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Forget Nick and Judy, if anyone needed an apology, it was Manchas cause seriously the guy’s gonna get PTSD or something.


well noodle was like, gorgeous in this ad and i actually liked her outfit but arent racers supposed to wear speciar costumes???? yeah i know nood is super badassss but i decided to draw our lil girl like this for sake of s a f e t y :-)))
(also russ loves kittens and kittens love him)

B.A.P. As shit my friend has said
  • Jongup: I had never said a shit
  • Youngjae: What did a jaguar said to another jaguar? "JAGUAR-YOU?" (How are you)
  • Yongguk: *in a very high pitched voice* BE FREE LADYBUG, COME ON LADYBUG
  • Daehyun: Stop writing it, I don't even remember all the shit I've said
  • Himchan: I'm not selfish (also, doesn't selfish sound like: "Sell fish?")

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hi! I'm the anon from the jaguar commercial hehe. Do you have more than one? I feel like I've seen a few. thank you!

Here’s everything that includes the word “Jaguar” in it:

Imagine: Tom picking you up from college in the Jag.

(December) Imagine: Tom giving you a Jaguar for Christmas.

Imagine: Going down on Tom in his Jaguar.

(December) Imagine: At a Christmas party, your boyfriend, Tom, shows up in a new Jaguar, getting everyone’s attention. He walks up to you, kisses you deeply, and hands you the keys, telling you it’s an early Christmas present. Your friend, Sebastian, who’s always been in love with you, witnesses the whole thing feeling jealous and embarrassed because he got you a much simpler gift.

As for stories, i once wrote a multi-chapter where Tom is a drug lord, and in a “deleted scene” (one shot) he wants to buy a jaguar as a pet. I’ll leave it here,

[ X ]

Greetings! <3



“Listen up, Robin… Even though you’re alone now…!! Someday, surely, you’re going to meet your Nakama!!! The sea is vast… Someday, surely… your Nakama will appear to protect you!!! Once you are born into this world, you’re never gonna be alone!!! Run, Robin!!! Dont look back….!! Remember what I tought you!! When you meet hardship… Smile, like this!! Dereshishishishi !! Dereshishishi!! Somewhere, out there, in the sea, You will surely meet your Nakama, Robin!!!”

One Piece Children [1/?]  

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which guitar is john using the most often? im guessing fender stratocaster 1962 sunburst ? i mean was using when performing with rhcp?

Yes, he has used different guitars in different eras but the ‘62 sunburst strat is the one that remained from his return to the chilis in 1998 to his last live performance in 2010, and it’s also the guitar that’s most important to him sentimentally. 












you can learn more about his guitar collection by reading this interview

Thank you! A great way to end 2014 with reaching the 20.000 milestone on my blog! Awesome to see my work getting so much positive attention!

Let me know what cars you want to see photographed on my blog, I’ll try to post some up in the next month.

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Making a cosplay of Raven from the new 2016 Raven comic, wig help? If you can't find refs, she has brow length bangs and the bottom layer of hair is long, with very short layering on the top at the back of her head. Would it be better to start with a long wig and add short layers, or a short wig and add long wefts? Suggestions from Arda would be great. Thanks! :)

I’d recommend starting with a longer wig, like Eowyn or Natasha, and cutting shorter layers into the back! Here’s a tutorial on cutting layers:

Alternatively, you could use Jaguar or Katinka, which are both more similar to the style you’ve described, and would require less cutting!

I hope this helps!

- Mod Sky


“Werewolf?” Scott asked.

“No Scott, I already told you I’m human.” you responded.

“No coyote or jaguar blood? Nothing at all?” he asked again.

“Scott, honey, I love you, but I’m about to kill you.” you told him. He was dead set on believing that you weren’t human. Nobody in Beacon Hills was just human.

You rolled your eyes as he read through the book in his hands. “Oh!” he gasped. “A witch!” you glared at him, throwing your pillow at his face.

“Shut up.” you groaned.