you are not allowed to date other ppl but me

best friend seungcheol

requested by anon


• girls keep looking at him and try to flirt with him when the both of you are hanging out somewhere in public but he’s got all eyes on you

• you told him “that waitress is really pretty and she seems like she’s into you”

• “but my best friend is prettier” was what he said

• he lends you his jacket when you’re cold so there’s a bunch of his jackets at your house because you always forget to return them to him

• puts his arm around your shoulder a lot so ppl think the both of you are dating

• “get your ass over and help me babysit these 12 babies”

• and you end up babysitting 13 babies because seungcheol himself is one

• makes you get food for him “Y/N get me food please ily”

• doesn’t allow the other members to make you do stuff for them because “Y/N is mine and mine only so only I can boss her around”

• gets nervous and tries to change the topic when you ask “who’s prettier? me or jeonghan?”

• and you can always hear jeonghan shouting his own name

• puts his arm around your neck and tries to wrestle you when you refuse to talk to him

• surrenders when you threaten to kick his nuts

• gets worried when you say you’re on your period

• buys everything you ask for and stays with you for the whole day

• thinks when you’re on your period means you’re like halfway dying or something so he’s extremely good to you when you’re on yours and does everything you say

• “it’s just my vagina bleeding, seungcheol”

• freaks out and hugs you tight screaming “stop bleeding” at your vagina

• does aegyo when he wants you to go out with him but you refuse to and you threaten to kick his nuts again