you are just too pretty

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what if lance was in loverboy mode and said 'there are so many pretty aliens, what if the future mrs blue lion is rlly out there? i wonder how we'll meet, ooh she'll save me from a laser-' Then keith interrupts like 'I'm an alien.' and then his eyes go wide and he starts rambling on like 'i mean technically i am, not that that has anything to do with anything, i just uh, fun fact'. and lance does that fond™ look, and just says 'yeah, and you're pretty too' and that is how keith finally blushes.

pidge, tapping a unconscious keith on the floor w her foot: uh lance, i think you killed him


Daishou scribbles cause he was there for, like, half a panel and I got excite

I need a cooking show where the contestants are tasked with recreating fictional dishes


“Make this dish that showed up in that anime one time - it looks like this and it’s slightly spicy. This is all we know” *shows big picture on a screen*


“Your task today is to make a health potion. It should be able to stay preserved for a week in room temperature, at least. But it’s not like we can really check that on a 1 hour show. Still, keep it in mind”

and then the old man who lives alone with two dogs and a cat wins, and the gamer and the anime nerd look at him in horror whispering “how…” to themselves

or something

but yeah I need this


‘95 line fanboying over NCT U vocal line


This is Ignis.

He’s glad that Ravus is all-right.

(Previously on ‘This Is…’)


some seamless tinyDragon patterns for your seamless tinyDragoon patterning needs 

please note that the dragons on the last one are transparent

this is what my art block looks like now. i just draw mccree

Here’s a very smol piece of the Hunter x Hunter animation that I’ve been working on! Sorry if it’s really super pixely, I’ve been working on a small canvas so it looks kinda grainy on a portable device. On a computer it looks decent though. I plan on resizing it so it doesn’t look grainy like that but I’ll do that when I’m actually done with it lol


That’s definitely not the first thing that should have come to mind, Kuroo

(tho it looks like no one really minds

aside from bokuto that is)


So exboyfriend!Joshua’s voice message plays while Jun looks over old letters from him, and then currentboyfriend!The8 finds the letters???

EDIT (after multiple replays): Jun went to find Joshua in room 1013 and left a note for The8, idek anymore


Oh, whatever you do
Don’t come b a c k for me (x)

“Stupid Freckles” - Digital Oil Painting

This picture wanted my soul. (See what I did there? Hehe) OMG, freckles and scruff and eyelashes… this was so difficult! But I wanted to do Jensen justice and in the end, I am super happy with how this turned out. He is just stupid pretty, ugh.

This is NOT a Photoshop filter, every stroke is painted by me.

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what is gorillaz i keep seeing it

it’s a virtual band (basically you treat the characters as if they were an actual band). Theyre set up in a universe where messed up stuff happens to them (and it kind of coincides w ours? idk) Anyway, there’s a book where you can read about all of those stuff? (forgot the name) and each character has their own book where you can find out more about them.

HL fic rec from recently read fics:

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rivers ‘til I reach you (fantastic smut, people)

got the sunshine on my shoulders

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be with you day and night