you are literally scout

remember back when tony was portrayed as being generous to an actual fault like there was none of this “tony is only SECRETLY a good person” stuff everyone around him used to be literally like “tony will you stop being a Boy Scout for 2 seconds and REST???” and tony’s like “ok *personally picks homeless people off the street and walks them to shelters and does shopping for charity while out on a date*” the whole Façade thing was a character tragedy exactly because it was so dissonant with who tony was/became and a lot of his reputation had to do with people’s willful misreadings of him and unwillingness to see past their preconceived notions and and and and i miss good comics lmao

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For some reason I think it's super cute when you draw yourself. Also I love the phonetic spelling of what rowena was saying in that last comic :3

i kinda like drawing myself because i don’t see myself as serious at all so when people are like “queen of hell duties!! what are you doing” i’m like


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wait you married Crowley, when did this happen

i just looked, and it was 2 years ago now! it was kinda of an arranged marriage because of our ship name

crowley and scout

sour crout