you are my sunshine on a cloudy day

*Clappin Cheeks*

My peanut butter chocolate cake wit koolaid : Babe wait 

Me : What? Did I hurt you?

My fuckin cinnamon apple : Nah. Did you submit that paper? 

Me: Yea. 

My sunshine on a cloudy day : Okay, just makin sure. Now, choke me.



happy 28th birthday kim minseok! I’ve only be lucky enough to celebrate your special day 4 times, but I hope that in the future that you’ll always be happy and healthy. it’s hard to express the unbound affection I have for you, but I’ll try my best! I hope that when you face hardship, you continue to persevere; to work hard no matter what and to never give up your dreams. regardless of your success or failures, I will always look at you with kind eyes. no matter what you decide to do in life, I will try to support you to the best of my abilities. you have so much time ahead of you, I’m certain that you’ll be able to touch even more hearts like you have with mine and so many others already. thank you for being my sunshine on a cloudy day. thank you for always inspiring me, for always giving me a reason to try harder, and helping to better myself as a person. I’m glad we are able to grow together like this, following our own respective paths. I hope that you only have to walk the flower road, but I do understand that every person must face obstacles and hardship to grow and improve as a person. no matter what, I hope that everything you face help shape you into the person you will be tomorrow and way into the future. while I don’t know everything you have gone through, I do know that whatever most of it was, it has helped mold you into the person I see you now. far from perfect, since we’re all human, I still adore you anyways. your flaws that you might nitpick about, the haters who try to bring you down, please know that me and so many others will be here to support you and to lift you up from those painful times. your family, your members and your friends are there for you and that brings comfort to me to know that you’re not alone. regardless of what the future may bring, be unabashedly yourself and don’t be afraid to show the world just how amazing you are.

boyfriend!Tom + anxeity

****trigger warning for for anxiety/anxious feelings

  • he can tell when it starts. you’ve got that look in your eye. maybe its an extra uncomfortable jitter in your step or the uncontrollable bouncing of your knee.
  • he stays nearby like a net, waiting to catch you when you finally jumped out.
  • if you need to babble it all out until you can’t speak between hiccups of sobs or pace up and down the expanse of your living room or for him to hold you stead, he’d do whatever
  • makes a clear effort to be comforting but not pressuring. “i’m here, darlin’. Can’t say anything that will change that, yeah? I’m right here.” he hums into your ear for pressing a kiss to your hair
  • or “i noticed you’ve been acting different, love. you been feeling a bit off? would ya like to talk about it? we can have a nice long chat, i can brew us a cup a’ tea. Be nice, yeah?” he murmurs, hugging you close to his chest
  • the morning after you talk or have an anxiety attack, he turns off your alarm, letting you sleep in a bit later than normal.
  • (he can always get an excuse for your tardiness, charming the pants off any employer or professor he come in contact with)
  • he fixes you a big breakfast of nice, healthy things to set your day right.
  • he goes with you on long walks, letting your hold tessa’s leash (it’s normally his job) or just cling onto him when your away from the grey lion.
  • “have you every talked to anyone about this? like a therapist or a doctor?” he asks, without judgement or expectation. he only asks to offer an option of support. he doesn’t press or pretend to know you better than you know yourself. but tom lets you know he cares about you and your mental health and only wants that best for you
  • on his notes app in his phone, he has a list of the funniest episodes of your favorite TV shows.
  • he’s cheerful and positive. not overbearingly so. more so that he’s excited to see you. happy to let you crawl up next to him and bury your face in his neck. that he can be a little sunshine on your cloudy day.
  • he has a whole folder of bookmarks for breathing exercises, calming messages and other tools to help
  • he lays with you until you fall asleep, hums softly by you or tells a story and his voice, sleepy voice comforts you
A Good Day

Peter Parker x Reader

As part of my ‘yeah, sure, lets do this,’ requests.

Summary: A good morning full of sunshine, laughter, flowers, shoulders, and swing sets. Words: 1.5k. FLUFF.

Requested Prompts by the remarkable, fantastic, and talented sweetheart @spiderling–parker : “How are you so damn photogenic?”“I brought you your coffee.” “Put me down! ”

Gorgeous moodboard by the multi-talented and glorious @spiderling–parker

Today was a good day
, you decided, punctuating the thought with a soft smile, eyelashes relaxed and comfortable lazing on the bed of your cheeks. After nearly a full week of dark rainy days and cold, cloudy nights, it was just so nice to be sitting out in the open air, morning sun warming you to the core, spreading the skin of your upturned face with buttery rays. You could still smell the rain, wafting from puddles and dewy grass; the perfume of moist earth and wet flowers hanging in the still-thick air, carried on the gentle breeze blowing through leaves on the trees whispering their good mornings to anyone listening. Little, excited birds singing to you in the same tune as the laughing children playing on slides and swings behind you.

You drew in a deep breath of that heady, good air, noticing that there was a new, familiar note to it as it reached your lungs; it was heavier, but the same: sunshine, warm honey, and musky thunder storms. You heard the sound of a shutter closing, lips curling and lashes fluttering open as his voice greeted your ears.

“Man,” his voice warm and fitting the day, “How are you so damn photogenic?” His brows were scrunched over the top of his view finder, fingers of one hand awkwardly posed around the camera he had started carrying around with him after he’d found it tucked away in a box of his Uncle’s things.

“I’m not really, you’re just a real deal photographer,” but you were blushing because you knew what he was actually saying, “you make me photogenic.” From underneath his camera you could see a crooked smile on his thin lips because he knew what you were actually saying, too, grinning as his thumb pushed at the advance lever and his finger pressed down on the shutter release and with another click he’d captured that light blush and shy smile.

Today is a good day.

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Good Girl Ch 38: Sunshine and Rainbows Turned Into A Cloudy Day (M)


Kai and Sehun don’t even try to hide their giggles when I walk out of the closet. Their eyes turn into slits as they start laughing making me huff cutely before turning on my heel to walk back in to change. Kai manages to catch me and pull me into a hug.

“Sorry baby, but you just look so cute!” He coos at me. I pout when he holds me at arms length, eyeing me up and down as he licks his lips. I can’t help but blush under his gaze. The white baby doll dress they forced me into makes me look really little and cute, which is what they wanted of course.

“Hyung, stop looking like you are about to eat her, this is for Chen hyung,” Sehun snatches me away. I let the younger man drag me down the hall towards Chen’s room. In my thigh high stockings I’m easily pulled along to the door where Sehun quickly knocks before rushing back down the hall faster than I’ve ever seen him move. Worry washes over me at not just his actions but the way they all have been acting with Chen. Apparently there was some big test today that he was too busy to study for and he didn’t think he did well on it. I’ve also found out that only two things can really stress him out, his grades and me. And with me being gone the whole weekend not to mention the, um, business stuff they did he is really stressed.

In fact he hasn’t left his room since I’ve been home, he’s locked himself in for the whole night before storming off to class by himself when he usually rides with Baekhyun to school. Guilt is rocking me for making him worry and stress so much, which made it easy for Sehun and Kai to talk me into doing this for him. So now here I am standing in front of his door, basically shaking in my socks at the thought of him possibly being mad at me for possibly bombing his test. And when the door flies open and he’s standing there with a scowl on his face, in that moment I’m ready to start crying and apologizing. But only for that moment.

His face softens as the sight of me, his eyes scan me up and down taking in the stupid outfit I put on for him. A small smile appears on his face, “Baby.”

I give him my best smile before spinning around in a little circle, “Do you like it?”

“Oh, I love it! You look so cute! Who picked this out?” Chen pulls me into his room, making sure to close and lock the door behind me.

“This is the one daddy Kai picked out when I went shopping for a birthday dress.”

“And you’re actually wearing it? I would have picked something like this if I didn’t think you would have rejected it.”

“Do you really like it that much?” I giggle at the massive grin that grew on his face.

“I love you in that dress that much,” He pulls me close and kisses me softly.

When he pulls away I smile sadly at him, “I’m sorry about your test.”

“It’s okay baby,” He quickly pushes the thought away, far too focused on my to even think back to the test. “I can retake it, hell I could drop out if I wanted to.”

“You’re just saying that because you are distracted by something else.”

“I am very focused right now,” He mumbles unable to take his eyes away from me. “How would feel about keeping the dress on?”

“I can where it for as long as you want, I just kind of figured you’d want to, um…” I blush, still unable to say it.

“Oh, I do,” He doesn’t explain further, he just pulls me back in for another kiss, this one is a little less innocent. I wrap my arms around his neck and smile into the kiss when he picks me up and carries me over to the bed. His attempt to set me down doesn’t work well when I’m able to roll us over so I’m giggling on top of him. “You’ve put on a little weight haven’t you,” He teases as he feels up my thighs that are straddling his waist.

“Daddy that’s mean! I’m trying to be sexy for you,” I swat at his chest only to have him catch my hands in one of his and flip us over so he’s on top.

He chuckles at the little whine that escapes my lips, “I’m not being mean, and you are doing a very good job being sexy for me. I’m happy you are putting some much-needed meat on your bones. Your thighs are so full, I can’t see your ribs anymore when I give you a bath, I’m happy you don’t look like a skeleton anymore.”

“Daddy, I’m supposed to be making you feel better, not the other way around,” I buck my hips against his making the man groan.

“This is making me feel good. I just want you to know how much you are wanted and needed here. You were gone for a weekend, not even a full 48 hours and I couldn’t focus on anything but you.” He sighs before leaning in and burying his face in the crook of my neck. “I love you.”

“I love you too,” I leave a trail of kisses down his neck. “But now stop with this fluffiness. Where is my silly daddy who can hardly ever keep a straight face?”

He leans back with a smile on his face, “Okay, I’m done, now back to the little hip thrusts you were doing before.”

“You mean these?” I buck against him again.

“Exactly,” He grins as he kisses me a few times as his hands slide up my thighs to the exposed skin in between my stockings and lace panties. “I love these stockings, who the fuck dressed you?”

“Kai and Sehun,” I say breathlessly, already worked up just from his small touches.

“I’m surprised they know how to put such nice lingerie on, garter and everything. I figured their talent would be in taking it off.” We laugh even as he peels off my panties and throws them aside we lay there, just enjoying each other’s company. This is what I love about Chen, he can make such intense and intimate acts funny and silly. Especially when he crawls off the bed to take his pants off, but not as smoothly as he was hoping. The cute man ends up tumbling to the floor with his pants still half on leaving me dying on the bed, clutching my stomach as laugh. When he manages to get his pants off he stands tall like it didn’t happen, “Are you laughing at me little girl?”

I have to force myself to stop laughing and press my lips in a tight line so giggles can’t spill out, “Nope.” But I can’t, I really can’t at the sight of his SpongeBob boxers that leave me dying in laughter once again. He quickly climbs back on the bed and pins me down but I neither one of us can take his dominate look seriously. After about five minutes of us trying to get all the laughs out we are able to try and continue.

“Okay baby girl, I’m being serious now,” He tries to keep his face serious. I help by not cracking up again, instead I look up at him with wide innocent eyes.

“Okay, Daddy, I’m sorry.”

He cracks a smile at that, “Good girl. Now tell me something baby, do you know how to make daddy feel really good?”

I bite my lip and nod, “Of course.” He flips us back over so I’m on top before scooting back until his head rests on the pile of pile of pillows at the top of the bed. His legs are open slightly, inviting me in between. I lick my lips as I crawl up to him, opening his legs a little wider, dragging my nails up his bare legs until I reach his boxers. Not breaking eye contact I pull his boxers down like he did to me and toss them away. I lean forward, looking away for just a second to kiss the head of pink manhood. After a few soft kitten licks I look back up making sure he’s watching as I take the whole thing into my mouth.

He can’t keep his eyes open when I begin to bob up and down, his head tips back as his hands find their way to my hair. My hands are resting on his hips to make sure he doesn’t buck into my mouth like I know he’s dying to do. I slurp and suck him for all he’s worth until he is moan in both pleasure and frustration. Upset that I won’t let him fuck my mouth, last time he got a little too rough giving me a sore throat and him a beating from the others so I’m trying to do us both a favor. But he doesn’t appreciate it and the next thing I know Chen moves behind me and pushing me into the mattress.

“Baby, were you teasing daddy?” He purrs in my ear. My ass is up in the air with skirt pushed out of the way, giving him a perfect view of what he wanted to see.

“Of course not,” I stammer out when I feel his hands caressing my ass. I hold my breath waiting for what’s to come. As if on cue his hand comes down hard on my left cheek, the sting makes me yelp but it would be a lie to say I wasn’t getting me wet.

“Oh, you also lied to me, that’s another one,” I can hear the grin in his voice as he spanks me again. He rubs my red cheek, even places a few kisses on it to help with the sting. He surprises me by sliding himself into me without warning. I let out a mixed moan and yelp, making the man above me laugh. “Did I surprise you baby?” I can’t get myself to respond, my mind is spinning and my body tries to adjust to his size for a second before he starts thrusting slowly.

We both moan as he lazily pumps in and out, he leans over me, leaving kisses across my shoulders. His hands wrap around my body to find my breasts, his skilled hands massage and pinch at them threw the thin fabric, earning more moans from me and building up the already wound knot in my belly. Neither of us last very long, after a few more thrusts we are both grinding frantically threw our orgasms.

He pulls out of me before quickly pulling my dress off and holding me close to cuddle. I give him a questioning look, “I thought you liked the dress?”

“I do, I just prefer to feel your skin against mine instead of that itchy fabric.”

“Good to know,” I hum as I snuggle in to his embrace and he pulls the covers over us.

“I never got to ask, how was your weekend? He didn’t do anything to you right?” He wonders as he tucks my head under his chin.

I bite my lip, happy Chen can’t see my face right now, he would know something was wrong, “Of course not. It was really fun.”

“Any chance you are willing to tell me what we did in your dream? Luhan hyung told me that you thought we were going to kill you.” I don’t answer. “I take that as a no.”

“You didn’t really do anything,” I sigh, “You just encouraged it like normal.”

“What do you mean?”

’Make sure it hurts Yeol, I want to hear her scream.’” I repeat what the cold man in my dream said.

“What was Chanyeol doing?”

I burry my face deeper into his chest, not wanting anything to do with the memoires of that nightmare but I manage to choke it out, “He was going to rip out my teeth.”


The next morning

“Do we have to let her go?” Sehun whines at the breakfast table where he has been holding me hostage on his lap. The others try to ignore him and the irritation they are all feeling.

“It’s a deal Sehun we all knew this was going to happen. At least we got an extra day with her,” Suho reasons with a sigh, even though he understands he is still upset. I can’t really blame them. It’s Tuesday, Jiyong’s day with me and just like my daddies, I’m unnerved at the idea of seeing him again so soon. But mine is for a different reason.  I told him that I love him. I’m so freaking nervous I feel so tempted to ask my daddies to call him and tell him that I’m sick or something but that would raise questions on why I don’t want to go. That isn’t something I want to deal with right now.

“You guys will have her all day so you have not right to complain,” Kris sneers.

“We only have three classes with her,” Kai corrects.

“That’s more then any of us,” Tao snaps back.

“Can we not fight about this?” I ask meekly.

“Why can’t you just tell him you don’t want to see him today, that you want to skip this week?” Sehun asks hopefully.

I shake my head, “He’ll get mad.”

“Why would ask such a stupid question Sehun? We all know she would never cancel her night with her favorite oppa,” Xiumin growls not even looking in my direction.

“Daddy Xiumin,” I start but he doesn’t bother to listen.

“I don’t want to hear it today baby. You have fun with him tonight, I’m going to be staying late in the office today and I’m heading in earlier so see you all in the morning.” Xiumin is on his feet and heading to his room at his last word. I watch him go with my mouth hanging open, dumbstruck and upset that he didn’t even let me tell him to go ahead and call.

“Hyung’s crabby today,” Kai grumbles.

Kris tsk at us, “Can you really blame him? Hyungnim just gets to take her whenever he wants because she wants to go. If any of us tired that someone would pop and say it’s unfair and we’d end up having everyone getting together. The only one who can say no to Hyungnim is Jooyoung and she won’t do it. And it’s really fucking unfair that he can have you to himself for a night out, I wish I could take you on a date. Take you to a nice dinner where we could just talk and talk like you do with him. To bad I’d have to wait my turn.” He stands up and storms off like Xiumin.

The room goes silent except for the sound of me breathing deeply to keep myself from crying. I feel like my heart has been ripped out, I’m an asshole. I always forget how greedy I  am, I have all twelve of them and I barely get to give all of them that much attention. A tear slides down my cheek that I quickly wipe away.

Sehun tries to hold me tighter but I jump out of his embrace, “Baby, they are just irritated, don’t be upset.”

“You don’t understand how hard it is to have to share you with each other let alone another guy who is obviously trying to steal you away. You just don’t ever think about all the drama that follows,” Suho tries to say it gently but I can hear the bitterness he has for me in his voice.

“I’m sorry, I’m just constantly told not to think about anything really that doesn’t have to do with rainbows and fucking sunshine,” I give them a bitter sweet smile. “Can someone take me to school? I’m want to get out of your hair as soon as possible this morning so I don’t cause anymore drama.”

“Baby-“ Baekhyun starts but I cut him off.

“I can call Jihyo if you want or the boys, whatever is less drama for you. Hell I’ll walk if that makes it easier for you,” I laugh humorlessly.

“Jooyoung, please stop talking like that!” Luhan both demands and begs.

“I’ll call them on my way,” I rush towards the door where my backpack is waiting.

“I’m getting my keys,” Lay yells from behind me, “Baby, please wait.”

Remaining Unpredictable

Requested by: @zlorac
A: Is that a threat or are you flirting with me?
B: Both. Neither. A mixture of the two. I like to stay unpredictable.

Carlos De Vil x Reader (Gaston’s Daughter)

A/N: I’m sorry if this sucks omg, I was trying to make this different from all of the other Carlos x Reader imagines out there. I also didn’t proofread so there’s that but I hope you guys enjoy!

(Y/N)’s POV

Why did I agree to come here again? Oh right, to save King Ben because the other VKs lost him. I can’t necessarily blame the others 100% because King Ben can be a little ditzy and naive at times, he believes that there is good in everyone. He’s not wrong about the last part, if you dig deep enough then you’re guaranteed to find good. The people on the Isle of The Lost aren’t all bad, the parents made some bad decisions but the kids shouldn’t have to pay for it. I was the 5th person that was invited to the school with the core four, the interesting part was that I’m the daughter of Gaston.

Back on the Isle I didn’t have many friends, I liked to keep to myself. There was the Core Four and then the pirate crew which my brother had joined. They wanted to take us VKs in small doses so when they chose me, I had to leave Gil behind. Gaston was the Beast’s worst enemy so they chose me, thinking that I’d be more open to becoming an Auradon girl. I had a mission of my own just like the others, I was supposed to get the wand and put the Beast away in the process. The others wanted to get the barrier down. Somewhere along the way we all became friends, our little tight knit friend group was like a safe haven. If there was one thing about the villain kids, it’s that we’re very good at keeping secrets. Mal, Jay, and Evie had been keeping a secret about me and I was dying to find out. Carlos was as oblivious as I was.

Speaking of Carlos, the boy made me crazy. He was so sweet that it made me sick. He was the toothache that the dentist had to take care of when you ate too much candy. He was the sunshine on a cloudy day, he was like a fireplace when it was cold. My life changed ever since we came to Auradon, Carlos started growing on me. I’m not too sure how it happened but he made me feel these unknown feelings. It was hard to breath around him and I wanted to throw up. I just figured that maybe he was repulsing me, maybe getting rid of him would make me feel better, these feelings would subside. I hated when he was with Jane, she was everything that he could’ve ever hoped for. She was beautiful, smart, shy, and helpful. I was loud, ambitious, sassy, sarcastic, and caring when it came to my close friends and family, this included Carlos.

Carlos’s POV

“Are you going to help us or not?” Jay was exasperated with the fact that (Y/N) hadn’t responded yet. “Of course, you need another person who knows the Isle and who can fight.” (Y/N) ran a hand through her hair, (H/C) strands poking out from the spaces in between her fingers. She was lovely even when she was angry. “I’m coming too!” The three of us turned towards the voice and were met with Lonnie, the daughter of Mulan and Shang. She eventually convinced Jay and I with the help of (Y/N).

We made it to the Isle in matter of minutes and then ran to Mal’s hideout. “(Y/N)! What are you doing here?” Mal hugged our friend before (Y/N) said, “I’m here to help. I can take on Harry if you need me to because we all know that my brother won’t be a challenge.” Gil was a really nice guy and he was a good fighter but he was a bit dopey at times. I walked closer to (Y/N) and said, “I’ll cover you.” I was met with a sigh and an eye roll before she disappeared into the direction of the docks. I honestly couldn’t understand why she was so cold towards me. I’ve been nothing but nice to her, she makes me want to grab her and profess my love. The girl is absolutely gorgeous with her alluring eyes and lustrous hair. She was sassy and sarcastic, if I could compare the two of us to a legendary Disney couple it’d be Rapunzel and Flynn Rider. She was headstrong but always went out of her way to help people which I admired. Her hair had a coconut smell to it and her smile outdid the sun.
“Carlos, we have to get going!” Evie dragged me out of the hideout and towards the docks where we’d be met with the infamous pirate crew.

(Y/N)’s POV

“Hey, hey, hey, hey! (Y/N)!”
Carlos was running at an alarming speed towards the end of the docks to where I was. Before he was able to put on his breaks, he ran straight into me causing us to make a ruckus.
“If you weren’t so cute, I would’ve punched you in the face 20 times by now for messing up the plan.” I grabbed the collar of his jacket and pulled him behind a bunch of barrels as we hid from the pirate crew. We hadn’t gone into the circular entrance to the ship yet and we were supposed to sneak in so we had to lay low.
“Did ye hear that, Gil? I coulda sworn I heard intruders.” The one and only Harry Hook was talking to my brother and looking for Carlos and I, since we had made a scene.
“Hey, (Y/N). Was what you said earlier a threat or were you flirting with me?” Carlos had an intense look on his face as he stared you down, waiting for an answer.
“Both. Neither. A mixture of the two. I like to stay unpredictable.”
His eyebrows scrunched up as he looked down at the ground before whispering under his breath, “I could’ve sworn that she didn’t like me.” A kick to the barrel that the two of us were hiding behind caused me to place my hand over Carlos’s mouth.
Gil peeked behind the barrel to find Carlos and I in a somewhat compromising position since it was a tight space and we were trying to hide.
“(Y/N)? What are you doing back on the Isle? I should tell dad, he’d love to see you!”
I quickly took my left hand and covered his mouth while my right was over Carlos’s, “I know that you’re helping Uma but we really need King Ben back. You most definitely cannot tell dad that I’m back because he’d look for me and make me stay here since I didn’t get the wand 6 months ago.”
Gil nodded in response before looking behind him, checking to see if Harry was gone. “Please help us? You could come back with me to Auradon! We could be the brother-sister duo that we were before and you’ll love it there. Dreams surely do come true.”
Gil smiled goofily while removing my hand, “I didn’t know that my baby sister was such a dreamer. I’m only going to help you because you’re family and because Uma hasn’t been treating me nicely lately.”
So we formulated a plan and all Carlos could do was watch.

Carlos’s POV

So does she like me or not? I need answers and I’m not leaving the Isle until I get them. Everyone thought that I was a pushover and a sweetheart but not today, I was going to be as stubborn as (Y/N) was. She extracted her hand from my face before leading me to the pirate ship where we met the rest of the core four. “Where were you guys? We should’ve gotten started already. Who knows what they’ve done with Ben!” Mal whined at us before marching through the entrance and then began arguing with Uma.

(Y/N) and Gil made eye contact with each other and then let their captivating eyes travel towards my being. The plan was that once Uma got the fake wand, (Y/N) would take on Harry while Gil cut King Ben out of the ropes and got him to the limo. I was supposed to watch (Y/N)’s back and throw the smoke bombs when I needed to. Next thing you know, swords are clanging against each other, people are being thrown in the water, and (Y/N) has Harry pinned on the ground.
“It’s not that easy to defeat me, Lass.” Harry got up and went to knock (Y/N)’s feet from under her but I ran in between, grabbing his hook while he was distracted. “Here boy!” I yelled in Harry’s direction, causing him to stare at me with a horror stricken face before begging me not the throw it. “Fetch.” The silver hook was submerged into the water, sending Captain Hook’s son in after it.

“Why would you do something so stupid!?” All I could hear was (Y/N) yelling at me for putting myself in danger but if I didn’t then she would’ve gotten hurt. “I could’ve handled it!” She swung her sword at a female pirate, defeating her as I said, “The point is that you shouldn’t have to do everything yourself!”
“I could never let you get hurt because of me! I can fight my own battles, Carlos!” I blew up, “All of you guys really need to stop treating me like I’m a lost puppy! I can protect any of you when it comes down to it. I’m not incapable of fighting and doing different kinds of things just because I’m a pushover!”

Lonnie had sent the last pirate over board while everyone else stared at me with an astonished look on their faces. (Y/N) came over and grabbed me by the arm, whispering, “We’ll talk about this later okay?”
“Why later hm (Y/N)? Why can’t we talk right here and right now?” I was over everyone treating me like a little kid. If I wanted to protect (Y/N) then I should be able to do that. I love her and I don’t want her getting hurt. Her eyes began to glass over when she ran towards Gil, pulling him back through the circular entrance towards the limo. “Cmon bro. We’ve gotta go.” Jay pulled me off of the boat and into the limo.

“Get in the car, (Y/N).” I couldn’t see her but I was sure that she was shaking her head no. “I’m not going back with you guys.”
“Do I have to physically pull you into the limo?” Jay asked as she hummed in disagreement
“I’m not leaving my brother again.” Ben smiled and extended an invitation right then and there to Gil.
“Awe man, really? Thank you so much!” He got in and sat next to Evie and (Y/N) trailed in behind him, making no eye contact with me whatsoever. I felt bad, I didn’t mean to blow up back there but I did. I should’ve just waited until we were off the ship.

Before I could fully succumb to my self wallowing, we were back at Auradon Prep. Everyone slowly trailed out of the car but I pulled (Y/N) back before she could leave back to her room. “I didn’t mean to cause a scene like that back there. You just mean a lot to me and I didn’t want you to get thrown overboard or hurt badly or anything. I just wanted to protect you because the truth is that you’re my entire world and more. I’d personally talk to Hades and see if he could help me get you back if I ever lost you. Will you plea-”

Birthday cake. That’s what her lips tasted like. They were soft and molded into mine perfectly. She let me know that I was forgiven through the kiss as she deepened it. I tangled my fingers in her hair while she cupped my face. Her thumbs traced my features while I pulled her closer.

“Hey sis, I was wondering if you could- oh sorry for interrupting I’m just gonna-” Her lips left mine cold as she pulled away, breaking the firework filled kiss. “Um, I’ll see you tomorrow, okay?” She rubbed the back of her neck before I pulled her into my warm embrace. She dug her face in the crook of my neck and made me smile. “I hope that you know that you’re mine now.” I smiled down at her when she said, “okay.” She left my embrace once again as she went to go help Gil with whatever it was that he needed help with. “You owe me $5!” Evie said as she held out her hand towards Mal. The purple haired girl huffed before slamming a $5 in Evie’s hand. They had been watching from the sidelines but I was too caught up with (Y/N) to even notice, I’m assuming that the secret was a bet about the two of us getting together. I laughed at my two friends and let a huge smile takeover my face. (Y/N) was finally mine and I had no intention of losing her.

~And just like that they lived happily ever after~

Dear Future Me,

I hope that you kissed her even if it was just once. I hope you laughed and smiled and flirted the whole world away. I hope she’s secretly reading this over your shoulder trying to play it cool, hey babe, and she’s totally busted!
I hope you told her that you love her today. I hope you said you were proud she’s right there beside you. I hope you let her know you can find a thing more lovely than her. She’s the sunshine in the cloudy days that drift through my mind.
I hope that you cherish her and all the hurt pieces of her past, present, and future. She’s much more than she thinks, she’s more enthralling, more endearing, and possibly the single most intelligent person I’ve had the chance of knowing. However she isn’t more than you can handle. That’s why she’s with you, you’re a balance of love.
Joke with her. Laugh with her. Cry with her. Bring love into every piece of her. Never let her go and never let the love you have go.
Give her a kiss for me. Cuddle her closer. Tell her everything you feel, be honest.
Little You, the girl dreaming of a future so bright.

—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write

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I do not know if you’ll read this, since it’s written in Russian, but … Thank you from the whole Russian community! To be honest, this is the best comic book I’ve ever read in my life. Drawing - only pleases the eye. The plot is also on top. Though a bit cliche. Thanks again :3

It’s cliche but also the best comic you’ve read in your life? :O We’ll take it! :D

All that research for nochocolate is really paying off.

No boys here! (But it’s true, she’s the queen. Genocide Queen.)

Th-thank you… I think?

Definitely intentional. Glad you like it!

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Hilarious is an odd choice of word… but acceptable.


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Three In Time Of Two

“this yoontaekok fic is being slept on and I Must Fix It”

And as Taehyung had predicted that night long ago at the park, nothing much had changed between he and Jungkook.

They were still Taehyung and Jungkook and Jungkook and Taehyung.

One month into their first year was when they met Yoongi.

voices of a distant star

“Vmin– IN SPACE“

“I heard a story, too. About a spaceship malfunctioning and its crew spilling out like silverfish out of a can.”

Jimin is a scientist working on terraforming Mars, Taehyung is an actor from Earth touring around colonized space.

For You, The World

“And this VMin? Ughhhhh (massages head) too good i need aspirin.” 

Jimin doesn’t like boys. Jimin isn’t supposed to like boys. Jimin likes girls. He likes girls with their sweet voices and their long hair and their soft hips. Not boys. Not boys with their broad shoulders and heavy steps and strong hands.

Or, in which Taehyung goes on his date with Minjae for Celebrity Bromance, and Jimin isn’t sure how he feels about it.

when it’s cold outside

“Listen YoonJin is not given the recognition it deserves and we can’t have kind of disrespect”

There’s that sunny eye smile again and Yoongi has to look away for just a moment, thinks about how Seokjin shines so bright.

or, Yoongi’s got sunshine on a cloudy day.

I have no idea if any of these have been recced before, but I’m trying to share ones that i think needs more comments and kudos –generally more appreciation for the writers. Also you guys been helping a lot with my reading list so here’s a little tiny bit of giving back ❤

Thank you for all the good fics, don’t worry about the post format, we always edit before posting if needed, all you need to do is send in the fic! <3

-Admin Nana


“Stop, that tickles,” Levi whispers breathlessly, a small smile gracing his lips as Eren’s nose nuzzles into his cheek and the side of his neck.

“But I don’t want to.” He can’t help but be honest with him. He’s been thinking about doing this for months and now he’s finally here, with Levi. He’s able to touch him, hold him, see his smile in person rather than over a screen or pictures.

Their fingers intertwine together and Eren gives them a gentle squeeze. Levi is breathless, not saying anything when Eren’s lips hesitantly placed a kiss on his cheek, his nose, his forehead. They say the words that Eren can’t outloud but he doesn’t need to. He knows Levi understands him without even trying.

“You’re just so, so,” he pauses. Levi stills, waiting for some kind of response but doesn’t get one. Eren’s heart clenches with so many different emotions that swirl through his body and he’s almost overwhelmed with them. He hates that he’s hovering over Levi, the other’s back sliding down until he’s pressed against the couch and Eren feels panic mix in with the other emotions.

“This is okay.” The reassurance is soft and Eren sighs, the breath ghosting over Levi’s face.

Eren is worried that Levi can hear his heart thumping loudly against his ribcage, ready to break out at any moment. It’s all because of him. Eren wouldn’t have it any other way. Levi makes him feel alive, gives the dull, grey and depressing life he lives purpose. Their hands are pressed on either side of Levi’s head and Eren squeezes his eyes shut for a moment.

“You’re so beautiful,” he wheezes out finally, all the air in his lungs leaving his body with the words. “You’re stunning.”

Levi rolls his eyes and avoids looking at Eren. “I’m not. I’m not even in shape.”

Eren almost doesn’t even recognize the soft laugh he coughs out from his chest and he presses his lips to Levi’s chin. “I’m not either. In fact, I’m quite worried about squishing you with myself.”

Levi had never said that Eren’s weight bothered him, always told Eren that he was cute, gorgeous, beautiful; he always said that he would want to hug Eren and never let go. Eren wanted that. He would give anything for Levi.

“I don’t mind,” Levi says. “I like a little chub.” He chuckles a little and squeezes Eren’s hands.

Eren almost comments back “I’m not chubby, I’m fat. We’ve been over this” but doesn’t think it’s worth the effort for a small argument right now. So he settles for something else.

“I like you.” He can’t help it anymore. He knows that Levi knows about his stupid feelings, Eren making it as obvious as he can without having to explicitly say it but this time he wants to, needs to say it out loud for Levi to hear. “I like you, a lot. You mean everything to me. I would crawl across the earth to see you smile. To hear your laugh. Everything about you,” he presses his forehead to Levi’s chest, “everything about you is so calming to me.”

Levi doesn’t say anything. Eren doesn’t expect him to. So he continues.

“I just, I just, I want,” he’s stumbling over his words, the feelings and emotions in his chest making it harder for him to breath, “I was, want, I want to worship you. Workship, worship,” he fixes his mistake with emphasis on the word, “you. To praise you. I know how much you love being praised, how embarrassed you get because you’re not good at taking compliments.”

He can’t believe that he’s actually saying these things out loud, that he’s telling Levi how he feels in person rather than over the phone in text messages. Words are hard to decipher the meaning over a screen, but here in person, Levi can see that Eren actually meant every sentence and word he’s ever typed out to Levi.

“There’s nothing special about me,” Levi finally comments back and the look in Eren’s eyes hurts him in a way he hadn’t felt in years.

“There’s so much special about you though.” Eren presses their foreheads together. “You’re so strong, funny, kind, talented, gorgeous. You’re my sunshine on a cloudy day, the stars in your eyes are the only ones I care to see, your smile lights me up and makes me feel warm. Safe. You make me feel loved and special and all these things that I can’t explain.”

Levi’s watching him with careful eyes and Eren sucks in a breath to keep himself calm. “And I know, I know that… I know that love is hard, it’s hard for you because of everything but…” He can’t bring himself to finish his sentence and starts pulling away but Levi holds him tight, anchors him down so he can’t leave.

“But what?” He whispers, searching Eren’s eyes for a an answer.

“I, I, uh, I want… I want to try, let me try.”  

“Try what?”

“To show you what real love is. How it feels now. I want to try and smooth away your jaded edges, polish you up so you can shine like the beautiful gem that you are.” He swallows thickly when he finishes, silence settling over them as he watches Levi chew on the inside of his cheek.

Finally, he answers.

“Okay.” It comes out quiet, soft and Eren can already feel his heart swelling with joy.

“Yeah?” He has to double check, triple check because he doesn’t know what he would be able to do with himself if Levi was only joking.

“Yeah,” Levi nods. “I want to try too.”

What nickname(s) the Chocobros would give you?


Noctis will refer to you by you’re real name most of the time, maybe some variation of it that’s shorter. Sometimes when he wants to get your attention an occasional “baby” or “babe” will come out. “(Y/N)… (Y/N)? Baby? Are you listening?” He knows that you like it so when you’re alone it’s a constant. Around others he feels nervous and doesn’t want to say anything that would cause his friends to make fun of him. Although, they still find something to make fun of him for.

In the bedroom, Noct is a totally different person. His royal instinct kicks in and he likes to take control. When you guys are going at it he likes to call you “princess” to make you feel good. Since he’s a prince he wants to make sure you’re as comfortable as he is. His favorite thing is when you’re riding him and you start to have some control. Noct will grab your hips and moan your name before saying, “Fuck me, Princess. You feel so good on my cock, baby.”


Ignis is the type of person who doesn’t really seem to be into PDA. It seems like he doesn’t even refer to you by your own name. Sometimes though, if you’re really paying attention when you’re around others, when Ignis calls you there’s a mumbled “love” at the end. Something along the lines of, “(Y/N), can you come here for a moment, love?” or “Can you help me, love?”

Even in the bedroom he still calls you “love” and it drives you mad. Another name he loves to call you when you’re both fooling around is “darling”. He especially uses that name when you’re sucking him off or right after he cums. When you’re sucking Ignis off he loses control sometimes, practically yelling your name. “My love, (Y/N)! Fuck darling keep going!” You really love any nickname he calls you in the bedroom.


Gladio openly calls you whatever he feels like. From “baby” to “love” or even “honey”. He very affectionate toward you when he calls you any name. He wants to make sure you’re comfortable with what he calls you. If you ever don’t like a nickname, simply tell him and he’ll do everything in his power to never say that word again. He only wants your happiness, nothing else.

Now, being in the bedroom with Gladio is something completely different. In the bedroom, it’s his pleasure. He still calls you the generic names from before, but then he has other names up his sleeve. He’ll call you “sexy”, “baby”, “kitten” and, if he’s feeling really adventurous, to get a rise out of you he’ll even call you his “dirty little slut” or “stupid bitch” which are all terms of endearment, believe it or not. He’ll only use those vulgar ones if he knows you’re fine with it.

Prompto will call you anything under the sun. He wants to make sure that you feel special. He’ll call you anything from “cutie” to “lovely” to something more intimate, “baby” and such. He’ll even come up with his own names for you. When Prompto’s cuddling you he’ll call you something along the lines of “my cuddly baby” and when he thinks you’re being really nice he’ll call you “my sweet pea”, always saying that your his. Above all else, he may be the Sunshine Boy, but you’re his sunshine on a cloudy day.

That blond cutie is quite nervous and gets pretty frazzled in the bedroom. He normally can’t even speak when you’re being intimate, and his voice is more off a pleasured yell. He’s way too loud and it’s hard to be discreet around others. When Prompto does manage to speak it’s normally something sweet, a bit of praise. He’ll say, “my beautiful baby, you’re doing so good!” or “you’re special, my special.” Prompto always wants you to know that he loves you and he always wants you to feel loved.

The Start Of Something New

The Start Of Something New
(AU)Avengers x Reader, Bucky x Reader
Warnings: None?

Summary: You’re Clint’s little sister. He brought his friends home to hang out for the night. A movie and a round of karaoke starts something new in you’re life.

“Hey ugly.”

You roll your eyes as your older brother runs down stairs and kisses the top of your head.

“What are you making?”

“Umm a sandwich?“you said,” want one?“

"Nah I’m good,” he takes out several bowls and bags of chips.

“Going to eat your problems away again are you?”

“Uh, no.”

“I’m bringing some friend over tonight,” he says.

You froze and so did he when he saw you staring at the peanut butter you were just currently spreading.

“Uh (Y/n)?"he says worriedly,” you okay there buddy?“

You put the knife down and turn to him.

"You? Clint Barton. Have friends?”

He rolls his eyes and walks away.

You laugh evilly to yourself and called out,“ LOVE YOU.”

You heard a quiet,“ whatever,” coming from the living room.


It was 7pm when all of Clint’s friends came.

They sat around the couch and the floor to watch a movie.

You began to go back upstairs so you wouldn’t bother them.

“Hey (Y/n), why don’t you join us?”

You turn to see Steve smiling at you, he was one of the only friends of Clint that you’ve met. Other than Natasha of course.

“Oh no it’s okay,"you said shyly,” I don’t want to be a bother.“

"No, seriously, he’s right. Join us,” Clint says taking a sip of his drink.

You sighed,“ fine.”

You were sitting between Bucky, Steve’s best friend, and Pietro, a new friend Clint recently made.

During the movie, Pietro would constantly look at you and you would catch him staring. He would just give you a smirk every time you caught him. At one point, he puts his arms around your shoulders and pull you close. You didn’t mind, he seems like a great guy. You weren’t quick to judge someone you didn’t know.

Clint looked your way and noticed how close you two were.

He stands up and walks to the kitchen.

“Ah, (Y/n)?” he calls from the pantry,“ can you give me a hand?”

You get out of Pietro’s hold and you just see his bottom lip out like a child.

“Sorry,” you whisper to him, then quickly ran to the kitchen.

“What’d you need help with?”

“Nothing, I just needed to talk to you.”


“Speedy over there,” he nods his head over to where Pietro was sitting.

“Speedy? Why?”

“He’s quick to get girls, I don’t know him well enough yet to let you go flirt with him but I do know that he’s a player. Okay?”

“Okay, thanks Clint,” you gave your brother a hug,“ thanks for not letting me waste my time on a guy like that.”

You and Clint were pretty close to each other. So times like these we’re not awkward at all.

You walked back to your seat and sat back down between Speedy and Bucky.

Pietro wraps his arm around you again, but this time you grabbed his hand and unwrapped it from your shoulders.

“What are you doing?”

“Shhhhh,” you hushed, pressing your finger against your lips,“ movie’s playing.”

You hear a soft chuckle coming from next to you and you turn to look.

Bucky looks at you with a smile and shakes his head.

As the movie finished, Natasha screams,“ time for karaoke!”

“Oh yes!!” you hear Tony says, he was one of Clint’s older friends.

Clint hands the microphone to Steve with a smirk. “C'mon Captain,” he says,“ sing.”

“Captain?” You questioned.

“He’s was captain of our team remember?, back in high school.”

You forgot that Steve and Clint went to the same school and played football together.

“Mm, oh yeah,"you hummed,” I forgot.“

Steve takes the microphone and grabs the little booklet that has all the songs.

He chooses one quickly and began to sing ‘My Girl’ by The Temptations.

"I’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day
When it’s cold outside I’ve got the month of May.”

You look to your left without moving your head and see Bucky swaying and totally feeling the music.

When Steve would say ‘my girl’, Bucky would sing back up and you would start cracking up.

After he was done, Steve gave Bucky the mic and he happily took it.

“Clint, do you have another mic?” he has.

“Uhh yeah I think so,” he says, looking for it in the cabinet,“ are you going to be doing a duet with someone?”

“Yeah,” Buck says grabbing the mic from Clint,“ thanks man.”

Bucky looks at you with a smirk and hands you the other mic.

“Oh I don’t sing,” you awkwardly laugh.

“So? Who cares,” he says.

“I do!”

“It’ll be fun, c'mon.”


You take the mic from him and he smiles. He picks a song without asking you but you knew the song by the familiar tune.

“High School Musical? Really?”

“I think it would be a perfect song for us to sing,” he chuckles.

You rolled your eyes,“ whatever.”

You secretly were very happy, and you can see Clint smiling at you from the other couch, knowing that having a 'Troy and Gabriella’ moment was all you ever wanted when you were 14.

“Livin’ in my own world
Didn’t understand
That anything can happen,” Bucky starts singing, and then looks at you,“ when you take a chance.”

You look away from him and stare at the screen,“ I never believed in, what I couldn’t see. I never opened my heart (B:Ohh) to all the possibilities, ooh.”

You both look at each other.

[Both] I know…
[You] That something has changed
[Both] Never felt this way
[You] And right here tonight
[Both] this could be the…

At once you both jump up, now standing on the couch.

[Both] Start of somethin’ new
[You] It feels so right
[Both] To be here with you, ooh
And now lookin’ in your eyes
[You] I feel in my heart
[Bucky] Feel in my heart
[Both] The start of somethin’ new
[Bucky] Ohhhh, yeahh

Everyone started screaming and cheering.

[Bucky] Now who’d of ever thought that… oh
[Both] We’d both be here tonight… yeah

You started gaining more and more confidence.

[You] Oh yeah, the world looks so much
[Bucky] Brighter, brighter

Bucky was totally feeling the song and you were pretty sure that he felt like he was Zac Efron.

[You] Oh, with you by my side
[Bucky] By my side
[Both] I know… that somethin’ has changed
Never felt this way
[You] oh I know it for real
[Both} This could be the…

You both jump off of the couch and walk around the small coffee table in the middle of the room. Everyone in the room started screaming the next part in the top of their lungs.


[Bucky] I never knew that it could happen
'Til it happened to me
Ohhhh, yeah

He was walking towards you while he sang like they did in the movie.

[Both] I didn’t know it before
[You] But now it’s easy to see
[Both] Ohhhhh

By this part of the song, you two were already breathing heavily and you flopped back down on the couch to finish the song.

[Both] It’s the start of something new
It feels so right to be here with you… oh
And now… lookin’ in your eyes
I feel in my heart
That it’s the start of somethin’ new
It feels so right
[Bucky] So right… oh
[You] To be here with you… oh
[Both] And now…
[You} Lookin’ in your eyes
[Bucky] Lookin’ in your eyes
[You] I feel in my heart
[Bucky] Feel in my heart
[You] The start of somethin’ new
[Bucky] The start of somethin’ new
[You look into Buck’s eyes] The start of somethin’ new
[Bucky looks into your eyes as well] Somethin’ new

Everything started to fade and you can hear Steve chanting quietly to himself,“ kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss.”

“Okay my turn!"Pietro says loudly and snatches the mic from Bucky, ruining the moment.

Pietro has his moment and sings his heart away while you and Bucky are breathing heavily on the couch, trying to catch your breath.

You lay your head on his lap and he begins to play with your hair.

The feeling made your eyes roll into the back of your head. You loved it when people played with your hair and you would fall asleep every time someone would do so.

"You wanna stay over Buck?”

Bucky looks up to see Clint standing in front of him.

“Oh, everyone’s left already?”

“Yup, we tried talking to you but you were too busy in your own world, playing with my sleeping sister’s hair.”

“Oh shoot, Clint I’m sorry.”

“Nah it’s alright,"he says walking upstairs,” take her to her room would you? And the guest bedroom is right next to hers.“

"Alright, thanks Clint.”

“No problem, I’ll be up in your room, fixing the bed.”

Clint disappears as he ascend up the stairs.

“Come on doll, let’s go to bed.”

You mumbled,“okay,"on his thigh.

"There’s literally a pool of drool on my thigh right now,"he grumbled.

You giggle and it makes him smile.

"Okay c'mon, let’s go.”
Bucky lifts you over his shoulder and you start giggling.

As he goes up the stairs, your head would hit his back on every step.


He chuckles,“ sorry doll.”

He continues carrying you like this and walks to your room.

He throws you on your bed lightly.

“Look how soaked my leg is,” he says, glaring at you.

You giggle,“ sorry.”

He bites back a smile,“ alright, good night doll.”

He kisses your forehead and you watch him walk out your door.

“Night Buck.”

Bucky closes the door lightly behind him and he moves next door to the guest room.

Clint was in there fixing the bed sheets.

“Alright Buck, everything looks good,” Clint says smoothing out the sheets.

“Thanks Clint,” Bucky says patting him on the back.

Clint tells him good night and walks out the door.

Right before he shuts it, Bucky blurts out really fast,“ would you be mad if I asked out your sister?”

Clint walks back in with a black face.

Buck couldn’t tell if he was surprise, mad, or confused.

Clint let’s out a chuckle,“ no, no I won’t. I rather you than Maximoff.”

“Really?"Bucky says happily. "Thanks man.”

“Yeah yeah,” Clint says walking back out,“ you’re a great guy Barnes, but break her heart, I’ll break your arm. Got it?”

“Yes sir.”

Clint nods and shuts the door.

Bucky jumps on the bed and screams out into a pillow. He couldn’t contain his excitement and he couldn’t wait to ask you the question tomorrow morning.

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can you please do #2 jackcrutchie for my life

Sorry darling. This one is short and sub - par at best! But I hope you like it! 
Oh! And I changed the phrasing of the actual prompt just a bit – To fit their characters a little better. <3 I hope that’s okay!!

For reference, the phrases are –  “Baby, you’re not a bother.” and “I’m too needy, you don’t deserve it.”

“There we go.” Jack smiled, looking up from his spot on the ground. “All done.” He pat Crutchie’s leg, his shoes freshly tied. It was all part of their morning ritual. They wake up together, they wish each other good mornings, they dress and wipe their faces. Jack pulls his shoes on, then helps Crutchie with his.

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Red means it’s recording! (Part 2)

Summary: It’s a few days after you guys recorded the boyfriend/girlfriend tag and you are left drawing a blank on your next video idea. Until your boyfriend suggests food. And next thing Bucky knows, you have him seated in front of the camera once again. 

Warnings: Just cute shit. That is all.

A/N: I was asked to do a part 2. I was honestly secretly hoping someone would!! Hope you guys enjoy it!! Part one is here: Click Here XX

Originally posted by mylastlove-mylastsong

You are seated at your desk as you scan your brain for any ideas for the next video. You huff as you rub your eyes. You look down at the black screen that is looking back at you. You look out the window as you close your laptop.

“Why do all of my ideas have to be gone?” You question as your eyes are following a bird.

“They aren’t gone, you just need some inspiration,” Bucky says, still reading some book Steve gave him. You huff again as you pull your attention to your boyfriend. You sit there staring at him before you belly growls. “Food usually inspires”

“That’s only you Bucky,” You say, getting up and walking towards him. “But i do want lunch. Join me?”

“Always” Bucky says, setting his book down. You grab your long cardigan and throw it on. He opens the door and you guys start you adventure down the hallway.

Once in the kitchen, you begin your mission of making lunch by opening the fridge. You sigh as nothing looks great. So you make your way to your cupboard and spot it. The menu to your favorite place ever. You smile as you hop onto the counter and pull out your phone.

“Can you just get me my usual?” Bucky says as he goes through his own cupboard.

“Yes sir,” You say as the phone starts ringing. Once your orders are placed, you grab a water and make your way to the elevator.

Once inside, you lean against the wall and close your eyes. You scan your brain once again until it starts hurting. You sigh again and open your eyes to see Bucky looking at you with concern.

“Baby, don’t let it stress you too much.” Bucky says as he reaches out to you. You give him a side smile as you let him pull you to him.

“I just don’t get why i can’t think of anything” You whine as you look up at him. Then it hits you. A smile spreads widely across your face as the elevator reaches the first floor.

“What? What is it?” Bucky says as he lets you go and you guys get off of the elevator.

“Please don’t hate me..” You say as you pull out your money and step outside to pay and tip the delivery guy. You take the bag of food and you guys make your way back up to your shared room.

You plop down on your desk chair and take a big a bite out of your food. Bucky sends you a confused look as you send a innocent smile.

“Isn’t one video of me good enough?” Bucky questions in between bites.

“But you’re loved! By my audience! Please baby!!” You beg, sending him puppy eyes. He sighs, setting his bowl down.

“What is your idea?” Bucky asks.

“We should do a ‘Read the comments’ video. Like we read the comments from the boyfriend/girlfriend tag! It would be soo fun!” You exclaim. He sighs before taking another bite of his food. You pout as he swallows his food.

“Anything for my sidekick.” He simply says as he takes another bite of food. You smile as you grab your own bowl and go back to eating.

Once you have finished your food and makeup, Bucky is back in his place in front of the camera as you try to focus it. You smile at him as this time he doesn’t look that nervous. You take your place right next to him and press the record button.

“Hello my sweet dolls!!” You exclaim at the camera. “You all make it very well known your love my man, so i thought i would bring him back once again.”

“Hey guys..” Bucky says as he smiles and waves at the camera. You pull your laptop onto your lap and look back up at the camera.

“So i won’t lie, i have been struggling that last few days to come up with a good video. But thanks to food and Bucky, i thought that Bucky and i could read the comments you sweet dolls left for us on our last video. And as always, please like and subscribe if you want more of my man.” You say looking at Bucky. He sends you a warm smile as his arm instinctively wraps itself around you. “Let’s get this started.”

“‘ Why can’t my boyfriend and i be as perfect as you guys are’, well if only you really knew me.” Bucky says as he reads the comment over your shoulder. You try to swallow a laugh as he sends you a warning glance.

“You aren’t lying.” You say, trying to concentrate on the laptop in front of you so you don’t have to see the hurt in his eyes. “‘Can we see your scar from falling for your girl bucky?’”

“I mean it isn’t all that cool. But i give my fans what they want,” Bucky says as he rolls his pant leg up. He tries to lift his knee up high enough for the camera to catch the scar. “This scar is the only one i am glad to have”

“You are welcome,” You say, smiling at him as he sits up right again. He lets his pant leg fall back to it’s original state before looking back at the laptop. “‘How long did it take for you two to truly be this happy? My girlfriend and i are struggling really hard. I love her but i don’t think i be with her much longer.’”

“Well sir, first off, we aren’t always that happy. Every relationship has its ups and downs. You just have to remember that the ups are worth the downs. Relationships are like flowers, you have to water it, give it the soil it needs, the foundation and sunlight that will help make it grow. Y/N is the sunshine to my foundation. You just have to realize that your girl will have her cloudy days and you will have to be the sunshine and foundation. And visa versa. You are together because something put you by her side. Don’t let whatever you guys are fighting take you from her side. I can tell you right now, Y/N and i fight. But if she ever left my side… I do not know where and what i would be.” Bucky says. You kiss his cheek softly causing him to smile.

“I love you too” Was all you said as you turn back to the camera then your laptop.

You guys get about halfway through the comments before they start to turn inappropriate.

“‘ How many times have you guys fondued?’ First off, is this Steve? And Second off, sir, a good man doesn’t kiss and tell.” Bucky says. You keep scrolling as he goes on a rant on how he doesn’t want to give away the best part about dating. Then a comment catches your eye. The air in your throat disappears as you feel your stomach drop. ‘Why is his arm metal? And why does it have a star on it?’ was what you read in your head as your eyes went over and over the comment. You scan your brain to remember what Bucky was wearing in that video. He must have been wearing a tank. But how did he not think to cover his arm? He usually does, even when he only appears in the background.

You close your laptop and set it on the ground. These actions were all too fast for Bucky’s liking as he gives you a confused look. You sit silently for a second before everything happened in a flash. Before you knew it, Bucky has the laptop in his metal hand and his skin one is holding you back. You huff as you give up on trying to get it from him.

“Bucky please” you say barely above a whisper. You watch him open the laptop and soon the tears threaten to escape. You see his jaw clench as he closes his eyes and looks back at the camera.

“Guys.. Bad things happen to everyone. Sometimes we become people we never wish we were. But like i said earlier, find your sunshine. The light is at the end of the tunnel. Now i am not comfortable talking about my arm. At least not yet. But i know you will respect that. Y/N does and i love her for it. We all have demons. Even Y/N. But i thank god for her being able to look past mine” Bucky says, turning to look at you. A tear makes it way down your cheek as you look into his eyes. He wipes it away softly with his metal hand before rubbing your cheek. You smile at the contact.

“Guys, thank you for watching. Sorry this video is a little short but i have a man who needs my attention.” You say turning to the camera. “Please like and subscribe if you want this man back on my channel. Thank you sweet dolls.” You and Bucky once again bring your hands to the camera lens to cover it. You press the off button.

Once your recording equipment is back in its holding place, you set your laptop and camera on your desk.

“I promise i will edit this one” You say, turning to Bucky. He shakes his head getting up and moving to you.

“Do not edit that one. It showed the people what they really wanted. The loving and caring girlfriend you are! I meant what i kept saying Y/N. You are my sunshine and i seriously thank whoever that you were brought to me.” Bucky says, kissing all over your face. He earns a soft giggle from you.

“Okay.” You mumble as his lips ghost across yours.

“After all, you are my sidekick. I didn’t get my scar for nothing” Bucky whispers before he crashes his lips into yours, melting away the worries from moments before.

I know that you guys are more than well aware of this, but I just love Marinette Dupain-Cheng so much!!!!! Light of my life honestly

What an absolute blessing to us all :)

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Miss You

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This was written by request from one of my favorite followers, @exo-spn! We all need a bit of fluffy Yixing in our lives right now.

Plot: You hadn’t seen Yixing in a few months, and you’re starting to go stir crazy. So is Baekhyun.

Genre: Fluff

Pairing: Yixing x Reader

Word Count: <1k

This wasn’t how I had planned to spend my Saturday night.

I really didn’t expect that I would end up curled in my pajamas on EXO’s couch at six o’clock, eating gummy worms and crying while I scrolled through pictures on my phone.

So many pictures of Yixing. Pictures of him performing, dancing, laughing, singing. There are gaps between photos, gaps filled with screenshots of FaceTime conversations and text messages.

I missed Yixing so much, and the sniffles I heard to my left told me that someone else did, too.

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