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9 - 17/??? Gifs of Kuanlin: [On Variety Shows] 

my lazy ass promoting kuanlin better than ymc ever will

My Thought Of BTS Winning Mama This Year.

Okay this is my opinion, if you don’t like it too bad.

So my thoughts is that every year BTS won at a award show, I’m not saying is bad or anything but we should be actually proud of them, of them winning and seeing their huge smile. But this year, it don’t always have to be BTS winning award shows every year, cause it’s not actually fair for some other groups. I just want to see some other groups to win this year and I’m not saying is wrong but give some other groups a chance.

Call me a hateful bitch, but IDC🙃. Just want to share some thought…

What’s your opinion for this?

Edit: The people that saying I’m being selfish or saying it’s not the army fault to vote for BTS. You twisting my word ._. I’m not saying Bts shouldn’t win for MAMA award I will be happy if they won because they made it. This is my opinion ._. 


     So that your heart that I wish to capture won’t go anywhere. Please stay here with me forever.

For my dearest friend and beloved, yourcolorlessgarden.


#65: Helene Catagin, (later Helene Bezucat) from War and Paws by Leo Tailstoy

It’s such a shame to bury purrls in the country….

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Oml, Moho I have DIED. THANKS SO MUCH for liking my Piratesworld post!! I have to say that out of all the Tumblr artists I'm following, you will always be my biggest Tumblr idol -- in fact, you're the first Tumblr artist I followed. And I'm still freaking out over the fact you noticed my shit and gODDAMMIT I CAN'T BREATHE!! Also, sorry for talking way too much. I'm just a little bit excited about this if you couldn't already tell. Your art is goals. :33

Hecking and thank you OwO glad you like my shit
And it’s a good au idea 👏👌👍💯


Just some drawings of people I’d hug!

1. @ask-big-bendy-and-stripped-bendy
You’re just too sweet so of course I’d want to hug you!!! Hope ya don’t mind!!! Lol sorry I didn’t know how to draw you-

2. @bonnie-bombay
You are one of my main idols on tumblr!!! You’re super sweet and I really look up to you alot!!! So, I’d definitely hug you!!!

3. @that-inky-demon
You already know I’d hug you!!! I love you so much!!! You’re always there for me and I can’t thank you enough! You are the most important person to me in the world ♡♡♡♡♡♡

(And yes, I will most likley tackle you in a hug, I am not sorry ♡)

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you are like my tumblr idol blog. your meta is fantastic and i always reblog your meta bc it just helps me ease any anxiety i have about the next season. i've started thinking like a meta writer bc of your posts! thank u for making this absolutely unbearable hellatus, a little more bareable

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how dare you be so sweet and kind and make me feel so damn good :D