you are just the best sir

Levi with Eren

Eren: Levi, I`m so tired.

Levi: Poor thing, come lie down with me.

Levi with everyone else.

Oluo: Captain, I`m tired.

Levi: I don`t give a fuck, get back to work.

Levi with Eren

Eren: I`m hungry Levi!

Levi: It`s okay, I made you lunch already it`s in the kitchen.

Eren: You`re the best!

Levi with everyone else

Eld: I`m kinda hungry Captain.

Levi: Do I look like a damn slave to you? Go find your own food.

Levi with Eren

Eren: You`re so gorgeous Levi.

Levi: *blushes*

Levi with everyone else

Gunther: Oh Captain, you look nice today!

Levi: I look nice everyday, the hell are you trying to say?

Gunther: N-nothing sir I was just-

Levi: stfu

Why Clone Wars is the best thing ever:
  • R2 has literally murdered someone on screen and was covered in their blood the whole episode.
  • Space Godzilla.
  • Jar Jar and 3PO found Anakin’s cloak on Padme’s ship. I’ll let you put two and two together.
  • “Are your scopes…Jedi issue, sir?”
  • Embo’s frisby hat.
  • Ahsoka and Anakin snuck behind enemy lines by hiding under a goddamn box.
  • Grievous had his droids destroy a pirate ship just for the hell of it.
  • Mace and Jar Jar have actually been on a buddy cop mission together.
  • Two completely unrelated instances of zombies appearing. 
  • Obi-Wan had tea with an enemy general.
  • Five seasons later Maul had tea with a mandalorian terrorist.
  • Ahsoka’s first big mission was babysitting a slug.
  • Rex hitting his head on a pipe.
  • Blue Shadow Virus is literally the Black Plague. In SPACE.
  • Everything else. The whole show is a masterpiece.

Group/Member: BTS/Jungkook

Words: 978

Genre: Full on smut, do not read if you are pure, dom!Jungkook, teacher!Jungkook, student!reader

Summary: Y/N gets caught talking in class

Request: anonymous

A/N: The 2nd smut I’ve written that was requested rather than me just adding it in because I felt like it! I hope you enjoy, and don’t hesitate to tell me if I need to fix anything! ~Admin Unnie

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“Why is he so attractive?” I turn to look at my best friend who was looking at our college professor. Now he wasn’t the typical, old professor. He’s working part time with the school while he goes through grad school, so he’s very close to our age. So it’s not weird that she’s ogling him.

“Why aren’t you paying attention in class?” I ask her. “Is your plan to fail this class so you have to take it again next semester?”

“Yes.” She says, no hint of a joke on her face.

“What if he’s not teaching this class next semester?”

“Ms. Y/L/N! Why are you talking during my class?” I look up and meet Mr. Jeon’s gaze. “Well, according to the clock, it’s time for you guys to go anyway. Ms. Y/L/N, if you could stay after class so I can speak with you.”

I took my time putting my books away as my classmates rushed to leave. “You are so lucky to get to stay after with him. I’m so envious.” My best friend says as she left the room.

“Care to explain why you were talking during my class?” Mr. Jeon asks as I walked up to his desk.

“I was answering y/bf/n’s question, sir.” I answer as I lean against the wooden surface.

“And may I ask what was so important that you had to answer it right then?”

“She wanted to know why you were so attractive.” I say, not bothering to lie or beat around the bush.

“And what did you tell her?” He asks while smirking at me, leaning closer.

“Well I definitely didn’t tell her why I find you attractive.” I look up at him innocently.

He smirks again and walks over to the door. “It’s a very good thing neither you nor I have a class right now.”

“And why is that?” I ask just as he turns the lock.

“Because I believe a punishment is in order.” That’s right, I’m fucking my professor.

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  • Poor college student making minimum wage at Annie's: sir you .. you broke the sign. You need to pay for that
  • Nursey: haha #doitforthevine am I right!!? The best part is I didn't even mean to do it, i just slipped
  • Dex literally steaming and taking out all the cash in his wallet: the worst part is he's not even lying

anonymous asked:

Can I resend my graves request about him falling for somebody he was initially irritated by? If this doesn't inspire you though then just ignore it lol 🙂🙂

Here you go! There will be time lapses! This turned out way longer than I expected lol

Master list

Imagine: Graves falling for you despite his original annoyance with you.

“Another screw up?” He asked, irritation clear in his tone. He didn’t understand what you were doing even working at MACUSA, week by week it was just another mistake of yours that slowed his work process down.

“Yes sir…” You dropped your head down, not wanting to meet his disappointed gaze. You admired Mr. Graves so much, he was the best of the best, and yet no matter how hard you tried nothing ever seemed to go your way.

The director tossed the folder of paperwork onto his desk, rubbing at his temples as he tried to figure out a way to correct the mistakes. The paperwork would take forever to go through now.

“Do you like your job, Ms, Y/N?”

You glanced up, eyes a bit wide at his sudden question. But, the beat of your picked up its pace and you worried so for your future here.

“I-I do, sir. Very much.”

He leaned back in his chair, kicking his boots up on the desk as he stared you down. “Then I suggest you start lessening your incessant need to make mistakes.”

The threat was evident on his voice, and you felt much like a child being scolded by a parent. This was torture, and you felt the beginnings of tears in your eyes.

“I promise to try harder, sir. I’m so sorry.” You bowed a bit, trying to show some respect before you moved to leave his office.

He watched you go, dark eyes following every movement as he thought deeply to himself. You were a constant headache for him, but he couldn’t help but feel a bit guilty over the dejected state you were in.


You rushed down the halls of the large building, apologizing to the other aurors as you bumped into them. You had just finished up all your reports and you were eager to hand them to Mr. Graves yourself. You had looked over every little detail, and even asked your friend for help to make sure nothing was missing. Hopefully, he’d be congratulating you this time…

“Mr. Graves!”

You opened the door to his office, smiling widely until you saw Madame Picquery standing there, stern look on her face. Just your luck that he would be having a meeting with the president.

“I-….” You blushed deeply in embarrassment, suddenly feeling very small.

Graves raised his eyebrow at you, letting out a sigh as he apologized to the president. She just waved him off, giving you a small smile before excusing herself. You watched her go, swallowing the nervous lump that had developed in your throat.

“I sincerely hope you have a good reason to be barging into my office without a knock.” He warned, taking a seat as he picked up his pen and began writing down some information.

“Well I…um…”

“Out with it…” He grew annoyed, tilting his head towards you in frustration.

“I finished my reports, sir. I just wanted to deliver them to you…”

He seemed slightly impressed by that, and he held his hand out for you to hand him the folders. He opened them up, clasping his hands together and resting his chin atop them as he read over your work. He had to admit, these were far more detailed than your last ones, and as far as any errors went he could find none. He closed the folder, not even glancing up at you as he continued his own work.

“Good job.”

As far as compliments from the director went, this was probably as good as it got, and you would take that. You smiled brightly, clapping your hands cheerfully as you thanked him for his time.

“Thank you, sir! I promise not to let you down again!”

You turned on your heel, and as you moved to open his office door you tripped over the trash can, barely catching yourself on the doorframe. The bang of the metal drum rang loudly through the halls and his office, making him look up at you.

You stood silently against the door, eyes screwed shut in disbelief of your clumsiness. You finally got a moment to shine, and then this. How perfect, you thought. With a sigh, you mumbled an apology and slowly walked out of the room after putting his trash can back.

Unbeknownst to you though, Graves had watched the whole thing with a small grin on his face that he hid behind his hands.


Percival strode down the hallway, briefcase in hand as he headed towards his office, he was beyond exhausted. The last few nights trying to deal with an investigation had finally taken a toll on him, and all he wanted was to finish up his reports and head home. He turned the corner, stopping when he saw you walking into his office with a pile of papers. They were no doubt more paperwork on the case from the other aurors. With a heavy sigh he continued on, stopping in his tracks when he found you halfway under his desk. You were scrambling around, cursing to yourself about something he couldn’t quite hear.

“What are you doing?”

You squeaked in surprise, instinctively jumping back only to hit your head hard against his wooden desk.


You held your sore head in your hands, trying hard not to cry at the pain.

“I was just…”

Truth is, you managed to drop all his folders when you came in. And your luck would have it that he showed up just now.

Graves looked down at the floor, gritting his teeth when he saw all the papers scattered about. He would’ve yelled just then, completely done with all the issues of this week, but when you looked up at him, cheeks stained red, and eyes looking as innocent as ever…he didn’t have it in him anymore.

He placed his briefcase on the desk, kneeling down next to you as he started to reach for the papers. You quickly started doing the same, trying to stop him from helping.

“Oh no, Sir! Please let me, it was my fault after all!”

As you went to retrieve one, your hands brushed, and you both froze. His fingers hovered just above your hand, yet the heat of his palm was still felt. Just then your heart skipped a beat, blood rushing to your face even more now and all you could do was stare down at your hands in wonder.

Graves looked up at you, his expressive eyes staring straight into your soul and making you fidget nervously. You should’ve moved, but his gaze held you in place.

He let his fingers trial softly over the back of your hand, sending a shock of electricity throughout both your bodies that even caught him by surprise. He held his breath for only a second, before he let his fingers slide off your hand and he grabbed the paper.

“Go get us some coffee. I’ll pick this up.”

You were somewhat at a loss for words, your heart was still beating madly in your chest and you stared up at him with a shocked look.


“Coffee. Black.”

You nodded quickly and ran out of his office.


Graves chuckled softly at your words, taking a sip from his mug as he spoke.

“What kind of American doesn’t like coffee?”

You smiled sheepishly, organizing the papers in his filing cabinet. The past few weeks had been spent like this, and your boss slowly began to warm up to your presence. Ever since that brush of skin things had been different. Though he still made you nervous.

“I suppose that is un-American of me.”


Graves watched you closely, eyeing you over the rim of his coffee mug as you leaned forward to put a paper away. He wasn’t sure how this happened, or even where it began. Somehow you worked your way into his very heart and it drove him endlessly mad. He was always far too busy in his career to even pursue romantic relationships. The furthest he’d go is taking a woman home and that’d be the end of that. Yet, you made him stop that all together. Perhaps it was the one night he shared with another coworker, only to look down and see your face moaning in pleasure beneath him. Whatever the case, he couldn’t bring himself to let you go. That’s why he invited you here so often, of course he never stated that though. He wasn’t sure how to further this…whatever it was.

Perhaps it was your clumsy nature that made him like you, it was rather endearing at times. You always got this embarrassed wide eyed look that made it hard not to smile at. Or maybe it was your eagerness to please him. You were simply cute, a breath of fresh air amongst the stern women he worked around.

He looked you over, running a hand through his slicked back hair as he took in every detail. From the way you hummed peacefully to yourself, to the way you bit your lip in thought. It was all so tempting a sight, and he’d be damned if any other man took that from him.


“Mr. Abernathy, that’s very kind of you but I’m not-”

“Oh come on, just one date?”

Your supervisor smiled at you, leaning over the front desk as he tried his hardest to convince you. But, you weren’t interested in him one bit, you knew his reputation around here after all.

“I really-”

“Abernathy, shouldn’t you be off supervising the wand permits?”

Graves leaned against the counter, glaring at the shorter man. Abernathy, ever fearful of the director, nodded quickly and rushed off down the hall, nervously looking back at you both.

You sighed in relief, giving Percival a grateful smile. “Thank you. He’s a very persistent man.”

“He’s a rat.”

You giggled at that, getting up from your chair as Graves motioned for you to follow him. The wall to his office was rather silent, and you kept stealing glances his way in wonder. You hoped you hadn’t done something wrong.

“Mr. Graves-”

“Percival is fine.”

A smile made its way onto your face, and you nodded happily at that. “Percival…is everything okay?”

He ignored that, and as soon as he stepped into the office with you he shut his door, grabbing your arm and pushing you against the wall. The papers you held flew everywhere, and you gasped as his lips descended onto yours.


Your hands flailed around for a second, trying to comprehend what was happening. But, the warmth of his mouth on yours made you melt into the kiss, and you slowly let your eyes flutter closed.

Graves held you firmly against him and the wall, his hands trailing down your sides and resting on your waist. He had waited far too long to do this, and as your superior he should’ve thought it through a little more but right now he didn’t care. He pulled away, his warm breath brushing across your cheek as he spoke.

“What have you done to me…?”


Hope you liked!

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Wrong Place, Wrong Time

Summary: ‘my dad is a cop and i just called him and he was like “hey i have a 17 year old boy in the back of my cop car right now that i’m running him to the station” and i asked if he was cute and my dad said “Hey, my daughter son wants to know if you’re cute” and the guy said “i want to say yes, sir” and my dad started laughing so hard
Genre: AU, Fluff
Word Count: 1,458
Beta: @miememegan aka the best person ever ily

A/N: we’ve been on a roll with fics (how have you guys not gotten sick of me yet lol)

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Resolutions. Steve Rogers.

Summary: Here’s wishing you all a safe and happy New Year’s Eve! Join Steve in his quest to enter 2017 with hope in his heart and possibly even love!

Triggers: Smut. Slow Burn. Angst and also Spoilers if you haven’t watched CW.

Word Count: 2525. Holy crap I didn’t mean for it to be this long o.o

Enjoy ;D

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Okay so, I don’t do games/pe in school because, you know, trans boy and all that fun, and I don’t mind this, but it means that it’s pretty common that I end up sitting in the back of other teachers classrooms. And so the other day I was sitting in a junior school biology class and migration or something came up and this one kids sticks his hand in the air and looks at his teacher and goes

“Sir, did you know the sparrows fly south for winter?”

And I just have to turn around and there, on his fucking desk, is Death Bringer, and all his friends are trying their best to stiffle their laughter while the teacher is just staring at him like “Um, yes, that is in fact the entire point of this topic. Do try to keep up.” And so anyway I just discovered a gang of Skulduggery Pleasant nerds in like first year and I feel like a proud father.

41: Uhh, 

41: We…

Ainslay: So it started like a month ago? 

41: Right.

41: So, we all worked in the Red Army.

Ainsley: ya know, the whole deal. Medics, snipers, yadda yadda.

Ainsley:  Then we… Made a mistake. It wasn’t too huge, but what it led up too… not our best idea to be honest.

Ash: Here comes trouble. 

All: Red Leader! 

Red Leader: 41 I need you to archive some files for me. Now.

Red Leader: If you’re actually capable of doing that? Are you? 

41: Oh, a-actually Sir, I’m just on m-my lunch right no-

Red Leader: Do you really think I care!

Red leader: Just do your damn Job for once! And do it correctly! 

Red Leader: You have 15 minutes. Then meet me in my office. 

To be continued. 

Drabble Game #3

“Rules: Send me a number (3 numbers max), a genre (angst, smut, fluff) and a kpop member from a group I write for

  1. “I need you.”
  2. Chef
  3. “I’m in love with you.”
  4. Best friend
  5. “She’s not me.”
  6. “It’s him or me.”
  7. “Kiss me.”
  8. Best friend’s brother
  9. “Hey, listen to this song.”
  10. “Cuddle with me.”
  11. “Don’t go.”
  12. Bad boy
  13. “Get away from her.”
  14. Truth or Dare
  15. “I can’t do this anymore.”
  16. “You look good in my shirt.”
  17. “Come over.”
  18. “Just friends.”
  19. “I can keep a secret.”
  20. Seven Minutes in Heaven
  21. “Help me make her jealous.”
  22. “Pretend to be my girlfriend.”
  23. “Stop we’re in public!”
  24. “Shh let me make you feel better.”
  25. “Make me.”
  26. Friends with benefits
  27. “I don’t care what they say.”
  28. Roommates
  29. Boy next door
  30. Nerd
  31. “Are…Are you jealous.”
  32. “You’re mine, nobody else’s.”
  33. Boss/Heir
  34. Poor/Rich
  35. “Yes, sir.”
  36. “You look gorgeous.”
  37. “I hate you.”
  38. Early mornings
  39. Late Nights
  40. “Prove it.”
  41. Spin the bottle.
  42. “I miss you.
  43. “Please, don’t cry.”
  44. “I thought you trusted me.”
  45. “Honey, I bought a dog.”
  46. “Pay attention to me!”
  47. “Shut up and kiss me.”
  48. Brother’s Best Friend
  49. Best friends bandmate/roommate
  50. “I love you.”

Penguin: *Gets caught smiling as Ed is talking about how doomed his relationship is*

Penguin, internally: Damn, damn, damn… How do I spin this!?

Penguin: I just think it’s so sweet that you’d be willing to break up with her rather than hurt her. You’re so great. She’s so lucky. She’s great. You’re great. You breaking up with her to protect her is great. It’s just not great that you have to break up with her, but it’s so beautiful that you care that much. I’m not happy about her being out of the picture at all. No sir. No happiness here. Just appreciating how kind and caring you are. I’m so sorry you’re single now… I mean, that you have to break up with her. But it’s for the best, as beautifully sad as that is. I’m here for you. 

Oswald, internally: NAILED IT.

Conversations (Philip Hamilton x Reader)

Words: 656

Prompt: None, I just thought I’d write this :)

Warnings: Mentions of death, angst (I was getting emotional while writing this)

A/N: Didn’t proofread, extra short, but I just wrote it on a whim. Thank you for reading!

Y/N sits in a room, across from her best friend’s father, Alexander Hamilton. 

Alexander Hamilton: I did not know that you were courting my son, Miss…?

You: Y/N, Mr. Hamilton. And I was not courting him, we were best friends.

Alexander Hamilton: Then you must have known that he was dueling with Mr. George Eacker.

You: Yes, I did, sir. And he told me that you were the one who gave him the guns.

Hamilton is silent for a few moments, staring at the young woman. She stares him down.

Alexander Hamilton: Why did you not come to the funeral? Did you know that he was shot?

This time, Hamilton stared Y/N down. She was shaking, wearing a black dress.

You: Philip told me to stay away from the dueling ground. He knew that I would try to stop it as soon as heard of the idea. When he was visiting my home, he locked me in one of the rooms. He must have known that was the only room that needed a key from the outside. My family was going to be gone for a few days.

Hamilton looked shocked.

Alexander Hamilton: He left you without food?

You: No, he left food in the room. I’m sorry, sir, but I do not know why you are asking me these questions.

Alexander Hamilton: He left you a letter, Miss Y/N.

Hamilton placed the letter in front of Y/N. She was hesitated, scared of what it might say inside. Hamilton touched her hand, encouraging her. She sighed, opening the letter.

My Dearest, Y/N,

I am writing this letter to you to express how I felt, just in the instance that I did not survive the duel with George Eacker. As I am writing this, I think of the times we have spent together. I remember the day we first met, at the theatre with your family. You were very shy and reserved, not daring to even look my way. I remember the way you smiled at my poor attempts to make you laugh.

Oh, how I cannot forget that beautiful smile.

We immediately became best of friends. Our letters sent back and forth week after week show how much we care for each other. I don’t believe you ever noticed the small hints I was sending you.

Y/N, I am in love with you. Your wit, your intelligence, your quirkiness, your beauty; it consumes my every waking breath. I was too timid and afraid to tell you this in person, so I have settled with just being the shoulder you leaned on. Y/N, I cannot imagine my life without you. You mean the world to me. If I ever get the chance, I hope to marry you one day. As I am writing this, my hands are shaking.

I agreed to this battle to protect the Hamilton name, to defend my father. But now, I do not want to fight anymore. I want to end the dispute. For my future with you, Y/N. I have dug myself into a hole, and am unable to climb out of it.

I will try my hardest to stay alive. To come back to you. But since you are reading this letter, I’m not there. I left the one love of my life to mourn my death. Even right now, before the battle, I hate that I left you alone. But you’re stronger than you know, Y/N. You will get through this, you will marry the man of your dreams one day, and I will be more than happy to see this for you.

I’ll see you on the other side.

Yours until the end of time,

Philip Hamilton

Alexander Hamilton: Are you alright, Miss Y/N?

Y/N stayed silent for several moments, her tears staining the paper in front of her. She looked away, wiping the liquid off her face.

You: I’m sorry sir, I have so much work to do.

Holy crap, remember how I was talking about my experience with trying to get Hormone Therapy from Planned Parenthood? How it took one phone call, one appointment, and they said they’d call me when my blood work was done and send out the prescription as soon as it was done in 3-5 business days? Well they haven’t balled me and it’s been like,,, two? Ish? Weeks since my appointment and I was like “oh no, here’s the hard part..”

Just called them again.

“Yes! Hello sir, I’m glad you called. it looks like it was reported that your phone was giving them technical difficulties. They tried to leave messages telling you that your prescription was sent out to your local pharmacy! Walk in any time, it’s been ready for a week.”


The Verdict: The Lego Batman Movie

So, I’ve waited for this movie a very long time, since its announcement, despite the minor hiccups *cough* thebabsxbatsthingwhichwasntbadliketkjdidthanksdirector *cough*

(If you got the Prince reference, I love you.)

I just wanted to say, finally, Thank you DC. I know it’s quite the best BatJokes fanservice ever. But you actually finally acknowledged us. Them:
BATJOKES. I practically disturbed audiences in my local cinema with my fangirl squealing at every moment they had. But I will never regret them. At all. I CRAVE FOR EVERY MOMENT. I WILL DEFINITELY WATCH IT ALL OVER AGAIN. THANK YOU, THANK YOU DC!

To Chris Mckay, the director, I believed in him, and he delivered well. Much love to you sir.

To Will Arnett and Zack Galifianakis, you both just brought BatJokes alive on an animated film, and your voices are just beautiful, thank you for lending them to this beloved characters.

To TLBM Writers, I’m totally in love with what you had written.

I love you all. I just love this movie. I just loved every bit of it.

And thank you for adding few of my loves in the this film, like:
(Which will go under the cut to avoid spoilers for my BATJOKES FAM.)|

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Save Me - Part 2 - Chapter 35

We laid quietly together, intimately connected, my mind still dwelling on the emotions he brought out tonight. Holding his hand against my lips, I kissed it one more time knowing we couldn’t stay like this much longer.

“I’d love to stay inside you forever but I’m not sure my dick can take the pressure anymore.” Jared joked, causing me to giggle.

“Ouchhh, ouch! Stop laughing…that hurts!!” He practically shouted in my ear, his laughter not helping his cause either.

“I’m sorry!!! It’s just funny!!” I said doing my best to not laugh as he pushed his upper body up from my back.

“Yeah, well the spanking I’m going to give you if you don’t listen will definitely cure those giggles.” He stated, his tone serious but I could feel his smile at the same time.

“I’m sorry, Sir. I’ll be quiet.” I said with a smile as I looked over my shoulder.

Jared got to his knees, his hands resting on my lower back, “That’s good because I would have no problem enduring a bit more pain to spank your ass red right now if you choose to misbehave.” Jared said.

Trying to hide his smile, he tilted his head and bit his lip as he watched my reaction. I didn’t dare giggle because I knew although he was joking now, his patience can quickly disappear.

“What happened to pleasure pain?” I asked being totally cheeky as I smiled at him.

“You’re right! I love pleasure pain baby… I’m definitely going to take pleasure in making you ass painfully red!”

To make his point clear I watched him haul back and slap my ass. It wasn’t as hard as he could have done but it did surprise me none the less. My mouth dropped open but I didn’t make a sound. Mimicking me, he thought he was so hilarious.

“I was just asking!! I said I’d be good!”

“Just making sure…” he said smirking, “I know how sassy you can be.”

“Not true..” I stated, shaking my head, “I ALWAYS listen.”

I was joking, of course. The few rounds of punishment are proof of that. Though,I did try to be good. I don’t TRY to be sassy. Sometimes it just happens.

“You should stop while you’re ahead…” Jared said, probably a lot less seriously than I was taking it but I didn’t want to chance it.

“Yes Sir.” I responded, smiling over my shoulder at him.

I was glad instead of taking things more emotional, he broke the heaviness with a bit of humor. Had he gone the other way, I know I would have surely cried. Part of me felt so emotionally raw.

Breaking my train of thought, Jared gave me a light shake as he bent slightly forward.

“Baby, are you okay?”

“Yes, I’m fine, I’m sorry… My mind was wondering.”

“Okay, as long as your sure.” He said skeptically.

“I am. I’m okay.” I tried to reassure him.

Alright, then I’m going to slowly pull out. It’s time.“ He warned probably knowing this was going to be extremely uncomfortable.

"Relax for me, baby.”

Although he wasn’t hard anymore he was still rather large so this was definitely going to be uncomfortable. As I considered how deep he was inside me, I also knew this was going to make taking a little three inch plug out seem like a walk in the park.

Closing my eyes, I took a deep breath and relaxed my muscles. As I exhaled, he began pulling his hips back. My GOD this really sucks. From the soft grunts he was making, it wasn’t all that pleasant for him either.

“Jesus you’re so tight baby…” Jared mumbled, his fingers gripping my hips as he continued to pull back.

He was determined so it didn’t take long and within a few minutes our connection was broken. I took a huge sigh of relief and could now truly relax since he was free. Sitting back on his knees, he took his own deep sigh, his hands still resting on my ass.

I still hadn’t moved. I wasn’t ready yet.

“My God baby, your ass is so fucking hot.” He murmured.

Massaging my cheeks, he bent forward giving me a kiss on my ass, his hands never leaving my skin. Using his fingers to open my cheeks just slightly, he watched as cum dripped from my puckered hole.

“Mine.” He said quietly, more to himself than to me.

Softly gliding his finger from my opening to my tight hole, he gathered cum on his finger that had oozed out. Smearing it around my taint, he praised me.

“You did so good, baby…”

The skin around my tight hole was so sensitive that although he was gentle, the burn was real and it sent shivers across my body. My fingers gripped the sheets a little tighter as a small moan fell from my lips.

Lifting off his calves, Jared reached for my waist wanting to pull me into a sitting position on his lap.

“Come here baby.”

Pushing myself up, thankfully with his help, I sat on the tops of his thighs. I loved sitting like this with him. Jared’s arms wrapped around my body as he quietly held me. A lot happened tonight and he instinctively knew I needed his comfort. Feeling his lips press gentle kisses on my neck, I cuddled into him.

My arms covered his as he lovingly held me, I wanted to hold him too. I wanted every part of him touching every part of me.

“You baby girl, are absolutely amazing.” Jared whispered in my ear as he rubbed his nose against my cheek, “I’m so proud of you.”

“Thank you..” I replied softly turning my nose against his cheek, “Tonight was incredible. All of it. You are incredible.”

Tightening his embrace, we just sat there together lost in our own thoughts…in our own emotions. I could feel myself getting lost in my emotions again but as soon as I recognized it, I tried my hardest to fight it.

Sometimes I really hated how emotionally raw he made me. That rawness, that fear of this being taken away took me from an amazing high to dwelling on fear. Never have I had someone in my life that I was scared of loosing like I’m scared of loosing him.

What’s crazy is that this was ALL on me. He’s never given me a single reason to fear that possibility but I still did. Tears welled in my eyes and I bit my lip hoping to will them away.

“Baby, what’s wrong?”

reasons why The Miserable Mill was the best ASOUE section so far

- written by an actual screenwriter, and it shows. the dialogue is more natural and the story is told visually without sacrificing the quirky narration.

- Lemony Snicket showing up just to inform you that Charles and Sir are, in fact, gay

- Charles leaning forward to kiss Sir and Sir walking away……ow my heart……..


anonymous asked:

Hey!! I hope its not too late for the one sentence, but could you maybe do 'SIR YES SIR MR. ____, SIR' ??? It would be awesome!! Your blog is awesome!! Thanks anyways!! Prayers and best wishes for your mom !!!

‘SIR YES SIR MR. Lantern, SIR’ ??? John just stares at you, “Is that supposed to be funny.”

Wally answers before you can, “I thought it was kind of funny.”

John glares at him, “Well no one asked you.”

You smirk, “You didn’t really specify who you were talking to … So…”

John just throws his hands in the air, “I give up, separate you two are a nightmare, together you two will be the death of me.”

You watch him leave before turning your gaze on Bruce, the minute you open your mouth he says “Don’t even think about it.” You just pout.