you are mesmerising

ok I was discussing this with a friend. So it’s likely that draco malfoy spent a lot of his time in the sun playing quidditch. But what if he got freckles???? and he covered them up with a spell or something because ‘malfoys don’t get freckles’

Harry being a rockstar as per usual, 29/09

Imagine that you work with horses, who have survived a battle and need special treatment to recover. 

After a really gruesome battle, Loki’s horse is left mentally damaged and he brings his horse to you. He wants special treatment to his horse and is always close by, when you deal with his horse, to keep an eye on you. You understand that the horse is dear to the Prince and take extra great care of him. With your patience and kindness, the horse recovers remarkably quickly and all the while Loki is keeping a close eye on you. He becomes mesmerised by you and your gentleness. By the time his horse has made a full recovery and is ready to be released, he has fallen in love with you, and you with him.


  • rivalling dance squads AU
  • ballet dancer/street dancer AU
  • attending the same Performing Arts School AU
  • cheerleaders AU
  • you’re a dance teacher and my friend is getting married and dragged me along for the dance lessons AU
  • washed up celebrity looking for a comeback/professional dancer ‘dancing with the stars’ AU
  • rivalling dance studio AU
  • singer/backup dancer AU
  • singer/dance choreographer AU
  • dancer/dance critic AU
  • I own a dance studio and you keep sneaking in in the middle of the night to practice AU
  • contemporary dancer/street dancer AU
  • tap dancer/I own the apartment under yours AU
  • Riverdance AU
  • I was walking past your window and saw you dancing it was mesmerising I’m not a creep I promise AU
  • we’re friends and just got really drunk and wHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU CAN’T WALTZ I’LL TOTALLY TEACH YOU HOW TO WALTZ AU
  • just teaching each other to dance in general
  • bonus points for accidental kissing
  • we’re at a club and you’re the worst dancer I’ve ever seen I need to stop you for the sake of everyone AU
  • we’re at a club and you’re the best dancer I’ve ever seen I need to rub up against you sorry not sorry AU
  • we’re at a club and you just punched me in the face while doing the Y in the YMCA dance AU
  • flash mob AU
  • anything involving a Dance Dance Revolution machine AU
Living on the Lost Light
  • Drift loves to watch you dance, he thinks you’re really mesmerising. since he’s super sneaky, he managed to remain hidden from you. He knows it’s your secret hobby and he doesn’t want you to know he found out, but you do know he’s there, so you make sure to wiggle your hips a little bit more 
  • Rung absolutely adores you! Especially since you remember his name, and come visit him in his office every day. He thinks you’re super precious and is definitely willing to defend you even if he’s not really capable
  • You are the only person (bot or otherwise) that Swerve has let sit on the bar counter. He seriously enjoys your company and the fact you don’t tell him to shut up when he starts rambling
  • Tailgate is a big hugger. Sometimes he’ll come to your hab suite just so he can give you a cuddle or two, especially if he notices that you’re down
  • Ultra Magnus likes that you listen to him. even if he’s ranting on about something boring or lame, you still listen and offer him advice. He really likes that about you

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hanamiya, aomine, akashi, murasakibara reactions to their girlfriend goes to their game in their school's cheerleading uniform but they have their jersey numbers on her uniform + when they realize members of the other team are ogling at her

Akashi: your routine was flawless as always, and Akashi wonders, not for the first time, how you manage some of the flips and tumbles that you do. It has him mesmerised until he overhears a few words that he would not like to repeat. 

“If you have time to such crass things about my girlfriend,” he starts with an air of intimidation, “maybe it could be better spent trying to be as good as her in anything you do.”

Aomine: he has to admit, you look incredibly cute while cheering for Touou; the maroon and black combo looks great on you. But if he’s thinking that, a bunch of other guys are definitely going to be thinking the same while you do your routine during the interval. As long as no one tries anything with you, it’s all good. They’re sure not to one they see that you have his jersey number on your back.

Hanamiya: you hadn’t said anything about coming to cheer him on with the rest of your squad, but here you were and he wasn’t complaining. However, he can hear a few comments as he stops to tie his laces, and he doesn’t like them one bit. So Hanamiya stops in front of them, where you happen to be, and whisper a few words in your ear. He makes sure they see the matching numbers on your backs.

Murasakibara: the whole game is a drag, but at least you’re here to support him. He already wants to crush the opponents for being so troublesome, but now it looks like he has to crush some of the spectators. There are a few who are blatantly staring at you in your cheerleading uniform, and he knows he’ll be putting all his annoyance into the next quarter.


Kylo Ren x reader

Prompt: You wear his helmet for the first time.

Warnings: two swear words

Word count : around 500

You threw the covers off and groaned as the cold air hit you. Your bladder is a bitch. You picked up one of Kylo’s shirts off the floor and put it on. You took a second to admire his sleeping form and decided he probably won’t mind.
On your way to the bathroom you bumped into a chair with his stuff on it.

“Shit” you whispered, catching the helmet a millisecond before it hit the floor. You held it in your hands mesmerised.
You glanced at Kylo once more and took note of how peaceful and innocent he seemed. You wondered if this this was what Ben was like.
You turned the helmet in your hands. How could something so simple make someone so scary?

“This is a bad idea” a voice in your head said as you grinned. Bad ideas were your specialty.

“Supreme leader is wise” you smiled at the mechanical voice that came out. This sure made everything sound more dramatic.
You admired how good the helmet looked on, you seemed badass. You took a black towel from a nearby sink and used it as a cloak.

Turning your shoulders theatrically, you tried to mimic his walk. This was by far the best idea you ever had.

“What do you mean Santa isn’t real”

“Those are some dandy macaroons Susan”

“I forgot to turn the oven on”

“Hux told me he doesn’t want to play with me anymore” you cried out throwing your hands up like a child.

A giggle escaped your lips and it all went downhill from there. The mechanical giggle made you laugh and the sound of a mechanical laughter had you crying on the ground clutching your stomach.

“Make it stop” you yelled rolling on the ground failing to breathe.

“What the hell are you doing?” A very angry looking Kylo appeared at the door.

You hated it when he was mad but you could barely make out what he was saying over your screaming.

“Okay, okay. I get that you’re mad, but just hear me out” you said defensively. With the mask still on you laughed again.

He looked at you unamused and that made everything seem even funnier to you. You were soon back on the floor, gasping for air.

“You can’t - tell me this doesn’t - do it for you” you said in between laughs.

You could tell he was trying hard to stay mad but the corners of his mouth raised slightly. He rolled his eyes and helped you up.

“Go to bed” he said taking the helmet.

You stood there for a moment, staring at each other. You grinned and hummed in agreement. Walking over to the bed you threw the shirt back on the floor and pulled the blankets up to your nose.

“Idiot” he whispered to himself looking down at your sleeping form, a ghost of a smile playing on his lips.

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Darkness Falls chapter 2 (Serial Killer Zen):

It did not take long for Zenyatta to realize why the Iris had called him back. He could hear its call all around him, not speaking to him but to everyone, trying to reach out to Genji but with no avail. It was evident that the cyborg hadn’t connected to the Iris at all.

“Well?” Zenyatta lifted his head, watching Genji carefully. He had, after several minutes pulled out one of his throwing stars again, flipping it between his fingers as he watched Zenyatta. Zenyatta watched him, slightly mesmerised. “You’re one of the brothers here, right? Aren’t you going to try and convince me to give into the Iris, to accept what I’ve become?”

There was bite, bitterness in his voice, and Zenyatta momentarily wondered how many of his fellows Mondatta had sent in to try and ‘help’ Genji.

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It seems impossible, doesn’t it? You know, letting go and moving on from him. He’s the only person who makes your heart do that thing.. The thing where it beats fast and slow at the same time and makes it hard for you to catch a breath because you’re so mesmerised by the colour of his eyes. Yeah, I get it. I get that it’s hard and the thought of never finding someone with such characterises or chemistry that the two of you had is unbearable to think about. But I promise you, you feel like this because he’s all you’ve ever known, he was your first love, you’re never going to love someone the way you loved him. You never love the same way twice, it just doesn’t happen. But darling, you’re holding onto something that is broken just because you’re afraid of the unknown, afraid of living without him. Trying to stay with him out of comfort instead of happiness just because his arms are a familiar place to be.
Breathe baby, let go.
—  Excerpt of a book I’ll never write
One look and i was instantly hooked; my eyes burned of your inprint inside my head. You were so damn mesmerising; i was fixated on you; as you walked past me; my ears captured the audio of your voice; i kept playing how insanely cute your voice was; and there went my mind. I am utterly lost for words; i played scenarios from romantic movies of how you and I get together in the end; a happily ever after; as I stand there laying awestruck and blank. You walked past me and i realised you were gone. I’m afraid I’ll never see you again.
—  2:03 A.M.

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can u please please write an imagine about a student and her deputy head teacher? i'd honestly die if you did :)

It’s Thursday lunch break. Your heart flutters at the prospect of interacting with your crush. This would make you no different to your classmates, who each have crushes of their own; at least, it would, if you weren’t crushing on your deputy head teacher…

Is it wrong that his youthful smile is enough to have you hypnotised? Is it wrong that you’ve invented new routes to your classes, which happen to pass his office? Is it wrong that while everyone else sits twiddling their thumbs with boredom during assembly, you perch, mesmerised at the edge of your seat, trying to catch those glistening eyes? Is it wrong that you’ve formulated a somewhat elaborate plan to speak to him today? Possibly, but perhaps it’s all beyond your control now.

You knock.
“Come in.” He says, in that deep, yet kind voice you’ve always adored.
You shuffle into the room, gently closing the door behind you. You could have sworn his eyes lit up when he saw you.
“Um… good afternoon, Sir. Do you have a spare minute?”
“I suppose I can sacrifice a little time, yes. How can I help?” He replies.
“Well, I have this survey for my science class, about ways of saving energy around school, and I’ve been asked collect results from various teachers.” Of course, you had in fact created this survey by yourself, so that you had an excuse to speak to the deputy head. It had nothing to do with your science class.
“And you’d like me to answer it, I suppose?” He inquired, raising an eyebrow cheekily.
“Yes please, Sir.” You say, handing him the sheet of paper and a pen. As you hand him the pen, his fingers touch yours for a fraction of a second. You feel a smile spread across your face which, fortunately, he doesn’t see because his head is already down as he ticks boxes on the sheet. You watch him closely, savouring every moment of being in his presence. You almost can’t believe that your plan has worked. You watch his large hands craft delicate marks on the page, imagining them on the back of your neck.
“There, all done.” He says, startling you out of your daydream.
“Oh, that’s great, thank you.” You reply, beaming.
“My pleasure,” he says, looking you right in the eye, “and don’t forget, my door is always open.”
“I won’t,” you say, “and thanks again.”

As you reach for the door to leave the office, he clears his throat.
“Oh, and y/n…” he begins.
You turn back around to face him.

“Since when is ‘energy saving’ a part of the science curriculum?”
You blush.
He smirks…

Seventeen Reaction: When they see you for the first time (Vocal Unit)

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He wouldn’t be able to take his eyes off of you. The moment he saw you, he would try and brush past how much you attracted him and ignore your presence, but he would always find his eyes wandering back over to where you stood straight after he had tried his best to look away. After a few minutes, he wouldn’t be able to take how much you distracted him anymore, and he would go over you, straight up telling you how mesmerising you were and how easily you had grabbed his attention.

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He would be cut off from whatever he was doing as he caught a glimpse of you. He would be so surprised by it he would actually probably stumble a little and forget for a moment what he was doing before he saw you. He’d stare at you for a moment, and you would probably notice and make eye contact with him, to which he would respond to with a huge grin. He would come over to you casually, probably asking for your opinion on something or recommending something to you like a total dork. It would be adorable.

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He would be suddenly really really shy. The moment he saw you, his attention would be on you for a while and he would love watching you, observing the way that you moved and listening to your voice and laugh if you ever showed it. If he got caught he would be a blushing MESS. He would hide behind the first thing he saw, even if that meant just putting his sweater paws over his face. He would get so flustered, although he would keep glancing over to see if you had looked away just so that he could watch you again.

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He would get really flustered and would literally not be able to stop smiling. His grin would be huge and goofy and he wouldn’t be able to get rid of it. He would unintentionally act like an idiot, bringing your attention over to him easily. He would smile and wave at you while giggling uncontrollably. He would try and go over and introduce himself, but he would be so overwhelmed and intimidated by you that he would be really clumsy, probably knocking into you or standing on your foot or something.

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He would act like the biggest idiot. The moment he saw you, he would be so taken back and flustered, but it would just make him even more goofy and extra than he is. He would be really loud and sassy, people would wonder what tf was up with him. He would be really shy about it. If it didn’t work, the members, if they were there, would have to literally drag/push him over to you, as he refused constantly. He would be really smiley and stuttery talking to you but he would not be able to stop gazing into your eyes as he spoke.

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why is he so extra what an idiot i love him

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BTS reaction when they see you playing the piano professionally

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“Jagi, that was beautiful.”

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“We should play together sometimes. We can even record it!”

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“You’re extremely talented, I hope you know that.”

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“You really are amazing~”

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*mesmerised by your incredible talent*

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*at a loss for words*

hoseok too

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“Let’s play together now!”

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