you are loveable

All I want is one person who loves me more than anyone else. I want to be a first choice–maybe for a significant other, maybe for a close friend… I just really, really need that.
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Dating Ezra Miller Would Include :

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·         He would always tell you how beautiful you are and how lucky he feels to have you on his life

·         Be near him would be always funny

·         If you are shorter than him, he would make fun of you calling you his “backrest”

·         If you are taller than him, he would always put his head on your chest/boobs and rub his head because he knows you hate it

·         You two making fun of everything

·         Long and deep kisses when he comes back from a long travel

·         Sweet and passionate sex

·         But rough and angry sex too, principally if he’s a little bit drunk

·         He loves being the dominant but he also loves how you look sexy when you are dominating

·         Sharing loveable kisses when the moment asks for it

·         He always buy gifts for you from places he have been to but you weren’t able to go with him

·         You two always being the cheesy couple when you know your friends hate that

·         Long night calls and skypes when you two are far away

·         Him sending message through all day to you

·         He always send “good morning” and “good night” messages

·         He is not afraid to say that he loves you

·         When you are embarrassed about him speaking too loud, he would scream “I love you, Y/N” just to make you more embarrassed but very happy too

·         You always giggle and smile when he does that and he loves the view of your smile

·         He always do a lot of effort to make you smile

·         Being dorks in front of each other when you realize one of you is sad

·         You two would talk about things in the world you like and things you don’t

·         He saying that he would change the world for you if it was needed

·         Him being scared to go ask you to be his date at a premier

·         Going with him to every premier

·         You always get super proud of him when he wins an award and being the one that most claps because you’re fucking so proud of your baby

·         He would always dedicate his awards to you, your support and your love

·         He would also say in the middle of his speech some sassy internal joke only you two would get

·         Being best friends to each other

·         Singing lullabies to the other when one is with insomnia (because why not?)

·         Calling each other with stupid cheesy names just to tease

·         Dances in the rain because he knows you love it

·         Also sloppy kisses in the rain

·         Tender kisses on each other’s forehead

·         Making stupid dances around people because that’s how both of you are

·         Being sad by the end of a book and him making a cup of tea to cheer you up

·         Getting along with his family

·         Friday nights are pizza date nights

·         Being there for each other when needed

·         Laying down together in a rainy day and hugging each other so tight

·         Just you two being the most cute, lovely and crazy couple ever


you’re all idiots albeit loveable ones :)

Her Being Short and Tomboyish: MONSTA X


Honestly wouldn’t care about you being neither a tomboy not short as he fell for you because of your loveable personality.


Would absolutely adore you.


Would see you as the cutest human and so would brag about you to everyone.


Would tease you because of your height but will fight anyone who would do the same because only he can tease you about it.


That kind of person which- if he saw you in a dress he would take a gazillion of pictures and then frame one of them and put it on the fridge of the group’s dorm.


The one to choose your outfit because he can.


Would be extra protective over you because even though he knew you pretended to not care about the jabs of you not being girly enough for him, he once got the unlucky chance of seeing you cry quietly to yourself.

bad debt

“ask yourself if the people you believe love you today generally meet the following criteria. no one will meet them perfectly, but being able to recall some instances of them is certainly revealing about how much or whether someone loves you. 

they consistently give and can receive attention, acceptance, appreciation, affection, and allowing. 

they genuinely care about your welfare. they feel joy at your successes. they are there for you in good times and in bad. 

they give you a sense of safety and security when you are together. they joyfully join you in and encourage your enthusiams. 

they find you loveable when they see your vulnerability, and never take advantage of it. they dont respond to your love or generosity as permission to be takers or to absorb your energy. 

they don’t base their love for you on an exchange. reciprocity is important in close relationships, but a person who loves you doesn’t keep track of how much you give him, in comparison to what he gives you: “after all i did for you you should at least do this for me.” an expectation like that is about owing and being owed. the generosity of love is missing. when someone loves you, he gives of himself with no cost to you.”

—david richo, how to be an adult in love


“the debtor seeks refuge among other debtors, acquires debt from them, offers debt to them. the place of refuge is the place to which you can only owe more and more because there is no creditor, no payment possible. […] creditors forgive debt to offer credit, to offer the very source of the pain of the debt, a pain for which there is only one justice, bad debt, forgetting, remembering again”

—moten & harney, “debt and study”

RWBY Vol. 4 Ep. 8 Thoughts

- *sees title* I dunno if I want to learn about the Nevermores and the bees
- Oh thank God Qrow is still alive
- *unintelligible distress sounds at Jaune*
- “He was using you as bait” Well when you put it like that, it makes Qrow look like an asshole which he is
- Stress is a sign of poisoning Qrow
- *slams fist on table* I’M ALWAYS A SLUT FOR MYTHOLOGY
- I’m glad we actually got around to explaining relics in a timely manner
- Oh my God are we getting Salem backstory?
- “Not much is known about her” *flip table* GOD DAMN IT
- For some reason it feels wrong to see them have bird cages
- Blake, why ya gotta reference Weiss like that?
- I love Mama Belladonna
- Oh my God I’m dying from Cute Belladonna overload
- Aaaahhh Ghira why are you so loveable
- I was not emotionally prepared for this
- God damn it Sun
- Worried Nora makes my heart hurt
- And here you can see Ruby’s world views shattering just a little bit more
- There’s my sassy Nora. 
- “My semblance is bad luck” THEN WHAT THE FUCK IS THE TURNING INTO A BIRD
- Alright Jaune, dial back the sass
- Yeah I’m siding with Blake on this one Sun; you kinda fucked up real hard
- Sun you are just a real ball of energy

Overall: Hi yes I need the next episode like yesterday