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tips for writing bilingual characters
  • there are different types of bilinguals
    • the All Around: speaks, reads, and writes both languages pretty well
    • the Conversational: one language is stronger than the other; can speak the other language a lot better than they read/write it (a lot of kids of immigrants are this type)
    • the High Schooler: understands what’s being said to them in the other language, can’t really speak it
  • don’t have your characters randomly drop words from their other language mid-sentence around people who don’t speak it lol
    • languages are a mindset thing. like personally if i’m around english-speakers, i’m speaking english and i don’t really switch to my other language (which is portuguese)
    • so like if you’re writing a bilingual character who speaks spanish and have them say something like “hey chad let’s go to the biblioteca” to an english speaker i’ll probably spend 5 minutes laughing and then close your story lmao
  • exception: the character is speaking in their weaker language and forgot a word (”where are the…? uh… llaves…. keys! keys, where are they?”)
  • otherwise really the only time your character should be randomly switching languages mid-sentence is if they’re talking to another bilingual
  • like i don’t speak spanish but i’ve legit never heard a spanish speaker say “ay dios mio” to gringos lmao
  • conversations between two bilingual people can take a few different forms:
    • Pick One: they pick one language and kinda stick with it for the whole conversation (a conversation i might have with my portuguese-speaking mom: ”you okay?” “yeah, i’m good. how’re you?” “i’m fine, but your dad-”)
    • Back-and-Forth: someone says something in one language, the other person replies in the other (”tudo bem?” “yeah, i’m good. how’re you?” “tou bem, mas o seu pai-”)
    • Combo: they speak a combo of the two languages, a popular example being spanglish, though basically every bilingual has their own combo language (”tudo bem?” “sim, tou bem. how’re you?” “i’m fine, mas o seu pai-”)
  • when in doubt: just ask a bilingual to look at your stuff and tell you if anything sounds weird
Τελικά αναρωτιέμαι, τόσο ασήμαντη σου είμαι;.
—  Τόσο ασήμαντη πια;..

Here are a few general questions and answers! Compiled for your spoil-free reading pleasure.

Frisk was born on a very special day: January 1, 2100. New Year’s Day!

Actually that pie was perfectly safe.

Hey, don’t pick on their height! Frisk can’t help being short. Surely they’ll catch up to the other kids one day! (Hopefully…)

Letting the spike traps do the dirty work is much easier. When that doesn’t work, well…

I can’t answer this because I don’t exactly know. While the whole story is written from start to end, we sometimes move the chapter breaks or divide one chapter into two. Any number I gave you now will probably be rendered inaccurate later.

I recommend just sitting back and enjoying the regular updates as they come!

What do you mean? Chara has been wearing a heart locket since page 1.

True it’s not accurate, however, Frisk is exactly half of Asriel’s height.

Actually no, none of the characters wear make up. That’s just how their faces look!

Based on what happened on page 23, it’s not quite that simple.

I’m not sure if this is directed at the characters or to us… so…

Conveniently, neither Chara, Frisk, or Asriel are afraid of bugs. They all are quite unbothered by the little things.

Us mods on the other hand, don’t like bugs very much. Especially not when they fly in front of the monitor at 2 AM.

You thought the three of us liked Jojo, but really


ok so today I checked the date of my first weeabootale drawing posted on and I saw that I missed its anniversary  so I tried to improvise something but I panicked.

hopefuly nobody will notice that Sans has tall and thicc legs, that the cake’s position is badly drawn and that Gaster is eating the spoon so hard that it’s not even straight anymore.

vvvoilà voilà.

ssssooooo huh…. Hi lol. How u doin. Is anyone still there?


Good because I’m not back hhohohohohohohohoho