you are my sunshine after the rain

I could write poems about your eyes,
Your laugh,
And your lips
But nothing could compare
To the way you fill the room like sunshine
To the way you’re my shelter from the rain

But sometimes,
I feel like the skies opened up and God poured all his thunder inside of you
And when thunder hits,
It rattles you up

I could write stories about your aura,
Your radiance,
And your soul
But nothing could compare
To how you emit everything good in this world
To how you’re an enigma that I could only hope to piece together someday

Loving you was like being found in the midst of sempiternal darkness,
Like being heard after perennial silence
Leaving you would feel like every goodbye being said at once

I wish I could find the words to tell you
That the most beautiful thing about you is that you always see the beauty in others
Darling, your eyes are filled with constellations
Your fingertips are spilling with stardust
And oh God,
Your laugh could cure terminal cancer

I will eternally be in debt to you
But I promise
As long as you’re by my side,
I shall heave and strive to be what you deserve.

I find you in the first ray of sunshine
entering my room in the mornings,
in the smell after rain,
the salty scent of the sea,
in the heavy taste of red wine
and the soft paper of old books,

you are in the shifting colour
of the evening sky,
the aroma of lavender back in France,
in the light of a full moon,
the curves of the highlands
and in the citrus taste of tea,

but then again,
I see you in the night sky,
the calm before a storm,
the electricity of thunder
and in the broken mirror back at home,

you are in the taste of bitter coffee,
and in the richly coloured nights,
in the pain of finishing a story
and in the awe of city lights.

—  // you’re everywhere and I can’t wrap my head around it
hajime hinata sprite ratings

sore wa chigau yoi’m here today to do a comprehensive rating on hajime’s sprites from super dangan ronpa 2. without any further ado, let’s begin. 0 = i love my boy and 10 = im crying right now he’s so perfect

a classic! shows his personality. he’s serious, and he’s ready to solve some mysteries. however, he could smile a bit more. >:O. 9/10 

deep in thought. i wonder what he’s thinking about. don’t disturb his pondering. 6/10

he’s startled! mildly disturbed. he might have just encountered the death of a friend. oh no. however, he still has gorgeous eyes and perfect eyeliner. his face is soft, he has the look of a friend. :O 8/10

whatever you just said might’ve made him somewhat uncomfortable. please apologize. 8/10

sore wa chigau yo! 10/10

he looks quite unhappy. not as A Friend as other hajimes. he’s frustrated. 6/10

an angery boy. however, he is still soft and despite the fact that he looks like he’d punch you, he’d probably only swear at you for a couple minutes and then chill out again. 7/10

like if you would ask him what’s wrong….. repost if you’d wipe away his tears….. in all seriousness, though. this hajime does not deserve to be sad…. 1/10, only because it hurts me for me to see him sad

that is one loud boy! he’s in Super Shock/Horror! D:< 6/10

this boy is about to tell you why exactly everything you just said is wrong. and honestly, i’d let him. another classic hajime. 8/10

:O?! this is one creeped out boy. he is still very cute though. 9/10

Hajime’s In Denial. however, hajime… as they all say. denials just a river in egypt. on the other hand, this could be him shutting you down after you said something incredibly stupid. 7/10

hajime “what the fuck” hinata. 9/10, please help him. he’s about to go off the deep end- you can see it in his eyes. that does not make him any less perfect, though.

the most despairing sprite. please, help him. please. 2/10

the context of this sprite is that he’s in the middle of a very important exam and he’s not even halfway through and he just heard the teacher say that there is 30 minutes left. he’s under pressure but he remains determined. >:o  7.5/10

a pure, good hajime. beautiful sprite, one of the only one where he’s genuinely smiling- where you can see his angelic smile. 15/10

hajime, while thinking, also accidentally does a nya. >:oc…. 9/10

look at this photograph. it’s so beautiful and pure. he’s so happy. he’s grinning joyously- his smile is like sunshine after 1000 years of rain. it lights up my life, im crying right now. he’s too good. hes … too good. .. 20/10

why is his mouth like that. he’s clearly in distress, as evidenced by his spikey hair and clenched teeth, and upset eyebrows. 6/10

he’s thinking but people all around him are yelling. he can’t think straight and nobody will shut up. he’s still nyaing. >’:Ic 8/10

“ehehe.” this is one of my personal favorites. it might be because i too make this face a lot, but look at him. there isn’t much to say about him. he’s just beautiful. 10/10

shh…. be quiet…. he’s thinking. he’s thinking or he’s really fed up with you and your bullshit. either u_u or -_-. he could also be resting. 9/10 let him rest 

sweaty . not nyaing anymore. 7/10

something puzzling has just come up! he’s confused. “what the hell” he thinks. >:o???? 8/10

3am conversations

Boy: I hope the sun will shine in the morning.
Girl: I don’t think it will, because it’s raining.
Boy: Just because it’s raining doesn’t mean the sun won’t show up.
Girl: I already know that, because after the rain comes the sun. I know that since I found you.

The Man You Hate

Requests:  Plz do a part two of the men you loved where savitar re lives her and she gets revenge on the flash and in the end she stays with savitar - @thejulietfarciertlove


Read The Man You Loved, it was fantastic! Pls part 2! Maybe where Barry has guilt throughout the next few months and maybe the reader’s sister finds out and lashes out at Barry. Maybe Iris dies in the end too so Barry has no one now. Maybe meets Earth 2 Reader happily married to Earth 2 Barry. (He and Iris divorced or something)


part 2 of the man you loved?


I liked the last imagine but what if Barry never really gets a choice to save the two girls. It’s actually the future reader (ally/lover of Savitar) who kills iris bc she knows barry wouldn’t have chosen her. Savitar makes Barry feel regretful because of it.


Could you please make a part two to the one shot the man you loved Maybe some things that happened after he got the reader killed and feels really guilty about it and maybe involve the others too thx - @shirleyleylove 


The Man U loved part 2 please💜💜💜

Warnings: Angst, violence, cursing, mourning, Barry feeling sorry for himself, Barry feeling guilty, suicide, cursing

A/N: Holy crap guys! You loved part one and in one night my ask box was filled with requests for a part 2! So, by popular demand, here is part two. I did change it so it doesn’t fit all of the requests.

Read Part One

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After a freshly fallen rain

[[hc that Gon stores flowers in his shoes. Wow and thanks for 500+ followers o gosh! You all make me very happy!]]

Hug Me [J-Hope/Hoseok; Angst]

“As the days pass it grew bigger, this vacant space of yours. Oh shit, it used to be so beautiful the flower bed we watered, even still, all the full blooms have become only memories.” 

[From “Hug Me” Taehyung & J-hope version; Trans cr; Mary @ bts-trans ] 

Hoseok x Reader; angst, some fluff

Summary: You and Hoseok were married, but the married life you thought you would be living is nonexistent now. You two were like strangers living in the same house. You knew his heart was no longer yours, but you still loved him. When the end of your marriage was near, you made him promise to stay with you for just one more month. One month was all you needed to finally let him go. 

{A/N: I had read about a true story in the internet a long time ago and it still resonates with me to this day so I got the inspiration from that story and also the song. Hope you enjoy my first attempt at full angst xO}

Originally posted by jhopies

          When you had said yes to marrying Hoseok, you had imagined your life would be endless sunshine, giggles, cuddling, and dancing in the rain like it was when you were dating. But somewhere along the way that glass globe of happiness broke and you began drifting apart.

           Now moments were spent alone and feeling lonely. You had a young daughter to tend to and he was always busy with work. By the time he got home, you were in bed and he would leave for work, day after day without seeing each other.

           The house was now silent, save the laughter of your child or the sounds coming from the television. When you had the chance to eat together, the air was stifling, neither one of you knew what to say to the other anymore.

           And you knew.

           You knew that he had fallen out of love with you.

           You weren’t the person he had married. You were thinner now. You were less energetic and you no longer had that twinkle in your eye. Hoseok touched you less and less, and you passed each other as if you were strangers in your own home. You slept with your backs turned, wondering when it had spiraled down.

           The first time you knew he had fallen in love with someone else was when you smelled perfume on his shirts as you were doing the laundry. Then he came home with a bright smile, the same smile that used to be directed at you. The smile would fade when you came to greet him, but he was your husband, there was nothing about him that didn’t go unnoticed. Slowly, he stopped coming home every day, and it tore you to pieces.

           But nonetheless, you couldn’t leave him.

           You wept, hugging yourself, curled in a sea of blankets in the bed that felt twice as large without Hoseok in it. Yet every morning without fail, you made him coffee and breakfast just in case he came by in the morning to change suits.

           Hoseok knew what he was doing was wrong, but his heart no longer fluttered when he looked at his wife. He no longer felt the desire to share things with her or even take her on a date. They had begun shutting each other out and he had begun being drawn to one of his gorgeous co-workers.

           She was aggressive like she used to be, initiating the physical contact daringly. She played with his hair when they were alone like his wife used to. He felt more at home in her arms, than in his own house with his wife and child.

           "Marry me.“ She whispered one night as they lay in bed, entangled in each other’s bodies.

           Hoseok’s heart fluttered at the command, and he kissed her on the forehead. "Let me tell my wife first and then I’ll ask you properly.”

           She smiled and nuzzled into his chest. Hoseok smiled. He was finally going to free himself from his current stifling marriage.

           You weren’t surprised when Hoseok finally asked for a divorce. You had been waiting for some time now. You knew he wasn’t working overnight whenever he said so, but lying in bed with another. But you knew you could no longer give him the happiness he deserved. Regardless, you couldn’t bring yourself to break off the marriage first.

           Although he was breaking your heart and although he was lying to you and sneaking around, you still loved him with all of your heart. He was your only husband, your only love. And it wasn’t entirely his fault that your marriage had turned into icy stares and cold expressions.

           He had the papers all set and ready. All he wanted you to do was sign it.

           "Let’s not stop ourselves from being happy, Y/N.“ he whispered, trying to justify himself.

           He knew you saw through his lies, but the fact that you had never gotten angry at him burdened him more. He couldn’t look you in the eye, knowing his guilt would eat at him when he saw the genuine sadness in them. He had promised to make you happy forever when he proposed, but neither of you were able to keep your wedding promises.

           You took the paper gently out of his grasp and smiled warmly.


           His eyes fluttered towards you. It had been a while since you had called his name. Come to think about it, it had been a long time since he had heard your voice. His heart hurt at what had become of you two, but knew that he was making the right decision.

           "I’ll sign this, but can you promise to do something for me first?“ you whispered.

           Hoseok nodded his head. You had never asked him for a favor in years. You always cared for him and your daughter on your own.

           "All I’m asking for is a month.”

           Hoseok observed her eyes look down solemnly.

           "For a month, carry me to and out of bed, and hug me when we sleep.“

           Hoseok stared at you in confusion. That was all you wanted? Why was that all you wanted from him?

           "And even if it’s not true anymore, tell me that you love me before we sleep and when we wake up.”

           Hoseok could hear your voice faltering and he also felt a lump form in his throat at your words. You really had known all along.

           "For a month then.“ Hoseok breathed.

           He owed you that much after all.

           After explaining the situation to his girlfriend, Hoseok was home every day. He had given you the divorce papers to hold onto until the end of the month, as a sign that he was going to fulfill his promise. Your heart raced at the thought of him holding you once again. It became something you looked forward to.

           On the first day, it was awkward. He wasn’t sure where to put his hands and you weren’t sure if it would be okay to wrap your arms around his neck as he carried you. It solidified more than ever that you two had become strangers. You had known each other for years, but the people you were now were probably the worst versions of each other. Versions that you had never thought would surface.  

           He carried you to bed quietly, realizing that neither of you had been this near to each other in so long. Gently, he laid you down and slipped in next to you. Carefully, he wrapped his arms around you from behind and you felt tears slipping down your cheeks at the feeling. Although, his hold was loose and hesitant, his warmth was still close to you finally. You had craved it for so long but knew it was too much to ask for, especially now that his heart belonged to another. You were reminded of all the nights you two had cuddled and talked about your future together.

           How foolish you two were. How foolish, yet how in love.  

           Hoseok felt your body shaking and he heard your stifled cries. It hurt him to see you like this and it pained him that things didn’t work out the way either of you had imagined. You were crying because of him yet he couldn’t even bring himself to hug you tighter to comfort you.

           "I love you.” he whispered and your body shook even harder at his empty confession.

           A tear rolled down his cheek as well. Closing his eyes, he fell asleep to the sounds of your sobs with a heavy heart.

           "I love you.“ Hoseok stated as soon as you opened your eyes.

           With a pained smile, you gazed at him. He lifted you in his arms and took you to the kitchen. While he was getting ready for work, you made him breakfast. Silently, you two sat across the table. You fed your child while he scrolled through his phone and ate.

           On the second week of the promise, it had become a routine for you two. Hoseok picked you up easily and now he dared to wrap his arms around you tighter before bed. In the middle of the night, he would find you turned around, facing him yet still in his embrace. He took this time to study your features lovingly, where no one would judge or catch him staring. Then he would pull you to his chest; feeling your unconscious smile against his skin sent butterflies to his stomach.

           Your daughter looked forward to the mornings when she would see Hoseok carrying you out.

           "You look like a prince carrying a princess, daddy ~” she grinned and squealed excitedly, insisting that she wanted to be carried like that too.

           The mood drastically changed in your house towards the end of the second week. Hoseok took the weekend off from work to spend time with you two. He wasn’t sure what changed, but he wanted to know more about what you two did while he was gone. He watched you play pretend with your daughter and carry her like she was a superhero. His heart melted at the way you smiled and at the sound of your laughter. That weekend all three of you sat and shared stories, some real, and some pretend. It felt like you were family again.

           During this time, Hoseok carried you confidently to the bedroom with a grin plastered on his face. He snuggled close to your body and you felt his lips brush against your shoulder as he whispered, “I love you.” It never failed to bring tears to your eyes, knowing it was going to all end soon.

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Can we just talk about this movie for a minute? Everybody hates it because they think it’s just another movie where the girl falls in love with the prince and gets married without even knowing who he is; Thumbelina and Cornelius are the cliche couple who fall in love at first sight. However, this movie is so much more than that.
This is a girl who struggles from the very beginning of her movie. She is small, so small that ordinary life tasks are difficult for her. She doesn’t believe that there is anybody else like her; she is isolated and alone. She desperately wishes she was bigger. She wants love. She wants a normal life.
Everybody in the movie wants her for one thing: her voice. The toads steal her because they want her to make them rich, the beetle forces her to perform in his show to look good. Even the mole wants to marry her so that she can sing for him and tell him stories.
Throughout it all, she is lost and alone. She is called ugly. She is used and manipulated. She is never given a choice.
She gives up on herself, and she doesn’t believe that anything is possible. She gives up on everything.
This movie is about a girl who doesn’t believe in herself, who has low self confidence, and who doesn’t believe that she is good enough to find love just because she’s different.
But when she is with Cornelius, she feels like she belongs. Despite his wings, she is like him. He doesn’t ask anything of her. He sings to her. He never asks her to join, even though he knew she had a good voice. He didn’t use her. He told her she was beautiful, promised to never forget her, and told her that he would be her wings.
Suddenly she had a home.
Suddenly she could fly.
Suddenly her world was filled with sunshine.
So yes, this movie is about a couple falling in love without knowing each other, and getting married within days. But it’s also about a girl and a boy, both lost and alone, who meet one another and feel an overwhelming sense of peace. So you can argue all you want that love at first sight doesn’t exist, but that my friends, is true love.
This story teaches everyone that it’s okay to be different. That it’s okay to feel alone. But even if that’s the case, it teaches you that after the rain goes, there are rainbows. And that yours will come soon.

hello yes, it is i the most extra stan alive here with my theories of the entire flight log trilogy. i would like to remind everyone that these theories are my own interpretation and for you guys to take it with a pinch of salt. also, i would like to say i’m only running on 2 hours of sleep so if this post is messy rip please don’t blame me so let’s go!

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Losing a soulmate

When it’s even hard to put into words, how much you mean to me
how can I describe my sadness about losing you?
When I can’t find a single word that would do justice to your value
how am I supposed to express my emotions of missing you?

There are so many things that come to my mind, when I think about our past.
Memories of laughter we shared.
Late night talks and walks.
Inside jokes that will never be told again.

I don’t know where to begin with.
I don’t even know what I miss the most about you.
Is it the feeling of safety you gave me?
Is it your shoulder you offered me to lean on?

Or is it something else?
Something so gracefully I can’t even understand?
Something that took my air to breath when you walked away.
Something that I never thought would leave me so empty.

You’re in my head when I go to sleep.
You’re the first one I think about in the morning.
You’re the one, they sing about on the radio.
You’re the one that crosses my mind way too often.

You’re the sunshine that’s now covered by clouds.
The sunshine I always admired.
The sunshine I couldn’t wait for to come out every day.
But now you’re so far away, almost unreachable.

My days seem darker now with clouds in between us.
It rains more often.
I cover myself in layers of coats.
I make myself invisible.

I feel lonely.
Lost with my thoughts.
I wish you’d be here.
Here to talk.

But would it feel the same?
Talking to you, after our paths have parted.
Filled with sincerity and trust?
I fear I’ll never find out.

- @whoisthatme

topic requested by @queen-of-aces93
written by me

I love him too much, so much it hurts. He’s fire, lightning, storms, and I just stand there in the downpour. Rain makes for achy bones; I get an achy heart, sitting at the table under my own personal cloudburst and counting on my fingers the delicious ways his name bruises my lips when I say it after ‘I love you’. It paints me with colors and the sunsets under my skin are worth more than the pain.
It’s gotten so if he leaves, I can’t stand the sunshine.
—  i love the rain // abby, day 134

anonymous asked:

39, 49, 60 so excited for this! Love your writing x

39. “What are you so happy about?”

49. “I have to tell you something.”

60. “You are my sunshine.”

WOW cute combo. I love it. This is cute and happy and if anything even remotely close to this happened to me I’d throw up. Enjoy xox

The rain fell continually outside, the distant sound of rubber tires against wet concrete coming in through my open window. The chill had come in but only rested on the backs of my arms; it couldn’t reach Shawn nor I underneath my heavy duvet as we stayed in bed long after waking up. We were facing each other, and Shawn was gently tracing my face with the pad of my thumb. The curve of my lips, the slope of my nose, the dip of my eyelids. He picked up an eyelash from my cheek and held it in front of me, telling me to make a wish before blowing it away. I wished he would stay forever, so that he would memorize my features naturally instead of going out of his way to remember, like I knew he was doing that morning.

“It’s miserable out.” I said softly. Shawn dropped his hand to my waist and let it rest there, tracing circles into my hip underneath my shirt.

“I thought you loved the rain.” he said.

“Not when I want to be outside doing things with you. I thought we could go kayaking today.” I said. Shawn smiled and pulled me closer towards him.

“We can go kayaking another day.” he said. I pouted.

“I wanted sunshine.”

You are my sunshine. We’ll be fine, babe. Today we can just… stay in bed. All day. No distractions.” he said, pecking me on the nose. I rolled my eyes.

“What’s got you in such a good mood? Why are you so happy?” I asked with a light laugh. Shawn smiled and shrugged.

“Am I not allowed to just be happy?” he laughed. I wrinkled my nose and shook my head.

“No. Explain. Fess up.” I said. Shawn rolled his eyes and leaned his forehead against mine.

“Fine. I have to tell you something.” he said softly. I pulled away and looked at him, furrowing my eyebrows.

“What happened?” I asked.

“I just… really love my girlfriend.” he said as if it were a big revelation, letting out a laugh and rolling over on top of me, attacking my neck with happy, playful kisses as I cried out in glee and tried to shove his solid body off of mine.

“I already know that, you dweeb! Get off of me!” I cried, laughing.

“I can’t! I love you too much! I’m too happy! I can’t let you go! It’s physically impossible, I’m sorry.” he said, his voice muffled as his head hid in the crook of my neck before he moved it to look up at me, resting his chin on my chest. “You know what, babe?” he asked, pulling away.

“What is it, Shawn?” I asked fondly, smiling and brushing the hair away from his forehead.

“I just really love my girlfriend.” he said, breaking out into another grin.

anonymous asked:

why did you choose jimin as your bias?

Ohh boy, here goes nothing…

Initially when I first discovered bts during nmd era, he was known as the abs member yes? I remember watching the mv and was taken aback at his confidence and charisma and gave me quite the impression of him. But for a long time, I didn’t follow them as closely and knew just their music. Not to mention that I only really knew namjoon out of the seven members. It wasn’t until danger era where I found their personal frequently updated channel bangtantv which was where things got real (as in I was in too deep LOL yeah uh). So one of my first videos where jimin caught my interest was this one LMAO not sure why but I was just thinking “why is he like this jhgxbf” but I still loved it so much since he was such a dork. (pst this one was great too) I also learned through these videos that he was just the softestcutest thing ever (he was so shy because he didn’t have makeup on fgknhd my heart) and knows how to go from 0 to 100 when it comes to performing. But outside of performances, he’s the most caring, hardworking, and loving person out there.

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I cannot conclude if this a letter to someone who has experienced so much pain or to myself, but…

Dear You,

Is it selfish to believe you deserve the happiness you have begun to receive in your life? I fully believe in appreciating the rain in your life because it helps you appreciate the sunshine in your life so much more, but sometimes it feels like you’re experiencing 1 day of sunshine for the countless months of rain. After what feels like a year of rain I feel like I can finally grasp the sunlight, the rays of sun are within reach of my outstretched fingertips. My body craves for the vitamin C that that big ball of gas provides. It’s like I’m a plant that has adapted to being able to function in the night time, and for the ever rare occasion? Sunlight. But darling, this sunshine feels so good right now, I don’t know if I’ll ever want it to go. I am realistic, I know that the clouds will come back, the downpour will start to come down again, and I’ll once again have to learn how to surf the waves during a storm. But as the tears flow down my cheek, as I stare at the mountains I once called home while driving to my new home, I cannot help but laugh. The memories I’ve created in the shortest amount of time, the lessons I have learned. I have learned that life’s biggest blessings come in so many different forms; in sunsets that show us that some endings are as beautiful as new beginnings, in the sunrises that remind us that we get another chance to get it right, and in the people that walk into your life and bring the spark that reignites your dying flame deep in the cave you locked your heart in, regardless of how long they stay for. So again, maybe someone will think I’m foolishly selfish for thinking I deserve this sunlight I’m experiencing right now.. And maybe they’ll just think these are words on a page to get notes or likes or attention, but I’m learning to not care. The happiness that has found it’s way into my heart is sourced from the love and faith I have learned to give to myself. I cannot remember the last time I wrote something beautiful that wasn’t because my heart was so sad, I cannot remember the last time I didn’t begin to resent the person who said, “You’re so strong, you’ll be fine. You always figure it out.” For the first time in what feels like an eternity, my words are rich in happiness and joy, they’re not the metaphorical swords, arrows, and knives I used to use to slash away at the Demons of my life and the ghosts I’m haunted by from people who are no longer here. I may be strong, I’m not all that sure I’m fine, but I do know life works its way out. The heart heals and grows. People come and go, but you’ll never be alone. Life can feel like hell, but you will get the good you deserve. I promise that. You see life is not meant to be limited by destinations or journeys, people who care what you wear, say, date, or how you act, drama, or comfortability. It is about being selfish, if selfish means only surrounding yourself with people that inspire you to grow, having no expectations and letting life show you what it has to offer when you just let go, cutting out toxicity, and learning to be truly happy. So reach for the sun, reach for and grasp the stars that you are composed of, and don’t look at all the times you wanted to give up and quit, but what you’ve accomplished because you kept going. You’re so strong. You’re so beautiful. You are worth every smile and every tear that your body emit, and you are worth the tears and smiles and laughter others have for you. You are worth love and life and happiness. You are worth everything good this world has to offer, because you’re something good in this world

And lastly remember this; life’s outcome is determined by the way you take control of the thoughts that jumble through your mind, so take a reign on everything that crosses through your beautifully chaotic, scary, and wondrous mind and choose to focus on the thoughts that will bring you closer to the sun.

And for all the times you will feel like giving up, that it’s the end…. What if the end is simply a new beginning?


Someone who has learned to surf the waves and touch the stars.

—  IG @rachelmburgess
Just a dream || Pietro x mutant! reader

Originally posted by littlemisssyreid

A/n: I am writing this one shot bc Pietro maximoff is keeping me up at night. I am gunna use y/n now bc i lub you guys and please check out my story, star crossed for star wars afs like me xx

Title: Just a dream
Pairing: Pietro x Mutant!reader
Warnings: depressive af jk
Spoilers: none
Copyright: all rights reserved. I don’t own Pietro/oh well./ and the other avengers i dun wanna get sued mmkay

Pietro Maximoff …

His name sounded like music to my ears. He’s so beautiful, it physically tortured me.The way he appeared so pure and simple, but hid thousands of emotions underneath that cheery smile. His silver hair is majestic to me. His cute,scruffy stubs were so comfortable to me. His cerulean eyes were so deep you’ll get lost looking at it. Overall, He’s a treasure. And a peculiarity to some. He’s very cheerful and protective.

But to me, he was simply a dream.

A dream that won’t come true.

My feelings were all bottled up, waiting for the right time, right sign in order to svoid hurting.

I loved him from afar, stealing glances from time to time, creating a fake scenario about how and him would end up together and fancying his last time becoming my last name someday.

I wish for alot of things but I wish I would stop wishing for him.

It was unrequited. It was one sided. And it hurt.

But even though I knew in myself that it hurt, I let it happen because it makes me happy. He makes me happy. He makes me blush from time to time with those cheesy puns. He makes my heart beat faster whenever I feel the gush of the wind behind me. He makes me feel secured whenever I would tell him I was having trouble going out or falling asleep. He makes my heart skip a beat whenever he would smile at me during meals. He keeps me up at night, rethinking those times we exchanged laughs, his arms around me, the simple friendly hugs and those sneaky body contacts.

Most of all, he makes me feel warm.

I thought to myself that if I wasn’t Y/N, would he love me? If I’m not this ice wielding freak known as Snowflake, would Quicksilver love me?

I am part of the Avengers, alongside Clint, Natasha, Bruce, Steve, Tony,Sam,Wanda, Vision and Pietro.
I mostly stay at home during most of the missions because I don’t like going out and interacting with people. And I’m sick most of the time.

That night, during Tony’s party, it was raining hard. There were thunderstorms.
I made a mistake during the mission earlier and I kept beating myself up.
I sat alone in my bed covering myself in my blankie. And every time a lightning would appear, I would cringe.

“The rain’s good, isn’t it?”

I lowered my blankie and saw him standing in front of me. My stomach is curling up and mychest as thumping nonstop. “Oh, Pietro…”

“Y/N, don’t you want to join the party?” He asked, his argentine hair glowing under the nightlight. “They’re betting on who’s worthy to be the ruler of Asgard”

I waved my hands on him. “I enjoy here. I don’t really like noisy and crowded places.”

“So is this seat taken?” He gestured beside me “Can I join your quiet party?”

“Of course, Quicksilver.” I smiled

He sat and put his arms around me. “Well, thank you Snowflake.”

He’s done that many times but It never fails to make my heart flutter. “You do realize your name means mercury, right?”

“I did not know that.” He spoke in his thick sokovian accent. Which i find very attractive really.

“It meant a silver-white poisonous heavy metallic element that is liquid at ordinary temperatures and is used especially in batteries.” I replied.

“Liquid at ordinary temperatures, huh?” He chuckled. “Then why is it around you I’m getting so—”

I nudged him. “Shut it!”

We exchanged laughs. And glanced at each other then back to the dim sky. Listening to the sound of the rain. There was a long, awful and deafening sound of silence. We were always like that. We would be so awkward, but it was comforting too. He knew that I enjoyed silence and he knew that I am a girl of few words.

“Wanda said you’re blaming yourself for what happened back there. It wasn’t even your fault you froze half of the building. It was that terrorist dude.” He said and made me lean to his chest.

“It was me, I was so stupid I didn’t know there were people there.” I cupped my face. “And now people were hurt and it’s my fault”

“Hey…” He cooed, while stroking my hair. “It’s gonna be okay, sunshine”

“Thank you, speedy.” I replied as I stared in his beautiful caeruleus eyes.

“All for you, snowflake.” He smiled and the distance between us was closed within a second. His lips met mine and it was magical. It was slow and serene. His kiss was perfervid, it was melting the ice inside me. Melting the cold, solid ice inside me.

“I love you…” He confessed between kisses. His hands trailing on my sides and my fingertips trailing his neck and jaw. I didn’t reply because I don’t know what to say or what to do. But I do, I love him so much.

We pulled away, gasping for air. “Do you mean that?” I said. “B-because—”

“I mean it, I’m sorry if I’m too late…” He smiled and held my hand as his own. It seemed like puzzles fitting in together. Like it was made made just from me.
Like it was meant to be.

“ you aren’t…it’s just you’re too much for me and I…well I’m me. I’m just this worthless, stu-” he put his index finger on my lips and shushed me.

He smiled and cupped my face. “Never beat yourself up again, okay? You are worth something. Don’t you ever think you’re useless and worthless. You are worth something to me. I love you for all that you are, you’ve been and you will be and I’ll never leave you. I promise that, sunshine.”

I nodded and planted a small kiss on his cheek. “Thank you, Pietro.”

And then everything goes back to reality.

I woke up.

It was just a dream.

He was gone. Pietro was gone.

It was just a mere memory.

I cried again. My room was full of ice blades and frozen drips.
It was cold.
The warmth was gone. Forever.
It was so silent I could hear my own heartbeat and it makes me insanely lonely because I’d rather hear his.

I stared at the clock, 4:43 pm. It was already afternoon.
I remembered my mother explained to me why sunsets are beautiful and poetic. It’s because sunsets means death. Just as morning represents birth and the mid day represents purity. Susnets represented death and passing. And night represented darkenss and oblivion

I’ve been a sad wreck for weeks now.
Sadness was an emotion humans felt, maybe mutants too. It was as common as anger and happiness.and at one point I believe that people experienced much pain than they did overjoy. That was what I felt towards Pietro.
He wanted to be a better brother, better son and a better person. He wanted to achieve so many things. But he can never do it.

I leaned against the bedrest as a familiar tune from Tony’s radio played and I can’t seem to control these tears in my eyes. I felt a big lump on my throat.

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy when skies are grey.

I was afraid of happiness, because I know when you’re happy, something or someone is going to be taken away from you. Like something is going to end. It was like the saying after the rain, comes the rainbow, and here’s the rain, then there’s the rainbow, then there’s the rain again. I was afraid of it. I was afraid of losing Pietro, He was like a bubble. And happiness is like a bubble, whenever I try to touch it, it pops. It ends. It disappears in thin air. So fast, so quick, like him.

You’ll never know dear, how much I love you

I regretted that I didn’t told him that I love him. I deeply regretted that. It kills me that he died without knowing or even hearing me say that I love him. I couldn’t manage to utter the words ‘I love you’ and it kills me.

Please don’t take my sunshine away.

I loved him. I truly did. And i knew it would hurt if I had to let him go.

I just didn’t think I’d have to let go so soon

I was so scared of being hurt, I didn’t told him and now I’m suffering.

I have this little picture of him and me, I take it out and stare at it. Every day.

I miss him so much. I feel as though I am missing a part of me. And it was him. It’s been weeks since he was gone, I reclused myself from the others. Wanda and Steve would come sometimes, Natasha would talk to me and Pepper would bring me food. I would give everything just to bring him back. I would give everything just to feel his soft touch again. I would give everything to turn back time and be with him that time. I would give everything just to feel his arms around me. And I promise I won’t let him slip away my fingers

But all of it would stay as dreams,

a series of thoughts, memories,visions, or feelings that happen during sleep

And it’s not real, even if I wished it was.

After all, it’s just a dream.


A/N: sorry this was bad it’s my first time writing a one shot for two hours. It’s already 5am and I’m going to sleep in my hammock...

The Empress of China starters

Feel free to change the pronouns as fit!

“Forgive my impertinence.”
“Your death will be meaningful.”
“It won’t do any good to scare them like this.”
“You came back a different person. It breaks my heart to see you like this.”
“I can forget a state matter, but what you wore that day, I could never forget.”
“You’re not too cowardly. You’re too devoted.”
“Are you here to gloat? To enjoy my desolation?”
“You became obsessed with harming me and my child.”
“Who could have guessed… she would rule far more cruelly than the last.”
“Haven’t you noticed this place is much more orderly than before? Everyone scurries around and nobody is slacking off. That’s because someone dozed off on duty and lost their lives over it.”
“There is someone else behind this.”
“No matter how you treat me, fate led me to you.”
“That vicious woman has no heart.”
“Words have magic powers. Ideas often linger in one’s mind, a seed that hasn’t been exposed to rain nor sunshine, and soon after they will wither. But if these idea were put into words…. they could keep one motivated. It could become reality.”
“Are you sure about this? If this does not work, our clan will be decimated.”
“What were you doing then? Were you perhaps… trying to curry favor with him?”
“This is your way of survival. I don’t care and there’s no need to explain.”
“I won’t give up until she’s met her downfall.”
“The more concerns you have, the less you speak to me.”
“You are condemning the wrong person.”
“You have a discerning eye. You’re careful. That is a good thing.”
“They were secretly meeting with someone in the woods.”
“The country’s affairs can hardly be compared to the fun of dressing up.”
“You’re kind, but not tough enough.”
“Look at you… you were once so quiet and composed. How could you become so poisonous and willing to take away such a fragile and innocent life?”
“It’s human nature to bully the good and fear the evil.”
“Sometimes you must be harsher to make things easier.”
“Look at you, you fool. Why the long face? I only see you with the blues and a knitted brow. You never smile.”
“One day, I will walk int your heart, and you will never get me out. I’ll have you choose me for the rest of your life.”
“She truly was gentle and kind, but now she is atrocious and harsh.”
“This place is full of bullies who would kick you while you’re down.”
“You know me, and I know you. We’re connected.”
“Who’d want this sort of ‘good fortune’?”
“If you can be so vicious, I won’t go easy on you. You will pay for this with your life. I will ruin everything you love.”
“When I come back, we’ll have years to ourselves.”
“I am not patient enough to persuade you, nor will I beg. This is an order.”
“Ah, I see! Did you fall in love with one of them?”
“I see… You’re going to abandon me, just like everyone else.”
“Should you fail to make the right decision, you can be assured you will be offered to the dead.”
“You are too naive in your thinking.”
“If you wanted me to, I’d turn against the whole world.”
“You’ve been my every since then. I can’t lose you!”
“I see. You’ve suspected me all along.”
“It’s a pity he couldn’t bear to kill you.”
“I was actually quite fond of her. But she gave me no choice.”
“I never treated her like a lower. ”
“How could I ever hate you? I’ve always treated you like my own sister and risked my life for you. But what have you done for me?”
“You’re nothing but a pitiful wretch forever living in someone else’s shadow! You’re only capable of being a replacement!”
“Look at yourself. LOOK AT YOURSELF! What’s become of you?”
“You’re no different from a beggar at the market.”
“If you hurt me, you’ll get a tenfold return.”
“The person I respected… who loved me dearly is long dead. The thing in front of me now is just a walking corpse wearing their skin.”
“You’ve followed me for all these years, yet you’ve betrayed me the same.”
“If you won’t say a thing, and I do the same, what’s wrong with keeping a secret?”
“You gave me hope so many, many times. Then you took that pathetic little bit of hope and crushed it to dust. Every. Single. Time.”
“I knew then that only when the world is rid of you I can finally be happy.”
“If I wanted to kill you, you think you’d still be alive right now?”
“You’ll live the rest of your life in my shadow. You’re destined to lose.”
“You let me down first. You betrayed me first.”
“There will be a day when this war ends.”
“It’s on this day that all my sufferings have come to an end.”
“I saw her and I saw you. All the pain and anguish you’ve brought me!”
“Your pain is just the beginning. I’ll watch you suffer in so much pain you wish you were dead.”
“Whoever killed her will answer to me I will make each and every one of you pay with your blood.”
“There’s no such thing as being too careful.”
“If I have to keep my distance around you then there’s no one I can trust anymore.”
“I’ll tell you something from the bottom of my heart.”
“He was so obsessed with the throne he’s lost his mind.”
“Without you I’d be long dead.”
“I don’t expect you to forgive me.”
“I hate you as much as I loved you.”
“I’ve nothing else to say. Whether you believe me or not, it’s your call.”
“I wanted to see you in pain.”
“The dress is nice, but that style is several years old.”

Rainy Day (Inseong KNK)

Request: “Help a sista out with some knk inseong smut plss ;-D thanks a ton!!”

Hell yes an Inseong request! He’s my bias wrecker in KNK. Thanks for requesting. Hope this is what you wanted. Enjoy ;)

~Admin Cherry Bop :*

Warning: SMUT ahead——

It was a rainy day, and you were watching a movie with your sunshine-of-a-boyfriend Inseong. He had his arm around you as you cuddled under a blanket. He had moved in about a week ago, and the two of you were supposed to go out on a date to celebrate him finally living with you after months of dating. However, it had rained for the past week that he had been living with you, and that made you feel gloomy, and you couldn’t really focus on the movie. Inseong noticed that.

“Y/N, do you not like the movie?” He turned his head towards you and you placed your head into the crook of his neck. “We can watch something else?”

You sighed and crossed your arms. “I really wanted to go on that date with you.” Inseong chuckled at your whining. 

“Baby, we will go! Just on a day that isn’t so rainy, I promise.” He kissed your forehead and turned his head back to the t.v. to continue watching the movie. 

You pouted and uncrossed your arms, moved closer to him, and placed your hand on his chest. You suddenly felt like you had to after he just brushed you and your feelings off like that. He didn’t seem to notice because he was practically absorbed into it, and you just weren’t having it. So you decided to mess with him a little bit.

Slowly, you moved your hand down his chest to his stomach, and looked for a reaction. He still had his eyes glued to the t.v., so you trailed your hands down to his sweatpants to meet his crotch, finally getting a reaction out of him. He looked at you with widened eyes and was clearly taken aback. 

“Babe… You really don’t want to watch this movie, do you?”

Your hand was still on his crotch and he lets out a little grunt as you got up and sat on his lap, straddling him. “Do you? Because if I’m interrupting…”

“No, it’s o- fuck.” he groaned as you started to palm him and kiss his neck.

You moved your hand from his crotch and moved your body forward, so that your chest was touching his, and placed your arms around his neck. He started to kiss you passionately on the lips and had his hands on your thighs. His hands rode up under your shirt and he grabbed your breasts, making you lean into him even more and roll your hips into him. You could feel his cock becoming hard underneath you, and his breathing became short and heavy. 

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Inseong took off your shirt and removed your bra, kissing your neck and chest. You moaned, and he took both of your breasts in each hand and sucked on one of your nipples and rolled his fingers around the other. That made you moan even louder, and he loved it. He continued with one breast, and took his other hand down to underneath your shorts and into your panties. His thumb was on your clit, and his middle finger lightly traveled along your folds.

“Fuck, babe, you’re so wet.” Inseong took you off of him and laid you down on the couch. He took off your shorts and panties and continued what he started. He licked your wet folds and placed a finger inside. Inseong always made sure to pleasure you before himself, and he loved doing it, too. He did a pretty good job of it, but you were impatient.

“Inseong, hurry…” You whined. “I need you inside me.”

With that, his sweatpants and boxers were off, and his hard member was exposed and in front of your entrance. He spread your legs out even more and entered you. It was slow at first, but when you became adjusted, Inseong thrust himself into you faster. He let out a grunt each time he rammed into you, and you felt ecstasy. The sex felt like it lasted a very long time, and both of you were hot and sweaty. Inseong kissed almost every single area on your neck and chest.

“I’m close, babe-”

His face was in the crook of your neck as he kissed you and groaned into your ear. He came into you, and kept going to make sure that you came as well. After both of you reached your climax, his breathing got calmer, and he began kissing you all over your face. Inseong went back to his silly, always joking self.

“Maybe I should watch a movie with you often… forget about that date.” He smirked and you pouted at him. He kissed your cheek. “I’m joking! We’ll still go, of course. Love you.”

You rolled your eyes at him and jokingly pretended to be annoyed. “Love you, too.”

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