you are literally doing whatever you want atm


I came to bring you drama and need again because literally I can not work (by my health condition) and my family’s economical situation is so terrible atm that my capability to properly see can’t be afford to get  fixed. I truly need your help.

I will do whatever you want including NSFW and dark topics and many stuff but it doesn’t include: NSFW with -18 characters, gore stuff or furry (mostly because I don’t feel I have the skill to make these two).

Out of those I am up for whatever you want.

I don’t ask for extra for the NSFW

So to start this is how my commisions work:

3 sizes

2 line types

And these coloring types

I can do Icons/emotes and chibis of any character you want, even OCs or even yourself :D

And here a general price chart, I hope it’s clear enough:

If have any doubt or want anything that isn’t listed contact me here on tumblr or to:

HERE is some of my art and HERE some of my NSFW art.

If you want to help but not commission me or just invite me a coffee there is also the donate option on top of my blog page :).

I would appreciate greatly your help taking a commission, donating or just sharing my commission info with others.

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