you are great thanks for enjoying this jazz so much

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hand on his chest hand in his hair, ezra already looking wrecked before he even kisses him; boi oh boi. i am really enjoying this ezra/easton scene; it is very intense and beautiful and you guys are absolutely killing it! this whole comic is just so great and i just can't believe how much great representation there is in this beautiful and unique and interesting story and how it's brought to us through such ridiculously amazing art. you guys continue to amaze me and i am so grateful to you both!

Hi there, thank you for this lovely ask! We’re both super jazzed that you’re enjoying the comic and this scene in particular. Every time we get a thoughtful ask like this, it’s super humbling and we’re really grateful, so thank you. This scene in particular was a lot of fun for us to write/draw too, and we’ve been waiting for it to post for a while…

Thanks so much!