you are my bucketlist

Long tem no see!

Hello guys and everyone new!! ;__;  Some of you have written me with feelings of missing my Undertale stuff… I miss creating it as well, but life took its toll on me, it’s difficult to create. Last year was hard on us all, this year started with a gruesome amount of workload that I’ve neglected or didn’t have chance to finish… I’m overwhelmed (to the point of considering to ditch one job…but I feel bad about doing so, since it involves people I care about). But I do hope to regain the creative spark back! Thank you for missing my stuff.

Bucketlist for 2017:

-Continue SPROUTS, it gotten some support from people who do comics in real life. If possible, I’d love to make more chapters and print it one day…

-ANSWER THE LAST GSANS ASKS PENDING T_T_T_T_T_T *feels like a loser *cries in the corner T_T_T_T_T

-Frans Valentine event - I’ve gotten a notice by frans fans, that there’s an event planned. I might take the opportunity to make the Spring cleaning comic come true! I’d have to revisit the script though and cut it shorter! (despite liking the dialogues ;_;;)

-continue Lighthousecmx account - I’m touched by the trust, the answers are done with hope of at least some help. You’ve made me think about my own problems and the solutions… With the workload, I decided to answer some of the asks without many drawings.

- Undertale MV, featuring my bruh’s beautiful voice ( @reethaa ), with original lyrics and piano from @chrystalchameleon ! (feel free to check the wonderful piano part out here)

-Wordless oneshot comic about projection and self-imposed roles (7 pages - need to color it but this one will be finished for sure!)

-I’ve had some nice ideas about Sorrymonster and Pain, they might make it into a fragmented comic as well?I don’t know….

-some original shorts…. that I keep mentioning but haven’t done yet T_T

-unpublished frans art and Echotale art… there are some sketches and illustrations that haven’t been finalized, I want to share them with you ♥

Stay with me as long as you’re comfy ♥ Thank you for trusting me and supporting! Wishing you all a good leap into the next month!

(Valentine….ugh.guhg…ack ;_; )

chinesebakery  asked:

Fic authors self rec! When you get this, reply with your favorite five fics that you've written, then pass on to at least five other writers (◠‿◠✿)

Thanks for this, my dear friend :)  I am having a really difficult time coming up with favorite fics I’ve written, so I decided to do some fic recs instead - I hope that’s ok!  I’m breaking all the rules!!!


1.  Shrive, by @recoveringrabbit - This fic is a thing of beauty.  It is softness itself, something that warms you from the inside out.  Also, I could rec like a million other things by rabbit because she’s amazing, but this one’s a fav :)

2.  Coffee With Salt, by @theradiointukyshead - This fic is pure poetry.  Beautiful language and vivid imagery, it’s perfection in a few stolen moments.  

3.  Don’t you see?  (it’s my bucketlist), by @perthshirekisses -  Beautiful, sweet, heartbreaking, this fic is EVERYTHING.

4.  Now I’m covered in the colors (torn apart at the seams), by @superirishbreakfasttea - This soulmate AU is one of my FAVS. So many feels and I just love the world she creates here, everything is electric.

5.  Jemma’s Theme, by @amanda-rex - I actually don’t have words for how beautiful this is.  I cried for days.  

6.  The Red Badge of Courage, by @0hcicero - This fic stole me, consumed me and held me it’s captive.  

7.  Cubicle of Love, by @chinesebakery - I freaking love this fic, it’s like a warm patch of sunlight and it makes me smile too big for my face.  CB, you are a master of comedy, I don’t know how you do it :)   


1.  Attached, by @katchyalater - This fic is a warm cup of tea on a cold day, it is peace and warmth and kindness.

2.  A Song to Keep Us Warm, by kindclaws - Best dancing AU ever.  It is full of soul and movement.

3.  An absolutely defining sense of self, by @toast-the-unknowing - Honestly the best thing I’ve ever read.  I CACKLED.

4.  Spark of Devotion, by @alltheworldsinmyhead - I’m probably responsible for half of the hits on this fic because I’ve read it that many times.  It’s amazing and soulful and everything beautiful.

5.  What We Do to Each Other, by @marauders-groupie, - This is like coming home and heartbreak all at once. It tore me apart and put me back together.

6.  Empty Vessel, Crooked Teeth, by @prosciuttoe - Best Sense8 crossover ever.  It haunts me.  It’s unfair how good this is.  

Ok, I got a little carried away :)  I’m too lazy to go back through and see if all the links work, so please let me know if I need to fix anything!  If anyone is looking for more stuff to read, check out my bookmarks on AO3!  

1. Live together 

2. Roadtrip 

3. Sunrise 

 4. Get wasted 

5. Karaoke 

6. Visit Europe 

 7. Poker night  

8. Sex on the beach 

9. Sex on a plain 

10. Open a coffee shop 

11. Dance lessons 

12. Outside sex 

13. Marry me ? 

14. Say yes please 

15. Have a baby ( boy ) 

16. Have a baby ( girl ) 

17. Perfect wedding 

18. Create our jurnal 

19. Play hide and sick in a supermarket 

20. Play twister 

21. Play paintball 

22. Read the same book 

23. Eat a lot of things 

24. Blind trip 

25. Sex in every room 

 26. Sex in every country we visit 

27. Make our porn 

28. Buy something for each other from a sexshop 

29. Smoke weed together 

30. Nights in Vegas

 31. Cook together 

32. Camping 

33. Football match 

34. Compose our love song 

 35. Get a tattoo together 

36. Have our naked day at home ( probably Sunday ) 

 37. Disneyland 

38. Swim in our pool 

39. Have a picnic 

40. Play mini-golf 

41. Learn to play an instrument 

42. Shop each other’s outfits 

43. Go to concerts 

 44. Sex in the sea/ocean

 45. Watch 26 movies in 26 days, each starting with a letter from the alphabet 

46. Matching outfits 

47. Tomorrowland 

48. Go to the aquarium 

49. Get in trouble 

50. Grow old together 

51. Pictures every month when she gets pregnant 

52. Play Fifa
 53. Build a snowman 

54. Sleep outside

55. Get lost together in a new city 

56. Pillow fights 

 57. Pictures with everything we do together 

58. Make a blog with us 

59. Record us singing 

60. Make our house like we want 

61. Go on a full day shopping 

 62. Get rid of my fear of hights 

63. Let her do me a make up 

64. Watch cartoons

65. Bed all day in pijamas 

 66. Christmas Eve->Christmass tree 

67. New Year’s Eve->Kiss her at 23.59 so we can have a great end of the year and stop at 00.01 so we can have a great begining 

68. Cook for eachother 

69. Cute surprises 

 70. Pranks 

71. Me eating dinner from her body 

 72. Bj in random places 

73. Get high and fuck 

74. Learn how to swim 

75. Climb a high tower 

76. Learn how to ski 

 77. Joker tattoo 

78. Visit Paris with her 

79. Kiss in the rain/snowflakes 

80. Out of body experience 

81. Lose my fear of snakes 

82. Ed Sheeran concert 

83. Eminem concert

 84. At least 1 final ( Uefa Champions League / Europa League ) 

 85. Rio Carnaval 

86. Drive a Lamborghini 

87. Win something for my love 

88. Take the same picture with her in the same place every year 

89. Visit Hawaii 

90. Move to California 

91. Visit New York 

92. Own a dog 

93. Own a cat 

94. See the pyramids in Egypt 

95. Learn a new language 

96. Sleep in a tree house with her 

97. Learn to Juggle 

98. Invent something 

99. Be with her all the time 

100. Love her ‘till the end 

I love you !