you are killing me jamie

My vision was growing gray at the edges, and floating bright spots covered Jamie‟s face. Was I really bleeding to death, or was it only cold and shock? It hardly seemed to matter, I thought muzzily; the effect was the same.

A sense of lassitude and utter peace stole gradually over me. I couldn’t feel my feet or legs, and only Jamie’s crushing grip on my hands reminded me of their existence. My head went under water, and I had to remind myself to hold my breath.

The wave subsided and the wood rose slightly, bringing my nose above water. I breathed, and my vision cleared slightly. A foot away was the face of Jamie Fraser, hair plastered to his head, wet features contorted against the spray.
“Hold on!” he roared. “Hold on, God damn you!”

I smiled gently, barely hearing him. The sense of great peace was lifting me, carrying me beyond the noise and chaos. There was no more pain. Nothing mattered. Another wave washed over me, and this time I forgot to hold my breath.

The choking sensation roused me briefly, long enough to see the flash of terror in Jamie’s eyes. Then my vision went dark again.

“Damn you, Sassenach!” his voice said, from a very great distance. His voice was choked with passion. “Damn you! I swear if ye die on me, I’ll kill you!”

– Voyager

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I know I just requested one but 21 for Jeddy would be amazing as well <3

Teddy didn’t understand. He and James had always been so close. They could tell each other everything. But lately James had been avoiding Teddy. Any time Teddy would try to approach him, he’d quickly turn and walk the other way like he didn’t see him. And in the rare event when Teddy was able to get some words in, James was always short with him, never giving more than a one or two word answer. Teddy was really hurt by this, especially because James was everything to him. He would never tell anyone this, but he was in love with James…had been for years

Teddy was at the Potter’s house for dinner. Teddy was enjoying himself as much as he could, but sitting right next to James without saying a word to each other was killing him. He felt like everyone else noticed the tension too, but thankfully they didn’t speak on it. James excused himself as soon as he finished the food on his plate. Teddy let out a quiet sigh and ran his fingers through his hair. It had changed from aqua to a very dark blue, almost black, ever since James had started acting like this. 

Teddy stayed at the table and chatted with everyone for a bit before he excused himself too. He was staying overnight, but instead of heading up to his room, he went outside to get some fresh air. He quietly closed the door behind him and took a deep breath. It wasn’t until he took a few more steps off the porch that he realized someone else was outside. He looked down and saw James sitting on the ground, looking up at the sky.

“Hey,” Teddy said.

James turned his eyes to look up at him and nodded.

“Can we talk?”

James sighed.



“Let’s walk,” Teddy said and stretched out a hand to James.

James looked at the hand hesitantly, but finally just took it and let Teddy pull him up.

“So…how’ve you been?”

“I’ve been…good,” James lied.

“I haven’t.”

James stopped walking and turned to look at Teddy.

“What’s up with you Jamie? Why won’t you talk to me? It’s killing me.”

“I-I…” James trailed off and just leaned in to smash his lips to Teddy’s.

Teddy was shocked at first but then responded to the kiss and slowly moved his hands to rest them on James’s hips. Teddy’s hair immediately started changing back to its signature shade of aqua.

Teddy’s touch must have shocked James out of his trance, because he roughly pulled himself away and frantically started trying to give an explanation.

“T-Teddy…I- that was an accident…I-I’m sorry I didn’t mean to…god I’m so fucking stupid…I just-” James turned away from Teddy and covered his face, groaning.

“James, you’re not stupid. Not at all.” Teddy tried turning James around but he wouldn’t budge. “James c’mon, don’t shut me out.”

Teddy sighed and moved around James so he was facing his front side again.

“James, hey, look at me, love.” Teddy pulled James’s hands away from his face.

James looked into Teddy’s eyes, scared.

“Please don’t be mad at me Teddy. I’m sorry for how I’ve been acting. I just, well, I really like you and I didn’t want to ruin our friendship, so I guess I thought ignoring you would be the best way to make sure that didn’t happen. Looks like I still fucked it up anyway…I’m so stupid. Merlin, Teddy. I’m so sorry.”

“Sorry?” Teddy laughed. “I’m not. Jesus, James, I’ve been crazy about you for ages now, but I never said anything for, well, the same reason you didn’t. But god I love you so much and I’m so so happy you did that because I don’t think I ever would’ve worked up the courage to do it.”


“Have I ever lied to you before, Jamie?”

James smiled.


Teddy smirked and grabbed James around the waist and pulled him in for another kiss. Teddy kept their lips connected as he walked them backwards, back towards the house…they never got very far from it. Teddy pressed James up against the side of the house and pressed their bodies close together. James moaned and tried grinding his hips into Teddy’s.

Teddy pulled away smirking.

“We should probably stop now before your dad hears you moaning and comes out to check on us. I’m not sure how he would feel seeing his needy son, grinding up against his godson, trying to get some friction on his hard dick.”

James flushes and struggles to find words. Teddy laughs and winks at him.

“It’s alright, Jamie, I know you have needs. Let’s go up to your room and we can take care of those needs, yeah?”

James nods.

“You’ll have to be quiet, though. Think you can do that?”

James groans and grabs Teddy’s hand trying to tug him to the door.

“Yes, Teddy, now let’s go!”

You and Me (Ch. 4)

Summary: Without warning Terry Milkovich gets released from jail. He tries to sabotage Ian and Mickey’s wedding.

Word Count: 2095

The morning of the wedding has arrived. For the first time in a long time, Mickey wakes up earlier than his husband-to-be. Ian is facing him with tight grip on his waist. Mickey is facing him as well, refusing to move from the protective touch. He brings him fingers to Ian’s head and traces the outline of his face. Watching Ian Gallagher sleep was an absolutely breathtaking moment.

After a while, Mickey begins to notice Ian’s eyes start to flutter. “Mornin,’” Ian says incoherently.

“Morning, mumbles.” He nudges himself closer to the taller boy and closes his eyes again.

All of a sudden Ian starts to laugh. “We’re getting married today, Mick.” Mickey nods and smiles, still with shut eyes. “We’re gonna be real life married, not just ghetto married. Can you fuckin’ believe it.”

“I can,” Mickey says softly.

“When did you know you were in love with me? Don’t say I’m gay and ignore the question because yes, I already know that I am gay,” Ian says. It amazes Mickey how quickly he wakes.

Mickey bites his tongue at first because this is something he would never admit, but for Ian, it might be worth it. “Um–” Mickey puts his head down. “I-I kinda knew I was in love with you the second you came after me with that crowbar.” Ian hears the bashfulness in his voice. “What about you?”

“You were straddled on me and about to beat me to a bloody pulp with that crowbar. Then you dropped the thing on the side of the bed and I saw that look in your eyes right before we ripped each other’s clothes off,” he laughs. “That’s when I knew it.”

“We were so fuckin’ young.” He laughs and breathes into Ian’s body. “Guess that’s how we know it’s real though.”

Ian squeezes Mickey tightly. “And here we are about eight years later, getting ready to get hitched.”

“That’s some crazy shit, man.” He reaches around Ian to get a smoke. “Fucking crazy.” He kisses Ian, and comfortably lays his head on the other man’s chest.

* * *

“My brother is getting married!” Mandy screams at her father. “To my best friend! To a person he fucking loves! Not a some Russian whore that you forced him to marry the first time! A whore took his baby and ran back to her fucking motherland!”

No one knew Terry Milkovich was getting released from prison anytime soon, and this happens to be the worst day for it to happen.

Terry pushes Mandy out of the way so he can get to the guns. Before he can grab which one he wants, Iggy steps in front of him, placing a knife to his neck. “Listen, Terry. You’re a fucking sucky father, so if you come anywhere near my brother and his soon-to-be husband, I will have no problem slitting your throat.”

“Show some fucking respect to your father,” Terry pushes his son. “No faggots are allowed in this family. I’ll kill him before you even have the chance to kill me.”

“You’re not our fuckin’ family, Terry!” Jamie screams out. “You’re not fucking ruining this for him.” The Milkovich siblings could careless who Mickey decides to be with, but their homophobic, piece of shit father does.

While the two boys are threatening Terry, Mandy sneaks around them to grab the AK-47. Without much thought, she cocks it and presses it to her father’s neck. “If you come near us, Mickey, Ian, or any of the Gallaghers tonight, this bullet’s goin’ through your neck. You understand me?”

“Fuckin’ ungrateful, piece of shit, good for nothing children,” Terry spits and walks out of the house without a weapon.

The three Milkovich siblings give each other worried glances. “Better stack up. No way I’m letting that asshole step into this wedding,” Iggy says. “No one speaks a word of this to Mickey.”

* * *

“Do you, Ian Clayton Gallagher, take Mikhailo Aleksander Milkovich to be your lawfully wedded husband, to love and to hold, in sickness and in health, until death do you part?” Kev asks. They decided it’d be better to pay him to marry them in the Alibi than some priest they don’t know in a church that neither of them belong to.

“I do,” Ian answers beamfully.

“And do you, Mikhailo Aleksander Milkovich, take Ian Clayton Gallagher to be your lawfully wedded husband, to love and to hold, in sickness and in–”

The words get cut off by the doors being slammed open. Terry Milkovich is standing there, beer in his right hand, gun in his left hand. The second the Milkovich kids see him, they pull their guns out on him.

“Kev, finish it quick!” Mandy yells before cocking her gun at his father who starts to proceed toward the two boys.

“In sickness and in health, until death do you part?” Kev speaks quickly and nervously.

“I do, I fucking do,” Mickey says with love and worry in his voice.

As Terry nears where Ian and Mickey are standing, Iggy launches himself onto Terry, punching and holding him down. Mandy keeps her gun aimed while Jamie joins in on the beatdown.

“You may kiss your groom!” Mickey pulls himself into Ian. Their lips crash together. As the kiss deepens, their hands run through each other’s hair. They have no awareness of the yelling and fighting around them at this moment.

When they separate, Mickey places one last kiss on his husbands lips before joining his siblings. As if they knew what he was about to do, they all back up, leaving Terry to scram to his feet. Because of his drunkenness, he doesn’t have enough time to react to the sight of Mickey. Mickey punches him hard in the face and smiles as he watches his dad fall to the floor. “I’m fuckin’ married, bitch,” he leans to say in his father’s ear. “To a fucking guy.”

The police come rushing in then. They take Terry without any hesitation because they know he was the initiator of this brawl. Tony makes sure that his coworkers don’t ask for a statement from the attendees of the wedding, he instead pushes all the policemen out and congratulates the newlyweds.

When Terry and the cops are all out of the Alibi, V screams. “You fuckin’ did it! You got married!” She jumps. “Let’s party!”

The Gallagher clan and the Milkovich clan begin their drinking for the night, but Ian and Mickey are left staring at each other. Ian grabs onto his husbands shirt and pulls him in for a kiss. They lean their foreheads together and smile into each other’s mouth. “We did it, baby,” Mickey smiles widely.

“I wanna make a speech!” Frank shouts in a drunken voice. Everyone moaned but no one stopped him because they didn’t think much harm could come from it.

Frank makes his way to the front of the Alibi. “When Ian was about fifteen, I caught him and good ol’ Mick fucking in the back of the Kash n Grab. At that time, you all thought Ian was a closeted gay army boy and Mickey was a straight Southside piece of trash. Just about every single one of didn’t know about them, but I know that none of you would’ve believed that they would end up here if you did know back then, but I did. I saw it in Mickey’s eyes– the protectiveness and worry, I mean. I mean, for fuck’s sake, Mickey tried to kill me after that! He thought I’d run my mouth to Terry so he almost killed me so Terry wouldn’t kill Ian! He’s a protective and possessive son of a bitch, but shit, that’s love right there. That’s some real fucking love.” He stumbled back to his seat at the bar.

Mandy raises her hand to stop anyone from taking a chance to speak before she can. In her six in stilettoes, she runs to the front of the room and places herself where the Gallagher father was standing before. “Hey!” Mandy exclaims “Shut the fuck up and let me talk!” Everyone quiets, but Ian and Mickey just grin. “I most definitely did not find out about the hardcore relationship between my brother and my bestfriend that way I would have liked, but I was one of the first people who were told. On the day of Mickey’s first wedding– which was forced by our piece of shit father– Ian got completely wasted. Not even lying I’ve never seen him so drunk. Anyway, I was in the middle of trying to make Lip jealous when Ian stumbled over to his brother and starting sayin’ some shit about watching the guy you love get married to a commie skank. I will fucking tell you I didn’t believe that he said love until I saw Mickey come home that night. He was a fucking wreck, but I thought it would pass, y’know, just some drama that’d mean nothing a month from that time– well I was fucking wrong. When Ian left I thought Mickey was dying, I’ve never seen him so distant and out of the fucking world. It was a few months but then they found each other again. They saved each other They found their way back through the shit that was dumped on them. I wish I could find someone to love me through anything the way you two do, but it’s not fucking normal what you have.” She raises her glass. “So, you better fuckin’ appreciate it.”

“Me next!” Lip made his way to the speech making area. “Man, I remember when Ian told me he and Mickey Milkovich were hooking up. I thought it was fucked up. Warned him everyday how bad of an idea it was because I thought the biggest thug on the Southside was incapable of feeling anything other than hate. I told Ian Mickey was using him for sex and that he couldn’t give a shit about him even if he tried. Turns out I was wrong because I’ve never seen love like this, not even from Kev and V– sorry, guys,” he points at them. “I’ve watched this relationship nearly blow up in flames one too many times, but no matter what I know they’ll survive the fire.” Lip goes to hug his brother as the rest of the group claps and drinks.

“My fucking turn!” Iggy shocked everyone by walking to the front of the bar. “One time I walked in on my brother getting a hummer from that redhead over there. What shocked me most about that was that I didn’t fuckin’ care. I didn’t fuckin’ care that my brother was with a dude. Us Milkovich’s aren’t like Terry, we love and support you guys because it’s fucking real. Real fucks with real,” he says and everyone drunkenly claps.

“I love Mickey because he helps Ian,” Liam runs to the front to say and then runs back to Fiona’s side. The crowd of people laugh at the younger child’s confession.

“Boys! You have to make a speech!” Fiona exclaims and looks at the newlyweds. “Show us how much you love each other!”

“Fuck off,” Mickey says to her.

Ian shakes his head. “We’re doing it, Mick, I want to. I’ll go first,” he grins. “I’ve been in love with Mickey Milkovich for eight fucking years, which is a long fucking time. I don’t know where or what I’d be without you– probably more insane than I already am. We been through so much shit since then but no matter what we come out stronger than ever. After all the fucking shit, we’re here,” he turns to Mickey. “It’s you and me, Mick. It’s always been you and me.”

Mickey laughs and begins to look around the room before he speaks. He immediately tenses up but then feels Ian’s hands on his knees. The younger man placed himself in the chair in front of him and grabbed his face. “Talk to me, babe, just me.”

“Fuck, I fell in love with you so quick,” he huffs out a breath. “I tried to fight it. Literally did everything I could to make you hate me, but your stubborn ass made me fall harder and harder everyday. You made me who I am today, Ian. I’d do anything for you, from day one. It’ll always be that way because like you said,” he grins, “it’s me and you.”

No one screams just yet. The family members and friends all shared similar looks of amazement. “We’re a Southside miracle,” Ian jokes.

Imagine telling your husband, Jamie, that you’re pregnant

(A/N:To the anon(s) who requested this. I hope you enjoy it. Sorry, it’s a bit shorter than ususal. I had an unexpectedly busy day.) 

Imagine telling your husband, Jamie, that you’re pregnant

“Y/N, what are you doing here?” Jamie asked as he burst through the doors of his bullpen and saw you.

“I…” you went to say before stopping yourself, you couldn’t tell him here, not like this, “I thought I’d stop by and see if you wanted to get…um…coffee.”

“Really?” he asked, linking arms with you as he walked passed, spinning your round to the opposite direction as he dragged you to the doorway of the break room, “ You hate coffee.”

“I meant lunch.” You fumbled.

“At 11 ‘o’ clock?” he questioned.

“Brunch?!” you shrugged with a strained smile.

“Y/N.” He dragged out, stopping you both and turning to face you, “Is everything okay?”

“Everything is fine.” You tried to reassure.

“I don’t think so. You’re acting pretty strange.” He argued, holding you by the arms and looking deeply in your eyes, “What’s going on?”

As you looked at him, you realized that this couldn’t be how you told him. Sure you were worried about the whole thing and you were worried about how you would both cope but you couldn’t tell him like this. You’d come here in a panic because you didn’t know what to do and you just had to tell Jamie. But looking at him now you knew that you couldn’t just come out with it, in a busy police station while he was working.

He deserved better announcement.

And so did your baby.

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Jamie Oleksiak - My Girl (Requested)

Originally posted by brosillustrated

A/N: Here you go! I’ll have a Sidney Crosby one up later :)

Warnings: Drinking and harassment 

Word Count: 744

Request: Could you do a Jamie Olekisak one where he gets jealous? Please and Thank you! :)

“You’re going to give me a heart attack Y/N,” Jamie said from the couch where he had been waiting for you to finish getting ready.

“You like?” you said giving him a little spin to show off the dress you were in, it was your favorite one. 

“I like anything you put on but you know I won’t be able to keep my hands off of you in the dress,” he said as he came towards you, a seductive look in his eyes. He put his hand on your waist and pulled you close, leaning down to give you a kiss. 

“Don’t start something you can’t finish” you said when you broke the kiss 

“we’re going to be late and I want to dance,” You said with a grin as you walked towards the door, shaking your hips a little because you knew Jamie was watching you.

“You’re going to kill me woman” he groaned as he followed you out.

The club was already in full swing when you and Jamie got there. You spotted Katie and Jamie as well as Tyler hanging in the VIP section and quickly made your way over there. 

“Nice of you guys to finally join us” Tyler joked and he gave you guys both a hug “drinks?” he asked, you nodded and you and Jamie gave him your order. 

“Y/N you look amazing,” Katie said once she got past the Captain who couldn’t seem to keep his hands off of her. You could see that she was already a little tipsy and enjoying herself. 

“Thanks” you giggled “you don’t look too bad yourself” 

“We’re going to go dance right? These boys are so boring” she laughed and patted Jamie on the chest. 

“Yeah as soon as Ty gets back with my drink we’ll go,” you said giving her a smile. You went around greeting everyone and by the time you got back Tyler was back.

“Thanks Ty,” you said as you took a sip of your drink.  Once your drink was done and you felt a little buzz you grabbed Katie and you guys headed for the dance floor. You guys were just getting into it when you felt a pair of hands wrap around your waist. You knew from Katie’s expression and the feel of those hands that it wasn’t Jamie. When you tried to pull away, however, the hands gripped tighter and pulled you back towards the stranger’s chest. 

“Hey buddy you want to get your hands off my girl?” Jamie’s voice broke through the music and you were so grateful. 

“If she’s your girl then why you leaving her alone out here with this dress on” the stranger responded but loosened his grip enough for you to get out of his grasp and head towards Jamie. His body was stiff and you could see his eyes burning. 

“C’mon Jamie just leave it, it’s not worth it,” you said trying to push him back. 

“Honey come home with me and I’ll show you what a good time is.”

“You couldn’t even get to even a quarter of what my boyfriend does so don’t even try” you turn around and snap at the stranger “Let’s go Jamie” you said walking away and hoping Jamie was following you. The last thing you wanted was to start a fight. You started to walk outside, suddenly needing some fresh air. You really didn’t like the feeling of the stranger’s hands on you and you shuddered at the memory. Jamie came busting through the door after you and didn’t say anything until he had you backed up against the wall of a close by building. His hands went immediately to your waist and you relished at the feeling of the familiar hands on you. 

“You’re my girl, you understand me?” Jamie said, his body trapping you between him and the wall behind you “No one gets to touch you like that besides me” he whispered in your ear making your spine tingle. His eyes were burning with a mix of desire and jealousy and it immediately got you fired up. 

“Take me home Jamie” you said while running your hand down his chest “take me home and get me out of this dress”

“Gladly” he answered pulling his jacket off and draping it over your shoulders and leading you towards the car. You suddenly felt very comfortable wrapped in his scent and cuddled to his side, the feeling of the stranger’s hands disappearing from your mind.

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not really a question, but i always wondered about the significance of jamie telling randall "you owe me a debt," and claire shortly afterwards telling jamie "you owe me a life." xx

Remember that when Jamie wakes up in Wentworth Prison - in the first haunting, heart-crushing scene of 01x16 “To Ransom A Man’s Soul” - he croaks, “You owe me a debt.”

That’s because Randall had promised to kill Jamie when the night was over. Knowing that he wouldn’t have to live with the pain - and the shame - of what he had allowed Randall to do to him (even though he did it out of love for Claire) undoubtedly keeps Jamie going during that hellish experience.

So - because Randall does not kill him (though I’m certain he intended to - after all, we see him unsheath his sword right before the Great Highland Coo Charge), and because Randall is a man of honor (despite everything, he *did* let Claire go), Randall owes something to Jamie.

Jamie calls in that debt when he meets Randall in Paris. He can ask Randall to do something, and Randall (perversely) must acquiesce. So Jamie challenges him to a duel.

Now - there is a similar type of understanding between Jamie and Claire. Claire owes her life several times over to Jamie - and Jamie owes his life several times over to Claire. Because she saved Jamie’s life after Wentworth, he owes her a service. A favor, so to speak. So she calls in this favor by asking Jamie to spare Randall. And because Jamie is a man of honor (he even says so to Claire) who honors his debts, Jamie has no choice but to do what Claire asks.

It’s an odd turn of circumstances that Jamie is both the creditor and debtor of two very different - and yet hauntingly similar - oaths of honor. And in my opinion, he is a tad hypocritical - easily claiming a debt with Randall despite knowing that Claire will be angry with him, while becoming extremely angry and emotional when taking a debt with Claire.

They are both being selfish in how they claim their debts - and wound each other so deeply in doing so.

To me, this is the widest gulf we ever see between them. It’s even worse than when they weren’t fully communicating in 02x01-02x04 - because after enduring so much together, they know *exactly* how to hurt each other. Made even worse by the knowledge of cataclysmic events that are just around the corner.

cooly walks in with vaugely shippy au art (finally booting this out of the drafts because that rin post is ruining my life gotta get something in front of it)

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You kill me much more than you realize, Jamie ♡ It's okay though, because I'm used to it and enjoy it

You should be the spokesperson for everyone considering reading anything ive ever written

Jamie Benn #4

Requested by @roryclaus:  Could you do a really, really cute and fluffy Jamie Benn imagine, where you and him have a really cute family day with your kids????? Thank you love!!!!

*Love youuuu. I hope you like this one. Not really about them out and about but the kids are there and s’cute. :) Enjoy!*

Word count: 1, 127

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You called out from the foyer, “we don’t have all day,” you yelled at the little monsters running around upstairs, their footsteps sounding like they’re nineteen and not three and five.

“Yeah, yeah, almost done,” you heard their father monster yell back as you heard giggling from your daughters, “someone just has to put her socks on,” you heard Jamie say pointedly.

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okay so i watched u want me 2 kill him? you know to see jamie blackley and he is seriously the perfect james potter

the way he stands so carefree, his uniform undone

his smile

and the hair did you see the hair?

did i mention the jaw? because look at this

james after a bad full moon

james after hearing that his parents died

plus there are some really good moments with amy wren for some jily!



My all the time favourite photos of the Arctic Monkeys! 

Little fangirl moment: how sexy they are here? Turner, you want to kill me?