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i saw your post about the hetship discourse and i just got to say gay ships are still always better than het ships. dont really like larsadie but larbuck / ronlars is good

and here’s my problem with what you’re saying

tumblr in general idolizes and borderline fetishizes the shit out of gay ships right now. in most peoples eyes it’s like… they’d rather ship two dudes together even if its abusive as fuck than a heterosexual pair with no issues. and that’s a big fucking problem my guy. it really is.

while your example of larbuck is safe (and something i’d like more of since it’s kinda healthy as fuck so far and cute?), don’t bring ronlars to my attention. it’s the exact fucking thing i just said above where people will ship an abusive mlm ship over anything else and almost get offended when you point out that it’s bad because they immediately play the “YOU JUST HATE MUH GAY PAIRING!!” card without even listening to what you say or just plainly ignore abusive elements present because “another ship is worse than mine so mine is safe!!!”. note this doesnt just apply to SU but almost every single fandom i’ve been in people will defend gay ships no matter what happens in them like the plague or pull the hetty card and actually accuse me of being a “CisHet that doesn’t understand gay!!”. note im fucking trans and in love with a boy but whatever right lol its okay to misgender people when ur precious abuse pairings are critiqued 

i can count on my fingers the amount of times people have actually noticed abusive mlm pairings and basically understood why they’re abusive. a good example would be the killing stalking pair but… only because the abuse is as clear as daylight to the point where you cannot argue or try to defend it because it’s, like, fucking obvious as hell. a lot of the times people WILL turn a blind eye or be afraid to seemingly call out abusive mlm pairings because they’re probably worried about the rabid shippers pulling the “ur a homophobe” card or? idk

honestly there’s been times where i’ve suggested like “oh what about ronaldo and his girlfriend” or “lars and jenny” OR and listen closely on this one its good. sour cream x sadie (so long as laeli’s fucking Theory about them being cousins isnt true) and people have legit been like. well its not gay enough sweaty :\ jaspis ftw!! even tho like. both of those ships r fuckin relatively healthy but again theres still priority for the Gay Abuse Pair. i aint talkin about larsadie cus even though i ship it its got Issues and boy do i know that as an abuse survivor. i’m just honestly really concerned at the amount of fetishization going on right now and blatantly ignoring abuse survivors when they talk about abusive things and experiences and the stubbornness of people shipping abusive mlm pairings that will defend them to the death / refuse to accept that even though its Gay its not always Healthy

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This isn't really a question, but you are my idol! I'm twelve and I'm new to tumblr, digital drawing and cartooning. I love your art style so much and you inspire me with your work! I love you and I hope you have a great day!

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AWwww :3 I am realy happy you like my drawings :D And I’m even more happier that I could inspire you buddy! <3

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you're literally my tumblr idol, I've recommended your work to my friends and if I met your irl I would unironically ask for your autograph and probably keep it forever. I wouldn't do anything with it, just put it in a drawer and take it out when I was sad and it would make me feel better because it would mean that you cared enough to give it to me. You mean so much to me and your other followers and ily platonically

holy guacamole what the hell what the frickity frack this means a lot to me but i am in shock from this message so
here we are jfc this is wtf oh my gosh

(ily2 pal!)

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Hey? (have we talked enough for this?) ^^'

Tbh I wish we talked more but sure we’ve talked enough! 

 1. First impression: Cool art person who’s style I absolutely adore!
2. Truth is: Still think you’re a cool art person and I wish we talked more!
3. How old do you look: about 18-19? you’re adorable tho
4. Have you ever made me laugh: Yes. Kitty Anx.
5. Have you ever made me mad: Nah ahah
6. Best feature: Your art is honestly so lovely!
7. Have I ever had a crush on you: Sorry but no
8. You’re my: lowkey tumblr idol
9. Name in my phone: [shrug]
10. Should you post this too? ye!

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Just wanted to let you know that I freak out every time I see you reblogged something from me because a) you're my favorite tumblr/my tumblr idol and b) it reminds me that my favorite tumblr is following me and looks at my posts. Lots of love and support from new Jersey! *scurries off to read the wren fic*

Aww thank you ❤ this means a great deal to me, honestly. You’re so sweet!

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dances into the building// haha i made a roleplay account we should roleplay sometime but im scared of roleplaying especially with people i look up to and um i dont even know what to do man fuuuckkkkk aeghrdfbjvkgrlfdv ,//explodes//


Jesus have mercy I think my heart stopped-

Firstly, yes? Please? I’d be honored to?

Secondly, you’ve been my idol-
Since I started Tumblr?
How, in all seven hells-
Do you look up to me..?

Someone please get me to a hospital-

KBTBB HC - The guys realizing they’re in love with MC

@thehigherthebun Request: The moment each bidder realizes they’ve fallen for MC? I just had to ask, you are my writing/headcannon idol and inspiration on tumblr! Thank you! :)

Omg I’m someone’s idol?!?! I feel so freaking special!! <3 I’d be delighted to do this for you :) Hope you enjoy


The two of you were laying in bed one night, each of you reading your body individually. He was deep in his detective novel when he felt something rest on his shoulder. He lowered his gaze to see that you had fallen asleep while reading, your own book fallen to the bed and your chest rising and falling with your deep breathing. A small smile came to his face, and he lowered his own book, adjusting himself so that you could rest more peacefully on him. He’d probably never admit it to you, but you looked absolutely stunning even in your sleep, the way your face seemed so angelic in such a state. When he adjusted himself lower, he felt you smile against his shoulder, and whisper his name. Your voice was slurred with sleep, but there was a happy tone to it, one that had Soryu staring at you with amazement for a moment. How was it that even when you were asleep, you managed to bring goosebumps to his skin with the simplest of effort. His smile deepened though, finally realizing that the reason he always seemed to see the stars in your eyes, was because he’d fallen so hard for you that you were his sky. His everything. Gently he leaned forward and placed a kiss on your forehead. 


The two of you were seated across from one another at a dining table. You had assisted him with a heist, and as it was the wee hours of the morning and the both of you were starved, you sat in a little diner just around the corner that happened to still be open. Once your food arrived, you chowed down like there was no tomorrow. You barely even registered that there was indeed a fork and knife sitting mere inches away, grabbing your food and simply shoving it in. Baba was almost amazed at first, he too was just as hungry, but seeing you so unrestrained make him chuckle. He loved that you were more comfortable around him now, that you could be yourself. You stopped then, hearing him laugh. Realizing how crazily you’d just consumed your food, you swallowed and too laughed. He smiled, watching you laugh. It was then, seeing you like this, that made him realize just how deeply in love with you he was. Wanting nothing more than to see you just as content and comfortable with him for the rest of your life. 


You were spending the day with Ota in his studio, watching him paint. It only remained silent for a few moments before it seemed you had decided to finger paint. On Ota. You dipped your finger into one of the canisters, coating your finger in the thick liquid, and brushed it against his cheek. Ota turned to you then, and immediately dipped his own finger into the canister and rubbed it onto your nose. As payback. An all out war began then, the two of you grabbing separate canisters of paint and rubbing it against one another. Once the paint ran out however, the two of you looked at each other. You laughed then, and gave him a smile, the two of you completely covered in paint. The truth was that as he looked at you, smiling at him like that, seeing the absolute joy and wonder on your face, it caused his heart to swell. And he realized he wanted to see that look on your face as many times as he possibly could. In fact, it instantly became a new goal of his. To find as many ways in his lifetime to bring you joy, just so he could see that smile again. That was when he knew he was in love with you.


Eisuke had come home late one night after a particularly long conference he’d had. He entered the room as quietly as he possibly could, knowing you’d likely gone to bed hours ago. But when he walked in, he saw a single lamp on and you sitting at the table, your body slumped forward against the table. Fast asleep. He realized you’d probably tried to wait up for him, but had fallen asleep in the process. A smile crossed his face as he slowly walked forward towards your sleeping face, squatting down next to you so he could look up at you. You looked so beautifully peaceful that Eisuke himself felt at ease. He reached up and ran a hand through your hair, smiling more when you slightly stirred at his touch, a smile of your own reflecting on your face in your sleep. His heart skipped a beat, and for just a moment he felt like a young boy again. Giddy with joy and love. It dawned on him in that moment just how precious you were to him, how he wouldn’t be able to go on without you in his life.


It was snowing one day and the two of you were walking home, hand in hand. It had started to snow harder, large snowflakes coming down and scattering across the ground. You stopped in your tracks suddenly, letting go of his hand and walking towards a large mound of snow. He called after you, wondering if something was the matter. But you turned then, collecting some snow in your hand. You giggled as you decided to then throw a snowball at him, immersing the two of you into a snowball fight. He couldn’t help but laugh along with you, the two of you playing in the snow. You paused to reload your snowball ammunition, and it was then that Mamoru saw the look on your face. The smile that glowed on your face, and making him smile even more. You looked so happy, doing even such a small thing with him, and it was then that he realized how hard he’d fallen for you. Feeling more than anything a sense of joy he wasn’t sure he’d ever felt before meeting you. And it was then that he knew he would never be able to be apart from you, as you had become the very definition of his joy.  

True Love
C. S.


by C. S. Raine (aka battousai24, tehcheshirecat)

She lives in a castle
but she locks herself in her room
I long to see her face
but all she does is push me away

I go knock-knock-knockin’ on her door
saying, “Elsa, why don’t I see you anymore?”
I ask, “Do you want to build a snowman?”
And I say, “The sky’s awake, so I’m awake,
please, what does it have to take for you to open this door
Oh, Elsa, don’t you love me anymore?”

She has a secret
I can tell; She’s just too scared
I miss the sound of her voice
but all I hear are my own footsteps on the floor

I go knock-knock-knockin’ on her door
saying, “Elsa, why don’t I see you anymore?”
I ask, “Do you want to build a snowman?”
And I say, “The sky’s awake, so I’m awake,
please, what does it have to take for you to open this door
Oh, Elsa, don’t you love me anymore?”

They say that love is an open door
So I guess it’s safe to say
that you don’t feel the same
I love you, you know I do
It’s TRUE LOVE; I’m sure
I thought that if I gave you my love
I could fix you up
and I’d thaw your frozen heart

She lives in a castle
She locks herself in her room
I go knock-knock-knockin’ on her door

Elsa, why don’t I see you anymore?

Do you want to build a snowman?

Oh, Elsa, why don’t you love me anymore?

Do you want to build a snowman?

It doesn’t have to be a snowman.


AN: (Anna to Elsa, obviously. :P) Uploaded to FF.NET.



Hey, guys!

So… I’ve reached 100+ followers. Wow. I can’t believe people can even put up with my social awkwardness, but hey, thank you!

I’m sorry for rambling on and on about random stuff all the time. I’m sorry for my half-assed doodles (with no bodies because I’m still practicing). And most of all, I’m sorry for taking so long to update my fanfics.

But again, THANK YOU!

You guys are wayyyy awesome to put up with me.

You’re all awesome. I love every single one you guys (which is why I wrote this song for you guys, well… my mates from the Frozen fandom, at least, but those who aren’t, I hope you enjoy this anyway). I kind of messed up a bit at towards the end, though, sorry. And yeah, my voice isn’t so great, so if anyone likes this enough to make a cover, go right ahead (I can even send you the chords). Oh, and guitar’s still missing a string, so I’m sorry about that too. Maybe I’ll re-record this when I can, but for now, my fingers are purple from all the playing. XP

Anyway, I would just like to especially thank these people especially for being my amazing Tumblr-buddies/Tumblr-idols!

hmselsanna Miss you, gorgeous! ;) *nuzzles*

erzajaaane First Filipino Elsanna-shipping friend!!!

forkanna I will never get over The Cake Fic, you crazy evil person, but I adore you to pieces because… well, you’re crazy and evil and just overall awesome. XD

23deecy BROTP 4eva. Hahaha!

elsanna-fanboy We must Skype soon! I love how friendly you are. XD

seigetsu-ren Science nerds <3

exixiii I love how you gave in to my video singing challenge (that Franky started).

asisfanpage Oh you know you’re awesome already, so need I say more? :P You and celerysticks4life are both awesome. :)

Yeahhhh… I know I’m making a big deal out of only 100 followers, but hey, I appreciate you guys that much. XD