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The Evolution of LGBTQ+ Representation in LIWs

In The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, back in 2013, there was exactly one queer character. He was a side character with an offscreen love interest created solely so that people wouldn’t ship him with Lizzie at that pivotal point in the story.

2014 was when LIWs really took off, and it was also when there were the greatest differences in LGBTQ+ representation (though no one was very good at it yet). Series like Emma Approved and Green Gables Fables (we’re talking Season One here) had none. Other series, like From Mansfield With Love, made a side character who didn’t have a love interest be gay. So far, no one was really gender-bending or reimagining anything to make it gayer.

But Shakespeare is about the gayest off-copyright source material there is, so it was pretty much impossible to correctly adapt Shakespeare and make it end up totally straight.

From our 2017 standpoint, NMTD looks pretty heterosexual, but it was actually about as queer as any LIW can be without departing from the source material (though we’ll get to Twelfth Grade a little later on). Hero’s moms, though absent, are accepted by everyone, as is Balthazar, who is of course very gay despite never using that word in NMTD (The Candle Wasters really don’t like actually saying things, do they?). But it was Pedro’s coming out that really changed the tides. Goodbye queerbaiting, hello to the possibility of onscreen characters entering into non-heterosexual relationships.

2015 was a transition year in many ways. It was no longer acceptable to make an LIW without some form of queer representation, but the methods were all over the place. Some LIWs put a queer pairing center stage – Pedrazar being the prime example, however you feel about LLL – while most series started to create queer side pairings, either through gender-bending or through creating new arcs for the characters. A few examples of this from 2015 would be George Squared from Call Me Katie, Smarling from The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy, and Jamie and Isabella from Northbound. Of course, some LIWs still did LBD-style representation – The Misselthwaite Archives comes to mind – but it was now because the creators wanted queer representation and not because they wanted to avert certain het ships.

Then 2016 happened. We, the viewers, were no longer willing to tolerate entirely cishet shows. 2016 saw the rise of trans and genderqueer LIW characters at long last – Puck in Bright Summer Night and Serena in The Adventures of Serena Berg being the prime examples – as well as multiple characters on the ace spectrum. And with the rise of young, bisexual webseries creators, the number of bisexual characters skyrocketed.

So let’s talk about Twelfth Grade for a minute. I won’t lie and call this series the gayest thing I’ve ever seen, but it is probably the biest. All three of the leads are bisexual, and no one is straight. Literally no one. And no matter who you shipped, it was likely a possibility if not a reality. Again, this was made possible by the source material, which is just about the biest thing ever written, and by the new LIW atmosphere, which was demanding – and getting – the queer representation that just doesn’t exist anywhere else.

Gender-bending skyrocketed in 2016, both with side characters and with mains. And now, in 2017, cishet characters are starting to be the minority. The Emma Agenda and Middlemarch: The Series, my two favorite currently-airing LIWs, have both gender-bent logically and competently all over the place in order to keep canon mostly intact while also making it much, much more diverse. Very few current LIW ships are m/f, and of those, even fewer characters are completely heterosexual.

We’ve come a long way since the days of LBD. and we couldn’t have gotten here without a lot of hard work and thinking and the bravery to tell stories the way we wanted them told. I’m not saying heterosexuality should vanish from LIWs, but I think that the direction we’ve come in is the right one. When a series like NLTS or MMTS gives the same amount of drama to queer pairings as to straight ones, when characters like Roxanne Roberts or Bathsheba Everdeen struggle with their identities in relatable ways, it normalizes every part of the human experience and continues to make LIWs the most representative form of media I know.

While I know I skipped a lot of important moments and didn’t mention several very diverse series, I used examples that I hope most people will be familiar with and that won’t be too spoilery. 

LIW creators: keep doing what you’re doing. It is noticed and appreciated. Thank you. 

What? I do my research..

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18- “I can’t belive you don’t like disney movies”

19- “This is where our friendship ends, right here right now”

A/N- I’m gonna dedicate this one to @winchesters-favorite-girl because she loves Disney movies and this fits!

To say you loved Disney movies was possibly the biggest understatement to ever exist in the history of understatements. You were obsessed! You just adored the songs, the characters and the story lines, and the way near enough every single one has a badass female character.

The newest one that had been released was Moana, you had seen all of the trailers and had even studied Hawaiian Demi-Gods, mainly focusing on Maui as he was one of the stories main characters.

You had already seen it, but you wanted the two boys who you called brothers to bask in it’s glory. Sam was easy to convince, he’s had a soft spot for Disney movies ever since he was a kid. 

Dean, however was slightly more reluctant. 

“Come on, Dea! Just this once, I promise you’ll love it” You begged, Dean rolled his eyes “no, and you’ve already seen it! Why do you want me and Sam to see it so badly?” He asked, he was trying to get some research on the British Men Of Letters, he needed a break.

“I want you and Sam to see it because it’s amazing and I don’t want to look like a loner. Now, come on, lets gooo” you said tugging on his arm, trying to get him out of the chair. 

Dean chuckled lightly at your eagerness, “you and Sam just go without me, I’m not really into Disney movies anyway” he said causing you to stop and stare wide eyed at him. 

“You… you don’t like Disney movies? This is where our friendship ends, right here right now” You said in disbelief, you heard Sam release a quiet “uh oh” before he sat down, he knew you were going to rant, he found them amusing. 

I can’t believe you don’t like Disney movies! They are the soil of every persons belonging, the heart and soul of every child’s dream!” You said dramatically, Dean closed the laptop and stared at you, an eyebrow quirked up in amusement.

“I just don’t like the whole, cheesy love story to it-” you interrupted him by jumping up from the chair you had been sat on, “but that’s the great thing about this movie! There’s no love story! It’s about this badass teenager from this Island in Hawaii who get’s chosen by the water to sail across the ocean to find this Demi-god guy names Maui so he can restore the heart of Te-fiti and save the freaking world from this curse that was released when he stole it! See, no love story, zero love. Zilch. Nada. None.” You said in one breath, the boys were looking at you like you were a crazy person. 

“What? I do my research.” You said smugly, before turning back to Dean. He sighed and stood up “fine, come on lets go” he muttered, you ran in front of him “I promise you’ll love it!” You called behind you. 

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It seems Mina was the closest person Annie had to being a "friend"(the plot would have gone in an interesting direction if she had lived (WHY ISAYAMA?!!!)) Do you ever include Mina into your fan works at all?

I try to!! I feel bad because either I’m writing something that’s canonverse and post-Trost, OR my dumbass just kind of,,,forgets she exists. Dead ass. I feel so bad. I’ve been in this fandom for almost 5 years, you’d think I would have 0 problems remembering if a character exists or not. AND I FEEL SO BAD BECAUSE SHE WAS SO CUTE AND POSSIBLY A FRIEND TO MY FAVORITE CHARACTER WHO DESPERATELY NEEDED FRIENDS LMAO

Damn her red shirt status

Ten Reasons Why Klaroline is Still Worth Shipping One Year Later

Considering how much drama has surrounded Klaroline since 5x11, it’s hard to believe that it’s only been a year since this ship finally went canon. But it has been and it did, and despite what a rocky ride it’s been I can say that Klaroline is without a doubt still worth shipping. Why, might you ask? Well no worries home slices, because I’m more than happy to share.

1. Because Klaus needs Caroline. Despite the disappointing turn of events throughout the past few months, I’m still kind of stuck with Klaus being one of my forever faves. It’s always a bummer when a character you love takes a turn for the worse, and Klaus has been written into one hell of a corner. The baby has become the singular focus of his character, Klaus has become one dimensional and OOC, and the writers have left him with mercilessly few ways to right that wrong. Not only has he gone from a nuanced and dynamic character to a flat and shallow caricature, but literally every relationship he has on TO is driven by the baby as well. His relationship with his siblings, his parents, with Hayley, with Cami, and even with Marcel are all completely motivated by Hope. Klaus hasn’t just been reduced to a vehicle for a trope, everything that used to make Klaus Klaus and everything that could lead to new developments has been rewritten and redirected to focus on his baby. There is only one significant exception to this rule, and that’s Carebear.

2. Because Caroline needs Klaus. So what’s worse than seeing one of your forever faves become a hollow shell of the character they used to be? Seeing two of your forever faves become a hollow shell of the character they used to be. Much ado has been made about Caroline’s regression in the past two seasons, and while that’s fair I think it’s also incredibly important to recognize how much that’s grown beyond Caroline as an individual character. Not only has Caroline been regressed, but pretty much every significant relationship she has with the other characters has been destroyed or rewritten beyond recognition. Her relationship with Stefan has been completely demolished, her “friendship” with Elena is a joke, her relationship with Tyler doesn’t even exist anymore, and her only intact relationship on the show is with someone who has literally been in another dimension for an entire season. Once again, the lone exception to this wretched rule is Klaus.

3. Because we need our faves back, and Klaroline is the way to get them. You know what, frankly, screw Klaroline. I don’t want my favorite ship back, I want my favorite characters back. I want to remember why they excited me, why the interested me, why I fell in love with them in the first place. And, in an incredibly ironic twist, the writers’ resistance to ever acknowledge that Klaroline even existed has also left their relationship as the only remaining connection to the characters that they once were and as the only relationship that could possibly bring them back to the characters that I knew and loved.

4. Because we’ve given other ships a shot. Okay, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration. But one thing we can unequivocally say about Klaus and Caroline is that we have gotten the chance to see the two of them in other ships. Klaus has had shippery moments with practically every female character on TO and Klamille has gotten over a season of development. Since 5x11 Caroline has had shippery moments with half of the TVD boys and Steroline has been one of the main focuses of TVD’s sixth season. The success of a lot of these new ships have been a mixed bag, but one thing is for sure. None of them have ever come close to what Klaroline was. A year ago we all thought that nothing could ever compare to KC, but now we know it.

5. Because we’ve seen the beginning of a story, but not the end of one. Honestly, I know a lot of us (including myself) have a lot of misgivings about the possibility of canon Klaroline, and that’s totally fair. But I also think it’s important to remember that Klaroline was cut off right at the moment where it was about to become a full-fledged ship. And seriously, think about that for a moment. All of the amazing scenes we’ve gotten, all the devleopment we’ve seen, all the support that Klaroline has gained was all based on the PROLOGUE of Klaroline’s actual story. If this is how great things can be before we even get to see the story play out then I can only imagine what it’d be like when the story does play out. There may not be an end in sight right now, but after what I’ve already seen I’m willing to wait it out until we get there.

6. Because both shows need an injection of life. I’m sorry to say that both TVD and TO have turned into stagnant, boring shows that repeat the same cycles on a loop and seem to just be re-doing story lines and developments that they’ve already done better in years before. They’re a mess of nonstop exposition and OOC character development, and they just need something that feels fresh and different but that will actually draw some audience interest. There’s really only one unexplored story line I can think of that fits the bill. Shows like Arrow/The Flash and Chicago Fire/Chicago PD have proven that shows and their spinoffs are more successful when they’re working together than when they’re working apart, and while TVD/TO have been split into so-called “separate universes” they luckily come with a built in connection that the audience is very interested in seeing. It was foolish of the writers to avoid that connection instead of exploiting it from the start, but better late than never.

7. Because Candice and JoMo’s chemistry can’t be matched. I mean seriously, it’s so incredible it’s borderline inhuman. Enough said.

8. To stick it to the man. There are quite a few obnoxious blowhards who loathe the fact that Klaroline has endured for this long, and annoying them is hilarious.

9. Because we’re closer to getting what we want now than we’ve ever been. I mean yeah, let’s be real. Things aren’t going so hot for the TVD franchise at the moment. Most fans aren’t receiving any of the current developments and story lines well, and the loss in ratings shows that the general audience doesn’t seem to be either. Things just keep looking worse for the shows, and Klaroline is one of the perennial questions that people keep asking. And there’s a reason why the cast and crew keeps bringing it up in their PR as well, we all know that it’s one of the only buzz factors the shows have left and clearly they know it to. The countdown clock is ticking, and all we have to do is wait it out.

10. Because even if we don’t get what we want we still have so much more. Personally I’ve never questioned whether or not Klaroline would be addressed in canon again. Despite many protests by many people, it never seemed to me like we’d seen the end of canon KC. But honestly, even if we have, would it matter? I know it’s something we’ve all said at one time or another, but ultimately that’s because it’s true. Fanon is so much more than canon could ever be, and giving up on canon Klaroline by abandoning the fandom completely just feels like cutting off your nose to spite your face. For me, shipping Klaroline isn’t really about Klaus and Caroline anymore. It’s about sharing thoughts, thinking creatively, sharing artwork, and having fun with my friends. It’s been really sad to watch some other fandoms crumble under the nonstop fuckery that they’ve had to endure, but it’s been equally delightful to see the Klaroline fandom survive and thrive despite it. And I feel like, no matter what, we need to recognize that and really appreciate it for what it is. Because ultimately regardless of what happens, the Klaroline fandom exists because of us, and it’s going to keep going because of us. We’ve endured because we’re a true community of fans, and for me Klaroline is still worth shipping because of that. And I think that if Klaroline has done anything for you in any way, allowed you to make a new friend, allowed you to share your ideas, allowed you to tap into your own creativity in any way, that you can say that Klaroline is still worth shipping for you too.