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Some fractured fairy tale ideas...

- Cinderella went to the ball to kill the prince.

- “All hail Alice, the Queen of Hearts.”

- Rapunzel is the witch’s illegitimate daughter, and she is being kept safe from a king who would have her killed on sight.

- The Little Match Girl is a now phantom luring people to their deaths.

- Little Red Riding Hood is a werewolf.

- “So… You’re the Pied Piper, eh? I thought you’d be taller.”

- Princess Snow White and the evil Snow Queen? One and the same.

- “If you value your life, my life, the lives of everyone in this city… you won’t wake the sleeping princess.”

- The land of the Twelve Dancing Princesses is falling apart at the seams, and the rest of reality with it.

- A witch who made some bad decisions in her youth is forced to adopt and raise a child.

- After Jack the Giant Killer ruthlessly murdered their king and threw their world into turmoil and war, the inhabitants of the Sky Kingdom must rebuild their lives.

- “What… what is it?”
“A firebird – the last of her kind.”




he just knows all of them at the top of his head this is what you use your brain capacity for oh Akaashi






and the team KNOWS and teases him about not complimenting Bo to his face oh my god

The world is so convinced it knows what love is. I thought I had it defined when I was 14. But f*ck, I probably can’t even say I know what love is now. Even though in reflection I can safely say I never experienced true love in my youth, I sure as hell experienced my fair share of heartbreak. The kind that left me with permanent scars. I’ve learnt that for a while you’re gonna feel like they’ll leave permanent scars over every new relationship you ever have, until you meet the one that fills you with the kind of joy that makes even those scars look like they’re sprouting roses.

Here’s a list of books and movies that have been alluded to in WINGS and You Never Walk Alone so far.


  • Demian: The Story of Emil Sinclair’s Youth (1919, Herman Hesse)
    Inspiration for the short films, MV and concept during WINGS era.
  • The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas (1973, Ursula Le Guin)
    Inspiration for Spring Day.
  • The Owl Service (1967, Alan Garner)
    Subtle references for the concept photos for You Never Walk Alone and Short Film #2 LIE


  • The Chatroom (2010)
    Alluded to in Blood Sweat & Tears and the WINGS Tour Trailer
  • No Vacancy (2012)
    Alluded to in Spring Day

ʜᴀᴘᴘʏ ʙɪʀᴛʜᴅᴀʏ ᴍɪɴ ʏᴏᴏɴɢɪ — 19930309
A man who is Youthful, Openminded, Outstanding, Natural, Gentle & Inspiring deserves only the best. Happy birthday DBoy ♡ Thank you for pushing through hard times, for enduring the rainy days and the thunderstorms just to shine so brightly. Thank you for sharing pieces of yourself with us, through the melodies you’ve composed and the lyrics you’ve written. Growing up, you had to fight so hard to protect yourself from the demons within. Now, we’ll be the ones to protect you, with safe hands and strong hearts. Happy birthday, Min Yoongi. We love you. 

Wanna know the truth behind Girls like Girls?

I have been working on finding my voice for years. As an artist, I always want everything I create to represent what my soul feels and sounds like – whether it’s a video concept or a lyric or melody.

Two years ago on a rare rainy day in Los Angeles, in a songwriting session with Owen Thomas and Lily May Young, I was venting my frustration about my music not connecting the way I wanted it to. Lily looked me in the eye and asked, “Tell me something nobody knows about you, something you are afraid to sing about?“ I immediately thought, well I like girls and that’s what I want to sing about, but even then I struggled to say it out loud. Finally, I told Lily that I always say “you” and “them" and never the pronoun “her" in all my songs because I was afraid it wouldn’t connect. We talked more about concepts and my experiences, and how I loved the idea of stealing another guy’s girl because that was always a fantasy of mine. Growing up, everything I did was always about girls. I took dance because of girls. I got involved in student council because of girls. Not that I ever expected any of them to like me back, but I just felt comforted being around them, even if I could never date them. So there we were. The song “Girls like Girls" was born.

I imagined a very emotional, heart-wrenching but real music video to go along with the song. When we shot the music video for “Girls like Girls,“ I felt like I was finally telling my story for the first time. The yearning feelings I had and also the feeling of being so alone. I think that’s why people connected with the music video. Not only because they too have experienced deeply liking someone, but also the sadness and longing that comes with it. You could be around so many people, and still have the feeling of being so alone and misunderstood. It’s that fear of rejection and uncertainty of whether the person will like you back that makes you question everything. I struggled with these feelings so much growing up. I’d fall in love with girls who would never give me the time of day, or if they would, they had no idea I had other intentions. I had my heart broken over and over again; I never felt good enough. My life was led by these crushes as far back as first grade, when I had a crush on my teacher. That was the first time I realized I liked girls. But the problem is you feel like you can’t share these true feelings with anyone for fear of outing yourself and facing judgement. So you struggle. And feel alone. Growing up, there were some [out] celebrities who were much older than I was and I wondered if I had to wait until then to be happy. I didn’t have role models who I could relate to at the time, where I could think, if they can do it, I can do it.

Most of the time, you become confident after years of struggling during your young adulthood. I want to encourage the youth to find that confidence now. Not later. For them to know their own self-worth at an earlier age. It’s been really cool at my concerts to see all of these young fans showing up alone, and then leaving with friends. The music and stories I create have built this judgement-free safe zone. But most of all, they have inspired me to be comfortable with myself, and to let them in. They unintentionally gave me a gift that I am forever grateful for. Most of my music isn’t necessarily about heartbreak or other people, but more so everyone’s personal journey and falling in love with yourself.

I think that’s why my fans and I relate to each other. My music reassures them that they aren’t alone – that their feelings are valid, that they are enough and they will find someone to love them back. I didn’t have that hope growing up, so I get emotional and inspired (or encouraged) every time I meet a fan who looks at me that way.

It’s hard sometimes, especially after this election, because I feel a responsibility to these girls. I know they are looking to me for guidance and comfort. It breaks my heart that fear is so present in our world right now. School is hard enough and it breaks my heart to see these kids under attack by hate crimes and bullying.

Hope. That’s my cause. I strive to inspire hope through human compassion and through music. Hope leads me through my lyrics, stories, and melodies. You must continue on, and know in your heart you are not alone, and have confidence that love will find its way back to you.


kdrama women’s week, day 8: age of youth lovefest
↳ favourite couple: yoon jin myung x kang yi na

spells for a full moon:

I literally just cant. Sometimes are you guys hit by the fact, that Lexa the stoic Commander, with the wisdom of generations, fell in love with a smol girl who fell from the sky? She bared her soul to her, and she protected her, and improved and changed her entire life and the ways of her people for that small bi bean?

She was so beautiful. And strong. And just…. Powerful. She moved us all. She inspired so many of us. She inspired hundreds of thousands of us to revolt against the media and their view of the lgbtq youth. She changed the lives of so many

For me, the most powerful yet heartbreaking scene was one of her very last happy moments. That smile, that smile she gave Clarke as she leaned down to kiss her on the bed. Do you guys remember? That smile. It was like… Seeing her for the first time. Happy. Relieved. Satisfied. She looked so beautiful. And raw. And fucking amazing.

I miss her so much

♔ Nosebleed Club ♕
  • Squad of One: Favorite solitary activities?
  • Rose Garden: Creative prompts for young writers?
  • Kerouac: Travels you will embark on this year?
  • Super 8: Most poignant childhood memory?
  • Cosmology: Fields of study that interest you most?
  • Baroque: Favorite style of architecture?
  • Sequoia: Most beautiful names in your family tree?
  • No. 5: Most nostalgic scents?
  • High School Football Season: Description of your youth?
  • Pieta: Are you spiritual?
  • Peloponnesian War: Historical moments that intrigue you?
  • Fahrenheit 451: Books you would throw into a fire?
  • Kubrick: Most engaging movies?
  • Lana Del Rey: Three lessons you've learned from your past?
  • Soundtrack: Current playlist?
  • French Laundry: Ideal breakfast, lunch, and dinner?
  • Plath: Title of this chapter in your life (if your life were a book)?
  • Liguria: Locations that inspire your creativity?
  • Ari & Dante: Your most courageous moment?
  • Mimosa: Ways to treat yourself after a long day?
  • Pausanias: Description of your surrounding town / city?
  • East of Eden: Top 10 novels?
  • Basquiat: Social commentaries in your creative work?
  • Alexandria: Things / moments in your life that are gone forever?
  • Fire From Heaven: Things you'd take with you if your house were burning down?

anonymous asked:

The Haha Musume Donburi Oppai girls

Ah yes, a modern classic as far as the lewd ova scene is concerned, and for good reason! This OVA is undoubtedly on of the best softcore hentai animations to ever be made, better that 80-90% percent of any hentai ova/series out, and that’s including the good ones, without any genital penetration! It it’s pretty much what all hentai should be striving for in terms of quality, consistency, and weight in animation. It certainly helps that it
was animated with the help of the fantastical Kaneko Hiraku(kirin999) Animator of Victoria Maid Maria no Hoshi, and Hoods Entertainment, the premier animation company in the best bouncing boobs in the ecchi-hentai industry. You migth remember them from such hits as Manyuu Hikenchou
(there’s a show i need to discuss), Seikon no Qwaser and Kagaku na Yatsura. In short, this guy knows his curves, and he knows
that foreplay can sometimes be a main dish for greater.
But enough about the the more technical side, let’s get to what you fools are here for!

As the saying goes, age before beauty, let’s start with Sakie.

A mom with a lot going on, she a definitive! She definitely fits the bill, her dream-state like eyes give of a sort of gentleness, a passiveness from years of nurturing. The cool blue helps with this, as it is a calming color. Her nose is well defined and sharp, contrast with her daughter’s more moe-esque nose to pull of an increased sense of age and maturity. Her hair is the perfect for her character, being too long would give off a sort of youth that she isn’t meant to inspire, it remains short and yet elegant, framing her face very well. Her lips are emphasized as full and with a sort of lip-gloss to bring out their natural color, making them seem softer. She has a slight chub going on showing she has some age on her, she’s put on a few pounds. You might actually recognize some of her designs beats from another mom I discussed.

Not a coincidence!

Her clothes are nice, warm, pastel colors to hone in on her motherly nature which makes her seem soft and inviting, there’s a relaxing effect similar to drinking warm soup.

Compare it to her underwear, which is a dark purple and lacy, showing a more sensual side to her, more sultry, more naughty. Excellent juxtaposition of color! Pay attention to her expressions as well, notice a common theme?

She maintains a soft, almost apologetic expression at all times, like a doting mom who is doing her best. She does and let you do to her whatever is needed, even if it might be a bit much for her, just for your benefit, that the feeling you get from just looking at her. I’ll be honest, I only thought she was okay before doing this analysis, high-mid tier, but all these little details to capturing this motherly nature she’s meant to invoke definitely give me a new appreciation for her. There was a lot put into her(and a lot i want to put into her), and it’s masterfully accomplishes what she set’s out to do!

Now to move onto Imouto-san.

Rumi is quite clearly Onii-chan bait, from her girly-girl dress, pigtails, big moe eyes and small moe nose. 

And she does her job well.

Her mom is just as guilty for serving a certain demographic, but it’s far more noticeable in Rumi’s design, especially when compared to her mothers, the pigtails are a dead give away. That said, that doesn’t mean it’s bad as a design, not as strong as her mother’s however.

Plus her clothes are quite clearly made for a girl much younger than herself. Sakie’s design is a more subtle while still getting the point across quite well of what she is and what she’s like. Rumi’s does so as well, but it’s a bit more on the nose, so to speak. I also don’t think blue was the best color for her first outfit, i mean it helps contrast with her mother, but her dress baby-blue dress doesn’t convey the sort of light-tsudere imouto-san she is. I would have opted for a more light red/pinkish or stuck with the yellow she would get later on instead, it could also help build a color-associative relationship, showing that mother and daughter were connect just by looking at them. 

This yellow and orange underwear suits her much better, probably why she wears it for longer in the Ova. In communicates a similar warmness to her mother, but more energy and personality thanks to the dark orange marks, but underneath it, she’s really soft and innocent with the light orange bows and white flap on the panties. While her design might be lacking at times, her personality helps make her more attractive to the viewer.

There’s more eb and flow with her, being the little sister type with a dash of tsundere qualities, just enough to make her reluctant and not be able to totally handle her emotions, tripping over herself a bit, making cute, willing, girly and off-guard moments all the more attractive because it’s like she opening up to us.

In short these girls are 10/10 each thanks to careful character design and enjoyably troped personalities.

Feel free to send in more requests of anime/anime-esque girls you want me to talk about!

bematthe  asked:

What would be the most helpful (or some of the most helpful) thing(s) someone could do (realistically) to help this cause?

We LOVE your question!  Let’s break down anti-fascist work into four broad, over-generalized areas, shall we?  

1) Protecting Our Communities From Bigotry

What does bigotry, fascism, racism, and hatred look like where you live?  Who are the targets?  Once you think about the fucked-up shit that’s been going on in your community, you’ll be able to figure out who’s been targeted by bigots.  Now you know who needs your support and solidarity.  Reach out to them and come up with ways to help them and/or stand with them.

Even a small act like putting up posters or distributing pins showing solidarity with these people and opposition to bigotry, sends a big message to them, to their attackers, and to other people in your community that feel the same way you do.

Example: one neighbourhood we know of in Toronto responded to a rash of alt right vandalism and racist harassment by creating lawn signs in the languages spoken there to show opposition to racist asshats.

Over 500 signs went up in the ‘hood!

2) Disrupting Fascist Activity

This is antifa’s bread-and-butter.  Fascism is an utterly illegitimate and dangerous ideology that is no longer up for debate or discussion after literally millions of people have died because of it or fighting to stop it.  So when it rears its ugly head once again, it is imperative to oppose, expose, and confront it immediately.

This tumblr has been dedicated to recording and reporting on anti-fascist activity all over the world for almost the last three years.  There are over 4000 examples of anti-fascist activity in our archive that you could sort through to find ideas and inspiration for the kind of things you and your friends can pull off.

Example: read our interview with an antifa crew in Nyköping, Sweden about how they went from a small group putting up antifa posters to running the nazis out of their town. 
3) Building An Authentic Anti-Fascist/Anti-Racist Youth Culture

Most anti-fascists we know got started when they were young.  Some of us started throwing “rock against racism” concerts or shows.  We’d meet up with crews from nearby.  We’d set up info tables at shows where we’d distribute information about the issues we were dealing with (and sell t-shirts & stuff to raise money).  We’d make sure that racists knew they were not welcome anywhere we hung out - in the parks, at shows, in the football terraces, etc.

Finding ways to promote an explicit and authentic anti-racist/anti-fascist youth culture is one of the most powerful things we can do because the ideas we put out there and the friendships that form in that youth culture will last for decades to come.  

You want a great example from Buenos Aires?  Check out the trailer for the upcoming documentary about La Cultural del Barrio.

4) Collaborating With And Supporting Other Anti-Fascists

In the past we’ve posted tips about joining an antifa group or starting your own.  The Anti Fascist Network has also published a good set of tips for starting an antifa crew.

You should also watch out for callouts for events or support from antifa crews - we regularly publish those right here on this tumblr.  When you see one and it’s near by you, back ‘em up.  If you’re not nearby but you know people nearby, get them out there!  At the very least, send them a message of support & solidarity.

As the antifa movement progresses, we’re collaborating more and more across borders.  Several crews hold antifa festivals like Manchester’s 0161 Fest or the anti-racist World Cup hosted by FC St. Pauli in Hamburg or The Torch Antifa Network conference in the U.S. or the anti-fascist MMA tournaments organized by Freedom Fighters in Poland.  Find something happening near you and go!  Or put your own thing together!

One of the best examples of cross-border collaboration and solidarity has to be The International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund, which has helped dozens and dozens of anti-fascists and anti-racists all over the world.  We would highly recommend making a donation to the Defence Fund or holding some sort of fundraising event for it.  

OK, we hope that’s enough to get you started.  See you on the front lines!

Writing Prompts #2
  • Character has the ability to hear a person’s thoughts as long as they touch them
  • Another similar idea: a character has the ability to feel a person’s emotions as long as they touch them.  Maybe the two characters meet
  • Road trip with a complete stranger
  • Character can see shadowed figures that no one else can, but only out of the corner of their eye.  One day they are approached by a fully-visible figure.  As the years go by, the figures become less shadowed and more colourful and defined
  • “It had been six months since they left the war bunker.”
  • “It was at the back of the bookstore …”
  • Love at last sight
  • “The fountain of …” (instead of ‘youth’)
  • “I thought you said you weren’t dead!”  “I wasn’t lying … exactly …”
  • And finally: capture lightning in a jar
Don’t compare yourself to those with picture perfect lives; they aren’t the norm, you are. You, with your pain. You, with your eating alone. You, with your outlandish interests. You, with your different clothes. You, who think you stick out, who feel like you’ll never fit in, like everyone is busy being happy because they are normal, cookie cutter lives fit for a social media world. No, no, no. You aren’t normal, and that’s okay. Because you are different , you have a chance to be a force of change.
—  cookies ( @prolixen )

Lee Seunghoon

I’ll start with the cutest tattoo. Seunghoon has the W from Winner’s logo with a circle to represent the Inner Circle

He also has a hand (?) in his hips

Song MinHo 

a crown


“deuteronomy 28:1” in his chest

It’s a verse from bible who says “If you fully obey the LORD your God and carefully follow all his commands I give you today, the LORD your God will set you high above all the nations on earth.”

“Be Nice” and “Be kind” in his shoulders.

Nam Taehyun

Taehyun is a big fan of Jean-Michel Basquiat, an african american neo-expressionist artist. He has his name on his left arm.

“Stay Gold” and the banana who was inspired in one of Basquiat works.

In his words: “I want to do everything with that mindset. ‘Stay Gold’ is that kind of word. it means the Golden Age. at the end on WIN, we received the title of Winner. since then, I’m spending my days very well. I think that’s what youth is. it’s the Golden Age that you can get only once in your whole life. I didn’t thought much about it and just followed my heart and got it tattooed on my wrist. I’m really happy that I could experience all these moments up until now.“

A bat on his right arm. Also inspired by Basquiat’s drawings.

My favorite, "I don’t do drugs, I am drugs”

A flower seems like it was made by Christophe Louis Quibe, a french illustrator. (i’m not sure)

“MIVIIXCLM” The roman numeral tattoo of Taehyun is from Jean-Michel Basquiat’s “Profit I” painting.

“baby baby” in a fancy font in his right arm.

A line

“South Buyers Club” inspired in “dallas buyers club”, the movie who gave an oscar to Jared Leto.

kurt cobain’s drawing of a guitarist.

jinwoo and seungyoon don’t have any tattoos yet.

Inspired Healing

A little bottle to focus on a general healing and well being of a person.

  • Sea Salt
  • Lavender
  • Rosemary
  • Sage
  • Bay
  • Mugwort
  • Cinnamon
  • Sandalwood Oil
  • Pink Candle

Salt for purification, to lay a clean foundation

Lavender to inspire peace from any pain or discomfort

Rosemary to bring a feeling of youth again

Sage for inspiring long life

Bay and Mugwort to give strength during the healing process

Cinnamon to encourage fast healing and recovery

Sandalwood oil for success and healing

Pink candle for wax seal to inspire healing and positive thoughts

The first incarnation of this bottle was a loose incense to burn on a charcoal disk. It originally just didn’t have salt. It was made for my father, who had a problem with his heart and was having trouble with day to day activities. 

You could forgo a seal and choose to burn the mixture on a charcoal disc, it’s up to you. 

I ended up using pink salt for aesthetic again at the top. A kind of bookend to the intention to purify the body. 

Eight | Yoongi

Scenario: Eight times Min Yoongi tells you he loves you
Genre: Fluff and implied sexual activities
Word Count: 5,154
Author’s Note: Inspired by R. McKinley’s “8 Ways To Say I Love You”

i. when he gets a little too drunk and calls you

The first time he lets those three damn little words escape his mouth, he had been drunk—swimming in the courage that could only be ignited by alcohol. The alcohol had been brought forth by Taehyung as a celebratory congratulations for another successful comeback. The guys had all figured what the hell, they deserved this break, even if the freedom that comes with downing shots only lasts so long, everyone jumped at the chance to let loose for a little while. At least, until the sun rises with the promise of a new day.

Yoongi loses count after his fifth shot, the night slowly blending into shared laughter, jokes, crude memories, and conversations about the short existence of human life. Jimin and Jungkook had drunk lots more than Yoongi—and Yoongi had downed a lot—and the pair of younger boys appear to be having a private conversation of their own. Hoseok is knocked out on the couch. Yoongi barely hears something about pigeons and black holes, before he dismisses himself out of the living room and into the hallway.

He can hear Taehyung, Seokjin, and Namjoon in another room, laughing over the sound of what could be a video game. Barely paying attention to any of that, Yoongi lazily manages to reach for the phone in his back pocket as he stops in the middle of the hallway to dial the only seven digits he’ll ever bother to memorize.

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MBTI types + "Psychology of Color"
  • <p> <b></b> (inspired by the article "The Psychology of Color", that you can find on Internet and on Tumblr)<p/><b>ISFJ - Dusty Pink:</b> "soft, subtle, cozy, dusky, gentle, composed, nostalgic"<p/><b>ISFP - Light Pink:</b> "romantic, affectionate, compassionate, soft, tender, delicate, fragile, youthful"<p/><b>ISTP - Taupe:</b> "neutral, classic, practical, authentic, modest, versatile, compromising, inconspicuous"<p/><b>ISTJ - Deep Blue:</b> "credible, conservative, classical, strong, reliable, loyal, confident, professional, introspective, thought-provoking, aloof, melancholic"<p/><b>INTJ - Deep Purple:</b> "visionary, prestigious, subduing, distant, introspective, aloof"<p/><b>INTP - Light Blue:</b> "calm, quiet, patient, cool, clean"<p/><b>INFP - Mauve:</b> "wistful, sentimental, thoughtful"<p/><b>INFJ - Blue Purple:</b> "contemplative, meditative, spiritual, soul-searching, intuitive, mysterious, enchanting"<p/><b>ENFJ - Sky Blue:</b> "calming, constant, faithful, true, dependable, reassuring, expansive, open, trusting, tranquill"<p/><b>ENFP - Bright Yellow:</b> "illuminating, joyful, lively, friendly, luminous, energetic, stimulating, innovative, surprise"<p/><b>ENTP - Vibrant Orange:</b> "fun, whimsical, child-like, glowing, energizing, active, gregarious, expansive, spontaneus, communicative, sociable, self-assured, persuasive"<p/><b>ENTJ - Brick Red:</b> "strong, sturdy, established"<p/><b>ESTJ - Charcoal Grey:</b> "responsible, conservative, professional, business-like, detached, solid, sophisticated, coscientious, mature"<p/><b>ESTP - Bright Red:</b> "energizing, passionate, dynamic, stimulating, provocative, powerful, corageus, magnetic, assertive, impulsive, adventurous, demanding, spontaneus, motivating"<p/><b>ESFP - Bright Pink:</b> "exciting, theatrical, playful, attention-getting, high-energy, sensual, wild, vibrant, stimulating, flirtatious"<p/><b>ESFJ - Peach:</b> "nurturing, soft, fuzzy, tactile, warm, physical comfort, intimate, modest, embracing"<p/></p>