you are my happy ship so please just sail forever okay

my boyfriend does my makeup voiceover; jeno ver.

a/n; i know im pretty late on the bandwagon but i was casually reading some of cheryl’s( @markleetrashh ) works and i happened to see her version of it and damn i was inspired to write my own hehe.. this might eventually be a series(ish) on this blog i already have someone else in mind for the next part of this series so do request if you want to see anyone in particular:)))

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bye my heart is weak for my dearest bias wrecker zeno sails again and yes i totally made that ship name up i have zero shame

  • ok so
  • it took you a aju long time to coerce coax jeno into doing this
  • “i don’t know anything about makeup!!”
  • “says the one who puts it on when they go on stage”
  • “okay maybe a little but- I KNOW NOTHING”
  • “i’ll cuddle you whenever if you do it”
  • “even when you’re doing homework?”
  • “…”
  • “yeah as long as i don’t fail my exams”
  • hence
  • mc jeno in the house with you beside him
  • “hey guys, its jeno here, y/n’s boyfriend, and today i’ll be voiceover-ing her everyday makeup look!!”
  • “i heard from y/n that alot of you guys have been requesting this since forever–”
  • “they just like you better jeno”
  • “that’s not true!!”
  • “it is!! the comment section is 70% of ‘where’s jeno’”
  • “ anyway, i know absolutely nothing about makeup, please forgive me.”
  • “so first off!! y/n looks beautiful even without makeup omygod shes so pretty and damn she looks like she already had makeup on–”
  • “i’m deducting one cuddle hour”
  • “why do i get called out for complimenting you y/n”
  • “oops okay so here is this mint looking tube called pore-fessional?? i don’t get why makeup has weird names”
  • “soooo she’s just squeezing a dot on the back of her hand and then spreading it all over her face”
  • “next we have this,,, thing called laneige”
  • “oh it’s a bb cushion! the makeup noonas put it on my face too”
  • “now she’s patting it all over her face, papapapapapapt”
  • “and done!! wow she’s so pretty!!!”
  • “and now for this,, thing that has a white fluff on the top, wha– age-rewind?? why does she need it she looks so young why does she need that”
  • “she’s using that to draw a triangle at the bottom of her eyes on her cheeks”
  • “then she uses the same sponge from the bb cushion thing, papapapapapapat”
  • “ok she’s done i don’t see you looking like a 3 year old y/n– i’M SORRY I LOVE YOU BABE”
  • you threw your stuffed unicorn and jeno, as he caught it,,
  • “omygod jeno”
  • you just sighed and leaned your head on his broad shoulders, as he smirked smiled to himself and continued the commentary
  • “so now y/n has to draw her eyebrows,, using this silver pen?? g–goofproof something idontknow”
  • “after drawing, she takes this small bottle called gimme brow and brushes the very small brush through her brows and now she has pretty brows as pretty as her yay”
  • “y/n now has this too faced sweet peach palette! i know the name because i bought it for her and she was so happy and the palette smells like peaches i recommend it,, and she’s taking this uh,, beige? colour and putting it on her eyelid”
  • “and now she’s taking a pink colour and putting it on too, y/n looks so pretty what did i do to deserve her”
  • “oh my god jeno istg”
  • “i’m the best boyfriend commenter i know that babe”
  • “now she uses another black pen to draw a line on her eyelid, and with a tiny little flick at the end!”
  • “okay it’s time to put the mascara, she uses this scary looking scissor-like thing to cut?? oh no curl her lashes! the makeup noona did that to mark-hyung’s eyes because we can’t see his eyelashes”
  • “you’re lying when you said you know nothing about makeup, jeno”
  • “i really know nothing,,,”
  • “don’t lie! i bet you know more than me”
  • “now y/n uses this pink thing called galifornia?? i thought it was california”
  • “oh and now she has pink cheeks oguogu so cute”
  • “next she uses becca’s highlighter in champagne pop! i know it because i bought it for her along with the peach palette! i like it because it looks like iron man’s armour”
  • “with a mini fan she uses it to highlight her nose bridge, and her cheeks, so she will shine bright like a diamond”
  • “wow jeno you really don’t know anything about makeup”
  • “the makeup noona taught me”
  • “lastly, she uses this lip thing, that has a triangle in the middle”
  • “y/n says its from laneige, the what?”
  • “two tone tint lip bar”
  • “anyway, its called tint mint, and it smells really good when i–”
  • “okay too much information”
  • “and now she has this pretty gradient lip thing!! so pretty”
  • “i guess she’s done now, she’s posing prettily for the camera!”
  • “remember to like, share and subscribe to y/n’s channel!” 
  • “if you subscribe i will do a boyfriend tag with y/n”
  • “ok what lee jeno i did not agree to this–”
  • “thank you for watching and please give y/n lots of love!!”
  • and then jeno just stops the recording himself and slouches in his seat,
  • “did i do good y/n? i literally kept asking the makeup noona questions so i can–”
  • “you did great jeno, you’re the best” as you hugged him in assurance, as he hugged you back
  • “can we do this again? it was really fun”
  • “i think my viewers would love that more than my usual videos”
Fic: How Lucky We Are (14/14) (M)

Author’s note: We have finally reached the end of the journey. It’s always sad to see a fic end, but I’ve got several more waiting in the wings to be written! I hope you’ve enjoyed this Captain Duckling journey as much as I have. And if you’ve been waiting to read, I hope you enjoy it now that it’s finished.

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Three Months Later

Emma frowned when she realized she was alone. She rolled over in the narrow bunk, wondered where her husband had gone. The Jolly Roger and her crew were recovering from a storm that came up suddenly. Rain and winds and high seas battered the ancient ship; Killian’s expert seamanship got them into a nearby alcove to ride out the worst of it. They’d only recently left their last port of call, Wolfwater, preparing for another long stretch at sea. It had been frightening, sails snapping in the winds as sailors struggled to tie them down, the sea frothing around them. She felt helpless, especially after Killian insisted she go below while he remained at the helm.

Not even magic could harness the elements.

Her relief when he appeared in their cabin, soaked to the skin and shivering, was palpable.

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A Long and Happy Life - Edward Kenway x Reader

A/N: A little something for the Captain of my heart, Edward Kenway on his birthday!

Words: 2,082
Warnings: A little bit of Eddie feeling sorry for himself but other than that it’s pretty fluffy

Tagging @sushitr-sh and @princessnanaxlaxus!

He was standing, hunched over a table with maps and charts scattered all over when the men first brought you to him.

“Found this one trying to sneak onboard, Captain,” the man holding your arm says.

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Requested by anonymous: what about frank and the reader falling in love but like SO HARD DESPERATELY IN LOVE and she’s like a normal girl but when frank starts killing ppl and all (which she knows about and is 100% ok with it) she begins taking first aid classes or something so she can patch him up whenever he comes back I DUNNO I LOVE FRANK I WANT LOVE AND FLUFF AND KISSES OH GOD
omfg frank castle imagine where the reader sleeps COMPLETELY on top of him always bc of two reasons. 1) he loves to be connected skin to skin like that to her and 2) because not only can he feel every one of her movements and it makes him feel like he can protect her better BUT HE ALSO FEELS SAFE AND PROTECTED BY HER WHEN THEY SLEEP LIKE THAT AND SHE KNOWS IT AND LOVES IT frank castle is my everything ok

Pairing: Frank Castle x Reader

Rating: T

Word count: 1.7k

Warnings: blood, fluff, swears

A/N: decided to combine these two requests, so, enjoy!

“Goddamn it,” you heard a grunt at the front door and immediately knew who it was. You heard the door slam shut and then there was a crash. “Fucking shit!

“Babe,” you called out, closing the book you were reading. “You okay?”

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Regarding the gay rumor (‘-’ )

Okay,  I’ve been talking to a friend and like me, she’s also, you know… delulu.  

The saying about ‘birds of a feather flock together’ is true. 

We talked about things and in the end we decided to post her analysis. Tbh I was actually quite reluctant about posting some parts of this bc I feel this thing is gonna make us sound even… crazier, but she said “so what? people already think we are crazy anyway”.

I warn you guys this girl is highly unfiltered so some of her words probably offending and rude, they are actually (and hella funny imo but that’s just personal taste of humour), therefore I want to apologize first on the behalf of this post (nah not really). 

Again I remind you this is just a BULLSHIT DELULU THEORY, in a politer word, an opinion, so ofc it would sound very biased, please don’t take it to the heart. Believe what you want to believe.

Let’s begin.

“I said Kaistal is rushed is because of the timing [a Pann post did say that this pairing was supposed to be outed during June – July]. So by now you already know how SM has all these dating stun bullshit, right? And how they control every fucking thing. 

Okay, so kai is actually paired with two ppl originally, krystal and yoona (back in 2012), but when RV debuted, they decided to add seulgi to the list too. Kai’s pairing is actually decided to be much much much later, who the fuck knows when, all I know is it’s not supposed to be now.

Back to the plot. So if you observe every fucking thing like I am, you would notice that SM was still experimenting with Kai’s pairing, in short they didn’t fucking know who the fuck was his final pairing yet so they were still baiting the public with each to see which get more response.

If you remember that chinese translation post, it says that kai is the kind that don’t like doing all this pairing bullshit, right? 

So that’s why even though kaistal is planned since forever [in 2012 – like that insider 2012 post has stated], their moment back in 2012-2014 are all brief and it’s not even actually a moment, just a moment of delulu ahaks.. ha.

Anyway, SM has told Kai that he will be paired with yoona or krystal since 2012, but since kai is such a freaking rebel, he don’t obey it, or at least not 100%, that’s why all those kaistal or seulkai moment are all half assed and not even deserving to call a moment lol, but whatever, i’m not here to bullshit on ppl’s ship (i am). SO to rank the kai’s ship that SM plan, 1- kaistal 2- yoonaxkai 3- seulkai (priorities here).

Let’s start with Yoonaxkai pairing shall we? 

So they start from that W live magazine photoshoot with seohyun back in 2012, where kai brought his puppy, i’m sure you guys know what i’m talking about. and you guys know how he was like, “ohh noona so pretty my dog is shy”. BUT it stopped there, why?

Because yoona dated seunggi that’s why. so the ship was discontinued

but oh?

Suddenly in Jan 2015 they decided that hey, maybe we can bring back the yoona x kai pairing, because why? Cause we’re SM and we don’t know his fucking final pairing, so there came the random ass Elle photoshoot where he was asked about the bulshit Q like what do you think of yoona and we saw you greet her and all that shit. 

Obviously if you little cute mind ppl don’t catch on, SM did this Elle photoshoot because they wanted to test the public reaction to the ship, like I said, they were still EXPERIMENTING. But oh no, the public only considered the pairing as brother sister, so the ship sink like Titanic *sobs*

Moving on to seulkai pairing, if you guys are curious little shit like me, you would be aware of this ship going around for a while now. 

WHY? because they happen to be friend when they are trainee, and yes there is actually a pic that they took together back then (with a group of ppl), unlike kaistal that is said to be friends since trainee days by DP but even sasaengs never heard of it (oh the horror) and also because bored ppl like shipping ppl with exo or more specifically kai.

So basically this seulkai ship is based on them being friends since trainee days, which tbh, how the fuck do you guys knows they are that close of a friend? huh? okay, whatever.

Back to the point. This pairing started when ppl saw Kai whisper to seulgi cute little ear at Gayo Daejun back in 2014, and that apparently blares the fucking fire in hormonal teenagers’ heart, so the boat sail. 

And then the press conference shit happens where seulgi, wendy and kai is the representative and some ppl were like, “Aww look at kai being shy with seulgi and him looking down” and also the one from SBS GAYO DAEJUN 2015 where he allegedly acted shy because seulgi was 5 m away from him even though if ppl weren’t so delulu they would know that kai was entertained by his fellow sunbae Shinee.

Anyway, this ship sail, still sailing eldorado. Ugh I like this song too much. So basically all these moments are planned by SM even though kaistal is still the main ship, they are still experimenting to see which got more response, which the ship does get a lot of response too, but not as much as kaistal unfortunately for those hormonal teenagers and some ahjummas. Please don’t be so naive to believe it’s not SM doing or I’m going to deck ur face.

And finally to the glorious ship of our focus, kaistal. 

so this ship started when ppl see kai rubbing his water bottle down krystal fragile arm because he was too busy staring at smth else that I don’t care about, so ppl was like, “look as how horny kai is that he even approach girls with a water fucking bottle”, so the ship started and it has been sailing steadily for 3 years, but then suddenly on July 2015 came the long awaited photoshoot of kaistal+taemin the so called ‘third wheeler’ [W magazine].

So if you guys are still turtles, this photoshoot came cause SM want to test the response, and they decided to add taemin because they think it’s subtle which is bullshit for a veteran company, but in the end taemin as the buffer works and ppl believes it (people *sigh*).

When this photoshoot came out ppl went wild and even burn a fucking car, because it was riot and all that shit. So it’s safe to say the response was flaming hot and SM was happy with the result, and they decided to go with kaistal as the final ship (with seulkai as the side dish and maybe a sprinkle of yoonaxkai). p/s: no one burn a fucking car… it was millions of it (i know my joke aren’t funny, stop wincing at it).

So now you get the histories of all these ships right? So move on to the theory or maybe it’s the truth and i’m just a very good watson or sherlock, whatever.

If you guys are a very practical observer like me, you would notice that kai airport fashion style has changed to fancy when Sep hit the 2015 calendar (Just 2 months after that W photoshoot).

And by then I already find that it’s suspicious cause we all know that the guy can’t even wear socks to save his own fucking life and suddenly he be wearing all these fancy ass shits? Nu-uh, something is going on here.

So you know the stages to know if idol is dating (if they have vehicles, change of styles, specific ideal type etc.. all that crap). Kai obviously tick most of the requirement of this list, so around that time people would be suspecting him being dating which he is indeed 'dating’ and then bam! DP said it’s kaistal.

At this time period (Sept 2015) SM already started what I call “Kaistal project”, it’s a lame ass name, i know. Need to remind you guys, SM was STILL EXPERIMENTING at this time, meaning they are still lax about releasing that they are 'dating’.

So when MAMA 2015 came is when shit got real, i’m too lazy to explain but there’s this gif of all of the member looking at kai when krystal is giving her speech and him singin krystal part in 4 walls and you know how that went and the response, like I said, SM was still half experimenting half confirming their final ship, that’s why you guys see side dishes of seulkai sometimes.

 And then GDA happened and people saw that kai pushed sehun aside to stand besides his beloved pseudo gf. Y’all know how it all went.

I’m just going to jump into random topic cause my thoughts is a mess.

Dispatch already made an agreement with SM that SM will give them some spicy couple every few years, or i think it’s just some spicy burritos. 

Anyways, they had this agreement, so that DP pictures you see of kaistal restaurant, with them not wearing any disguise or mask even though it’s a public restaurant and there’s many cars so many people, that shit is fake af, im sure you know it.

Those pics, they are shoot around Feb-March, meaning that dispatch and SM already shot that picts when the the two group ain’t busy, it’s just a theory, who told you to read this, feed your own curiosity.

[This is gonna sound very delulu – tbh even for me lol]

The imagination story goes that SM was relaxing in their office drinking Starbucks coffee in the middle of March (or perhaps around September bc that’s when the gay rumour started in Korean sites) when someone barged in while holding kaisoo kissin pics and the horror ensued

OMG why the fuck is there suddenly kaisoo picts? 

remember that rumour around the end of 2014 that some Chinese fans claimed that they have pictures of kaisoo kissing at backstage after Japan concert? And they said they were reluctant to release it, asking ppl ‘should we post it?’ and some ppl were like ‘NO YOU’LL RUIN THEIR LIFE’ and some were like ‘these two bitches are lying’

So the thing is that Dispatch (or probably other media outlets – DP isn’t the only one who loves juicy gossips) already collecting proves of kaisoo being real and undeniable proof at that, since forever, since kaisoo is speculate to be real af, please go read that article about a news outlet wanting to release a gay idol couple and they are preparing for the oncoming lawsuit from the respective company (means the company is BIG) and blah blah blah.

If it was DP who barged in, the scenario would prob be like “muahaha i have a new thing to come up with that can give me serious cash flow” and SM panicking and be like, “how could u do this, we had an agreement, we agreed on me giving kaistal or whoever kai pairing i will give since i’m so fucking indecisive after giving y’all baekyeon”, DP : “well i have better things to come out with and this is what i will come up with *kaisoo pics make its appearance*” and they be spitting shit to each other and then they made an agreement that DP will release kaistal pic in April as April Fools (its a joke) to cover that kaisoo [or perhaps to make public believe ‘bish they aint gay’ so the gay rumour that is being alleged on him would be nullified]. 

That’s why I said that kaistal dating news are rushed, they were supposed to be much much later, but because DP got their hand on kaisoo pic FINALLY after years of collecting JUSTIFYING proofs, they had to release it in April.

So the summary of this theory is that;

kaistal plan already started in september 2015, airport fashion changed, kaistal rumor circulate on Pann, MAMA shit happens, GDA shits happens, and then SM got a ‘surprise motherfucker’ visit from kaisoo proof, then SM rearranged the agreement making kaistal to be released in April (Fool) instead of June – July (like that Pann post has said)”

This is just a made up story/theory, mkay? We don’t know for sure if SM does this to cover the gay – although it’s obvious (at least for me) that they do this to boost their newest group and covering krishan issue. And it’s obvious (again, at least for me) that the scandal has been arranged before by SM and DP.  

Tbh I think I’m gonna get hates or mocks on bc of this… but oh well, it’s not my first time anyway. Go make fun of my delulunessss lol

Spread the JJY Love
With all this we got married shiz lately and how Jung Joon Young’s reputation is being tarnished; I thought the only thing I can do to support him is to show everybody why we love him. I really wish I can be in Korea supporting him but that’s not going to happen until December =_= So these are a collection of my favourite gifs and credits to mongki-maejikheespyuk4d-raccoon, roypang, young-rocker, and to whoever made these amazing gifs!

Jung Joon Young; rocker at heart. Has a deep voice that would leave you in aw. Don’t believe me? Click on the link:

Click for eargasm

Trust me, once you hear his voice, there is no escape. 

He’s really cool right. But wait, he’s not just your typical idol who might be all manly and cool at all times. Joon Young might be a badass rocker but he can be quite adorable.

This has to be one of my favourite gifs. How he just picks up his mic and smile. He wasn’t worried, he just seems really comfortable and happy singing to his fans.

Joon Young has a phobia of bugs. I know its kinda mean to laugh at him being scared but its just too cute. That face is just priceless.

You must be wondering who did that. Well its roy kim. JOONROY… LET THIS SHIP KEEP SAILING. -sigh- They just took bromance to a whole new level ahaha. Love them too much! 

Not only is Joon Young a singer, but he is also a model… . 

who looks the best in knits… .

who doesn’t mind being naked on national television.

Is he getting too manly and cool for you guys? Well its okay. Its not only manly and cool he is also… .beautiful? 

Although, Joon Young is a badass rocker, he actually really, really cute in a devlish way. Just look at that smirk.

Not cute enough for you? What about this? 

Still not convinced ? 

Come on hes cute okay? Don’t make him made though … or he’ll come get you… with his crazy dance moves? Jk, thats not a dance move, its just him on 2 days 1 night being the dorkiest little thing on earth.

well here are his dance moves. damn boy, you got the moves ;) 

Someone please stop him please LOL

What happens when we stop him from  dancing ^ > > 

We still love you and your awesome dance moves la~ 

The thing I love the most about joon young have to be his smile and laugh.

Yup, I like the dorky and funny laugh of him…my friends think im crazy

> > but his laugh is just contagious. You can’t help but laugh with him!  

This post can go on forever but I’m just going to end it on this. Maybe I should make a part 2 to this? It would be great if more people make posts like this one and talk about what you like about Joon Young :3 

Lets keep supporting him like we always have!

Last gif… . .  he loves us… he really does … this gif is not relevant at all but I just love his sneaky face and cheeky smile in this <3 

Demonswap AU

AU where a Bill is a human (like, a spoiled rich kid anarchist) living in Gravity Falls in 1982. He still wants to destroy the world, so he summons a demon after finding a mysterious book at a local tourist trap warning of a being with incredible power whose help comes at a high price.

So enter dream demon Stanford (he’s a hexagon with a tie and twelve fingers). Bill tells him “I want to change the world” and Ford suggests he builds a portal. Except Bill is a disillusioned twenty something so Ford suggests calling a mysterious local con man and tourist trap owner (Stan) who somehow has all the parts for a portal already in his basement but no technical knowledge and Fiddleford McGucket, a computer scientist based in Palo Alto, for help.

So the portal gets built and Ford comes through and IMMEDIATELY–

–takes on a human form and goes to the store to buy some jelly beans. I mean he flies there and breaks several other laws of physics and people can definitely tell that he’s not human but he just wants jelly beans so the townsfolk leave him be.

Turns out Stan has been trying to get Ford over to his dimension for years, after being kicked out of his home at 17 and running into Ford on the road. Ford agreed to help Stan make shady deals and con people but only if Stan would allow ford to help him continue his education. So ford enlisted the help of one Fiddleford McGucket and set up a dream connection where they could all talk science (cause this is Ford: he’s not going to say he’s all knowing if he isn’t). Ford and Fiddleford became fast friends but Fiddleford and Stan never physically met each other until Bill called them up to work on the portal. (Stan kept a record of his interactions with Ford, hence the tome bill finds; the terrible price of Fords help is having to listen to his nerd talk for hours instead of just having normal dreams)

So Bill is FURIOUS that Ford isn’t destroying everything and Ford’s just “did you really think I was going to destroy your world?” cause he honestly didn’t think that was what bill wanted.

Bill vows revenge and spends the next thirty years coming up with a new universal destruction plan and attempting to defame ford and convince the townsfolk that the new demon is secretly out to get them.

Fast forward to 2012 and Stans great niece and nephew are coming to visit their weird grunkle for the summer. Ford alternates between living with Fiddleford and Stan (Fiddleford never went nuts with the memory gun, though he did build it after the Gremoblin Incident) and Dipper is ecstatic to find out that grunkle Stan is like a brother to a weird demon guy who likes weird nerdy shit (cause even though they’re not related, Stan and Ford are incredibly close– Fords human form is even modeled after Stan). Everyone bonds, but meanwhile Bill has teamed up with child psychic Gideon Gleeful and established contact with Fords previous dimension of residence– specifically, with Pyronica, Xanthar, Teeth, Keyhole, Hectorgon, Kryptos, etc. Bill makes fast friends with these interdimensional criminals and nightmares and he and Gideon make multiple attempts to steal the shack and restart the portal to let them through so they can destroy the world. Eventually, after Gideon is arrested (caught trying to steal the deed to the mystery shack) Bill runs into Blendin and beats him in Globnar. He uses his time wish to gain Fords powers, turning Ford into a human and allowing Bill to let the Henchmaniacs through.

Weirdmageddon ensues, but there’s one problem: defeating Bill this time around means sending Ford back to his home dimension. Ford is okay with that but no one else is.

Bill eventually figures out that he can’t leave Gravity Falls now, and goes after Ford, figuring that he’ll have the answer. Ford blames himself for allowing Bill to gain his powers, and refuses to give in to Bills demands. This goes about as well as you’d expect.

Eventually ford is rescued and Stan comes up with a plan to defeat Bill. He and Ford swap places and Stan pretends to take Bills deal, Fiddleford erases Stans mind and bill is defeated and all the weirdness is sucked back into the nightmare realm.

Ford is not.

Stans memories are gone. Ford attempts to bring them back with his powers, only to find those gone for good. Fiddleford explains that the memory gun worked on Bill when he was in the mindspace, but it also eliminated Fords demonic powers– so Fords a human forever now. Mabel brings Stans memories back the old fashioned way but ford can’t quite get used to being human. He’s confused and a little scared so eventually, Stan takes him aside and:

“You know, when I was a kid I didn’t have many friends. My high school principal told me to drop out cause my grades were shit, my dad kicked me out not too long after. But I remember back when I was young, I found an old sailboat lying on the beach. Totally wrecked, couldn’t sail again without rebuilding the whole thing. Wouldn’t have had anyone to sail with, either. Now, though… If you wanted, we could go on one last adventure. Buy a boat and sail around the world. You don’t have to, I just think it might help ya get used to, you know, being human.”

Ford says “My home dimension was entirely flat. Irregularity was vulgar, I was nearly killed because of my six fingers. In my youth I dreamed of a place where irregularity was celebrated or at least allowed. So I escaped through a hole in my dimension to the nightmare realm. To survive I did… Some unspeakable things for the henchmaniacs to obtain power, things I regret to this day. The last straw though, was when they wanted me to destroy my home dimension. I’d spent so long revelling in my differences, but when I went back to my home…. I couldn’t do it, I couldn’t destroy an entire world.I’d forgotten something. Differences make us who we are, but it’s important to find someone to share common ground with.”

“… Okay that was beautiful but what did it have to do with anything?”

“I’d like to go sailing with you, but I don’t want to leave behind another home. I fit in here, people know me here.”

“well no one’s saying well never come back”

And so they go on periodic boat trips and Soos officially runs the shack and Dipper and Mabel visit all the time and everyone is happy except for Bill who is dead.

(don’t tag with any ships please!)

The Luharem Participants

Becasue Luhan is ship monster, with reach in places I can’t even dream of, Let’s talk about the multitude of male ships he has.

First, let’s start with EXO ships:

Xiuhan. The hyung line. Or the Luhan creeper situation. Or the I can’t keep my hands off a certain boazi, please don’t touch him I will burn you. I have to applaud Xiumin for putting up with Luhan’s clinginess. Maybe there’s a thing that Korean men exude that make Chinese men cling to them. I wonder. Anyway, Luhan likes to be close to Xiumin, whether it is out of habit, or because he’s so used to being by Xiumin that being anywhere else is weird. Xiumin is slowly starting to return Luhan’s gestures, cuddling to him and what not where before he would patiently sort of just deal with it. I guess being the only member older than Luhan is a perk. Imagine Luhan as a maknae of a group. He’d be so spoiled.

Suhan: That ship sailed from the day they debuted huh. Mr. Su “Yes my ldeal type is Luhan with long hair” ho. How’s the future girlfriend/boyfriend going to hold up being compared to Luhan? Man I don’t want to be compared to Luhan because despite his insistence, he is one pretty man. (or pretty boy :P). Suho likes to look after Luhan, and he tries to get the boy to talk sometimes, but Luhan is just to quiet. He is always listening to Luhan’s words…even if Luhan does not always listen to his.



And we have the eternal bromace of Layhan who last until the day they die. And they’ll probably rise as ghosts and haunt the rest of the SM trainees and bother them all. As someone so eloquently stated, When You have Luhan and Lay, you have two angels but when you have Layhan, let chaos ensue. (Okay, so maybe not those exact words, but it was a long time ago.) Now these two are brothers who love and care for each other a lot and will probably die before betraying one another. I hope their friendship lasts forever and that they get buried in a grave beside one another.



Baekhan is more adorable playful bundle of bubbly happiness. They are both vocal line and I wonder what they sound like in a harmony. I sort of imagine that Baekhyun would kind of just cuddle to Luhan on a random day and they would watch tv. Baekhyun does watch out for Luhan and he does listen to the wise words of his older brother.

Luchen is one of my favorite ships because Chen turns into a kitten whenever Luhan is around. He smiles and plays around with Chen, always watching out for him and giving into his whines. Chen is one of the younger members in the group, and yet he is considered the mother. This makes me feel like he spoils the other members a lot but it slips their mind that he’s just a little fetus too. But Luhan always seems to keep an eye out for him and he turns to Luhan (especially in China) for encouragement. They are both vocals for EXO M and I imagine they spend a lot of time together.

Chanyeol and Luhan are playful together and they are a lively pair. Also, Chanyeol has convinced me that Luhan tastes delicious. 

Ahhh Hansoo, the squishy devil’s weakness for all things cute and Jongin. Kyungsoo lights up around Luhan and Luhan sort of cuddles to him. Kyungsoo seems more responsible but with Luhan he lets it go (LET IT GO LET IT GO CAN"T HOLD ME BACK ANYMORE) and the two are adorable together. 

Taohan is a brotherly friendship. Luhan acts like a child around Tao and Tao is always like a little princess but they are like brothers who will look after each other in times of need ( *cough cough Tao sleeping on Luhan’s shoulder in the airport that one time he was so tired cough cough*) I feel like they will lean on each other a lot as Luhan is one of the most fluent Chinese members when it comes to Korean and Tao needs a little more help when it comes to Korean. Tao is also very affectionate to Luhan, always playing with him and hugging him. Tao is like a little baby that Luhan plays with when he is free from looking after his other babies. (But never fear, Oh Sehun is here, to make sure Tao gets all the TLC he needs.)

Kailu is personal one of my more favored friendships. In my head, Jongin is shy and quiet and Luhan pays attention to him, and he plays and cuddles with him and they’re generally those sexy people with really dorky personalities. Jongin is someone I see curling up to Luhan after a night of rigorous dance practice and he wants to cry so Luhan ruffles his hair and internally screams about his bed but still comforts anyway.

And for the last EXO ship of the day, we have drum roll please, the royal HUNHAN. (Yes I am an avid shipper. How do you know? Are you stalking me?) Sehun was the typical baby clinging to Luhan but he has (sadly) grown up and matured, moving on from the safety of his brother to Tao. (What is with Korean men and their fascination with Chinese men? I need to know.) However, they are still as close as ever, just not for our eyes. They are still close and super friendly, and there a little moments that make me squeal. Sehun has started to protect Luhan in the airports instead of Luhan tugging him along, Sehun also still smiles when Luhan is around and noone can take that from me. I like that the friendship between them has remained despite distance and the two of them growing into themselves. ( I also like to think that Sehun is the cause for Luhan’s clingy personality, since at the beginning Sehun was always by his side and then he got jilted when Sehun discovered he preferred pandas over deer and Luhan had to find someone to replace the hole next to him. Fanfiction. What fanfifction?)


So these were all the EXO ships…In defense of a super long post, I will stop here but should I make one Luhan and none EXO members? I have it…But I’ll wait for to tell me you want it :P

P.S Taohan gets a little more love since my evil post drafts box did not save him from my previous days of working on the posts and as a result my poor panda went missing. Thank you to th elovely anon who pointed it out. I hope you like the Taohan part!

Credits: To the owners. Wow. Gif and pics are magical. I love you.



I pleaded Alex with my eyes to let go of this silliness. This was the type of negativity that we didn’t need right now and that’s all that Robb seemed to bring in both of our lives, pure negativity.

His eyes finally fell from mine to look at the sorry excuse of a person that stood behind me.

After all this time, I thought I forgave Robb for what he’d done since his carelessness actually changed my life for the better but there’s something in me that still couldn’t get over the fact that he was willing to feed me to the wolves just to cover his behind.

What he did to me was something that you just don’t do to someone that you claimed you cared for or anybody for the matter.

It was blatant betrayal and the only reason why I was stopping Alex from putting his hands on him is because I cared about my man and didn’t want him in trouble. I couldn’t give a damn if Robb was to get hurt because I didn’t have the luxury of getting that worry from him.

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anonymous asked:

What are some good songs/bands? Xx

Ready for a long answer? XD Okay, I’m gonna make you a nice big list haha

Adam Lambert

  • Runnin’
  • Nirvana
  • Mad World
  • Fever
  • Broken Open

Alex Clare

  • Too Close

Alex Winston

  • Velvet Elvis

The All-American Rejects

  • Move Along

American Authors

  • Home
  • Hit It
  • Love

Andrew Bird

  • Three White Horses

Arcade Fire

  • Sprawl

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Off the Hook

“I’m outta here.” Her words shattered my heart into a million pieces. I can already feel my insides moving but on the outside, I’m frozen. I’m also having trouble breathing, I seemed to have forgotten how to breathe. I can’t move a muscle, I’m watching the tiny brunette that stole my heart away from me ever since I walked to her shower, turning her back at me. She’s turning her back at me again. She’s doing that shit again, it hasn’t even been one day since she last did that to me and now she’s pulling off that shit again, to me. Why is she doing this to me?

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Larry Stylinson is Love

I’m actually getting sick and tired of Larry shippers getting the brunt of all the hate. I’ve never seen a Larry shipper be mean to any of the other ships but I’ve seen Elounor shippers tear into Larry shippers. It begs the question, why doesn’t Narry or Ziam or any of the other 1D ships get so much hate? A HUGE proportion of the 1D fandom ship Larry. There’s sort of equal amounts of love and hate towards it. You know when Louis supposedly said that thing about Larry fans not being real 1D fans…?

“The truth is, these people aren’t our real fans. That’s the way I like to look at it.”  Louis Tomlinson

“I love Larry Stylinson.” Louis Tomlinson


Okay, so I’m gonna have an analysis party time here on my blog. 

Let’s not forget the emergence of Bullshit. <3  —> “How’s this, Larry is the biggest load of bullshit I’ve ever heard. I’m happy, why can’t you accept that.” Louis Tomlinson

But…you still didn’t deny it. It’s interesting to me that Liam and Zayn were never bothered by the fans that ship Ziam. Liam’s been attached and Zayn’s engaged, but neither of them have said anyone shipping Ziam is no real fan. Neither of them have said it’s the biggest load of bullshit they’ve ever heard. Very interesting that Louis would react that way and at the same time, not really respond to the original tweet at all. He could have just simply said “Harry and I are not in a relationship, we’re just friends.” There. Simple.

The times they “denied” Larry: ^ As above, to begin. Louis said Larry shippers aren’t real fans, buuuurn. And he called Larry bullshit. No direct “It’s not real. We’re just friends.” Moving on…

Who is Larry Stylinson?

They were asked directly and they didn’t actually deny it. Even though Liam cuts in with “It’s true!” (bless you Liam) the non-Larry part of the fandom are like, ‘Those Larry shippers are delusional. Harry and Louis are JUST FRIENDS, when are they gonna get that into their heads?’  lol…probably never if Larry never straight up DENY it and if Liam keeps calling them out. Notice also how Harry usually lets Louis do the talking when Larry questions arise (because he can’t lie) but only when it comes to the kissing question. What has it got to do with the fact that you kiss the other boys in a bromancey way? On the one hand you’re saying it doesn’t matter, everyone does it, and then you’re saying, oh no, the fans manipulate the photos of us kissing the other boys, because, you know, it’s fine to kiss the other boys, but me and Harry wouldn’t be caught kissing. Fiiiishy.

Who is Larry Stylinson?

Again… could have taken the opportunity to say, after explaining it’s a 'conspiracy’ of fan fiction that it’s not real Louis. “And for the record, it’s not real.” Rather he decides to say the interviewer has opened up a can of worms. That implies there’s something to open up, something to spill, something hidden.

Heart Eyes

Yes, really the way you look at your friend. -_- Let’s compare it to Eleanor and Louis.

I’m sorry, but, I see more chemistry in Larry above NOT kissing than I see in an awkward lip-missing-eye-open-chin-pecking Eleanor kiss.


The Hugs


Songs and Lyrics

I don’t care what you say, Harry wrote on and sang Don’t Let Me Go for Louis. Who else could it be about it? The lyrics only fit one person.

“Now you were standing there right in front of me
I hold on it’s getting harder to breathe
All of a sudden these lights are blinding me
I never noticed how bright they would be,”

It feels like it’s someone who’s going through the same experience, someone standing right in front of him while these lights begin to blind him.

“I saw in the corner there is a photograph
No doubt in my mind it’s a picture of you
It lies there alone in its bed of broken glass
This bed was never made for two,”

Turbulence. Broken photograph implies there’s pain here, it’s not all smooth sailing. (Not hard to guess why…) The bed not being made for two, I think, means that society wouldn’t deem his bed made for the two of them. The young fangirl wants to imagine it’s her in his bed. Society wants to pretend it’s some hot celebrity like Taylor…. this bed was never made for two… speaks volumes…


“My hands, your hands

Tied up like two ships

Drifting, weightless
Waves try to break it
I’d do anything to save it
Why is it so hard to say it?”

I could rant forever about this song. What gets me is the amount of shipping (pun fully intended) references Larry have between them, whether it’s the ship and compass matching tattoos, the lyrics 'tired up like two ships,’ (interesting choice of words Louis) or even a simple tweet from Harry of a Bruno Mars lyric, “If you ever find yourself stuck in the middle of the sea, I’ll sail the world, to find you." 

Strong. Gender neutral song. Could be about a guy or a girl. To me, it’s implying same gender by emphasis on its being gender neutral (we're surrounded by 'his/her’ referenced songs) 

"I’m sorry if I say, "I need you”
But I don’t care,
I’m not scared of love
'Cause when I’m not with you I’m weaker
Is that so wrong?
Is it so wrong
That you make me strong?“

Society and management are implying via their actions that it’s somehow wrong to love and need this mysterious individual this badly. The narrator is saying he’s not scared of love, (you don’t CHOOSE who you love) and he’s not scared, he needs this person, they make him strong. It’s as simple as that. Why should it be wrong? Why should society and management make him feel bad for feeling the way he does? That’s just my interpretation. 

'Happily’ is also open to Larry analysis. "I know you wanna leave
So c'mon baby be with me
So happily,”

There’s all the tweets. “Always in my heart.” All the times others have called them out. You could literally spend a day gathering it and you’d never have all of it because there’s too much. There’s too much to analyse. Larry is what it is. You don’t have to accept it, like it or ship it, but please don’t call us delusional for shipping it. 

So on that note…

Not gonna put all the tattoos. Like Larry moments, there’s too many. I’ll talk about these ones. Ship tattoos can symbolise 

  • Home
  • New Journey
  • New Beginning
  • Good Luck
  • Way Of Life
  • Honor
  • Bravery
  • Direction
  • Troubled Past

Obviously a compass is also tied to direction. Isn’t it cute that Larry have tattoos that symbolise direction and they’re both in One Direction? hndfuwbnr! And of course, a sailor or a pirate or whoever needs his compass in order to even sail his ship. The compass points to the correct direction. Louis is the compass and Harry is the ship. Louis is helping Harry find the right direction and home and Harry will bring Louis home. Harry can’t find the way on his own and Louis knows the way but he can’t get there on his own. You know when they sometimes say home isn’t a place but a person? Yeah.

I think Harry’s “I Can’t Change” tattoo is one of his most interesting. He got it after his Leeds bracelet fell apart. Louis and Harry went together and 'I can’t change’ is a lyric from the song “Make it stop,” which played at the show they watched together. The song is about a gay teenager who has to come to terms with accepting himself in a world still so ruled by prejudice. 

“And too much blood has flown from the wrists,
Of the children shamed for those they chose to kiss.
Who will rise to stop the blood?”

I just noticed that this line in the song - What God would damn a heart?
And what God drove us apart?
What God could?“ -
reminds me a little of…

"Not even the Gods above can
Separate the two of us,”

In the spirit of ships and sailing the seas and ICONIC LOVE, I give you two images of love.

Yeah, I don’t see a difference.


Ask yourself what do you see when you look at these two beautiful people? Maks and Meryl. They are home for one another and seem to be the perfect fit to one another .I know we don’t really know them but we all know what we’ve seen true love right before our very eyes. First it started on DWTS and we were all blessed to see them fall in love. This was not scripted. It just happened to them because God had it destined for them to be together for all time. Maks and Meryl bring out the best in each other and they are each others best friend. Meryl makes Maks be a better man and Maks made Meryl see how beautiful she is and how to stand up for herself. She taught him its okay to be afraid and that they could make it through anything together. He showed her she’s never alone and he will always be there to catch her when she falls. Nothing or no one can come between them. Ive never seen Maks connect with anyone like he does with Meryl when he dances with her. When they dance together its as if they are one and they can’t help themselves in the way they touch they feel and hold each other. Thank God for Henry’s snap chat video. It confirmed for us what we already new that Maks and Meryl were really together. And then the VB MEET AND GREET AND then SWAY That special bond that they have no one can compete with that. I love these two pictures of them because Meryl and Maks were just being themselves and expressing their love for one another and were so happy to be together. I will always believe in them and in their love. Your heart and your spirit recognize each other when you meet your soulmate. I believe in every fiber of my being that they are meant to be together forever. Their privacy has kept their relationship private and they’ve been soooooo happy together. You don’t act the way you do in front of their parents unless your in a committed relationship or married. I have the up most respect for Maks and Meryl and they would never do anything to hurt or disrespect the other as much as they love one another. They know what’s going on in their lives and we only see what we get too see and til we all know otherwise. Im gonna keep believing in them and their love always. But don’t forget all their secret trips her trips to LA his trips to see her some we all don’t know about and how obvious his family and her family all know one another and love each other too plus their friends too. The more I sat here and thought about it. There is nothing wrong with them being friends with their exes and hanging out with them. If that works for them that is great. I will always love them and be happy for them no matter whom they are with but until I see a picture or hear them say they are in relationships with other people I’m gonna sail on and ship the heck out of them because I know what I’ve seen. The pics the videos and the way they are together says to me that this one these two are it for each other. Love never fails. Love is patient and kind, love is not conceited, or proud or provoked, love does not keep a record of wrongs, love is not happy with evil but pleased with the truth. Love never gives up: its faith, hope, and patience. It never fails and endures all things. To me after all they’ve been through together this is the one kind of love that is Maks and Meryl.I’m gonna sail on and won’t stop believing. Sorry so long and Happy New Year. Much love to all.

Fic: We Own Tonight (34/35) (M)

Author’s note: Sorry for the delay, Tumblr is being Tumblr again. But we’re here! The first of two epilogues, I hope you enjoy it!

Also posted: / AO3

Epilogue One

A blanket of snow covered the ground; Killian wasn’t sure if it was of magical origin or not. When he pressed his hand to the window, it didn’t feel as deathly cold as Elsa’s deep freeze had felt, but his memory might have been faulty. He didn’t like think of that time, the bitter cold, the wolves, Emma nearly exhausting her magic to save him. He didn’t hold Elsa responsible in the slightest, but he wasn’t keen to repeat it either. The sky had been gray and overcast for days, so it was most likely natural anyway. The sun was trying to break through some of the clouds; little patches of snow glistened in the light. He smiled, wondering if Emma had seen it yet. She would be pleased, a winter wedding had been her idea in the first place. Killian wanted it to be everything she wanted, content to be the one waiting for her at the altar.

A knock pulled him away from his thoughts. “Enter.”

Liam cracked open the door. “Everyone decent?”

Killian rolled his eyes. “It’s just me, you ponce.”

Liam laughed, finally entering the room. He was dressed in a new uniform, jacket black and trimmed in gold, cream trousers, hat tucked under his arm. It was the uniform of an Admiral, the colors those of Arendelle. It was disconcerting, but Liam wore his new responsibilities well. It was the perfect role for the consort of a queen. “Can you blame me after what happened when we arrived?”

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