you are my favourite female character on television

Want to be part of my University project?

I know this is an unusual post for me to make on here but it’s sort of relevant to Star Wars so hear me out before you unfollow haha

I’m putting a fanzine and blog together for a Uni project. It’s all about women in fandom and female representation in movies, TV, games, comics etc.

So here’s where you (fellow fans!) come in…

A large part of the project is about shining the spotlight on our favourite female characters. So I’m asking for people to send in their fanart, meta, cosplay pics…maybe even fanfic? Anything that celebrates their fave, really! 

This is open to all fandoms, not just Star Wars and your work could get printed! (with proper credit, of course)

If you have something or just want to know more, message me on here or email me at:

I’d really appreciate it if anyone got in touch. Thanks!

P.S. Sorry for not being very active on here recently, it’s my final year and I’m super busy. I’ll be back to normal again by the summer. Thanks for sticking around xx

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Why do you gotta be such a bitch and hate on bughead

Hey anon, 

First, thanks for calling me a bitch! Its my favourite nickname. Especially when its over fiction relationships 

Second, I personally do not like the ship. I will tell you my reasons why though if you’re willing to listen. I really like the characters Jughead and Betty individually and I did enjoy their close platonic friendship.I believe we do not see enough close, strong, platonic friendships between males and females in TV and movies. (The issue of heteronormativity is something I will not even discuss right now though) What I dislike most about this relationship is how forced and awkward it feels. That’s why it makes me cringe. 

1. There hasn’t been a scene in which their romantic affection ever looks or felt natural. It always looked forced. From the first kiss in which after pulling away Betty seemed to have no interest in the romantic encounter and quickly changed the subject, to the kiss in this latest episode which was quick and resulted in her rushing off leaving Jughead confused and let down once again. 

2. There was no lead up to this romance. There was no appropriate switch from platonic to romantic. One second they seemed to have no interest in each other romantically, then the next he was kissing her. In the latest episode Betty claims that he was there for her through a difficult time. Yes he was. But there was no implication that he was there for her for any other reason than that he was the one that was there when she found out the distressing information, and that he was her friend. I’m 99% sure that Veronica would have done the same verbal comforting that he did if it was her with Betty through all this instead of her. 

This relationship ultimately feels forced. I would be okay with it if it wasn’t so awkward. Like I said earlier I really like both of these characters, it’s infuriating to see them fall into a badly written and forced feeling relationship. They both deserve more than that. If I was given any sort of romantic lead up and interesting plot around this romance I would be more than happy with it. You have your ships and I have mine. This could be one of mine if it was written better and more believably. 

Have a wonderful day, 

Love your local bitch <3

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“My mother was a rape victim. She got pregnant and she had me, so yeah it was personal. I think I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that that’s the biggest reason that I decided to become a cop, you know, to join SVU. I used to think it was because I wanted to do something good you know, make a difference.”

get to know me meme: favourite female characters 1/5 
—> detective olivia benson (law and order svu)

University Project: Update (Updated!)

Thanks so much to everyone who has already responded to my post  (I will get back to you all soon!) 

You can still send something in or ask any questions by emailing me at

Here’s the run down if you missed the posts from last night:

I’m putting a fanzine and blog together for a Uni project. It’s all about women in fandom and female representation in movies, TV, games, comics etc.

A large part of the project is about shining the spotlight on our favourite female characters. So I’m asking for people to send in their fanart, meta, cosplay pics…maybe even fanfic? Anything that celebrates their fave, really!

This is open to all fandoms, not just Star Wars and your work could get printed! (with proper credit, of course)

Some brief guidelines for sending stuff in:

  • Whatever your submission is, female characters have to be the main focus. They can be from any fandom!
  • If you’re sending in fanart or cosplay pics, please include a few words with it saying why you appreciate this character/these characters so much
  • *New: If you want to send fanfiction, please keep it short. I won’t have enough space for a multi-chapter fic. One-shots/standalones/poems/drabbles are fine! Sorry for not mentioning this earlier.
  •  Let me know how you want to be credited. What name/alias do you want to go by? Do you want a link to your social media next to your work and so on…
  • Finally, please don’t send anything that’s NSFW (because my university teachers have to see this haha)

If you have any more questions just ask. I’ve had some really great stuff sent in so far, I hope I can make a zine that’s worthy of showing it off. Check the University Project Tag for more updates and info!

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Of fucking course! Here you are!

First impression: she’s going to be my favourite female character isn’t she?

Impression now: yep. My favourite female character right here.


Story Idea: An episode where she apologises at the end for the bear. Gwen, that was too far and you know it.

Unpopular opinion: I want people to recognise her as a good character and stop doing edits where they replace her with Daniel.

Favourite relationship: Pizza family, Gwenvid, Her and trash tv

Favourite Headcanon: She comes from a rich family in NYC. It would explain her ability to afford a dual major and her rather… uncensored vocabulary around kids and loud voice.

Miss Martian rant

This is Tumblr so I’m just gonna rant right here thank you.

Ok, So I’ve seen a lot of people saying that M’gann is a terrible character and people don’t just dislike they hate her. 

The majority say they don’t like her because she’s so stereotypically “girly”. And well…yeah. M’gann has a “girly” personality.  She’s very lively, up-beat and kind of ditzy.

But why is being “girly” a bad thing. If M’gann was like Artemis (A rough, serious, stone cold character) M’gann would lose her charm of being the cute nieve alien girl. 

Also In season 1 M’gann has only been on Earth for like what? 6 months? She’s still getting used to Earth. Also the only connection she’s had to Earth her whole life is through a 70s TV show, of course she’s going to have rather old-fashioned quirks to her personality.

ALSO can we just go over the fact that she took the form of her favourite character from a TV show THAT’S FUCKING AMAZING if I came to Earth and I was a martian I know for a FACT that I’d take the form of Superman or Wonderwoman because I’m DC trash.

And it’s not like she’s the only energetic, lively character, seriously have you met Robin and Kid flash? 

My main point is because a character is “girly” doesn’t mean they can’t be a badass too. A female character doesn’t have to be a tomboy to beat up villains.

And PLEASE don’t tell me she’s not a badass. M’GANN IS A FUCKING BEAST

She’s one of the most powerful characters on the team, alongside Superboy and Aqualad. 

SPEAKING of Superboy, another thing people criticise her for is her relationship with Superboy (Connor). 

It was apparently forced and a “bad influence on young girls” that’s a quote by the way. 

THIS IS A SUPERHERO SHOW And yes, well developed relationships would be nice but trying to squeeze romance into the side.

So to some extent, yeah their relationship was kinda shoved in our faces…


(Don’t get me wrong though I love this ship)


like seriously they just start making out ??????


like what? when was this a thing? what? the fuck?

People said it annoyed them how she immediately fell for Superbly when she first met him…


I’m not even attracted to men but DAMN 

Any reasonable person thinks Superboy is extremely hot. Dude my Dad has a crush on Superboy. 

Also, may I remind you? Artemis ALSO had a thing for Superboy and she flirted with him on more than one occasion. so….????????

Superboy was the only guy who didn’t greet M’gann when she was first introduced. Wally (of course) was all over her and Robin and Aqualad had friendly greetings. Connor didn’t give a fuck about the hot alien girl that just walked in.

M’gann and him have a little falling out but then they become friends and then girlfriend and boyfriend.

The greatest thing about their relationship is when M’gann shows her true form

A white martian.

Dude she’s a white martian and other martins are so god damn racist to white martians. She even said growing up on Mars was sad and lonely for her, she fears the same abuse will happen again to her on earth.

Connor… doesn’t give a fuck. He loves M’gann no matter who or what she is.

He loves HER not for her sexy alien body, he loves HER.

“Your strong and I’m stubborn, Together.” - Connor

M’gann is a great character and I’m sad that others fail to see that. Yeah her catch phrase can get annoying but when it’s time to get serious she remains the optimistic yet mature member of the team.


I just spent an hour typing up a rant about a fictional alien girl…

I have a sad life. 

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Who are your favourite One Piece characters? :)))))))

Whoa, that’s a tough question, Anon!

I can’t really give you a Top 5 or a Top 10, because I tend to like characters in groups (e.g. CP9, Supernovae, Baroque Works, Shichibukai, etc.).

I can tell you who were my first “Love at first sight” male and female characters and whom I consider my top favourites without any trace of a doubt.

LaFS Male Edition: Dracule Mihawk

Originally posted by fairylaw92

He was literally what dragged me into One Piece 12 years ago.

The story behind it?

Well, once upon a time I was watching TV waiting for some other show to begin, a show so irrelevant that I cannot even recall which one it was, when I came across One Piece. It was episode 23 (Basque dub) and Mihawk’s first appearance in the series at the very end of said episode. The instant he appeared on-screen on that coffin raft and with that giant cross shaped sword attached to his back, I knew I’d LOVE his character. He looked so cool.

And I was right; what I didn’t know back then was that he’d have so little screen time and that’s exactly why I savour and cherish every little scene, both in the manga and the anime, that includes him and try to make most of it analysis-wise (and no, I’ve never written anything about Mihawk; I just analyse his character in my head). He’s one of the three characters I have a figure of (the other two are Trafalgar Law and Rob Lucci, all three of them gifts from friends).

LaFS Female Edition: Nico Robin

Originally posted by r30

She’s a beautiful, intelligent and badass archaeologist (which happens to be my unfulfilled dream-job) with a very tragic life that’s pushed her to do not-so-noble things in the past.

How could I NOT love her?

I can easily relate to many of her insecurities, her social awkwardness and trust issues, even though I knew, just like with Mihawk, I’d love her character from the get-go, back when she was still the cruel and mysterious Miss All Sunday.

Others worth mentioning would be the Straw Hats, that’s a given, the Supernovae in general, although I do relate more to Trafalgar Law than the rest, and the CP9 as a group as well, because why not? They were cool assassins and their interactions among themselves were fascinating.

I could really go on and on about every single character I love in One Piece like Bartolomeo, who represents us all or the emotional strength characters like Shirahoshi or Rebecca showed. Actually, the question should have been what character don’t I like from the series, but oh well…

Thanks for the so very-difficult-to-answer ask!

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Curious: thoughts on Kisara? It feels like almost every other character has come up before during these recaps except for her.

Oh, well, Kisara’ll come up plenty during the Memory World arc, which, at current speed, I should reach in … twelveteen hundred years… #why-is-this-show-so-loooong

I suppose I could have talked about her when Seto starts hallucinating her, but she’s outshone by her own magic card-game tombstone in those flashbacks 

… and in the narrative…

Kisara disappointed me deeply and I have yet to forgive her the writers.


Sparklefists history lesson (as in, a lesson on the history of Sparklefists, me): I watched most of the YGO:DM dub between the ages of ~11 and ~15, it was for a while the only thing that got me up on Saturday mornings. I watched it with my brother ( @ironicsnap ) and met my #irlbff ( @k-for-days ) through it. For some reason, we only watched up to the end of Season 4, which is by far my least favourite season. Through that time, we heard ~rumours~ of the mythical Fifth Season, the final End of Yu-Gi-Oh!, but we didn’t see it. It didn’t air, or it didn’t air on channels we had. I was on the internet but it wasn’t like it is now. I don’t think I even knew you could torrent tv shows, let alone how, even if it was available. Of course we knew from the plot that it would end in some crazy Ancient Egyptian showdown, but for years, all we saw was screencaps.

And in those screencaps was a New Female Character, who’d been hinted at in Kaiba’s flashbacks. At the time, I was more into darkshipping than prideshipping #edgyteen and the idea of Kaiba’s powerful magic girlfriend was really exciting. 

I went and played around in some other fandoms for a while, and then eventually decided to track down the end of YGO and watch it. @k-for-days and I watched the Memory World arc together, we laughed, we cried, it changed our lives. (Because I decided to rewatch the whole thing in Japanese and thought I’d start a little blog about it…)

But poor Kisara was not at all what I had hoped. I was like, DRAGON GIRL, YEAAHHHHHH, I thought she was going to kick some Serious Ass and not even bother taking names cause BURST STREAM OF DESTRUCTION leaves no bodies to bury anyway. Turns out she’s not even fuckin conscious for half her screentime or any of her dragoning, she’s timid and terrified (with good reason, in universe), she’s a useful asset that men take from one another repeatedly, she gets almost no agency at all until she nobly fridges herself for the sake of Seto’s character progression. I was just. disappointed.  

Disclaimer: I KNOW: she IS powerful, she DOES make A Decision, her sweetness and innocence and soft-spoken nature make her dichotomy and story Sad and Meaningful, it’s realistic for her to be so shy and nervous given her backstory, that’s Just The Way Those Characters Are In Japan, so let’s none of us come into my inbox to tell me that I’m Wrong About Kisara bc all I’m saying is “I, personally, am disappointed by the characterisation of Kisara” and I can’t be wrong about that because I, personally, AM disappointed by the characterisation of Kisara.

So those are some Thoughts On Kisara™, anon. I would love to love her.

Lost In Star Wars

Part 1: Lost in Poe Dameron’s room

Summary: Poe Dameron x reader. Lost in Austen au. You love Star Wars. You love everything to do with it. You love all the characters except one. You know which one I mean. One day you hear a noise coming from the bedroom in your flat and you go to investigate.

A/N: Lost in Austen was a 4 part mini series for ITV on British tv. It was crazy and it was pretty much a reader insert. You can find it online. Darcy has a big hat. This will contain several new characters and is set just after TFA. Also i’ll mostly base this off just the movies because I don’t know much about the extended universe or anything else. This will be my first series that’s neato. Female pronouns. You live in England just because I wanted to make one single joke.

Tags: @lilrockstartitan145

It is a truth generally acknowledged that we are all longing to escape. You escape always to your favourite franchise, Star Wars. You’ve watched it so many times now that you dream of it and it’s like you’re actually there. It’s a galaxy you know so intimately, that you can see it and that you can touch it. You can see the Skywalkers, the lightsabers and that time Anakin was shirtless…….Woah there! You thought. Let’s take this down a little. Now where were you?

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stranger things !!

ahhh thank you :)

favourite female character: nancy
favourite male character: will (MY SON)
least favourite female character: barb
least favourite male character: does the demogorgon count or 
least favourite ship: i really don’t ship mike and eleven i’m sorrydfhj
film/tv show rating: 11/10

send me a tv show/movie


another meme i won’t finish | [1/5] favourite female characters: clara oswald (doctor who)

Nobody’s ever safe. I’ve never asked you for that, ever. These have been the best years of my life, and they are mine. Tomorrow is promised to no one, Doctor, but I insist upon my past. I am entitled to that. It’s mine.

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Arrow (if you've seen it) for the TV show favorites ask thing.

I have, actually! All caught up as if a week ago ;P Although, personally, I must admit; the first seasons were better.

In response to this: Send Me a Fandom

  • favourite male character: Tommy Merlyn
  • favourite female character: Dinah Drake
  • least favourite character: Oliver Queen

I’m sorry, but it’s true. And I know, you’re probably wondering how I can watch the show with the main character as my least favourite; to that I say - he wasn’t always! Seasons 1 and 2 I was alright with him – not my favourite but I still liked him a little more than now. But once season 4 and 5 hit, I felt like he was lapsing into the same habits, using the same excuses, and the way he went about doing things… I just dunno. He started rubbing me the wrong way.

  • prettiest character: Laurel Lance and Tommy Merlyn

*smiles dreamily* she’s so pretty, and kickass, and purely lovely

  • funniest character: Ray Palmer orrrrr Tommy
  • favourite season: Season 1

Although it had a slow start, the season really started to pick up with an engaging storyline and was very well thought out and executed. I wish season six kinda curves back around to that season one vibe.

  • favourite episode: Maaaaan, there are so many episodes… how’d you expect me to pick one? ;P I dunno, probably one in season 1 bc all the Merlance and all. ;)
  • favourite romantic ship: I already kinda spoiled it but… Merlance! That’s right! Tommy Merlyn and Laurel Lance! They’re so pure; they clearly did love each other, and – yes – they had issues, but they didn’t have that baggage that Laurel and Oliver did.
  • favourite family ship: John Diggle and Felicity Smoak. (John & Oliver is not too far behind on this one)

Okay-okay, they’re not technically related, but they have the big-bro/lil-sis vibe going and I love it. I (readyforthis?ready?) – I “dig” it. Okay, I just wanted to do the pun because… ‘dig’gle. Anyway, yeahhhh…

  • favourite friend ship: Tommy & Oliver.
  • worst ship: Probably Lauriver.

All that baggage with the ship and cheating with Sara, it all just drives a huge wedge in their relationship and puts a heavy burden on the two. I mean, Oliver did violate the trust two people are supposed to have in a relationship. I think the show did it right in NOT getting those back together – they’re better off friends.

Thanks for the ask and putting up with my unpopular opinions! :D


hey, y’all !! i’m jessie!!!


ginny weasley probably tbh i LOVE my girl with all my heart but harry and draco each have a special place in my heart<3 i’m also a Strong Advocate for the mistreated female characteres in the fandom tbh ( ie. cho, lavender, fleu, marietta ) and minor characters!!!


wow,,,, the bold type is a New one that in love with!!!! also b99 is always a Classic™ 


oh yikes,,,, i think it was everything everything???? hm


i would like to Remove myself from the narrative fdkjghdjfkg


shit!!!! i love group stuff tbh??? so something where everyone is thrown together and Shit Gets Real mayb??? dghfdhj


tbh,,,, i shouldn’t be app-ing or joining any roleplays At All right now and for the rest of the school year but this is just getting SO tempting,,, but i’m keeping an eye on all the characters coming up and i’m falling in love with each one hmmm i’ve got an eye on mary atm tho 

This just in...

Jon Snow came back from the dead to hide behind Sansa’s skirt and act like a damn pussy.

The writers don’t know how to write strong female characters. Dany is complete shit. She goes around conquering cities but doesn’t have the political experience to keep them free. And she’s cocky. And her story line has been the same for seasons now. Show tits, show dragons and give the same motivational speech about how the seven kingdoms are her’s….news flash hun: your family lost all claim to the iron throne the minute your father took burning ppl alive as a sport. And it looks like Dany has taken the same hobby as him.

I’m so glad we have actual strong well written female characters like Margeary and Cersei.

And before anyone comes at me saying”but after all Sansa’s been through she deserves….”

No one is a bigger fan of Sansa than I am. In my opinion her and Arya are the 2 characters in the show and books that truly deserve to be happy.

Truthfully Sansa isn’t the problem here, the writing is. D&D are incapable of writing both a strong female and male character TOGETHER and showcasing them as equals. Feminism isn’t about women outshining men, it’s about both genders being equal. But what can you expect when you put 2 white men at the head of a great tv show that’s supposed to showcase the complexities of both male and female gender.

If this is the kind of crappy storyline that Jon’s gonna be given I’d honestly prefer if he’d just stayed dead. I’d rather that than to have one of my favourite characters treated like a grumpy side bitch.

Anyways I’m off to go re-read the books to help compensate for this underwhelming excuse of a tv show