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First off: your ask box is one of the funniest I've seen. Very creative, I got a good chuckle out of it. Secondly; *highfive* Thirdly: That highfive is for being unapologetically you and giving your school a figurative "fuck you and your intolerance" Fourthly: I hope you have a lovely time at your prom and feel pretty because you're worth it Fifthly: I really love your blog Sixthly: I hope you have a nice day 🌼

I’m so shook by this I’m sweating.

one more time for the neo-fascists in the back

This transition is not about whether or not people are entitled to their opinions because racism, sexism, homophobia, ableism, xenophobia etc. are not opinions. 

They are bigotry. 

They are tools for political and social oppression. 

Stop trying to normalize this. 

It’s not normal. 

It’s misinformed, vile, and unacceptable. 

And we’re not going to stand for it. 

a list of male excuses when called out on misogyny:
  • “freedom of speech! that means you have to shut up and can’t criticize anything I say!”
  • “jokes are just jokes! I don’t care what psychologists or sociologists or anthropologists say about their use in society! human beings are not affected by their environment, socialization doesn’t exist, culture isn’t a thing, and every idea exists in a vacuum!”
  • “you’re just supporting censorship! that’s why your critical analysis of this situation should be censored.”
  • “aren’t you the real intolerant one, since you won’t tolerate my intolerance?”
  • “you don’t have a sense of humor! I know this because you can’t possibly have a sense of humor unless you’re able to make fun of people who are suffering. that’s the best and only source of humor there is! I can’t imagine someone could have a more refined taste in jokes than this!”
  • “you’re just being a bitch! this is why no one likes you! if I keep calling you names, that’s the same as an argument! now, I am going to comment on how mean you are, completely ignoring that I am doing the exact same damn thing I’m complaining about.”
  • “being strong means having thick skin! I feel qualified to tell you this even though it’s literally impossible for me to experience the feeling I am telling you that you are obligated to feel.”
  • “but your beliefs make you a BIG MEANIE because it hurts my feelings when you accuse me of misogyny! nevermind the fact that I already hurt you, you were supposed to lay there and take it! when I said you need to have thick skin, that only applied to you, not to me! I can’t handle criticism!”
  • “your human rights and sense of dignity aren’t worth supporting unless you’re being super sweet and kind to me right after I have been very rude to you by saying this misogynistic thing.”
  • “Women can’t make feminism succeed on their own! They require men! That’s why winning over men should be the main goal of feminism. Men are the most important part of feminism! Know your place and be sweet to me or else I’ll withdraw my support for your human rights!”
  • “that isn’t misogyny at all! let me, a man, tell you, a woman, what real misogyny is!”
  • “real feminists don’t make men angry! real feminists make sure to prioritize my comfort over their own emotional satisfaction and their personal dignity! as a man I get to judge who the good feminists really are!”
  • “I’m a male feminist, that means it’s literally impossible for me to ever say or do anything misogynistic by virtue of the way I label myself. Nevermind the fact that I still act the same way as every other dude. I pay lip service! That should make me a saint!”
  • “but these other women agree with me! these are what good women look like. as a man, I get to make that decision, not you. be like these good women who agree with me! you should just agree with them and forget all of your own ideas because these women agree with me, a man!" 
  • “aren’t you being the real sexist by saying that men are sexist?”

where a superhero decides to defeat they’re super villain nemesis with  ultimate kindness. it somewhat effective…

“i got you hockey tickets - they’re cheap seats but it’s the best i could get last minute”

“you’re giving me hockey tickets? i’m robbing a bank. right now”

“well, yeah, but i already foiled that. so here’s a consolation prize”

super villain suspiciously walks away with tickets


“you should really bundle up on a night like this”

“what are you doing here?”

“well, watching you freeze while casing the national art gallery. coffee?”


“with coconut milk. i know you’re lactose intolerant”

“don’t expect a thank you”

“wasn’t even thinking you’d offer. hey i got a spare pair of gloves. i mean i don’t need them what with my powers. so here, i’d hate to see you get sick”

“if i get sick, i wouldn’t be a thorn in your side”

“well can’t have my favourite criminal out of commission. then i’d be left with that wannabe with who can’t even banter properly. i mean not even one pun!”

“their last caper was lacklustre”

“i know!”

Summary: Jim is lactose intolerant. Jim shouldn’t be eating dairy. Jim eats it all nevertheless.

Notes: This is the first, and a rather interesting, triumvirate fic I’ve ever written. It’s inspired (and written for) my dear new friends at uss family <3 enjoy a lactose intolerant Jim!

Also, I wasn’t sure how to name this one, so this is just a random name. If you have a better one please do tell!

Word count: 1144

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Min Yoongi | college!au | fluff? it’s really more just life | 3.1k words

You know that your dorm is made of brick, but you’re pretty sure that brick is not supposed to let sound travel like this.

In which you’d had a terrible day and all you want to do is sleep.

T for some language, mentions of sex I guess I don’t actually understand ratings

Originally posted by yovibeispretty

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To all my American friends living in the States right now; to all the minorities and women and people of colour and lgbtqia+, my heart is with you. But now isn’t the time to grieve… now is the time to fight. Go out and find a cause you’re passionate about and make Trump’s life a living hell. Protest. Make noise. Take up space (but please be safe while doing so). Show him and every neighbour who thinks his bigotry is okay that yeah, Clinton didn’t win last night, but doesn’t mean hate is the victor. That doesn’t mean you’ll stand for their intolerance.

The USA is still a democracy, and people still have the power to affect change. So fight, everyone; fight for your friends and loved ones and neighbours… because at the end of the day, and in one way or another, love always trumps hate.

  • [when Barty gets stuck dressing up as Santa for a Christmas party]
  • Little Girl: You're fatter this year.
  • Barty [as Santa]: Thank you. You've grown too. Now go to sleep.
  • [Drinks the milk she gave him and gags a little, the little girl looks at him]
  • Barty: I think the milk's a little sour.
  • Little Girl: It's soy milk
  • Barty: Huh?
  • Little Girl: You said you were lactose intolerant.
  • Barty: I did say that, didn't I? Thank you for remembering.
Werewolf Excuse No. 11
  • Lily: Where's Remus going? We have astronomy soon.
  • James: He's fine! He, well, he -
  • Sirius: He ate that nice looking chocolate pudding with ice cream earlier. I tried to stop him.
  • Lily: What?
  • Sirius: Didn't you know? Remus is lactose intolerant. He's not always strong enough to resist his cravings, though. It's not a pretty sight.
  • Lily:
  • Sirius: He accidentally managed to toot the tune of Celestina Warbeck's 'A Cauldron Full of Hot, Strong Love' once.
  • Sirius: If he has dessert, closing the windows in the dorm, even in the middle of winter, is always a mistake.
  • Sirius: We know 7 different spells to help with fresh air circulation.
  • Sirius: Peter fainted when he walked into the bathroom after him one time.
  • Lily: Stop! I've heard enough. Poor Remus. Why he tolerates you three as friends I'll never know. I'm going before you can say anything else. I'll talk to Remus when he returns.
  • James: See you later, Evans.
  • James: What was that? Why didn't you tell her about Remus' sickly relative, like you were supposed to?
  • Sirius: I could have, but she has already seen through that lie and this was funnier.
  • James: Remus will kill you when he finds out.
  • Sirius: And I'll be laughing in my grave.

Known arsonist with history of setting homes on fire: I’m going to burn down your house.

Half of the American Public, apparently: I’m sure that his time spent not having matches will teach him to not set fires.

Other Half of the American Public: No, he really means he’s going to set fire to our house.

Half of the American Public: Let’s wait and see what he does. Give him a chance! You’re being intolerant!

Other Half of the American Public: I’m pretty fond of our house not being on fire.

Half of the American Public: He clearly doesn’t mean it.

Known Arsonist: *means it*

Half of the American Public: Are you warm? I’m warm all of a sudden. I’m sure it will cool off soon.

Other Half of the American Public: *on fire already*


  • <p> <b>Bones:</b> Here I was thinking you cared.<p/><b>Spock:</b> Of course I care, Leonard. I always assumed my respect for you was clear. The dialogue we have had across the years has always...<p/><b>Bones:</b> It's okay, Spock. You don't have to say it<p/><b>Spock:</b> No, I want to<p/><b>Spock:</b> I respect you, but I find you utterly reprehensible on a personal level<p/><b>Bones:</b> <p/><b>Spock:</b> 😍😍😍<p/><b>Bones:</b> Funny<p/><b>Spock:</b> Really, you're intolerable<p/><b>Bones:</b> Look at that! We're being attacked! Thank God<p/></p>
Dear Church: On Society (read this)

Dear Church,

On nights like tonight, I am stuck on words.

They ring through my head and some fly by, but some I cannot explain or define.

Tonight, there are two. They have actually been in my head for a quite a few. 

tolerance. bigoted.

The two are tied so closely together. But their meanings have changed.

Tolerance used to mean getting along with people you disagree with.

If you could not value people despite the fact that their opinions differed from yours, you were intolerant or bigoted (which simply meant to be intolerant).

I could always value people more than their opinions because I truly believed that God created them with innate value and nothing they say or do could ever take that away. I still do.

Valuing people…what does that mean anymore? Now, it isn’t about who people are. It isn’t about the fact that they were created with innate value. That is not their identity anymore. Their identity is what they choose. 

What used to be cool facts about people have become all-consuming. I hear people’s conversations, and they ring in my head like the sound in the movies after a bomb goes off. Everything seems distorted and I wonder how I can still think, and what has survived the explosion.

After all, my “black friend” used to just be “my friend.” My “gay friend” used to just be “my friend.” I didn’t need to describe their color or their choices because that color and that choice didn’t use to define that man. I loved that man because Christ loves that man. That was all that mattered.

As for society, identities have gotten thicker and thicker and thicker, and skin has gotten thinner and thinner and thinner.

Society defines everything. Something that was deemed scientific fact is simply a social construct. Call it that for long enough and society may forget it was ever viewed another way. It’s desensitizing. If society deems it so, it is so, and so society can deem and un-deem as they please. And they have deemed tolerance to mean something that it never meant before. 

In this day in age, our society has defined tolerance as being in agreement with every ideal that others hold and valuing those ideals as if they hold the same validity as yours.

Why did I personalize it? Because now, society has deemed it true, so it must be true of you.

On nights like tonight, I wonder why. 

Why do people fear religion, fear Christians, fear administrations, fear the opinions of others while telling others to accept all opinions, all creeds, all leaders? 

Did they not mean to tell others to accept their opinions, their creeds, and their leaders? 

Was that not clear?

Do people fear religion, Christians, administrations, and others’ opinions because that paper-thin skin might get broken, and worst of all, the new social constructs might deconstruct and eternal truth might break through?

Would that not be absolutely shattering, since society defines truth?

Would it not be terrifying for people to meet God and have him shatter the image in the mirror that they believed was god

But isn’t that the conversion story for every Christian, no matter when their conversion took place? 

“I thought I was god, and then realized I wasn’t.”

Have logic and common sense left us, church? Or have we forgotten how to use them? Why do we stay silent about the truth for so long that we have to argue it when if we had simply spoken when addressed, we could have simply stated it? 

Society asked us what we thought and we said nothing. That spoke louder than everything. Now, when we speak out, it’s intolerant. And we have almost forgotten how to think.

Think with me for a second.

Under the new definition of tolerance, isn’t calling someone intolerant… intolerant? Isn’t calling someone bigoted…bigoted?

It seems that now, free speech is for some, but others must be silenced. So they might be parading their cause, and coming out of oppression, but if someone disagrees with their cause, they better silence that person!


The clock is ticking.

Better silence the noise quick.

They have to know.

Otherwise, there wouldn’t be such a rush.

They have to know that one word from someone else could break the barricade around their heart, or at the very least, weaken it.

They have to know that if they listened long enough, they might realize that someone else’s opinion may not only be valid…but true.

They might realize that God is not a social construct, and “He is not you.”

The might realize that people are not so perfect and infallible that no-one can disagree with them. People are not truth such that every disagreeing opinion is false. People’s disagreeing opinions might not only be valid…they might be right. 

How will they know if they shut you up? How will they know, church, if you shut up and give up? And how much do you have to hate society to give up on them?

Let’s redefine tolerance, together. Church, let’s step in. 

First, let’s break down tolerance by overwhelming it with love. Let’s build relationships with people. Within those relationships, let’s speak the truth in love. 

Let’s love like CRAZY. Let’s love our friends. Not our “black friends” or “gay friends” or “democratic friends” or “republican friends.” Let’s lose the adjectives, and stop the name-calling. If we don’t, how will they see something better? The only thing people need to know they are is “loved.”

Stop saying people will go to hell if they voted for that candidate. Stop saying people be blessed if they share that Facebook post or type “Amen.” Amen? Seriously. Stop telling people they’re in your thoughts, and start telling them they’re in your prayers! Society doesn’t define truth, but it does set trends. Let’s be trend-setters.

On nights like tonight, church, I wonder what will happen if we don’t!

I say out loud into the night, “Lord Jesus, help us.”

 And He says “I will, but help yourselves by doing what you know is right.”

Church, if we do not step into a broken society and meet them where they are, some of our greatest fears will come true.

When will we be bigots for mentioning our God instead of someone else’s? For believing in Him instead of some other god? For worshipping Him instead of what society worships? 

That’s my closing thought. Mull that over in your head. Count the cost. Decide what will make better change - a Republican-dominated government or a Christ-dominated society? 

Ask yourself that question, and live out your answer.




“If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

- Jesus

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