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Antoine Griezmann Imagine

Request:  Can i have one with Antoine Griezmann where he wins champions league or which ever you want and he brings our child down to the pitch? 

A/N: It was requested by @alishalavender12 Hope you like it!

“Hey,” Antoine whispered stroking my shoulder while I was sleeping. I opened my eyes as he kissed my cheek. He had already got up and got dressed. He was wearing a tracksuit and his sports bag was hung on his shoulder.

“I’m going for training. I wanted to say goodbye.”

I sleepily looked at my watch. “But, it’s too early” Then I realized, it was the big day. Today, Atlético Madrid was playing against Real Madrid  at Champions League Finals.

“Oh right, forgive me I’m too sleepy. Today’s the day!” I said getting up. He was standing in front of me looking nervous as hell. I put my arms around him and laid my head on his chest. I heard a sound of relief from him as he wrapped his arms around my body.

“My sweet Anto…” I whispered “Don’ be too anxious. I’m sure you’ll win” I looked into his beautiful blue eyes. They were still full of concern.

“What if I don’t?” he asked making me frown.

“Even if you don’t, you are already my champion and you will always be. So just calm down.” I smiled pecking his lips.

“What about Louis? Does he think the same way?” he asked “I don’t want to disappoint my son”

“Lou? He always admires his daddy. You can never disappoint him. Don’t think like that again” I said making him smile. The concern in his eyes started to disappear and now they were shining brightly. I smiled as he was happy again.

“Thank you, mon amour” he kissed me with his soft lips. “I’m feeling way better but I have to go now” he said when we were apart. I walked with him to the door.

“Go get ‘em tiger!”

“I want to see my dad” Louis whined pushing my patience. We were walking to the locker room. I was holding Louis’ hand as we walked.

“Okay Lou, calm down. I’m taking you there” I said trying not to yell at him. He had kept saying he wanted to see his dad since we came to the stadium for the match. The match was about the start.

“Daddy!” Louis yelled when we were in front of the locker room’s door. Everyone looked at us when he yelled. “Don’t yell again please” I frowned at him.

“And don’t upset your mom” I looked up to the owner of the voice. It was Antoine. He had already got dressed for the match. He was wearing the red jersey. He must have heard Louis. A smile appeared on my face as I saw him. He picked Louis up and kissed my temple.

“We decided to see you before the match starts. Somebody kept whining to see you” I said looking at Louis.

“It’s okay. I’m glad to see you” Antoine said smiling brightly. Louis hugged his father tightly and said “I missed you. I haven’t seen you all day”

“I missed you too, little man” Antoine said as he was caressing Louis’ hair. Seeing them like this melted my heart.

“I don’t want to ruin the moment but we should go, Louis” I said sadly. Louis took my hand without complaining and kissed Antoine’s cheek to wish luck.

“Won’t you wish me luck, Y/N?” Antoine asked me taking my other hand.

“Good luck!” I kissed his cheek.

“I was hoping for a proper kiss” he whispered to my ear. I could see a slight smirk on his face.

I whispered back not wanting Louis to hear “Anything you want after the game”

The referee whistled to end the match. Finally, Atlético Madrid won. They were the champions. We all stood up cheering and yelling. The crowd was screaming Antoine’s name who scored two goals during the match. Louis was happily screaming with the crowd, too.

Antoine was walking towards us with joy. “Daddy’s coming!” Louis exclaimed pointing. The people went wild when he stopped in front of us.

“Congratulations!” Louis and I said at the same time hugging him. He wrapped his arms around both of us tightly.

“Wanna go there with me, champ?” Antoine asked Louis making him even more excited. Louis nodded quickly jumping into Antoine’s arms. I watched them as they were going to the pitch again. Louis was wearing the jersey written ‘Griezmann 7’ on the back like his father’s. They looked really cute together. I took a picture of them while doing Drake’s hotline bling moves.

Then Antoine brought Louis back. “Now, I’m going to receive the cup but then I’ll come and take you again Lou, okay?” he winked at our son. “Okay!” Louis said who is still excited.

“Wait!” I stopped Anto before he left. As he turned to me, I pulled him closer and kissed him passionately. The people was cheering louder ,including Lou,  while we were kissing.

“God, I love you!” he said looking mesmerized. Then he left.

“You know what, mom?” Louis said nudging me ‘cause I was still affected by the kiss. I gestured him to go on.

He jumped and screamed  “My dad is a real champion now!”

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spiderpoolz  asked:

“I won this time but in my heart YOU will always be the champion“ WHEN DID YUZU SAY THAT? IS IT CERTIFIED? LIKE DID HE REALLY SAY THAT????


Translations always differ a bit but yeah Yuzu said in a interview after the World Championships 2015 that after the competition he had talked with Javier and that even though he was happy that Javi won he deeply regretted losing and that he was unable to stop crying so Javi comforted him saying that “even though he had won the competition this time, for him, Yuzu would always be the winner”. As I said before, the wording of the translations can be different but the idea is the same. OvO

The video of that interview is here:

And the translation I got was from the Golden skate forum:

And the scream for Javi thing was that during the Free Skate at Worlds 2015 Javier was going to skate right after Yuzu, so at the Kiss&Cry after Yuzu got his marks he got up and shouted “GO JAVI!!!” to Javier, who was getting ready.

It’s the last few second of this video:

Hope this answers satisfies you. ‘3′

Isn’t yuzuvier just the greatest thing in the world???


When Ash discovered Hillary Clinton had an official PO box, she wanted to write her a letter. Here is what she wrote:

Dear Hillary,

I hope it’s all right to call you that.  There’s something else I wish I could say as I address you — I mean to say, I wish I could write it here and see it reflected on every news site, every new article on my Facebook feed… I might not see it there, but please know, ma’am, that you will always be my President.  I could ask for no champion more determined.  I have never seen anyone on national television stand before and strike down a bully (a threat to women, to people like me — a tyrant, a terrible, terrible person) with such poise and ferocity and grace… I haven’t been able to vote for as long as some, but I can tell you that I’ve never, ever wanted someone as the head of my nation as badly as I wanted you there.

Thank you.

Thank you for what you did — for what you’ve done, not just during this election but throughout your career, helping children, helping women, helping everyone you could!  You tried again and again to help and ma’am, you succeeded again and again — you’ve helped so many of us.  I’m so sorry you weren’t allowed the helm that would have let you help the nation as a whole, but please know — please know beyond any shadow of any doubt — that your efforts were and are extraordinary in their scale, that you have already made and continue to make such a difference to so many, and please especially know that you are love and appreciated for what you’ve done, for what you do.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

When I was little — in 3rd grade, I think — I spoke to you when you visited a group of schools in Raleigh, NC.  I don’t remember much beyond that it was a field trip and I was so excited to see you!  My teacher gave me a card with a question on it to ask you if you called on me, and you did call on me… with the mic in my hand, suddenly I forgot how to breathe, how to read, how to do anything but blink at your smiling face.  I dropped my question card.

I blurted, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

Everyone laughed at me!  Everyone but you.  You only went on smiling and replied, “When I grow up, I want to be the President of the United States.”

People laughed at you too.  Then.  Now.

Not me.

Not me, because until you said so, I never knew a woman could want that.  Could want to be that.

I’m 29 years old now.  I live in NC still, in Chapel Hill.  I’m a strong, determined woman married to another woman who’s even stronger, and I — we — just want to tell you that if we can together do a fraction of what you have for people,  we will be so proud.  We love you.  We love you, we appreciate you, and we aspire to your character, to your determination, to your strength and your love and your kindness, your compassion, your drive to make things better and brighter.

Thank you.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Thank you Hillary,

It might be hard for some to believe, but Hillary has been the light of my day for the past semester.  She’s made me be more optimistic and hopeful about my own future. She’s inspired me whenever i would watch any of her rallies or speeches. Hillary made me happy and I started to think about my purpose and contribution to society because of the way she has lead her life.  I am a better young woman because of her. 

DAY 3063

Jalsa, Mumbai                    Aug 19/20,  2016                   Fri/Sat  1:24 am 

So .. yes we won another .. the Silver .. in badminton for Women .. the winner broke down after her victory .. the one that lost, our very own, PV Sindhu walked across to her, consoled her, got her up on her feet, picked up her racquet that had been flung away in the glory of victory by her opponent, and put it in the kit of the Spanish, Carin .. 

That is what INDIA is .. culture and dignity, even in a loss .. !!

Proud of you Sindhu .. so much to learn, have you demonstrated to the generation of Indians and the world, in one fell stroke .. you are a champion in my eyes and shall always remain one .. 

Dignity resides in culture of any nation .. time and evolution bring that to ethical prime .. but ethics is not always the inventory of a country or community .. there is more to it, much more ..

Italy identifies with, fast cars and fashion and food and cuisine .. France for its inherent beauty and chic and the epitome of the good life .. Germany brings the determination and its cars too, its systematic efficiency .. as does England, and China and Japan and so many other countries  …

But ..  the other mode of ethics that brings remembrance and importance .. is sports .. an identity of billions of our humanity follow and patronize it .. their passion keeps it alive and excelling .. and their International presence brings identity, distinctiveness .. 

In the times we live today, we have time for this aspect of our existence. I cannot say whether it is right or wrong .. I say that it is predominant and of importance to the generation that shall guide and rule us in time ..

Brazil, Germany, Italy and others bring me closer to Football say ..Jamaica quite obviously to track and field events thanks to a certain Mr Bolt .. Usain Bolt !!

Whhhooooosshhhpp .. that almost sounded like  “ I’m Bond, James Bond “

Australia at one time to, tennis, swimming, cricket .. Russia to almost every sport in the universe, but in particular ice hockey … Japan and East European countries to the aesthetics of gymnastics .. and so on ..

Sport .. the light that shines beyond the dignity and culture of a nation, at most times .. its development therefore a prime need to create the recognition of identity ..

Right now India is cricket and Kabaddi .. yes Kabaddi .. its viewership grew 51% from the last season and continues to grow, despite two seasons in one year ..

Excellence in sport just does not happen because you represent a particular part of the universe .. it comes from selection and guidance .. from infrastructure and training .. from patronage and interest .. and for country, to be fighting for its recognition and value .. !!

Providing means and facilities is common need .. structuring their performance with professional guidance on merit, on intricacies psychological, and above all the love and admiration of the people .. admiration that shall give them strength to excel and succeed .. a billion voices heard together can change the course of rivers , mountains and nature … but it can also speedily propel the athlete towards perfection and victory .. support and all its permutations inculcated shall be responsible for all that goes into the making of that coveted medal that we see each hour around Brazil #Rio2016 ..

Incentives .. changed the Indian Cricket team from 99.9 percent Shivaji Park, Mumbai to the smaller towns talent, one that now rules the World in the game ..

We can do it … and we will .. 2024 Olympics .. watch out for India .. not the next one in Japan 2020, but 2024 ..wherever it be ..

Good night and love to all …

Amitabh Bachchan

Thank you Argentina
Thank you so much Messi
For me you’re the champion ! You will always be my #1

Gracias Argentina 💙💙💙


Dear Internet Radio: I quit listening to regular radio because they stopped playing real music. You were a good solution, but…you’re following the ‘Queen clause’ that–apparently–only applies to the US: if we play a Queen song, it *may* be 'We Will Rock You/Champions’, but is almost ALWAYS 'YOU’RE MY BEST FRIEND’. I like that song, and I remind myself of that with every replay I hear when you rerun it 4,887,623 times a month. They have other songs. Get your shit together, internet radio.


Cleaning up and posting more Steven Bomb 2.0-flavoured snippets related to this, this, and this.

Pre-series and up to Story For Steven era, requited Pearl/Rose with poly bi Rose, as is my jam pretty much always. Mentions of Greg/Rose later on. Entirely the fault of Rebecca Sugar herself and this post of hers, inflicting Leonard Cohen and Take This Waltz on us all. It started off as happy and fluffy, but, well. ~1500 words.


She’s never before seen Pearl take to a human custom so quickly and so eagerly.

Rose covers her mouth as a giggle bubbles up in her throat – fond, pleased amusement at the sight greeting her; an overwhelming burst of relief and joy at the unlikely reality of their shared existence and continued survival, even though it’s been millennia since… then; a wild, heady mixture of things, suddenly set off by the endlessly devoted Gem before her fervently immersing herself in a newly found way of expressing and understanding her own feelings.

Pearl looks up at her from her strictly and precisely angled bow, questioning confusion on her face bordering on slight hurt, and Rose is reminded that laughter is still not something Pearl associates with particularly good things. “My liege?”

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