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This adorable cinnamon roll needs more love. Honestly, I see a lot of hate for poor Francey-pants. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, of course, it just makes me sad to see people dissing my favorite character and calling him a perv and a creep. So if you love France, please don’t just scroll past! Spread the love!

Sorry to tag this in the ships, but it needs to be seen :)

Little Do You Know: 1

Pairing: TJ Hammond x fem!Reader

Story SummarySoulmate AU. On your 21st birthday, you begin to hear the innermost thoughts of your soulmate. What will happen when your soulmate just so happens to be a drug addict struggling to recover? Did I mention that he may or may not be incredibly gay?

Warnings: Addiction, language, brief sexual content, drugs, emotional abuse, Bud being a fucking perv as usual and making women feel uncomfortable

A/N: Hi guys! I hope you all enjoy the first part of this, I know its a little slow, but i promise part 2 will have more TJ in it. Shout out to the glorious @plumfondler , without her, this would probably just be another unfinished story in my drafts. If you like it, let me know! I’m currently working on part 2.

You’re fine. You’re fine. You don’t need it.

His voice was something you’d grown used to over the past 5 years.

Maybe just a little bump. Just a little one.

Your soul-mate had an issue with drugs, one that he was trying to overcome, and you’d always get caught in his inner battle to stay sober.

You wished this worked both ways, that you could talk him down from it, it seemed like the only time he could hear you is when he was high.

That, or he was just very good at ignoring you.

It’s going to be okay. You don’t need it. Just breathe.’ You thought, closing your eyes and concentrating, as if doing that would make your message more clear to him, but his voice rang through your mind again.

I need it.’

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PDA - Wally West x Reader

Prompt: Can I request perv Wally West, where he constantly squeeze your boobs or spank you ass and stuff and when you had enough you like “wtf Wally?” and he replied “I just love you silly” (requested by anon)

“Hey babe can you get me a beer when you come back in?” Wally called from the other room.

“Sure thing!” You agreed, grabbing a bottle from the fridge on your way back into the living room. You passed him the bottle as you walked across him to take your seat on the couch next to him. As you were passing in front of him Wally reached out and playfully spanked your ass. You let out a surprised little shriek and turned to give him him a dirty look.

“Jesus Christ! What the fuck Wally?” You cried.

“I just really love you silly!” He replied innocently.

“And that’s how you show your love?” You asked with an arched eyebrow.

“Are you offended? If you’re offended I swear I’ll stop.” Wally insisted worried that he had pissed you off. That was the last thing he wanted. You shrugged your shoulders, sat down on his lap and ruffled his hair.

“Nah, we’re cool.”

Daddy.// Draco x Reader Smut.

Title: Daddy.

Request:Hi! I was wondering if I could have an imagine where Draco is kind of a pervert towards you and you act disgusted by him but secretly you love it when he talks dirty to you? Sorry if that’s too gross lol
Paring: Draco x Reader

Warning: SMUUUUUUT, daddy kink bc why not? Draco being a perv.

A/N: imma start taking requests and ONLY reqeusts, I FEEL DIRTY AFTER WRITING THIS AND MY SMUTS ARE HORRIBLE! okay, do you guys want me to do anything special for when i hit 1k or just be normal and thank you guys? pls send me owls about it and your requests (which will be done slowly, im sorry.)

I sat in Professor Snape’s class. It was dreadful. Not because Snape absolutely hated me but because of Draco. He always teased me. Always said something dirty. I mean, I wouldn’t care if it didn’t affect me, and I know he knows it affects me.

Today wasn’t any different. I walked into Snape’s class before anyone getting out my Potions book, I sat in my normal seat waiting for the brilliant Hermione Granger, to sit next to me. I started reading the chapter we were on. Hermione didn’t sit by me today, but Draco did. And damn he looked good. “Hey sexy,” he whispered.

 I took a deep breath waiting for him to go on, “You look so good today, those knee socks and you’re skirt being a bit too short. I think daddy should teach you a lesson.” I turned towards him and gave him a disgusted look “Fuck off Malfoy.” I rolled my eyes, trying to not allow him to see what an effect he had on me.

 I spent the two and a half hours in Potions. “Why did it have to be so bloody long?” I couldn’t help mumble to myself as I brewed the potion. “Hey, Y/N” Draco’s voice came out lower than before, “Do you know how bad I want you right now? To have you grinding on me and grinding until you cum on my leg. Oh god, the way your tight little pussy must fee-” I turned quickly towards Draco. “Stop doing that!” I pointed my finger at him, he smirked as I sat down. “I know the affect I have, let me help you with it.” he whispered, trailing his hand up my thigh making my breath catch in my throat. “Meet me in the empty classroom later tonight,” I muttered pushing his hand away from me. “That’s daddy’s girl.” he gave me a devilish smile, “I’m not ‘daddy’s girl.’” I said harshly. Snape let us go and I walked quickly down the halls.

 I spent most of my day ignoring everyone. Draco would come up and say something dirty in my ear like “daddy’s gonna fuck you so hard,” or “do you know how bad daddy wants to fuck you against the desks.” and more. Making me want him more.

 After supper, I walked down to the dungeons and into the only classroom we don’t use for class. I saw Draco walk out and follow me as I walked away, but I didn’t know where he was, so I simply shut the door and sat on the desk, Draco came in a little after me. Opening and locking the door. “Hey babygirl,” he smirked as he saw I didn’t have my robe on, and only had the button up white shirt, my tie, my skirt, and the knee socks I wore. “You look so sexy sitting here waiting like a good girl.” he smiled, making me blush. He came closer before pulling out his wand, enchanting the room so no one can hear the noises from the room. He sat his wand beside me before lifting my head up so he could kiss me. It wasn’t very deep at first or anything, but it slowly got really deep.

 My hands wandered to his hair, and I pulled on it as he kissed me harder, deeper, with more passion than before. He started moving his hands up and down my chest, before he actually unbuttoned my shirt. When we pulled away I pulled the black coat and black button down off of him, throwing it somewhere on the other side of the room, with my top and bra. He slowly started trailing kisses down my neck, sucking on random little places, “Draco don’t leave hickeys,” I muttered. He moved his head and looked at me “Who am I?” he asked, my eyebrows knitted together not knowing what to say, before my lips turned into a ‘o’ shape. “Daddy,” I whispered, “What will you call me?” he asked, “Daddy.” I replied. “And who do you belong to?” “You daddy.” I moaned as he sucked on my sweet spot. “Such a good little girl.” he muttered.

 He kept doing what he was doing, driving me crazy.

He slowly trailed his hands up my sides to my breasts, flicking my nipples with his thumb. “Daddy,” I moaned as he moved to suck on my right nipple as he teased my left with his right hand. I started to push his trousers down, he stopped me unbuckling the belt, my eyes traveled down to look at his tight boxers, his erection was straining against the fabric. “Come on, kitten.” He teased, he pulled his boxers off his body, my mouth watered as I finally saw his erection. “I don’t want to foreplay,” he began a new sentence, smirking. “We can do that later.” My eyes traveled back to his, “Okay daddy,” my voice came out more as a whisper then I had intended it to, he smiled wickedly at me. “Brilliant.”

He pushed my back to the top of the desk, pulling the black jeans, and white panties I had on. “Such a pretty pussy,” he smirked, my face grew a bright red as I looked at him, “Thank you daddy.” I whispered, he stroked his erection, looking at me in the eyes, “Are you ready?” his softer side coming out, I nodded quickly. “Good!” he muttered, thrusting into me. A loud moan sounded from me, as Draco growled. He started off on a short pace; making me beg for me, by the time he had quickened his pace, he and I both were close to the edge.

“Daddy please!” I whined as he shook his head, “Not yet, Princess.” Whining again, I bucked my hips up. “Okay,” he let out a deep breath, “Now!” he commanded, my legs shook as a powerful orgasm came over me, moaning loudly, my eyes rolled into the back of my head as he came inside me. “That was amazing,” Draco huffed; I nodded looking up at him. “You’re so pretty when you have sweat on you.” He whispered before kissing my forehead, pulling out. “You too.” I whispered.

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guys who's the most ticklish out of all of you *cough* just so i know who to torture *cough*

… I didn’t expect to write it this way… (;^◇^;)ゝ



They’re both staring at Kanato mischievously

♥Kanato: …What are you looking at?

♥Laito: Hold him, Ayato-kun!~


Kanato starts convulsing in Ayato’s arms the moment Laito starts tickling him

♥Ayato: Heh, you are a cheeky kid after all!

♥Laito: Come on, Kanato-kun! Laugh for your little brother Laito-kun~


♥Ayato: Hey, Laito! When was the last time we did this?!

♥Laito: Last time was so long ago… Nfu~ It makes me feel nostalgic~

♥Kanato: -on the verge of tears- …Stop, stooop, I can b-AHAHAAH! i can’t breathe…!

Meanwhile, the Mukami brothers…

♥Kou: Nee, Yuma, I remember you once told us you were kinda ticklish…

♥Azusa: Yes… I remember too. You were half asleep…

♥Yuma: …So? Why do you brought this up so suddenly?


♥Yuma: Argh!… Wha- hah! S,stop! Kou you…! HAHAH! I’m gonna kill ya if– Ugh!

♥Kou: Haha I knew it! The tough guy is pretty sensitive~!

♥Azusa: Heh… You enjoy this after all…

♥Yuma: Azusa don’t just stay there watching! HAAH! K,Kou for fuck sake-!! Heh-! STOP IT!

Yuma started to throw random punches in the air, hitting a vase and sending it flying. A loud, cracking sound could be heard in the room.

♥Ruki, yelling from afar: Guys, what exactly was that sound?!



♥Azusa: …You should have punched me instead, Yuma-kun.

Reaction to You Wearing Short Shorts Around Them w/ a Really Nice Ass - BTS



“This is the kind of thing I like to see..”

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Yoongi: *you bend over in front of him*

“Damn. Sweetheart, hold still for a second. Don’t move.”

*you panic and freeze thinking there’s a bug or something but he’s just admiring the view*

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“Nice, but my ass is still bigger.”

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Namjoon: *slaps himself*

“Snap out of it Namjoon, you’re not a perv..”

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Jimin: *stuttering*

“Yeah that’s.. I like.. I want-I.. nice..”

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“You bad girl, you’re teasing me on purpose aren’t you?”

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Jungkook: *grabs your hips from behind, brings you back against him to where you can feel his dick on your ass* *growls into your ear*

“Go change, now. Wear these around me again on God I’ll fuck you into next year..”

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If possible could you make a scenario with the Sakamki and the Mukami, in which they walk in to see a guy hitting on their girlfriend, but before they could even react their girlfriend just kicks the guy in the balls screaming something like "I HAVE A BOYFRIEND YOU FUCKING PERV!"?

More power to the poor soul!


Shu: “Well, less work for me to do, though I bet you enjoyed it. Having another man flirt with you, potentially making me angry, you’re such a lewd girl. Now do me a favor and keep it down, your horrid screaming is ruining my music.” We all know Shu would somehow find a way to say that you enjoyed it.

Reiji: *Scoffs* “That language is so unbecoming of a lady, I guess I’ll have to punish you for that remark.” Don’t get him wrong he was proud but he thought you certainly could have handled that better than you did.

Ayato: “Yeah, beat his ass Pancake!” He is so proud of you! But uh next time leave the fighting to Your’s Truly over there because you may have hit his ego a little, just a tiny bit. He’s gotta show the world you have the best boyfriend around too!

Kanato: Wait… you had time to hit him before Kanato was able to dismantle him? He’s a little hurt and a lot angry mainly because he saw it as you flirting with the guy, leave it to Kanato. “How dare you! You can’t just get rid of me like that!“ 

Laito: "Fufu~ my, my Little Bitch is quite feisty isn’t she?” He got quite the amusing show from your little kerfuffle, and maybe a boner Laito no.

Subaru: “Tch… good job, but leave that to me next time. I would have slaughtered him is he had hurt you.” He gets his own kick in, across the dudes head, before grabbing you by the waist and moving on with your life.


Ruki: “Livestock should never resort to such means, that is my place as your master; do you understand?” He was not happy you did that. You stepped out of your place, livestock do not think for themselves. But he can’t help but get a kick out of you thinking of him as your boyfriend.

Kou: “Hey Masokitty let me record it next time!” He’s surprised that you were able to cause so much damage what with you being human and all. If it happens again he wants to either record it or handle it himself, hell maybe even both.

Yuma: “Huh, what the hell?” Yuma was aiming to hit the guy but you managed to get to it before him. He was surprised that a pipsqueak like you could handle it! He’s actually proud of you, but you really think he’ll let you know that? “Oi, hit him harder next time!”

Azusa: He is really hurt, and not the good kind. Why would you cause someone else pain and refuse to hit him? “Hey Eve, can you hurt me like that sometime?”

I really wish certain Bechloe scenes would be brought up by the other Bellas... you know?

Beca: Hey, freshman, would you like to audition?

Freshman: Uhh… what for…

Chloe: We’re the Barden Bellas, the best
A Capella group at Barden… we’re the tits… not literally… well Beca is at least…

Fat Amy: Well Chlo, you’ve definitely saw those tits before… Freshie, you should definitely consider auditioning! Just be on the look out when showering… you never know what perv could sneak up on you and force you to sing their sex song!

Chloe: *blushing* It was my LADY jam! And excuse you, if it weren’t for me, we’d never have found Beca in the first place!!

Stacie: I bet you tell that to all the freshmen you seduce in the shower Chlo. I always found that story so hot! Beca, how did you not get with ALL THAT in the shower?!

Beca: …

Chloe: She did ;)

Simsrena: the day I realised I’m a perv...

I know. Those of you who know me will be thinking, but Rex, we already knew this. Actually, anyone who follows me probably knows that. Am I right?

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So in Simsrena land, Bernie and Serena are unfortunately still living as neighbours and they even swapped keys! There was lots of kissing at work after they gave each other the keys but I forgot to take pictures….

Originally posted by havi-corredor

But the joys of our wonderful women having keys to each others places means that they can just waltz into each others homes. So me being me thought, lets just let them do as they please and see what happens…

Bernie being Bernie jumped straight on the treadmill.

Me: BORING!!!! (and also silently judging you for wasting precious groping Serena time on working out!)

Until…. I knew we could count on Serena!

Let’s face it. We’re all Serena in this photo. Am I right? I mean, who wouldn’t ogle Bernie in her work out gear?! 

This is just example one of me being perv. There’s more to come.

Once again Serena is being the entire fandom if we ever saw Bernie sweating and panting…. example two of me being a perv…

Serena eventually had to leave for work and I decided to leave Bernie playing in a bubble bath and follow Serena around for a little while. 

But before I move on, here’s a picture of Bernie playing in a bubble bath. I know. You’re welcome!

Do I need to point out that this was example number three? I mean, can you blame me? Bernie. Naked. Bath. 

Yeah, I can feel you judging me and I’m judging you right back! You know you’d be doing the same thing!

Originally posted by hurricanedelrio

So when Serena finished her shift, I thought wouldn’t it be fun if Bernie came over and watched Serena work out?

So I bought Serena a yoga mat and guys I have to say, she’s doing much better than I remember her doing!

Let’s just take a look at the last time we saw Serena doing yoga shall we?

Actually, I probably spoke too soon… OUCH!

But as we all know, our Serena is no quitter! She got back up and…. 

Wow! Guuurl you’re very flexible…

Oh no…

Dirty thoughts…

Originally posted by thenthersthat

Well this gif doesn’t help… pervy moment example number four… or maybe the original dirty thoughts was number four and then further dirty thoughts after Serena’s little smirk was number five…?

Oh… then this happened…

Pervy moment number…

I’ve lost count… 

Guys, it’s official… I’m a desperate perv…. fuck it!

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The Right Armour

A/N: ReaderxSherlock One-shot :D (For those who submitted requests, I promise I’ll try working on them tomorrow. I haven’t written anything in a while. Will be needing a little time to get back into the swing of things. :) Thanks for understanding. Apologies for the delay.)

Warning/s: Implied smut.

Word Count: 600+

You woke up to the sound of the bedroom door closing.

“Hmm?” You whimpered as you opened your eyes. You saw Sherlock half-naked and fresh from the shower. A towel hung at his hips as he ruffled his hair with a smaller one. You ogled him like a perv for a few more moments. With a sight like that, who could blame you?

“You’re up early.” You said as you slowly sat up.

“Good morning, Y/N.” Sherlock walked to you, giving you a kiss on the mouth. His moist lips made the kiss sweeter, although in all honesty it tasted minty. “Lestrade just sent me a case. Too interesting to pass up.” He whispered into the kiss.

“Oh. I was thinking maybe we could have a part two of last night’s show?” You bit your lip.

“We will. Later.” He grinned. “But for now, why don’t you help me find the right armour.” He said, removing the towel and letting it pool at his feet. Your expectant eyes were disappointed upon seeing that he already had his pants on. You didn’t get a good look last night, it was too dark.

“Did you really think I would let you see all of me?” He smirked. “I’ll leave some to your imagination.” He winked. Sherlock grabbed a pair of trousers and started putting on a police uniform.

“What do you think?” He turned to you.

“Mmm. No.” You shook your head.

“Okay…” He took of the police hat and started undressing in front of you. You smirked to yourself. It was like Sherlock was giving you a Magic Mike moment. You approved of the turn of events.

“How about this?” Sherlock put on a fireman’s uniform.

“No. No.” You shook your head for the second time, trying to act as nonchalant as possible.

“Yeah, I don’t think so either.” He said, giving himself a once over at the mirror. He took off the striped coat, allowing you to see the soft definitions of his muscles flex as he moved. He bent forward as he took his trousers off. The garter of his pants hugged his firm round arse quite justly. You let out a hush groan only you can hear.

“Well?” Sherlock stood wearing a suit but he tweaked it a bit. He wore a pair of glasses, carried a brown leather satchel, and clutched a decent stack of books and papers.

“You look like a history professor.”

“That’s what I was going for.” Sherlock replied. You scrunched your nose, pretending to not like it. “No?” He mimicked your expression.

“No.” You shook your head.

“Fine…” He turned around, settling his props. Sherlock started the glorious process of removing his clothes once more. You unconsciously bit your lip and tilted your head to get a better view.

“Hey…” Sherlock said suspiciously. He caught you through your reflection on the mirror. “Wait a second…” He turned around after successfully removing all his upper body garments. You stood straight to attention. “You just want me to take my clothes off again…” He deduced you quite correctly.

“What? Of course not!” You denied his accusation.

“Oh, don’t lie to me, Y/N. I can see right through you.” Sherlock laughed.

“Okay, fine. So what if I was?“ You raised your eyebrow.

“You cheeky…” He walked over to where you were sitting. Forcing both of his knees in between yours, Sherlock’s lap touched your inner thighs. His half-naked body now stood dangerously close to you. His slightly cool skin clashed with the warmth of yours. You looked up to see him smirking devilishly down at you. The glasses on his eyes instilled the professor vibe.

Reaching for his riding crop, he grumbled, “Well, now. I guess I’ll just have to teach you a lesson.” Audibly swatting it a few times on his palm.

Crazy ppl on here!

Do you think just because I’m trans i should be lucky that you have messaged from an anonymous profile asking to meet you behind the bushes for a quickie?

You must be out you little mind you dirty pervs!

Just because I’m trans doesn’t mean il take anyone who will have me, far from it! I get to choose who I want and who I like, get it!

I know my worth I’m a girl of quality and class and a whole lot of sass! 💋

Bts reaction to playing with your lips (Licking, biting, etc.)

I got this habit from V ;-;

He wouldn’t be able to concentrate on anything else except for your mouth. Thinking of when he can push you down onto a couch or bed so he can devour them.

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*Is flustered* “Do you know what you’re doing to me here?” *Starts playing with something* *Breaks it* “Dammit.”

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*Perv Jimin activate* He would think of all the things you could be doing with your lips

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He would just stare at you blanky, fascinated. On the outside he would be trying to act cool, but on the inside he’s screaming for attention. “What is she doing to me?”

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The role is reversed and he starts biting and licking his lips until you notice him and give him what he wants.

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Don’t get a boner. Don’t get a boner. Don’t get a boner. *Looks down* Shit.
*Tackles you and kisses you all over* “This is what you get for making me feel like this!”

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Would be mesmerized by your mouth. When you licked your lip, he licked his. You would notice his hungry stare and then start doing more things like biting your lips. He would be copying you. Until he finally got up and walked over to you, pushing you down with a great force. “Look at what you’ve done to me” He would say as he kissed you hungrily

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~Admin Luna

Know what I need?

Meg Master x Castiel smut.

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Listen….Look, I know I’m not the only perv that has spent time imagining Meg and Cas getting in on in hot, nasty, filthy ways. I can’t be. So if one of you can just point me in the direction of filthy Meg and Cas smut. I would be forever grateful. 

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Hot head : part 3 El Diablo x Reader

A/n: after a long time here’s part 3 :3

Pairing : El Diablo x Reader

Warning : swearing

Plot : the reader has the same fire abilities as Diablo and is on the squad.

Hot head : a new player joined the game.

As you and the rest of the squad follow Rick,  you look around.  The town center was almost completely destroyed.  Cars crashed,  windows of the tall buildings broken at warriors floors , some street lighting flickering , some bearly shining,  other just didn’t work at all .

You also look at the squad : army boy, maneater, the one with the aim, miss dont-come-near-me-or-i-will-stab-you-in-the-face,  the party animal, the perv, and flame boy. Ok not too bad considering that you already lost one of them because the fucker wanted to show off how tough he was. Oh well.

You were deep in thought when you hear the guns fire. Looking up you saw some weird monsters attacked. “Hey (Y/n) , Diablo! mind being useful!” You heard Floyd yell at you.  At that moment exactly you saw one of those things coming right at you . You slightly smirked and stayed at your place .

“DOLL MOVE! ! ! ! ” you heard Boomerang yelled. 

 "Just a bit closer “ you thought.

 And when the time was finally right you attacked.

Flames covered your body in a matter of seconds , with one pinch right in the chest , the monster was down, and then another, and another and another. You kept fighting alongside you squad mates till all the monsters were down.

And as soon as your body was back to normal , the flame in your eyes calming down, you were tackled down by Harley. “oh my oh my !! Who knew we had two hot shots instead of one !!” She giggles as you ripped her hands off you.

 You looked to the side , Boomerangs already gave you one of his perverted smiles “well look at that , your hot on the inside and out. Ha , I should have guessed ” he smirked. You wanted to throw up at that point.

Then out of the corner of your eye you see Diablo. You can read a hint of shock in his dark eyes , and something else , sadness almost. You wanted to say something but Flagg just had to ruin the fun and order all of you to get going. With a sight you started walking again , sometimes glancing at Diablo, seeing as he walked almost at the back of all a of the squad.

 As you kept walking , Harley walked along side you , seeing as she already saw you as a friend of sorts. She was certainty the crazy one and annoying as well. You almost grabbed her bat once to knock her over the head with it. She kept talking about her “Puddin” who even that was , you wished the guy had lot of patience and a good pistol or something.

 You looked back again , this time your gaze met Diablo’s and the next second you both looked away “you should just talk to him sweetheart” you hear Harley giggle at you.

You glared at her “no idea what your crazy ass is talking about” you said and kept walking as she skipped in front of you “oh don’t lie to me sugar cube” she giggled again and you slightly growled at her .

She had a point thought. You did like Diablo , even thought you just met. Just something about him made you want to know more about him and who he was. But you didn’t slow yourself that. You had to keep your head straight.

You had to do your best , your daughter was your top priority right now and nothing will stand between you and Em.

 But still. His quiet nature made you just wonder what made him this way , what happened to him , and not just him , the rest of the squad too. You had so many questions but you once again just cleared your head.

You needed to  keep your priorities straight , for now at least .

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