you are not a monster

In loving memory of Kim Seokjin. He ain’t dead, y’all just keep sleeping on him.

My hand slipped… At some point when they started dating and before knowing more of each other in certain areas~ something like this happened (//ω//) 

I couldn’t help my self and I borrowed the sketches of  @erurixpr3ss​ Thank you hon I hope and you like it! I had a lot of Fun!!

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Spring day MV outfit inspiration
Outfit inspirado en el MV de Spring Day
Request by @swimmergurrl, I hope you like it, girl, sorry for being late. You know I love you, and that I love your requests 💕
Espero que os guste 💕


I made a new outfit for Tallia!

I’d finally unlocked the Jori Daragon set for the bracers, but the top was too pretty not to do anything with. Had the hardest time finding pants that worked for it because the metal skirt made the back stand out so far.

I didn’t quite like the loin cloth on the Jori Daragon set, there’s showing some leg and then there’s having her ass hang out for all the world to see, so I compromised with short shorts.

It’s definitely more of a casual look. Like, the Sith idea of summerwear. I just love swooshy outfits like this that don’t clip, tunics like this and the Jarael one seem to work best. And I haven’t made a new outfit for Tallia in AGES so I’m happy I got to spoil my main again :>

Looks like werewolf won. 🌙 🐺

In this monster au Bert is just an unlucky human who happens to attract a lot of trouble (his sister being a witch hasn’t helped much either). Over the course of events he winds up being attacked, bitten, cursed or scammed by all sorts of creatures who go bump in the night. Thankfully Bri is able to cure Bert of most supernatural afflictions, but the werewolf thing still rears its head on occasion when he can’t control his temper.