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okay last thing, and I'll stop being annoying: did you know that you're literally the most adorable human being ever? papa is a very lucky [titan]man. (≖‿≖)

It takes a lot more to annoy me ;) also thank you a lot! I try my best to bring some positivity into this pit of hate that is Tumbeler dot com

not quite sure how much my brain has processed the concept of OUAT ending/JMo leaving (which is basically the same thing for me) but i do want to say this before i do lose it completely and cry for a few days

thank you

thank you, to all of you who welcomed me into this fandom, who talked to me and made me feel loved, who sent me cute and supportive asks, who suffered through my rants and supported my writing back when i used to write and who reblog(ged) my gifsets and made me feel productive because of it

and thank you to everyone who were in this fandom in general and made it the amazing experience it is, with all of it’s ups and downs

and i wouldnt be me if i didnt make this extra long so under the cut are people who i want to thank slightly further than this

i love you all

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I’m being 100% serious tho like? If someone who cared about me gave me a colourful little sticker just for being able to pull myself out of bed and face the day at a time I was feeling miserable and down and lethargic about life??? in a genuine effort to encourage and cheer me up??? because they love me?? I would be exponentially more ready to get out of bed in the morning.

It’s a gentle and loving and sympathetic way of acknowledging how difficult it must have been for the person to wake up and face the grossness of the day (whatever their reason for being miserable) while also trying to cheer them up (because tbh who doesn’t love stickers) and? That’s super insightful and thoughtful and important and will probably make the sad person feel really encouraged

In conclusion that’s literally the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard Amy Santiago is an adorably precious genius and #1 girlfriend please protect her at all costs

Cursed Child Review

i haven’t really processed this book yet but I just feel the need to write my thoughts about it down. i went into this as a huge potterhead who read the firstbook when I was 7 so i had a lot of stuff already figured out for myself and didn’t know if i should be excited or not.
so these are just my thoughts to the book.

things i really liked:

  • two great slytherin characters!! #stoptheslytherinbashing
  • hermione being Minister for Magic?! YOU GO GIRL!
  • scorpius being a social awkward cinamon roll and flirting by saying rose smells like bread
  • the part about the marauders and the weasley twins trying to get off the train!! 
  • scorpius being a huge nerd and knowing everything
  • how to distract scorpius from difficult emotional issues. take him to a library
  • rose looking exactly like young hermione!
  • mcgonagall not givin a fuck about harry or the fucking minister hermione
  • ginny! ginny was iterally so awesome! she’s better than the one in the movies tbh #ginnyweasleydefensesquad
  • scorpius having had an imaginary best friend when he was little
  • literally every moment where scorbus tell each other how much they love each other
  • every scorbus hug!!!!!
  • moaning myrtle talking about how hot harry is
  • ludo bagman because he is ludo bagman
  • fucking voldemort day?! i mean it was really random and not really thought out and had huge plotholes but i thought it was kinda funny
  • NEVILLE finally getting the credit he deserves!!!
  • darkworld!hermione being a badass outlaw
  • scorpius thinking about his favourite thing in the world - ALBUS FUCKING SEVERUS POTTER
  • mcgonagall wanting to give the minister for magic detention
  • malfoy the unanxious
  • it’s time that time-turning became a thing of the past
  • albus only weakness being scorpius - how more obvious can you even make it???? 
  • harry calling dumbledore out on leaving him at the dursleys
  • draco talking about astoria
  • astoria being the most precious human being ever to walk the earth and scorpius being exactly like her
  • ginny talking about being ‘posessed’ by voldemort’s diary
  • HAGRID!!
  • harry visiting cedric’s grave now and then

things i really disliked:

  • ROSE BEING A MASSIVE ASSHOLE!!! what the hell was that? treating my beautiful scorpius like that? she literally ditches albus after he’s sorted into slytherin!!!
  • fucking polly chapman?! wtf was her problem no one even knew her
  • cedric diggory suddenly being such an important character for the entire wizard history! that doesn’t even make sense - even thouch we didn’t see much of him i really doubt that he would become a deatheater just for being humiliated 
  • harry being a really bad dad? i mean, come on i know he meant well by giving albus that blanket but you can’t give one of your kids a fucking blanket and the others wings and an invisibility cloak
  • harry telling albus he doesn’t want him as a son in the middle of an argument i can maybe forgive but harry telling ginny that he wants albus to be more like james and lily??? wtf harry?! 
  • delphi just shitting a love potion out or whatever? this stuff takes one fucking month!
  • albus kissing hermione? that was totally fucked up
  • delphi and albus flirting with each other or whatever that was - she was way older than him
  • harry wanting to keep albus away from scorpius because some weird creature who despises humans told him there was a ‘dark shadow’ around his son???
  • harry threatening mcgonagall???
  • that scene where draco and harry duell in the potter’s kitchen? that just made no sense and was so uncalled for
  • harry actually believing voldemort had a child
  • albus suddenly listening to harry and not talking to scorpius
  • hermione being such an asshole only because she didn’t get married - and of course you can’t get together when one of both doesn’t get jealous (that is just nonsense)
  • snape being a hero or whatever - me having to explain to every one again why i don’t fucking like snape
  • the whole thing where dumbledore tells harry he loves him and harry says it back? that was just fucking weird!!
  • and then the biggest fucking WTF MOMENT IN THE WHOLE DAMN HARRY POTTER SERIES!!! VOLDEMORT HAVING A SECRET LOVE CHILD WITH BELLATRIX LESTRANGE??????? that doesn’t even make sense. they were literally there in the malfoy manor! bellatrix wasn’t pregnant nor did she just have a child because she was ready for a fight and just NO
  • that kid craig bowker jr dying - that was just really unnecessary and only to make albus feel bad too
  • and then the thing about his that annoys me the most:
    fucking scorbus - the gayest most obvious ship in the entire harry potter universe - being shot down!! i’m about hundred percent sure that if one of the two boys would have been a girl they would have gotten together!!! and it’s just another example of jk rowling just not wanting to have any gay characters. of course you might think of dumbledore but that was never once mentioned in the entire book series and only after we thought the series was finished she said that he was gay!! scorbus is so obvious a thing and of course we’d rather let scorpius fall in love with an annoying character who judges him from the moment they meet! sure…

so yeah, that’s my opinion on the book and even though i know there might be a few out there who liked it but for me it’s justa thing that - for me - yo can’t really take seriously as a canon story so i’ll just stick to my headcanons

The signs "stereotypes"

Aries: They’re not all about anger. They’re actually some of the most caring human beings ever.

Taurus: They’re more than just a portable mini fridge. They will be brought to tears if someone hurts their friends and they don’t know how to help.

Gemini: They’re not always two faced. They’re so funny and caring.

Cancer: They’re more than just crying and emotions. They’re literally some of the most adorable people you will ever meet.

Leo: They’re not all egotistic. They would put the people they care about before them in a heartbeat.

Virgo: Virgos are very old fashioned, but that’s the beauty about them. They’re like the Marilyn Monroe of the 21st century.

Libra: The Libra stereotype of always being happy isn’t completely true. Libras have other emotions besides happiness, but they just chose to view the glass as half full.

Scorpio: They’re not all about sex and jealousy. They care about the ones they love with all their heart.

Sagittarius: They’re more than bluntness. They are some of the most optimistic and sweetest people ever.

Capricorn: They’re more than just facts and knowledge. They are so creative and talented (from my experience they’re really talented with the arts like theater, art, singing, etc).

Aquarius: They’re not all about blunts and “smoking weed every day.” They’re are so unique and original. They’re the fun kind of weird that makes everyone laugh.

Pisces: They’re not all about day dreaming. A lot of them do dream but that’s not all there is to them. They are some of the most genuine people on this earth.

54 ~ Little Things

A/N: Hey guys! Sorry about the lack of writing but with taking lots of AP classes and being my last year of high school I’ve just been so busy! It’s starting to calm down slightly so I’m taking advantage and I hope you guys like this! It might be rushed but I didn’t wanna keep you guys waiting anymore! So love you guys and thank you for sticking to me still even though I haven’t written for ages! Also big thank you to 1d1195 for inspiring me with her writing for this preference. Go follow her and read her stuff because it’s absolutely AMAZING! Thank you!!!!!

Ashton: It’s an early Saturday morning, and who wants to be up before noon on a Saturday I mean come on. The sun peaked through the curtains, giving the room a bright glow while both you and Ashton were in between awake and asleep. You more on the asleep side and him on the awake side. He just loved admiring your face whenever you looked so peaceful and innocent and pure while sleeping. Even though you lovingly call him a weirdo for staring at you while you sleep, he just can’t help himself. His fingertips lightly run up and down your arm letting the goosebumps rise on your skin. The tip of his nose will lightly trail from your shoulder, to the back of your neck, up your neck and lightly nudging your jaw like a puppy wanting attention. You could feel his dimpled smile and eyelashes fluttering on your cheek as he continued prodding you to wake up. Once your eyes open and look at him, his smile becomes even bigger making his dimple sink in his cheek letting out that beautiful giggle. “Good morning sweetheart.” You smile and run your hands through his now short hair pressing your lips softly to his cheek murmuring a sleepy ‘good morning’ too.

Luke: “Hey. Hey babe, what do you call cheese that’s not yours?” You rolled your eyes playfully looking up from your book fighting your smile. “What do you call it.” “Nacho cheese.” Luke lights up biting his lip ring smiling like an idiot. “Get it? Because it isn’t yours, so not yours, Nacho cheese!” You giggle nodding looking at him as he feel his heart flutter knowing that you actually listen and think his jokes are funny. Well, at least you act better than the boys when he tells a joke. Throughout the whole day he just continuously makes lame, cheesy jokes no matter what your doing. Whether it be about cheese, or dogs, or innocent innuendos that turn sexual. Luke just loves to see that smile spread across your face. When he’s the cause of your smile, it just warms his heart and shows how much he loves you. Plus in public when his arms are wrapped around your waist, pulling you into him, pressing his lips to your ear. Everyone assumes it’s sweet nothings but in reality. It’s another joke about tacos.

Michael: “Babe say hiii!!!” Michael was keeking again putting the camera on you, making you blush heavily, covering your face and shyly waving at him. Michael chuckles looking at his phone speaking to the camera. “She is literally the cutest human being in the world.” He was obsessed with your guys’ relationship. Ever 3-4 hours he’d wanna take a selfie with you or sometimes when he’s lucky, take a picture of your when you aren’t paying attention and post it to Instagram. He loved to show everyone how cute and adorable his love was. Michael being Michael just loves to spread his love for you everywhere. And even though some fans are a bit skeptical of you because Michael is their little kitten, they just adore your guys’ relationship so much. OTP right here. Most of the pictures of you two are either kissing, in matching Pokemon onesies, or making weird faces together.

Calum: After a long day of studying, you didn’t expect to be at a fast food joint cuddling next to Calum while munching on some fries. He claims that after he ate dinner, he was craving something else. You were sound asleep, finally getting warm and nestled in your pillow and blankets. Calum timidly walking in chewing his bottom lip kneeling beside you. “Babe….” *poke* “baaaaaabe…” *pokes* “Babbyyyyyy!” He whines out finally waking you up pouting and rubbing your eyes. “Calum is 4 in the morning what the hell do you want.” “Can we go pick up some take out pleeaassseeee? I’m too scared to go by myself and the other boys won’t come with.” Calum pouts and looks at you with those big chocolate puppy brown eyes making you sigh and get up, but then fall back on the bed as Calum tackles you in a hug attacking your face in kisses. “You are the best girlfriend in the WORLD.”

“I love you and I like you”

i love you and i like you” is honestly the sweetest thing to come out of parks and rec. it’s such a reassuring and comforting set of words like yeah i love you because you’re just the greatest thing in our cool little galaxy and i am so glad to be spending our time on this earth together. It’s honestly such a pleasure to even be standing in your presence, let alone having the privilege to have you by my side, BUT i also like you as if i keep falling for all the insanely cute things you never even realize you’re actually doing and you make me forget how to even breathe (which is a basic human instinct, you literally make me forget how to function as a human being) when I’m holding you or even simply touching your pretty little hands, i can’t even hold a smile for more than a second without giggling like an idiot from how insanely happy i am being with you. You’re honestly just the cutest, most adorable, and most wonderful being i have ever had the pleasure of meeting, i love you and i like you. 

LOFT 89 Experience

Carly Harris and Erin Mathias

Loft 89 Story

Taylor Swift 1989 World Tour Cleveland June 3, 2015

Since November we have been planning our costume for the 1989 world tour. We both play college basketball so we wanted it to relate to that and Taylor Swift. So, we went along with our tumblr name, ballinforswift, and designed New York Knicks jerseys customized to Taylor Swift and put lights every where.

So June finally came and we finished our costumes the day before the concert (June 2). That night we posted a picture of our costumes to tumblr hoping to get some reblogs to get it our there. The day came and we drove to Cleveland from Pittsburgh, got there, got ready in our car lol and walked around the arena. When we go in we went right to the Taylor Nation booth to get pictures and meet anyone we could.  

After that we found our seats, which were on the floor about halfway in between the b stage and main stage. So we watched Vance and then TAYLOR CAME ON OMG AMAZING HUMAN BEING. About halfway through the show, during I Know Places, Erin tapped me on the shoulder, I turned around and there she was, the woman who runs Loft 89…. Standing in front of us. We freaked out. She asked if we had ever met Taylor, we hadn’t. Then she asked if we want to meet her. All chill was lost….

She gave us the wristbands and Loft 89 pass with the section number on it. After the show we found the section and went there to wait. After Taylor Nation got everyone’s information they told us what was about to happened and the rules of Loft 89. Each group gets one picture and each person gets one autograph. No video recordings. Until Taylor enters Loft 89, you can take as many pictures as you want.

 While we were waiting in Loft 89 Mrs. Swift and Austin came in! We said hi to Mrs. Swift. She is the sweetest person ever. She said to us “I saw you guys! I love your costumes! I wanted to come over to you myself to give you the passes, but I couldn’t get over there! So happy you’re here!” My gosh we love her! After that we waited for Taylor to get to us.

 Then, the moment came.. “HI GUYS!” She came over and gave us both hugs. She asked if people here in Cleveland gave us a hard time because of our Knicks jerseys. We said once we told them it was all for you.. it was cool. After that Erin was like “you’re so tall and beautiful” and Taylor responded, “No you’re so tall and beautiful! I’m wearing these big heels, but you’re like my friend Karlie! She’s 6’2” flat footed!” So then I go, “hi I’m Carly Harris” and stick out my hand for a hand shake. (Honestly didn’t know how to process words at the time) So she smiles and goes “hi I’m Taylor”. Then Erin introduced herself!

 We gave her a few compliments because how do you not. Then I brought up basketball and said “we really want to thank you for something. We both play college basketball and obviously your album came out in October, which is when our preseason started and you literally got us through it. I would be at practice running sprints singing ‘nice to meet you where you been’ and put a little running motion into it. Taylor was like “YES” and gave me a double high five. Then Erin told her that Bad Blood is the best workout song and Taylor was like “Oh my gosh yes it’s great for running.” She said she always runs on the beach, but has to do it at 6 am so she doesn’t get attacked and Erin asked if her security runs with her and she said yes, but they enjoy it. Then I told her I thought the picture of her walking backwards while hiking was so funny and she started talking about how crazy paparazzi are and she said they were like animal hunters and she’s the cheetah. And she said they day it was so crazy, they were everywhere and she just felt like walking backwards.

 And then Taylor goes, “but you guys are the real athletes.” We started talking about her working out. She said her preseason is when she does promo. She said she loves abs and Erin was like your abs are on point. She was like “oh my gosh thank you!” with her own creative hand motions. After that she asked what we wanted signed and she signed both of our jerseys.

 She then was like “Are you guys best friends?” I said, “Yes, basketball brought us together, but Taylor Swift keeps us together.” We got a big smile after that one. So, then we were just talking and she was like ok do you guys want to take a picture? We told her “yes we kind of have a crazy request” and she was like “I figured you guys would.” So then we go, “we want to hit the whip with you.” She was like ok I’ve kind of heard of that, but don’t really know what it is, is it like a Cleveland thing?

 We were like no, it’s like everywhere…. And proceeded to teach Taylor Swift how to whip. We showed her the whip and nae nae and she tried to do the nae nae and just did this weird and adorable motion with her hand. So she got the whip down and we took the most amazing picture we could ever take with Taylor Swift.

 After that we told her our tumblr name, ballinforswift and she was like oh my gosh I’m going to follow you literally in like ten minutes (!!!!!!!!!!!!!) She gave us big hugs and we thanked her for everything and told her we loved her. Most amazing human being in the world. What was really cool to us was that she didn’t write our tumblr name down, but after meeting two other groups after us she got out a pen and was like “ballinforswift” and wrote our blog on her hand. It was so amazing.

 After Taylor left we got a picture with Mama Swift and told her we would be in Pittsburgh and she got so excited. We cannot thank Taylor; her family, and Taylor Nation for giving us this opportunity and making our ten year dream come true. We hit the whip with Taylor Swift…

We love you forever. taylorswift