you are honestly the worst person ever

i wish i could do things right and i wish i had motivation to get up

If you kick someone when they’re down, you’re the worst kind of person. Nobody should ever have to wake up feeling worthless and go to bed feeling the same way because of another human. I will never understand how a person can be okay with making another person feel like they aren’t important or that they don’t matter or how someone can give up on someone that they loved. It’s really unfortunate that there’s so few genuine people left on this earth that will care for a person and their feelings. It’s sad honestly.

I don't really know anything about Camila

But I know someone that knows her via iHeart and he says she’s the sweetest person he’s ever met.

But I still think what she did was selfish and immature (going through your reps, really? Can’t even tell them yourself?) and I honestly think she used Shawn as a stepping stone to start a solo career, whether their friendship is real or not.

Good luck to her, but I really don’t think she’ll be as big as she thinks she will. I’m sure many people like her voice, but for me, it makes my ears bleed.

I still think “I Know What You Did Last Summer” is the worst song ever because of her whiney voice.

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Can people maybe give the new mods a week to settle in before you break out the torches and pitchforks over everything they do?

I agree! When I was first learning the ropes, I would respond in a similar fashion and I would get 50 asks telling me I was a shithole of a person and deserved to die. It was, honestly, the worst thing ever. Rodney has apologized and stated in more clear terms what he meant, let’s move on. Everything about this from this point on will be deleted. -Mandie

Victim Ask Meme: Send in a question and my Muse will have to answer honestly
  • What’s one of the worst things someone has done to you?
  • What’s one of the worst things you’ve seen someone do to another person?
  • What’s one of the worst things you’ve done to another person?
  • Talk about a terrible accident you were involved in.
  • Ever had a dark secret discovered? What was it of, and who found out?
  • Have you ever been betrayed by someone you were close to? What happened?
  • What’s one of the worst injuries you’ve gotten? How did you get it?
  • Talk about a time someone set you up to fail
  • Has anyone ever driven you to hurting yourself?
  • Name someone who’s manipulated you in the past.
  • Talk about a time you were made to be humiliated in front of other people.
  • Have you ever been ganged up on? What unfolded?

Theo tricks Scott into thinking it was you who killed Allison (you’re a human in Scott’s pack)
Oh damn love me some ~drama~

Theo Raeken was quite possibly the worst person ever. He was a lying bastard, always trying to ruin my life. And others, for that matter, but this is my story so I’m going to complain about my life for once.

Anyway, back to Theo being a terrible person. Theo tried to turn all of my friends against me - constantly. I would give you the examples, but I honestly can’t be bothered to write that much.

But one time he tried to turn Scott against me, and it worked.

I could see Theo whispering to Scott in the hallways, in classes - anywhere he could get into Scott’s head. Every time, Scott looked angrier and angrier.

One day he just snapped.

I saw Scott walking in the hall - everyone else was in class, but the whole pack had a free period at the same time, and I was heading to the library to study with them. I waved at Scott.

“Hey! Are you heading to the libr-”

He slammed me against the lockers, teeth bared and eyes glowing.

“Don’t ever speak to me again.” He growled at me.

I shook with fear. “Wh-what?” I managed.

“I know you’re the one who killed Alison, Y/N.” He said, leaning closer to me. “I know it was your plan. It’s all your fault.”

My eyes widened, and I shook my head frantically. “It wasn’t me! I promise you, Scott, Theo’s just trying to mess with you!”

He wouldn’t believe me. “I’ll kill you, Y/N - I’ll kill you.”

And that’s why I ran from Beacon Hills.

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It's sooo good to just hate the shit out of your ex fp and just enjoy things you know they wouldn't like and gradually realise that they were the worst person that you've ever known

Honestly I live this every day 👌🙌👏

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when someone u have a crush on also has a crush on u it's fulfilling and warm for your heart i mean u actually feel the love all over your body and all u need is to be near that person and since it's mutual it can easily turn into love so it could be the best feeling but if for any reason the feelings stop for either person, it could be the worst thing ever, depending what side you're on, but as time goes on u get over each other, and hopefully u can focus on yourself or someone new

i honestly can’t even begin to imagine that, holy fuck

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Shadowhunters for the ships thing :3

otp: malec, jimon, and clizzy 
favourite canon pairing: malec
worst pairing ever: c|a|ec… yikes
guilty pleasure pairing: probably jimon and clizzy, honestly every scene with those two pairs baits me and i dont even have the energy to care anymore
a pairing you want to see more: ………………………lucelyn fml
that pairing everyone likes but you’re like “lol no”: saphae| (i dont mind if ppl ship it, it’s just not my jam personally) 
favorite non-romantic pair: i have so many but tbh magnus/luke and the lightwood siblings all together!!

send me a fandom!

Please don’t take any of this the wrong way, but I honestly believe that you were one of the worst things to ever have happened to me,
I thought that you were the greatest person on this earth, but you left me and I tore myself to shreds because of it,
I’m becoming the worst I’ve ever been before, it’s hard to function with all the memories of you and me swirling around and around my head like a tornado,
I’ve literally destroyed myself, and I hate to say it, but it’s pretty much your fault,
I regret every single thing about you, I regret opening up to you, I regret showing you my fucking scars, and I regret letting you try to heal them, God knows your the reason there’s so many of them now,
I regret letting you share all the good parts of me, because now your gone and you’ve taken them with you, so thanks for stealing the old me, thanks for stealing the happy me, thanks for stealing everything I was.
—  Thanks for stealing everything I was. (via
Tragic Honest Ask Meme

Send in a number, Ilwe’ran MUST answer honestly !

  1. Name someone you’ve hurt. Do you regret what you’ve done?
  2. Have you ever shown a bad side of yourself to someone you love?
  3. Name one of the traits you hate most about yourself, why do you hate it? N°2
  4. What’s personality trait you hate in one of your close friends.
  5. Name someone you want to be friends with even though you know it wouldn’t work out.
  6. Have you ever felt so guilty you wanted to punish yourself? Why did you feel guilty?
  7. Talk about one of your worst memories involving someone you love.
  8. Talk about one of your worst memories involving someone you hate.
  9. Talk about a time you made an enemy.
  10. Have you ever ruined something good? Like a friendship, a good day, a possession, something sacred?
  11. Have you ever been abandoned? Why do you think you were left behind?
  12. Talk about a person you like that really hates you.
  13. Name a time you failed something and disappointed many people and/or embarrassed yourself.
  14. What’s one of your most prized possessions that got destroyed or taken away?
  15. What’s one of your worst childhood memories?
  16. What’s a skill you’re trying to improve at even though you know you’re terrible?
  17. Do you ever do things to hurt yourself? Talk about a time you have.
  18. Talk about a traumatizing memory.
  19. Name someone you’ve failed. What did you do wrong? How do they feel about you now?
  20. Name someone who’s failed you. What did they do wrong? How do you feel about them now? N°2

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i hope you stay safe when it comes to this guy! the worst part of abuse, imo, is that even if the person changes, the effects of the relationship you had with them never do. i think its important you make the decision on your own, but keep in mind that: even if he ends up being the perfect boyfriend ever from now on, he'd still be a reminder of the emotional abuse and manipulation you went through. something like that could be really painful to have to revisit over and over

honestly that’s what i’ve been saying….thank u for all ur kind words. it makes me feel so loved that y'all care this much abt me

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Question, I've been thinking of watching The Magicians but I've hear that the lead is just the worst straight white male you could ever find… like a Bell level if bad leadership and stupidity. Is that true? Also, how much drama is there? I'm more of a fun and games kinda person… too much drama and I opt for watching News instead…

Quentin isn’t like Bellamy at all, honestly? Lol. Like Quentin is fully aware of how… average he is. He can definitely be a dick but so can just about everyone on the show. I like Quentin, even if sometimes I wanna smack him lol. 

The Magicians has some great humor, but it can also be very dark and hella complex and it’s not really “light” and “fun” all the time. There’s a good bit of that mixed in, and the characters are AMAZING, but it can get very violent and twisted.

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May I request one about the GOM going into a haunted house with funny reactions XD, with Akashi being really scared of ghosts please?

DAMNIT SALLY I KNOW THIS IS YOU. Ok I had a lot of fun doing this and because it’s not as funny when it’s only one person, I’m going to do it with the requested characters with multiple people. -Admin Fyre

Kuroko Tetsuya:

Kuroko on the left and Kagami on the right, and you can’t convince me otherwise.

Kise Ryouta:

This, ladies and gentlemen, is Kaijo. From left to right it’s Hayakawa, Kasamatsu, Moriyama, Kise, and then Kobori, who gives zero shits.

Midorima Shintarou:

Honestly I’m already laughing way too hard. Takao on the left and Midorima on the right.

Aomine Daiki:

Momoi and Aomine. Nice shirt, Ahomine.

Murasakibara Atsushi:

Yosen, because Okamura forced them into it. Worst decision ever. From left to right: Himuro (damnit, just missed him), Liu, Murasakibara, Okamura, and Fukui.

Akashi Seijuurou:

Personally I think Akashi would never go through with this, but since you asked for it, here it is.


From left to right: Nebuya, Reo-nee, and Hayama. Mayuzumi disappeared somewhere before they went into the haunted house, the sneaky bastard.

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Haley, I'm so tired. I'm bi and in the closet, and my mother is one of the worst homophobes out there, she keeps reminding me that if she ever found out one of her kids were gay she'd kill herself because it'd be better than reality, said she would do the same as a mother who killed her own son and burned him because of his sexuality, is an all around shitty person about it and today she came with the story that gay people are genetically flawed according to science. I'm honestly so tired

(2) Also, I’m sorry for coming to you about this, I just didn’t know what else to do or who to tell

this is so horrible im so so sorry, I hope you already know but just in case you dont, she is so wrong and you dont deserve to live with that. Right now all i can do is assure you that im here if you need to talk always, you can come to me with anything and someday you will be able to leave her and surround yourself with supportive people who love you for who you are i promise, im so sorry

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can something really suggest youre supposed to learn to love someone?? and does that mean its the right thing to do? i cant imagine.. that sounds miserable

there is and hm….mm…a lot of things in life are miserable honestly. like i know when it comes to yourself you should by all means be sovereignty but there are things that you don’t want to do that you have to do for the sake of growth? and it will be uncomfortable? in this specific situation this person has always cared for me, shown me love, and been supportive & someone willing to listen to whatever so me needing to learn to appreciate/’love’ them more isn’t the worst lesson ever. this is hard to explain. but. how they feel about me is how i feel about someone else. and i need to discover things through the dynamic of our ‘love’ for another, the differences and all. i’m not saying i’m supposed to fall in love with this person but i am supposed to be enlightened through the love and ya can’t be enlightened without some learnin’ 

good to know I’m part of the “holier than thou” part of the fandom simply because I admittedly went apeshit over someone who was spreading a rumor that is beyond ridiculous.

and provided no proof.

or evidence.

and then cries the victim at the end of it all and says they were merely stating their “opinion”.

this is the worst shit I’ve ever seen. like honestly imma’ ‘bout to bounce from this fandom too because a lot of you are ridiculous. like you guys make this band sound like some sort of cringy af convention fanbase.

they’re a band that deserves so much more respect than what you’re giving them.

the constant speculation. the shit talking. jumping to conclusions. ect ect.

but. y'know. ***I’m*** the asshole. m'kay.