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Fanfic Writer Appreciation

Hi, all! I know I’m late, but blame that on a long day of travel lol anyways, why stop at just one day? Appreciation for fic writers all the time!  

Ah, I have so much to say. At the bottom I have some call-outs but first, mentions of my favorite writers. All of you are tremendously talented, incredibly gifted and just all-around wonderful for sharing your gifts with the world. Thank you to all!

@jiminniemouse , @jungblue , @hayjeon , @tendershepherd , @high-on-food , @rude–jude , @jeonjagiya , @1honeypot , @imsarabum@inktae , @gukvory  @suho-mochi , @passionate-noona , @noonatrash , @3kpop2jagi1 , @jingogi , @causekpop , @parkjinyoungology , @jinmeowie , @your-miss-right , @versigny , @m-yien , @ivegot7scenarios , @aichan11 , @fireheart-namjoon , @94hixtape , @stayfordrama , @yoonseoksofty , @ricepot-jisung , @angustdissin , @dailydoseofdia , @kimimimirumiwritings , @kittae , @chanyeolspout , @rudeboywonho , @baebae-goodnight , @kimnamwho , @def-initely-soul , @jeons-jalebi , @gwaenchanhajagiya , @roseok , @igot7bangtanbaes , @trbld-writer , @pastel–woozi , @vixxpirational , @onlylovekpop , @praisekinkchenanon 

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Just a little bit of hype below the cut: 

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Today is their wedding anniversary and they left to celebrate the date!

Moon: Why don’t you choose a nice nectar for us, boo?

Alec: I know exactly what you want…

Alec: yes, she’ll love this one…

Moon: That’s the best way to spend this cold and rainy spring day! What a great idea to come here!

Alec: Every way is the best way to spend a day beside my favorite alien!

Moon: You know that you’re the alien here, right?

Alec: But am i your favorite?

Moon: Yes, goofy, you’re my favorite only human in Saturenorn!

Alec: Oh, that’s great, i’m really happy with that! 

anonymous asked:

So I've just recently started reading the Super-sons comic series and aaaa they're adorable. I've read somewhere that they also appeared in other comics before they got their own series... do you know which comics they are?

Super Sons is literally my favorite thing on the planet right now, and I’m so very happy you’re reading it!

Currently the only other comic Jon and Damian have shown up together in is Superman. Issues 10 and 11 work as a prelude to Super Sons and has their first introduction to each other. 

They work together again in Superman 21-25 though that’s more of a Superman and Superboy story, but it’s got both Damian and Bruce in it an features some really great moments. Honestly if you love Super Sons I’d highly recommend reading Superman in general, Jon gets a lot of really great moments to shine in it and the book is a great overall read. 

I hope this helps! 

anonymous asked:

Hello. My name is Rodger . I love going to convention's and attempting to pass my cosplay. I'm recently lost a bet with a friend's and now has to go as a female character. I'm terrible with thinking of who or what to go as. Can you just ramble off a few idea's that I can choose from?

There’s so many characters out there that I wouldn’t even know where to start with listing. When picking a character, I think the best place to start is just with what you like. Love Marvel movies? Pick one of the ladies! Like DC better? You literally can’t go wrong with Wonder Woman right now. Are you a big gamer? Overwatch has so many awesome female characters or Chell from Portal is always a favorite. Think about what media and characters you love and just go for it regardless of your appearance.

My only other advice with genderbend or crossplay costumes is to never play gender as the butt of a joke. I’m not saying you can’t be funny or silly, but doing the schlocky “man in a dress” trope style cosplay for laughs is a big “no.” No one’s gender should be the punchline of a cosplay.

Alphabet Q&A
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Rules: Answer the questions in a new post and tag 10 blogs you would like to get to know better.

A- Age: 24
B- Birthplace: Helsingborg, Sweden
C- Current time: 6.27 pm
D- Drink you had last: Water 🙌🏼
E- Easiest person to talk to: my bestie
F- Favorite song: right now. Something just like this - Coldplay
G- Grossest Memory:
H- Hogwarts House: Gryffindor
I- in love?: oh to the hell yes
J- Jealous of people: I can be jealous of people who have “their life together”. House / school / job / family you know but I know that it’s such a personal thing to decide what’s “having your life together”
L- Love at first sight or should I walk by again: 👋🏼
M- Middle name: Rebecka
N- Number of siblings: 3
O- One Wish: Dude I can’t tell, you don’t spoil your wishes
P- Person you called last: my family
Q- Question you are always asked: isn’t it hard to live so far away from your family?
R- Reason to smile: Because life
S- Song you sang last: something just like this hehehe
T- time you woke up: 06.25 am
U- Underwear color: green ish
V- Vacation destination: Canary Islands next most likely
W- Worst habit: It’s a bit of a cliche but I should leave that smartphone alone more ( yes same )
X- X Rays: nope
Y- your favorite food: chocolate
Z- Zodiac sign: Aries


overboss replied to your post “just read “I hate Mercy mains, but I want Mercys on my team” with my…”

god i know!!! i hate how if someone has like 100hours on genji theyre a ‘pro’ and 'skilled’ at their hero. but if someone has a 100 hours on mercy theyre a 'no aim, no brain, mercy main’ and are 'bad’ ����

or! dont forget my favorite! mercy mains are just chicks (or sometimes healsluts and e-girls if you talk to the right asshole) that play healer for their boyfriends or to get attention bc they aren’t getting enough irl. like ya man,,, you and your neck beard really got me pinned down to the perfect T. whatever shall i do with all my hours on mercys,,, why am i single,,, where is my Man™

thank you thank you to @kayloraesthetic for tagging me

rules: answer thirty questions then tag twenty blogs you’d like to know better

1. nicknames: mainly e but my friend mae calls me ern and ernie sometimes

2. gender: female

3. star sign: capricorn

4. height: 5′7″

5. time: 13:16 or 1:13 pm

6. birthday: january 15

7. favorite bands: one direction (lmao rip), lany, coin, 5 seconds of summer, etc

8. favorite solo artists: tAYLOR SWIFT, ed sheeran, lorde, one direction boys’ solo careers, etc.

9. song stuck in my head: goodbye; bleachers as of right now

10. last movie i watched: the notebook and i regret it

11. last show i watched: one tree hill

12. when did i create my blog: august 25, 2015

13. what do i post: multifandom but mainly taylor

14. last thing i googled: sousaphone

15. do i have other blogs?: yes but they’re hells inactive. check out ohmyhiddleswift though to reminisce 

16. do i get asks: almost never but if you want to send some in that’d be great

17. why did i choose my url: well, i like marvel and i like taylor swift, so given i post about both my url was born

18. following: 488

19. follwers: mmm it’s just quite a bit less than the amount i follow

20. favorite colors: black + white

21. average hours of sleep:  man i don’t know it goes from fourteen to like three

22. lucky number: i like o say it’s thirteen

23. instruments i play: i’m hoping to learn the guitar

24. what am i wearing: a t-shirt from a school thing and pajama shorts

25. how many blankets i sleep with: currently three

26. dream job: i’d love to be a model lmao but really anything in the fashion industry

27. dream trip: just europe

28. favorite food: it’s honestly pizza 

29. nationality: american

30. favorite song now: don’t have one right now but i’ve been in a lorde mood

and uhm i tag @poptartswift, @tayymerica, @beautayfulswiftie13, @comebckbehere and @ohclassicswift. sorry if y’all have already been tagged or don’t want to do it lmao (twenty is too much i couldn’t)

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I’ve been tagged with this before and has done this, too. but i love doing tags so much! Thank you for tagging me @nightowls388 & @the-third-guy-from-the-left

Time Right Now: 04:33 pm

Nicknames: Haneul ^.^

Gender: Female

Star Sign: Capri to the Corn

Height: 5′ or 150 in cm, not sure ^.^

Birthday: 01-02-96

Favorite Solo Artists: Ailee, Rihanna, Beyonce, Hyuna, Ed sheeran, Bruno Mars, Selena Gomez, Britney Spears, Ne-yo

Favorite Bands: BTS & Blackpink

Songs Stuck In My Head: 1verse by Jhope

Last Show Watched: A noontime show

When Did I Create My Blog: way back in 2013 but never been active until January this year

What Do I Post: My Writings, Moodboards, Edits and reblogs a whole lot of BTS posts

Last Thing I Googled: Vincent Van Gogh for spell check of the Gogh ^.^

Do You Have Other Blogs: Yes! my personal sideblog @haneulspersonals

Do You Get Asks: Not much! ^.^

Why Did You Choose Your URL: As it says it is my korean name but not the official/legal one, just based on a preference quiz i did two years ago. ♥-♥

Following: 200+

Followers: 70+

Favorite Colors: Yellow, Blue and anything pastels

Lucky Number: 2 & 7

Average Hours Of Sleep: 4-7

Instruments: I remember learning and playing an organ when i was a kid and i love listening to pianos ^.^

What Am I Wearing: Blaack shorts and BTS: Begins shirt ^.^

How Many Blankets I Sleep With:

Dream Job: I wanna have my own business so that i can still write whenever i like~

Dream Trip: Jeju Island & Seoul, South Korea and Osaka, Japan and Israel, too.

Favorite Food: Nothing fancy just anything cheese and potato ^.^

Nationality: Filipino

Favorite Song Right Now: I have too many faves but i’m currently liking Seventeen’s Don’t Wanna Cry ^.^

Tagging the new people and the ones i haven’t tagged before: @jimin-meeny-mo @honey-ice-tae @hosokey @igotkth @ivegot7scenarios @maomao-12 @minmoonlite @mochiibebe @oops-i-swallowed

again, do this only if you want to ^.^

Fanfic writer appreciation day!

So it’s still aug 21 here when I started writing this post so it counts right.
@mxgnxsbane was dope enough to include me in her post (thank you!) and I hadn’t even realized today was that day,

So here is a list of all the writers whose writer tags I’m lurking lately (pretty much all the jimon writers let’s maybe honest)

Know that all of you are my fave and I have read through your writings tags probably 10x times already.


And honestly I’m probably forgetting someone, I just went through my bookmarks and likes and favorites and these people kept recurring. So, thank you all for adding a bit of sunshine to my life.

You're a Magician, Not a Wizard (cover)
You're a Magician, Not a Wizard (cover)

happy birthday, @allianceofficer

   It’s officially past midnight where I am, so… today’s the day! Zachary – you and I haven’t known each other for a super long time, but in the time we have known each other, I already consider you to be one of my very favorite people – my weird uncle. You are, perhaps unfortunately, forever linked into my life. Your writing, your giving spirit, and your humor are only a few of the reasons I feel blessed to know you – I wouldn’t have time to list it all. Thank you for being such a great friend to me! I hope your birthday is absolutely amazing.

   I cannot offer much – but I “learned” ( you’ll understand why that’s in quotation marks after you listen to it ) one of the songs on the playlist you made me. I’m not a pro at playing ukulele – in fact… I… don’t really know how to play at all, and I totally prioritized emotion over sounding good… but here we are. It’s not perfect ( Jesus, not… at all… ), but I wanted to do it live, it exists, and is just a baby symbol of my love for you!! 

lacefedora  asked:

Hey friend. I know you've been getting more anon hate lately and fuck those guys. SO I'm going to start randomly dropping in and sending some of my favorite things about you, your writing, your art. So you have nice things for your eyes when anons are being SHITE. TODAY: I adore the way you capture emotion and even sensations in your writing. I have an example. In a chapter of GAC you had Obi-wan dissociate. I dissociate often it was just a perfect description. I knew right away what you meant

LACE, you are a good person and too good for me. Frick.

(Hey, people only throw hate at you when you stand for something, so in a way, I’m proud they want to make me feel bad! …okay, not the right phrasing, but I’m trying to look at it from the bright side, you know? Whatevs, fuck em. I can look at it as bright as I want, but they’re still purely major douches.)

You even brought a friggin EXAMPLE. L A C E. I’m so happy that part made sense. It’s been a good while since I wrote it, but it’s still nice to be told you did something right in your writing. Thank you for telling me, you lovely palooka. That helps.

things people in my theatre class have said (part 2)

“and then emma is going to cross downstage—where’s emma” (everyone simultaneously looks up. emma is on the catwalk) “hey guys you look really short from up here”

(violent twirling of ribbons) “IM A WATERBENDER”

“so im going to write a musical called tree #3 the musical and the whole thing is just the tree standing onstage and singing this note:” (high-pitched screeching) “sounds groundbreaking”

“my favorite musical that we did was probably seussical” “isnt that the one where you face planted on the stage” “shhhh we don’t talk about that”

“wait i get to fake slap aidan” “yeah” “FINALLY”

“can you maybe chill?” “how bout maybe you chill?” “OH MY GOD YOU TOO?”

“there’s literally no music i can play right now. it’s all percussion. what the fuck.”

“one word summary of yourself” “gay”

“wow i can’t believe how good friends elphaba and glinda are” “harold…..” “wait what my name’s michael” “…harold….”


“actually, did you know that in 19th century russia—” (from across the stage) “WE WRITE LETTERS WE WRITE LETTERS”

“see we call the small max maxahundred cause hes the youngest. then the medium max is maxathousand. then the big max is maximillian.” “OH MY GOD”

“when you think about it….. everything is illuminati”

and i never really got to say goodbye
but maybe that was my fault
my fault for thinking that somewhere in your kisses and your promises and your smiles there was an apology hidden in there
but there was no “i’m sorry i’m doing this to you” and no other explanation for the way you left or why it even happened in the first place
i guess you could say i’m confused, or still in love, but at this point i don’t know which one is worse
it’s been almost five months and i still lie awake at night wondering if you’ve forgotten the sound of my laugh or why my father and i don’t get along
i think maybe i’m kidding myself because it’s childish to think someone who almost loved you still cares enough to wonder if you slept alright last night, right?
it’s childish to think that someone who swore they’d never get you out of their head still remembers your favorite color and your middle name, right?
—  not a day has gone by where i don’t try to hold on to the areas of my body that used to have your lips pressed against them

Uh. Guys.

Something just dawned on me, with the reveal that Damien and Hugo have an ending of their own, where they hook up if you don’t date either of them. (Here, to those who wants to know where the info is from.)

Guys. We know the Cult Ending exists. We aren’t sure how to get it, we aren’t sure if it’s glitched or DLC, we aren’t sure if it was scrapped altogether. But we do know it exists. We do know it implies something very dark about the game’s setting.

But guys. Do we actually know if the game ends at the Cult End? Like, is it its own separate thing, where it cuts to credits right after we meet Saul? Or do we have the Graduation party with Amanda still, but this time with no Joseph in the picture?

Guys. I think Damien and Hugo hooking up may be linked to the Cult End, if the Graduation Party is still a thing.

With Joseph gone, his hold over the other dads is gone. No longer compelling them to remain single. With Joseph gone, the dads are able to find love again. And it first shows in the form of Damien and Hugo, being seen together as a couple.

But then there’s an interesting line… Damien mentions that it looks like you found love yourself. But if you were romancing Joseph, and he’s gone now, that couldn’t be right. So that is a pretty poignant point in how the two ends aren’t connected.

But… It could mean something else.

Joseph’s Cult End involves romancing another dad for the first two dates, in order to get an item that helps you later on. It may also involve dating another dad, but no one is sure right now. But we definitely need one dad in particular. And you know who it is?


If Cult End is indeed canon, and a definite end to the game itself…

Is Robert the true dad you hook up with at the end? Is Robert actually the “canon dad?”

I’m probably grasping at straws right now, especially considering Robert is my favorite dad. But I just thought I’d share my thoughts again.

To the last girl who tried to love her,

To the girl who was her first love and her first everything. The girl who took a beautiful flower and stuck it in some journal that she threw in the back of her closet and expected it to be there when she returned. The thing you never took the time to understand is that you can’t exterminate something so beautiful, you cannot simply just snuff out the light of someone so radiant, something that bright and beautiful will grow even in the darkest of places. So for all the times you used the words, ‘I love you,’ to keep her around while you added flowers to your collection and she hopelessly waited until you turned back to her page, and the times you made her think she’d be your favorite bookmark you’d place in every book you read but you left her behind?

Thank You.

She’s stronger now and she’s learning that she is her own source of light, she brings oxygen to the people who felt like there was no air left. 
I’ve never been a fan until now, I’ve always loved the color blue.. they were never JUST blue. But her brown eyes shine so bright, it’s as if someone was holding a light behind them making them radiate in the form of a caramel sunset that never ends. I am going to encourage her to be everything she aspires to be even if that means I cannot be a part of it. I guess that’s the difference between you and me. I will not let my own selfish needs hold someone who has so much potential back. I’d take sleepy facetimes with failed attempts of watching GoT, as she sneaks smiles and glances of me as I fall asleep, over all day communication if it means knowing she’s making personal gains.

Thank you for fucking up, so that I have a chance to get it right ,

But I think you’re catching on now, you are trying to throw out all your flowers in an attempt to get this one back.

But sweetheart didn’t they teach you flowers were meant to bloom not be hidden in the depths of a book you forgot was even there until you’re bored and have nothing left but it to read?

—  She may have been your favorite flower, but someday she will be my favorite book… the one I will never get tired of reading. 
Guys, I have so much to tell you about Will Roland

I may die penniless, unwed, and forgotten, but I will still die happy because I spent four hours of one long-ago summer in a song interpretation master class taught by Will Roland. 

I don’t even know where to BEGIN. To quote Rachel Bay Jones, Will…*bursts into laughter* oh my God, there’s so much Will.

Ramblings about Will Roland under the cut. This is my day with Will Roland.

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She’s Just Not That Into You » Part II (A Harry Styles Miniseries)

Miss the first part? Find it here.

Once again, this miniseries is dedicated to @stylesunchained​. I love you, B! This time around, the ever-so-lovely @chrissy22787​ helped me out, and I thank you - immensely - for that, my dear friend. 

Let me know what you think! Happy reading.

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Even if Nick did piss him off, Harry couldn’t help but be proud of his best friend whenever he was awarded opportunities. He worked hard, and it was nice to see that hard work pay off in the end. So, when Nick mentioned that you were having a viewing party for his appearance on The Big Fat Quiz of the Year, Harry feared that he wouldn’t be able to celebrate the milestone with him.

“Ask her,” he demanded one afternoon.

Nick laughed, his eyes widening at Harry’s insistence. After little pleading from his friend, Nick sent a text asking you if Harry could be his plus one for the dinner party. Once he’d sent it, Harry forced Nick to show him the text for proof, figuring that it was just like him to say he’d asked you when he didn’t, instead showing up to the party with Harry anyway, thinking it was funny to throw both of you for a loop. Nick’s phone dinged minutes later, your name lighting up the screen. Your response of “Sure.” had caused Harry to go into an existential crisis, the wrinkle in his brow deep as he pulled at his lips.

“She doesn’t want me there,” he grunted. “‘m not goin’.”

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Bucky Imagine #3 | Lingerie

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Author’s Note: I have so much other stuff to write but sometimes inspiration strikes and I don’t want to lose it. Enjoy Bucky learning about lingerie! 

Rated M for conversation topics and innuendos. 

Have an idea? MAKE A REQUEST!


Bucky wasn’t the kind of man who just went rummaging around in women’s underwear drawers. He was respectable - a true gentleman, if he said so himself - and yet here he was, eyes lingering a little too long on the lacy strap that had fallen out of the dresser. He had to admit he was curious; things had changed so much in seventy years. Women didn’t wear anything else that was similar to what it was in the forties, surely their underclothes were different, too.

He peaked over his shoulder, eyes scanning the room for any other sign of life before he allowed himself to walk a little closer. He was already invading your privacy by just being here, in your bedroom when the rest of the team was gone, so he just looked at first, studied the little black ribbon and titch of lace that was available to him. 

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