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I Know Your Wife (She Wouldn’t Mind) - Part Twelve

Summary: You fly out for Asylum and meet up with the rest of the cast, only to find out that you have to do your first ever solo panel in front of two thousand fans
Words: 4.4k (+ tweets)
Jared x Reader x Gen, Misha, Kim, Briana, Danneel, Jensen, JJ
Warnings: smut-ish phone calls, mild angst, fluff
Beta: @blacksiren

IKYW Masterpost

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In-flight wifi was a God sent gift on the flight to London.

Despite appearing calm and feeling tired, you couldn’t get to sleep for the first few hours due to anxious energy.

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Harry Styles - Supports Girlfriend Imagine

[I rather like this one! Hope you do as well! Enjoy!]

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Harry Styles - Louis Was Your Childhood Bully Imagine - Part Two

[Part One]

You had hoped that once you pointed out to Harry the dislike his best friend had for you that he might have a chat with him about it. You learned though, very quickly, that he did not. You and Harry had taken to hang out with the guys often after that first initial meeting. 

While with Niall and Liam you got on amazingly well, Louis, well with Louis you just tried to keep your distance. He still shot you the occasional glare when Harry’s back was turned, did his best to bring up stories you had tried your hardest to forget from your time in school, grinning with satisfaction when he noticed the look of discomfort on your face. Louis was winning at this little game he was playing, and he knew it. 

Louis treatment of you was starting to cause a rift between you and Harry. You tried to talk to him about it again, or point out the moments Louis jokes had turned but Harry still just didn’t get it. Maybe he just didn’t want to think so badly of Louis, but no matter the reason, it was hurting you that he was doing nothing to try and come to your aid when you confided in him how upset you were over the situation. 

“Love, he is just playin’.” Harry told you one day, pulling you close against his chest after you had walked out of your living room when Louis made a joke about how much you had eaten. “We’re all mates, he didn’t mean it in a rude way, I promise.” You rest your forehead against Harry’s chest, taking in deep breaths to try and will the tears not to come. 

“You just don’t get it, Harry.” As you said this, your face screws up, unable to control it, as the tears leaked out. Harry kisses the top of your head and pulls back, taking your shoulders in his hands. He saw now, the tears flowing down your cheeks and the hollowness to your breath, that whether or not Louis was in fact joking, you were hurt by all of this and he should have listened to you. 

“I’ll talk to him, alrigh’?” That was all you ever wanted Harry to do. You didn’t want him to stop being friends with Louis. You would never ask that, especially as Harry and him worked together, but maybe if Harry talked to him about it Louis would lay off. You could only hope. You felt like you were in grade school again with the jokes, the ridiculing, the cruel laughter following you even after you left the room. “’m sorry I haven’ said anythin’ to him ye’.” You take in a deep and shaky breath and shake your head. 

“S’okay.” You give him a small smile but the crease that had formed between his brows stays in place. He brings one large hand up to your cheek, his thumb sliding across your track of tears. “Thank you for believing me now.” 

“I guess I jus’ didn’ wan’ to believe he actually was hurting you. I jus’ want the most importan’ people in my life to ge’ along.” You give a nod, understanding completely. You lean in, pressing a soft kiss to Harry’s lips. When you pull back he dips his face back for another soft kiss. “You alrigh’, then?” He wonders, a look of concern on his face. 

“I will be.” You wanted to be honest with him, you wanted him to know that you weren’t okay with this entire situation and thankfully now he finally understood. 

“I’ll go talk to him now.” You give a nod and a small smile before stepping out of the warm and comforting circle of Harry’s arms. 

“I think I’m going to go lay down for a bit, try to relax.” You tell him. His look of concern was still present but he nods. He hated to think that he had allowed you to have to endure his best friend doing this but he truly didn’t know that it was this bad but he realized now that Louis wasn’t just playing around, he had a serious dislike for the girl Harry was in love with and he didn’t like it. “Thank you.” You say quietly, leaning in to kiss him one last time before you turn and head for the hall. Harry watches you go, wishing he could take your pain and unhappiness away from you right that second but he knew the only way to help now was a conversation with his best friend. 

“Hey, mate, can we have a chat?” He asks Louis once he was back in the living room where the three friends were sat watching a football game. 

“Sure, mate.” Louis stands from the couch and follows Harry from the room. “What is it?” He asked once they got to the kitchen. Louis thought he knew, especially after Harry had disappeared with you but he would play dumb for just a bit before he admitted outright that he disliked you. 

“Why don’ you like Y/N?” Harry questions, leaning against the counter behind him, his tattooed arms crossing lazily across his chest as he watched Louis from across the room. He was trying to study his face, gauge his reaction to this question but Louis simply laughed. 

“And who says I don’t like her?” He asks then once he stopped his laughter. “Did she say that? She’s just tryin’ to come between us, mate.” Harry had been expecting this and earlier in the day would have believed it but after seeing the love of his life reduced to tears because of the words Louis had spoken, he knew that wasn’t it at all. 

“She told me tha’ you used to bully her in school.” The idea that you had to endure bullying, much less from the man standing across from him now, made an ache start in the very center of his chest and grow outward. The idea of anyone being bullied was enough to cause that ache but knowing the two involved made it worse. “Is tha’ true?” Harry pressed when Louis didn’t answer but he noted that Louis was looking anywhere but at Harry. 

“It was jus’ a bit of school yard fun. I was neveh serious.” He finally looked up and met Harry’s green eyes. “I haven’ treated her like that since we met, I promise.” But Harry knew that was a lie. He had just heard him going off on you not even ten minutes before. 

“She says tha’ you are and I heard your commen’ to her earlier in there.” Louis rolls his eyes now and gives a sigh. 

“So what do you want me to do? Go and apologize? Grovel at her feet?” Louis was done with this conversation. He never imagined you would go running to Harry about this, especially since you had never told on him for back in school. 

“I wan’ to know why you don’ like, and are rude to, the love of my life, the girl I plan on spendin’ the rest of my life with. I would really like two of the mos’ importan’ people in my life to get along.” Louis sighs again and takes a step back, giving a small pace across the large kitchen. 

“I guess when I saw her walk in with you that day at Niall’s everything from school jus’ came out. She was always such a brat back then, a teachers pet, acted like she was betteh than everyone else.” He explains but as he hears him say it, he knows that was back then and that this was now and that he shouldn’t have passed judgement so quickly and harshly as he himself had changed quite a bit since school so why couldn’t have you? And you must have, for someone as caring and compassionate as Harry to fall for you. 

“Is it true you told her that you can make her leave? Tha’ she was only with me for my money? That day at Niall’s, she told me you said tha’ but I figured you had just been concerned for me bu’ now I see it was jus’ because you don’t like her.” Louis had hoped you hadn’t told Harry that as hearing it back he realized just how shitty that was. 

“Look, I’m sorry, mate, truly. I will go apologize to her and will lay off. I promise.” And he meant it. Old school yard problems didn’t need to continue on into adulthood. If Harry cared for you as much as he appeared and said he did, you must not be as bad as Louis quickly judged you would be. 

“Leave the apology until tomorrow, she went to rest for a bit but I really do appreciate that.” Louis gives a nod. 

“We good then?” Harry laughs and nods, moving forward to hug Louis tightly before stepping back, smiling at him. 

“Of course. Just had to look out for my girl, ya know?” Louis nods, also smiling. 

“I am happy for you, mate. I’ve never seen you like this in a relationship before.” Louis noted the way that Harry’s face lit up then and he realized he truly meant that. Harry was the happiest he had ever been in the years Louis had known him and for that he should be grateful for you, and he was. 

“She’s somethin’ special.” Louis nods and hugs Harry again before the two go and rejoin the other two. Once the football match had been over, the guys left and Harry went in search of you. He found you snuggled up into his pillow, fast asleep. He grinned, kicked off his shoes and slid into the large bed beside you. His arms wrapping tight around your hips jolted you away but you sighed when you realized who it was. 

“Oh, hey.” You mutter, turning to snuggle into his warm chest. You give a content sigh as he rubs your back and places a gentle kiss on the top of your head. “Are the guys gone?” 

“Yeah,” Harry answers, still rubbing your back, his fingers lingering a bit on the spots he knew you got sore occasionally. “I had a chat with Louis.” 

“Yeah? How did it go?” You were mumbling a bit as your face was still buried in the soft fabric of the t-shirt he was wearing. 

“He apologized, said he will apologize to you nex’ time he sees you. He also said he was happy for me, tha’ I’ve never been like this in a relationship before.” You smile against his chest and he kisses the top of your head once more. “And he’s righ’. I’ve never been this happy.” You lift your head up to meet his stunning green eyes, both of you smiling at one another. 

“Me neither.” You whisper before your lips find his. You were happy that it seemed things with Louis would be better from now on. You wouldn’t have to worry about all of the snide comments, rude glares, and harassment anytime you were in a room together. Finally you would just be able to enjoy your time with Harry and his best friends. That was all you ever wanted and you were glad Harry wasn’t mad at you for saying you were unhappy with Louis and that he cared enough to speak with him. You really were so lucky to have him, and oh so happy.

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“Okay, don’t hate me, but…” Reme was standing sheepishly with her hands behind her back. It looked like she was struggling slightly and whimpering could be heard from them. “I saw him on the side of the road and I HAD to.”

From behind her back she pulled a small puppy who’s breed she couldn’t discern. It was patched with black, white and brown with long ears. Reme was looking very guilty as she held it in front of her face. “I couldn’t have just left him there!”

Axl freaks out when he sees you giving birth.

(thanks anony for the idea) 

Oh. My. God! This is disgusting. – Axl says as he reads the book and you look at him curiously.

– What? 

– You know the baby will come out of you through your vagina, don’t you? –  he looks at you with a face of disgust and you smile at him.

– Did you listen to science classes at school? – Izzy asks as if he is mocking. 

You’re pregnant for nine months and the child can come out at any time but the funny part about it is Axl reading books and watching videos about childbirth and about pregnancy since you told him you were pregnant, it’s amazing how scared he is with what he sees. 

– OH GOD! – he screams in surprise.

– What now? – Izzy asks.

– Have a photo here! – he throws the book away and makes the face of disgust again. 

– Oh shit! – you say when you feel you legs wet. 

– What? – Axl gets up looking at you worried. He cares so much that you want to laugh, the books scared him.

– Her water broke genius, your books have not talked about this? – Izzy answers.

– I don’t know, she may be just peeing!

– At the couch? 

– She is pregnant Izzy! – they start to argue and you start to feel a sharp pain in the belly.

– Hey ladies! I need to go the hospital! – you scream at them and their attettion comes back to you. 

– Izzy, I want you to go get my coat and Axl help me! 

– GUYS! IS NOW! – Izzy screams as he runs through the house.

– OK! – Axl tries to get you up. – (y/n) what have you been eating? – he asks.

– THERE IS A PERSON INSIDE OF ME! – you scream when you feel the pain again.

– OK WE ARE HERE! – Slash and Duff go to you and get you on their lap together. 

– IZZY LET’S GO! – Steven screams while he follows you out the house and Axl runs right behind you.  

And as you scream in the car and shake his hand he thinks its crazy, Steven drives as fast as he can to the hospital and when you scream in pain everyone screams together. Totally crazy.


– I HATE YOU! – you screams at Axl.

– ME TOO! – he can’t bear to see that, as the baby comes out and you squeeze his hand he thinks that’s a lot for him. – I CAN’T TO THIS! OH MY GOD! I CAN’T! – he screams at the doctor, he looks at you and you are sweating and it feels like hell.

– WHY DID YOU DO THAT WITH ME? – you screams and he totally freaks out.

– (y/n) THE THING IS COMING OUT! HIS HEARD!!!!!!!! –he almost vomits when he sees. – HE IS SO UGLY! 


– AAAAAAAAAAAAAA OK! – he looks at you scared and does not even realize that you’re leaving his hand with purple marks. 


– AXL! – he shuts up when you calls him. – I DON’T CARE! 

– STRONGER! – the doctor screams and Axl looks at him.


Then you make it even hader and then he goes out and starts crying, your head falls on the pillow and you let go of Axl’s hand, then your breathing returns to normal.

– It’s a girl. – the doctor says, he puts the baby by your side and you see her crying, and you starts to crying.So he gives the baby to the nurse and she goes to the other side.

– A g-girl? – Axl stutters. – what they are doing with her? 

– They are just bathing her, Axl. 

Another nurse helps you to be more comfortable while Axl keeps his eyes on the door. After a few minutes the nurse gives the baby to you, she is wrapped up in a punk blanket. You start to breastfeed her and realize that she is redheaded. 

– Here is your daughter, – you whisper at Axl and he smiles, he starts to cry while he sits next to you and looks at her.

– She is perfect… – he kisses you. – thank you…

–This was terribly painful. – you whisper with you mounth nex to his and he smiles.

– Really? I’m already thinking about the attack that Ill have with the next baby, the books says…

– Fuck off Axl! 

Stiles and Aiden fight over you - Teen Wolf GIF preference


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Summary: Stiles and Aiden fight over you, you cant choose one so you have sex with both

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(Aiden catch you)

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Alexis woke up and checked the date on his phone. Not that he needed to, he knew exactly what day it was already. He had known for the past week. June seventeenth. The day Ater had left. He had already decided to take the day off. Today wasn’t going to be easy. He looked around the empty room. Nicolas probably already left for work, but not after he had filled the house with heartfelt notes to Alexis. Even if he didn’t know the whole story, Nicolas knew it was a hard day for him. He got ready without even thinking. He hardly noticed the post-it notes with hearts and poems and little doodles.

He glanced in the mirror. Those who knew the boy Alexis, would hardly recognize the man Alexis saw. Fifteen years of mourning hurt people. His soft face had grown much more somber and his eyes, when not around Nicolas, seemed much sadder. He had realized long ago that employers wouldn’t take him seriously with blue hair so he went back to his natural brown. An ugly brown he thought. He kept it much short and well organized now too. He didn’t bother to brush it today.

Downstairs there was a plate of almost cool pancakes and a note. He ignored the note and are the pancakes. Alexis got ready to leave when he saw one last not on the door handle. ‘I love you -N’ Alexis shook his head and left. Nicolas meant well, but he didn’t want this today.
The park he and Ater used to go to was much quieter now and much smaller. The city had slowly been taking the land for new buildings. Then less people came to the park. Then the city figured if it wasn’t being used, it could take some more land. Which discouraged more people from coming. Alexis had to fight in order to stop them from taking the last bit of land. The bench that he and Ater had shared so often was there. The bench he sat on now. He knew it would’ve be long until the city decided to completely get rid of the park. He couldn’t start crying now, Alexis forced himself not to. It was going to be a long day and crying wouldn’t help. He still planed on going to Ater’s old home, where the shop used to be, and half a dozen other places that meant something to the old him. The one who had Ater.

ML: If you give a cat a cookie chapter 3

Link to chapter 1 here

chapter two here

Paris is a beautiful city. Having lived there all her life, Marinette was use to seeing the buildings, parks, gardens, etc. As ladybug, her view of the city was expanded upon further, seeing it from the rooftops helped show the blunette how marvelous it looked. But this was an experience that was beyond what she had ever known.

She was being carried bridal style as Chat noir effortlessly jumped from rooftop. She was without her costume, the only thing keeping her from falling was the blonde hero in a black cat suit. She could feel every step he took as he dashed, she could feel his arms cradling her softly, yet firm to ensure she was secure. She could feel the wind blow her hair back and see all of the cities shining lights.

It was exhilarating, but yet somehow serene. Normal people would be terrified by the concept of seeing the city this way. But she was having the time of her life!

“This is incredible!” Marinette exclaimed as the cat hero jumped over an impressive gap between rooftops. The blonde teen smiled at the girls excitement.

He could hardly believe that this was happening. He was holding the girl of his dreams as he carried her around the city. Seeing her laugh and smile from the excitement. This night was one of the bests nights of his life, and the night had only just begun.

“I am glad you like your gift Princess. Any places you would like to see? Consider me as your purrsonal Trans-Paw-tation for the evening.” Chat noir smirked as he heard he giggle at his line.

“That was terrible.” She stifled a laugh. She still thought his puns were cheesy, but it was part of his charm.

“But it did managed to get a cute giggle from you, so it served its purpose.” The cat’s grin growing. Her kind laugh was always something that would always make his day no matter how tired he was.

“Fair enough, how about the Eiffel tower? Call it Cliché, but it is my favorite monument in all of Paris”

“Excellent Choice Princess. Though I would highly recommend you hold on tight for this one.” Chat noir answered as his cheshire grin graced his lips.

Marinette wrapped her arms around chat’s neck as the cat hero slightly tightened his hold on her. In a moment, Chat noir sprinted at top speed towards the metal tower.

Within a few minutes, Chat noir and Marinette were right in front of the magnificent monument. Chat noir gently let Marinette down as he pulled out his staff. He extend it to the height of his body and looked at the blunette.

“Going up?” He asked rhetorically. She moved close to him. Chat noir wrapped his arm around her waist as she held on to his shoulders. Chat made his staff extend upright in the blink of an eye. Now just a bit above the top floor of the tower, Chat noir helped Marinette get on to the highest balcony before getting on himself. He retracted his staff back to it’s normal size before putting it back in its place. 

It was absolutely gorgeous. Marinette had been on the Eiffel tower far more times then she could count, yet the view was always incredible. Especially in the night sky with the city lights below shining. The view always seemed to have a magical principal about it, like a place would only see in their dreams or in fantasy novels.

“So Princess, how do you like the view?” His eyes transfixed

“It is amazing Chat noir. Thank you.” Marinette thanked him as her blue eyes sparkled with admiration and gratitude. The blonde teen smiled at the girls kind words. “What do you think of the view?”

“It is something spectacular. I could see this astounding beauty everyday for the rest of my life and still be blown away by how incredible it is. If you were talking about the view from the Eiffel tower, that too is pretty astounding.” Chat noir replied flirtatiously.

“Silly cat. “ Marinette laughed at the flirty comment. Doing her best not to turn completely red from his cheesy yet charming flirtations.

A cold gust of wind hit the two, causing Marinette to shiver a bit. Chat noir noticed the subtle shake and took off the hoodie she had given him. He quickly gave it to her.

“Now I wouldn’t want you getting a cold on my watch. Put this on.”

Marinette felt her face heat up at his kind gesture.

“I-I-I couldn’t! If I took it.. You would be cold.” Marinette stammered as she held the hoodie.

“I am perfectly fine. I am use to being up here, plus all of the travel around the city has warmed me up plenty.” Chat noir reasoned.

Marinette sighed in defeat and put on the hoodie. It was a bit big on her since it was made for him. It felt warm and instantly made Marinette feel cozier then before. She even noticed that his scent was now absorbed into the fabric, which seemed to make her feel even warmer. She felt a twinge of embarrassment at noticing his scent, but she decided to ignore it for now.

“Feeling warmer now princess?”

Marinette pulled the hood over her head and nodded. Chat noir couldn’t help but find this action adorable.

“Good. So where do you want to go nex…”

Suddenly the blunette pulled the cat hero into a soft hug. Catching the cat completely off guard.

“D-Do you mind if we just stay here for a bit longer? It is really amazing up here.” Marinette asked as she looked up into his eyes. The eye contact made them both realize how close the both were.

The world around the two seemed to fade as he returned her hug. The city’s lights seemed dimmer, and the bustling sounds were quiet whispers. The black cat hero’s emerald green eyes were transfixed on Marinette’s bell blue eyes. Their heart beats seemed to synchronize along with their breathes.

Both of their faces mere centimeters from one another. Both could instinctually feel the atmosphere that they were in. Both were innocent in their pursuit of love, so pure. But the feeling that was enveloping them was something that seemed intriguingly powerful.

“Princess…” Chat noir breathed softly in her ear. Marinette’s ears burning at the nickname.

“Y-Yes Chat?” She answered softly, as if raising her voice above a whisper would shatter the world around them.

“I… I would….” he gulped hard and continued. “I.. would love-Like to… to…” His face going red as he tried to say what he wanted to.


“To kiss you… I would very much like to kiss you.” Chat noir managed to say. His ears ringing in anticipation for her response.

Marinette felt time stop as the words exited his mouth. His nervous smile and warm emerald look cemented that his words were genuine. Marinette prayed that this was not a dream.

“If it isn’t okay, you can say…” Marinette used her hand and gently cupped his cheek, pulling her face closer to his.

There lips made contact. It was a light touch, a peck, a simple taste. The two parted lips for a second to process what was happening. 

The second kiss was where everything clicked. This was the kiss that blew the doubts of whether this was real or not out of their mind. The confirmation of the feelings they had for one another. It was bright, powerful, and dazzling. Like a firework explosion.

The second kiss quickly turned to a third kiss, which transformed into a fourth. Each kiss becoming more passionate then the last.

After several minutes, the two finally stop to catch their breathes. The two both reflecting on what had just happened.

 “Wow. That was… that was… Dazzling!” The blonde hero  breathed heavily, the kiss taking far more of his energy than the trip around paris. The cold wind felt nice on his red face. He could get struck by lightning three times in a row and still claim to be the luckiest person in the world.

“Definitely.” Marinette agreed. Her face practically radiating heat after the event that just transpired. She felt like she was about to explode from happiness.

An hour had passed when Chat noir had brought Marinette back to her balcony.

“And now you are safe at home.” Chat noir declared.

“Indeed I am. Thank you for that lovely gift.” Marinette said as she smiled at the ground, she felt a bit sad that their time had ended so soon.

“I am glad you liked it.” The blonde responded happily. “Purrhaps I could come by again? If you will have me.”

Marinette looked up to see the cat as he nervously scratched the back of his neck.

“How about next Saturday? Same time as today. I would definitely like to see you again.” 

Chat noir’s eyes began to shine at the comment.

“I look forward to it.” Chat noir then approached Marinette, “May I kiss you again?”

“Of course.”

 He excitingly kissed her, which she happily reciprocated. The two enjoying the tender moment. After he broke the kiss.

“Until next time My princess.” 

Marinette watched as he disappeared into the darkness. She sighed sweetly as she put her hands on her chest, realizing that he forgot to take his hoodie back.

“That silly cat forgot his hoodie.”

Chat noir made it back to his room and transformed back into his civil lain self. He landed on his bed with his heart pounding like an engine.

“Congrats kid. You actually managed to kiss her. She even wants to see your mug next week. I am honestly impressed. Though there is no way you should keep this up. This is a huge waste of my powers” His black kwami stated.

Adrien still on cloud nine. He kissed Marinette! He actually did it. It was something absolutely astounding.

“Plagg, I will get you a wheel of Camembert tomorrow.”

“Make it two wheels and I won’t fight you on it for a month.”

“Ill get you 5 wheels.”

“Do it for as long as you like best host in the world.” Plagg shouted in joy.

Adrien felt himself begin to drift off into sleep. His dreams replaying the events of the night over in his head.

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The Pathfinder Nations in a Nutshell
  • Absalom: Step right up and get your very own Deity License!
  • Alkenstar: Shhh, don't tell the DM, but we snuck a bunch of guns into his campaign setting....
  • Andoran: Freedom doesn't knock, 'cause freedom RINGS.
  • Belkzen: We needed a place to put all the Orc tribes the PCs fight.
  • Brevoy: In Soviet Rostland, dragons fight you!
  • Cheliax: We own 50% of the continent and 30% of our own souls.
  • Druma: We already bought the world, here's the receipt.
  • Galt: Who's running the country today?
  • Geb: Where "you might be a zombie" is a compliment.
  • Hermea: I got two tickets to paradise if you just sign away your free will.
  • Irrisen: A snowy land ruled by witches that is totally NOT Narnia.
  • Isger: We're Cheliax's bitches and we love it.
  • Jalmeray: We needed a place where monk characters could come from.
  • Katapesh: The city-state of Ebay.
  • Kyonin: Not to be confused with Rivendell....
  • Lastwall: We're like Mendev, but we fight undead.
  • Lands of the Linnorm Kings: THIS IS NOT SKYRIM
  • Realm of the Mammoth Lords: THIS IS STILL NOT SKYRIM
  • Mediogalti Island: In order to keep our assassin's guild a secret we let the whole world know we live on this island.
  • Mendev: We're like Lastwall, but we fight demons.
  • Molthune: MOAR LAND
  • Mwangi Expanse: Just head upriver and keep right. If you get devoured by sentient, psychotic gorillas you went too far.
  • Nex: Our wizards could beat up your wizards.
  • Nidal: The kingdom of Creepypasta.
  • Nirmathas: A nation of Robin Hoods (tights optional).
  • Numeria: According to Ancient Astronaut Theorists....
  • Osirion: What's this "Egypt" you speak of?
  • Qadira: We are a peaceful people who just want to burn the infidel shitstain of Taldor off the map.
  • Rahadoun: God-Free Zone.
  • Razmiran: Razmir rolled a natural 20 on his Bluff check and now we have to believe he's a god.
  • The River Kingdoms: Law? Government? Stability? You're cute.
  • Sargava: Homeland of Murphy's Law.
  • The Shackles: Argh.
  • The Sodden Lands: Where dry towels are worth more than gold.
  • Taldor: Are we still politically relevant?
  • Thuvia: Our entire economy is based around a single man with a single potion. What could possibly go wrong?
  • Ustalav: Everything here is either haunted or cursed, and if it's not already, it will be.
  • Varisia: Literally everything that could cause the apocalypse is buried here.
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Pairing: Y/N x Moon Taeil

Genre: Drama, Fluff

Request:  Hi :) Can I ask for cute fluff scenario where you always ride subway/bus to college and you always meet Taeil (which is also your classmate but he’s a quite kid & you happen to have a crush on him). and one day there’s a group of gangsters disturb you and taeil happens to be there and help you out and you both eventually become friends? lol ok this is too long 😂😂😂 tqvm ❤

Taeil glanced at his watch as he waited for the bus to arrive. He took the same bus as yours and he always took a seat behind you. He plugged in his earphones and closed his eyes as he rested his head against the seatand enjoyed the music.

You looked at his reflection through a reflective glass window and smiled. He looked so angelic. He had soft facial features. You wondered what his music choice was like.

The bus waited for more passengers to pool in. You saw a group of boys making their way to the bus. You couldn’t recognize them, they obviously weren’t from your school. When one of them entered you made accidental eye contact with him and quickly looked away.

Unexpectedly, he came over and took a seat next to you and looked at you making you feel uncomfortable. He was the literal definition of a ‘fuckboy’. He leaned back and smirked at you when you shot him a glare. You couldn’t even go to another seat because you were sitting nex to the window while he was on your other side and he obviously wouldn’t let you pass because his legs blocked your path.

Texting your best friend seemed like the best thing you could do in this situation.

You: hey im stuck in the bus next to a random guy and he’s flirting with me what do I do

Her: you’re in the same bus as moon taeil, right?

You: yes, he is right behind me and he’s listening to music

Her: then text him, I have his number


Her: just do it! You’re not safe right now

You added Taeil’s number in your contacts and nervously texted him.

‘Hey, it’s Y/N from your class. I kind of need help right now, the guy sitting next to me is making me uncomfortable. Can you switch places with him?’

You proof read your text 20 times before finally pressing send.

You instantly got a text back.

'Don’t worry I got you’

Taeil stood up to confront the guy.

“Hey, can we switch seats?” he asked casually.

“And why so?” the 'fuckboy’ replied.

You’re sitting next to my girlfriend,” he stated coldly.

“Why weren’t you with her earlier?”

Oh God, Taeil, you thought and decided to play your part.

“Hey, it’s okay. I’ll go to the backseat with him.” you told the stranger and got up.

All of a sudden you felt cruel hand pulling you down. He was holding your wrist preventing you from going.

You frowned and looked at Taeil. Behind him were more stranger 'fuckboys’ ready to fight.
“She’s not going anywhere. I’m not going anywhere.” He hissed at Taeil, making him boil in anger.

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EXO Reaction when they help you in your exam

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*You turn to look at him and find him daydreaming or something. Definitely not knowing what to do with his life* “Just 44 more minutes… just 44″


*After the exam* “Come on Y/N.. you’ll do fine. We studied together… and languages are definitely my strong point… well one of them”


*Looks at you across the room* “We can do this! Let’s ohorat the exam” *Definitely not knowing what to do*


*Winks at you hoping you catch his signal of SOS and not just his flirting face* 


*Doesn’t get you want his help* “Wha.. what’s wrong with you. why did you throw your eraser at me!”


*Sees you making some sings and starts to do some too… definitely with other intentions…”


*Knows his fate without having to look at the exam* “Should’ve studied more… helped my jagi when she asked… this is karma. I won’t make pranks to Kyungsoo again…”


*Nods the whole exam. Probably having a mental crisis* “Yes.. I’ll help you…. yes… help… yes”


*Super calm* “What are you worrying about? It was really easy! Like the answer for the fifth question was 768798!” *Just worrying you more*


*Changes exams with you and solves everything for you* “We are not kissing nex time, until we finish studying everything jagi…”


“For heaven’s sake… Why did I fall asleep in class? I don’t even remember being in Advanced Maths….” *Is a genius but doesn’t know*


“I guess I’l just have to buy the school… I taught my girl the wrong thing… yes I’ll buy it”

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