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“You know what? I’m just glad you’re okay.”

That was his first reaction when he finally met up with Pauling. He didn’t flirt, he wasn’t being rude or annoying, he said “I’m just glad you’re okay” and he hugs her. 

Because he loves her and just the mere fact that she is alive is enough for him to be happy. That is literally the cutest thing ever. Scout is being extremly nice and in the end? He just wants her to be well. Thats all he wants.

Thank you for showing us that he isn’t a complete asshole, Valve. 
This honestly means so much for me.

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The little flower speech you did as the intro to the Valentine's video was literally the cutest thing I've ever seen it made me smile so big I think about it all the time

Hahaha yeah??? Me and Joan came up with that literally at the same time to do for the video!!

rogelio de la vega is honestly the best male character ive ever seen on television 

  • he doesnt give a shit about masculinity. moisturizing, avocado masks, etc.
  • the episode where he realizes how attractive rafael was, and he was so unapologetic about it.
  • he openly became best friends with his daughter’s lover, instead of trying to act like that stereotypical father thats mean to the man his daughter dates.
  • him renaming his grandson, matelio. 
  • his obsession with twitter.
  • he puts his family first all the time, i literally want to cry, he’s such a good man. 
  • he compliments people in the cutest way ever. :(
  • he loves shopping for clothes.
  • he knows the importance of lighting when it comes to photo taking.
  • ‘why are you so afraid of having your pelvis touch mine?’
  • his dedication to concealer is the greatest thing ive ever seen. 
  • when he left the AC running for 30 minutes and explained by saying ‘i didnt want your makeup to run’ on jane’s wedding day, what a dad! 
  • he owns up to his mistakes whenever he can. ie: when he told xo to get an abortion. 
  • he knows damn well that he can dance. 
  • HIS SKIN CARE DEDICATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • when he payed for jane’s education and literally set up a fake scholarship so she wouldn’t find out that the money was coming from him, like come on…
  • him constantly calling michael is best friend :( 
  • his moment of blatantly checking out rafael’s ass on the elevator one time after saying ‘i never realized how attractive you were until now’
  • again, he doesn’t give a shit about masculinity. 
Adrien’s Game 2.5: The Ball’s In Your Court, Nino

If you’ve read my previous posts “The Evolution of Adrien’s Game” and “The A-mew-sing Sequel”, you’ll know that:

A: I’m being forced to rest until my bronchitis is gone, so I can’t sew
B: My creativity is suffering so, therefore, I’m making crack posts
C: I have a warped sense of humor

This one’s gonna be an in-between because “Animan” is where Adrien’s game truly shines!  Unfortunately, he uses it to coach Nino into trying to get a date with Marinette.  Go with what you know, I guess.   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Alternatively titled: Adrien Flirts With Marinette Through His Bestie

  • Can we all just agree that Adrien giving Nino advice on how to score with Marinette is the cutest thing ever?
  • Nino literally tells Adrien this crush came out of nowhere.
  • Adrien’s all “yeah dude, IKR?!”
  • If I were you, I wouldn’t look so smug, Junior.  
  • Phase 1 of Operation: “Clueless Dorks” uh I mean “Give Nino the Confidence to Ask Alya Out Instea–” er…you know what?  We’ll just call it Phase 1.
  • PHASE 1
  • Ask Mari out on a date.
  • No, not me.  YOU.

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final exams countdown: 9 days remaining ||24.12.16||

finished watching westworld and also bungou stray dogs last week so i decided to incorporate quotes into my bujo spread! i mean i guess for my first spread in my new bujo this seems okay right? 

@arystudies makes my fav planners ever and ive basically filled them in and planned how im going to spend xmas break (basically studying all day lmao)

 also featuring my dog Bacon (@woof.bacon on instagram!) he’s literally the cutest thing he’s almost a year old and hes still the sweetest shiba pup you could ever find 💖💕


“Leo and I just hung on to each other for dear life. We had cigarettes hidden in the pockets of our costumes and the two of us literally were having conversations like ‘What would happen if we died?’ and I’d say things like ‘Leo, I love you, I really do love you so much. You are a very important person to me and I’d have your babies. I would, I’d have your babies, really, it’s fine.’”

Dating Enoch O’Connor would include #3

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- I don’t know if i mentioned this before but he’d be s o s o s o s o nervous about you two because he really likes you and he doesn’t wanna fuck up

- Him literally saying he loves you 5,000 times a day ?? like literally.

- “Hey Jacob wanted to-” “Absolutely not sorry.”

- Him picking out which dress you should wear on the off occasion you actually wear one

- I feel like the way he’d hold your hand is really odd ? Like not the normal kinda side hand but the full on lacing your fingers together? Kinda like this ??:

- Also the way you’d cuddle would actually be the cutest thing ever. Like you’d face each other, you two would probably giggle and talk about random things. Like even though he’s usually really cruel to everyone, he’s really sweet when it comes to you, especially when you two cuddle:

- He’d randomly sneak up behind you and hug you at different times during the day:

- You two would read together a lot. Like it seems really stupid but it’s not a huge activity but it still somehow makes you feel closer together.

- You once suggested how you thought he’d look cute in a bow tie so he got Olive and Claire and or Miss Peregrine (those cute lil baby fashion designers, bless them) to make one for him to wear to impress you.

- “If you look at my girlfriend I’ll kill you.”

“If you think about my girlfriend in a provocative way I’ll kill you.”

“If you d a r e lay a finger on my girlfriend I’ll kill you, bring you to life again and kill you again.”

- I feel like his nickname for you would be either princess or sweetheart (baby girl ??)

- He’d hate arguing so much like that shit tears him apart man

Ooh! Could I request the boys getting tackle hugged by a very affectionate s/o. Thank you!

My first request… I hope I’ve done okay and I hope you like it!

Kaito Momota

  • The second he’s on the ground he’s already returning the gesture.
  • He loves it when you’re affectionate with him!
  • You apologize, asking if he’s hurt.
  • He’s not hurt but even if he was, he couldn’t stay mad!
  • He’d be lying if he said it didn’t surprise him a bit, though.

Rantarou Amami

  • He literally thinks this is the cutest thing ever.
  • He thinks YOU’RE the cutest thing ever.
  • You two just stay in that position for a while.
  • He eventually starts to run his fingers through your hair.
  • After a while, you just decide to go to bed.
  • You don’t wanna break apart from each other, so why not make the feeling last?

Kokichi Ouma

  • He pretends he’s mad.
  • And for a minute, you actually believe he is.
  • It’s until he says ‘No fair, I’m meant to be the one hugging you.’ that you believe him.
  • You just kiss him on the cheek and he’s all better.
  • He loves you so much, he couldn’t truly stay mad.
  • Well, he’d pretend to stay mad but he couldn’t truly stay mad.


  • Not allowed! No, bad s/o!
  • I mean, he does find it intriguing and all but!
  • He’s not willing to forgive you!! Not until after you listen to his lecture!!
  • “You could’ve damaged my system, please refrain from doing that!”
  • After he sees how sad you look, he apologizes and hugs you back.
  • He promises not to be so stern if you in return, promise not to do that again.

Korekiyo Shinguuji

  • Thank the heavens for the mask.
  • We don’t need the news that he blushes so easily getting to the public, now do we?
  • He laughs slowly before pulling his mask off to kiss you softly on the cheek.
  • He then hastily removes you after that.
  • Although his reaction was kind of distant, he really did like it.

Shuuichi Saihara

  • His entire face is red in seconds.
  • He loves it when you’re affectionate but this boy is easily flustered.
  • He reluctantly looks you in the eye and smiles.
  • “You could’ve just asked if you wanted a hug.”
  • You explain that it’s different and that asking isn’t an option.
  • He doesn’t quite get your point but he doesn’t care, this is quite nice.

Gonta Gokuhara

  • Tackle hugging Gonta would be a little… difficult.
  • So you’ve technically just jumped into his arms.
  • He finds the gesture cute and kisses your head.
  • He’s holding you in his arms and it’s the safest you’ve felt, ever.

Ryouma Hoshi

  • He glares at you whilst trying to regain his breath.
  • Are you trying to kill him?
  • You apologize for near squashing him.
  • He doesn’t really care anymore, you apologized and that’s good enough.
  • He reluctantly wraps his arms around you too.

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honestly BLESS the fact that sam can't seem to close his beautiful, pretty pink mouth like EVER. bless his confused!open mouth, his in-pain!open mouth, his scared!open mouth, his surprised!open mouth, his shocked!open mouth, his angry!open mouth, his huffy!open mouth, his-

—not-always-open-mouths like his sturgeon face!mouth and his oh-damn!mouth and his not-impressed!mouth and his yikes!mouth and all the WTFery he is capable of expressing. Hnngh yes honestly bless Sam Winchester’s mouth in its expressiveness and loveliness and hilarity. (And bless this ask.)

And, of course, bless his radiant-smiling!mouth.

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The Voltron calendar I ordered came in the mail and it’s the CUTEST THiNG EVER! I can’t stop gushing over each page and for each month with all the characters. Plus full spreads of Hunk recipes, self reminders from Keith and Pidge, Lance tips, and motivation from Allura, Coran, and Shiro, etc. I’m so impressed by the quality and creativity, and I can’t stop squealing over all of these!!
Thanks to @hawberries and the other artists for doing such an amazing job on this ❤️❤️. This will take me through the year for sure 😌✨✨