you are great thanks for enjoying this jazz so much

nyyooom asked:

hello lisa! i'm jasper, and I'm 13, and I'm really into drawing but not that good at it. can you provide me with some tips please? thank you so much!!

Enjoy yourself and keep drawing your favorite things. You’ll get “good” at it later. Just draw lots and lots.

 Here’s one of my first comics, I made it when I was 11:

“Snazzy and Jazz” - A goofy donkey and a suave horse are roommates. I hid this from everyone because I drew kissing scenes (Jazz went on lots of dates)! 

Try to limit tracing, drawing from photos, and fan art - that stuff is just for fun, it isn’t so great for observational skills/creativity. I wonder what I learned by doing this tracing when I was seven yrs old?

“By Lisa Hnawalt” good job idiot

This character I made up (his name was James, Rocking Cat, and Ginger, interchangeably) is still so fun to me, even though my drawings are rough baby scribbles. He’s the one in the orange shirt:

He was loosely based on Weird Al Yankovic, he loved to play guitar, and he was suuuuper romantic.

Side bar: Why were all of my main characters dudes?  Because almost all of the funny/relatable characters in the cartoons and movies I liked were boys. :(