you are my home; you make me strong

ed sheeran’s divide | sentence meme.


  • ❛ i was born into a small town. i lost that state of mind. ❜
  • ❛ so blame it on the pain that blessed me with the life. ❜
  • ❛ friends and family filled with envy when they should be filled with pride. ❜
  • ❛ when the world’s against me is when i really come alive. ❜
  • ❛ you know that i’ve got whisky with white lies and smoke in my lungs. ❜
  • ❛ i need to get in the right mind and clear myself up. ❜
  • ❛ i look in the mirror, questioning what i’ve become. ❜
  • ❛ i’m well aware of certain things that can destroy a person like me. ❜
  • ❛ i am happy on my own so here i’ll stay. ❜
  • ❛ save your loving arms for a rainy day. ❜
  • ❛ i’ll find comfort in my pain eraser. ❜
  • ❛ i chased the picture perfect life. i think they painted it wrong. ❜
  • ❛ i beg you, don’t be disappointed with the person i’ve become. ❜
  • ❛ the world may be filled with hate, but keep erasing it now, somehow. ❜

castle on the hill.

  • ❛ i was younger then. ❜
  • ❛ i found my heart and broke it here. ❜
  • ❛ i know i’ve grown. i can’t wait to go home. ❜
  • ❛ i miss the way you make me feel. ❜
  • ❛ we watched the sun set over the castle on the hill. ❜
  • ❛ had my first kiss on a friday day. i don’t reckon i did it right. ❜


  • ❛ maybe i came on too strong. maybe i waited too long. ❜
  • ❛ maybe i played my cards wrong. oh, just a little bit wrong. ❜
  • ❛ i could live, i could die, hanging on the words you say. ❜
  • ❛ i’ve been known to give my all. ❜
  • ❛ so don’t call me, baby, unless you mean it. ❜
  • ❛ don’t tell me you need me if you don’t believe it. ❜
  • ❛ so let me know the truth before i dive right into you. ❜
  • ❛ do you have a tendency to lead some people on? ‘cuz i heard you do. ❜

shape of you. 

  • ❛ the club isn’t the best place to find a lover, so the bar is where i go. ❜
  • ❛ your love was handmade for somebody like me. ❜
  • ❛ i’m in love with the shape of you. we push and pull like a magnet do. ❜
  • ❛ although my heart is falling too, i’m in love with your body. ❜
  • ❛ last night you were in my room, and now my bed sheets smell like you. ❜
  • ❛ we talk for hours and hours about the sweet and the sour. ❜

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Author’s Note: i ruined my own ass with this one. chanyeol posted some instagram mess and i’ve been wrecked since 10AM.

Summary: You meet Chanyeol at a club, and you force yourself to be honest with yourself - about your wants, your needs, and who you really could be. 

Pairing: Chanyeol x Reader (oc; female)

Genre: smut

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: explicit sex; explicit language; dirty talk

Word Count: 4,773

Originally posted by babyuns

You aren’t really sure how you got here.

This is not like you.

Lie: you know exactly how you got here. With him. Pressed against your back with his hands on your hips; moving you, guiding you, easing you against his half-hard groin in time with the music. In the dark.

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This is gonna hurt like hell ! You’ve been warned !

“Loving and fighting
Accusing and denying
I can’t imagine a world with you gone

The joy and the chaos
The demons we’re made of
I’d be so lost if you left me alone

You locked yourself in the bathroom
Lying on the floor when I break through
I pull you and feel you heartbeat

Can you hear me screaming please don’t leave me?
Hold on I still want you
Come back I still need you

Let me take you and I’ll make you right
I swear I’ll love you all my life
Hold on I still need you

I don’t wanna let go
I know I’m not that strong

I just wanna hear you say baby let’s go home
Let’s go home

Yeah I just wanna take you home

Hold on I still need you”



naley appreciation week: day 2 ⇒ most emotional moment
Nathan, from the second I heard those words; “we found a body”, my heart sank. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t think. And now that I’ve managed to at least move, all I can think about is one moment you and I shared years ago, over and over that same insignificant moment repeats in my head. I-I can’t tell you why.. It was your birthday. Your first year playing for Maryland, Jamie must’ve been two. You said you didn’t wanna do anything, but I insisted on at least having your favorite ice cream, you remember this? When I brought back mint chocolate chip, and you asked why I thought that was your favorite, I was so confused. Anytime we had gotten ice cream together that’s what you always chose. But you told me rocky road was your favorite. And you looked at me, so tenderly, Nathan, and you said you always chose mint chocolate chip because you knew it was my favorite flavor. And that’s when I realized, for the first time, that you hadn’t been making any of your decisions for yourself. You were doing everything for me, all along, for your family. And it occurred to me that we still had so much to learn about each other. And since then, Nathan, I’ve learned about how wonderfully selfless, humble, strong man you are. Nathan, I can’t hear that you’ll never come home again. That I’ll never learn something new about you again. Never experience your selflessness, your love, your warm touch again. Nathan.. Please. Have we really had our last conversation? Our last kiss? I don’t know what I’d do.

BTS reaction | Daddy kink

Requested by anonymous: If it’s no trouble, do you think you can do a Yoongi fanfic? Like a daddy kink one? If you can’t it’s totally okay!

I know you asked for an individual fic, but I turned it into a reaction for all of the members, I hope you don’t mind! 💜

Warning: smutty stuff  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Flower Gleam & Glow (Harry Hook)

Prompt: Mother Gothel’s daughter heals Harry Hook despite her best judgement.

Requested: No

Harry Hook x Reader

 “Y/N please!” Gil begged you as you sat at Mother Gothel’s Coffeehouse with your hand on your chin in contemplation. He needed you to come to the docks, said that the infamous Harry Hook had needed healing and you were the only person able to help the pirate.

          “Harry Hook, needing something from me?” you asked with a perfectly rouged smirk on your face. Harry wasn’t your favorite person on the Isle. He’d told you ever since you’d come here that you would never fit in, that you didn’t belong. You had lived half your life as Rapunzel’s daughter in Auradon until Media caught wind that you were Mother Gothel’s daughter but Rapunzel, your half-sister, had treated you like her own all your life.

          You’d been sent to the Isle of the Lost, back to your birth mother just as the four chosen Villian Kids were brought to. You hated it here and Harry hadn’t made anything better. “He said the only person who could help was the flower child. You are the only flower child I know,” Gil exclaimed.

          “How hurt?” you sighed and glanced up at his innocent face.

          “He took a sword to the chest trying to defend Uma,” Gil told you and removed his cap. “Please Y/N,” he begged once more. You threw down your food and straightened.

          “Alright.” When you finally got to the dock, Uma was frantically pacing at the bow.

          “What took you so long? Save my first mate,” she yelled and pulled her sword from her sheath.

          “Threatening me will do you no good. Can any of you say please? Jesus,” you pushed past her to the ship where Harry was lying with his hook on his side. He was crying out and groaning in pain. You double tied your belt to your maroon floral romper and knelt at his side.

Back in Auradon, Rapunzel taught you to use your magical healing ability but only when fully needed. The Beast allowed you to keep them, asking Fairy Godmother to perform a protection spell that allows you to continue to use it when needed. But, now that you were back with Mother Gothel, you were forced to keep her young and in perfect condition, and it made you weak after each time. “Flower, you-,”

“Save it, Harry. Just shut up, alright?” you gulped and held your hands above his bleeding wound. “Flower gleam and glow, let your powers shine. Make the clock the reverse, bring back what once was mine, heal what has been hurt. Change the fate’s design, save what has been lost, bring back what once was mine…what once was mine.”

A golden glowing light shown through your fingertips and Harry’s wound slowly closed, his toned chest back to normal as if not even a scratch had touched him. He glanced up at you in shock, never having seen magic like yours before. It didn’t last long, his look turned to confusion then fear as your eyes rolled into the back of your head and you fell forward, fainting from the drain of energy in your body. The last thing you heard was Harry calling out “Flower.”

You woke a few hours later, a constant rocking making you nauseous as you sat up quickly and fell from a hammock. Strong arms caught you, placing you gently on the wooden floor. You opened your eyes to see Harry staring back at you. “Are you al’ight Flower?” he asked you.

“Harry, I’m fine. I’m gunna go, I need to get home,” you told him as you stood and another wave of nausea overtook you, making your head spin.

“You need ta explain ta me what made ya faint,” Harry exclaimed, steading you.

“You don’t deserve to know anything about my life. I healed you, that’s it,” you grumbled and shook yourself from his grasp. “You and everyone else on this Island has made my life a living hell since I’ve gotten here and I don’t want to talk to you or be around you,” you huffed.

“I was tryin’ to welcome ya ta tha Isle, it’s how I am with every-,”

“I am not everyone,” you sniffled. “I am not from here and I don’t belong in Auradon. I don’t belong anywhere. My mother sucks my life away just to keep her skin clean, I’ll be dead before my 20th birthday. I’m not worth welcoming so save it,” you told him sadly and moved toward the port to the deck.

“Hey, I may not be your favorite person bu I will not let ya go back ta your mother on the condition that I value yur life,” Harry took his hat off, placed his hook on the table by the hammock and held his hand out for you to take.

This got really long, I’m sorry. Hope ya’ll enjoyed it.

So, as a small amount of you know my apartment was robbed last week while David and I were out. Lucky(eye rolls) for me, we’ve been robbed before and we’re now pretty good about locking our tv cabinet so none of the electronics were stolen. We’re pretty sure it was the crazy nazi bitch who lived here before us because our landlord apparently didn’t switch the keys when we moved in last month despite knowing the old tenant still had a set. A lot of our kitchen appliances, console controllers(that we left out to charge), video games, art supplies(cries), among other things were stolen. I waited to post about it to see what David and I could gather ourselves from friends, family, and goodwill but we’re still short money to recover all the items we need plus paying for new locks and keys(which I don’t understand why we’re paying but okay.) If you’re able to help out it would deeply appreciated but I completely understand everyone who can’t! If you can reblog this though, that would be great, I won’t make money this upcoming week because I have to go to Idaho to deal with some family issues. 

I added some of the items that we’re stolen to my amazon list but you could also purchase something from my shop or donate to my paypal(email is! Thank you again to everyone who has showed me support thus far and everyone who is kind enough to do so now! May your locks be strong and your homes be protected.💚

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possible triggers, read/reblog with caution. nsfw metions. change pronouns as you seet fit!


❛ You weren’t answering you’re phone! Why do you have a bat?! ❜
❛ I thought you were a predator! ❜
❛ We’re actually doing this? ❜
❛ You’re the one always bitching that nothing happens in this town! ❜
❛ I was trying to get a good nights sleep before practice tomorrow. ❜
❛ Everyone should have a dream, even a pathetically unrealistic one. ❜
❛ Just out of curiosity, which half of the body are we looking for? ❜
❛ Huh, I didn’t even think about that. ❜
❛ And, uh, what if whoever killed the body is still out here? ❜
❛ Also something I didn’t think about. ❜
❛ Okay, let’s see this thing. ❜
❛ It was too dark to see much, but I’m pretty sure it was a wolf. ❜
❛ A wolf bit you? ❜
❛ I heard a wolf howling. ❜
❛ What do you mean “No, I didn’t?” ❜
❛ How do you know what I heard? ❜
❛ Because California doesn’t have wolves, okay? ❜
❛ I’m a nerd by association. I’ve been Scarlet-Nerded by you. ❜
❛ It was like I had all the time in the world to catch the ball. ❜
❛ I can hear stuff I shouldn’t be able to hear. Smell things. ❜
❛ Smell things? Like what? ❜
❛ So, all this started with the bite? ❜
❛ What if it’s like, an infection? ❜
❛ Like my body flooding with adrenaline before I go into shock or something? ❜
❛ You know what? I actually think I’ve heard of this. ❜
❛ Hey, you’re the one who heard a wolf howling. ❜
❛ Hey, there could be something seriously wrong with me! ❜
❛ You’ve been given something that most people would kill for. ❜
❛ Where are you getting your juice? ❜
❛ So, you killed her? ❜
❛ Maybe it was my blood on the door? ❜
❛ I’ve never had a dream where I woke up like that before. ❜
❛ You know, maybe you caught a rabbit or something. ❜
❛ Maybe you should stop pretending to suck just for his benefit. ❜
❛ Trust me, I do plenty of sucking just for his benefit. ❜
❛ Do you wanna hang out, like us and them? ❜
❛ You know what else sounds fun? Stabbing myself in the face with this fork. ❜
❛ Once my heart starts beating again, yeah. ❜
❛ Start the car, or I’m gonna rip your throat out. With my teeth. ❜
❛ It was a different kind of bullet. ❜
❛ What am I supposed to do with him? ❜
❛ You faint at the sight of blood? ❜
❛ This house is like the frickin’ Wal-Mart of guns. ❜
❛ I don’t know whether to kill it or lick it. ❜
❛ You wanna do homework? Or you wanna not die? ❜
❛ We don’t go out in the middle of the night murdering people, do we? ❜


❛ Please let him go, and I’ll do– I’ll do whatever you want! Okay? ❜
❛ I swear. I won’t- I won’t see him again. I promise, never again! ❜
❛ I’ve got a missing teenage girl, and our K-9 unit led us here. ❜
❛ I’m sorry, I - I didn’t see anything. ❜
❛ Trust me, if he saw a naked girl outside a computer screen, he’d remember. ❜
❛ School fight? ❜
❛ Oh, no, sorry. I was just remembering, I actually have a morning practice to get to. ❜
❛ Just one more question. You guys get many grave robberies here? ❜
❛ Usually, they just take stuff like jewelry. ❜
❛ Okay, nothing else? Seriously? ❜
❛ I just said it was missing. ❜
❛ And you know what? Even if she did, so what? ❜
❛ It’s the most nutritious part of the body. ❜
❛ You’re the test case for this, so we should be going over what happened to you. ❜
❛ I mean like what was going through your mind when you were turning, you know?  ❜
❛ Here’s a dollar. Go find another parking lot to die in.  ❜
❛ Now, I don’t want the same thing happening to some innocent girl. ❜
❛ So, police are organizing search parties for tonight. ❜
❛ Sign up, find the missing girl, you get an automatic A in my class. ❜
❛ Because we have a pretty good idea that she might be… you know, turning. ❜
❛ A unicorn. What do you think, dumbass? ❜
❛ What do you think she’s gonna do with a set of real claws? ❜
❛ Hey, you know, maybe they’re just here for the funeral? ❜
❛ I mean - what if they’re the non-hunting side of the family? ❜
❛ You wouldn’t be lying to me, would you, ______? ❜
❛ You wanna take this little conversation downstairs? No? ❜
❛ Tell you what, you do the dishes and clean up the kitchen, okay? ❜
❛ I have my responsibility as a parent. ❜
❛ You know I’m gonna have to find a way to punish you though. ❜
❛ Well, that was your fault. ❜
❛ Shut up! It’s a scratch! It’s hardly even… ❜
❛ I have beautiful everything. ❜
❛ You wanna just make out a little bit? Just to see how it feels? ❜
❛ This new-found heroism is making me very attracted to you. ❜
❛ What did you see in the mechanic garage? ❜
❛ Did you notice that I’m paralyzed from the neck down in 8 feet of water! ❜
❛ Can’t you just trust me this once? ❜
❛ I’m the one who keeps you alive, okay. Did you notice that? ❜
❛ Sounds like the beginning of a heartfelt story, but I’m gonna pass.. ❜
❛ I thought you were psychic, bitch? ❜
❛ Dude, everyone in here is a dude. I think we’re in a gay club. ❜
❛ Man, nothing gets past those keen werewolf senses? ❜
❛ One more question– just one. Are you okay? ❜
❛ We’re just a bunch of teenagers. We can’t handle this. ❜
❛ Sarcasm is my only defense. ❜
❛ I have to ground you. I am grounding you. You are grounded. ❜


❛ I have to… I have to tell him.. ❜
❛ Do you have any other emergency werewolf contacts? ❜
❛ So, if you need to do that thing where we talk about me. ❜
❛ I don’t want a boyfriend. I want a distraction.. ❜
❛ And, seriously, an American werewolf in London? Like that’s not going to be a disaster. ❜
❛ Can we drive? Now, please? ❜
❛ All of them? How does that even work? ❜
❛ I have been looking for them the last four months. ❜
❛ Do you know what I want for my birthday? ❜
❛ Have you never done it before either? ❜
❛ We don’t like you. Now, shut up and help us. ❜
❛ So, I hope you’re comfortable saying whatever it is you were feeling straight to my face. ❜
❛ Okay, all right, now. Come on, no one died, alright? ❜
❛ Look, there may have been some maiming, okay? A little mangling, but no death! ❜
❛ I can’t take waiting around like this, you know? ❜
❛ My nerves are wracked, they’re severely wracked. Wracked. ❜
❛ What… like, why wouldn’t they chain them up in some underground lair or something? ❜
❛ They’re an Alpha pack, right? So, shouldn’t they have a lair? ❜
❛ Wait a sec, wait a sec– maybe they’re living there! ❜
❛ It’s not the first time you’ve gotten your hands dirty. ❜
❛ I could beat you unconscious and wake you when it’s over? ❜
❛ I just… I don’t understand the bank, though, okay? ❜
❛ I’m supposed to call you first when I find a dead body? ❜
❛ You called the police before you called me? ❜
❛ They’re too fast for us, for all of us. They’re too strong, too rabid. ❜
❛ And, just curious, is there a reason the gun is still pointed at me? ❜
❛ Well, there’s probably still some part of me that wants to shoot you… ❜
❛ Does anybody else want to rethink the plan where we just, uh, kill ‘em? ❜
❛ I just wanted to make sure you got in okay! ❜
❛ I know the inner workings of that force, alright? ❜
❛ You didn’t have to follow me home. ❜
❛ So, if these aren’t random killings, then what are they? ❜
❛ Come over to my place at nine. Plan on staying the night. I like to cuddle. ❜
❛ Am I the only one recognizing the lack of werewolfitude in these murders? ❜
❛ It means my lack of sexual experience is now literally a threat to my life, okay? ❜
❛ You know who else is a virgin? Me. I’m a virgin, okay? ❜
❛ I need to have sex. Like, right now. Someone needs to have sex with me, like, today. ❜
❛ What do you want? You want to kill me? ❜
❛ We shouldn’t have come. I knew it. We shouldn’t have come. ❜
❛ Are you just following the bus, or are you planning on mounting it at some point? ❜
❛ How do you know it’s not from the archery team? ❜
❛ Cut off the head of the snake, and the body dies. ❜
❛ Just once, can someone try to come up with something that doesn’t involve killing everyone? ❜
❛ I’m telling you this because they scare the hell out of me. ❜
❛ Somebody’s been doing their summer reading! ❜
❛ Well, maybe we could do what normal people do, and knock on the door. ❜


Hello guys well i felt inspired so i wrote this haha, please let me know if you like it and feel free to request! Check out “Unstoppable”!

Genre: Romance, Fluff, Smut.

Length: 2k

One shot

Summary; “Chanyeol was known for being a very strict teacher”

“Okay students you can now leave” said your math teacher getting her things and leaving the classroom. 

“Hurry up y/n i don’t want to be late for Mr. Park’s class!” of course she wouldn’t want to be late, it was Mr. Park’s class he was known for his amazingly good looks but also known for being very strict, so basically he had all the girls swooning for him… including you, you immediately had a crush on him since the first day you saw him. 

“Okay, okay let’s go” You said putting the last book in your backpack and headed to the door with her.

When you arrived to Mr. Park’s classroom you saw that he was talking to your brother Baekhyun, he was also a teacher there but unlike Mr. Park that was new, your brother already had 5 years giving classes in school. 

You tried to walk fast past them but your brother was fast enough to notice “Where do you think you're going missy” Busted. You stopped at your tracks and turned around to look at him. 

You noticed that Mr. Park was also looking at you so that made you nervous since his gaze was always very strong, your cheeks reddened a bit. 

Baekhyun made you a motion to get close to them. “Are you just going to act like you didn't see me and not say hello?” he asked in disbelief. “Baekhyun i see you everyday at home” You answered crossing your arms over your chest making a ‘are you serious?’ type of look. 

“But i didn’t speak to my baby sister this morning, i went to see you but you were still sleeping” He pouted. “Do you know you drool in your sleep?” he asked while pulling your cheek lightly. You wouldn’t have minded what he said if you were alone but Mr. Park was listening to everything so it did make you flush in embarrassment. “Gosh Baekhyun that's one of the reasons i act like i don’t know you, you have no filter” You said putting one of your hands in your face. 

“Each day you get more rude” he said moving his head in disappointment way. You were about to retort but the bell rang signaling it was time to start class. Baekhyun said goodbye and got out of the classroom while you went to your seat.  

“Okay everybody i just want to see pencil and eraser in your table put everything else in your backpack and turn off cellphones”

You turned to look at your best friend in horror and whispered “Oh my gosh is the exam today?” she nodded her head. “I told you twice yesterday but you were just daydreaming y/n” she whispered back. 

You were doomed, you were already failing this subject and with this it was just worse. 

Mr. Park passed the exams to everyone and once finished he said “Okay you have the whole hour, good luck” he sat at his desk and started checking some exams from the other group. 

You stared at the paper intently searching for something you could answer but your mind was just blank, you looked at your best friend for help but she just shrugged.

50 minutes and your paper sheet was still white, there were only three students left in the classroom including you. You turned around to look if someone could help but they were concentrated in there exam then you turned your eyes to look at Mr. Park but he was already watching you. 

Your mouth opened a bit at the surprise and your cheeks started to feel hot so you fastly looked at your paper sheet again in embarrassment.

10 minutes and you were the only one left in the classroom, so you stood up decided to just give up and give him that blank paper sheet. 

“Why is the paper sheet blank Mrs. Byun?” he asked looking at the white paper and then raising his eyes to you.

You looked down to the floor and answer sincerely “I forgot to study and well i didn’t know anything” you sighed, he was your crush and you were just making a fool of yourself.

“Are you consent that your failing my class right?” you nodded your head in agreement “Mr. Park i really don’t want to fail this class can’t i do the exam again tomorrow please?” You asked looking at him with hope, you were pretty sure he would say no since he was known for being strict but he got you off guard when he said “I want to see you here tomorrow at 4 and don't be late” 

“Thank you so much Mr. Park i promise i’ll do my best!” you got your things from your table and left the classroom in a hurry.

Next day.

You arrived to the classroom at 3:55 and Mr. Park wasn’t there yet so you decided to write some notes in your leg just in case you forgot since you didn’t want to fail.

It was 4:05 when Mr. Park went inside the classroom “Sorry for the tardiness” said that he gave you your exam “Good luck”

You already where more than halfway from finishing the exam when you got to a question you didn’t know “What event took place on July 10th 1951 that started a two year long process to peace?” suddenly you remembered you wrote it on your leg so you raised you head to look at Mr. Park but he looked very busy writing down notes, so you decided to lift your skirt a bit to look at the answer.

“What are you doing Mrs. Byun?” Shit. You hurriedly fixed your skirt and tried to look normal “Nothing Mr. Park” you smiled nervously. 

“Come over here” You hesitated to get up but you saw how serious he was so you gave up and went towards him.

“I want you to lift your skirt up” Your eyes widened in surprise. “N-no i’m not going to do that” you stuttered a bit. 

“Fine” He pulled you with force towards him making you sit in his lap, he put his hand on your leg and raised your skirt, showing him the notes you had made. You looked at him in shock it was too much to register since it happened so fast. “I-i can explain” he looked at you smirking.

“I give you the chance to redo the exam and you just do this…bad girl” one of his hand grabbed your face making you turn to look at him. 

“I think you need a punishment” he said whispering to your ear. Your eyes widened and you gasped, that’s when he took the perfect opportunity to connect your lips together.

You where shocked, you never expected him to do this you had daydreamed of this a lot of times before but you never thought it would actually happen in real life. 

You started to move your lips in sync with his, the kiss was rough and passionate, his hands started to wonder around your body stopping at one of your breast while you started to unbutton his shirt but he stopped you. “I never ordered you to unbutton my shirt baby” you put your hands down to your lap and nodded. 

He chuckled and then his lips went towards your neck starting to give you light kisses to finally suck on your sweet spot leaving a big hickey. “I don’t want you to cover that okay?” A slight moan escaped your lips and he smiled at your action and then kept sucking, you took a grab at his hair and pulled lightly moaning “Mr. Park, t-this is wrong” 

“If this is wrong…” his hand moved your underwear to the side and started to touch your clit “then why are you so wet?” 

You were going to answer but a loud moan left your mouth when he inserted two fingers in your core and started to move them in and out fastly.

“Do you like this baby?” he asked looking at you expression of pleasure “Ye-yes please keep going” you took the opportunity to unbutton your shirt and toss it to the side leaving you in your bra, starting to touch your breasts. “Faster!” You moaned

He obeyed and went faster adding a third finger, making you scream in pleasure. “Look how i have you with just my fingers, imagine if it was my dick, love”  your core got tight at his words making you feel close to orgasm. 

You were so close to letting go when he abruptly took his fingers out of you. You turned around to give him a mad look but you saw him licking his fingers clean that making your core feel wet again. 

“Take all your clothes off” he ordered. You opened you mouth to retort that he was still fully clothed but he cut you off by saying “If you’re not going to use your pretty mouth to suck me off then i don’t want to hear you say a thing” You closed your mouth and just stared at him, you knew he had a strict personality but wow this was different. 

You started to take your clothes one by one while he just stared at you with lust. When you finished he said “Bend on the desk” you nodded your head and bent on the desk clearly showing him your most private part. 

You felt nervous since you didn’t know what he would do but the thought was replaced when you felt his wet muscle on your clit and a moan escaped from your mouth “Oh my god” you said while taking a hold at the sides of the desk. 

His tongue moved expertly in your clit making you clench your back in pleasure, you could actually say that you felt in heaven Mr. Park definitely knew what he was doing. 

You turned your head to the side and looked back at him seeing that he had already took his dick out and was jacking himself off, this action made your walls clench it was very hot sight to see especially since he had a very big size.

“AH!” You shouted finally having your first orgasm letting your juices out.

“You taste nice” he said standing on feet, you were going to turn around to get your clothes but he held you back in your place against the desk. “I never said we were over love” he started to undress and when finished he placed his dick at your entrance rubbing it up and down your core softly. “Are you virgin?” he asked in curiosity. 

“No, i’m not” said that he plunged hard inside you making you let out a long moan. 

He started to go fastly in and out inside you not letting you adjust to his size, making you a moaning mess “You're so tight baby” he said while giving your ass a light slap, he then pushed deeper and that’s when he found your g-spot “Yes Mr. Park there!” you screamed, you just felt in ecstasy.

“Call me Chanyeol” he said to your ear moaning and hit your spot harder making you scream in pleasure. 

“Faster Chanyeol!” you felt your second orgasm starting to build up fast and and he felt it too since your walls started to clench around his dick.

“I’m close chanyeol, don't stop” one of his hands went to your clit and started to rubbing it fast. 

“Yes, yes!” You shouted in pleasure letting your orgasm free, he then fastly pulled out of you and let hit seeds spill in your back letting a loud moan from his mouth. 

He pulled out of you and let himself sit in the ground in exhaustion, you lifted yourself off the desk and followed him to sit beside him. 

He turned his head to look at you and you smiled at him, surprisingly he smiled back making you lose your breath for a second at the sight of this beautiful man.

“So… is it true that you drool in your sleep?” he laughed.

“Stupid Baekhyun”

Wild Ride (E.D) smut

This ones for you dad (@wonderfuldolans)

(so this actually started as a joke but then I decided to make it a thing.)

Summary: Ethan Has always been “submissive” and some may say “vanilla” in bed, but a overheard conversation between a guy that’s always had a crush on y/n switches all of that up, bringing an entire new side of Ethan to light.

A/N don’t mind me just making my cum back

Warnings: Dom E,ass eating, thigh riding,  face sitting, restraints, ass smacking,choking, “daddy”, 69, shit ton of biting, Nipple clamps, you know the usual.

“Babe, I’ll be right back i’m going to get us another drink.” My boyfriend Ethan whispered into the shell of my ear, loosening his grasp from my waist, wandering off into the party surrounding us soon disappearing into drunken souls all around the house, including myself.

“Hey Y/n, thanks for coming!” I heard a voice slurring from behind me.

That voice could only belong to one person, and that is Jc Caylen, yes the “JC” this was his party for god’s sakes. The twins and Jc, were on pretty rocky terms as of late because of a fight that erupted between Kian and Grayson, but I had always been good with Jc, we’re basically best friends, so that didn’t stop me from coming, but Ethan decided to come as well, which was surprising to be honest.

“No Problemo Jc, great party so far thanks for inviting us!” I yelled back, trying to be heard over the loud crowd.

“Mind If I steal a dance gorgeous?” He asked, filling the gap between my ass and his crotch, damn this is going to piss Ethan off.

Usually, I would pry myself away, but I was feeling pretty bold tonight, and knew this would infuriate Ethan

“So, how are you and E going?” He asked as he moved his hips along with the beat.

“Oh pretty good! What about you, are you seeing anyone?” I basically shouted out in attempt to be heard by my friend.

“No one really. But, back to you, how’s it really going, like sex wise?” 

“Shit Caylen you’re really going in deep huh? But not going to lie, I’ve had to fake a few orgasms lately.”  I said in my drunken state

Honestly Ethan wasn’t bad in bed, he was really good actually, it was just it felt like the same thing over and over again, plain vanilla sex, nothing different or extraordinary, but I never say anything because i’ve always been embarrassed of asking for sexual favors, and always feared confrontation so I never brought it up to Ethan

“Shit, that’s not good but, I know i can fuck you better than he ever could.” He purred in my ear. Damn, Jc was always flirty, but the booze is really in his head tonight.

“You want to say that fucking again, what the fuck are you doing on my girl?” I hear yelled out, as Ethan pried Jc from my waist.

“That’s fucking it, we’re going home.” Ethan practically growled dragging me to the car. Not even looking in Jc’s direction, his eyes baring down on my body as he slammed the door open, and threw me onto his shoulder, carrying me to the car.

“Ethan what the fuck are you doing?” I yelled out, trying to fight my way down, but his strong grip kept me atop his shoulder.

Once he walked us over to the car he opened the door for me, not even making eye contact. Soon making his way to the drivers seat, gripping the wheel with strength, to the point his knuckles were nearly white.

“Tsk tsk, you’re going to regret everything that happened in that house by the time i’m done with you.” he mumbled. 

The entire car ride was painfully silent, I didn’t dare to say a word, because I didn’t know what Ethan would do honestly, i’ve never seen him like this, he was always the “nice, caring” boyfriend, I don’t think he’s ever been dominant a day in our relationship, he’s always been submissive which I never minded but this side of Ethan needed to come out more often. 

Damn, did he look sexy like this, feeling a little daring I decided to move my hand to his crotch. 

No reaction.

And that pushed me further, as I began to massage him through his dark wash jeans, this time he let out a small sigh, immediately catching himself by biting his lip.

I continued my actions, grinning to myself as he slowly grew hard beneath my palm.

“Fucking stop i’m driving.” He growled once more.

Damn, his animal tattoo has some really meaning tonight,

The car ride longed on, causing me to grow more anxious by the second. I couldn’t take this anymore. I needed Ethan, some way or another.                        Just as I was getting to my breaking point, the car stopped, thank god.

“We’re here.” He blatantly spoke. Making his way toward the door, grabbing my hand and dragging me along with him, once we made our way to the door he fumbled his keys around and opened it, steeping back so I could enter first.

No hesitation, he crashed his lips against mine,shoving me roughly against the wall, seconds later breaking the kiss causing me to whine out loud.

“Strip,then head toward the bedroom while I grab a few things, don’t you dare touch yourself.” he demanded as he stared my body down intensely causing me to grow wetter by the second.  I wonder what he’s even getting, do we even own any type of sex related object? Because if we did I had no fucking clue. But, obliging his request I stripped all of my clothes off, and headed toward our shared room.

Once I made my way to our room, I laid down on the bed  sitting on the side of the bed, waiting impatiently for E. Ten minutes have passed and he’s nowhere to be found, but I’m not testing the waters tonight, i’m staying put, well for now.

“Good girl, stripping for daddy.” Ethan spoke entering the room, with a pair of handcuffs, something that looked like a clamp of some sort, and a pair of darkened, lust filled eyes.

When in the hell did he get these?

“Daddy?” I questioned.

“Yes baby girl, I’m not Ethan tonight.” He spoke, nearing my body.

“Stand.” He demanded, causing me to spring up immediately.

“Okay baby girl, here’s a few rules for tonight, speak when spoken to, no touching or i’ll tie you up, and no moaning or i’ll stop, or worse.” He growled into the shell of my ear, smacking my ass, causing a squeal to erupt form my lips.

“Lay down baby girl” Ethan demanded once more.

“Yes sir.” I replied obliging to his commands

Once I laid down, Ethan lowered himself down to my stomach, placing butterfly kisses atop it, slowly moving his way up my torso moving to my left breast, making his way to my nipple, wrapping his mouth around it and biting gently, causing me to suppress a large moan, because he couldn’t stop, not right now.

“You like that huh baby girl? I can tell, I know you want to moan, but not yet gorgeous, trust me you’ll be screaming my name in a while.” 

Ethan soon began to leave large hickey’s on my chest, going lower, and lower, until he reached just above where I needed him right now.

“Mhmm, you want me to eat you out babygirl? Or maybe I can do something a little different? Hmm, you’ll see baby.” He teased, as he had I decisive look on his face, looking like he was thinking deeply about what he wanted next.

“Sit on my face princess” He bluntly said, motioning for us to switch positions, I was nervous as hell honestly, i’ve never done this, with anyone, but I have to listen to “daddy”.

“What are you waiting for, Daddy doesn’t have much patience tonight” Ethan called out.

Once he said that, I grew a burst of confidence and brought my pussy up to his face, lowering myself down slowly to his lips, as soon as I did, he attached his large plump lips to my clit, sucking harshly, causing me to let out a small moan, shit I hope he didn’t notice.

And he did, as soon as that damned moan left my mouth, he stopped his actions. “What did I say?” He questioned.

“No moaning daddy.” I replied hoping he wouldn’t stop.

“Get up.” He demanded, getting up from his spot, and moving to the edge of the bed.

“Lean over my lap.” He demanded once more.

And I did as he said, leaning over his lap.

“Since you didn’t listen to daddy, you’re going to get a spanking baby girl. How many do you think you deserve?” He asked

“I-I don’t know daddy, how many do you think I deserve?”


Smack “one” Smack “two” smack “three” I ended up counting to 20, damn he was enjoying this “daddy” persona.

“Okay babygirl, I think you’ve had enough.” He spoke, giving a gently kiss to my now raw skin.

“Come up here” He demanded patting his thigh.

“Ok daddy” I replied, making my way to his clothed thigh, “ride it” he demanded once more.

I complied, rocking myself back and forth on his thigh, leaning my head into the crick of his neck, biting down gently.  On the brink of cumming, he stopped my actions, removing me from his thigh. Moving toward the head of the bed.

“Since you were so good baby, I think you get a little reward.” He said, climbing back into the position we were once in, this time removing his pants, and boxers.

“Sit on my face again babygirl, this time I’m going to get some enjoyment out of this.

Getting the message he was sending, I positioned my core on his face once more, but this time leaning my body down toward his semi hard length, as he began to lick harshly at my lips, but knowing the consequences this time, I knew to not let a moan out.

Taking his dick in my hand, I slowly pumped up and down causing him to groan lightly. He soon began to grow harder against my hand, as he also began to suck my clit hard bringing me close to the edge, but I couldn’t warn him, or say anything at this point, fuck I could barely focus on pleasuring him because of the sheer euphoria I was experiencing. To try, and hold off as long as possible, I started to focus on Ethans pleasure, taking the tip of his hard length into my mouth, and sucking harshly, causing a loud moan from him to escape.

“Fuck do that again babygirl.” He moaned out, catching a breath.

As he commanded, I started to take his entire length into my mouth, hallowing my cheeks in, and pumping the rest that wouldn’t fit. Because damn, this boy was fucking well endowed, jesus bless.

“Baby, get ready, I’m going to try something a little different” He mumbled against my core. I had no idea what to expect as of now, I was just focusing on the pleasure I was receiving, along with the pleasure I was reciprocating.

As I continued to suck Ethan, occasionally licking the underside of his cock, causing him to shutter. He switched from eating my pussy, to my ass? 

“Stop sucking princess, I want to cum inside of you, not yet.”

With that, I leaned myself back once more, gripping at the headboard, preparing for Ethans touch.

As he switched regions, I moaned at the foreign pleasure I was receiving, not caring if he stopped, but hoping he didn’t, because damn did these feel oddly good.

“Don’t moan princess, next time i’ll stop for good, and you won’t even cum tonight.”

Fearing that would actually happen, I needed to keep them at a low.

As I rode his face, and he continued to lick my ass softly, I was in pure euphoria, nothing comparing to the current pleasure I was now feeling.

Without warning, he removed me from his face.

“Damnit E! Let me fucking cum once atleast!” I protested. 

Bad idea.

“What the fuck did you just say?” He growled out, once more. Damn he was a beast tonight.

“You heard me” I boldly stated.

“All fours, now.” He commanded, as he trailed off to the corner of the room.

I obliged, getting on all fours, waiting for whatever may come my way.                 Soon enough, Ethan comes back, but with a few things this time.

Nipple clamps, Handcuffs, and now a completely naked body, that I could stare at all day if i’m being honest, his figure was something carved from the gods, thick but not too thick, muscular but not too muscular, and he was defiantly packing in the crotch department.

“This is what you get for being a bad girl” He whispered into the thick sex filled air.

He neared me, flipping my body over, and placing the clamps upon my hardened nipples. soon to flip me over once more, and cuff my hands to the headboard.

Causing me to yelp, at the sharp pain of the clamps, and the pressure of the restraints, but I liked it odd enough.

“Prepare babygirl, this is going to be  wild ride.” He said while stroking himself a few times, placing his now hardened tip against my entrance, causing me to pull at the restraints.

“Cum when I say too” He ordered, pushing his hard length into my core deeply, and roughly. “You can moan babygirl, scream out my name.” He spoke, pounding into me, not giving any time to adjust.

“How do those clamps feel baby?” He asked, while punding harder into my core from behind.

“Yes they do daddy” I replied, moaning loudly as he thrusted into the right spot.

“I hit it didn’t I princess” he asked, pounding into the same spot over and over.

I moaned loudly, as I did so, Ethan placed his large hands around my neck, applying a little pressure, thrusting deeper than ever, hitting my G-spot repetitively, causing me to scream out in pleasure, also causing Ethans grip on my neck to strengthen, this turning me on enough, but the whole sight could make me cum on demand, but I had to wait to cum, until Ethan told me so.

“Fuck E i’m gonna cum!” I called out loudly.

“Don’t you fucking dare, not yet.”

This, caused Ethan to thrust harder, and rub my clit with his free hand, as his other had a grip on my neck, releasing pressure ever so often.

“Cum now” He ordered, as he pounded into me one last time, before releasing into me, the warmth alone causing me to cum.

A few sloppy thrusts later, after riding our intense highs, he removed himself from my core. And removed the restraints and cuffs, before leaving to put them away.

Five minutes later, he returned all cleaned up as if nothing had happened whatsoever.

“Was that vanilla babygirl?” He asked, climbing into our shared bed, as I laid still bare and breathless.

“No… daddy” I winked his way.

“I love you ya know.” He whispered into my ear, squeezing my breast lightly.

“I love you too Dolan.” I replied, leaning my head on his shoulder, as he slowly drifted to sleep.

Thanks JC, I thought silently, damn, I really owed him a massive thank you, who know’s maybe he can join in next time?

Torturing Starter Pack
  • “Hush now. It’s not that bad.”
  • “I’m only doing this because i love you!”
  • “Does that gag need to be tighter?”
  • “Make another sound and I’ll shoot you right here!”
  • “Have fun chewing your food with no teeth!”
  • “Is that blindfold too tight?…”
  • “Stop squirming!”
  • “Do you want to keep your other eye?!”
  • “You would NEVER understand my reasoning..”
  • “Hate is a strong word, but.. It’s not stronger than my steel pipe, is it?”
  • “Don’t be scared.. The cage will eventually feel like home, it’s okay…”
  • “Cry for me! Beg for me!”
  • “You’re NEVER leaving ALIVE!”
  • “I’m sorry, your highness, do you want lighter chains?”
  • “You’ll NEVER escape!”
  • “Do you think i like this?! You couldn’t be more right!”

anonymous asked:

How would Seven react to finding out MC is Vanderwood's sibling?

This is a great request anonny, Vanderwood deserves more love! I love his character and this is a really funny and creative idea! Thank you for your patience and for the request, I hope that you enjoy!! ^^

  • Seven always found it weird just how normal you were when he first did his background check on you
  • You were the definition of a perfectly normal, boring person, you had good grades, a nice family, a normal looking home, no medical issues, and no previous relationship
  • But in the chat room, you seemed like a completely different person from the intel that he gathered
  • Seven chose to ignore it for now, knowing that he had to keep an eye on you since you did seem suspiciously different from your supposed past
  • In actuality, he forgot all about your bizarrely normal past whenever he first met you in person and saw just how unique you truly were
  • So the two of you started a romantic relationship together after helping Saeran
  • Your relationship with Seven blossomed making you forget all about your past
  • That is until one day when you and Seven were on the couch, having an intense make-out session
  • Seven was cradling the back of your head with one hand and caressing your lower hip with the other, all while using his tongue to explore your mouth
  • He was about to slip his fingers underneath your panties until the two of you jumped at the sound of loud knocking
  • Seven quickly went to check and see what was going on and sighed in relief when he noticed that it was just Vanderwood
  • Vanderwood had come by to visit his former fellow agent to discuss some new developments within the old agency
  • Seven tried to make his friend get in and out as soon as possible so that he could attend to you as he quickly led the older male through the living room
  • Vanderwood lazily followed his friend as he glanced at you but suddenly his eyes went immediately back on you once he realized who you were
  • “MC?! What the hell are you doing here?!” Vanderwood shouted as his eyes widened in shock
  • “And what to do think that you’re doing here Vanderwood?!” You shouted back as Seven stood there confused
  • “Um, does someone want to explain to me why you two are yelling at each other?” Seven asked looking back between you and Vanderwood
  • “Didn’t she tell you? MC is my sister.” Vanderwood stated matter-of-factly
  • Seven’s jaw dropped at Vanderwood’s words, although they did make sense the more he thought about it
  • Vanderwood must have made your past seem completely normal so that no other agencies or enemies would go after you
  • “Why didn’t you tell Seven that I’m your sister Van?” You asked your brother as you crossed your arms over your chest
  • “Because I didn’t realize that the idiot was dating you MC. Your name’s pretty common so I didn’t think much of it. Since he trusted you, so did I.” Vanderwood stated
  • “And Seven, how could you not tell that I’m Van’s sister? We look a lot alike you know.” You gave your boyfriend an accusing glare
  • Seven put his arms up defensively saying “Since Vanderwood never mentioned having a family I just assumed he was an only child. My bad MC.“
  • You nodded at both men and said “Well now since everything’s settled, I’ll get us all something to drink. Make yourself at home, Van.”
  • Once you left to go to the kitchen, Vanderwood grabbed Seven by the collar of his shirt and pressed him against the wall
  • “You know, your inside security cameras are so easy to hack through. I saw what you were doing to my sister before I came inside and let me tell you Agent 707, I’m not so sure that I approve of it. I swear if you hurt my sister in any way I will destroy you. You know how strong I am so don’t do anything stupid got it?” Vanderwood sneered at Seven, his eyes filled with passion to protect you
  • Seven shrugged his shoulders casually saying “Do you honestly think I’d hurt her Vanderwood? I’m not sure if you know this or not, but what me and MC were doing was pleasuring each other. Now, if you need me to explain or demonstrate for you-”
  • Vanderwood rolled his eyes and let go of Seven’s shirt, rubbing his temples as he said “God you’re seriously the biggest idiot I know. Out of every person on this planet my sister just had to choose you.”
  • Seven smiled and slung an arm around Vanderwood’s shoulder, rubbing his cheek affectionately against the older male’s own cheek exclaiming “Aww don’t be such a downer Vanderwood! After all, soon enough we’re going to be brother-in-laws! Just imagine how much fun it’s going to be to have me around all of the time!”
  • You would never know how much strength it took Vanderwood to not use his taser on Seven during your wedding day but he would keep his cool only for his favorite little sister

anonymous asked:

I know this might be an odd request, (maybe out of the ordinary) but I absolutely adore your way in writing style and was wondering, could you possibly write anything about plain brown eyes that could make me love them? Because I'm finding it so hard to.

You have eyes the colour of the trees, as grounded and strong as  forests that spread old and wise and long before us. I meet them and instantly feel at peace. You are beyond me. 

You have eyes the colour of my favourite coffee. Rich and warm - I look at you, and we are home again, cuddled together in the early morning with steam coaxing us awake. Eyes like dark chocolate: heaven on earth. 

You have eyes like the autumn. Sometimes, I think they might be brown, other times there are flecks of green, or a sprinkling of gold in the sunlight. I could spend a lifetime looking at you and never quite figure it out. 

You have eyes like the earth; everything starts there. 


Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Reader (human) x Brett Talbot
Words: 1,851
Warnings: insecurities, bdd mentions, mentions of body image insecurities.
Request? yes or no
Imagine: after a lacrosse game for Devenford prep you see a pretty girl who is not you holding onto your boyfriend and immediately think that she is the kind of girl he wants or better yet deserves.
A/N: so in my heart and soul Brett Talbot is alive, well, happy and safe and warm and far away from Beacon Hills. I refuse to cross out Brett in my imagine writing and will continue to write stories with Brett. BRETT TALBOT DESERVED BETTER!.that is all.

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÷ Sentence Starters
  • "I was born inside a small town."
  • "Friends and family filled with envy when they should be filled with pride."
  • "And when the world's against me, is when I really come alive."
  • "I need to get in the right mind and clear myself up."
  • "I look in the mirror, questioning what I've become."
  • "I'm well aware of certain things that can destroy a man like me."
  • "I am happy on my own so here I'll stay."
  • "I used to think that nothing could be better than touring the world with my songs."
  • "I chased the picture perfect life, I think they painted it wrong."
  • "I think that money is the route of all evil, and fame is hell."
  • "Ain't nobody want to see you down in the dumps."
  • "You're living your dream and this should be fun."
  • "I beg you don't be disappointed with the man I've become."
  • "I guess you know I've been away."
  • "Where I'm heading, who knows?"
  • "My heart will stay the same."
  • "I was younger then."
  • "I found my heart and broke it here."
  • "I can't wait to go home."
  • "I miss the way you make me feel."
  • "We watched the sunset over the castle on the hill."
  • "Had my first kiss on a Friday night... I don't reckon I did it right."
  • "Maybe I came on too strong."
  • "Maybe I waited too long."
  • "Maybe I played my cards wrong."
  • "Baby I apologise for it."
  • "I've been known to give my all."
  • "Don't call me baby unless you mean it."
  • "Don't tell me you need me if you don't believe it."
  • "So let me know the truth before I dive right into you."
  • "You're a mystery."
  • "I have traveled the world and there's no other girl like you."
  • "What's your history?"
  • "Do you have a tendency to lead some people on? 'Cause I heard you do."
  • "The club isn't the best place to find a lover."
  • "Girl, you know I want your love."
  • "Your love was handmade for somebody like me."
  • "I may be crazy, don't mind me."
  • "Boy, let's not talk too much, grab on my waist and put that body on me."
  • "I'm in love with the shape of you."
  • "We push and pull like a magnet do."
  • "I'm in love with your body."
  • "Now my bedsheets smell like you."
  • "Although my heart is falling, too, I'm in love with your body."
  • "I never knew you were the someone waiting for me."
  • "We were just kids when we fell in love, not knowing what it was."
  • "I will not give you up this time."
  • "Darling, just kiss me slow."
  • "Darling, you look perfect tonight."
  • "Well I found a woman, stronger than anyone I know."
  • "She shares my dreams, I hope that someday I'll share her home."
  • "We are still kids, but we're so in love."
  • "I know we'll be alright this time."
  • "Be my girl, I'll be your man."
  • "I see my future in your eyes."
  • "I don't deserve this, darling, you look perfect tonight."
  • "I know I have met an angel in person."
  • "You look perfect tonight."
  • "Baby, I just want to dance."
  • "She shared a cigarette with me while her brother played the guitar."
  • "You know she beat me at darts and then she beat me at pool."
  • "She kissed me like there was nobody else in the room."
  • "I was holding her hand, her hand was holding mine."
  • "I swear I'm going to put you in a song that I write."
  • "You look happier."
  • "I saw that both your smiles were twice as wide as ours."
  • "Ain't nobody hurt you like I hurt you, but ain't nobody love you like I do."
  • "Promise that I will not take it personal if you're moving on with someone new."
  • "You look happier, you do, my friends told me one day I'll feel it, too."
  • "I'll smile to hide the truth, but I know I was happier with you."
  • "Everything's reminding me of you."
  • "You're happier, aren't you?"
  • "I know that there's others that deserve you, but my darling, I am still in love with you."
  • "I know I was happier with you."
  • "I knew one day you'd fall for someone new."
  • "If he breaks your heart like lovers do, just know that I'll be waiting here for you."
  • "Tribal tattoos and he don't know what it means."
  • "But I heard he makes you happy so that's fine by me."
  • "I'm just keeping it real."
  • "I'll be trying not to double tap, from way back, cause I know that's where the trouble's at."
  • "Let me remind you of the days when you used to hold my hand and when we sipped champagne."
  • "I guess if you were Lois Lane, I wasn't superman, just a young boy trying to be loved."
  • "If it was meant to be, you wouldn't be calling me up trying to fuck."
  • "I'm positive that he don't wanna know about me."
  • "I know you're missing all this kind of love."
  • "In the back of the club kissing a boy that ain't him."
  • "You're still a young girl trying to be loved."
  • "When you're with him I know you're lonely."
  • "Please, remember you're still free, to make the choice and leave."
  • "She is the sweetest thing that I know."
  • "You should see the way she holds me when the lights go low."
  • "Oh we're in love, aren't we?"
  • "I feel safe when you're holding me near."
  • "Love the way that you conquer your fear."
  • "You know hearts don't break around here."
  • "Spent my summer time beside her, and the rest of the year the same."
  • "She is the lighthouse in the night that will safely guide me home."
  • "I'm not scared of passing over or the thought of growing old, because from now until I go, every night I'll kiss you."
  • "We could change this whole world with a piano."
  • "I'm just a boy with a one-man show."
  • "Love could change the world in a moment."
  • "The revolution's coming, it's a minute away."
  • "I know, I'm all for people following their dreams."
  • "The future's in the hands of you and me."
  • "You are the one, girl."
  • "How would you feel, if I told you I loved you?"
  • "So tell me that you love me, too."
  • "We were sat upon our best friend's roof, I had both of my arms round you, watching the sunrise replace the moon."
  • "We were sitting in a parked car, stealing kisses in the front yard."
  • "I'm in pieces, it's tearing me up."
  • "A heart that's broke is a heart that's been loved."
  • "I hope that I see the world as you did."
  • "A life with love is a life that's been lived."
  • "I've got two left feet and a bottle of red wine."
  • "We're going somewhere where the sun is shining bright."
  • "You're like something that God has sent me."
  • "I lost my shoes last night, I don't know where I put my keys."
  • "I get lonely and make mistakes from time to time."
  • "My heart is breaking at the seams and I'm coming apart now."
  • "Always say what's on your mind."
  • "I was twenty four years old when I met the woman I would call my own."
  • "Her daddy said, 'No, you can't marry my daughter.'"
  • "I'm gonna marry the woman I love."
  • "Never had I seen such beauty before."
  • "I never worried about the king and crown."
  • "I gave all my oxygen to people that could breath."
  • "I gave away my money and now we don't even speak."
  • "I drove miles and miles, but would you do the same for me."
  • "Life can get you down so I just numb the way it feels."
  • "I drown it with a drink and out of date prescription pills."
  • "All the ones that love me, they just left me on the shelf."
  • "So before I save someone else, I've got to save myself."
  • "I'm here again, between the devil and the danger."
  • "Before I blame someone else, I've got to save myself."
  • "Before I love someone else, I've got to love myself."
If We’re Talking Bodies (Jeremy/Michael)

Summary: Michael is insecure about his stretch marks, but Jeremy loves them. (Me, chanting: TRANS MICHAEL MELL, TRANS MICHAEL MELL! Shoutout to @the-kin-and-i for helping me make sure I didn’t accidentally say something unintentionally offensive or anything while writing a trans character! And thanks to @bigirlgiggles who asked for some Jeremy kissing Michael’s tum content…Hope you enjoy!)

Warnings for mentions of body image issues, including dysphoria, and brief mention of transphobic parents.

Michael had never liked his body. Way before he even knew he was trans, he’d just…hated it. Not even just the biological part of it all, but everything from his stomach to his thighs was ugly to him.

His body was covered in birthmarks, scars, stretch marks, and so many symbols of the fact that he’d lived. But those symbols were what made him hate it. In his eyes, they only made his skin ugly.

Jeremy had always loved Michael’s body. Always wishing he was as tall or as strong or had a cool scar from falling off a skateboard like Michael did.

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Scaredy Cat (Klaus Mikaelson)

I am new to the whole supernatural world thing. I only found out, because I was attacked by a vampire, and I wasn’t able to be compelled. No one knows why. I have no clue what would make me not be compelled since I am adopted. I never knew my real parents, because I was orphaned at a young age. So here I was, in the library of the Salvatore boarding house, watching as Damon and Stefan paced around, reading books. Trying to come up with something. I sat in a chair, unmoving.  

Damon has perceived me as an unknown threat, so I am not to move. How can I be a threat when I have always thought I was a normal human? Not aware of the supernatural world?  

“Could it have been a flaw? Maybe not enough eye contact for the compulsion? I was shaking, and I must have had my eyes closed most of the time, since I was about pass out from blood loss.” I offered up. I had my hands clasped tightly together in my lap, and my legs were bouncing quickly, and I kept fidgeting. Surely Damon’s jokes about killing me, if they didn’t find out what I was, weren’t complete jokes. Elena had filled me in, and had told me about how Damon is. Kill first, ask questions later.

“I said no talking, no moving. That means no shaking.” Damon snarled. I flinched, and I forced to keep back a whimper. I just want to go home. That’s all I want.

“Damon, you’re scaring her. If she is some creature that will kill us all, fear only makes it worse.” Stefan said to his brother. I didn’t mind Stefan. He seemed to control his brother. I admired Stefan, he was strong, smart, but had compassion. If there was something he could do to save someone, he would do it.  

“Maybe I could help?” I said, as I slowly stood up, and in an instant Damon was in front of me, grasped my shoulders tightly, and began shaking me.

“I told you not to move! What are you? Tell us, now!” he said, veins appearing beneath his eyes. I whimpered, and tried to get away. He threw me back against a wall, and I fell into a glass table. Glass pierced my skin, and I cried out. I laid there, crumpled on the floor for a moment, before I scooted myself out of the way. My back hit a wall, and I drew my legs up to my chest. I felt dizzy. No doubt because I hit my head. My shoulder hurts, and I felt blood seep through my shirt. I want to go home.

“Damon! What did you do?” Stefan yelled. He made a move to come towards me, but I shook even more, and whimpered. Not even trying to conceal my fear. I felt my mind wander, and I found myself looking through a veil and I saw hazy shadows, and I heard whispers and wails. Some were scared, some were angry, above all, they were confused. I found myself sucked back into reality, and I paid attention to the brothers hushed whispers.

“He might know something. Surely he’s come across this before.” Stefan said. Who are they talking about?

“Definitely not. He’s satan. Or at least his brother!” Damon said.

“Scaring her didn’t work. Hurting her didn’t work. What else can you do?” Stefan asked.

“Kill her?” Damon offered.

“We’re not killing her. She could be useful.” Stefan said. Is that all I am? A possible asset or enemy? Is that all they see life as?  

“Maybe she’ll regenerate or something.” Damon said.

“No. We’re not killing her. I’m calling Klaus.” Stefan said, and walked away. I felt eyes on me, and I began shaking. Please don’t kill me. That’s all I ask. I stayed huddled in my corner, and I found myself back looking through a veil, and watching the shadows.  

“Can you see us?” a gravely voice asked.

“You look like shadows.” I thought, not wanting to say anything out loud. Who knows, maybe I’m just going crazy, or it will give Damon a reason to kill me.  

“That’s because we are. We’re the Shadows. Not ghosts, not spirits.” the same voice said. This is all too much.

“Stay, please.” a younger voice said. A little girl appeared in front of me.  

“Who is Klaus?” I asked.

“A frightening man, but he won’t kill you. You can trust him with your powers. He’ll protect you. Just stay loyal to him. Stay away from the Salvatore’s.” the girl said.

“What are my powers? I’m just a human.” I voiced through my thoughts. Surely I’m just a schizophrenic.

“You can communicate with the lost. All the souls that were misguided, and never found. With practice, and through trust of us, you will be able to seek information. You’ll be able to communicate with the other side in time, bring people back to life, and take a life with a single touch. You’re a Reaper. Not the kind that you’re thinking of. No. But you’ll get to be powerful, don’t you worry.” the girl said, and then her face, along with the other shadows faded.

I guess I’m a reaper. Whatever that is. I felt eyes on me, and I turned my head, and I saw Damon glowering at me. I stifled a shriek, and I shook violently. Just let me go home. Minutes later, I heard a door open, and two steps of footsteps walked towards this area. One was Stefan, and he had an aged and tired look on his face. The other was an attractive male, with blonde hair, and just looking at him, I could sense he was confident.  

Damon pointed over to me, and I shrunk back, afraid. If Damon hates this person, and Damon is vicious, shouldn’t I be afraid of him too? But the voice I heard. The voice of one of the shadows. Klaus stepped towards me, and I tried to distant myself, but I couldn’t push myself back any farther than I already was.  

Klaus glared at Damon, when he saw my bloodied, injured, and frightened formed, knowing it was him who hurt me. “Leave.” Klaus said. Damon looked like he was about to protest, but Stefan dragged him away, and I relaxed slightly.  

Klaus crouched down to my level, and peered into my eyes. “What’s your name, love?” he said calmly. I diverted my eyes away from him, and looked at the ground.

“Why should I tell you?” I said, my voice hoarse from crying.

“The idiots are right, you can’t be compelled. Come, let me get you out of here.” he said. He moved forwards, and I shook with fear. “I won’t hurt you. Now come on.” he said, and lifted me up into his arms, and I winced when I moved my shoulder. His eyes hardened, and he looked up the stairs sharply.

Everything blurred around me, and a few seconds later I saw that we were outside my apartment door. He opened the door, and tried to step through. He looked like he had trouble, but still managed to get past. When Stefan tried to come in earlier he wasn’t able to.

Klaus set me down on my couch, then went and closed my door. He came back over to me, and sat next to me. “So tell me. What’s your name?” he said again.

“(Y/n).” I whispered.

“That’s a lovely name, now, whatever you tell me, I can tell you honestly that I won’t tell the Salvatore’s. They don’t see sheer talent and strength when they see it.” Klaus said to me.

“Do you already know what I am?” I asked.

“I have a few ideas. Were the brothers able to get past your door?” he asked.

“No. But you were, but you’re a vampire? How is that possible?” I asked.

“I’m stronger than most. I’m one of the original vampires. You’re not able to be compelled that part was obvious.” he said thoughtfully.

“When I was in the corner, it was as if I zoned out. I was looking through a veil. I saw shadows, and I heard their cries and screams. The second time I went, a voice asked me if I could see them, I thought to them, since I didn’t want to talk out loud, and they called themselves the lost. The shadows. A young girl appeared and told me that I could trust you, she said that I will grow powerful.” I said to him. I sat on my hands, looked at the ground, and bit my lip harshly.

“What did she call you?” he asked.

“A reaper.” I whispered. He sucked in a breath, and I looked up at him. He had a faint smile on his face.

“Don’t worry (Y/n). I won’t let any harm come your way. Now let me clean you up. You like you went through a meat grinder.” he said.  

“I feel like it. Let me get my first aid kit, and clothes.” I said, as I went to stand up, but Klaus grabbed my arm.

“No, love. You sit. Where is everything?” He asked.  

“My clothes are in my room, the closed door at the end of that hallway, over there, and my first aid kit is in the bathroom cabinet. Rags and towels are in the bathroom closet.” I told him. He walked around, gathering my belongings, and I sighed. This is all too much. Just two days ago I believed I was completely normal. I had anxiety, but normal. Then I was attacked by a vampire of all things, and found out I am a damn reaper.  

Klaus returned to my side, and began peeling back my shirt. He looked like he was having difficulties, because he was trying not to hurt me or scare me.“I got it.” I said. I pushed his hands away, and I lifted my shirt off, and I placed it on my coffee table. He sucked in a sharp breath when he took in my injuries. All because of one brutal vampire with anger issues. I thought Klaus was supposed to be the vicious one? Surely everyone is mistaken.

He began cleaning away the blood, and I bit my lip harshly to keep from crying out. This all hurts way too much. Tears sprang to my eyes as he ran over my shoulder. “Klaus, it hurts too much. Stop. I’ll just stay bloody.” I said. His eyes flickered to mine, and he had a look of determination on his face.

“(Y/n), love, I have to clean you up. I know you’re in pain, but if I don’t clean you up, you will get an infection. I don’t want my little Reaper to get sick.” Klaus said.

“So I’m just some piece of property now, is that it? If so, I’ll gladly fling myself off of a cliff.” I said, angrily. If I wasn’t badly injured I would have jumped up in a rage. Sadly I couldn’t.  

“No, sweetheart. That’s not it.” Klaus said in a soothing manner. I wanted to believe him, but after the compassionate Stefan only viewed me as a possible asset, and not as a person stung a little bit. Besides, Stefan didn’t even know what I was. Klaus does.

“Then what is? Please do go on.” I muttered. I could tell my attitude was slowly wearing Klaus’ patience down. But after the hell I went through tonight, I believe I have a right. I just want to go to sleep, and possibly throw myself out of my sixth story window.  

“(Y/n), I recognize how powerful you can be. I want to protect you.” he said.

“And put me in a china cabinet until I’m best suited for use?” I snapped. His eyes darkened a shade, and his hand froze from wiping the blood off of me. A second later he regained his composure and continued cleaning me up, moving on to the first aid kit.  

“Any other occasion, yes, yes I would, but not you. I admire your strength. Usually a fragile human would be shaking and crying, but you on the other hand have to courage to speak up. And how would I protect you if you weren’t in my sight all the time?” Klaus said, gently.

“So you really want to protect me?” I asked. He nodded his head.

“Yes, love, I really want to protect you. No I won’t lock you away, I’ll keep you by my side.” he said in a reassuring manner. I looked up into his eyes, and there was no hint of deceit. The one thing I remember of my birth mother was she told me that I had a special gift of knowing when someone was lying. I never believed her of course, but here I am, looking at the face capable of destroying villages, and I know he is telling the truth. I just know it.

“I believe you.” I whispered.  

“As you should. You have a gift of know how, I can easily see that.” Klaus said, as he taped gauze onto my shoulder. He pulled a shirt over my head, and helped me get dressed. He stood me up to my feet, and handed me a pair of sweatpants. I shrugged them on, once I removed my blood stained jeans.  

I sat back down, and he pulled me to his side. I got comfy, and he wrapped his arms around my waist in a protective manner. “I’ll keep you safe. From the Salvatore’s, the fear of the Shadows, and any other threat that happens to be in your way. I promise.” he whispered. I knew he was telling the truth.I just knew it.

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BTS When They See You Hungover


“Did I or did I not tell you to control your alcohol intake” he scolded you, early ing the morning, carefully placing his freshly made soup on the nightstand next to the bed.

You were covered in wet towels as the heat became even more unbearable for you when you woke up. You groan remembering how you rolled your eyes at the warning Jin made yesterday morning.

One drink turned to 3 and those doubled and so on. Your friend, and also designated driver for the night, drove you home after calling Jin over so he could carry you to your apartment.

Jin played along with your antics yesterday night - endlessly dragging you back into bed, insisting that you sleep before you could hurt yourself.

He comes over to lean against the bed frame beside you and puts his arm over your shoulder. You slowly sink into his arms and begin to fall asleep when Jin shakes you a little.

“You know the lady that sells Bungeo-ppang?”

You open one eye to peer at him, “yeah, did you bring me one?”

“No” He smiles and points at the bowl, “drink your soup.” You groan again, but this time in refusal; rolling away from him, but his hand keeps you beside him. “I ran into her while shopping and she gave me some medicine for you,” he sees your eyebrow raise and his laugh begins to form.

“Apparently you went to her shop last night and asked her to set all her fish free.”

You push your head back in annoyance with yourself as Jin rubs your shoulder in comfort.

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He looks over at you still sleeping; you were 5 drinks in when he offered to be your black knight (drink in your place). Fortunately you didn’t put up much of a fight. Unfortunately, 5 drinks was enough to make you a sleeping mess. His alcohol tolerance was fairly good, but after carrying you all the way back home in the cold weather, his memory began to fade.

You shuffle in your sleep and he instantly reaches out to push your hair out of your face.

The action makes you open your eyes slowly to look up at him, “how’re you feeling?” he asks rubbing your cheek.

“Like I’ve been dragged through the streets“

“I may have hit your head in the corners a couple of times.” Your eyes widen at him and he smiles down at you. “I told you when you bought this apartment that the corners needed to be child proof.“

“I’m not a child“ you whine, “How is it that you’re in one piece?“

Before he can answer your question his phone beeps with a text, he takes his hand off of your cheek to get his phone. He looks down at the text really quick before looking up and giving a sympathetic smile.

“Hungover cure is waiting for you on the kitchen counter, babe. I have practice now - call me if you don’t feel okay.“ he gets up to grab his leather jacket and halts to lean over to feel your lips on his.

“Nasty morning breath“ he playfully teases before going in for another peck, “I’ll let myself in tonight so don’t stay up and rest.“

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J Hope

“Hyung I think she might be dead” you open your eyes slowly at the sound of Hoseoks voice, “She’s not even mumbling things in here sleep, just dead”

You’ve becomes a black rose since hoseoks tolerance and taste didn’t suit alcohol. You slowly sit up in your bed, putting your hands on your face, not wanting him to see you like this. Your cheeks feel hotter than usual and your throat dry.

“Never mind she’s alive, i’ll call you later then, bye.“

He comes over the bed with a glass of water and some pills “Here you had me worried, i was about to call a doctor over? do you know how much you drank ? you could have gotten alcohol poisoning!” his mouth turns downwards as you sit up slowly and take the pill and raise the glass to your lips.

“Hobi, I’m just tired - I feel like crap“

“I know, I’m sorry. Maybe we shouldn’t have…”

You finally see his tired face as well, he must have stayed up the whole night worrying. A sudden guilt hits you seeing him like this.

“Come here,“ you extend your arms towards him and he goes towards you resting his head on your chest and his hands wrap around your waist. “It’s just a slight hangover, i’ll get over it soon. I’m sorry for making you worry, I don’t think going out for drinks is us.”

“Staying at home is nicer.“ 

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Rap Monster

You shuffle around uncomfortably for a few moments before realizing you’re not on your mattress, rather you have your bed sheets wrapped around you tightly inside your bathtub.

“Yah!” you call out, knowing full well your boyfriend promised to stay the weekend with you.

A loud bang followed by smaller bangs assure you that he’s somewhere in the kitchen making his way towards you.

He appears before you in only his loose boxers and messy hair, and it takes you a good minute to remember the position you are currently stuck in, “You awake?” He laughs as he leans in the door frame.

You narrow your eyes at him “Why do you have me here? Why am i tied up?”

“Do you know how stubborn you get when you’re drunk?” he goes over to you, “You kept assaulting me both sexually and physically” he jokes pulling the ties he made with the bed sheet. “I literally had to wrestle the whole way here”

You finish the knots and free yourself with his help from the sheets, “Why the bathtub?” you take his outstretched hand, sheets still wrapped around you, pulling yourself up and out of the tub.

“Babe, you made yourself heavier when i tried to carry you - the farthest i could make it was here.” he takes the remains sheets out of the tub and turns to you.

You see his tongue pass over his lips, your eyes travel towards his face and become immediately trapped by his eyes as you become aware that your are naked under the sheets.

“Let’s take a shower, last night was enough self control to last me a lifetime,“ he jokes.

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You whine into your sheets as an alarm clock goes off early in the morning, you completely forgot you had a job last night as you drank beer like water. You shove your head in your pillow and kick off the bed sheet to only cover your torso.

You hear footsteps and the alarm shuts off. You wait a few seconds and feel the bed dip down under someones weight, looking up you see your boyfriend leaning down to kiss the top of your head.

“I called your coworker to cover the first hours of your shift. What happened last night?”

“I have no idea, i was just drinking and went to close the window and felt my whole body on fire.”

“You drunk called me last night, you know“ he looked at your wide eyes and decided to carry on “You said some pretty dirty stuff baby“ he smirks down at you as you put you head down on the pillow unable to contain the blush coming on your cheeks “said you wanted me to undress you and cool the heat in your pussy with my cum“ you bring your legs together to try and stop the contraction around nothing. “Your drunk logic is beyond me, If anything we’d get each other more heated.“

He gently pushes you head to the side to face him, his breath hitches as he sees your flushed face with mouth slightly open from thirst.

“Jimin“ you whisper as he lays down on top of you, pushing you more into the bed under his weight.

“Don’t look at me like that and not expect some retribution for it.“ He rubs your naked back softly and leans over again to kiss down your spinal cord making you hum happily for what’s to come.

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“Kim Taehyung” your eyes narrow, not only from annoyance but also from the killer headache. He got home yesterday eager to try out his skills as a bartender.

he made a total of 8 cocktails ready for you to try. you happily obliged drinking all of his inventions and recipes as you finished your assignments and move over to search Netflix.

you didn’t get trough one full episode before you felt your eyelids heavily handing down. the ability to keep them up was forgot and Taehyung ended up with a stiff body not wanting to move and wake you up.

His arms are still around you tightly as you sit on his lap with your head on his shoulder.

“Y/n they’re all virgin - don’t worry” you lower your tone to mimic his voice remembering how you easily feel for his lie.

He gives you an innocent box smile and kisses your forehead, “At least you finally got the 11 hours of sleep you needed.” You cuddle back into his embrace unable to keep your anger.

“Oh no - we’re both going to cuddle properly on a perfectly good mattress.“ You yelp and begin laughing as he carries you bridal style to the bedroom

“Ow my head!“ you cry out from the sharp pain “Taehyung!“ you shout again as he hit your head with the door frame

“I’ll get you some Advil.“

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Going out for drinks and chicken was one of his favorite things to do with you. The way you completely brought down your guard and said everything he wanted to hear was his type of fun. He smiles down at you for all the confessions you made to him last night; confessions that he was sure to keep for the rest of his life in his heart…and his computer hard drive once he transferred them out of his phone.

He leaned down next to you and pulled you into his chest not intending to wake you up.

“Remind me never to drink ever again” you murmur into his chest.


“The worst”

“You were having the time of your life last night, jagi” you look up at him and scrunch your eyebrows. He smiled down at you and brought his phone above both of you sliding through live photos of you making faces, dancing, and singing horribly. He stoped at a video and played it.

“Jungkoooook” you hear yourself call in the background of the video.

You close your eyes and make a pain expression as the screen turns to you and your sad attempt at aegyo

“I love you this this this much,” your hands spread out knocking over a glass of water next to you, “Did you see that? My love is so strong it knocked over the sea, honey”

“I love you too. Y/N how about we go home?”

“What? No way handsome, call my boyfriend to come pick me up. Jungkook oppa!” you cheer out the his name in the video and you laugh a little at how ridicules you sound.

The last thing you see is jungkook bunny smile ending the video.

“Delete it, Jeon” you sigh and cuddle into his chest, not strong enough to

“Don’t think i will” he laughs putting his phone down.

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