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>steven, you’ve said that the moment that john is wounded in the three garridebs is your favorite moment in the stories. what was your thought process when it came to adapting that emotional climax in the final problem?

>sherlock employs the narrative device of mirroring to great effect–irene adler, for instance (one of my favorite lesbian characters, by the way) presents us with such an interesting lens into sherlock. how do you create mirror characters that still have their own distinct personalities? what are your top priorities when you first start imagining a mirror? do they always come in pairs?

>sherlock and john have spent a lot of time apart these past two seasons. what does that add to the story? do you think that sherlock holmes works just as well with other characters in the “watson” role? in fact, does sherlock need a watson at all?

>let’s discuss the elephant in the room. how do elephants add to the show’s aesthetic?

>for mark, in the past you’ve talked at length about your disdain for modern horror films like saw, and wrote a poem when a dissenter compared sherlock to the action-packed james bond. what compelled you to pay such extensive homage to these films in the final problem? 

>how do you think sherlock’s repressed memories of eurus influenced him in series one?

>in your opinion, what are the most major events to influence sherlock’s character development over the course of the series, and how did they change him?

>what was the thought process behind having certain scenes and shots repeat and change in t6t and tld?

>several characters in the lying detective draw attention to john’s diminishing role and his blog’s decreasing quality. is this at all self-reflective? if so, why not fix the flaws rather than draw attention to them?

>why name the floating hellprison after sherlock’s first draft name?

>how do you think john felt over the course of series four?

>did mrs. turner’s married ones survive the patience grenade?

>did I survive the patience grenade

Fake Chats #132
  • Seokjin: have I ever told you you're beautiful?
  • Yoongi: no.
  • Seokjin: good. I wouldn't want to be a liar.
  • Seokjin: have I ever told you how graceful you are?
  • Namjoon: no.
  • Seokjin: good. I don't want to mislead you.
  • Seokjin: have I ever told you you're my favorite dongsaeng?
  • Jimin: no.
  • Seokjin: that's good, 'cause I wouldn't want to be caught in a lie.
  • Jungkook: hyung, he says you're his favorite all the time?
  • Jimin: he says that to you too.
  • Seokjin: have I ever told you that you're the most talented of us?
  • Jungkook: yes.
  • Seokjin: well color me a liar and set my pants on fire.
  • Jimin: hyung...
  • Jungkook: please stop.
  • Seokjin: okay.
  • Jikook: that's a lie.
Pop punk problem #47

When you want to see your favorite band live but they broke up 10 years ago.

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Have you seen any episodes for the season? If so, I'm just wondering which episode number so far is your favorite!

I worked on it, so I’ve seen all the episodes many, many times in many different versions!

My favorite is episode 7. But 1 is also amazing. And 5. And 3. And 9. And 6.


All of them, really.

It’s a few pages later and he’s drawing Tony from memory when a waitress walks by to refill his coffee and peeks over his shoulder. - All Roads

They have a vintage poster of Captain America on the wall, very like the one that Tony had had as a child. - Unweaving by Night

steve and tony, at different points in time at the same cafe - still thinking about each other. ;) holy moly this took forever for me to get started but THIS WAS INSPIRED BY A COUPLE OF MY FAVORITE POST-CW FICS written by the absolutely incredibly lastdream on ao3!! All Roads & Unweaving by Night (links embedded above) are Steve’s and Tony’s perspectives respectively post-CW and they are both so painfully beautiful (+ sad!!!) fics that I highly recommend you read!

Speaking of scary things, ever accidentally scare a coworker who is just too sweet for this world and end feeling like you just kicked a puppy? I did this two weeks ago when searching for one of my elderly coworkers to see if she’d like my help and I just about gave her a heart attack because I called her name in the middle of DEAD SILENCE. I still feel bad and I am pretty sure she thinks I’m weird for still apologizing for it after all this time. Share your “fml” moments when it comes to shattering the trust of your favorite, couldn’t hurt a fly or ever raise their voice, coworkers. Or share when someone did the same to you and just about crumbled because of the guilt. -Abby

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do u ever look back on ur childhood and get blown away by how gay u were before u even knew what gay was?

Literally, all the time. I distinctly remember having a favorite color scheme back in kindergarten. Like, not just one color but, a scheme of colors. I would religiously choose blue, purple, and that hot ass neon pink crayon, y'all know what I’m talking about? Every time. That pink had to be in my picture otherwise, it wasn’t gonna happen.

Also, you know those scholastic book fairs that came to school way back when? Well, in the 2nd grade, I made my mom buy me this furry, purple, leopard-print journal. I didn’t want anything else but that. I still have it somewhere, actually.

Also, also. Sailor Moon and Princess Gwenevere and The Jewel Riders were THE shows. Sleeping Beauty and Spice World were THE movies. Britney Spears’ “Lucky” was THE song. And I always, always felt this weird knot in my stomach anytime Darian, Prince Philip, or Chris O'Donnell (Robin) was on the screen. I was so gay for them, even at 5 years old. I just didn’t know why I felt that way. And somehow, my mom had no idea.

we are waiting to be lit

To live past the end of your myth is a perilous thing. To everything there is a season, after all. Sometimes, though, the gods are curious. And she will live such a long time. [Keyleth/the Raven Queen; 2.6K]

cr femslash fest day two, based off an anonymous prompt. title from “hope in the air” by laura marling

[read on ao3]

“You’re fine,” he says when he starts awake, trembling and cold, his face pressed into the crook of her neck. He speaks to himself more than to her, quick and quiet. “You’re fine. She punishes unnaturally long life. Not you. You’re different.”

“I know,” she tells him, her hand brushing through his hair, chasing away the nightmares. “I know, Vax. I’m not worried.”

He shivers, mutters, falls back into a fitful sleep, and Keyleth silently asks the shadows to let them be.

He’s tired, she thinks, fierce and exhausted all in one, weariness sitting heavy in her bones. The slow drip of time ticks away the countless years that stretch before her and she lets them pass with a numb sort of acceptance. He’s tired doing Your bidding, let him rest. 

The shadows flicker and shift, and Keyleth swears she hears the quiet croak of a raven as she curls herself tighter around Vax, a bright point among the dark.

The wind hows and hisses, slips through the cracks in their home to brush the wild mess of her hair, and soothes her to sleep.

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My favorite thing is when louis posts personal heartfelt videos when he feels like he has something important to say because his social media (tweets) aren’t that credible and he knows that we know that he knows that we know the fact that 90% of the time it isn’t even him tweeting. 

31 Weeks

(+4 days) 

I actually don’t think I posted my 30 week one… sorry. I took it, but I just never posted it. I’ve gotten to the “uncomfortable all the time” phase of the pregnancy. Starting to get a bit of a waddle, which I always though was because of how big you got but for me is more because my crotch is always sore and walking is uncomfortable.

Her nursery is like, 95% done. I am so in love with it. I will make a blog post with pictures and links after its all done, but the grand unveiling is at the baby shower so I am waiting until after that. I have been posting things here and there on Instagram but holding back on sharing some of my favorite things. I can not wait to have her in that room.

My shower is in like a week (From Saturday, so like a week and 3 days). I am so excited. Both my sisters are flying in from out of town and I just can’t wait.

Shower is ¾, last class is on 3/10, maternity photos are on 3/18, I turn 30 on 3/21… after that we are ready for her. 

Story time!

Did anybody else try to read crazy hard stuff when they were younger? I was looking up some of my favorite poetry and Edgar Allen Poe came up and I just remember sitting in Home Room in 5th grade (about 10 yrs old) trying to read this giant book of his works and thinking “what the fuck is all this?”

…His works are still the shit and if you haven’t read his short stories: ‘Pit and the Pendulum’, ’ Masque of the Red Death’ or ‘Cask of Amontillado’ you haven’t been reading!


I’m still in love with his poem, The Bells.

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Favorite CrissColfer and Klaine fanfic? :)

Hello anon! First, I’ll lead you to the link for my all time fave Klaine fics, and my all time fave CC fics. Now here are my #1′s in each category:

Everyday by whatiknew

A few days after their 2nd wedding anniversary, Kurt is in an accident and falls into a coma. Blaine struggles with the decision to let him go, and the night before they’re set to pull the plug, Kurt wakes up. One problem: He thinks it’s 2008 and that he is 14 years old. No New Directions, no Finn and Carole, and no Blaine. Blaine helps Kurt try to remember his old life while they consider starting a new one.

Love and Affection by @the-cimmerians

Chris was overworked and needed a break.  His fellow cast members enlisted Darren to take him away on a private vacation with no phone and no outside contact so he could rest.  So ya put Chris and Darren alone in a house on the beach together…I wonder what happens?

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What are your top 5 favorite SaeranxMC fics you have read?

Originally posted by sam2119931

Oh Lord what a wonderful question! Tbh I read A LOT there is a good chance if you wrote a Saeran x MC story and it’s in the Teen, Mature or Explicit category on AO3 I have read it. (Not even exaggerating) For the sake of providing more of a rec list, I am going to mention now that I ADORE @fantasyimmortal writing and honestly most of their stuff are probably my top 5, Whats Yours Is Mine and My Drug are my favorite of all time, so I am going to mention others. 

My Drug by FantasyImmortal - My all time favorite Saeran x MC fic! I love this fic so much I commissioned fan art from it! FantasyImmmortal just has a way of writing Saeran that makes him so…..addicting to me. This story is sinful but it is also angsty and has an amazing plot. I can honestly re-read this fic several times and not be tired.

Whats Yours Is Mine by FantasyImmortal - PURE SIN! Ok not really because it has a plot and it is going to be painful. I have the inside scoop of this story and it was originally intended to be a PWP but holy shit. FantasyImmortal writes Saeran and Saeyoung so freakin well together and the way they are portrayed make a poly relationship so…natural. Omg I love this story just <3 Read this <3 This fic also ruined showers for me.

1. Until The End by Erys - Soooooo good like holy shit man I love this fic. It is technically Saeyoung x MC but you get an amazing dose of Saeran x MC as well and just <3 it is incredible
2. I Saw You First by SigmaLoveTriangleShipping - Another fic that is not exclusively Saeran x MC but omg…If you are ok reading poly I highly recommend this fic. It is so angsty and the feels man
3. Companions by SaeranLover - Ok so EVERYTHING SaeranLover writes is incredible so it is hard for me to narrow it down to one fic and but Companions was the first I read of theirs and omg it is amazing! You get a really in-depth story about their relationship and really get to see it progress and omg just read it, it is so adorable and sinful
4. Bored by MysticTrashHeap - If you are looking to read something sinful that is a one shot, I HIGHLY recommend this fic. It is so descriptive and so well written. It will leave you wanting more.
5. Carry Me by N_Chamomile - Like holy shit this story is SO unique I adore it! I highly, highly recommend it because the story is so unique and well written!


Saeyoung/Saeran Fics 

Freak by knockturnlily(Spiderlilium) - THIS! JUST! THIS! Like MY GOD if you like twincest between Saeyoung and Saeran this is my all time favorite! It is so good and so well written and the characterization is just *_* I can’t recomend this enough. Beware of sin ;)



Dear Holy Spirit For I Have Sinned by chocolatechiplaque- Adore <3 it is literally just pure sin
Missing by Sanglante_Reine - This is such a wild story! It is so intense and it will keep you on the edge!

Unrequited Saeran/MC

Truce by Tusslee - :’( This is all i can say about this fic. Seriously, I needed some good SaeranxMC fluff after reading this but it is so good! 


This is my favorite play call of all time.

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Name: Audrey

Nicknames: I don’t really have any but my dad used to call me Berry and there was a short and bizarre period of time where I was referred to as Oodrey

Zodiac Sign: Leo

Height: 5′2″ and a half-ish

Orientation: Pansexual 

Ethnicity: Mostly white but with some Okinawan thrown in there as well 

Favorite Fruit: I like grapes, pineapple, and strawberries!

Favorite Season: Fall

Favorite Book: Idrk I like Harry Potter and PJO (what a non-specific answer I’m sorry sdjhfkusdh)

Favorite Flower: Tbh I’ve never gotten super into flowers (something I need to fix) so I’m not sure 

Favorite Scent: I like fresh, nature-y scents

Favorite Colour: I like purple and blue

Favorite Animal: They’re not real but dragons are dope

Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: Hot chocolate

Average Sleep Hours: Anywhere between 5-11 honestly

Cat or dog person? I like both but I’m definitely a dog person!

Favorite Fictional Character: I have so many but I’m like a true sucker for Captain America

Number of blankets you sleep with: One

Dream Trip: I’d love to visit Okinawa and meet my family there!

Blog Created: I have like no idea…Early 2015 maybe??

Number of Followers: At the moment I have 11,959 followers! 

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Name: Tynan

Nicknames: Ty.
Zodiac Sign: Cancer (but astrology is bunk)
Height: ~6 feet + ½ inch or so.
Orientation: Straight.
Ethnicity: Canadian, White; (French Canadian, German, French, British/Welsh/other parts of the UK, American ancestry).

Favorite Fruit: Probably Raspberry or Strawberries.
Favorite Season: Summer.
Favorite Book: Not good at absolute favourites. My favourite books change all the time.
Favorite Flower: Fruit blossoms are really pretty so probably one of those.
Favorite Scent: Cinnamon is nice.
Favorite Colour: Blue
Favorite Animal: Turtles/Tortoises.
Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa?: Tea or Hot Cocoa. I don’t drink coffee.
Average Sleep Hours: 7.0-8.5 hours
Favorite Fictional Character: Too hard to pick. I’m bad at picking absolute favourites, though Totoro from my neighbor Totoro is probably up there.
Number of blankets you sleep with: 1-2 depending on the season.
Dream Trip: Not focused on the general location, but I’d love to go on a trip filled with nature & wildlife, just taking photos. :)
Blog Created: 2011.
Number of Followers: 8,937 (this is one of my least popular blogs too).

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Can you do some SF and US brothers fluffy relationship headcanons? (With their S/O not each other)

Y’all know Underswap is my favorite AU; I am always ready to do some swap. (Also, you do not have to specify, this blog is f0ntsc3st free!) I included my headcanon for their ‘love languages.’ Google it if you don’t know what they are, it’s very helpful to know! 


US Sans

-Always remembers the important dates/milestones, and doesn’t feel hurt if you forget a few. He’ll gladly remind you and give you time to do something if you want to!

-Cooking is always a way to spend time together. If that’s not something you enjoy; things like making s'mores, gardening, & shopping for the ingredients take place. 

-You’re the best pillow ever even if you’re as thin as a stick. His head is always laying on you somehow while cuddling or sleeping.

-His love languages arec vwqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq11111111111111111111111111111111111111vvvvvvvvvvvv2sssdx gift giving & quality time. 

US Papyrus (lord help me i’ll try not to overdo his ((but I probably did))

-His ‘love-language’ is acts of service (times 1 million) oooooh lordy even if it’s the smallest favor, his appreciation for it is unimaginable. He returns every favor in the form of whatever you like most. Snuggles? He gotchu. Loving words? In speech, notes, & however else he can.

-He doesn’t like puns as much as the old fashion clever jokes. Watching comedians, or sitcoms is cool. 

-PDA only embarases him in front of his friends, so you have fun flustering the (usually) unflusterable skele. (Revenge is sweet!)

SF Sans

-I hope you’re at least  A LITTLE athletic; training using fun activities is his jam. (it can be like a 5 minute soccer game ok)

-He LOVES going to conventions. He claims to only wanna go for you or Alphys, but everyone’s armor + weapons are just so cool to look at. (And he can show off his own.)

-He is ALWAYS SOMEHOW TOUCHING YOU; But PDA in the form of kisses makes him uncomfortable. (He can’t seem weak.)

-If you’re tough or strong in ANY manner at all, you will see stars as his pupils & he will S W O O N and assault you with love it’s like his affection “ON” button. 

-His ‘love languages are words of affirmation & physical touch.

SF Papyrus

-He already shows you how much he appreciates every little thing you do for him, but imagine that times hundreds if you do something to make his bro happy. 

-He never seems to get uncomfortable with any sort of affection, but he will ALWAYS ask you if ‘this is ok’ even if you tell him that it is over & over again. (patience is needed with this skele.)

-He’s the best listener & actually gives good advice (most of the time), so if you ever need to rant, he is your metaphorical ear. You have to prod him to get him to talk if anything is bothering HIM though. 

-His love languages are…every one of them. But if I had to pick ONE for his main, it’d be words of affirmation. It reassures him that he’s doing well as your partner which in turn, keeps his anxieties at bay.

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Nickname: Mel,, some of my friends call me moldy lmao

Gender: female

Height: 5′8 yeehaw

Time right now: 11:50pm

Last thing I Googled: “films with a dreamlike atmostphere”

Favorite bands: svt, nct, aoa, boyfriend, suju, history, stellar, bts, exo, monsta x, twice, pristin, miw, bmth, 32432 more,,,,

Favorite solo artists: troye sivan, seungri!!!!, jay park, gd, hyomin, jaejoong…. pretty much all ppl that are also in groups lol

Last movie I watched: starry eyes……it was really odd and a lot more gruesome than I thought it would be but i rly love movies w dark atmospheric vibes

Last TV show I watched: orange is the new black (I started watching it like 3 weeks ago and i’m already on the fourth season oops)

When did you create your blog: mmmmm july 2011 I believe???? I’ve been here soooo long lmao

What kind of stuff do you post?: kpop (obviously), pretty things, cute animals,, art,,,,, etc

When did your blog reach its peak?: i think its happened twice…..the first time when i joined the svt fandom and made a post trying to find other svt biased blogs, and then the second time when i started making lockscreens :^)

Do you have any other blogs?: lmao sooooo many. i have @youmakemegold for golden aesthetic, @melodiclove for pink/soft posts, @pristin-pg as my pristin blog, @myonlycomfort for dark aesthetic, and @peachyscenarios for my scenario blog (even tho I’ve been rly inactive) & a bunch of saved urls :^^))

Do you get asks regularly?: not /super/ regularly, but a lot more frequently than i used to

Why did you choose your URL?: i wanted smthn to do with Joshua and i was like hmmmm jisoo … and then saw a pic of hoshi as i was thinking and was like !! soonyoung!! jiSOOnyoung lmao

Following?: 1,615 .-.

Posts: 24,705 I’ve been here a long time ok

Hogwarts house: idk sry :(((

Pokemon team: ditto :(

Favorite colors: pink, mauve, lavender, black and white

Lucky number(s): i don’t really have one either???

Favorite characters: oh boy um leoglas and Frodo from lotr, light yagami & ryuk from death note

What you’re wearing right now: a green flannel and black and white shorts (thx to the random warm weather in the middle of February???)

How many blankets you sleep with: either one or two, my comforter and a super soft fuzzy blanket ^-^

Dream job: a musician or an actress. but really anything in the entertainment business would be a dream job for me :’)

Dream trip: Japan honestly???? ive fallen more and more in love w that country recently and the scenery is so beautiful and i want to go to Tokyo so bad ;;

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