you are loved and missed

Si vas a desaparecer de mi vida, hazlo bien, no lo dejes a medias. Simplemente vete, así como llegaste, sin siquiera advertir que terminarías importando tanto en mi día a día.  No quiero saber más de ti, ni conservar estos recuerdos ridículos que terminan por sacarme lágrimas involuntarias. Lo reconozco, y sé que también tú sentías que cada momento que pasamos juntos se sentía increíblemente bien, y queríamos que no terminara, sin embargo, las cosas no siempre terminan en una historia de amor, a veces quizá esas historias terminan mucho antes de tener un comienzo oficial.
Do you remember
when I loved you
And you loved me
And we lived in this house
We built it together
It was so full of all our hopes
All our dreams, remember?
We painted the walls red,
That was our favorite color.
We made love in that bed
Sometimes we didn’t even bother to fix the sheets
We talked from moon to sun in the space
Of black and street lights
Streaming through the window
And you loved me
And I loved you, remember?
And it was enough to forget
We left the cookies in the oven.
You let me fall asleep on your chest
Every night before you rolled over
And I hugged your hips
And we fell into the space of each other
I remember my hair sitting in your face
And your body heat resonating under the sheets
And I hated when your feet touched mine
Because sometimes you’d call me ashy
And sometimes I’d call you clammy.
I loved you so much.
I know you loved me too.
I pass by that building wondering
who holds you on these empty nights
And If you put sheets on the bed
for someone new to mess up
And if the cookies still bake too hard
Or if I left my slippers.
And I can’t help but miss you,
Wondering what happened
To make you stop loving me too.
—  You’re always on my mind

I found his shirt in my luggage when I came home. It had his smell and it hit me. It hit me hard .Knowing the memories we made when we were together passed. Like a dream. I miss him. I miss his touch. His kiss. His hug. His hands holding mines. But I know I’ll see him again. I know it’ll be okay.