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Okay I am really sick and tired of people complaining about how mean Lance is to Keith, and I’m here to remind you that Keith is just as willing of a participant in their banters! Not to mention, Keith says mean things to Lance without being provoked either! For example

  • “We could toss out some nonessential weight” said to Lance specifically in the first episode
  • purposely misleading Lance in the invisible maze. 
  • “I’M NOT SCARED!!!” as he does the same thing as Lance, and also goes faster because he wants in to the competition too
  • “What’s that? I-I can’t hear you, you’re cutting off!” aka Keith being a little shit for fun
  • “The amount of information in your brain could be stored in a paper airplane” Keith insults Lance without provocation. Hell, Lance didn’t even talk to Keith thus far in that scenario, it was Keith that initiated the banter
  • The entirety of the elevator/pool scene. Keith was rude to Lance when Lance didn’t do anything

Also have you guys seen teenage boys bantering? That’s what they do. There’s really no real venom to their words. Not to mention Keith and Lance have many instances of getting along well. Plus Keith is pretty rude to everyone at one point. He says a lot of mean things to Pidge as well.

Plus, Lance also engages in similar banter with Hunk and Pidge. Pidge makes waaay more cruel remarks to Lance and everyone else yet I don’t see y’all hating on her. Only being happy at how “sassy” she is. Stop right there. Enough with the colourism. If you’re gonna blame Lance for being mean to Keith, you also better blame Keith and Pidge for being mean to Lance as well.

City of Stars

A/N Hey there! So wth Dragobete (AKA Romainian Valentines day) coming up, for some reason it has got me in a mood to write a few love stories to get everyone else in a lovey mood. So I was listeing to the La La Land musical? movie sound track (which I am in love with) and I decided to write a Lucifer Morningstar x Reader Imagine bassed off of two (well really one) of the songs which you can listen to here and here Hope you enjoy!

Pairings/ Characters: Lucifer Morningstar x Reader

Warnings: Nothing fam enjoy your fluff :)

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From the momment he saw her walk into Lux, Lucifer knew that there was something there. He felt, what he had heard humans refer to as a spark. Y/N was undeniably beautiful, though not in the traditional sense. She had a more artistic and precise beauty to her. And her voice sounded like the most beautiful musical instrument, soft and gentle. She had walked into Lux, her Y/H/C hair braided in a loose side braid, and a simple knee lenght dress. Compared to the rest of her friends, who dressed in attire Lucifer was all to familer with, Y/N stuck out like a sore thumb.

 Lucifer’s attention was immediatly drawn to her. He waved off the two women who has been fawning over him and made his way accross the loud club. As her friends left to get drinks, Lucifer alked up to her, his heart suddenly beating a million times faster. 

“Well hello there,” Lucifer said, “What may be your name, love?

“Oh hi,” she replied. “Y/N. Y/N Y/L/N. And you?”

“Lucifer Morningstar,” He replied. He glanced at the bar where her friends at gone, only to find them not there. Rather they were having the time of their lives with some random men on the dance floor.

“’Would you like to dance with me?” Lucifer blurted out. He quickly regained his compossure when he saw her shocked reaction. “I only meant.. well you’re alone here. Clubs like this are no fun when you’re alone.”

“Oh I m not alone, I am here with a couple of friends,” Y/N started. “They just went over there to…” She said point o the bar. She stopped when she realized they wern’t there. “Oh… well they are here. Somewhere. I don’t intend on staying.”

“Oh come one Y/N,” Lucifer said. He brought his arm arund her back and rested his hand on her shoulder gently guiding her to the dance floor. He pointed at her freinds. “Your friends are having the time of their life by the looks of it. Come on, just give me five minuetes to change your mind. Then you can decide?” he outstretched his hand, hoping she would take it.

Y/N thought for a second, looking at her friends as they laughed and smiled, dancing with men and women that they didn’t even know. And they were having the time of their lives. She smiled softly and took Lucifers hand.

“Fine but only 5 mineutes.” Y/N said.

“Works for me,” Lucifer said as he guided her to the floor.

Even though it was only supposed to be just 5 minetes , it quickly turned into 10. Then 30. Then 1 hour. As time went by Lucifer and Y/N lost count of how long they danced and talked and laughed. By the time they had finished, mainly out of exhaustion, a good bulk of the crowd including Y/N’s friends had gone home for the evening. 

“So, you’re a Jazz player then?” Lucifer asked her as she took another sip of her water. 

“Yep,” Y/N replied. “I have loved Jazz from the momment my father who by the way played trumpet at a local Jazz club, introduced me to it. I just sort of fell in love with it. The smoothness and the feel of it. Everything about it.”

“I see.” Lucifer said. “So you play trumpet as well I assume?”

“No. Actually I play piano.” Y/N replied. “My mouth is apparently to small to play trumpet. But thats okay. I always prefered Piano anyways.” She tookanother drink of her water.

“So what about you, Mr. Morningstar. Is this all you do?” Y/N asked gesturing to the night club around them.

“No,” Lucifer said. “Actually I work with the LAPD. I am a civilian consultent.”

“Hmm, sounds interesting.” Y/N replied. “Have you caught lots of crimminals?”

“Yes and punished them accordingly.” Lucifer said proudly.

“Ok, I’m going to assume that means you just put them behind bars.” Y/N said. She glanced at her smal watch and almost jumped out of her seat.

“Oh shit! Is it really 3 AM?” Y/N exclaimed. She got up quickly and finished her water. “I’ve got to get home. I have an audition in 6 hours. It was lovely meeting you, Lucifer.”

“Agreed, we should do this again.” Lucifer said with a small smile. 

Y/N blushed softly. She then took out a small piece of paper and wrote down her number and handed it to him. “Whenever convient, give me a call.” she said with a small. The she ran out of the doors of Lux, leaving Lucifers heart soaring.

He sighed contently and had a few of his workers close up Lux as he made his way up to the penthouse. He leaned over the railing of the balcomny and stared into the night sky, which was only illuminated by stars. He stared at the small paper in his hands, a small smile playing at his lips.

Here in his hands, he had a chance at something. Something meaningful and perhaps even wonderful. However he was not a fan of heart break and wasn’t exactly boyfriend material. So why bother? Why was he still holding on to her number when he could easily let it go and move on with his life.

He lookd up to the city and began to whistle to him self, playing with the paper in his hands. Looking put to the city, he sang to himself:

“City of stars

Are you shining just for me?

City of stars

There is so much that I can’t see

Who knows?

Is this the start of something wonerful and new?

Or one more dream that I can not make true?”

He looked at her number and decided she was worth the risk. He entered her number into his phone, sent her a quick text and allowed the wind to take the small paper out of his hands and into the Los Angeles skyline.


That was a year ago. Since then Y/N and Lucifer’s love had deepened and truely sprouted into something wonderful and new. Y/N life had never been better after Lucifer had texted her that night asking when she would be able to see him again.

 Her heart felt like it was soaring high above everyone and everything else, as if nothing to take down this love. Date after date, night after, her and Lucifer grew into something far more deeper and intimate than just love. There was something else there. Something neither of them could pin.

By the time they had been dating for 8 months, Y/N had asked Lucifer who he really was, as she didn’t really believe any parent would name their son Lucifer. And he had trusted her. Enough to show her his true form. And although the initial shock had taken time to get over and understand, it didn’tchange the way Y/N felt about him.

 Lucifer also revealed hat Mazikeen, his bartebder who goes by Maze was actually a demon and Ammenadiel was his brother and an angel. And Charlotte Richards, an attoerny Y/N disliked heavily was actually lucifers mother AKA the mother of all creation. And yet. she had taken all of this infomation in rather well. After that, there was a whole new level of trust between them. One that would be hard to break and even harder to mend if broken.

Y/N walked into Lux, her music bag slung over her shoulder and her Y/H/C hair up in a messy bun. Maze was cleaning the counter behind the bar. Y/N approached her, setting her bag in one of the chairs. 

“Hey Maze,” Y/N greated. “Didn’t expect to see you here. I thpoight you had moved in with Chole last month?”

“I did. Just felt like coming back. Couldn’t stand being around that tiny human any longer.” Maze replied. Y/N nodded, sensing Maze’s dislike for children.

“Oh, Lucifer asked you to meet him in the penthouse. Said he needed to show you something up there.” Maze informed her. 

Y/N was slightly confused but went along with it. She picked up her music bag and began making her way up to the penthouse, bidding Maze goodbye as she did so.

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With a pleasent ding the elevator opened, revealing Lucifer sitting at his piano playing a lovely tune. Y/N smiled and watched him for a second. She had always loved watching him play. He just seemed so at peace with everything around him, as if the rest of the world just faded away.

Y/N walked up to him and wraped her arms around his waist and rested her chin on his shoulder as he continued to play. She gave him a soft kiss on the cheek and watched his hands dance on the piano keys.

“I haven’t heard that one before.” Y/N said.

“That’s because I have been writting it for you,” Lucifer replied. Y/N raised her eyebrow. She slid next him on the piano bench at the high end.

“Show me then,” Y/N asked.

“Well I’m not done yet love,” Lucifer Morningstar. 

“Then I’ll help you finish it.” Y/N told him. Lucifer smiled and began to play the tune again. 

“City of stars

Are you shing just for me? 

City of stars

There’s so much that I can’t see

Who knows?

I felt it from the first embrace I shared with you” Lucifer sang stopping on a high, as if to invite her to play. Y/N didnt deny the invitation and began to play on the high end.

“That now our dreams they’ve finally come true.

City of stars 

Just one thing everybody wants

There in the bars

And through the smoke screens of the 

Crowded resturants

It’s love

Yes all we’re looking for is love

From someone else.” Y/n looked to Lucifer, letting him know it was his turn to sing.

“A rush,” He sang

‘A glance,” She countered

‘A touch” 

‘A dance”  They both shared a looked as they played a little louder and cresendoded into the next verse as Lucifers vocals took over, with Y/N joing in where she could..

‘A look in sombody’s eyes

To light up the skies

To open the world and send it reeling

A voice that says I’ll be here and you’ll be alright

I don’t care if I know 

Just where I will go 

Cause all that I need is this crazy feeling

A rat-tat-tat on my heart.” They finished together. 

“Think I wanted to stay,” Lucifer sang as he went back to the original begining melody, Y/N getting off the piano to let him finish it out.

City of stars

Are you shining just for me?

City of stars” He sang as he added a trill to the higher note, giving her the last word. Y/N smiled and looked him the eye. 

“You’ve never shined so brightly.” Y/N finished softly.

Lucifer finished the song and looked at her. “So? Did you like it?”

“I loved it,” Y/N said. Lucifer leaned in and stole a soft but passionate kiss.

“Happy anniversary love,” He said.

‘Happy anniversary Lucifer.”

All I Can Do.

Fandom: The Maze Runner

Pairing: Gally x Reader

Warning: N/A

Writer: imaginesofeveryfandom aka thequeenofthehobbits

Summary/Request: Requested by mazegunner:  Reader insert where the reader is on her period, and Gally, being here boyfriend, does all that a hardass, stubborn guy can do? And I love this blog!

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Invisible Part 2

Fandom: The Maze Runner
Pairing: Thomas x Reader
Warning: N/A
Writer: imaginesofeveryfandom​ aka thequeenofthehobbits
Summary/Request: Part 2 to (X): Someone asked for another part, so here you go!

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Height Problems...

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Fandom: The Maze Runner
Pairing: Thomas x Reader
Warning: N/A
Writer: imaginesofeveryfandom​ aka thequeenofthehobbits
Summary/Request: Requested by poorbakaneko​:  Okay, here goes. Can I ask if you can do an actual tmr fic regarding this request: your the shortest person in the glade and the others are teasing you and Thomas helps you get something.- I saw it and I’m short so this would be nice. Except can you make it multiple scenarios where he’s constantly helping you and eventually you guys confess to each other? Fluffy and romantic please! \>.</

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Be The Maze, Not The Rat

By Myron Dixon, maze enthusiast 

Nobody likes the rat race—squeaking your way through each day, looking for  a paycheck (aka the cheese). It’s exhausting and humiliating. But I’m here to tell you there’s another way. You can be under and around it all: You can stop being the race, and start being the maze.

What does it mean to be the maze?

It means to branch out in three directions at once, one of which leads your coworkers (the rats) to a harmless dead end, one of which leads to an electrified floor, and one that takes everyone safely to the cheese. When you are the maze, you can weed out the underperforming rats and reward the successful ones. When you are the maze, the rats (your coworkers) are always walking along your wall, by your side, no matter where they are inside you (your company).

So how do you become the maze?

First, you need to stop being the rat. Stop thinking like a rat in search of cheese, and start thinking about where the cheese should be. Have the rats gone down this route before? How about that route? What happens if you put a wall (overtime) where there was previously cheese? You can’t control the rats until you control yourself and your physical dimensions in space.



What are you talking about?

I’m talking about getting out of the rat race and becoming the maze.

Aren’t the maze and the rat just two sides of the same coin?

AHA! And herein lies the paradox. In business, there’s only the cheese. Are you going to hide it, or are you going to find it? When you know the answer, you’ll finally be successful.

What should I take away from this conversation?

The question and answer format that began as a literary device for explaining my point became a personal dialogue with another person. An honest to goodness human connection. And it feels pretty great.

Hey, you know, you’re right. Thanks!

Ok so I watched TMR in theaters again today so I’m just going to go through all the Gally scenes I remember and explain why he is tragic and precious and important 

  • Gally pushes Thomas to keep him from going into the maze because holy crap Thomas why do you have to walk directly and willingly into deadly situations, and when Thomas freaks out Gally tells him to “CALM” OH MY GOD HE JUST SAVED YOUR LIFE PLEASE STOP FREAKING OUt
  • Literally right after Gally and Thomas beat each other up, the maze starts moving and Thomas, again, freaks out and Gally says, WORD FOR WORD “You’re safe here with us" 
  • SAFE
  • HERE
  • WITH
  • US
  • So basically he just had a literal fight with this newbie and he still wants him to know that he’s safe and protected WOW. wow.
  • After Thomas/Minho/Alby come back from the maze, Gally has a completely valid concern that the Grievers (aka the INCREDIBLY VICIOUS AND HIGHLY INTELLIGENT MONSTERS that have probably killed multitudes of Gally’s friends) will want revenge on them now that Thomas has killed one of them
  • Teresa’s arrival. “The last one ever”???? basically a death omen. Completely understandable concern from Gally here.
  • Thomas wants to go back into the maze; Gally wants to keep him out of the maze. What is the maze again? Oh right, a death trap. Who is in the wrong here I ask you
  • The grievers leave after killing off about a quarter/half of the Gladers and Gally punches Thomas in the face because “holy crap, i saw my friends die in front of me because of what you did”
  • "LOOK AROUND THOMAS”, and then something along the lines of “he’s destroyed everything we’ve created" 
  • Can you imagine that? You’ve built this community, you have your bed and your belongings and these people that you love and in one night, one fell swoop, it’s all gone, fire. 
  • And then Thomas stabs himself with that griever stinger/syringe and everyone panics because oh my god, poor Thomas and Gally looks GUILTY. He becomes less anger and more worry because “he just gave himself a griever sting because of what I said”
  • Basically Gally blaming himself for things that aren’t really his fault. Spoilers: This kind of happens a lot. Like a lot.
  • Gally then takes charge because to him everyone is losing their mind and he needs to keep them in check so they don’t freaking die
  • Gally plans to offer Teresa and Thomas to the Grievers. You can smell the desperation.
  • "He’s just trying to scare you” Gally says because the only thing that’s kept them alive for so long is staying calm
  • “We are home” unbelievable
  • Gally is abandoned by the majority of the other Gladers. He loves them and they leave him. He wants them to stay safe and alive and they walk past him basically into hell. Ouch.
  • Thomas asks Gally to come with them ((because the two of them SECRETLY CARE A WHOLE LOT ABOUT EACH OTHER)) and poor Gally has absolutely no way of knowing if they’re all committing suicide or not, so of course he says no
  • But he still says “Good luck against the grievers” and it sounds bitter but he obviously he means it.
  • He may doubt that Thomas is right, but he still sure as hell hopes Thomas is right
  • Final scene: “i belong to the maze”
  • “We
  • all
  • do”
  • (And then that event that shall not be mentioned here occurs, which is not at all Gally’s fault although in the back of his sad wrecked mind he’s blaming himself for it. Again.)
  • Tl;dr Thomas may have been what WCKD wanted, but Gally is what WCKD created. Paranoid. Scared. Trapped. Manipulated and so, so, blind. 
  • But he was also loyal and caring and logical; a little abrasive, but he loved the Gladers all the same.
  • It’s all very unfair. 

The Maze Runner || When the Darkness Comes: Pt II 

(Warning: This video contains spoilers for “The Maze Runner” by James Dashner.)

We couldn’t help ourselves. 

This is a Maze Runner fanvideo to Shelby Merry’s gorgeous song “When the Darkness Comes (Part 2)”. While we love the slow music and poignant lyrics (especially the killer last line, no really it will kill you), the action clips we wanted to use wouldn’t fit, so we took the final piece from Quinn Wentz’s (aka Former Vandal) fantastic cover of the song. We hope you like it! 

You can listen to Shelby’s song here: 

And Quinn’s cover here:

(Please watch in HD)