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i wish i could do things right and i wish i had motivation to get up

Mrs. Baker is so underrated she’s honestly probably one of my favorite characters. you really see her change from the past episodes to the present episodes. she’s so happy and she’s glowing but after her daughter dies not only her personality but her appearance goes to shit. she’s been through quite possibly the worst thing any parent could ever go through; finding your own son or daughter dead after they killed themselves. now all she’s gonna be thinking the rest of her life is what did i do wrong. hannah’s parents honestly deserved so much more then they got.

Ask me anything and I will answer honestly.
  1. What’s your favourite food?
  2. What’s your favourite place to eat?
  3. Someone you hate?
  4. Someone you like? (friends way)
  5. Crush?
  6. Got a job?
  7. Dream place to visit?
  8. Any plans for the future?
  9. Who’s the last person you hugged?
  10. Where would you go if you could travel anywhere?
  11. Who’s your biggest inspiration?
  12. Who’s been seen your worst and still stuck around?
  13. 13 reason’s why (insert question)?
  14. What’s the most embarrassing thing thats ever happened?
  15. When was the last time you love someone?
  16. How did your last relationship end?
  17. Do you hate any of your ex/s?
  18. What’s the biggest lie you ever told?
  19. Who did you lie to?
  20. Why did you lie?
  21. What’s the biggest achievement so far?
  22. Who’s your celebrity crush?
  23. What makes you happy?
  24. What annoys the shit out of you?
  25. Who makes you smile most?
  26. The last time you cried?
  27. The last text/message you sent?
  28. The last person you texted/messaged?
  29. The one thing you look for in a person?
  30. What makes someone ugly?
  31. What makes a good first date?
  32. What is a good day out to you?
  33. Where do you shop (food)?
  34. Where do you shop (clothes)?
  35. Screenshot of your recent call list.
  36. Biggest ship?
  37. Ask me any question.

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so I kinda got this idea from that one IwaOi ask you got from another anon recently, but top 5 dysfunctional but great relationships between two characters?

top 5 dysfunctional relationships anon) I meant Haikyuu!!, but if it’s easier for you to find examples for anime in general, I don’t mind if you do that either :3

Hello bean! I’m actually so dead because here you say recently but this ask is from 16 days ago (this is just an example of how much it takes to get to a specific top 5, rip), but it’s finally time! (For context, this petal is talking about this post, where I was asked if Oikawa and Iwaizumi have a healthy relationship with each other). Ok so, this is gonna be a multi-anime answer, since Haikyuu has not so many examples of that. 

General disclaimer: more than dysfunctional, these relationships are not so healthy but the bottom line here is that, no matter what, they all love, trust and understand each other more than anyone else.  

1. Shinji and Kaworu (Neon Genesis Evangelion). Well, this is not the most painful ship ever for nothing. It doesn’t matter that they met and parted ways in the span of one (1) episode, that time was enough to change Shinji, forever. Kaworu came to Shinji in his darkest hour and was the first person to understand and treat him with love. He was the first person to ever tell Shinji “I love you”, and he’s the first person Shinji said “I love you” in return. This is all nice till you discover that Kaworu is not an actual person, he’s an angel, an angel sent to erase humanity, an angel Shinji is forced to kill, or better, an angel who decided that his only free will act was letting Shinji kill him. And he does, in what is to this day the most heartbreaking scene I’ve ever seen. And if killing the person you love the most or making the person you love the most kill you is not dysfunctional, I don’t know what else is…

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(in the reboot he dies in front of Shinji and not by his hand and I don’t know what’s worst honestly) 

2. Oikawa and Iwaizumi. I already said everything that needs to be said in the post I mentioned above. They are dependent, violent, aggressive, unable to communicate in the proper way, the reaction to everything the other does is incredibly exaggerated, they fight, they yell…but still they made each other the beautiful people they are today. They are always in perfect sync, they are each other’s number one supporter and would kill and die for the other on the spot. They are connected, both physically and mentally so, maybe way more than they even realize. They are not a perfect couple, but still they are unbreakable. 

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3. Rin and Haruka (Free!) Speaking of overreacting people, here you have a perfect example. These two are literally obsessed with each other, neither of them could sneeze without affecting dramatically the other’s life. Despite everything, they understand each other without having to say a single word, they would give up everything for the other, they could have had it all…but still they are the classic couple that can’t be together but yet can’t be apart. You can’t escape relationships like that. 

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4. Hinata and Kageyama. As I already said here, I firmly believe that Kags is unconsciously replicating the iwaoi dynamic with Hinata. They are just as violent, intense and obsessed with each other, but they have the potential to create even a deeper and greater bond. They already live in such a perfect sync they can’t function properly without the other (especially Hinata has still to find his place without Kageyama), so much that they are afraid of being torn apart. If you read the manga, you know what I’m talking about, if you don’t, just think of the last shot of Kageyama and Hinata at the end of season 3…while the rest of the team was happy for the news Kageyama just got…were they really?

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5.  Yahaba and Kyoutani. The iwaoi curse strikes again, and how couldn’t it. The setter/ace relationship is pretty strong on its own and I think Yahaba’s new leadership is gonna deliver us some good character development. I really hope they’ll find a healthier way to communicate and Yahaba will keep his slamming-his-boyfriend-against-the-wall thing just for the bedroom. 

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p.s. as crazy as it sounds, Bokuto and Akaashi are not in this chart and here I explained why. 

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Ask me my top 5 things!

Why watch Xena: Warrior Princess in 2017?

1. Strong, powerful, independent women who are the heroines of the story rather than the damsels-in-distress

That’s enough of a reason alone. But just in case… I have about 10 other reasons to watch it if you’re interested and they’re all relevant and important.

2. There is real affection between a woman and another woman that is not any sort of queer-baiting but is genuine love, trust, faith and compassion formed from a deep friendship

3. It teaches you many lessons in life that are still relevant in today’s paradigm. Specifically messages about love, forgiveness, vengeance and redemption. Often at times you are forced to see the most lovable characters in the show in a negative way and the most hatable characters in the show in a positive way.  This is to understand the nature of humanity in a more in-depth way than before. After all, complications in a person’s personality is what makes them all the more dynamic and admirable, do they not? We all have evil and good in us. What matters though is which side of us we choose to feed. Many of the characters in this show teach you the significance of this in very intense ways

4. It teaches you all about balance and how opposites and polarities that seem completely contradicting work together to create the bigger picture to how life really is and what would happen if either side of the spectrum disappeared or didn’t exist

5. It is the best representation for LGBTQ in the 90’s/early 2000’s. Again, no queer-baiting for the sake of ratings. If the LGBTQ community tuned in, it’s because they found sincerity and value in it

6. One of the so-called “villains” in the show has a real story as to how they became the hard-hearted and psychotic person they are. This is specifically designed for the purpose of getting the audience to sympathise and maybe even empathise with them

7. There is an episode that deals with the sexual, physical and emotional abuse of one of the lead characters. This is done so cleverly that it doesn’t seem obvious, therefore isn’t offending or unbearable to watch, yet still stays true to the seriousness of the situation. It is your preference to choose to see it as rape or something else which I really respect about this episode and the show in general

8. I said LGBTQ is represented in the show. I want to focus specifically on the T part of it. In an episode there is a transgender/transsexual character that delivers the message of how hard it is to be yourself in a world that wants to see you in a different way. How your power and worth is taken away from you just because you’re not accepted for who you are. Many episodes carry this message but never more profoundly than this episode

9. It deals with family estrangement. Scenarios such as unwilled pregnancy and forced marriage. Parents that have disowned, neglected and abandoned you. Crises with jealousy and resentment from sibling rivalry. But most strongly, right from the very first episode, a mother’s deep shame because of the lead characters’ sinful actions of her past

10. One of the lead characters gets into a situation in an episode where she has to decide whether to fight in a just cause to protect and defend someone she loves or surrender and do nothing. This is a very strong and important message because often we feel there is no other option but to fight when someone we love is threatened and in danger. We are forced to realize that if we do fight, aren’t we becoming just like the person we feel we have to fight and prolonging the violence? And also realize what would become of us if we choose to do nothing at all and something bad happens to the person we love? Will we ever forgive ourselves for not defending them? Will we forever regret not acting out in violence in order to protect them from harm, or in the worst case, save their life?

I could go on and on but I will stop at 10 reasons otherwise this post is going to be incredibly long. Honestly though, this show has unbelievable writing and producing and acting that you can take so much from it. Almost every episode has a message or moral of some kind that is important and significant to know, understand and learn. There is no other show that I’ve seen that does this better, or really, at all. The character development and evolution for the lead and recurring characters dig deep inside and underneath your skin and hit your heart so hard. You are required and expected to see, hear, feel and know what is most important in life and how to deal with it. And furthermore, it is just incredibly entertaining and interesting. This is why Xena: Warrior Princess is timeless and is still relevant to watch in 2017.

Whipped - Auston Matthews

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Notes: Hola friends! This is literally one of my fav imagines that I’ve written so I hope you enjoy it cuties! Also look how beautiful he is in that gif!! I’m so in love.

Mentions: Like a few of the Leafs that I’m too lazy to write out

Warnings: Mentions of sex, nothing explicit or even steamy

Requested: Yes | No

Up Next: Jesse Puljujarvi

Teaser: “If you adopt us when you get married, we’ll make ourselves act five for you.”

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Yours, Unfaithfully [Chapter 5]

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Chapter 5 of Yours, Unfaithfully

Chapter 1  Chapter 2  Chapter 3  Chapter 4

Jaebum felt the room spin as he tried to grasp what Jackson was telling him. He didn’t love you. Not like Jaebum did.

“But the real reason I wanted to talk to you was that I want to know if you’d be my best man? You’re my best friend and I know how much you mean to Y/N. Honestly, there’s no one else in the world I’d want there with me”.

Jaebum felt nauseous. He WAS special to you. The most special person in your life. To have to stand right next to Jackson as he married the love of his life was the worst scenario he could ever imagine. But Jackson was his best friend. He was his first real friend. He was always there for him no matter what. How could he turn his back on him?

The promise he made you about tonight suddenly floated to the from of his mind… along with another vital piece of information, no one but him knew about yet. Not even you.

“JB… did you hear me? Will you?”

Jaebum fiddled with the small box he had tucked away in the center compartment of his car for some months now.

Waiting for 25. His new favorite number. 25 meant being with you the way he wanted. 25 meant asking your father’s permission to put this ring on your finger and love you the way you deserved for the entirety of both your lives.

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rfa boys + v + saeran with MC as brand new parents. Like, we're talking baby time with middle of the night feedings and diaper changes, and crying and not sleeping and the exhaustion that comes with being a new parents, but also a cute moment here and there as well.

Awww anonny you’re hitting me with the feels! I could write tons of pages about the Mystic Messenger characters being parents so these turned out to be longer and fluffy! I based the children’s sex on my last post about these peeps being parents and I also added Jaehee just because I didn’t want her to be left out so hopefully that’s okay! I kind of want to give the children names and personalities now because I’ve become so attached to this idea thanks to you and the other anon’s parent request! I absolutely loved writing this request so I really hope that you enjoy!! :)


  • Yoosung is surprisingly really helpful when it comes to dealing with your newborn son
  • He understands how exhausted you are from the day and usually takes the night shifts when taking care of your son
  • Yoosung already stays up late to play LOLOL and has even started to set up a schedule as to when to check on his son while also killing some monsters
  • The times whenever Yoosung is actually asleep and hears your son crying, he always gets right out of bed to care for him
  • Your son sometimes has problems properly latching onto the bottle when it’s feeding time so Yoosung gives him little encouragements to help him
  • “Come on little guy, you have to drink your milk! How else will you grow big and strong enough to help daddy slay the monsters in LOLOL? Hey, that’s it! You’re doing it! I’m so proud of my little man!”
  • There have been nights where Yoosung is just exhausted from work and just wants to sleep but when he hears his son’s crying, he’ll attend to him no matter what the problem is… unless it’s diaper changing then he may call you for some assistance
  • One of Yoosung’s favorite things in the world is showing your son picture books of animals and seeing his reaction to each one, slowly but surely teaching his son the wonders of being a Vet
  • Yoosung is honestly Super Dad and is extremely attentive to his son’s needs because he’d do absolutely anything for his son


  • Zen definitely tried his best whenever it came to dealing with your son at night, he just wasn’t always the best
  • He’d come home tired from rehearsals and as the two of you were about to fall asleep, your son would start crying
  • With a deep sigh, Zen would roll out of bed and tend to his son’s needs
  • Your son was like his father for more than just his looks, he was extremely vocal like Zen
  • Zen would wince sometimes at just how loud his son would cry but he found that his own voice would usually soothe the little one
  • “Listen son, I’m really proud of you for working on that singing voice so early on in life but mommy and I are tired. How about you listen to your old man sing a little bit and then you go back to sleep alright?”
  • When it came to night feeding and diaper changing, Zen would typically have to turn to you for help because he would usually make the bottle too warm and could not change a diaper to save his life
  • But when your son wasn’t crying his little lungs out, one of Zen’s favorite things is to put his son on his bare chest, taking ahold of his son’s tiny arms and moving them in random patterns and singing to him while lightly kissing his forehead
  • Zen definitely has room to improve with his parenting, something he understands and accepts, but one thing that he’s mastered is to always love and care for his son


  • Jaehee already has experience taking care of the other RFA members, who’re basically kids, so she ends up being a super great mom
  • She sees how exhausted you are so Jaehee’s more than willing to take care of her daughter at nighttime
  • Your daughter isn’t a very loud crier but Jaehee can always tells when she’s in distress
  • Jaehee’s a pro at diaper changing and heating up the bottles since she had lots of experience with heating up her coffee
  • But there are times when both you and Jaehee are tired but your daughter is crying her little heart out but of course Jaehee will attend to her, she just may be a little bit cranky in the morning
  • When your daughter refuses to fall back asleep, Jaehee likes to read her stories from a fairytale book, even acting out all of the parts which earns a few giggles from her tiny daughter
  • “This is what I want you to learn my daughter, don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do anything. You’re going to grow up to be such a strong and beautiful girl and me and your mother want you to be happy. We’ll make sure to always encourage you to follow your dreams.”
  • You notice your daughter starting to fall asleep only when she’s cradled in Jaehee’s arms, making Jaehee give you a shy smile
  • Jaehee is an amazing mom, no one would argue that, and her daughter grows up knowing just how much her two mothers love her


  • Jumin wanted nothing more than for his daughter to grow up in a healthy, loving environment
  • To do this, Jumin wanted to spend as much time with her as possible, so since he worked during the day he usually would spend all night with her
  • But when your daughter would cry, Jumin would panic never knowing what she needed
  • Jumin was terrible at changing diapers, he could ever get the bottle temperature right, and it seemed like every time he’d try to pick his daughter up, her cries would turn into wailing
  • He was about to give up hope of being a good dad but you kept encouraging Jumin, telling him to just keep spending more time with his daughter then she’d start warming up to him
  • One night when you and Jumin were sleeping, the two of you heard your daughter crying yet again and just as Jumin was about to call a nanny, you convinced him to go to her
  • He was reluctant but did so, carefully picking up his daughter to try and get her to calm down
  • When her crying turned louder, not that Jumin was surprised, he tried something new and started to rock his daughter back and forth while singing a lullaby in his deep voice
  • “Do like my singing my little girl? Hmm your mother says the same thing but I don’t think it’s that great. But I’m glad that you like it, I’ll sing anything for you my precious girl.”
  • His daughter eventually fell asleep in his arms, making Jumin almost cry on the spot as he cuddled her closer in his arms
  • Jumin may not be the most experienced dad, but after that moment he knew that he would give his daughter all of the love he could because, besides you, she was his favorite person in the world


  • Seven would always joke around about being the best dad ever but he honestly was starting to become one
  • His sleep schedule is the worst so he’d always be ready to go to your son when he started crying
  • By some miracle, your son didn’t become a crying mess all that often, making both you and Seven extremely relieved
  • It took Seven a while to get the hang of changing diapers and getting the bottle ready, let’s just say there were lots of times when you had to help clean up the mess Seven made
  • But Seven would always let you sleep when your son cried at night because he cherished his time with his little boy
  • When the little Choi was being extra fussy and wouldn’t stop crying, Seven would lift him up and spin around in slow circles, telling his tiny son crazy made up stories
  • The smile his son would show made Seven’s heart melt, he finally had a family to call his own
  • “You know little guy, I never knew what it was like to have loving parents. But you’re never going to feel that way because me and your mom are going to love you for forever! And maybe someday if you’re extra good, I’ll take you to space with me!”
  • Your son always seemed to calm down whenever Seven was with him, realizing that your husband made a father-son bond that would never be broken
  • Seven would always spend as much time as possible with you and his son, making sure that his son would grow up in a family that was filled with lots of love


  • V already had a feeling that life was going to get a bit… messier when your twins had come into this world
  • He always had an immense amount of guilt for not getting the eye surgery sooner so that he could see his children
  • So V figured that taking care of your fussy twins at night would at least start to show how sorry he was
  • The twins weren’t easy to deal with, your son would try and crawl out of the crib and slobber on anything he could get his hands on while your daughter was a crying machine and would flail around whenever anyone would try and pick her up
  • V definitely had his work cut out for him
  • He was a terrible diaper changer and he usually ended up dropping the bottles of milk on the floor before even heating them up since it was still dark outside, not helping with his poor vision
  • But as time went on, V started getting more and more confident as well as helpful with his twins
  • He loved having them sit on his lap while he watched their eyes widen in wonder as V showed them his scrapbooks of photos
  • Granted, he had to be careful of his son’s drool and his daughter’s tears when handling the photos
  • “You two sure seem to like this photo a lot and I’m not surprised. Uncle Jumin took this one of mommy and me in the garden. I really love this photo, even though it’s pretty blurry, we still need to teach Uncle Jumin how to take photos when you two get older. I’ll have him take a photo of all four of us together when you both are bigger okay?”
  • Now every time V’s with the twins, they immediately start to crawl onto his lap waiting for a new scrapbook to be presented to them
  • V had become an amazing father to his twins, not that it surprised you, and when they did get old enough, V received the eye surgery to finally fully see his beautiful family


  • Saeran was absolutely terrified about being a father and having a child to look after
  • In fact, Saeran was practically afraid of his son, he saw his own vulnerable self within his son, making Saeran think of his own awful childhood and wanting nothing to do with the little boy
  • You would usually end up taking care of your son day and night since Saeran would get flashbacks of his childhood and nearly had a panic attack once
  • But one night when you were feeling extremely sick and resting, Saeran heard his son crying from the room next door
  • Saeran cautiously went to his son’s room and yet again, panicked when seeing his son crying, reminding him of himself
  • But then his son looked Saeran right in the eyes, making Saeran freeze but realize that his son needed him and that nothing else mattered
  • He gently picked up his little boy and sat down on a rocking chair, softly shushing him and wiping his tears away
  • “I’m so sorry for not taking care of you and properly loving you. But you helped me realize something, you’re my son and nobody’s going to take you away from me. I promise to protect you and love you for forever so don’t be sad anymore okay?“
  • From that night on, Saeran became a super dad and wouldn’t let his son out of his sight, soon becoming a diaper changing and bottle making expert
  • His favorite thing to do with his son is to go sit outside and stare at the clouds, with Saeran usually chuckling when his son would get excited and point at the sky
  • Saeran soon became an amazing father and husband, he would always make it a point to tell both you and his son how much he loved and cherished you two
Dear Obama,


Heh. I’m just joshin’ ya. I know that’s not possible. (Right? We’re 1,000% sure that’s not an option, correct? I just want to make certain all the bases have been covered on that point.)

But seriously, I just wanted to say thanks. Thanks for what you tried to do for this country after eight years of Bush, which we’d all assumed was the most disastrous White House any of us would have to experience. Some of us really did appreciate you and your family. Though there were certainly a number of criticisms of your policies – well-reasoned, valid critique – we were all coming to the table from a common ground of human decency and moving the country in the same general direction. Because of that, we could discuss policy points and express disappointment that you didn’t do this or outrage that you did that while still recognizing the country’s net position was moving in a positive direction. Some of the outcomes were the inevitable product of working with a bloated bureaucracy like the US government and being unable to implement your vision in full because of necessary compromises, and yes, resentment from the people who didn’t want you there. But thanks. You tried. You tried to make America a better place, and for awhile, I was very proud to call myself a citizen of the United States.

Now my lips are already primed to say the phrase “I’m Canadian” on my next international vacation.

Anyway, just one small favor to ask of you even though we don’t deserve it: Can you please stick around? Please stay present and visible, not just because we like seeing you, but because you did turn this country around after Bush. And somebody is going to have to turn it around after Trump. I don’t even have a picture in my mind anymore of what the US will be at the end of this administration. I can’t even imagine what kind of person we’ll need in the White House to undo this kind of damage, because I honestly thought you were about as good as it was going to get for a President in my lifetime. We’ll have to have someone better than you to put this country back together, repair our relationships globally, and right the wrongs of the orange toddler crashing his way through our government and paving the way for legislation out of the worst Congress we’ve ever seen.

The next President will need your help and advice and guidance. Please stick around to give it to them. You don’t owe us anything, not after the eight years we put you and your family through, and certainly not after the slap in the face delivered to your legacy by putting Trump in your place. But I already know you’re a better person than I, and your heart is not filled to the brim with petty. I know you still want to see us win regardless of how vehemently we are trying to lose, so please stick around.

That’s all I got. Thanks again to you and your entire family.

The Parts of the US That Can Read And Digest Factual Information

Why I really enjoyed episode 21?

I’ve decided to sum up my feelings from chapter 21 which was, in my opinion, really great. Why? Okay… firstly the setting… finally we have almost whole chapter set somewhere else than Sangwoo’s house, basement or some place in the city. It kinda felt refreshig.

Secondly at the beginning I felt that nothing interesting will happend but at the end I realized how many f..kin’ important moments there were. Like the fact that we get to know a drop of Sangwoo’s past and his parents.

Plus as someone mentioned here… we have here another small hint that his mother may had some psychological issues (ehm… was e.g., insane). Another thing is, that we get to know that Sangwoo is having hallucinations (I think someone also mentioned there that in first season SW said that sometimes he heard how she’s banging on the door… like hello… your mom is dead boi - so you know what i mean). This time it was a man crossing the road.

Another information considering Sangwoo is, that somehow he’s afraid of bleeding. Meaning when he’s bleeding. I was thinking why? And how’d even happened that he started bleeding? Bite his tongue or mouth? But he would have felt it or not? And why he freaked out so much because of such insignificat thing? Since he murdered so many people and see their blood. It’s definitely something what we will found out later.

So now they are hiking. Beautiful nature. I dunno how Koogi’s doing it but everytime when I see her drawings where’s just everyday life and so on I feel like it’s real (I would die for animated version to be honest xD). Everything looks calm. Bum fell down, Sangwoo helped him to get up (nice). Now cute Bum.

And after cute Bum we see, again, upset Sanwgoo. Now let me get off the point here and let’s see Sangwoo’s shocked and not-so-calm expressions aka something which we are not able to see at him.

Honestly I was so satisfied when I could see Sangwoo knocked off balance (that little d..k). That he can freak out too. Anyway now we get to know another information from his past aka where he dig a grave for his father. And after knocking Bum into water his expression is somehow nostalgic and maybe sad?

SANGWOO could you just… stop looking so freakin’ good, because you are evil… you are murderer… you are crazy and I don’t want to have wild imaginations about me and you in this hot tub!!!

Okay… sorry for this outburst, but seriously… he is the worst person ever but I still kinda love him? (I know I know… but please don’t hate me xD ). Anyway in a hot tub we can see kinda cute scene between Bum and Sangwoo… and somehow I felt like Sangwoo is being honest and that his feelings are real. Just look at this scene.

He really looks genuine not some kind of a game. Maybe it is just stoopid me and deluding myself that Sangwoo can be nice and sweet too (LOL you wish). To sum it up (sorry for such a long post) this chapter was about Sangwoo and I dare to say about REAL Sangwoo without any ulterior motives. We get to know more information about his past and it was kinda nice. Plus… Koogi’s art is getting better and better every chapter! I LOVE YOU KOOGI! Keep on doing such an amazing work <3

People on tumblr always talk about wanting more mentally ill characters but once you guys actually get them you hate them and they’re the target of some of the worst discourse. You only accept the characters who are good about going around with their mental illness but that isn’t true to life. Not every mentally ill person is going to act entirely good all the time when they’re mentally ill or have been through something difficult. Character morality policing is the literal worst, honestly you guys are so boring I hope none of you ever become writers.

Okay I’ve attempted to make a follow forever for quite some time now and honestly this took forever to make anyway?? But I’ve reached 1200 which I feel is a decent milestone so I wanted to make one of these to celebrate! :D I do want to preface though, because I’ve mentally said it over probably thirty times at least as I was making this that I truly am sorry that I’m the worst person ever at communication and literally I love to talk to anyone, but sometimes I genuinely forget and don’t look in my IMs for months on end and the next time I see it I’m like?? Oh wow they probably hate me for taking so long should I still reply?? Lolol, but yeah I’ll go ahead and do these but I’m gonna do the special shoutouts at the bottom ^.^ But honestly thank you and I love you to everyone who follows me and who I follow and I appreciate all of you and I know I forgot people so chances are even if you’re not on here I’ll still follow you forever??

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Yours, Unfaithfully [Chapter 4]

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Chapter 4 of Yours, Unfaithfully

Chapter 1  Chapter 2  Chapter 3

Series Genre: AU/Angst/Fluff/Smut

“I promise to keep you safe and do my best to always make you feel loved,” he smiled.

He pulled you in for a tight hug as your tears flowed, heart beat sporadically as you tried to stop it all from hurting so bad. He kissed your cheek, wiping away the tears as he turned to show you off to the room.

An applause broke out, your mothers hugging you both as they too cried. They must have thought you were just as happy as them. For them, and for Jackson, you were going to keep it together today, even if it killed you.

You shifted your swelling face to search for him once more, needing to find some sort of solace in this emptiness you felt, but just like this morning, he had disappeared.

“Excuse me, I need to go clean up,” you smiled softly, letting go of Jackson’s hand.

“Hurry back, okay?”

You nodded and moved through your close family friends as you made your way to your old room. You needed a minute alone.

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In my opinion, it's okay to ship JDronica as long as you realize how toxic the relationship was. Like, I ship it hardcore, but i think a lot of people don't admit that JD is toxic af. I think Veronica could've helped JD become a better person, and help get him actual mental heath help. (I mean, if it can happen to me it can happen to anyone, right?)

Yea exactly. I just hate it when certain people are like “jdonica is the WORST SHIP EVER!! LITERALLY SO HORRIBLE IT’S UNBELIEVABLE HOW COULD ANYONE SHIP THIS MONSTROSITY” I’m like honestly….chill?? like a previous anon said, toxic/manipulative couples are hardly a new thing in dramas. And Heathers is a drama. Of course they aren’t gonna be pure and happy, doesn’t mean they’re so fucked up you can’t ship them. Like seriously, there are couples out there that are WAY worse, but still have tons of shippers. Jdonica is relatively low on the list of unhealthy couples when you compare it to lots of others.

Dirk Gently Head Canons

Rowdy 3-
1. They sleep in a pile, like they just crash and fall on top of each other in the back of the van.
2. They 110% punch every Nazi they see.
3. Grips is highly intelligent, he just knows things, but he has trouble expressing himself and it upsets him a lot.
4. Vogle loves animals (he absolutely steals shark cat) he almost always has an animal he found injured on the side of the road in the van that he is nursing back to health. He gets teary every time he releases them back into the wild.
5. Cross is the best at comforting people and gives the best hugs. He also has trouble expressing himself though and it often makes him angry.
6. Martin has terrible panic attacks, he doesn’t like the other Rowdies seeing though, they always do, driving calms him, he drives all the time because he knows he’s in control.
7. Cross is also a kinesthetic learner, mechanics comes easily to him, so no matter how rough the van looks on the outside, underneath it’s perfect.
8. Grips is a fantastic artist, he let Vogle help him paint the van, he’s constantly adding new things, inside and out.

1. Dirk wears so many bright colours because in the facility he only got to wear greys and whites.
2. He secretly loves the Rowdy 3 finding him, he doesn’t get much human contact, and he feels like he’s useful.
3. He is pansexual/panromantic
4. He LOVES movies, but he is unbearable to watch them with because he always (loudly) tries to predict what will happen and is alwAYS WRONG
5. He cannot swim.
6. He’s terribly afraid of the dark and has panic attacks because of all the time he spent stuck in it as a kid.

1- Todd’s first crush was Suzie Quattro, then David Bowie.
2. His favourite animal WAS a giraffe.
3. He is very scared of spiders.

1. Was picked on in school for being weird.
2. The day Lydia Spring disappeared was the second worst day of her life. She regards it as her greatest failure.
3. The worst day was when she lost her dad.
4. Meeting Dirk was a relief because he is absolutely weirder than her.
5. Amanda was the first person she ever felt truly understood her.

1. Has a soft spot for folk-punk.
2. She loves star wars, StormPilot is canon, she will fight you on this.
3. She loves cartoons.
4. So does Vogle so sometimes they go into electrical stores and turn up the volume on the films.
5. She will also fight you for a French fry.

1. Honestly just needs a nap.
2. He can’t sleep though, he keeps dreaming about Zimmerfield.
3. Spends his spare time reading comics. Marvel, DC, Archie.
4. Detectives the shit out of ‘Riverdale’.

1. Has never really had friends before.
2. He’s an amazing gamer.
3. Lowkey loves the games the other gamers think are shitty and childish.
4. Cannot handle rubix cubes, hates them, once threw one in the ocean because he just can’t solve them, they are frustrating.

1. First kill was her neighbor (how Black wing found her), she was a toddler, he was baby sitting her. They found bodies buried in his backyard. Lots of bodies.
2. She would never have let Ken die out with the hillbillies.
3. Ken teaches her how to plait her hair and she HATES it.
4. Neatness makes her uncomfortable.

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Title: Locked In.
Pairing: Leonard Snart x Female!Reader.
Words: 1,089.
Rating: T.

“Get us out of here!” You hissed at Kendra and Ray, who were looking at you through the glass as you rubbed your arms up and down hoping to gain some friction to warm yourself up.

“Sorry guys, you heard Gideon. The doors aren’t going to open until the haul breach is sealed.” Kendra murmured, her voice coming out muffled through the door. You paced back and forth in front of the door before groaning and walking over to sit against one of the generators in the room. You watch as Snart strode over and sat down next to you.

“This must be like a day at the beach for you.” You joked tilting your head to look at Leonard. “If I had to pick a way to die, freezing wouldn’t be worst.” He shook his head slightly. “Do you fear dying?” He asked suddenly, turning his head to gaze at you.

“Honestly? Not really. Death has always found a way to wrap itself around my life. First my father, the only person that ever cared about me and then someone I once considered a sister, were both taken away from me. Then I almost died during a heist that went sour.” Leonard looked down staring at the floor as you explained to him why you didn’t fear death. “What about you?”

“Closest I ever came to dying was uh… the day I met Mick.” He said. You snorted lightly, shivering slightly as you huddled closer into yourself. Today was a bad day to wear a simple white t-shirt. “Why does that not surprise me?” You asked rhetorically, resting your head on your elbow that was supported on your knee, gazing intently at Leonard.

“I wasn’t like that.” He said quickly shaking his head, smiling a bit at the memory. “It was my first day in juvie. I was 14, and the smallest kid in there by far. Some of the older kids wanted to make sure I knew it. So they jumped me. I fought back, but one of them had a shiv and I figured that was it until Mick stepped in. And they didn’t mess with me after that. He’s been standing up for me ever since.” He finished, returning your gaze.

You hummed in acknowledgment shivering harshly. For a moment, Leonard stared at you before shuffling around to take of his jacket. “What are you doing?” You questioned him, carefully watching his every move. “I’m giving you my jacket. Watching you shiver is annoying.” He sassed.

“No! Absolutely not! You’re going to freeze.” You responded, hugging yourself even tighter. “I’ll manage. Plus we’re already freezing so what difference would it make which one of us wears the jacket.” Leonard reasoned.

You contemplated his argument, opening and closing your mouth, no comeback coming to mind. Suddenly a devilish idea popped into his mind as he smirked. You narrowed your eyes, warily looking at Leonard. “What.” You stated.

“I’ve got a solution to our problem.” Answered Leonard with a drawl in his voice. He opened his thin coat and welcomed you into his semi-warm embrace.

You ended up sitting on his lap, pressed firmly against Leonard, trying to fight the cold. As another wave of chillness rolled down your spine, you huddled closer to him. You could feel his grip around you tighten as you tried to get even closer, the cold freezing you to your core.

You look up to see Leonard already staring at you, a look on his face that probably mirrored your own. You tilted your head slightly and licked your lips, teasing him. Then he slowly leaned in. Your breath hitched in your throat, and for a moment your eyes roamed his face, thinking about the pros and cons and what would happened if this kiss would ensue. But once you caught his gaze again, all that resolve went to hell. 

As he gets closer, your hands reach up and gently cup his face, bringing it down to yours as your lips connect in a sweet kiss. The kiss was softer than you had anticipated, the slow pace and gentle motion making you stomach turn in excitement. Once you pulled away you smiled slight lightly and hummed.

“What are you smiling about?” Snart grumbled, trying to move away from you, but your body heat kept him close. You moved you hands away from his face and onto his shoulders. “I didn’t think Leonard Snart, a notorious criminal, could kiss so gently.” You joked, leaning your head on his chest. His face turned from on of confusion to one of mild annoyance.

“I take what I want, whenever I want and I wanted you, so I took you.” He mumbled, beginning to shuffle away again. He didn’t get far before you raised your head from his shoulder and pulled him into another kiss. This one was a little more hungry and fiercely passionate.

As the kiss became more heated, the two of you warmed up quite nicely. This kiss turned into a hot make out session as opposed to the gentle kiss you shared moments ago.

You pulled away once again, panting harshly to try and regain your breath. The two of you stare at each other for a while, Leonard leaning back in to kiss you again before you put a finger against his lips.

“Did you think I’d let you ‘take what you want, when you want’ so easily?” You smirked, quoting his words. “If you want another kiss Leonard, you’re either gonna have to work for it or do what you do best and steal it.” You whisper before you rest your head against his shoulders once more. He grunted in annoyance, but complied anyways, holding you close. 

Bonus: After the events that had happened today, you found yourself unable to sleep. Wandering the Waverider, you turn to go down another hallway, but the moment you rounded the corner, you were pushed against the wall, a pair of lips smashing against yours as you let out a sound of surprise.

The moment you see the familiar stoic face of the kleptomaniac, you kiss back with the same amount of severity and lust as your arms reached up to wrap around his shoulders and pull him closer.

“Stole it.” He winked at you, a cocky smirk gracing his face, before walking away. You let out a breath as he walked around the corner, a small smile growing on your face as you lightly touched your mouth, the sensation of his lips, lingering.

Alright! Here’s my first attempt at writing a Leonard Snart fanfic! I hope I portrayed his character correctly… Reblogs and like are appreciated, thanks for reading! Sorry if you find any typos!

Works Everytime (Star Lord Reader Insert)

Anon Request: Could I please have a s,tut with y/n and peter quill having a pickup line contest until it starts getting touchy feely. (Ps could you please add a hand job for giggles c: I love your work btw

Warnings: smut, oral (female receiving), hand job for giggles, tiny bit of dirty talk, peter calls reader a slut (but only once it’s okay)

Words: 1906

all these pick up lines are extremely cheesy and i want to die but enjoy lol


“Did you sit in a pile of sugar? ‘Cause you have a sweet ass,” Peter comments, still pacing around the bunk like a mad person while you’re sat crisscross on his bed. Surprisingly, it’s not his worst one yet.

“Well, you’re slowly getting better,” you tell him, not looking up from his old, beat up Rubik’s cube that you’re struggling to solve.

For the past few days, Quill has been “testing” his infamous pick-up lines on you. They were all extremely lame and you’re honestly quite amazed that they worked on anyone ever.

It all goes back to when you guys were hitting up the local bar. Peter was doing his usual business of being completely skeevy. He’d spotted a girl he’d found particularly attractive and, keep in mind that these were from his tellings, apparently she was eyeing him pretty hard too. However, when he’d finally gone up to her and delved into his inner library of lines, she threw a drink in his face. You felt more bad that you weren’t there to see it rather than for the man himself. Although, you didn’t hesitate to bust out laughing when he came up to you drenched in pungent alcohol with a tiny, pink umbrella stuck in his hair and a sour expression.

Peter tried his luck again a day or so later and, while there were no tossing of drinks, he was deafeningly bitched out by a girl to the point where he physically had to leave the bar so she would stop. That was pretty awesome too.

Only thing was, it had completely crushed the deep faith he had in himself to be able to pick up chicks. That combined with him being sex-deprived was making him 10x more annoying and bitchy than usual. He would rant about how he swore he was cursed or something, but you reminded him that not every woman is always dumb and/or drunk enough to fall for his shit. Yet, that didn’t satisfy him and back in reality, he was still being just a tiny bit deranged.

“That’s bullshit. These are golden, like, you should really be writing these down,” he declares, half serious about his statement.

“Uh-huh, anyways…” You’re more focused on completing the cube to care about this whole situation. Any other person would be able to move on with their life but, for men with an ego like Peter’s, this was an utter travesty.

“I’m serious, (Y/N), these are great.”


“What?” he asks incredulously, “You think you could do better?”

“Honestly? Yes.” Anything you could churn out would be better than what he’s delivering.

“Alright, go ahead. Hit me with one,” he eggs you on. Since Quill is obviously hellbent on not letting this go, you toss the cube to the side. You pause for a moment before meeting his eyes in what you hoped resembled a sexy gaze.

“Are you a racehorse? ‘Cause when I ride you, you’ll always finish first.” You want to cringe at your own words, but you remain confident.

“Not bad for a rookie,” he shrugs, moving to sit next to you on the bed. “But, (Y/N), lemme ask you a question: do you have a mirror in your pocket?”

“I don’t think so, why?” you say sarcastically, indulging him. Peter leans in close, his face only inches from yours. He lowers his eyes sinfully and lets his voice drop an octave as he speaks.

“Because I see myself in your pants.” There something in the air that shifts and tells you to push it further, so you let your hand rest high on his upper thigh, feeling his body heat radiating through his pant leg. His eyebrow quirks and his stare is hard, almost entirely not blinking. Your faces are incredibly close to the point where you suddenly have the urge to feel his mouth on yours. However, you’re more desperate to win this little contest.

“What are you doing tonight? Besides me?”

“Your clothes would look even better on my floor,” he shoots back.

“I wish you were soap so I could feel you all over me,” you remark slyly.

“Babe, are you an elevator? ‘Cause I want to go down on you.”

This back and forth goes on for a little longer until you decide to kick it up a notch. Your warm hand drifts slowly from his thigh to his slight bulge, letting your hand massage it gently. He maintains eye contact, but his eyes flutter slightly and you feel a puff of air fan against your face from his soft exhale. Your eyes automatically follow his tongue as it swipes at the corner of his mouth.

“Are you the delivery man?” you whisper, snapping the button open on his pants and dragging the zipper down slowly. Your fingers trace the v-line that’s etched into his hips before letting them slip past the waistband of his boxers, ultimately closing them around his undeniably hard cock. “Cause I think you have a package for me.”

Peter barely has time to smirk at your stupid words because you’ve begun stroking him mildly. Freeing him from his pants and underwear, you run your thumb over his tip, collecting the glistening pearl of pre-cum as a lubricant. His chest heaves up and down at a steady pace, his muscles clearly defined through the fabric of his shirt.

“You dirty cheater,” he says with a breathy chuckle. You bite down on your bottom lip, doing your best to hide your satisfaction. The light, almost whiny curses that fall from his lips are foreign and new to you. It wasn’t like you’d never heard him say “fuck” before, but it was either in an angry or joking tone. The way he muttered it under his breath followed by a low grunt spoke a thousand more words and they all said sex. “Shit, (Y/N).”

Picking up the speed, he groans and throws his head back. You take the opportunity to kiss his neck, leaving small bites and licks on his skin. With your free hand, you run your fingers through his hair and watch his fists clench in the sheets beneath you, his knuckles almost white and his eyebrows knit together. He’s a panting mess and, within moments, you feel him thicken in your palm. His jaw clenches and a grunt erupts from the back of his throat. Hot, stickiness coats the back of your hand and wrist and you feel yourself grow heated at the sight of him so unraveled.  

The hand of his that isn’t tangled in the sheets is balled in the fabric of your shirt that covers your lower back. When he finally relaxes, he slumps back against the bed with his cheeks a lovely shade of crimson. You kiss his jaw sweetly, get up to grab a random piece of cloth off the floor to wipe the sign of his pleasure off your skin. In some way, you feel victorious and smirk to yourself as the image of him coming undone replays in your mind. But that feeling of triumph is replaced with a slight fear as your hips are rapidly gripped and you’re thrown onto the bed like a football through a field goal.

“You wanna play nasty, huh?” Peter asks, gritting the words through his teeth as he tears through your layers. Your cotton shorts are ripped past your thighs so fast it leaves a bit of a burning sensation. He’s quick to remove your panties as well, the action taking mere seconds and spreads your legs aggressively. There’s something about his primal assertiveness that drives you 50 shades of crazy and you shiver as the cool air hits your core.

“Fuck, you’re wet,” he mutters more to himself than you, for you can barely hear the words.

With one final, sinful wink, he buries his face between your legs. Your back immediately arches off the mattress as you take a sharp intake of breath. His tongue rolls against your core like a wave crashing against the shore, then slips it inside your heat forcing you to pull at your own messed hair. All you can manage are incoherent whimpers and whines and you could swear your eyes almost cross. His own devilish eyes meet yours, holding your gaze until you give up to throw your head against the pillow. It feels incredible, your body already beginning to twitch. Your legs threaten to close but he’s stronger and holds them in place, letting his fingers dig deep into your skin in order to do so.

“Fuck, just like that… Oh my God,” you groan, licking your lips.

Peter works you over a little longer until your body tightens, then you shudder all together. A warmth runs through your veins and an explosion is set off in your lower stomach. But he isn’t done with you yet.

Quill deftly pushes two fingers inside your wetness, filling you to his knuckle and wraps his lips around your clit. Your hips threaten to buck upwards, but he somehow manages to hold you still. Curling another finger inside you, he holds your leg up over his shoulder to get a better angle on your g-spot and strokes it with each pump of his fingers. You come again, a lot quicker than last time and you can’t help thinking ‘damn, he’s good.’

“You like that? Like me fucking you with my fingers?” he asks, knowing the answer by your pleasantly contorted expression. “Bet you want my cock instead.” You nod, letting your nails dig into his shoulder and your fingers pull at his hair.

Your calling his name over and over like it’s a damn prayer. Even though you probably should, you don’t care who hears it. Because now, you’re working on your third orgasm. Your body’s a quivering mess and every nerve ending feels like it’s on fire. And- oh! There it is again!

He helps you ride it out, letting you roll yourself against his face and you’re breathless once you’ve returned from your high. Your body feels like goo, as if you could melt right into the mattress. You don’t feel Quill slide up next to you until you feel his lips press against the corner of your jaw and, without looking at him, you can feel that his cockiness is back in full effect.

“Little slut likes her pussy eaten, huh? How many times did you come, baby?” he asks, arrogance dripping with each word. His grin is especially evident against your skin and you almost want to smack it off of him. But, for some reason, you’re grinning too.

“Shut up,” you order breathlessly whilst trying to manage the mass of mess that is your hair.  His hands wander under your shirt, trailing up to cup your breast. If it was even possible, he grins even wider when he feels you have no bra on and rolls your sensitive nipple between his fingers. Your back raises ever so slightly as he pulls at the soft bud, heat threatening to pool between your legs once more.

“C’mon, tell me.”

“Three,” you answer, you voice much more breathier and whiny than you anticipated. “You happy now, Star Lord?”

“Mhmm, told you those lines are golden,” he brags, not too long after sucking a deep mark on the spot below your ear that you know someone will blatantly point out later. “Works everytime.”

Wake Me Up

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Warnings: uhh, language, but I think that’s it.

A/N: Something new for you guys - I’m really feeling this story, so I’m probably gonna write and post a second part tonight or tomorrow.

“I promise you’ll like him. I met him when I took an acting class in the city last year - he’s really sweet.” Your friend Piper promised as she scrawled out a phone number on the back of one of her business cards for you. 

“Piper, I just don’t think it’s a good idea for me to be texting strangers, you know?” You replied, scrunching your nose up at the numbers written on the small bit of paper that now lay in your hand. “Y/N, please. It’s about time you talked to a nice guy. Just give it a chance. If you’re not feeling it after a couple of days, just stop texting him. It’s not like I’m asking you to outright go on a date with the guy.” She began rambling and you held your palms up in defeat. “Alright, alright. I’ll text him. What’s his name?”


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Headcannons on kakashi and his s/o planning their wedding together. And how he would propose. P.s. your my fave imagines blog!!

Thank youu!!

Kakashi Hatake

•Kakashi’s not going to go for a big proposal tbh. It’s just not him. It will also take him a longgggg time. A relationship with Kakashi gets tiresome after a while if you’re expecting a proposal. It probably won’t happen until years down the line, and you’ll have to hint at it first

•It’s going to be unexpected though. He wants to make sure his s/o hasn’t the faintest idea. He hopes it compensates for the fact that he’s not going to make it a big proposal 

•He just kinda comes out with it, but he’s a little nervous, so he’s hesitant and can’t exactly form a smooth proposal. “So, _____… I know it’s overdue but uh… do you want to get married? Maybe?”

•As for wedding plans, honestly, he leaves most of it to his s/o. Kakashi is the worst person ever to rely on when it comes to seeking input on wedding plans. What kind of flowers? He doesn’t care. What kind of food? Doesn’t care. The date? Doesn’t care. “Soon, but not too soon,” he’d probably say

•It’s when his s/o chastises him and tells him that he needs to get his shit together that he’ll quit the lackadaisical attitude and try to have an input. The only condition he’ll really have on the wedding is that they keep the guest list short. Having a big wedding just doesn’t sound appealing to him. Too crowded. Too chaotic

•He’s also not looking to spend a lot of money, so he’ll be super cheap if his s/o leaves the budgeting to him. Which kinda sucks. It’s best that his s/o make most of the decisions tbh