you are killing me now

“I take her face in my hands and force her to look at me”

“I don’t want to ever see you like that again.”
“I’m alright. I’m still here. Okay?”

anonymous asked:

one of the first things I thought of whenever I first saw your day/night au was the science behind the sun/moon and how it could easily be made into a metaphor? like how the moon only glows because it's reflecting light from the sun? and it could possibly be like the more yuuri and victor see each other, the brighter the moon is? idk, I think it kinda goes with canon too? since when victor came into yuuri's life, only then did he reach his true potential?

i want this hanged on a wall and just stare at this because this is beautiful

the very idea of the moon shining so brightly just because night is spending so much time with day is so wonderful it’s like he’s being shown a part of him he has never seen before and there’s that thought that comes up, the-“how did i live before i met you”-thought that always kills me and now i’m flailing and am about to cry

You know what’s really killing me right now? The fact that I never met you in person, I never got to hug you and rest my head on your chest, I never got to intertwine my fingers with yours, I never got to cling to you for warmth, and I never got to kiss you. But somehow, all through a damn screen, I fell in love with you.
—  Letters I’ll never send him

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"Boop" playing softly in the background while Young scared Ren comforts a Young Scared Nora and gives her her first hammer. Oh My heart.

Anon, this is the scene that killed me. You don’t understand, I am dead now. I am writing this to you from the astral plane. 

The most important question is what happened to the hammer? Nora absolutely keeps it safe somewhere, but where and how? Holy shit what if it was in their dorm during the battle of Beacon? Oh my God I just scared myself.


I don’t know why i did this, i just wanted an excuse

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Yep, you can use them just put credits

casual Johnny sketches


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reasons why Gotham killed me tonight:

- Ozzie’s broken face when he realized Ed didn’t feel the same way

- Ben Mckenzie’s acting tonight. Bravo man, you did an amazing job

- the smol kiss Selina gave Bruce

- Oswald saying Ed was his best friend and Ed agreeing

- Jervis’ makeshift hat

- “i don’t want to kill him, i want to destroy him”