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Thank you for being so nice to me ;A; Seriously, it’s to the point where I cant even believe it… Unnie~~ *hughughughughug* lobe yoohhhh T_T

Well of course I’m nice when you’re so freaking precious. You are just too cute for words, and taking into consideration that I’m extremely Gyu biased, it’s obvious that I have a weak spot for cute things. So yeah. I could just squish the life out of you, you cute little duck. ♥

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H-hello! /)///(\ J-just wondering if you have a goldfish Engie? ( g-gosh darn your art is just too precious! They are so cute and squishy! /)/////////(\ )

Tiny engiefish! (please dont squish the fish <:3c)

@dellconagher-doe Thank youuuu aaah!! i really really love your art !!!

 ヽ(* > ∇ <*)ノ*:゚*。

Okay but Val struggling with his morality is super important to me. As I so eloquently put it in the char dev survey I filled out for him:

HELLA ROOM FOR CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT -> give me a Val who’s constantly more and more troubled about the way Reds are treated. Who’s never treated the Reds any differently to the Silvers, who doesn’t get why he “should” look down on a group of people just because of the colour of their blood. Who doesn’t understand the prejudice, but isn’t quite brave enough to speak out against it and so tries to counter it in his own small way, making sure to always be kind and polite to any Red he comes across and making it very clear among his squad that disrespecting people isn’t cool but never outright saying it; give me a Val who witnesses injustice, no matter how “small” or “harmless” or “insignificant”, and completely changes. A Val who goes cold and distant and a far cry from the ray of sunshine he usually is the second the conversation turns to “filthy Reds” and a Val who goes to help a Red servant who fumbles and drops something, face stone cold as he ignores the derisive laughter coming from his friends and helps the servant clean up, expression only softening as he assures them it’s alright. Give me a Val who’s suddenly so disgusted by his society that he can’t even bear to be in the same room as his friends – his friends, the people who love and accept him, the people he loves so much more than he could ever fathom – and all he can do is shoot them a scathing, disapproving look before he leaves the room and has to go calm down. Give me inner conflict, social conditioning vs what he knows is right, give me a Val who struggles every single day and walks the fine, fine line between righteous anger and burning hatred for the society that he’s a part of, the ideals that he helps perpetuate just by his very existence. Give me a Val who wants to do more but doesn’t know how he can help, a Val who feels lost and alone in his moral awakenings, a Val whose thoughts are straying more and more towards the realm of treason so he can’t tell anyone. Give me a Val who starts trying to distance himself from his friends, not voluntarily, not because he wants to, but because he knows what’ll happen to him if anyone ever finds out about his less than savoury opinion of the world he lives in, because he’s going to be forced into complying with the rules he hates so fucking much and nothing hurts more than the thought of Rom marrying and being with someone else, because maybe if he starts to distance himself from all of them it won’t hurt so much when it happens and, better yet, maybe his fate won’t hurt them as much if he’s ever found out. Give me a Val who grows and develops and for whom eventually it’s just not enough to try and prevent the discrimination wherever and whenever he can because his conscience is screaming at him to do more and he can’t sleep at night because of it. Give me a Val who finally realises that pushing people away will never help him, who tries to change things from the inside. A Val who is close friends with the future king and tries to use that to his advantage, tries to instill better values into all of his friends, not just because they’re high standing members of the Elite but also because they’re his friends and it still hurts a little to see the way in which they treat the Reds, like they’re insignificant, like they’re nothing, because he knows that’s not true even if they don’t, and he’s so hopeful and optimistic that if he tries hard enough he might be able to convince them to change their viewpoint.

I just have a lot of feelings about Valerius Viper tbh send help

Munshi: Honestly at this point w this blog, whenever I draw mushi for something I just. I feel, so blessed, and loving, that my son, is a beautiful child, just,