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Swipe Right It Is

pairing: Phan

genre: angst, fluff

word count: 4,024 words

status: finished

warnings: mentions of abuse, nothing graphic

Summary: In a world where superpowers are prevalent, it doesn’t mean everyone’s special. Although Phil is gifted with the power of time travel, Dan finds himself without one. When they meet in a night of desperation, Phil musters the courage to finally find love in normality.

A/N: HEY BUDS! I want to start by saying thank you all so much for staying patient. I know I don’t post a lot, but it’s the support of all of you that make it all worth it. If you’ve been around for a while, you would know that I don’t write over the summer because I go to a summer camp, but I will be sure to think of new ideas for when I get back. I’m thinking that this is the second-to-last fic that I’ll post, so I hope you enjoy it! Heeeeeeere we go!

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How mad would Tsukki, bokuto, kuuro, tanaka, annnd nishinoya be if someone kept flirting with their female s/o even after being rejected, wat would they do to make them go away

Imma do the /10 thing again because that was fun to do

Tsukishima: 8/10

He wasn’t as angry as he was annoyed.

When he first noticed the pest that approached you, he didn’t take action, trusting that you’d be able to do it yourself. But after five minutes, when the scum showed no signs of wanting to leave; and even looked like he was beginning to seriously annoy you, Tsukki decided to do something about it.

The tall-ass middle blocker walked over to the scene calmly and said, “back off, rat.”

The stranger could only glare at him and even puffed out his chest, “what if I don’t want to?”

Tsukki squinted. Bad mistake.

Bokuto: 7/10

As like Tsukishima, he didn’t feel as angry as he felt irritated. But thanks to his rather laid back demeanour when it came to dealing with these kind of people, he wasn’t as fed up as expected.

The boy from the rival school appeared all of a sudden while Fukurodani’s volleyball team was waiting for the school bus. A friendly match against the rival school had just ended, with Fukuro trashing the others like it was nothing.

At first you were only surprised at the presence of a stranger suddenly flirting with you out of no where. However, despite your countless rejections, he didn’t want to back off.

You looked over at Bokuto in a pleading manner. That was when your boyfriend went from simply observing the scene to being to intimidating that the rival scurried off, pants around his ankles. (Not literally)

Immediately after the stranger took off, you kissed Bokuto on the cheek, and his eyes shown with pure joy.

Kuroo: 17/10

Literally no potential girlfriend-stealers were allowed to show any signs of affection towards you. Kuroo thought he’d already established that fact within Nekoma, but apparently not so when a first year approached you with a scandalous intention in mind.

You were often pleasantly surprised by innocent confessions and would turn them down nicely but this cocky bastard was disgusting. Throwing pick up lines after pick up lines, he was relentless.

You loved cheesy pick up lines, since Kuroo often used them, but the ones that the clearly unwanted presence were saying were pure agony to listen to.

He was basically telling you, “have sex with me.”

When you thought you couldn’t take it any longer and had actually begun to panic, Kuroo came to your rescue.

“Hey!” He slammed his fist against the lockers, gaining the attention of everyone within a ten meter radius; including the scum first year’s.

You felt relief flood your senses as you ran over to him, but felt yourself get pulled back by the first year.

He’s crossed the line now.

Kuroo literally punched the boy in the face before swiftly grabbing your waist and led you away.

Kenma had to endure a whole three months of Kuroo bragging about how impressed you were.

Tanaka: 189/10

If you though Kuroo was bad, the Nekoma captain didn’t hold a candle to Tanaka.

As everybody learned just by witnessing one unfortunate incident, no one was allowed to mess with you and your boyfriend.

A third year was under the assumption that you had a crush on him and had been pestering you for the entire day. Despite your clear annoyance, he didn’t want to back off.

Even more unfortunate was the fact that Tanaka was at a match the whole school day so you couldn’t spend time with him until after school. However, even your after school plans were ruined by the unpleasant third year.

The senior’s stalked you into the volleyball court and began making a scene about how he had spent a great day with you at school. His eyes kept glanced at every boy on the volleyball team, trying to bask in his supposed glory.

Steam was literally rising off your boyfriend’s head as the third year yapped on and on; not noticing how everyone was so silent as they witnessed Tanaka’s gradually rising anger.

Simply three minutes afterwards, the third year was out cold.

Nishinoya: 5/10

He wasn’t one to get angry at things like that, surprisingly. Though he often felt jealous, anger wasn’t always on his mind whenever a potential threat to your relationship with him arose.

He was practicing his receives in the court alone when you’d walked in. He gave you a bright smile before noticing the first year following behind you.

“(Y/N), who’s that?”

“I don’t even know-”

“I’m her future husband!” The prepubescent student said excitedly, a gesture that immensely annoyed and disgusted you at the same time. It was sweet that people actually crushed in you but when their confessions went to far, you didn’t plan on being nice.

However, even in your angriest and rudest voice and tone, the boy didn’t get that you didn’t like him back. You’d decided to lead him to the volleyball court, hoping that Noya’s presence as your boyfriend would scare him away.



“Well, I’m her boyfriend and her future husband.” He replied calmly, though there was a tinge of irritation in his tone.

The first year pouted and stomped his foot on the ground, “you’re a liar!” He stuck out his tongue, “liar! Liar!”

He was so childish it was actually funny.

Getting really annoyed by the little shithead, Noya simply grabbed a volleyball and spiked it into the boy’s face. Not even a little bit of guilt on his face was showing as the first year ran out of the court, crying.

“I knew I could count on you,” you smiled at your boyfriend.

He grinned back, starting to forget anything even happened.


A/N: So I started writing this intending it to be no more than a page long… 3 pages and several hours later I finally stop and mentally slap myself because I have no self restraint… Enjoy!

Summary: Chase can’t handle how defenseless Jack is around him. And proceed’s to contemplate why he won’t just kick his ass. (fluff/ mostly thought process, kinda foreplay-ish/ Ish/ Chack/ more fluff/ sassy Jack/ kinda ooc but not outside the realms of possibility/ written at 12 am/ spell checked at 4 am)

Chase stared blankly at the redhead that kneeled before him. Back turned, all forms of defenses  completely shut down, he couldn’t believe that anyone could ever be this relaxed around him. Even his warrior cats knew better than to drop their guard around the Draconic Prince of darkness. But Jack Spicer, self proclaimed evil boy genius, just sat there, tinkering with his boots like Chase wasn’t even there.

The taller more threatening presence crossed his arms growing irritated by this unfathomable idiotic fanboy before him. “.. and so I was like…” Oh right he was blabbering to Chase, he forgot that the flame red head had broken his ability to be silent for more than a minute around the Lord of Darkness, the flattery was charming almost adorable at first, but the endless prattle soon wore thin on Chase’s nerves.

“What are you even doing to your shoes, Spicer?” Before he could stop himself Chase had allowed himself to change whatever topic the boy was on before into a tangent that the boy would undoubtedly imagine that he was remotely interested in.

The twinkle in his owlette eyes suggested just that as his head spun to the unearthly being who stood on the marble platform of the stairs that he had just decided to rest himself on. “Do you really want to know?!” He practically squealed. Though Chase had anticipated an ungodly fanboy response to his slip of the tongue he hadn’t imagined that Jack would take it so much to heart as he did. He had half listened to the child’s rants before…. hadn’t he?

Seeing that Chase held a stern look of concentration of trying to recall the last time he had actually listened to a word that came out of the acclaimed genius’s, said genius took it as an okay to continue on his pre-planned spiel that he had undoubtedly practiced with his robots.

Despite deep consideration Chase couldn’t think of a single instance where the boy before him had held his interest long enough to provide reason to leave him alive. So why did Chase leave the boy unharmed? What on earth could possibly be holding him back from tearing out the red-heads vocal chords? He had several issues with those on the heylin side of the scale, he also had an ample amount of potential fans and proteges. So what was so special about Spicer?

Gold eyes pierced down to the red-head that held an excited twinkle in his eyes, holding up his boot to explain the science that he was inventing into his footwear. The largest child smile that almost seemed innocent placed itself upon the boy’s pale skin. The only thing that really kept this child on the Heylin side was a spoiled sense of reality.  Chase frowned at the boy’s obvious misplacement on the Heylin side of the cosmic scales.

Then red caught onto gold. Jack stopped his rant as he looked up into Chases glare that seemed to almost pass through him and frowned, relaxing his excited muscles into disappointment. The sudden change of extremes of body expression both irritated and shocked Chase. Jack Spicer still felt comfortable enough around the Demonic Heylin Lord to allow his emotions to control his body language. Even the wall he had built against the Xiaolin monks was obviously broken when they were alone.

“Chase!” Jack yelled out to grab the draconic male.

Golden irises blinked as they snapped at the youngers irritated voice. Not changing from their glare but now far more focused on the boy he had been critically analysing in his thoughts.

Jack looked up at Chase, unphased by the death ray vision of a glare that was sent down towards him. A flustered looking anger upon his face. “You’re not listening in the slightest to me are you?” The frailer demanded. A demand? Exactly how much leniency had he granted the mortal?

“I don’t believe that I am inclined to listen to anything a worm has to say.” Chase automatically turned his tongue against the boy with harsh words as was his automatic response to anything that Jack had ever said directly toward him ever.

“Geez if you don’t want me here you can, you know say something!” Jack rolled his eyes at the taller. Had Chase never thrown the boy out before? He could’ve sworn he had…. perhaps he hasn’t done so recently enough to recall when he had exactly. “I have several Jackbots that would love to hear what I have to say, hell I think some of your cats are better listeners than you are sometimes.” The pale child complained as he progressively picked himself up.

“They’re warriors.” Chase’s mouth automatically responded coldly. Whilst his mind tried to process. Is he really just going to up and leave? Just like that? He had recalled the boy always being far more clingy than this. When had Jack grown a sense of independence? Why did he care so much?

“Yeah yeah,” Jack stated still in his relaxed demeanor, not fully realizing just how dangerous Chase could be. After picking up his last screwdriver and putting it inside the boot he was working on the red head turned and made his way down the alabaster stairs.

A sting shot into the chest cavity of Chase, the idea of losing the red heads presence apparently had a negative effect on him. When did this start? Had it always been like this? Was he only noticing it now? or was it only now? After he had spent so long thinking about the pale teenager?

Jack was about 3 meters to the front door before Chase appeared literally out of no where using his freaking ninja magic routine. He appeared physically no more than three inches away from the red-heads face. Of course Jack will never get used to freaking magic teleportation so he nearly jumped out of his skin when he saw Chase suddenly in front of him and ende up dropping all the tools he had in his arms.

“Good God! Can you like not do that?! I’ve already told you… Oh wait, yeah, you don’t listen when I talk. I almost forgot.” Jack huffed and simply went to pick up the items that were now scattered across the floor. He had become numb to the threatening presence that was Chase Young. He still got caught up in how awesome the guy was, but after three straight nights of no sleep and two days of hanging around the guy you kinda forget that he’s more than just a sourpuss. At the moment he couldn’t think of much more than getting home, finishing his boots, and a nice hot shower.

Suddenly his arms were dragged upwards and gloved hands roamed over his torso followed by a scrutinizing face of the Heylin lord that was Chase Young. Jack couldn’t help but giggle, he was ticklish. “C-Chase, !! pff Stop! Ha!” Jack tried to remain serious but honestly couldn’t help but lock his spine and shake his diaphragm.

“What the hell is different?” The red head could barely manage to catch what was being muttered by the examiner.

Finally he managed enough muster to shove the taller back by the shoulders. Of course, the truth was that Chase had finished his preliminary examination of the smaller male and had allowed him to shove him backwards so he could look over the frailers frame.

Jack had a more embarrassed and out of breath pink tint to his cheeks. His breaths staggering from the apparent controlled laughter he was managing while Chase when over the boys sides. Something twisted in Chase’s chest, constricting his upper body and locking his spine, it was a cold shiver of desire mixed with a pooling warmth of an emotion he hadn’t felt for the longest time.

“God, you’re starting to make ME concerned. You’re acting really weird today. Wait, who do I call for an immortal lizard magic dark prince?” Jack began a tedious rant on what could be making Chase act the way he was.

The Draconic lord of darkness immediately filtered out the boys words, recognizing them to be the beginning of pointless babble. Instead he grabbed the paler’s wrist and drag him forwards, forcing the boy to silence himself as he fell into Chase’s chest plate. The warrior could feel his own pulse rushing in his veins the tugging in his chest retracted to squeeze into the area where his heart should’ve been.

He turned his head into the crook of Jack’s neck. “Ch-Chase?” Jack stammered out obviously in a locked position similar to that of prey that had just been caught. Chase neglected the boys squirms in his arms. Instead taking in a sharp inhale of the smaller’s natural scent. It was a sweet smell with a pungent aftertaste that was slightly tangy. It was addicting.

“Hey- Y-you can let go of me no- Ah! HEY!” Jack shouted as Chase dug fangs into the flesh of his neck, not deep enough to draw blood though. Chase was having conflicting emotions, he wanted the boy to shreds a more animalistic urge than he’d ever encountered before but at the same time he wanted to be more gentle than he could possibly imagine himself, almost as kind and selfless as he was when he was on the Xiaolin side so long ago.

His tongue danced across the sensitive pale skin, the taste was incredible, almost matching the desire he felt for the red-head’s scent. Why, why had he never noticed before now exactly how delicious the mortal genius was?

“Chase cut it out! Okay! You’ve made your point, I promise to shut up just..stop!” The pressure against the Draconic princes chest snapped him back to the reality of who this was. He released Jack instantly, spending most of his mental focus on retaining a poker face as the boy fell backwards.  As soon as he regained his footing Jack looked up pink faced towards Chase and quickly taking his path right back to the exit he was initially going for, not another word escaped his lips.

Again, the boy looked completely defenseless with his back turned toward Chase, prime for any sensible predator to attack. A sense of possessiveness melted down his spine as the grand doorway was closed. Jack would be his prey and his alone. A smirk tugged on the dark warriors facial expression. He looked forward to when Jack, his prey, would undoubtedly return for the equipment that he had left behind.

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Hanamiya and awkward 3 please~ sorry again!

It’s alright my dear! Sorry for the confusion, too! Also, I hope you won’t mind if I did some modifications here!

prompt: i drunkenly tried to fight you and knocked myself out but you were kind enough to take care of me till I woke up

warning: profanities head

The smell of alcohol reeked everywhere as the lights danced along with the people at the center of the dance floor. You took another shot of vodka as the party music echoed loud in your head. It was a Friday night and you decided to reward yourself for surviving another hell week. God, having at least two quizzes, an exam, and a paper or problem set to submit for each day killed you slowly. It was one hell of a torture. College life just got even harder and you’re pretty sure that this wasn’t the end of all suffering yet. 

It was supposed to be how your ideal Friday night…supposed to be because apparently, Hanamiya Makoto showed up right in front of you during the time of your life. It was definitely uncalled for, totally unnecessary. The sight of his face made you cringe as you remembered your encounter with him last Wednesday.

You were both rushing your papers for a certain subject in the library. To your misfortune, only one printer was working that time and you two wanted to print your papers at the same time, but you were trying your best to beat the deadline. You begged him that it was a major paper of yours and you badly wanted to reach for the deadline (you’ve got 10 minutes left and the pigeon hole of your professor was located three buildings away). Hanamiya, on the other hand, had hours before the passing of his paper, however, being Hanamiya Makoto, he didn’t really let you go first, saying that he was the one to avail the printing services prior to you. And because of that, you submitted your paper exactly three minutes late, incurring a 10-point deduction right away.

“Hanamiya Makoto!” your yelled, though the people who heard you were sure that he’s just literally a meter away from you. “Hanamiya Makoto!!!” You marched towards his direction after feeling ignored. Your blood was boiling and despite your headache, you’re still willing to give him what he deserved for causing the delay of your paper. “Fuck you!”

“Oh, (f/n)-chan, it’s been two days since I’ve last seen you. How are you?” he smirked, ignoring your current outrage. “Were you able to submit your paper on time?”

“Fight me, Hanamiya Makoto, fight me! I was able to get a 10-point deduction in my major paper thanks to you! You’re such an ass, I swear to the heavens above! Fight me!” you challenged, bringing your fists to your chest level and assuming a boxer-like posture. “Fight me, you shitty—”

Before you could finish off your sentence, you felt your head throbbing once again, your whole surrounding spinning right before your eyes this time. Even before you could say another word to complete the thought of your mini spiel, your mind went all hazy and then suddenly, everything was all dark.


Your deep slumber was interrupted by a headache which resembled a hammer being pounded on your head. It was enough to make you whine so loud that the sleeping Hanamiya one room away has woken up, as well.

“Could you not disturb a sleeping person because of your fucking headache?” he shouted before getting up, deciding to check on you, his lovely guest of honor. 

You stared at him in horror as you tried to put the puzzle pieces together. How did I end up here? you thought to yourself, palms starting to get wet while sweat trickled down your forehead. “Y-y-you kidnapped me,” you stuttered, only getting laughter from him. “Oh my gosh! You did kidnap me! You took advantage of my drunken state! You shitty—” You started to panic, eventually jumping out from the couch, readying yourself to get out of Hanamiya’s hell hole.

“Is that how you greet the person who took care of you last night and even brought you to his humble home, idiot?” he scowled. “I would never kidnap someone like you. Why would I settle for someone I won’t be benefiting from, anyway? That’s such a stupid conclusion. If you only knew how you looked like last night right after you passed out.”

“I didn’t need your pity! I still need to make you pay for being an asshole and making my major paper grade hang on a cliff!”

“Don’t need my pity, you say? Nobody wanted to take you into their custody because you were such a mess. You could at least forget about that 10-point deduction.”

“J-just because you’re a smart-ass, doesn’t mean you have to drag other people down, you shit!”

Hanamiya just chuckled at your little sermon. “Thank you. I get that a lot.”

“Fuck you! Fuck my life! Of all people who could help me out, why did it have to be an ass?”

“Not just an ass, but a sexy ass. And oh, considering how incredibly and adorably stupid you are right now, we might actually end up in bed together. I won’t mind, (f/n)!”

You shrieked, throwing him whatever it was that you were able to get a hold of the moment he finished his sentence. “Screw you!”

“You will…soon,” he smirked before laughing hysterically at how red you already were.

Dear Lord, it would be a long morning, you thought.