Clint Eastwood and the cherry licking motherfucker fuse to become a cute amnesiac, but with the help of his friend Ms. Pure and Good, they discover his identity and try to cure his mother who reads the backs of nurses like she reads newspapers
updated skin care routine!

hey! so for the past month i’ve changed up my skin care routine a bit and i thought i should share since it’s been so helpful. i realized all my problems started when i began washing my face with soap and using tons of product but ever since i stopped my skin cleared up a heck ton.
rinse face with cold water and apply vitamin e oil
night: remove makeup (if you wear it) with micellar water +makeup wipe and go over your face once more with a cotton ball soaked in the micellar water. rinse with warm water (not necessary) then cold to close pores and apply vitamin e oil
to exfoliate: in the shower or bath with warm water, gently rub face with soaked washcloth and then apply vitamin e oil to moisturize! (only exfoliate once or twice a week)
*sometimes if i pick my face i apply some witch hazel and then some aloe gel and it calms it down*
~vitamin e oil also helps fade acne marks~
for small acne breakouts i dab a bit of calamine lotion on at night and by the morning it shrinks!
note: this might not be helpful to all skin types (i have combination skin) but it’s just a suggestion if you’re looking to change up your routine!

if you’re searching for a face mask i suggest the origins charcoal mask or the aztec healing clay mask which you can find at the store for around $7!
How To Have a Vacation With Your Friends

Vacations are the perfect time to forget about worrysome things and spend times with the people you care about. If you want to bring friends with you on your travels, here are steps to spend the best time with them.

1 Don’t Bring Your Enemies.

It’s important to only bring your friends on the trip. If there’s somebody that’s been bothering you, a vacation is the perfect time to forget all about them. Don’t reflect on bad acquaintances on your vacation or you’ll only be there in body, but not in mind! Instead, stay in the moment and try to have the best time you can have with your good friends.

2 Think About Bringing Your Pets.

The more the merrier! If you have a pet, but have nobody to leave them to during your vacation, why not bring him along with you? He’ll be sure to enjoy the trip too. If you plan on going to the beach or a mountain resort you should be fine, but if you’re going to be exploring ancient Aztec ruins or sightseeing the pyramids in Egypt, you might have to jump through a few more hoops like vaccinations, a pet pasport and so on!

3 Take Lots Of Photos Together.

When you arrive at your destination, make sure to take a group photo. The point of a trip with friends is the shared experience of it all, and what better way of remembering the fun times than with a photograph! You can take selfies in front of monuments, out on the streets, or just in your hotel room! Make sure you pay attention to “no photo” zones though, or you can get in trouble. Some places will also make you pay in order to take pictures inside.

4 Go Out And Explore.

Sightseeing is good and all, but don’t just spend your vacation time on tourist traps. Go out as a group and get lost in the city, take in the authentic history of the place you’re in! Instead of eating food in your hotel, why not try some of the local foods from a street vendor? In general, try to always be out, absorbing as much as you can from the local culture and always be with your friends!

5 Spend Some Time Away From Your Friends.

Sometimes, your friends can be too overbearing and that’s okay. If you ever feel you need some alone time, there’s plenty of things you can still do. Why not go to an expensive spa and take a long bubble bath, just like when you were a little kid? Or just take a breather out on the beach, meditating as the sun sets behind you? A little downtime from all the fun is good, because it will only make you appreciate your great vacation even more!

Shy and Cute [a Barry Allen AU]

Request: First of all I absolutely love your writing, and second can you pleasee write a Barry au imagine in college (without powers) where the second he sees the reader paying attention to the professor he falls in love with them and later on gets the courage to talk to her when the professor pairs them up as partners :) i know it’s super specific lol… thank you !!

a/n: shy…barry… *has a heart attack*

It’s weird how something so small can make you fall in love. For Barry, it was when he first saw you really pay attention to the professor. You were sitting tall, eyes wide, completely invested in what she was saying. Barry thought it was adorable. He wanted to tell you that the moment class ended. But he didn’t; he was way too shy.

That was two weeks ago. No advances have been made. Sitting in the same class, Barry’s mossy green eyes travel slowly from the projector screen to you. You furiously scribble down notes, hair tumbling in front of your face. Oh shit, Barry probably should be taking notes! He starts frantically writing, only stopping when he vaguely hears the word ‘partners’, followed by his own name and yours.

Gulping, he picks up all his things as soon as other people start moving. With his coffee in hand, the tall brunette scampers down the steps, nervously making a beeline to you. Picking up your head, you smile at him, pulling the back of your multicolored aztec cardigan, shifting in the seat. “Hi, I’m Y/N.” you beam, watching him sit down in the desk next to you.

Breathe. Breathe. “B-Barry.” he all but whispers, biting on his lip like he’s trying to draw blood. Maybe he is. His black and red sweater wrinkles while he slumps forward, emerald eyes squinting in a confused way. “Did you, um, get any of the notes? They all kinda…went over my head.” he admits bashfully, blush spreading across his freckled pale cheeks.

A quiet giggle escapes your lips and Barry’s knees go weak. Thank god he’s sitting. “What, did you space out?” you tease, sliding your notebook in front of him. Those vibrant green orbs stare back at you. You never realized how pretty they really are.

Running a hand through his light brown locks, he lets out a puff of air; the kind that’s on the borderline of a laugh. “Um, yeah, I guess you could say that…” he grins, scratching the back of his neck nervously. “Hey, um, I was actually wondering,” he swallows, rolling his coffee cup in between his palms, shrugging. “Would you, uh, wanna go out sometime? I mean, I know you don’t know me, but I’ve always thought you were, are, cute, and-”

“I’d love to, Barry.” you smile, scrunching your nose. He breathes a sigh of relief, shoulders relaxing. “You’re cute, too.” Barry blushes to the tips of his ears, looking at the notebook. Aw, he’s shy and cute. Perfect.