you are making a life decision for me right now

  • Ravenclaw (right after they've graduated hogwarts): You know now, as far as society is concerned, we're adults.
  • Hufflepuff: Yes! Isn't it exciting?
  • Ravenclaw: Adults who have to make their own decisions about their lives.
  • Hufflepuff: It's so freeing, isn't it?
  • Ravenclaw: I have no idea what I'm doing and I want to go back to school.
  • Hufflepuff: ...
  • Ravenclaw: I don't want to do classes or anything, I just want someone to cook for me and tell me when meals are so I don't forget and basically be able to ignore life's responsibilities.
Chris Cornell.

I’ve been trying to think of what to write for a solid hour now. I’ll start something, then backspace every word until it’s all gone, and I think that’s how my mind and heart feels right now.

This isn’t just a case of a musician I was a casual fan of dying too young. Soundgarden is a band that I discovered as a child in the late ‘90s. I have fan art of Chris Cornell that I drew when I was 11 fucking years old. I had a silly teenage crush on him, too. There are old picture files on a zip drive I own that date back to 2004 with titles like “Ohh Chris!” and “So Sexy”.

And now this guy that was so much a part of those silly times is…gone. Just gone. He took his own life. God knows what led him to do this. It could have been the result of months or even years of heartache that wasn’t managed properly. It could have been an impulse decision made while upset, as so many suicides occur that way. None of us will ever know what was going on in his head last night.

His bandmates, his friends, his family, and millions of fans are now stuck in a horrid grieving process that will take a long time to work through. My first thought this morning after seeing that Chris was actually gone, as in gone and never coming back, was about how Jerry Cantrell is going to have to bury another fucking friend of his that died too young. Another one. He has had to watch dozens of people he loved die like this. The same could be said for any grunge musician right now. Another brother. Gone.

But I want to say something to all of you - nearly 1,000 of you - you are so fucking loved. If you’re not loved by the people in your life, there are people like me and others on the internet who are going to be there when your head starts slumping. Please, please take care of yourself. If you’re battling suicidal thoughts, please reach out to me or someone else. Don’t make an impulse decision to leave this world when you have so much more to offer, so much to give. I failed to take my own life three times. I am glad something stopped me each time. Death culture is rampant and it might be comforting to think about when times get rough, but please don’t die.

I am not okay. I’m probably not going to be okay for a while. Last night was a mess and I was already upset about that, but now that Chris is gone, the only thing I can do is kind of divorce myself from my emotions a bit. Regardless though, I am here for you. Please don’t do anything to hurt yourself. Maybe when my head settles we can have some kind of group session about this and play some Soundgarden tunes (or hell, even Audioslave or that jank Timbaland album) to get through this together. 

Chris Cornell, the second best voice in grunge, has been silenced, but recordings of that voice will be around for a very long time. I am so grateful for all the times I was inspired by his singing, his songwriting, and his sense of humor. Chris wasn’t just a pretty face - he was highly intelligent and had such a unique way of looking at fame and praise. He didn’t want to be a sex symbol. He didn’t take groupies. He didn’t have that same hedonistic attitude that befell so many other musicians. He was a cut above the rest, something truly special, and I’m going to remember him that way.

I’m going to remember Chris Cornell as the amazing person he was, not for what he did in a split second while alone and hollow inside. He is still full of life through the life he gave to others.

My brother’s best friend || 3 D.H.

A/N: HERE’S THE THIRD PART! i’m glad my brother is not that overprotective tbh haha. 

Word Count: 1.4K

POV: Reader


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The door was pushed open. The sudden light hurt my eyes. After they had adjusted to the stinging brightness I could clearly see my brother’s angry expression.

“What the hell are you doing?” He shouted wide eyed, staring at the both of us.

It was more than obvious what Dan was here for. He still had one arm slung around my waist and we were awfully close.

I blushed in embarrassment and just wanted to hide behind Dan’s tall figure, but we had to talk this out. I guess I should’ve talked to Phil about this early but I never thought that there was a chance that Dan felt the same way. Now it was too late and my brother had to find out that his little sister and his best friends had feelings for each other the hard way.

“Phil, I’m sorry. I should’ve told you about my crush on Dan.” I apologized, but Phil ignored me.

His eyes had gone cold and he was glaring at Dan. Full on death glare.

“Mate, we didn’t know this was gonna happen-“ Dan started before he got cut off by Phil.

“Get your hands off my sister.” He hissed. I never thought that Phil Lester, the angle on earth, could be that threatening.

“Woah, hey Phil calm-“

“I said get away from her.” Phil growled, causing, me to unwillingly take a few steps away from Dan.

I swallowed hard, I had never imagined Phil to be that mad.

“What makes you think that you can just fool around with my little sister!” he shouted, completely forgetting that I was in the room.

“I asked you to pick her up from school, not to sneak in her room at night!”

The two boys were now dangerously close. Phil was intimidating like I had never seen him before.

“Could you please calm down. We are just two people who like each other okay?” Dan didn’t take a step back although his best friend was nearly pushing him.

At the mention of “we” Phil seemed to realise that I existed too.

“So you like him.” He questioned me unbelievingly and the look on his face made me wish to be able to deny his statement.

Instead I simply nodded and took a step towards Dan again. The tall brown haired boy was about to take my hand in his, but he stopped in the middle of his tracks as my brother cleared his throat as a warning.

“When were you gonna tell me that you are fucking around with my little sister, Howell?”

Phil would normally make sure not to use explicit language, but he really didn’t seem to care anymore.

“I wasn’t fucking around with her, mate!” Dan complained, getting mad as well. Their chests were by now nearly touching and I was scared that one of them would eventually hurt the other.

Both of their eyes were formed into slits as the air was full of tension.

“No? Well then what were you doing? In the middle of the night in my sister’s room?” Phil acted like he was thinking hard, provoking Dan even more.

“Look, we just found out we like each other today. It’s not like we have been hiding this from you for months.” Dan explained in an attempt to calm Phil down.

I was really thankful for the fact that Dan always keeps a clear head no matter how heated the situation may be.

“I don’t care, okay? She is still my little sister.” Phil shouted as his angriness reached another peak.

“Yes, but she is also old enough to date whoever she wants to date!” Dan retorted, wrapping his left arm around my waist. This time not even Phil’s death glare could stop him.

I blushed when Dan mentioned the dating part. He actually wanted to date me. He wanted to be my boyfriend. If the situation hadn’t been that awful I would’ve jumped around with glee.

“She can date, but not you.” Phil hissed with so much finality in his voice that it was scary.

My eyes widened in shock. As I grasped the meaning of his words. He was forbidding our relationship in all honesty.

“That’s not fair!” I shouted outraged.

Dan was right, I was old enough to make my own decisions.

“You are right. Well sometimes the world just isn’t fair, okay? Dan needs to keep his dirty hands of you!”

“He is your best friend. You’d give up your left leg for him, but as soon as he shows any interest in me you suddenly act like he is your archenemy.” I retorted. Phil wasn’t making any sense. He just couldn’t deal with the fact that I had my own life.

“I said no, Y/N. “

“Phil, you can’t stop us from being together. I really like her, I don’t see what’s problem with that.”

Dan was desperate by now. We had never thought that it would be that difficult.

“My problem is that you two dating is not a good idea. You are older than her, you are way more experienced than her, I know your history with girls as well as your intentions and she is my little sister after all! She’s a taboo for you. Got it?” Phil growled his words were final and we knew that nothing we could say could change his mind. Not now. He needed time.

Dan opened his mouth to say something, not giving up that easily but I stopped him by squeezing his hand that I was still holding.

“Thank you for trying, Dan. I don’t think fighting more now would change something. Let’s talk tomorrow.” I whispered, deeply looking into his chocolate brown eyes.

Dan’s eyes softened as he nodded.

“I should leave, shouldn’t I?” he asked.

Before I could answer Phil had already shouted “Yes!”

10 minutes later Dan’s car left our drive way. It was around midnight and I wished he could stay, but I don’t think this house could bare that much tension. I watched him make his way down the road from the kitchen window until his car took a scarp left turn and wasn’t to be seen anymore.

I felt exhausted like I had just worked out for ten straight hours. I was worn out. After the high I felt because of being with Dan I felt dull now.

I let myself fall on my bed face first and couldn’t stop the tears from coming anymore. The hot salty water ran down my cheeks. Dan had feelings for me. He wanted to be my boyfriend but Phil ruined it all. Why was my brother suddenly so overprotective? There was no reason to act like that!

I decided to finally call one of my best friends. She was good at giving advice and she had already helped me with a lot of relationship questions. She was also the only one I had talked about Dan with, she knew I had a major crush on him.

She picked up after it ran a few times, sounding tired. I had probably woken her up and immediately regretted my decision to call her because I felt so bad.

“What’s up?” I heard her say but I couldn’t answer instead I sobbed into the speaker of my phone.

“Y/N, are you okay?” she sounded far more awake now.

I wished she could see me nod so I wouldn’t have to speak. Eventually, I stuttered a few words and she seemed to understand.

“I’ll be at your house in ten minutes.”

Just like she promised her car stopped in the drive way ten minutes later to get me. Since my room was on the ground floor I only had to climb out my window, no heights or jumping involved. I needed to have a long talk and comforting words as well as ice cream right now.

When she started driving to her house I was glad to distance myself from my brother who I normally loved to bits….

“Dan, where is she?!”

Phil shouted into his phone at 1 am. He couldn’t find a way to sleep after being so harsh and rude to his sister and his best friend. He just wanted to apologize, but when he walked into her room it was completely empty.


“Y/N, obviously.” Phil snarled, getting nervous.

“Have you checked her bed?”

“She is not home.”

“Well, she is not at my place either!” Dan couldn’t keep his voice down.


i told my boyfriend how much i weighed yesterday (which is about 5 pounds more than he weighs)

& he just looked at me & said, “okay, well that doesn’t change how i look at you. you are beautiful.”

he’s a lean guy & can have a hard time putting on weight. that being said he kinda struggles with the opposite of what i’m struggling with right now.

i made the decision to get sober a little short of a year & a half ago. this was the best decision that i have ever made in my life- & a very difficult one. food became my vice during this time. i have ibs, so having a vice like this did not make my gut happy.

we talked more about what we are struggling with & why we are. i explained to him how food has become my vice, & he understood that. yet one thing changed here when we moved forward & planned the next steps that we could take (for me it was getting back on the paleo reset diet) & how we will support one another- we started at that moment rather than the next day.

i am the queen of promising myself “tomorrow”. as in tomorrow i will start my diet again. tomorrow i will eat healthier. tomorrow i will get myself to the gym… and guess what? it never happens

so here i am, day 2 on the paleo reset diet

although i am not where i want to be, i know & feel beautiful on the inside & out. we are the creators of our own happiness, & i am taking the initiative to once again carve my own path.

Kiwi || Part Four

Hello my lovelies, sorry for the delay, i’m in the final weeks of my first trimester back at uni for the year and so assessments and exams have left me little time for writing. I’m so happy to be back writing, i hope you enjoy this one too. Please don’t be too mad, it’s a bit of a bore this one.. THE NEXT ONE WILL BE GOOD I PROMISE. ALL. THE. DRAMA. 

And here, if you haven’t already you can read PART ONE || PART TWO || PART THREE||

Three weeks. It had been three weeks since that day at Anne’s and apart from him confirming your pregnancy you hadn’t heard from him. Total radio silence. Your patience was wearing thin, not that you had great patience to begin with but pregnancy hormones had managed to deplete what little patience you had left, and now Harry keeping his distance when he said he’d be in touch was pushing you over the edge. 

Gemma could sense the lack of patience in you, and so to keep you from driving yourself crazy three days ago she took it upon herself to pack a bag full of clothes and move into your very small apartment with you and camp on your couch. You would have offered her half of your bed, but with the bump growing by the day and the big ass maternity pillow that was a requirement in order for you to get any form of sleep, the couch would have to suffice. It was fun having Gemma around, she took it upon herself to enrol you both in some pregnancy classes, today had been pregnancy pilates. She insisted on joining you, donning her best lycra clothes. She looked odd with her slim frame standing in a room full of heavily pregnant woman, but her confidence didn’t fail her. To be honest, you loved having her around.. She was quite the good distraction. When the two of you finish up, you walk home making a quick pit stop to the bakery down the road on your way to grab a pretzel. The bakery down the road had a great range of pretzels handmade by a sweet little old German lady. You had tried the whole menu at least twice over during the last three weeks, but today you gave all the weird and wonderful flavourings a miss choosing to go with the plain salted one you’d grown to crave. 

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if you want to do something then go do it !! all it takes is twenty seconds of insane courage to change your life. want better grades? find a study method that works for you and keep at it every single fucking day until you are satisfied. love someone? go on and fucking tell them. say it straight, simple, and with a smile. feeling hopeless because of your crippling anxiety? take as much time as you need to heal. find the little things that makes you smile and your heart flutter. make it your decision if you want to reach out for help or not. want to quit your job to focus on what makes you happy? do it. create opportunities and keep moving forward. want to make art or write or basically do anything you’ve been wanting to do? dedicate a time in your day to create. your ‘me time’. make sure whatever you do lights a fire in your soul and heighten your senses of happiness. life is happening right now, so act now.

PSA for Young People

So many of you already know that I’m a chef.

In my kitchen, there’s a cook who’s my youngest one – 24. He cooks as a day job while he pursues his dream of being a musician. I have no disillusions about why he’s here: he’s here to make money to support himself while he chases his real dream. 

So imagine my surprise when he comes in and seriously asks me what it takes to become a sous chef (an assistant manager, basically).

Confused, I ask him if he wants to become one; I already know that his dream is to be a musician. He looks kind of down and says that he’s been talking to his mom lately about having a “real future,” and he’s worried now about not having a back-up plan. He was a few credits shy of a two-year degree in psychology when his mom got sick and he had to back out (couldn’t afford the debt). He usually seems pretty happy with his life as a cook who does gigs by night, so I’m a little worried at the downcast expression on his face.

I’m almost 30, now, and I remember being in his position. At 22 years old, I was aimless and a constant worry to my own mother, who wanted me to finish school. I mostly went to culinary school just to shut everyone up about how I was throwing away my future.

I now have 100k’s worth of debt for a degree I didn’t even really want in a field I feel very little passion for. My passion is writing and art, and no amount of forcing myself to care about the culinary world actually inspired me to do so. I care enough to do my job well, because now I have to keep making money in order to pay back the debt I racked up trying to find myself.

So I told him to sit down, and I told him about what little I’ve managed to learn about myself in the last 10 years.

Maybe this can help some of you younger ones out there, too.

1: College is a sucky and fucking expensive place to find yourself. 

Getting away from your parents and becoming an adult is a pretty amazing rite of passage, but doing so at the cost of tens of thousands of dollars a year ends up just creating problems for yourself later that you’re going to wish you’d had the foresight to avoid. 

I sat him down and I asked, “How much did college cost a year?”

“Twenty four thousand,” he said.

“And what would you major in, if you went back?”

He looked lost, and I shook my head. “Don’t go to school until you know the answer to that question.” 

$24,000 a year? To SEE if you want to pursue a major or not? To see if that’s a good “back up plan” for your dreams? That’s too high a price – because it’s not just money you’re borrowing, it’s years of your own life paying that money back.

2. Debt is a prison you’ll be trying to escape your entire life. 

Eighty thousand dollars of debt for a bachelor’s degree – if you hate the major you chose, congratulations, because you’re essentially stuck doing a job in that field for the next twenty years in order to pay back the money you borrowed to get that degree you didn’t even really want. 

The debt forces you to get a job. Having a job forces you to find shelter and food. You then have to pay bills. You need a way to get to work. More money.

You’ve basically assembled a prison for yourself because you were scared of the future, and now you have a future you hate. That fucking sucks. No amount of security is worth the unhappiness you’ll feel doing a job you can’t stand and watching your real passions wither away and die – passions you now have very little time to focus on.

3. Fuck your parents. That’s harsh, but hear me out. 

I listened to my parents when I went to school. And they were sincerely worried about me and my future. They cared and they wanted me to be safe and happy and financially secure. I understand that and I appreciate their concern.

But they’re going to be dead in a few decades and guess who’s still going to be here, living with the decisions they made for me? Me. 

The only person that’s with you your entire life is you. Make decisions that you want to make. Let your failures and your successes be yours and yours alone. Maybe the decisions you make don’t pan out – that’s fine. At least they were yours. Don’t let other people set you on a life path you’re not certain is right for you, because once you’re on it, it’s going to be hard to get off.

Maybe you’ll disappoint your parents by not getting that degree, but that’s not going to matter very much to you forty years from now when your soul had withered up inside your body and they’re no longer around to disapprove of your choices, now will it?

Disappoint them now. It’s okay. They’ll still love you. And they’ll be glad to know you’re happy, no matter what.

4. It’s okay to not fucking know you’re doing. Nobody does. 

Not knowing what you’re doing is perfectly normal and it’s fine. You’re not stupid for not having your life figured out at 18, 22, 30, 50, or 80. Nobody knows what they’re doing. Your parents don’t know. Your grandparents don’t know. The wise neighbor to your left that lived through the Great Depression and all the World Wars doesn’t know.

When you become an adult, you realize how much of adulthood is just winging shit and being like “Golly, I hope this doesn’t turn out to suck!” 

Nobody has their shit together, so don’t feel pressured to have yours together. Twenty years from now, your shit still won’t be together; the only difference between you then and you now is that you’ll have realized that it’s perfectly normal and nothing to panic about.

You may change your “passion” like 10 times in your life, and that’s also normal. Don’t get bogged down on making a decision for what you’re going to do for the next sixty years. 

Because the real truth is, you don’t know. And you can’t know, nor can you really plan for it.

And that’s fine.

5. You can change your mind as much as you want. 

Just be happy. Just because you wanted to be a world-class ballerina two years ago and you’ve realized that you actually want to be a world-class oil painter now doesn’t invalidate your prior passion for ballet, nor does it make the time you spent working on that dream a “waste.” The time you spent caring about ballet more than anything else in the world was a beautiful time that you shouldn’t want to take back.

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Don’t let anyone fool you into thinking that just because you didn’t care about it from the start of your life to the bitter end, it didn’t really matter. It did, and you’re the person that you are because of it.

6. Don’t be afraid. 

There’s a lot of things to be afraid of in this world. Chasing a dream that doesn’t pan out shouldn’t be one of them. Just because you chased the dream of being a musician and you didn’t become world-famous doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have chased that dream. It doesn’t mean you’re foolish for having that dream, or for working so hard on it.

If you’re young, and you don’t have really heavy responsibilities (like a child you have to care for), then this is the time to do the crazy shit. To let yourself try and become the thing you always wanted. If all you have to take care of in this world is yourself, then go for something wild.

Go for the thing you always wanted. Maybe you’ll get it, and maybe you won’t. Maybe in five years you’ll realize you don’t want it anymore, and you’ll find yourself back where you started.

It was still worth the journey. And it was still worth the uncertainty.

“Why do you go away? So that you can come back. So that you can see the place you came from with new eyes and extra colors. And the people there see you differently, too. Coming back to where you started is not the same as never leaving.”
Terry Pratchett, A Hat Full of Sky



Can’t believe I forgot this in my original post. YOU DON’T NEED A DEGREE TO BE SUCCESSFUL IN YOUR LIFE. Look at what you really want to do and SERIOUSLY ASK YOURSELF if you NEED a degree to do it.

Writing? Drawing? Painting? Making music? Not only do you not need a degree for that shit, it’s up for debate as to whether getting one is even worth the cost. What are you learning for 20-40k a year that you couldn’t learn from the goddamn internet or just by being friends with someone else in the field???

Seriously examine whether or not your passion requires a degree. If it doesn’t, DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY for an empty status symbol.

/ end rant

{Reaction} Monsta X finding out you’d rather adopt than give birth

Monsta X reacting to you prefer adopting kids over having your own. If that makes any sense 🙊

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/images being used.

Lee Minhyuk

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Minhyuk: “It’s okay Jagi, we have time to think about this, we doing need to rush into anything right now.”

Yoo Kihyun

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Kihyun: *more stunned you’re taking about having children tbh* “Children? what, now? I mean, maybe we should think about his first… I still have a lot of work to do with Monsta X and I wouldn’t want to be absent from our child’s life if we do decide to have one…” 

Shin Hoseok/ Wonho

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Wonho: “Honestly Jagi, I don’t blame you, it sounds painful. Let’s look into adoption services when we’re ready, okay?” 

Son Hyunwoo/ Shownu

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Shownu: “Well I don’t think we should rush to make any decisions just yet. But that is okay with me, even if you don’t give birth, I will still love our children.” 

Lim Changkyun/ I.M

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Changkyun: “It’s because you don’t want our child to have my DNA, isn’t it? You don’t want our child to turn out an idiot like their Father” *teasing* “But seriously Jagi, that’s okay. We can look into it sometime.” 

Chae Hyungwon

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Hyungwon: “You want to adopt? but we have so much to prepare! We need to start getting things ready now Jagi, we should start looking so we can buy bedroom things and clothes.” 

Lee Jooheon

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Jooheon: “Children? Jagi I can barely look after myself!” *Joking.*

anonymous asked:

Do you have any fics dealing with feeling worthless as a bottom? I'm very femme-y and I love being taken care of in bed. Being aggressive and dominant don't come naturally to me. I've accepted that I'm a giant softie who likes a more dominant partner. The problem is THEY do the work. I can initiate a kiss and fondle and go down on a girl and all that stuff, but I'm truly in my element under a nice pair of breasts, feeling safe and taken care of. It feels selfish/greedy, though. :/

Maggie absolutely loves topping her.

She loves how pliant her body is underneath hers, loves the sounds she makes, loves the way her eyes flutter closed, the way she scratches at her back, the way her own back arches helplessly. The way she screams her throat raw on Maggie’s name.

She loves the way that badass, take-no-prisoners, ruthless, perfectionist, take-care-of-everybody-and-what-do-you-mean-I-have-needs-too DEO agent Alex Danvers surrenders to being worshiped by her. Submits to her love. Writhes and begs and whines and lets everything go for the prayers she plays out on Alex’s body.

The way Alex trusts her.

Fully, completely.

The way Alex gives her everything by taking everything: the way Alex gives her everything by letting her love her, by letting her adore her, by letting her be trusted.

But the first time Alex’s eyes flash and she asks with her eyes, with her gentle touch, with her body, if she can put Maggie’s wrists above her head and return every bit of worshiping she’s gotten in their first times, Maggie doesn’t hesitate.

Because Alex’s desire to please her, to touch her, to do everything with her, to her, is palpable. Is radiating.

And god, does Maggie want her.

Want to be taken by her.

And god, does Alex take her.

She makes sure Maggie’s head is resting perfectly on her favorite pillow and she kisses every centimeter of her face and she takes her time stripping her naked, and every time Maggie tells her that she doesn’t have to do anything she doesn’t want to, that they can stop whenever Alex wants, that she doesn’t owe Maggie anything, Alex pffts and Alex rasps, “do you want me to stop?”, and Maggie splutters – no woman has ever made her splutter before, and she wonders if she picked it up from Alex or if Alex was just always fated to have that effect on her – and she shakes her head and Alex grins and Alex continues.

Alex is a quick study – of course Alex is a quick study – and she takes her time bringing Maggie to orgasm after orgasm after orgasm, her mouth exploring her breasts, figuring out exactly what rhythm of her tongue over her hardened nipples makes her whine loudest, pant hardest.

Takes her time figuring out which spots on her stomach make Maggie giggle and which spots – when Alex’s teeth gently, and then at Maggie’s desperate urging, not so gently, graze her skin – make Maggie unravel.

Takes her time figuring out that Maggie has no problem keeping one leg up on Alex’s shoulder so Alex can fuck her deeper, can fuck her harder, can reach deeper inside her, touch places in her body, her soul, that no one has ever bothered to explore.

Takes her time figuring out that if she puts her thigh between Maggie’s legs and arches to take one of Maggie’s nipples into her mouth at the same time, it won’t take her long to cum. Hard. Again.

And because Alex is a quick study, Alex imitates Maggie’s constant checking in, her constant questioning – “are you sure, babe?” “do you want this, Maggie?” “all good?” “like that?” “do you need a break?” “do you like when I lick your clit like that, or like that? Both? Mmm, excellent” – and Maggie is so swept away, so caught up, in being the center of this gorgeous woman’s attention, the sole focus of this brilliant soldier-scientist’s incredible brain and body power, that her answer, truly, madly, deeply, is always yes Alex, please, god, don’t stop, Alex, Alex, Alex.

But when Alex wipes her mouth on her bare shoulder and kisses the insides of Maggie’s thighs, a satisfied, deeply affectionate but also deeply smug grin on her face after making Maggie cum for the upteenth time, Maggie panics.

Panics because it’s almost sunrise, and she’s done nothing for Alex all night.

She can’t count the number of times she’s cum, and the only thing she’s done has been begging Alex for more.

The only thing she’s done has been selfish preening and worthless whining and god, how can she be this self-involved, this lazy, this unwilling to work for such a gorgeous, perfect, dedicated woman?

How can she have let Alex dedicate herself solely to her pleasure and offer her absolutely nothing in return?

So she panics.

She panics, and shame sweeps through her stomach because maybe this, this, this is why she’s never truly bottomed for anyone before, because she isn’t lazy, she isn’t selfish, she isn’t worthless, she isn’t greedy, she isn’t… except she is. Because the last few hours – god, the last few incredible hours – prove that she is exactly those things.

“Hey, hey, hey, I’ve got you. I’ve got you. Did I hurt you, are you okay?”

And suddenly Alex is out from between her legs and crawling up to where she could cradle her body, hovering because she’s unsure of whether to touch her, but concern is radiating from her eyes – genuine, full-throated concern – and that concern just makes the shame sweep harder through Maggie’s stomach.

“You didn’t hurt me, I’m fine. It’s nothing, it’s whatever, it – “

“No, Maggie. It’s not whatever. Your whole body tensed up, you… it matters, Maggie. You matter.”

Alex’s face is a map of confusion, a map of worry, a map of god please tell me I didn’t hurt you.

Maggie makes a futile grab for the covers – being naked right now is just a reminder of how selfish she is  – and Alex immediately lunges down the bed to get them and tuck Maggie in.

“No, no, you don’t have to… see, that’s just it, Danvers, I…”

“I’m sorry – “ Alex drops the sheets and holds up her hands immediately in soft surrender.

Surrender. Surrender.

“No, Alex, I’m sorry, you didn’t do anything wrong, I just…”

She looks away and she clenches her jaw and she can feel Alex staring down at her, can feel Alex thinking, can feel Alex calculating.

“We’ve never had sex quite like that before,” Alex observes softly, so softly, after a few long, silent moments.

Maggie still won’t look at her, and she desperately tries to control the burning in her eyes, the churning in her stomach, but she tries to remember the trust that led her to let Alex top her to begin with, so she nods.

“I’ve never really… taken the lead.”

Maggie nods again.

“Was it bad? Was I bad? Because I can get better, I – “

“No! No, Alex, you were… you were amazing, it…”

“You can tell me if I – “

“No. You were perfect, Alex, I promise, it’s not that – “

“Then what is it, Maggie? You can tell me.”

A long silence. Alex rests her body down on one elbow and holds out a hovering hand, a question in her eyes. Maggie nods again and Alex strokes her hair softly.

And that’s exactly what Maggie needs, which is exactly why Maggie breaks.

“Why would you… what did you get out of all that, Alex? I just… I just laid there, I didn’t do anything for you, I… how selfish could I be, it… I didn’t do anything for you, Alex, all night, I just – “

“Maggie, wait. That’s not… are you kidding? Do you seriously want to feel how wet I am right now?”

Maggie pffts at Alex’s earnesty with wet eyes. “Nerd.”

Alex smiles with relief and kisses her forehead.

“Maggie, I… I’m so glad you let me… top you? Is that the way to say it? I…” Alex pauses and searches Maggie’s face for the right words. “Maggie, you’re always in control of everything. You’re always responsible, you’re always making decisions. Life and death decisions! And you… you always take care of me, you always just… you make me so happy, Maggie, and I… you deserve it. You deserve to be taken care of. You deserve to lay back and let me worship you, because you… you’re amazing, Maggie, and you deserve to let go, you deserve to be cared for. And – and… it’s giving me a gift, Maggie. You trusting me like that. You letting me lo… letting me care for you like that, that’s a gift, Maggie. It’s perfect. You’re perfect, and you deserve to be shown that. And, if you’re worried that you weren’t doing anything for me… you’ve gotta be kidding. That was the… sexiest, hottest… thing I’ve ever done… the… you… I came, you know. A bunch of times, not that that was the point, but I’m just saying, feeling you like that, touching you like that? Listening to you like that? I came. Because it was so incredible, I just… I didn’t make a big deal out of it, because I wanted to focus on you. You deserve to be focused on, Maggie. I promise I love…d it. I promise.”

Another long pause, another thick silence.

“So you’re saying you liked it. Cause that’s… that’s what I’m getting.”

“Oh my god, you’re never going to let me live that down, are you?”

“Not a chance, Danvers. Not a chance.”

Second Chance. (Isaac Lahey)

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Request:  Can you do an imagine where the read has Isaacs kid but doesn’t tell him because he had already cheated and got another girl pregnant. And 15 years later he finds her married and they start talking again but like as friends and she confesses that her child is his and how his reaction is. Sorry if that’s to detailed

A/N: Sorry for changing the timeline a bit I made it 10 years, I hope you don’t mind. Please tell me what you think cause I feel like this sucked.


It was quite a site. You stood observing your handsome husband cooking breakfast for your son. Ryan was truly a once in a life time kind of man, he loved you more than you thought possible. And he loved your son deeply, regardless of him not being his.

You remember one night, you were on the balcony looking at new paint samples to paint the apartment.

“What’s keeping you up babe?” He leaned against the sliding door. You turned around and gave him a small smile, “Oh, I just couldn’t sleep so I thought might as well make use of my time” He came and sat himself next to you. “What do you think about this one?” You showed him the deep teal color.

“Don’t you think that’s a bit dark for a bedroom?” he tucked your hair behind your ear gently.

“You don’t like it?” you tilted your head in questioning. He just smiled and kissed your forehead. “I don’t mind love, just messing with you” you playfully punched his arm at that statement causing a chuckle to fall from his lips.

He lightly stroked your cheek and pulled you in for a sweet, gentle kiss that lingered on your lips afterwards.

“I love you Y/N Gray”

“I love you too, Ryan Gray”

“Good morning mommy!” your son, Connor, jumped off his seat and ran to give your hips a tight embrace. “Good morning honey” you smiled and crouched down, collecting him in your arms to give him a proper hug. “Hey Ryan, I’m going to pick up some paint later today” you announced and kissed his cheek, while he kept his gaze on the pancakes. “Sure thing babe,”  Connor returned back to his chair, “coffee’s fresh by the way” your husband stated.

You went and poured him and yourself a cup. You leaned against the counter and admired your enthusiastic child as he waited for the pancakes and smiled.

“He’s a spitting image of him” you mumbled.

“What was his name again?” Ryan spoke in a low voice. “Isaac.” he nodded. 

“Ah, yes, Isaac”.

The best thing about Ryan was that you never got a hint of jealousy from him whenever you talked about Isaac, he understands that it is he who has you now. He already won.

Later that day, you were wandering in the store looking for the intended paint color but you ended up bumping to something hard which caused you to stumble backwards. That hard surface was the chest of an all too familiar face.

“Y/N?” he spoke “Oh my.. Isaac” he immediately engulfed you in a warm and tight embrace.

“Sorry,” he chuckled and let go of you “I just got excited, how’ve you been?”
“I’ve been great, and you?” you smiled genuinely, you were really happy to see him regardless of your past together. “I’ve been well, recently bought an apartment after coming back from Paris” you smiled.

“Who’s  the lucky gentleman?” he nodded at your wedding ring. “His name’s Ryan” you fidgeted with the ring while blushing slightly. “Hey babe did you find th-” Ryan stopped in his tracks and stared at the two of you. “Oh hey, Ryan this is Isaac, Isaac this is my husband Ryan” Isaac extended his hand and Ryan gladly shook it.

“Who’s this little fella?” Isaac crouched down to Connor’s level and widened his bright blue eyes once they met Connor’s equally bright and blue eyes.

“This is my son Connor” your face dropped at Isaac’s still frozen expression.

“Your son? Not yours’” he pointed his finger at you and Ryan.

“Come on Connor, I think that’s our que” Ryan held onto the young one’s hand and walked away. “Y/N?” your name fell out of his lips like venom, like he was angry. Although he didn’t have the right to be. “Why don’t you come by the house later so we can discuss this in a civil matter?” you spoke nervously. “Alright” his expression softened at how fragile your voice came out to be.


“Well that was awkward” you announced as you placed the bags on the counter while your son ran to his room to play his new video games. “What are the odds huh?” your loving husband stroked your arms up and down from behind in hopes to calm you down. “I’m scared Ryan” you turned around and buried your head in his chest. “You’ll be just fine babe, he seems like a reasonable man so that rules out him trying to take custody”

“CUSTODY?!” you widened your eyes as they met his.

“I thought that was what you were scared about” he panicked.

“I was just scared of his reaction” you squinted your eyes, glaring at him. “I’m sorry babe, I didn’t mean to put that idea in your head” he hugged you once more. “It’s alright” you huffed.

“How about I make some of my famous brownies for our guest?” your eyes lit up at his suggestion. Ryan made the best chocolate brownies you’ve ever tried. “That would be wonderful, thank you” he kissed your temple as a ‘you’re welcome’.

Once the brownies finished baking, the doorbell rang. “I’ll get it” you ran quickly and smoothed down your dress. “Hey” Isaac spoke firmly when you opened the door. “Come in,” you opened the door wider and closed it when he came in. 

“Can I get you anything?” Isaac shook his head. “No, I’m good” you contemplated on whether you should insist or not, but ended up giving in and sitting next to him on the couch.

“Why didn’t you tell me” he wasn’t angry anymore. He was sad, hurt even. “Why do you think Isaac? You cheated on me. And got her pregnant too” as you spoke, a lump started to form in your throat. “I would’ve stood by you Y/N” he stated with tears forming in his beautiful eyes. “I didn’t want you to, I didn’t want anything to do with you, I didn’t want to be  your second choice when it came to her” he ran his fingers through his hair and took a deep breath. “She had a miscarriage”

“I’m so sorry Isaac” you rubbed his back in comfort. “It’s all my fault, I hurt you, the only women I’ve ever truly loved” he was shaking now, tears running down his cheeks. “She didn’t want me to help, she was mad at me. And when I showed up at the hospital, she kicked me out” he took your hand from his back and kissed it tenderly.

“Please let me be a part of his life, help me make this right Y/N” you were crying too, you noticed when he wiped your tears.

“I can’t make this decision now, and I can’t make it alone. After all Ryan’s the one who raised him” he nodded.

“Put the fact that I promise you I’ll be a good father in consideration”

“I will Isaac, I will”

sunrise | jughead jones (riverdale)

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prompt: 13-“i can’t believe you talked me into this” & 15-“here take my jacket you look freezing

“i can’t believe you talked me into this” i murmur as i kindly follow jughead into what seemed like a forrest, he’d asked me if he could blindfold me and take me to a surprise so of course i said yes.

but here i was, freezing trekking through the woods at 4am and ruining my shoes as i almost twist my ankle tripping off a rock that jughead neglected to tell me was there, boys.

i could hear the wind howling in the trees and the birds chirping, it must be close to sunrise. my hands intertwined in my boyfriends as he leads me further and further into the thick of the forrest

“we’re almost there” he mummers squeezing my hand as we weave through the tree before coming to a halt. i reach up eagerly to my blindfold but he smacks my hand away “um excuse me did i tell you that you could take your blindfold off?!” he sasses and i giggle

today marked the 5th year since he asked me to be his girlfriend and it didn’t take a fool to know that he’d taken me back to sweet river, where he asked me the summer before freshman year to be his girlfriend.

“juggie!!!” u exclaim, my nerves starting to rise. why had jughead dragged me out of my warm bed at the crack of dawn to walk me down to sweet water river, could he not have waited till later where it was atleast a little warmer?

“if you murder me jughead jones i swear to god i will come back and haunt you, TO DEATH” i exclaim. he’s laughter fills my ears

“(y/n) (y/l/n)” he starts “even though you drive me to literally anxiety i wanted to bring you here today to our first ever real date and where i made the worst mistake of my life and ask you to be my girlfriend-”

my jaw drops “juggie!!!” i complain laughing slightly as the cold nips my nose “so it seemed only fitting to make another regretful decision right here”

“you can take it off now” i remove the blindfold to reveal jughead infront of me on one knee, the sun beginning to rise behind him, the sky turning into cotton candy “oh my god” i breathe out my tears brimming with tears

“will you marry me” he begs a smile draped on his soft lips, i nod frantically tears streaming down my face “yes yes yes yes jughead jones yes” he stands upright in enough time for me to launch myself onto him.

he spins me around connecting our lips before setting me down “so do you won’t the ring or what?” he chuckles and iroll my eyes “of course i do you big dummy!” he gently removes the ring and places it on my cold fingers

“god you’re freezing!” he complains touching my ice like hands “i told you i was freezing!!!!” i groan shivering in his arms.

“okay wait let me try this again?” i laugh my lip trembling, he clears his throat looking behind him then back at me his face all serious i have to hold back a laugh

“here take my jacket you look freezing- is that how it’s supposed to go down?” he laughs removing his jacket “shut up and give me your jacket” i moan letting him slip my arms into his warm coat

“so im supposed to just freeze?” he complains standing behind me and wrapping his arms around me as we sit on the picnic blanket jug had brought for us to sit on

“you should’ve bought yourself a jacket” i poke fun leaning back into his chest “it was your fault-bringing me out this early” i remind him, his chest shaking underneath me

“if we came any later we wouldn’t of been able to see this” he tilts my head so it’s looking up into the sky; it was breathtakingly beautiful, the sky was enveloped in pinks and purples staining the sky line.

“i love you jughead jones”

“i love you (y/n) (y/l/n)”

Signed to Kill (Pt. 10)

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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

◊ Word Count: 1,611

◊ Summary: You were employed in an agency that made its money by taking lives. However, things get hard when you’re contracted to kill a young idol.

A/N: It’s been 800 years since part 9, but here’s the final part! This is more of a short little epilogue than anything, but hopefully the few of you that have kept up with this trainwreck enjoy it anyway! This was my first tumblr fic, and I’m proud to finally call it finished.

   |Chapter 10

One Year Later

Jungkook had never been happier in his life. BTS was getting more popular by the day, he was finally making more friends in the industry, and he felt so much happier now. Every part of his life was going so smoothly, considering how things were the year before.

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anonymous asked:

Do you mind if people repost your art with credit(or they should ask you and have the permission first)? Really love your art:)

Hnn okay. This is a topic that I have very mixed feelings on, to be honest. In the past I’ve allowed people to repost my art with credit on a case-by-case basis if they ask permission first (not on tumblr where obviously I would prefer people to just reblog my original post, but on places like instagram), but the whole concept makes me feel weird? I feel like allowing other people to post my artwork takes away the control I have over those pieces of artwork. 

And uncredited reposts, especially in instagram - and sometimes on VERY POPULAR instagram accounts fuck you guys seriously “credit to the artist” is bullshit pls stop this - are the bane of  my life and so emotionally draining to deal with.

ANYWAY, I think I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t feel comfortable with other people reposting my artwork at all. I really hope people understand why and respect the decision. I’ve been in two minds in the past but am now pretty firmly in the “please don’t repost” camp. 

I’m glad you enjoy my artwork, though, and I really appeciate you clarifying this before posting anything <3 That means a lot to me.

Rooftop Confessions

AN: One just for me, because I’m up with a bitch of an earache and Chibs makes me feel better.

Several charters had traveled to Charming tonight, to celebrate their new Mother President, after waiting for eight months. I could hear the music playing down stairs, and knew the party would rage on for hours. 

I needed a break from the porn stars and the Diosa girls being obnoxious, and the noise. Usually I’d make an appearance at parties then leave, I’d go just to please my mom. I really never was big on parties. 

Tonight’s party was different; I needed to show respect to the new President by staying for the duration of the party. I was the daughter, step-daughter, and sister, of the previous Presidents. I was the only surviving Teller, it was important that I show my love and support to Chibs by staying.

 I felt alone for the first time in my life. My entire family was gone, I had no one left. I really didn’t have a reasons to stay. I felt like I didn’t belong here. I lay back on the blanket, I had snagged from Chibs’ office. Looking up at the night sky. at the stars.

“What is with you Teller and roofs?” He stood behind me grinning.

I sat up quickly, wiping away my tears, I turned around to face him. Smiling at him. “It’s the best place to think, you can clear your head, and make life changing decisions.”

He dropped down next to me, his hands framing my face, his thumbs wiping away the tears still trailing down my cheeks. “What life changing decisions are you trying to make?”

His dark eyes studied my face, I shook my head. “It doesn’t matter, right now.” I smiled at him.  “I thought you’d be down enjoying your party…..”

“I was, then I looked around, and you were gone.” His hands were still on my face, a smile on his.

I rolled my eyes at his flirting with me. “I’m surprised you noticed, with the other women hanging around you..I mean you has some of the club’s finest ready to lavish their attention on you.”

“No love, your the club’s finest. They just employees.” 

“You’re a horrible flirt Filip Telford…”   His lips covered mine, his hands wrapping around me pulling me close to him. I slid my arms around his neck, holding on tightly to him, returning his kiss.

He pulled away. “Come back down to the party with me, stand by my side (Y/N) it’s where you belong.”

I bit my lip, looking up at him. “How do you know I belong by your side?”

“I can feel it in my heart.” He took my hand, placing it on the center of his chest. I leaned in kissing him, my hand staying where it was, I closed my eyes.

Feeling a breeze ruffling my hair, I opened my eyes, to find Filip’s dark eyes watching me. “My head is telling me to leave, that I have nothing left, but my heart tells me I belong here with you.”

He stood up, pulling me with him. “Then you’ll stay?”

I nodded my head, pulled me into his arms. “See, I told you the roof was the best place to clear your head, and make life decisions.”


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Safety First

ENTP: So I was reading this blog written by an INFP, and she was saying that her marrige was falling apart. She just discovered what MBTI is and she was saying that her husband is an ESTJ.
INFP: Oh, no.
ENTP: And the comments were very sarcastic and said things like “Hm, I wonder what went wrong there” and “MBTI is right again”.
INFP: Oh but imagine how awful that would be! You’re in love with this person! And your MARRIGE is falling apart! She could be questioning her entire life and every decision she ever made!
ENTP: *tries to say something but INFP already started one of those inexplicable INFP things and she will finish this*
INFP: See, this is why I will always make sure to type everyone around me. Now and in the future. It is to protect myself from a bad decision. It is to stay safe. Omg. ENTP. MBTI is my condom!!
ENTP: *dies of laughter*

F.P Jones x Reader- Think on It

Thank you so much for the request anon! I hope I did it justice, and if not, please let me know so I can fix it up!!

Gender neutral reader!

Warnings: Affairs, implied alcohol, implied smut but no actual smut

Words: 859

Part 2   Part 3   Part 4

I’m sorry it’s so short but I was a little unsure of how to do it? I hope you like it!


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When the universe gives you signs

Some times witches find themselves not certain if they are on the right path. It could be questions about a relationship, a career move, a friendship, or a spiritual life choice. HOW DO YOU KNOW? I get this question a lot. I say, when the universe sends you signs that you are on the right path. Here is an example: I’ve been considering a side project involving cats for several months now. The idea came to me in my sleep when literally sat up and yelled “EUREKA!” Despite the inspiration jolt, I still had reservations so I sat on the idea and pondered. I did a bit of magic for direction and decision making. I took my time in thinking it over. I consulted my tarot. I bounced the idea off of a few entrusted people. I researched. I researched some more. Pretty soon signs started to appear in surprising places. It seemed like everywhere I went, and everyone I talked to mentioned cats in some way or another, so much so that when I tried to ignore my idea and dismiss it the universe sort of wouldn’t let me. This wasn’t something I would benefit from forgetting about. Resources to make the project happen began to spring up from unexpected places. Is it possible this is confirmation bias? Yes. Is it likely that it’s confirmation bias? I don’t think so. This feels like a legitimate good idea. This is what it feels like to be going on the right path. This is what it is like when the universe gives you the green light to proceed. THIS IS HOW YOU KNOW.