you are just the best wil wheaton

Wil Wheaton, I love you even if you cheer for the wrong hockey team...

Tonight the San Jose Sharks beat the Los Angeles Kings to take the best of 7 series to 3 games to nil in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. If you didn’t understand a word of what I just said, some sports stuff happened in a very close and high-energy game. The game was played at Staples Center in LA, which meant some pretty high-profile people were at the game- among them Steven Tyler (of Aerosmith fame… and if I just really had to explain that you’re missing out) and geek icon Wil Wheaton. 

Let me tell you a little bit here. I love Wil Wheaton. He’s an incredibly nice guy, has a really down to earth attitude, and is a fantastic writer. Oh, and he has a pretty fantastic family, too. Let me also say this: Wil Wheaton is an avid LA Kings fan whereas I am a ridiculous San Jose Sharks fan and the teams are bitter rivals. Wil is so well known as a Kings fan, he actually took over their Twitter feed during the 2nd period of the game today. And here’s what happened…

So my son, Nolan, just photobombed Steven Tyler on the Jumbotron, and Staples applauded him. That’s my boy! -@wilw

— LA Kings (@LAKings)

April 23, 2014

Witty, dorky, and pretty typical of #TeamHorsemask. What happened next makes me a little ashamed of fans of my favorite franchise.


— (Redacted because we don’t feed the trolls) 

April 23, 2014

This is from a guy with a clearly Sharks-centric logo. Hardcore not cool. 

THIS IS WHERE I GET SUPER UNPOPULAR. Hockey fans (and, really, all sports fans for that matter), it’s time to take a page out of the geek code and look to Wheaton’s law: don’t be a dick. It’s not funny, it’s not witty, and it definitely makes those of us who are not legitimately scary look terrible. Rivalries aside, this sort of behavior is really not cool. And don’t give me some sort of #yolo #BecauseItsTheCup logic. Because it’s the Cup, the players strive to be better… shouldn’t the fans? 

So, I challenge anyone who reads this, let’s make sure hockey’s fun. I know it’s a pretty intense sport with historic rivalries and high tension, but the thing I don’t like is being scared of another team’s fan when I’m out at a game in my jersey. Don’t be a dick, and let’s not feed the trolls. Unless it’s good-natured ribbing, but that’s a whole different game.

After all, I love you wilwheaton, even if you cheer for the wrong hockey team. Go Sharks.

sweetvixenellie  asked:

I don't really have a question. I just have to say that have been out of work for awhile now and finally got an offer today. I go in for an interview tomorrow and am excited and nervous. If the great wil wheaton would wish me luck I know I'll get the job.

You go in there and do the best you can do, and be proud of yourself for doing that!

You’re gonna crush it. Good luck!

Wil Wheaton shares none of Night Vale’s core values and has repeatedly been rude and dismissive towards fans and activists. He represents the ‘it’s just cool and surreal don’t read too much into it’ crowd that not only fans, but creators, also, have expressed exasperation with. He got on the show by being a big name who said 'I would like to be on your show’. He is a harmful element that is creating upset, frustration, anger, and hurt in our fan community.

He tells us that Cecil and Joseph told him Earl was straight. Neither Cecil nor Joseph have told us, the fans, anything about the subject, despite the fact that since Wheaton was cast it’s been a subject of debate and upset. It is possible what he says it true. It is also possible that he is lying. It seems quite likely, in my opinion, that Cecil and/or Joseph gave an ambiguous answer that Wheaton interpreted as meaning Earl was straight. (Thanks, heteronormativity!) It might actually help for Joseph or even Jeffery to make a statement about this on social media.

He has no respect for young activists and refuses to listen to their opinions because he feel that, as a cishet white guy, he knows more about oppression than they do. This becomes a problem when the vast majority of those active in the Night Vale fan community are a) young, b) activists, and/or c) not cishet white men.

We all make mistakes. A huge figure in new media/the geek culture came in and offered the Night Vale team his name, and they accepted. I’d have done the same. But there has been significant upset and problems since his appearance in Homecoming and not only the wellbeing and dedication of the fan community is suffering, but, if I may get a little corporate for a second, the integrity of the Night Vale brand (especially coming hot off the heels of the ShipwreckNY incident), which has always been, in addition to creating a great podcast, to support social justice, activism, and call out culture, protect safe artistic and fan spaces for marginalized groups, and listen to what fans have to say without compromising on their other values. Counterintutively, Wheaton may actually be bad for business. I hate to use the term 'sell out’ because that is not what’s being intended by the Night Vale team here, and usually it’s a term used to talk down to artists who like to actually be paid for their work, but this could be perceived as 'selling out’ their values for the publicity of Wheaton’s name, which is really harmful to the branding of a property that has just recently finished an 8 month long story about the evils of capitalism.

When Tom Milsom was revealed to be a horrible person, the Night Vale team dropped him right away, never used his music or promoted him again. They similarly denounced and stopped promoting DashCon when DashCon refused to pay them. Asking them to have a word in private with an actor who is harming the community isn’t that much to ask.

In conclusion to this rambling not-essay - it would be best for everybody if Wil Wheaton did not return to Night Vale, was asked to stop writing about Night Vale on his shitty blog, and had his character maybe quietly but respectfully written out of the show. Well, best for everybody except Wil Wheaton. But fuck that guy. Alternatively, the Night Vale team can politely ask him to stop being an asshole, and he can stop being an asshole, and if he doesn’t, see my previous suggestion. Finally, somebody from the Night Vale team needs to address the fact that Wheaton is being an asshole. Just a little tweet to say 'we see the problem’. It’s not a hard fix.

Thank you.


These pictures are minor edits of Wil Wheaton’s recent [medium post] by twitter user [SpaceMidget75] who also noticed the unusual parallels between Wheaton’s apologetics and everyone’s favorite internet boogeyman, GamerGate.

The original post was made following some twitter drama where the infamous pseudo-celebrity was accused of misogyny and dogpiled on by twitter feminists and Hillary Clinton supporters. Why? Because he dared to call them “Hilary Harpies” in response to being labeled a problematic “Bernie Bro”…

Wheaton comes so close to having an epiphany that just because a bunch of idiots call someone a problematic misogynist and do everything they can do defame that person, it doesn’t mean that they are actually a problematic misogynist.

He’s baffled that he could even be targeted with such insults, even after everything he’s done to deify victims of (imaginary) internet harassment mobs. The connection between Wheaton and GG gets pretty tenuous when he starts whinging about privilege, but it’s still fascinating to watch him hang himself with his own double think.

Even as he wrestles with his own cognitive dissonance, there is a sliver of self-awareness, but he never allows himself reach the logical outcome of those thoughts. Instead, he just whines in the reply section to his own post that those problematic harassers at GamerGate are going to use this as evidence against him. And he’s right! Of course we are! We’ve seen this coming from miles away because this shit always happens. We told you so.

No matter how much of a spineless, pussy-whipped male-feminist SJW you are, Wil, you will still find a way to piss off these people that you’ve allied yourself with and they will turn on you without a second thought. One would think that you would have learned your lesson after they made to grovel for forgiveness because you used the phrase “spirit animal”.

But it’s all kind of moot, really. Wil’s career would be over in a blink if he ever admitted he was wrong about any of this. He’s so thoroughly entrenched in this kool-aid chugging nonsense that saying anything remotely apologetic towards GamerGate or calling out the hypocritical bullshit he’s so eagerly encouraged would have the angry mob ready to crucify him, and every other pseudo-celebrity and professional victim he’s cozied up to would publically disown his scruffy ass without a second thought.

So, perhaps the best thing would just be for you to Shut up, Wesley.