you are literally perfection


On this occasion, a home, more than bricks and mortar, a turtle, it’s a feeling. It’s a feeling of belonging. Isn’t it? Of love of course. Of hope… for the future. I don’t know if I have ever met two people who are more suited to one another than you two. To Barry and Iris. To us.


but it’s better if you do // panic! at the disco

Me, playing McCree: I’m your huckleberry

A Hanzo: understood

*I will always love you starts playing*

Hanzo: *climbs up a building and out of my life*

Me: don’t leave me here alone

Me: don’t go where I can’t follow


And he ashamed

of what he’d caused 

knew from then 

that I was yours.

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the real question is why is everyone so eager to ship off yurio to the point of which y’all are shipping a 15 year old child with people over 18 

The most attractive member of the Suicide Squad is definitely Harley Quinn. I don’t think The Joker has eyes for anyone else except Harley. The other girls are cute, but Harley’s just got that special something.
—  Jared Leto (x)
Having a litle EJ time...
  • EJ: *throws a lil salt into the skillet*
  • EJ: *shakes his hips a bit to the music*
  • EJ: *sprinkles a bit of garlic seasoning*
  • EJ: *hums along to loud ass Frank Sinatra playing*
  • EJ: *flips the contents of the skillet*
  • EJ: *sings into the spatula*
  • EJ: *slides the contents onto his best plate, and adds a mint sprig to the top*
  • EJ: *wipes a tear* it's p-perfect...
  • Jeff: you literally just spent an hour and a half cooking that fucking kidney.
  • EJ: Bon apétit.

Unaddressed rarepair: Narita and Suga. It’s canon that these two work together often and Narita is referred to as ‘Suga’s partner’. 

But imagine these two comforting each other through tough times–when Narita can’t take Old Coach Ukai’s training anymore,  when Suga becomes the backup setter–with soft kisses and promises to always be there for each other even if they’re not on the court or the club together. 

At the same time they’d also be incredibly sweet, buying each other little snacks that they know the other likes and cuddling on the bench between practice matches. Both of them are good at taking care of other people but they also need someone to take care of them or else they’ll burn out. Which is why they take care of each other. Narita forces Suga to take study breaks. Suga drags Narita out to the arcade for him to live a little. 

Karasuno’s reaction is essentially, “cute but please don’t during matches”. At least, until they realize it makes other teams uncomfortable. Then Suga starts to kiss Narita on purpose just to fluster the other teams because it’s just too much sweetness to handle. Karasuno decides to develop immunity instead. 

When their relationship goes long-distance, they make a point to call every three to four days. Any longer than that and one of them sends a reminder/worried text and then they talk for hours to make up for lost time. They both want this to work so they put in the time, sacrifice some sleep and maybe the occasional assignment because they promised they would always be there for each other. 

And when they finally get jobs in the same city they immediately rent an apartment together and adopt a dog. Kuroo hisses at it every time he and Ennoshita visit but other than that, it’s domestic bliss. They’re not rich but they’re comfortable with what they have and more than content to have each other.

When Suga pulls out a pair of wedding bands, they both start crying. Because it’s been a long road–they’ve both felt that the cost was too high to try and keep their relationship alive after all these years but they made it. They’ve worked on it for over a decade and it’s going to be permanent now. 

Just…please consider Narita and Suga being in a relationship built on tough times, affection, promises and a whole lot of faith.