you are loved and missed

Someone once told me I reminded him of autumn. If people were seasons, I’d be falling leaves and the smell of wet wood. He said even my perfume reminded him of the earth. I suppose in a way he was right. Autumn always reminded me of sadness - the trees crying gold, the wind sweeping them off the ground like pretty little yellow butterflies. No matter how beautiful it looked, everything was sleeping, almost dead, or maybe dreaming. Sometimes I feel like I’m withering away, other times I feel like I’m drifting somewhere I could be alive again. I don’t know why I’m so drawn to the idea of someone saving me. Maybe one day I’ll find someone who would call me spring, instead.

Autumn // Genefe Navilon

Some people are fortunate enough to find love again from an old love. To hit restart, and maybe try again when the timing is right. I just can’t find love in the same person twice, just as I can’t find the same love twice.

-Trust me, I’ve tried…


Appreciation post:

I have to say it, again, for the millionth time; @raspberi is hot - a beautiful human being. She’s the most talented person I know and the most kindest soul on Earth. If you haven’t checked out her stuff yet, you need to change that. This is a semi-old edit she did for me a while back and I’ve saved it for myself because it was too pure for this world, and now I’m sharing it with everyone, not only because I want to show off how talented she is, but because this art deserves to be out there. 

I want you to know that if you ever doubt yourself, or second-guess how much you mean to me and to everyone around you, to remember that you are a stunning individual with a beautiful mind and gorgeous heart. Keep doing you and never give up! I’m always by your side through thick and thin. 

Hey Taylor!

My name’s Nicole, I’m from the Philippines. I barely (or never) post my pictures on here but I think it’s time you know how I look like haha! It’s also my birthday on October 20th and I will be 20!! And Idk what to feel about it still. All my teenage years I’ve been writing songs (thanks to you!) and I just recently wrote ng 100th song! I wouldn’t have done it without you as an inspiration. Before you came into my life, I didn’t really know what I wanted to be. Now I’m at uni and I only have one semester left to go before I graduate (YAY!) I’m a tourism student and to be honest, it wasn’t my first choice of who I want to be. But I pursued it in hopes it would change my mind about it and love it eventually. It’s really fun and challenging at the same time. But coming to this, nearing the end and all, I still haven’t acquired the passion for it as much as I had in songwriting. It’s been a life-long dream of mine to share my songs with the world and I’ve decided I’m not gonna stop now.

There are more things I wanted to talk with you about but this is it for now. I know you’re busy and all, and I’m so soooo excited for the new album you have no idea! I love you so much, Taylor. I hope to meet you soon and thank you personally for everything, and hug you really tight like there’s no tomorrow ♡ ♡ ♡


@taylorswift thnx for giving me the coolest and best friends who have stayed with me circa early 2012. within the depths of the internet there is a picture of us at CMA Fest in 2013 in front of a green screen so it looks like we all met you together. it was a stage of awkwardness and not our finest moment, but it’s funny to look back on, and sometimes too cringe-worthy to look at. BUT ANYWAY these girls have taken on almost all of high school and most of college with me. We’ve celebrate, cried, laughed, and danced together and they’ve filled my life with the best of memories. I know I could rely on them for anything, and I’m grateful you brought them into my life!! you’re the greatest!!! @watcheditbegin @allofmysurroundings @after-plaidshirtdays


Bisexual Visibility Day [September 23rd]

Callie Torres is the longest running bisexual character in the history of television and she is played by real life bisexual Latina superhero Sara Ramirez. Over the course of her eleven seasons on Grey’s Anatomy, she was married to a man and a woman, both of whom she loved deeply. She never shied away from calling herself bisexual, whether as confrontation or as comfort. There’s really no way to overstate her impact. But she’s more than just what she accomplished. Callie was a joy to watch on TV. Smart and savvy and silly and relentlessly loyal to the people she loved.