you are literally children

While I absolutely agree that Lily Potter beat the shit out of snape when he joined the afterlife don’t forget Petunia Dursley.

Lily was estranged from her sister but still trusted her to take care of her son, who was found bleeding and crying on her doorstep after his parents were murdered. Only to find out that they hurt, starved, isolated, lied to, and locked in both a cupboard and then a room with bars on the window the son she died to protect so he could have a better life? I don’t care what the deleted scene said about petunia being sad lily died when she gets to the afterlife it is round two of lily potter MMA smackdown

fat people are smart. fat people are beautiful (but they don’t need to be to be valued as actual human beings). fat people have dreams and aspirations and hopes. fat people have flaws. fat people get angry, sad, hurt, elated, scared. they feel all spectrums of human emotion. fat people are innovative, kind, genuine. fat people give back to the community. fat people aren’t just greedy pigs who consume and consume and consume. fat people aren’t lazy and useless. fat people work hard, try to live honest lives, try to be happy. 

and fat people, especially brown fat children who will be watching this show and identifying with hunk, deserve more than to be dehumanized and be only associated w food for the ‘lolz’. 


i am physically and emotionally crying he revealed his real name and identity to the summoner he trusts them THAT much AND HE VOWS…TO FIGHT FOR THEM…….AND WITH A WIDE SMILE WHILE HES AT IT IM SO…………………..


Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton’s children in their father’s films ‘Alice in Wonderland’ (2010), ‘Dark Shadows’ (2012) and ‘Big Eyes’ (2014)

Hey so like I don’t wanna be a part of the Discourse but like…. you know that Chloe being bi or pansexual doesn’t invalidate her relationships with Max or Rachel, right? She still loves Max. She still loved Rachel. It doesn’t matter if someone headcanons her as bi or pan or whatever. Her being a lesbian would not make her love for women more “pure” and her NOT being a lesbian would not sully her love for women.

Steven U spoilers

Fuckin hell why do so many ppl hate the new gems like? Their designs make perfect sense and theyre no worse than any other gems out there. Aqua has no nose? Neither does sapphire. Theyre aliens get over it. Dont like topaz? She follows the same design type yellow diamonds court has. you honestly should have expected something like it. Theyre no different from any other gem on the show yall are just salty bye


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Hey!! First of all, I just want to say how much I LOVE your art! I think your style is so unique and adorable and I’ve never seen anything like it - I especially love the way you draw hair :3 Anyway, I just saw your recent OC post and was wondering about who your OCs are. Like, do they have names? Backstories? Are they inspired by anyone or thing? AGH I just think they’re SO CUTE!! I hope you have a wonderful day ^^

you set me on fire just now

Thank you!! Im happy you like my artstyle so much ;v;! I hope I wont disappoint you with my future works. The pressure is too strooooooong

oh boy i will try to keep it short

Yup! The girls name is Emi and the boys one is Kaito (the one on the right is Takeru, emis bestie).

Setting: Okay, you might think they are japanese but no, I fucked it up. When i first draw them it was settled  in japan like all mangas but then i realized: girl, you have no fucking idea of japanese culture. How will you write a story about japanese high schoolers? So its in germany with japanase names and a school uniform now gg me. In general its about 4high schooler and one middle schooler playing league of legends.

Inspiration: My ocs are inspired by me, friends and family, kinda a mix (they dont represent a specific person tho).

Kaito: He is a very confusing character. First of all he is a smart ass and good observer. However in the beginning he is unlikeable. He fucks with pretty much every girl and treats them like shit. Throughout the story its revealed that he isnt that bad actually (or at least not for me haha). His mentality is like “if you try to punch me I will make sure you wont come a second time.” So on one site he can be violant (against guys)/ psychologically abusive (mostly against girls) but when it comes to friends he is a completely different person. He would never try manipulating them but be very selfless. Especially when he starts falling for Emi I think his personality shines the brightest.

Emi: She is the absolute opposite of K-Dog. With his words: “People could literally beat you up and you will still come back and apologize the very next day.” I would describe her as a sunshine girl. Kind and supportive af. Also she has an addiction for sugar. Every day she carries about 10 chocolate bars in school around and sometimes even falls asleep with half of it in her mouth. Its gotten so bad that whenever she doesnt eat something sweet for a long time she becomes a wreck. Reacting extreme on small things and changing her mood in seconds.

Takeru: Gentle bear. He is calm most of the time. The only reason why he rages is when Kaito flirts with Emi. He is kinda like a big brother who tries to protect his sister from trash. Beside that he is a disciplined guy who is just like Emi kind and supportive (not as emotional as emi but still caring haha). The most important thing and the only thing what you ever need to know about him is his obsession over flamingos. If he sees a flamingo in a shop he will buy it. His room is full of flamingos, his balkony is full of it, they are EVERYWHERE. Not enough that he collects them he even loves every single one. Like giving them names and clean them from time to time. He is seriously offended if you say something bad about flamingos like how dare you?

Btw since we are talking about it already, the last drawing is the night when Kaito steals one of his precious flamingos. That specific one is so fucking ugly it pisses Kaito off. Calling him Kevin makes it even worse. On that night Kaito makes a deal with Emi that he will show her something nice but she has to do him a favor in return. Kaito will keep this treasure till the day he dies while Take will spend some lonely nights crying about his big loss. (my ocs are fucking idiots)

Kaimi: The whole story is about Kaito and Emi getting closer. I hope I can make a plot which is not typical shoujo. I dont want a jealous, abusive and insensitive guy who does whatever he fucking wants and doesnt give a shit about the girl. Also im not a fan of extreme shy guys with an over the top tragic background. Its a simple relationship.The only reason why i created them is bc their happiness is my happiness ;v;

So they might be a little borring? The only spice in their dynamic is that they get too sexy stuff without being a couple :I For my followers I try to make my ocs art artistically interesting like studies or pretty colors etc.

Sry if this is longer than you expected T-T Wish you a nice day too *hugs*