you are in a battle! why are you smiling!

When she is 5, she hears the word for the first time.

She’s still young, a child with two sisters who are playing in her mother’s fields.

“Love is all Aphrodite talks about.” Artemis says, mouth scrunched into a frown. “Such a nonsensical concept.” Athena says stretching beside her, “If I could be tempted to it, it would be for someone whose mind challenges my own, a storm in wit and in battles of war.”

Persephone tilts her head back, letting the sun brush gently down from her face to her toes.

“I’d do it for someone who has a hint of light in a mile of dark. Someone who is as cruel as he is just.”

Athena looks to Artemis and laughs lightly.

“Why you’ve described Death himself, gentle in his touch and cruel in his actions.”

Athena smiles and pats her head. “What a silly notion you have that death would fall in love with life.”

She’s 16, the first time she feels it. Love.

Hermes is lying beside her, long fingers that glide in circles at her shoulders. “You want so much.” He whispers. She nods. “I’m so hungry.” She leans in closer, “I could take bites out of the world, and I don’t think it would be enough.”

Hermes places light kisses down her neck. “You’ll have it. You’re going to have it all.”

She’s 20, the first time she notices his eyes on her. Love.

She doesn’t know why her gaze can’t be torn away from him. So odd. He seems as at home in the sun’s embrace as he does in the shadows he came from.

He beckons near her. Every step is power. Raw. Old. He’s seen the dawn and fall of many a world.

He can feel it, her lust for the smoke at his fingertips. Sweet little daisy crowned girl Goddess, they’ve underestimated you.

She’s two millennium old when she has it. Love.

“They’re going to write stories about us.” She says against his lips.

He laughs.

“Good. Let them know you weren’t just my wife. Let them know you were my Queen.”

L.H.Z // Maybe She wanted Darkness

So in the new Avengers Assemble episode (3x21) among other stuff that happened (Hulk getting collared and becoming a hobo for one), Steve most definitely flirted with Tony! OK? I have no other explanation for the scene in which Tony’s like: “I don’t like Red Hulk, he’s a maniac, I don’t wanna work with him…” and Steve smiles at him and says “You know, I thought you were a maniac when I first met you.” And he also touches him, full hand on shoulder touch action! And Tony’s like (thinking) “Ok, I’m not quitting the Avengers. God why you have to be so cute, ugh…” and just follows Steve like a good half of a battle couple.

How is this show even real?

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Headcannon a for Tsuna, Hibari, Mukuro & Reborn with a chubby / voluptuous s/o ??


~This drove me nuts. I had no idea what to do so I just let my fingers move on their own. I hope this is okay, anon.~

admin adelheid


  • The life of a Don was hard. It was filled with battle hardened people, hard facts and even harder decisions. That was why Tsuna chose you to be his only one.
  • Just coming home to you at the end of a particularly grueling day was a relief in and of itself.
  • The smile you meet him at the door with even though sometimes all you wanted to do was cry at the war torn expression on his face makes him realize that while he was here with you he can leave the Mafia out of his walls even if it was just for one night.
  • It hurt him sometimes how you would hide your suffering behind your bright smiles just to save him the pain.
  • But having him hug you from behind in a tight embrace and allowing himself to drown in your curvy softness soothed both your torments away.
  • It is… certainly unexpected for the Vongola don to not choose the kind of woman his compatriots preferred as his significant other. Most of the other dons around him paid escorts and mistresses to retain their slim, willowy figures and parade them around like golden trophies like symbols of conquests or spoils of war. But not Tsuna.
  • Tsuna didn’t need trophies or symbols of conquest. Just being the Vongola Decimo was enough to declare what kind of accomplishments he’s made. He didn’t need a mistress or a paid escort. What he needed was a woman who would love him for a lifetime without doubt or question. And you gave him that.
  • He wanted a devoted mother to his children with a full bosom to give them their milk, not a wife who was selfish of her body and who entrusted his cubs to maids.
  • He wanted a lioness who will control the Famiglia in his stead while he was away; not a vixen who will only cause trouble while he was gone.
  • He loves your loyalty and faithfulness dearly. It would show in the way he treated you. Pulling out your chair for you himself. Opening doors for you on his own. You had become the envy of every woman in the Mafia underworld and then some. His queen in every sense of the word.
  • You are his mate, his partner, his friend.
  • You are his plushy shelter from the storm.


  • He had never been the kind of man who noticed a woman solely for her physical charms. Beauty, grace, wit… These all came aplenty along with the women who tried to tempt him with their allure.
  • But all these women lacked the things you have.
  • Honor.
  • Courage.
  • A strong Will.
  • While these women fainted and wept at the sight of blood you would pull up your sleeves and clean it.
  • While these women sneered at the news of men who died for honor you wept on their graves.
  • They mock you for your weight and the fact that you would never be placed on the cover of Vogue Magazine but that was alright with Kyoya. He didn’t like sharing his beloved with other people anyway.
  • He willingly let go of the hard handles of his tonfa to hold you in his arms and bury his face in your bountiful bosom for comfort.
  • He would take long, leisurely naps on the softness of your lap.
  • You gave him more than just touches, you have built him a nest. A place to roost in safety after a day or weeks of living a hard life filled with danger and violence.
  • You were more than just a herbivore.
  • You were home.


  • It felt as though he had spent a lifetime wandering the world alone.
  • Cold and miserable and suspicious. Always wary of any raised hand that threatened him and his.
  • And then you come along with your welcoming arms and comforting hug and he was lost.
  • He didn’t think he would ever be so wanted.
  • He didn’t think he would ever be so loved.
  • A stray cat, rejected even by his former masters was being cradled on your bountiful chest without judgement, without blame.
  • Sometimes he would ask himself what he did to deserve you. How did he get so lucky as to gain your unwavering affection?
  • You took his malice astride with a slight pinch of the cheek and a kiss.
  • You allowed him to curl up on your lap and nap away even if he comes home covered in the blood of others.
  • When you stroke his hair as he sleeps he claims the caress drove his demons away.
  • With you he did not need to be cynical.
  • With you the madness was held at bay.
  • The world that you created for him every time he returned to you needed no illusions to make it perfect…


  • One little known fact about Reborn was the fact that he loved big breasts. It was what drew him to you.
  • He loved sneaking up on you from behind and fondling them in his hands while he buried his face on your nape.
  • He loved the cushiony feel of your body against his hard one whenever he presses against you.
  • It never fails to excite him whenever you grind your rear against his crotch when he’s rubbing against you.
  • He loved the fact that you would never deny him anything.
  • He could never understand what you saw in him.
  • Why you never questioned or batted an eyelash at the gun beneath his pillow.
  • Why he never saw your beautiful eyes cloud in judgment whenever he came home smelling of death and blood.
  • All you did was meet him on the foyer, give him a quick once over and almost faint against the living room wall in relief that he was not injured in any way.
  • The first time he came home with you acting like this he knew he was in love.
  • Reborn never told you anything but you always knew. And he was well aware of that.
  • You are loving without being clingy, demanding without being a nag and generous to a goddamned fault.
  • These traits of yours and more often leave him speechless.
  • Someday, maybe someday, Reborn would promise himself as he slept while holding you tightly in his arms. He would tell you he was a monster.
  • Someday, maybe someday. He would be strong enough to see if you were capable of any hate in your kind, kind heart…

His molten eyes
Meet yours
You look away.
Because nobody can tell yet
How you’re falling for those eyes.
How do you know
A boy is
In love with you?
Your parents told you
You never deserved love.

His smile
Truly is made for war
You notice.
Because it turns your heart
To battle against itself.
Why do you feel so whole
Yet torn apart
When he is near?
Your parents told you
To feel this way was wrong.

His lips
Curl into a smirk
You blush.
Because nobody should know
The thoughts you’ve had about his lips.
When will you ever tell him
You can’t stop dreaming
About his mouth on yours?
Your parents told you
Dreams don’t come true.

His hand
Gently brushes yours
You smile.
Because he doesn’t have to say it
For you to know he feels the same.
Who will fall first
And tell the truth
And make the move?
Your parents don’t know
They can’t ever know.

His pulse
You kiss him.
Because you couldn’t hide the feeling
And he wanted your mouth too.
Why didn’t you do this earlier
Kiss his lips
Feel his tongue on yours?
Your parents don’t matter
They can’t undo what’s done.

His words
Whispered in your hair
You listen.
Because he speaks poetry at night
Desire flows in every syllable.
Does tomorrow make a difference
When skin slides on skin
And kisses leave trails of fire?
‘Your parents don’t know shit’, he says
‘You’re the only good left in this world.’

His arms
Remind you
You are safe.
Because when nightmares come back
With bloody fists and bruised faces
Would you want anybody else
Holding you tightly
Telling you that you deserve the world?
Your parents are ghosts of your past
Your future is this boy holding you.

His love
Is all
You need.
Because open highways and fast cars don’t give him the same rush you do.
Was there ever another person
Who worships you like he does
Loves you with their whole being?
He is your family now.

—  “To fall in love with Ronan Lynch is to feel awake when your eyes are open.”
(m.b, a pynch poem)

How about this? I will PK with the four of you. If I win all four battles, would that prove that I am Lu Wei Wei Wei?

Wei Wei calmly sitting there, calling “Next” as she absolutely slays the Xiao Yu clan and Zhen Shui is my aesthetics. Who are you? is the best line in this entire show. Also, I love the fact that normally she’s totally chill, but touch her friends and you’re in trouble.    [x]

Roommate Agreement (Part 6)

Summary: Based off of this: a superhero story where the villain and the superhero are roommates and they keep making excuses to each other about why they are out all the time and they stitch each other up after battles but neither has any idea that the other is their nemesis and they keep on having to lie to each other why they are covered in scratches and bruises. (Modern-Day Alternate Universe Drabble Series)

Author’s Note: It’s short, I know. But we’re getting there guys. Calm down.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 192 

Previous Part: Part Five

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Why Are You So Tall? (Shiro x Reader)

You glare at the black Paladin. You were comparing your height with Shiro. You wonder why he is so tall and it kinda make it looks like he was making you fun of your shortness.

Pidge was fine. She was fine. She may be smart but she’s badass when she used her Green Lion in battle.

Shiro scratched the back of his neck with his human hand. “I don’t understand, (Name).” He was confused with your question.

“I said,” You repeated your question. “Why are you so tall? I get that it might be following some family genetics and all but seriously, why?”

“I do not know…” Shiro gave you a sheepish smile. “But I guess, I’m the leader.”

You released another sigh. “You know what, just forget that never happened. I’m just gonna help Pidge. To check the Lions.” You turn around and started to walk away from Shiro.

Shiro managed to caught your wrist with his other hand. “W-wait,” Unknowing to you, the black Paladin was blushing. “I… I want to give something. To you.”

You didn’t glance but Shiro knows that you accept it. And with that he pulled you in, his human hand succesfully grab your waist so that he could spin you til your face was close to him. Final move, a kiss on the lips.

Your reaction was cute when Shiro released you from said kiss. Your face was blushing like crazy and you want to kick Shiro in the butt. “Love you.” Shiro gave you another peck on the lips.

He unwrapped his arms around your waist before turning away to check on the rest of his team.

Can I request a Genji imagine where his s/o tries to act all tough and badass but is actually a huge dork who loves to cuddle with him and always falls asleep against him while meditating? There also wear a lot of green accessories because of him.

@fuse-with-me-jasper, here you go, darling! I hope you like this! If you have any questions, message me.

He noticed the green scarf twisted around your neck, the fabric color standing out against your neutral clothing. It was strange, especially since you had started wearing a lot of accessories colored the same shade of green. Genji didn’t exactly know why, but he most definitely loved watching you train. You were a powerhouse when battling others, a hurricane that took out your opponents without a problem. You were a warrior, and he was enamored by you and your strength.

He just didn’t know why you wore green so much.

“Can I meditate with you?” You asked, smiling up at Genji.

He gave you a curious look and shrugged, leading you toward his normal mediation spot. It was rare for his master to be away, but a mission required his services. Alone to find peace, Genji had had a hard time getting comfortable.

“Sure. Have you ever meditated before?”

You shook your head and laughed, saying, “I tried, but I don’t think I was doing it right. Honestly, I’m not so great at peace and all that. I’m more of a fighter than a lover. Well, I’m both, but y’know.”

He chuckled as you approached a clearing away from the city, surrounded by trees and beautiful flowers. He took a quick sit, and you situated yourself beside him. Mimicking his every movement, you placed your hands on your knees and glanced up at him.

“Just clear your mind. Don’t think. Keep calm and peaceful.” His voice soothed you, and you find yourself sinking into a pleasant mindset.

You tried to clear your mind, but you were thinking heavily of the man beside you. He smelled quite good, and he was very handsome. He was so very close. You were so focused on him that you hadn’t noticed how tired you were. Your head began to tilt before falling onto his shoulder.

Genji noticed your snoring, and a smirk tugged at the corner of his mouth. He glanced down at you and sighed, knowing meditation wouldn’t happen. He slipped an arm around your shoulder, fiddling with the scarf around your neck. It looked nice on you, and he quickly realized why you wore the color so much. It was the same reason you were here now. You liked him.

Oh, what a nice realization to have.

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So who's your fave chocobro? I am in love woth them all but Prompto my fave. The little crooked smile. He's beautiful. So when is the ff art coming?

Even though I do genuinely love them all… Hands down Noctis lmaooo Always had a thing for those… awkward cuties, but also a badass type of guy? haha But then Prompto existence is also enough to sway my heart… and then you can’t forget about Gladdy, who’s always my go-to whenever I battle… you can always rely on him… And then there’s Ignis… who… I’ve actually fallen pretty hard for too… why is this so hard. And uh… FF art comes… if I can just stop playing the game lmaoo Whenever I try to draw them, I always want to play instead lmao


  • Thorin and Bilbo having gray hair
  • retired in the Shire
  • Bilbo making an apron for Thorin because he is too big for all the ones for hobbits
  • Thorin wearing the apron while he cleans the house
  • Thorin making furniture for the house
  • Thorin making a swinging bench to hang from the oak tree in the center of Bag End(from the acorn they had planted)
  • Frodo sitting on Thorin’s feet and asking for more stories “Tell me the one of the battle!” as Thorin tries to walk
  • Bilbo hitting Thorin with a dish towel “You could tell him a less gruesome story! Perhaps the one with the trolls.” Thorin replying “You only like that story because you were the one to defeat the trolls.” Bilbo smiling smugly at this.
  • Thorin and Bilbo hosting seasonal festivals
  • Thorin and Bilbo hanging up ribbons and streamers from the oak tree
  • Gandalf coming to light off fireworks
  • Fili and Kili visiting
  • no one understanding why these dwarves look so important
  • everyone learning that Thorin was once a king but abdicated the throne to be with Bilbo
  • everyone learning the blond dwarf that visits on occasion is the current king
  • everyone wanting to come over to see the dwarves
  • Bilbo rolling his eyes “This is why I didn’t want to tell anyone, the Sackville-Baggins will be working their way over here now to see if they can get their grubby hands on our things.” Thorin laughing and Bilbo becoming exasperated “You do remember us coming home only to find Lobelia trying to take off with the cutlery!” This only makes Thorin laugh harder. 
  • Thorin thinking to himself Mahal when did my nephews grow up?
  • Fili and Kili feeling like it is 30 years ago all over again, teasing Thorin for all the times he pined after Bilbo and never said anything
  • Bilbo baking pastries for Fili and Kili to take on their journey home
  • Hobbit men and women batting their eyelashes at Thorin during the markets they have on the weekends which result in Bilbo pushing Thorin home with a grumpy look on his face “Does no one have any shame? We are married.

Favorite Scene: Anakin’s Future.

This scene is my favorite because it was by all means the last time anyone had comforted Ani’s anxieties the correct way. True, Qui-Gon does it later, but it was fast and in a battle ground. Here, you can see the youthful soul reaching out for some kind of reassurances, he didn’t wish to be a burden. Qui-Gon, smiles and reassures Anakin with bright promise of a better future with him in it. In this lost moment, I think Ani was able to believe that good things may possibly happen to him as well.

Imagine: sam and dean fighting to see who get to stay in the bunker with you.

‘Dean, why do you always get to stay with her?” sam argued

“because i’m older.”

“no its not fair, let’s settle this like real men.” Sam and dean looked at each other, raising their hands, they battled it out with a game of rock, paper, siccors. when sam realised he won, dean kept his stern face, trying so hard to win.

“Oh dean, always with the siccors.” sam sarcastically said, putting his hands on deans shoulder. when dean turned around and walked off, sams face was smiling crazily, knowing that he will get to spend time with you.

Yes, I am utterly jealous of them, why? Because they can see you in person. They can hear you laugh, your voice, see your smile and talk with you close. I’m so jealous that I want to go there beside you and just hug you, tell you that I am jealous because I’m far away and they’re lucky to be close and be with you always, just like what I’ve been wanting, wishing and praying for. Oh fuck here we go again, battling against ldr.

Bilbo's Confession!?

That moment when you realized it’s a confession.

Bilbo: “I’m glad to have been sharing your perils, Thorin. Each and every one of them." 

There was shock on Thorin’s face at first and then he smiled weakly.

This whole scene was probably a confession scene. But Thorin kindly rejected him and Bilbo goes into denial mode with the "No,no,no,no. Don’t you dare!!”

This is probably why Richard Armitage said Thorin died full of love. 


I wish I could slide into the scent of you and wear it like battle armor,
carrying me through my day and shielding me from every stab;
Hang you from my shoulders like a worn leather coat,
with love letters tucked into the pockets and a small squeak in the zipper.
If I could, I’d be the wind that blows against you, fills you with the scent of leaves and rain,
the breeze that feels so familiar and you can’t place why,
but it makes you want to drink coffee and smile at the sky, your toes curled in your shoes.
I want to breathe you deeply, then let you take the air right back from my lungs.

A little poem about Caesar (From child Holly's view)


Could you tell me about the boy with feathers in his hair?

Could you tell me why he left you without a care?

Could you tell me why you cry?

Can you tell me why he had to die?

Can you tell me how he made you smile?

Was his death worthwhile?


Tell me about the boy with feathers in his hair.

Tell me while I blow bubbles into the air.

why recover?

because temporary relief is not worth the long term battle you’re setting yourself up for

because one day you’ll be grateful that you tried to recover now rather than waiting and getting much worse

because the advice you give your family and friends also applies to yourself

because constant lies, fake smiles, and sadness is no way to live

because despite what you keep telling yourself, you are still young and there is still time to do the things you regret not doing

because sobbing on your bedroom floor is not fun

because there is something out there that will motivate you and fulfill you, you just haven’t found it yet

because you are loved, you are enough and you are worth it

because there is more to life than your disorders.

Dating Kim Namjoon Would Include-


- sometimes he puts on a bts song and raps it while you sing 

- but if you can rap furious rap battles will happen

- he’s pretty strong so if you cant open a jar or a bottle or something just ask him and he’ll open it for you and give u a cute smile since you relied on him and that makes him so happy

- he loves it when you were matching clothes and will compliment you 24/7

- he doesnt mind pda, but it doesnt happen a lot unless you count hand hoding

- you’ll catch him staring at you a lot and when you ask why he’ll say “because my girlfriend/boyfriend is the most gorgeous person i’ve seen in my entire life” and you’re just like kjadfhsjhfsdjhfs nam i’m dead thanks

- but he means it

- he loves it when you compliment his rap since it means so much to him

- he loves you more than music 


- ok but he lowkey loves being the little spoon and is to shy to admit it 

- he’ll tell you he loves you everyday

- you’ll say his dancing is cute and he’ll just hide his face in your neck blushing okokok

- he loves it when you play with his hair when you cuddle

- he wont tell you the meaning behind the songs and you’re just like ok i guess thats fair

- he spoils you ok

- sometimes he just throws you a sweater and will be like “put that on” and you’re just like “why”

- then he says “it’s cold outside and i wanna go somewhere” and you’re like o ok

- if someone insults him or says he’s useless and doesnt appreciate them expect a 1000 word lecture by you on why you should think differently

- basically dating namjoon is pretty fun and wonderful and lOVELY ok and it’s one of the most best things in the world since you mean so much to him and he feels so lucky to have you in his life so how can you not love him

Dating Series Masterlist

A part of me just want to see you to show you what you’ve lost. To show you I am so much more than you thought I were. To make you regret your exit. But another part of me knows that seeing you will sweep me back under your control and I’ll fall back into your arms like nothing ever happened. I’ll find myself consumed again by the spark in your eyes and the calmness of your voice. You’ll smile at me and I’ll lose it. I can’t keep fighting for you only to lose the battle all over again. I don’t know why I’m still holding onto the thought you might come back when it’s so clear you won’t. You forgot about me. you let me go. Maybe it’s time for me to let you go.
—  Excerpt from a book I will never write #703 // v.j
Why doesn’t anyone tell you how beautiful you look when you’re laughing so hard your eyes crinkle up in the corners? Why doesn’t anyone tell you how you’re so much more than your intelligence? Why doesn’t anyone tell you that you’re so much more than your weight or your voice or your hair or your makeup? Don’t they ever take notice of how serene your face looks when you’re deep in thought? Or how polite you are when people come to you? Why hasn’t anyone asked you why haven’t you fallen in love with yourself? There’s so much more beauty to you than you will ever realize. It’s time for you to put down the mirror and put away your belittling thoughts and learn to love yourself. Wear that high waisted bikini that makes your smile so radiant and fuck anyone who tells you that it doesn’t suit your body type. Be proud of your skin and the stretch marks that run rivers across your body and the scars where battles were fought and won. You are your own hero. Wear those red suede high heels when you’re feeling hot. Pay no attention to the sneers and the mimicking tongue clicks. Rock your body and wear that red lipstick for a week straight. Just please grow up and learn to love and take care of yourself. You’ll appreciate it now more than ever. You can thank me for it later.
—  Work in Progress Series (1/?)