you are killin' me

GPOYW: TFW you’re told that a goal management has forced you to put off for two years “no longer follows the direction of the business.”

(Translation: If you want to do this – despite our huge, unused professional development budget and the fact that we told you we’d give the thumbs up after you did X and you did X – you’ll be paying for it yourself.)

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Before leaving for Galdin Quay, Noctis was thinking about running away with Prompto but didn't want to impose this to him

-cries- 😭😭😭😭 you’re killin me with this sad shit fam

The problem with drinking? You have a thirst you can’t quench, one you can’t satisfy no matter how much you take down. It’ll numb you kid, but only for a little bit. Just enough to trick yourself into thinking you’re not in pain, so that you can sleep just for a night.
—  Shade

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Smth from my own experience and it might be silly but hear me out: "banging on their neighbour's door yelling: 'you're working out in your apartment almost every night and i can't concentrate/sleep. can you fucking find a gym alrea--... well hello there, it seems like it's paying off. never mind.'" percabeth au

dedicated to son-of-rome cause I know he likes this ship 

  • Jason could no longer deal 
  • he was in the middle of finals and the non stop noises coming from the apartment above him were too much 
  • every night from 9:30 to 11pm for three weeks there was non stop jumping and running around and things hitting the floor– it was anarchy 
  • Jason’s physics final was tomorrow and he could not afford to be distracted at all but he decided to wait to see if maybe tonight was the night the noise didn’t come 
  • but it did 
  • he tried to study through it but it was 10 and he had retained approximately 0% of what he had been reading for the past half hour 
  • next thing he knew he was practically flying up the stairs and before he could think better of it he was banging on the door 
  • after a couple minutes of knocking the door opened and behind it stood a beautiful man 
  • he was 6′3″, shirtless, sweaty, and had beautiful brown skin 
  • Jason’s mouth went dry 
  • “Hi! Can I help you?” 
  • “Uh.. yeah… I… uh…” Jason shook his head to clear it, “I live downstairs and I think you’re working out and the noise makes it really hard to study and I have a final tomorrow and you really should just get a gym membership or go running or something” he blurted out 
  • “Oh shit, I’m sorry man. I didn’t even think about if I was bothering you. I just got into boxing so I’ve been jump roping and doing weights at home when I can since being on call at the hospital makes it hard to get to a gym.” 
  • “You’re a doctor?” 
  • “I’m doing my residency, yeah.” 
  • “Sorry for barging up here like that, I just really need to do well on this final and I’m kind nervous about it.” 
  • “No problem, man. I totally get it. I’ll give it a rest for the remainder of the week okay? And don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll do great on that final.” 
  • “Thanks, I appreciate that. I’m Jason by the way, nice to meet you.” Jason reached out to shake the stranger’s hand 
  • “Nice to meet you Jason, I’m Brick.” 

reasons my life is currently in shambles:

  • Lenore was visibly distraught over HG’s death
  • Lenore’s quips had a lot more bite/genuine anger to them than usual
  • Lenore wasn’t nearly as effervescent as usual
  •  “You can both haunt this place for all eternity” I fucking wish, Oscar
  • “Why would I kill the only person here I could even put up with?”
  • All of Lenore’s murderous reactions to everything
  • Can some please give Lenore a hug or something? Edgar? Anyone?
Sorry but this is in my head now

Ever since For The World Is Hollow And I Have Touched The Sky, Bones won’t let up about his cured xenopolycythemia

“Shut up, Spock, you’re killin’ me. You and my dormant xenopolycythemia.”

“Jim, you’re sick, get into med bay! If you don’t let me treat it, it’ll get worse. Not as bad as my xenopolycythemia, but still.”

“I can’t seem to stay on top of my paperwork, Nurse. Not since… my xenopolycythemia.”

“Captain, I’m calling in sick. I seem to have contracted a rare disease called xenopolycythemia.”

“Mister Spock, your green blood cells are doing some of the weirdest things I’ve seen since my bout of xenopolycythemia.”

“What have I done lately? Well, I’ve recovered from the previously incurable, fatal disease xenopol-”



“It was two god damned years ago, Bones!”


Tell me where to shelter,

in these lonely night without the sound of voice leaving me homeless
  Tell me what to do, 

with you holding my soul between your dirty bare hands 

Tell me all your unspoken words,

all the pretty lies you whispered 

Just a sweet word,

while angrily pressing that cigarettes between your teeth 

Make me feel simplicity, 

somewhere between heaven and earth

Leave me damaged, 

as if i was the paper and you were the matches 

Make me forget the 3AMs, 

the ones you kept on making me laugh 


just you and i, killin time

Rip me apart, 

make me feel like i’m your only one

even though I was the only lonely one

Ruin me, 

Tell me everything you adore about me 

Remind me how it felt to hate myself one more time whenever you’re not there

End me, 

Look me in the eyes,

Say it’s all gonna be alright

Lie to me 

Tell me you love me

Fix me, 

Make me feel alive again.
—  Messages I never sent you.