you are my god(dess)

A simple prayer to protect a charm

a protection prayer for a charm (if you DO use deities in your practice):

O, my god[dess], all you can see
O, my god[dess], watch over me
My dearest [god/dess’s name], protect this charm
Please, my god[dess], from evil and harm


a protection prayer for a charm (if you DON’T use deities in your practice):

O, great [spirits/forces], all you can see
O, great [spirits/forces], watch over me
My dearest [friends/guides/allies/however you define what you work with], protect this charm
Please, great [spirits/forces], from evil and harm

of course this is all able to be modified; I just made this up and thought others would like it, too.

~ Hail

Fic: Soccer Dad

Because of that “imagine which one of your OTP is the cheerful soccer dad” post. Kurt’s only trying to do right by his daughters. Blaine just wants him to not get arrested.

1208 words, PG, bonus prize to anyone who can guess who my headcanon “mom” is for Klaine’s younger daughter.

Kurt didn’t understand how Blaine could be so cheerful sometimes.

“That’s it! Good hustle, Ella, way to go!” he yelled from the sidelines, clapping his hands in his distinctive Blaine style. “Go, go, go – oh, you’ll get it back!” he consoled as the other team stole the ball and ran back down to their end of the field.

“Defense, Ella, c'mon!” Kurt called, watching the field with laser-like focus. He didn’t trust any of the refs, not after they’d just sat back and watched as three huge girls had borne down on their tiny younger daughter, Vivi, and nearly thrown her off the field in order to get the ball back. That had to be against the rules! “You got this!”

“Nice block!” Blaine said, still clapping. “Oh, oh – yeah, nice steal! Great job, Courtney!”

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But the Gods Told Me I Could Do It!

Speaking of the piety posse I’m reminded of something. It’s this idea that “It’s totes okay for me to call myself a shaman because my deities told me I could do it!”

This is basically the excuse they use every single time someone calls them out on cultural appropriation. “Well, maybe you should take it up with the god/dess who told me it was okay!”

Like, seriously, a deity telling you something is okay isn’t an excuse to check your brain at the door, ESPECIALLY when you’re adopting a label with such a problematic, racist, and colonialist history behind it. And PEOPLE ARE GOING TO GIVE YOU SHIT FOR IT WHEN YOU USE LANGUAGE WITH A SHITTY HISTORY BEHIND IT.

“But my god/dess told me I could do it!” is NOT a magical shield that protects you from criticism. Deities lie, they troll, sometimes they’re assholes for no reason, sometimes they just don’t understand human politics, and sometimes you mistake your own voice for a deity’s or you misinterpret the message they’re trying to give you.

And no, no amount of “paying back the communities” in order to use the title is going to ever give you the right to that title, ever.