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I'm rewatching The Good Wife right now and Melissa Benoist is in it (2x09). Her character says to Cary "I have a crush on you" and Cary goes "You're my first cousin" and she replies with "I looked it up. It's not incest."



Oh my god you’re already 35 ;3;
Wowowowow. I’ve only known about you for like 7 months. You were my very first seiyuu crush when I got into the fandom. I remember first seeing you in the IDOLiSH7 1st Anniversary Live Stream with you playing around with the Purin plushie. That moment when you looked into the camera and gave that goofy smile during that live stream was very adorable and that’s what started my interest in you. Your voice is so soothing and very nice to listen to whenever I played IDOLiSH7 and Boyfriend Kirameki Note and I loved it so much. When I first was interested in you, I became a fan very quickly. My friends thought of it as some weeb disease but my weeb disease of Idol Game Hell is a thing of the past and I’ve come to appreciate the people who voice my favorite characters in this games, especially KENN and some other seiyuus. Oh my KENN please keep on singing and voicing and stay beautiful.

Happy Birthday beloved KENN!
Best Wishes this year!!!

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Hi! I really want to follow more doctor who blogs and be more involved in the fandom, what blogs do you recommend to follow? :)

first I’m gonna post my current tumblr crushes since they are the ones I’ve been reblogging from recently!

@morganapendragons jessica posts great dw graphics and I love to queue between gifsets and she’s so lovely!! I’ve followed her for a long time

@clarabosswald sunny posts so many good posts h*ck yeah her blog is multifandom but I just love her personality too

@dannepink meg’s blog is so nice and I love the gifs she reblogs

@aryawhiteyes clara posts such Good Content her blog is fab

@dailydwcast great blog for everything cast related!

@stupidape beautiful gifs!! hanka’s gifs are just a++

@lexaism again I’ve followed amanda for so long I don’t remember my dash without her but she is multifandom so she posts more than dw

@transjeanluc I love ren’s blog he posts so many great graphics and gifs a+

@timeladv ada’s graphics and gifs are always in my queue like it’s not even intentional I just always end up liking them from people so I definitely recommend her blog :)

I also recommend you follow @dwgif @ameliapondsy @jennacolernan and hmm idk I follow a lot of dw blogs so you could look at my blogroll!

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u are so soft and sweet and pure ur like a princess and you were one of my first Gay(tm) crushes and every time u post a selfie i blush

Omg omg this is so cute


“Oh man, I got a crush
Got a psychedelic dagger in my heart
Lil’ homie, tell them paramedics rush ‘cause she’s in her 20’s

Man I’m 19 on the scene, lookin’ clean
But what does that mean? Cause she’s in her 20’s
I got somethin’ to say
Have you ever had a crush?
Have you ever had a rush?
Make my heart stop, but she didn’t even blush
Cause she’s in her 20’s
Have you ever felt lust? Cause she’s in her 20's”

- Jaden Smith, Let It Breathe

Jungkook in The Fitting, by @noona-la-la-la

Me to my family: Have you guys seen the video of Kristen Chenoweth trying to figure out the pitch of the car alarm!!!!! It’s so hilarious and amazing wow

My sister: You’re turning really red

My mom: Do you have a crush on Kristen chenoweth HAHA

My dad: Yeah like a girl crush!!! HAHA!!! She’s a little short for you though

My gay ass: *turning redder, extremely stressed at the accuracy of this conversation* L o l ….. No …………

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I've always loved the concept of a jealous steeb. He loves both his boyfriends very much but, he gets insanely green when Bucky starts to hog Sam for himself.

God this is something I’m SUPER into if it stays ot3. I’m too much of a stove stan to break them up without crushing my soul into little pieces.

You know what makes me wanna die anon… the thought of Steve being jealous that Bucky’s taking up all of Sam’s time and then deciding that he’s just gonna wreck them both and set them straight. Boiiii

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I met him in the san diego latino film festival, he was presenting his new movie, i can’t believe i was there like very close to him watching the film kjdgbdkj

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2, haha ,29, 30, 47, 82, 92, 100. ~(˘▾˘~)

2. A picture of me: as far i’m English teacher you can call me sensei

29. One insecurity: being single for 10 years irl

30. What my last text message says: my mother replied ‘ok’

47. Have you ever had a crush on your neighbor? no

82. Have you ever dream that you married someone? no

92. Have you ever been told you’re hot by a complete stranger? no

100. Have you ever give us one thing about you that no one knows. i think my students make me horny


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Eddie, you okay bud?

Edwardo:*looks around* are you talking to me?
Mark: who?
Edwardo: well other than my ribs being crushed I’m doing really good actually!
Jon: he is talking to the anons Mark
Mark: the what?
Mia: the anons

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What the heck do I do with this crush on a straight girl??? Do I just??? Put it on the floor and pretend it doesn't exist??? Do I throw it off a building????????????? She's amazing???????????? DO I PUT IT IN THE TRASH ??????????

((I feel the fuck outta you homie, my two crushes are a straight girl and my best friend who says im not her type))