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Daryl Dixon’s puppy headbutt | Carol 5.01 “No Sanctuary” // Rick 7.08 “Hearts Still Beating”

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  • God: if you find one righteous soul in the state of Tenneessee, I will not destroy it for their sake
  • Abraham: My Lord, have you not seen Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary?
Within the cold of darkness
there is one light left
that still shines
warm and
and though
my every heartbeat
causes my ribs
to creak
and crack
as I
for the loss of you
the devil himself
could not pull
out of
the sanctuary
behind my sternum;
your incandescence
forever shines
warm and
within the cold of darkness.
—  In other words, by M.A. Tempels © 2017

This is my sanctuary, my place of beauty and happiness 💖It’s my studio where I create most of my artwork and all of my paintings 🎨 I dub it my Artists Cave 😘And I want to share it with all of you! 😊I’ve been thinking it’s time to let people into my rainbow world 🌈 So I’d love to open my doors to the public to come and visit me in my studio in Vancouver! 🎨✨ I was thinking of maybe even doing an art lesson or two! What do you lovelies think? 😄 If ya want to come visit me and my sanctuary email me at and I’ll put you on the visitors list! 😊❤💻 I’d love to show you around! I have lots of goodies in my place that no ones ever seen before 😘💕now I’m off to keep painting!!

Lust At First Sight

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Summary: Negan finds himself attracted to a woman from Rick’s group, and brings her back to Sanctuary.

Pairing: Negan x Lara

Warning: Swearing, Smut, Violence, Anal, Daddy Kink

You were on your knees, in the dirt. The others from your group were doing the same on either side of you. You glanced over at Rick, your group’s leader, who looked defeated. You felt a flash of fear run through your entire body as one of the men that captured your group called out “let’s meet the man!” before banging a fist on the door of the RV that was parked in front of you. The door flung open and out slowly walked the man you’ve heard so much about; Negan. He had a huge grin plastered across his face and his baseball bat Lucille slung over his shoulder.  “Which one of these sorry fucks is the leader?” he asked, his voice deep and gravelly, “this one” the man from before said while pointing over to Rick, who was kneeling beside you. Negan started striding towards Rick, until he looked over at you and stopped dead in his tracks. The grin on his face grew bigger as he locked onto your dark blue eyes and walked over so he was standing directly in front of you.  He slowly bent down and placed his hand on your chin, tilting it up, so you were face to face, “well hello beautiful, aren’t you just an everyday Marilyn Monroe” you smiled slightly at him, he looked attractive when he walked out of the trailer, but up close he was as handsome as ever. “What’s your name sweetheart?” he asked softly, “L-Lara” you whispered gazing into his eyes. Negan stared at you for awhile before chuckling “honey, it isn’t everyday that I’m at a loss for fucking words” he then stood up and motioned at two of his men and said “take her into the truck and lock it, she’s coming back with us”.

After awhile Negan walked up to the truck and got in, he put Lucille down between you two and you noticed the blood and pieces of flesh attached to it, you gasped knowing that it must belong to one of your friends. You were terrified and pressed yourself to the door, getting as far away from Negan as you could. Negan noticed and glanced over to you and brushed your soft hair with his gloved fingers as you flinched, “sweetheart, trust me when I say that I’d never hurt a pretty little thing like you”. You felt slightly relieved but continued to keep your guard up.  “W-where are we going?” you asked quietly trying to make conversation, “my compound, Sanctuary” Negan responded lowly. You took a deep breath and stared out the window.

After a few minutes you and Negan arrived at Sanctuary, his men opened the large gate securing the compound and Negan drove in.  You got out of the truck and folded your arms around each other, it was the middle of the night and you were wearing a short sleeved t-shirt, it was freezing. Negan walked over to you and noticed you shivering, he took off the black leather jacket he was wearing and wrapped it around you, “better?” he asked, “yes, thank you” you replied, “no, fucking problem” Negan gave you a wink and started walking off, you quickly followed him and noticed a lot of his men staring at you, you kept your face forward, staring at Negan’s broad back, until one of his men whistled at you. Suddenly Negan faced him and punched the man in the face knocking him to the ground “I WILL NOT allow any of you fuckers to make my fucking guest feel un-fucking-comfortable, do I make myself motherfucking clear!?”, “yes, sir” the man groaned, blood dripping out of his nose. Negan turned around and grabbed your hand leading you away from his men.

Negan brought you to his room and shut the door behind him; you took a seat on the plush sofa and looked around Negan’s well furnished home. “Want anything to drink?” he asked leaning against the wall, “a cup of tea would be nice, thank you”, Negan chuckled “do I look like I fucking drink tea? The closest thing I’ve got is coffee”, you smiled “coffee sounds great”. Negan walked into his small kitchen, and returned a few minutes later with a cup of hot coffee, powdered milk, and some packets of sugar and placed them on the table in front of you, before walking off to pour himself a glass of whisky; he then sat on the sofa beside you. “That jacket looks fucking sexy on you” he said before taking a sip of his drink. You giggled and blurted out “trust me, it looks better on you” you looked at Negan who put his now empty glass onto the table and leaned back, licking his lips. You put the cup of coffee down “actually, could I have a glass of that stuff?” you said pointing over at the bottle of amber colored whisky, “atta’ girl” Negan replied before standing up and pouring you a glass and handing it to you. He sat back down and watched as you quickly gulped the liquid down and leaned forward setting the glass on the table, right when you sat back up Negan grabbed your face with his now gloveless hands and pulled you in for a kiss, you kissed back, his lips felt warm and soft against yours. You felt Negan bite your lower lip softly before slipping his tongue into your mouth, you let a quiet moan escape.

Negan slid his jacket off of you and brought his hands down to the bottom of your shirt and slowly pulled it off, he looked down at your lacy black bra and bit his lip. “Take the rest of your clothes off for me, I wanna watch” he said as his dark eyes filled with lust. You stood up and turned around, you quickly jumped as Negan slapped your ass, you then began unhooking your bra, throwing it back at Negan, before slowly slipping your pants off, giving Negan a great view of your ass in the lacy black panties you were wearing that matched your bra. “I can’t wait any fucking longer” you heard Negan growl before feeling his arms around your waist pull you back so that you were sitting on his lap, you felt Negan’s erection poking through his jeans. You started slowly grinding your hips back and forth over it, “you’re such a fucking tease” Negan hissed in your ear, before picking you up and throwing you onto the sofa. You laid on your back and wiggled watching Negan pull his shirt off, before he slowly pulled your panties off, you bit your finger and looked up at him watching him take the sight of you completely naked in. He suddenly pushed your legs apart and slid his face in, you threw your head back instantly, as Negan flicked his tongue against your clit, giving it a few sucks every once in awhile. You grabbed onto the couch with one hand and onto his dark hair with the other as you grinded your pussy on his tongue and mouth. Negan shook his head from side to side quickly brushing his tongue across your clit, while squeezing onto your thighs with his hands. You felt a knot form in your stomach as the pleasure was rising through you. “Don’t stop daddy, oh god, I’m gonna cum”, Negan buried his face deeper, letting out a groan at your words. You continued grinding your hips until the ecstasy hit and you came all over his mouth and beard.

Negan pulled his face away, and stroked his mouth wiping away your wetness, as you tried catching your breath. “You taste so fucking sweet” he hissed before he unbuckled his belt and pulled his jeans and boxers off. You looked at his cock that was standing up, fully erect. You licked your hand and leaned over to Negan, taking a hold of his cock and stroking it, while kissing him, you could taste your pussy on his lips. Negan looked down at you stroking him and opened his mouth letting out a growl. You giggled into his ear seeing how weak you were making the man that everyone feared.

Negan pushed you onto you back again and positioned himself between your legs, before sliding himself into your wet pussy. He didn’t hold back at all, and started vigorously thrusting into you; he stared down, licking his lips as he watched himself slam into you. You grabbed onto Negan’s arms as you let out loud moans “keep fucking me, just like that daddy” you purred. Negan’s gaze went to your face as he gritted his teeth together. He continued fucking you as fast as he could, he had unbelievable stamina. Suddenly Negan pulled out and flipped you over onto your stomach and leaned on top of you, “I’m gonna fuck that tight little ass of yours” he hissed into your ear before biting your shoulder softly. You had tried anal before, and weren’t really into it, but the thought of Negan pounding into your ass made you quiver. “Be gentle, Negan” you whispered.

Negan got between your legs and spread your ass open; he spat in his hand and rubbed it on his cock before sliding into your ass slowly. “Fuck you’re so fucking tight” he moaned, you gripped onto the couch as hard as you could as you adjusted to Negan’s size. Once Negan was completely inside of you he slowly slid back in and out of you, moaning at the tightness, until he speed up and began thrusting into you. He held your hips for leverage and rocked his body against yours as hard as he could. You let out cries of pleasure as you felt his cock pulsate inside of you. “Cum inside of me please daddy” you begged, and at your words Negan released his love inside of you, he threw his head back his eyes shut tight.

Negan slowly pulled out, his cum dripping out of your ass. He gave your ass a slap and chuckled “fuck I think I’m in love”. You rolled over and gazed at Negan’s sweaty chest and face. “Stay here, I can’t give that ass and pussy up baby, I’ll go fucking mad” Negan said as he laid on top of you giving you a kiss. You ran your fingers through Negan’s hair. “I don’t know, my group will be worried about me” you whispered. Negan looked up at you “who gives a fuck, you didn’t seem to be worried about them while you were calling me daddy, and taking it in the ass”, you gently slapped his arm and giggled. “Fine, I’ll stay, since you’re in love with me and all that” you teased. Negan kept his head against your chest and smirked, “you know you love ‘daddy’ too”.

Finding Lucille

This is for “Ash’s Negan Writing Challenge.” My prompt was “Negan x OC x Lucille.”

Negan x Reader (y/n)

Warnings ~ Negan language

2000 words

I am tagging my usuals. If you want on or off my list, please let me know!

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Alpha x Omega

Not sure if I did the prompt any justice, but I did my best!!

Warning - A/B/O dynamics, brief mentions of abuse, ironpanther!

Prompt - Iron panther: Tony’s a take no shit omega prince doing business deals with t'chaka and alpha t'challa keeps trying to woo him but Tony’s the best at misunderstanding stuff

Send any requests to my inbox!!


Prince Anthony “Tony” Stark is the only Stark allowed in Wakanda after his father, King Howard Stark, decided to steal Vibranium on one of his visits. Tony is also an omega, and Wakanda is one of the few independent countries that actually respect omega’s.

Tony steps out of his private jet and, as always, is met by King T’Chaka, Prince T’Challa, and the Dora Milaje.

“Anthony, it is good to see you again, child.”

Tony bows slightly, “Your majesty, it is a pleasure to be welcomed back into Wakanda”

“Anthony, how many times must I tell you to call me by name?” T’Chaka steps forward and draws the smaller man into a hug.

“Just the once, T’Chaka”

The older man smiles and turns to T’Challa, “It is rude not to greet our guest, my son.”

“I was only waiting for you to greet Anthony, baba” then T’Challa turns back to Tony, dipping into a bow and brushing his lips against the back of Tony’s hand, “It is good to see you again, Anthony”

“You too, T’Challa. I missed our talks”

“As did I, Anthony. Kali has missed you, you know.”

Tony chuckles, “Then I suppose we should head back to the palace. I would hate to keep my second favorite panther waiting”

T’Challa raises an eyebrow, “Second favorite?”

“Take a guess who my first favorite panther is”

T’Chaka chuckles, but gently takes Tony by the arm and begins to lead him away, “Come now, child. We shall rest tonight, and tomorrow we shall discuss business.”

As soon as Tony climbs the stairs to the palace he is pounced on by a fully grown black panther. The big cat knocks Tony to the ground, nuzzling against him. “Yeah, I missed you too, Kali”

Eventually Kali lets Tony get up, but stays beside him as the three make their way to the sitting room.

“So your father has sent you here to try and negotiate for more Vibranium, has he?”

“Unfortunately, yes. My father doesn’t think that he is getting him money’s worth of Vibranium. And since I’m the only one who can enter Wakanda without being imprisoned, he sent me to do his dirty work” Tony runs and agitated hand through his hair, “I hate to do this to you, T’Chaka, but …”

“Take off your cover-up.”

Tony flinches at T’Chaka’s words, and T’Challa looks on, confused. The omega part of Tony makes him want to obey, but at the same time Howard had ordered him to keep it hidden. “T’Chaka …”

“Anthony … now”

Okoye steps forward, holding a cloth out to Tony, and once he takes it she steps back. Tony quietly wipes at the right side of his face, removing the makeup, and uncovering a large purple bruise.

Immediately T’Challa is beside Tony, his fingers brushing over the discoloration, “Who hurt you, kitten? I will make sure they pay for what they did to you.”

Tony chuckles, patting the alpha’s arm, “I don’t need you to fight my battles for me, T’Challa.”

“Anthony, who did this to you?”

Tony ducked his head, trying to shield his injured face from the two alpha’s eyes. “It’s fine, T’Challa”

“It is not fine, Anthony. Please” he gently lifts Tony’s chin, “tell me who did this to you”

“Howard. I … refused to blackmail Wakanda into giving Howard more Vibranium, he was drunk, I didn’t even see the punch coming”

T’Challa lets out a low growl, his eyes flashing dangerously, “Does this happen often?”

“Only when he’s drunk, and I make him angry, which happened a lot. But I deserve it, a good omega listens to alphas, I’m just not a good omega”

Hands raise to cup Tony’s face, “Do not say that, kitten. You will no longer have to worry about your father, Wakanda will grant you sanctuary”

Tony smirks, “You aren’t the king yet, T’Challa. You can’t offer me sanctuary”

T’Chaka clears his throat, “However, I can. Anthony Stark, I would like to offer you formal sanctuary from an abusive alpha parent. Do you accept my offer?”

“I do”

T’Chaka gestures to the Dora Milaje, “They will show you to a room, and someone will always be near to help you if needed. I will still require your assistance in releasing a statement about your sanctuary” T’Chaka places a large hand on Tony’s shoulder, “You have nothing to worry about now, child. You will learn what a true alpha is like, a true alpha does not harm the innocent”

Hesitantly, like he’s expecting to be pushed away, Tony takes T’Chaka’s hand and presses a kiss to it, “Thank you, your majesty”

“You are welcome, Anthony.”

On the second night of Tony’s stay in Wakanda, T’Challa approaches his father for advice.

“I would like to ask your permission to officially court Anthony, baba”

T’Chaka looks up, a small smile gracing his face, “I was wondering how long it would take you to ask. You have been courting Anthony for quite some time, T’Challa, however I do not believe that he has noticed your advances”

“I would like to make Anthony my mate, however I am … unsure how to approach him. I do not want him to think that I court him out of pity, or to gain access to his company. I have never been interested in the politics of mating.”

“I will tell you, my son. You will have to show Tony that you are courting him out of love, not out of pity”

T’Challa’s bow furrows as he begins to think of a plan, “Thank you. I will do my best, baba”

“I know you will, my son”

It takes a while, it takes several gifts, several romantic dates, and several subtle signs before Tony finally realizes that he is being courted by the prince.

It’s on one of these dates that Tony decides to bring it up, “Why are you doing all of this?”

T’Challa looks up, one eyebrow raised, “Doing what, kitten?”

“Giving me gifts, taking me on dates, just – just everything! I don’t understand why you’re doing this!”

“I wish to court you, Anthony”

“But, why?!? You could have anyone! You could have several omegas at your beck-and-call! Why would you settle for me?!”

T’Challa huffs, “I am not ‘settling’ for you Anthony. I am going after the omega that I have wanted ever since your first visit to Wakanda. Anthony, you must understand, I have been courting you for quite a while now. However, you never reciprocated”

“You can’t want me!” Tony cries

“Why can I not want you, kitten?”

“I’m not a good omega! I argue with alpha’s, I’m not all that submissive, and I get caught up in my work! And then there’s you! You’re amazing! You’re brilliant, attractive, kind, a strong warrior, and I just don’t deserve you!”

“Anthony, you sell yourself short! You are the heir to a company …”

“So that’s what this is about” Tony interrupts, his fists clenching to top of the table, “You want to mate me in order to get to my company. Is that why you offered me sanctuary?”

“Anthony, no!”

“Then why?!?”

“Because I love you, that’s why!”

Tony’s eyes widen, startled, “You … what?”

“I love you, Anthony. I want you as my omega. I want you to help me rule this country when I become king. I want to have children with you. I want you to help me integrate Wakanda back into society. I want you”

Tears fill he omega’s eyes, “Please tell me that you aren’t joking, that this isn’t just some joke that you’re playing on me, because I love you too, and I don’t know what I would do if you didn’t mean it”

“Oh, kitten. Of course I mean it. I would not lie to you. Will you let me court you Prince Anthony Stark, as the future King of Wakanda?”

Tony nods frantically, “Yes! Yes, I want to be courted by you, I want to bond with you, I want to be your mate!”

T’Challa usually stoic face breakings into a blinding smile. “I am pleased with your decision, my omega. We shall announce our courting tomorrow”

Tony gives T’Challa a dopey smile, “Yeah, okay. My alpha, I like the sound of that”

T’Challa lets out a rumbling growl, “I do too, kitten”

Reaching out slowly, T’Challa draws him omega into a kiss, something slow and soft, showing their love for each other, expressing their hope for the future.

“I really hope you know what you’ve gotten into, babe”

T’Challa chuckles, “I am aware, kitten, and I look forward to every minute of our mating.”

Never Falter

Poe Dameron/ Reader

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Words: 1,161

Summary: There’s something about being proved wrong after the countless hours of meticulous research that makes you boil over with emotion. You will never forget the helping hand of a friend who rescues you from your tidal wave.

Prompt: “Can I maybe request a Poe Dameron x reader where the reader is frustrated or upset about something and Poe cheers her up?”

Tagging: @kwaiky

Requested by: @winchesterandpie

Author’s notes: This is my second rewrite of this fic? I had an original idea but I felt like it went too fast and rushed a lot of what makes the prompt. Is this a better idea? Lmao idk there’s a ton of fluff so there’s that!

You bow your head out of respect, gripping the datapad tighter as you rush out of the command center. When you turn the corner, several feet away from the door, you press your back against the wall. That’s when your own walls began to fall down.

What went wrong? Where in your calculations did you mess up? You looked them over twice, thrice, so many times that you stayed up late until your eyes burned. Sleepless nights to get your presentation ready to present to important figures of the Resistance and you blew it. Someone found a fault, questioned your reliability, and how you could allowed this oversight to happen. All you could do at that time was to take it, keep your emotions inside, and respect the individual.

Now you’re breaking down in a hallway.

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Dad i wish you would put that bottle down
i wish you would tell me you loved me without reeking of

you missed my school performances, you forgot to tell me you
were proud of me

dad im tired of making excuses for you, my friends cant
come over because your passed out on the couch too drunk to remember your name

i cant study because your knocking things over,
im missing school because im too scared to get in a car with you
my room has become my sanctuary because you have tarnished
every inch of this house

sometimes i feel as if your death would lift this burden
you make me feel guilty, you make me feel inadequate
dad i hate you for forgetting to be my dad

—  B.D.
Your Savior - 25

I cannot believe that I am posting the 25th chapter of this fic! Thank you all so much for continuing to support this and me by reading, liking, commenting, messaging, and re-blogging! I currently have no plans of stopping this story anytime soon, so hopefully you all plan on continuing to read it!

To those that have been with me since the beginning: thank you for giving me the initial courage to keep writing and for your unwavering dedication to keep reading after all this time. To those that have just jumped on ship or joined along the way, marathon reading chapter after chapter: thank you for giving me hope that the story as a whole is worth pursuing. Everyone: thank you. Just thank you. I love you all.

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Chapter 25


Swearing, Negan being Negan, mentions of past sexual assault

When morning came you were hesitant to get out of bed, unwilling to discuss last night’s conversation with Negan with Matthew. Thankfully though, he seemed perfectly fine to keep pretending that he had been asleep, and you were unwilling to push the issue.

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I watched ‘Minimalism’ tonight. 

I was actually searching for a documentary on sustainability I had been told was on Netflix - just not Filipino Netflix apparently - and pressed play on this instead (those of you that know me know I’m partial to a nice font). 

In the last couple of years I’ve found myself working on being more - for lack of a better word -  ‘mindful’, to open my eyes to what I value in my environment; at home, at work, in my city, my country. To what brings joy, agitation, to what I have control over and what I can let go. It’s been a really enjoyable journey and one I’m happy to keep exploring. 

Recently, I moved house. Not far, just next door. A replica of home with an extra bit on the side for some urban gardening. In not packing up to move (just picking up the contents of a shelf and lugging it in the summer heat to the same, but different shelf next door) I was re-acquainted with my belongings, and what I’ve accumulated in a couple of years of having a home that wasn’t at work. Naturally, I looked at it from an environmental point of view - the energy taken to manufacture it; where it would end up if I chucked it or gave it away; the packaging it came it and the redundancy I can’t seem to escape from. 

I never really considered it’s impact on me. The metaphorical weight of it. The broken promises of that skirt I don’t fit in, but might do again if I just developed some discipline. Those colouring pencils representing a failure to take a break and colour in a jellyfish in the near-empty adult colouring book. Those heels I swore would inspire me to be a bit more fashionable, but never wear, and therefore am a slob. Those make-up brushes that make me feel less of a woman because I have no idea what they actually do, or why there need be so many. Who knew that my room, my sanctuary, was ridden with nuanced negativity. 

If you asked me to visualise minimalism, I’d probably have described a photo of a succulent on a white table with gold trimming on it’s pot á la Instagram. I would not have said ‘happiness’…until I watched this film. It was like giving a face to all my unfinished ‘mindful’ thoughts, and showing me what this path could look like. It’s not an empty white room with a single chair and a bare light bulb. It’s living with what you need, and what you value. It’s side-stepping the marketing that’s shoved down our throats everyday, it’s deciding what to consume rather than being dictated to by the latest trend. It’s freeing yourself from the negativity imposed on you by your stuff. 

I guess at the end of it all, it’s about taking control of your life, recognising what’s really important to you and curating your environment to match it. 

I share this because I believe it’s a wide enough concept that anyone can adapt to suit them and their lifestyles and see positive results - it doesn’t have to be extreme in any sense. And in this mixed up, muddle up world of 2017, we can all do with a little more positivity in our lives…