you are gross and i h8 u :(

The Ranch Discourse 2k17

@rebxrn-legxnd​ is on the shitlist:

Ranch is gross

That upsets me just by reading that.

@ferocitus​ Thank you twinny:

i’m just a ranch-a-holic tho. it’s literally a running joke in my friends house. her mom will be like ‘and yes I made sure we have ranch for sugg’ lol

OOooooh same tho!! My dad saw we were almost out of ranch and he was like- ‘I wonder when Chloe will start bugging me about that’ it’s great.
Twinny’s be twinnin.

@heartyrice​ is just mad there’s more supporters for my cause:

h8 u & sugg

Someone’s a little salty people like holy sacred ranch on their pizza.

Sugg re-debuts with: 

minni pls first u don’t like sandwiches then u don’t like ranch with pizza? is nothing sacred?

#calloutpost for heartyrice
Pizza w/o ranch is a crime.
Unless u can’t eat ranch cause yer allergic to smth in it. Plz don’t get an allergic reaction.

@deliiveryboy is a holy member:

Wait who doesn’t like it wtf

Minni and #furrylover
Arrest them.