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Edit: here is pt. 2:

MONTHS: July - December
Also including December 2015!

Hmm, falling for the maid. This could be interesting.

Authors note: I’m not too sure about this one, but it’s been saved in my drafts for a couple of weeks and I didn’t want to delete it. 


“Y/N” That’s how the last phone call I would receive from a civilian started. “You’ve now got a household to work for. Pack your things and move immediately, there will be a vehicle waiting outside for you”. The man who ran the cleaning company ordered. This wasn’t a normal cleaning company. We worked for the villains, cleaning up their houses, their messes. I was staying in a motel until work was found for me. I packed my 2 suitcases and handbag and as the man on the phone said there was a vehicle outside. A white van. I’m not going to lie, I was scared. I didn’t know where I was going. I got into the van with my suitcases and was blindfolded straight away. “Sorry Ma’am this is….” “I know, it’s not my first time” I cut the guy off. After a 45 minute drive we’d stopped. I was taken to a bedroom. The blindfold was whipped off of my face. Mr J stood in front of me. “You work for me now doll. I’ll let ya get settled in. There are some rules on the desk”. I looked at him. I was shocked to say the least. There in front of me stood the clown prince of crime. As I glanced over to the desk he was gone. I looked around the room. It was gorgeous. Purple and gold, everything looked very expensive. Even down to the door handle. 

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I have a problem. A HUGE Colin Morgan sized problem and it’s all thanks to you @iwillsendapostcard!!

Being sick there’s not much to do other than sleep and watch TV. So I took you up on your suggestion to watch The Fall on Netflix bc you said Colin was in it. BIG MISTAKE. LIZZIE YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU HAVE UNLEASHED!!

Not only do I get to episode 4 in season 2 and see Colin’s name in the intro, which got me so excited I ended up in a coughing fit lol. BUT THEN I’M GREETED BY THIS

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And just when I’ve sorta recovered I’m faced with THIS!!! Suddenly I was hot for a totally different reason than my fever…LIKE FUCK LIZZIE WHY DID YOU NOT WARN ME!!! THIS RIGHT HERE SHOULD COME WITH A WARNING!!! HOT HOT HOT!!!

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He’s definitely not that scrawny kid anymore that first stepped into Gaius’ chambers in Merlin ;)

I practically forgot all about Mr Christian Grey himself and was just like ‘step aside and give me some more Colin Morgan’ 😂😂

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I know you said Colin had got buff and sexy and all that BUT I WAS NOT PREPARED FOR THIS!! I CANNOT HANDLE THIS IN MY SICK STATE I MEAN JUST LOOK AT HIM!!!

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And I’m totally gonna continue on season 3 today. Honestly for a moment I thought they were gonna kill him off at the end of season 2 and then I would have lost my shit! I need my Irish eye candy!! Also I’m totally not ashamed to say that I’ve rewinded a few scenes quite a lot ;)


Delinquent (Andy's POV) *Andy Biersack Imagine*

I sit against the concrete wall, cold against my back. I feel the roughness through my thin jumpsuit, clenching my fists, then releasing them to keep sensations in my hands from the tight handcuffs that bound me from behind my back. I wasn’t too in tune to what was going on around me, probably another gathering of guards vs inmates to find the snitch.

Of course, being the snitch in the penitentiary has it’s perks, other than being subject to a brutal ass kicking anywhere and everywhere you went. Protective Custody was supposed to monitor the welfare of the tattle tale, but if we are being honest, it can’t stop an entire building of criminals from hurting them. But, you know, being beaten to near death is worth the shorter sentence for some, I guess.

I really didn’t care what went on in here, I mostly stayed to myself and tried my best to keep myself busy as time went by. I have no clue when I’ll actually be out of here, if at all. All I can do is shrug. I’ve made my mistakes, and now I’m paying the price.

“Men!” A guard shouts from the floor above. “Line up!”

As I stand against the wall, everyone else forms a line next to me, wondering what’s going to happen. The guard makes his way downstairs, holding a clipboard.

“What I have here, is a letter from our board about a new program we’ll be holding…”

Some of the inmates light up in excitement, hoping that it’s something that will actually help us, and I even feel a bit joyous too. Maybe after the letters and strikes this place has been on, they’ve finally taken into consideration that we need change too, as for many of us want to be able to lead normal lives once we leave this place.

“…Now don’t get too excited,” his voice echos. “This program is specialized for young people who are following in your foot steps. They’ll be sent here for a day or so upon request of their parents, or by the order of other juvenile detention centers. What they’ll be doing is getting a tour of the prison, as well as a reality check from those of you standing before me, that life in here isn’t worth looking cool, or what have you.”

“So, a field trip? Were entertainment for school kids now?” One guy scoffs, nudging his friend. They bellow in snorts and laughter as their shackles jingle in unison.

“Hey, quiet! I’m not through yet!”

The pair shuts up at the loud voice booming towards them.

“Anyhow, the young ones will be getting a full incarceration experience. Jumpsuits, what we eat here, what we do here, and most importantly, discipline. It’s critical that you all take this as seriously as it should be, which is why you have all been selected as the group to give these kids a reality check. Tell them your story, give advice, you can also be as vocal and vicious as you want. However, no physical contact with these kids, regardless of their actions, they are kids and are not worth more time on your sentence. Do I make myself clear, men?”

“Yes, sir.” Everyone says lazily.

“Good, now, I have a packet for each of you that lists each guest, their name, what criminal activities they are involved with, as well as a few notes from their parents, judges, and corrections officers. Skim these over and familiarize yourself, because they’ll be here shortly.”

“As in, today?” I ask.

“Well of course!” The guard chuckled. “There couldn’t be any time sooner.”

I didn’t want to do this, nor did I care about what little jackasses are running around causing trouble. It’s their decision to ruin their own lives, and besides, where are the parents in the picture? Seems like they’re doing nothing more than giving the little fuckers a tap on the wrist and enabling their bullshit. People don’t raise kids like they used to, I guess.

Aside from that, I did flip through the packet. It was about 12 pages long and was a mix of both male and female delinquents. I noticed a pattern in the crimes listed on each paper. More of the males were being sent here for violence, use of weapons, robberies, home invasions, gang activity, etc. As for most of the females were for theft from stores, alcohol charges, drugs, skipping school, and of course, disrespect towards parents. I wondered if the divide between sexes and crimes were intentional or a coincidence. It’s like they were all caught for the same thing.

A bit of ruckus begins to murmur in the distance. I look up and see that the group of baby criminals were filing into the laundry room, where I’d assume is where they’ll be finding a uniform. Already, one of the individuals got out of control and was being held down by two officers.

Really? Do they honestly think they’ll survive this place with that kind of behavior? If there’s anyone that will end you quicker than a group of felons, it’d be the officers here, because they’re the last to give a shit about any of us, and plus, they carry all of the weaponry. I know well enough to pipe down when in disagreement with a motherfucker carrying a gun.

“No, come here!” I hear a woman guard’s voice. Out she drags a girl with a pout on her face and her arms folded.

“Look at you! You’re hardly dressed! You are about to walk into a room full of men who have seen a woman in years, and this is how you want to present yourself?! Get in there and get your jumpsuit on!”

The young lady shakes her head and rolls her eyes, walking back into the room followed by the guard.

I have to admit, she was absolutely gorgeous. Stunning. And even that was an understatement. She was so different than the rest of the group. She was beautiful, neat, clean, and wasn’t completely out of their mind as the rest were acting. A bit of an attitude, sure, but nothing that I couldn’t handle. If anything, she’s probably just a little spoiled brat that cannot handle it when she doesn’t get her way…

“Fuck” I grunt to myself, snapping out of my daydream. The packet that rested in my hand had a brief description of a young woman named (Y/N). Even though it was brief, it fit her perfectly in my eyes. The girl I just couldn’t take my eyes off of had to be (Y/N). A beautiful name to match a beautiful girl.

We were lead in a single file line into the larger common area, then lined up against the wall again, where the zoo of wild and out of control teens were brought in. I let out a slight groan at how rough a lot of these kids looked, and right off the bat I could tell they’d be a problem.

“Alright, this is where it gets real” the officer says dryly. “You see these men lined up against this wall? Each one is in here for making the same decisions you are. Maybe what they tell you will drill some sense into your heads, because lord knows you’ll need it. If not, then we’ll definitely be seeing you back here very soon, and none of you want to run into these guys, let alone be stuck in the same cell with them.”

Officer then nods at the first inmate of the line, where he begins his introduction and story as to what lead him to be incarcerated. After him, the next guy, then the next, and so on. I couldn’t even focus on what was happening, because I could not keep my eyes off of (Y/N). She seemed so bored, yet still managed to look so damn good. The way her lips pouted, and eyebrow raised, she looked like a handful, that’s for sure, but a handful I was happy to take on. I was so unfocused that I was skipped in line for my introduction. I knew she could tell I was gawking at her, and I didn’t care. She’d get the pleasure (or punishment) of meeting me soon enough.

I bite my bottom lip in anticipation…

Soon we were able to freely speak to the visitors in any manner, we just had to make it seem intimidating or some shit. I really don’t know. I became distracted by baby girl and then was adverted away by the sound of two guys slamming each other against stainless steel tables and hollering. Looks like one of the kids crossed paths with the man that killed his brother. Fuck, that’s gotta be rough. The commotion was quickly de-escalated when two officers ripped them apart, escorting them out from separate exits.

Happening to glance at the far end of the room, I see (Y/N) sitting at the other end, uninterested as ever. She genuinely did not give a shit, and wasn’t afraid to let it show. This was my opportunity to make my way over to her.

“Mmmmmm” I say devilishly, looking her up and down. “Look at you.”

She looks me up and down in return, scrunching her nose.

“You’re (Y/N), aren’t you?” I wink at her, offering her my hand. Instead of taking my hand like the little princess she is, she steps to me, as if she’s intimidating.

“Can I help you?” She says in annoyance.

I snicker and shake my head at her attitude, because she’s such a bad girl, a tough girl.

“Hmmmm… an attitude, huh? Well, I can change that.”

(Y/N) answers me in some sarcastic way, as if I can’t turn her out in a drop of a dime, because if I’m being honest, that’s exactly what I want to do with her.

“What did you do?” I ask, circling her. No, tattoos, you’re clean…“ I lose my train of thought as my eyes wander down to her breasts over her curved hips, checking around to her ass.

“Are you a slut?” Fuck, I’m hoping she says yes.

“No!” She snaps viciously, like a chihuahua puppy.

“Good, then I can turn you into one.”

I take her by her wrist and very sneakily bring her around the corridor until we reach my cell. Luckily they didn’t lock the door on me. The guys from the cell across from me are hooting and hollering at this sexy piece I’ve dragged in. They all wish they could get some.

Shutting the heavy door behind us, ogling her sexy figure. She doesn’t seem too bothered that she’s locked in a cell with a prisoner, and if I wanted to, I’d be subject to do whatever I pleased with her. God, the things I’d do with her…

My spine shivered at the fantasies.

“Tell me what you do to be so… naughty.”

“I steal and fight, especially with my parents.”


“Because I fucking can, that’s why!”

“Hmmmm…. you better watch your mouth, little girl.” I warn.

“You don’t scare me!”

I sit on my bed and pull her onto my lap. She wiggles her hips a bit to get comfortable, as if she knew I wanted her on top of me. I move her hair over to her shoulder, exposing her neck where I nuzzle and place kisses all long.

“I used to prey on girls just like you” I murmur into her neck, giving it a sly nibble. “Young, gorgeous, and desperate for love. They always fell in love with me, and I let them.”

I felt her knees buckle a bit, which let me know that I was beginning to make her swoon. Even after being locked away for some time, I’ll never lose my charm.

“Give me 30 minutes with you, babe. 30 minutes is all I need to make you go fucking crazy for me.” My tongue trails from the base of her neck, up the shell of her ear, then ending with a kiss on her cheek.

“Whatever” (Y/N) tenses up, putting on her tough act again. Will she just let it go?

I feel her somewhat trying to wiggle out of my lap, but my arms just hold her around her waist tighter. I graze my tongue along her jawline, smirking.

“You’re precious…” I tease. “The other guys would love to have a piece of you, (Y/N). You’re every prison inmate’s dirty fantasy.”

(Y/N’s) mood changes when she sees the other guys across the way, yelling, cat calling, all trying to get their attention, with their hands down their pants if not around their ankles, all ready to jack off to (Y/N).“

"Say hi!” I joke. “How you’re on my lap now is how you’ll be if you ever come back in here with me. Maybe even on your knees too…”

“I won’t be back here ever again, so-”

“Are you nervous, baby?” I can sense her tough coping mechanism starting to break. “You’ll do whatever I want to do with you, and those guys over there, will watch me as I make a little plaything out of you.”

Her breathing hitched. She settles more comfortably into me, but still trying to hide that I’m making her pussy wet. I can tell how fucking horny she is, and all I can think about is having my face buried deep between her thighs as she tugs my hair, legs squeezing both sides of my face each time I roll my tongue over her juicy little clit. I could spend hours eating her, just as long as I could fuck her holes and filthy mouth sometime thereafter.

….“I might even be nice enough to share.”

“They wouldn’t let that happen in here.” She argues.

“Do you really think they care what happens in here? If anything, the guards will be wanting some of you too, kitten. In here, I’m your Daddy.”


I grip her hips. “That’s right, girly, you’ll be calling me Daddy in here. Understand?”


“Yes who?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Good girl, (Y/N).”

I couldn’t believe that she was comfortable with this. Any other girl would be out of her mind, screaming and yelling for help.

“You think this is okay, just as long as we don’t get caught, huh?” I question.

“I never get caught.”

“But what If we do?”

“I’m pretty, nothing will ever happen to me.”

I cackle at her comeback. “So am I, baby girl, yet look where I am.”

(Y/N) wasted no time in returning the favor. She effortlessly rolled her hips on my lap, grinding that perfect ass of hers over my obvious boner. She did it with such expertise, there’s no way she didn’t do this on a regular basis, like a little stripper trying to make every dollar she could. If I still had all of my money, I’d without a doubt shower her in it. Fuck something as sexy as her doesn’t come for free. I sat back and let her do her thing, unsure of which was more enjoyable; Watching her work herself on my lap, or feeling her warm pussy rub over my dick through our jumpsuits.. 

Fuck, was she wearing panties? 

Never mind that. I shook my nasty thoughts away when I hear her muffle “Oh god!” in disgust. I sit up, wrapping my arms around curved waist. She had been grossed out by the inmates in the cell across from us jerking off to the little show she had just put on. 

“Ignore them” I purr in her ear. I turn her face towards mine, setting my nose against her. “Let’s drive them fucking crazy” 

Her sweet lips brush against mine, almost unsure of what to do. I part her lips with my tongue, biting her bottom lip. Just as I pull away from our kiss, I unbutton the first few buttons on the front of her jumpsuit, revealing her amazing tits. A low growl escaped from me when I notice she wasn’t wearing a bra. squeeze them firmly pushing them together. Her little nipples harden just begging to be licked and sucked. I can’t help but pay with her little rosebuds, pinching them, rolling them, making her gasp and push herself deeper into me. 

I can’t take it anymore. I lie back onto my bed, having (Y/N) straddle my hips like she’s ready to ride me. God, I couldn’t tell you how badly I wanted her bouncing up and down on my cock, dripping her juices down my shaft onto my thighs. The way she’d be whining out “Daddy!” each time I hit her sweet spot drove me wild. She leans forward just enough for me to catch her tits in my mouth. I ravish the hell out of her nipples, sloppily kissing and sucking on them. The obscene slurping that came from me was enough to get her going again. She grinded back and forth on my dick, enough to where it created a wet spot on my uniform. Yeah, she definitely wasn’t wearing any panties.

…It didn’t help that my tip was leaking pre cum all over as well. 

I’m about to cum. Anymore of this and I’ll spend myself and have her lick it clean. Not that she’d object to it. 

“Baby, you still a virgin?” I ask. 

She nods, proud of her pristine little pussy. One that I’d have a field day with at any second. 

“Keep it for someone else.” I pop her breasts back into her jumpsuit and button it back up. “Let’s get you back” 

She sighs in disappointment when I take her hand as she stands from the bed. Kissing her on the forehead, I whisper to her “I hate to let you go, But I don’t wanna see you in here. You’re far too beautiful for this.” 

I take her hand and walk her back into the common area where everyone else was. I hand her back to guard and give some bullshit excuse that she got lost while looking for the bathroom. I rub her back and give her a wink as the guard leads her away back to her group. She looked back at me with a pouty face and big puppy dog eyes, as if I’ve just been ripped away from her. Damn, that’s a look I’d be suckered into a lot. She’d have me wrapped around her little finger in every way, that’s for sure. I wish I didn’t have to let her leave, Hell, I’d love to keep her alone and all to myself in my cell. Maybe I’ll come across her sometime in the future when I’m not in this hell hole, and we’ll have some real fun with each other. 

I know that I’ll definitely be fantasizing about her for the next little while I stroke my dick. Beats any of the half-nude magazine pictures the guys pass around here, I’ll tell you that much. Day in and day out, all I’ll think about is screwing (Y/N) and having my face stuffed so far between her legs that she squirts in my mouth. Maybe while she sits on my face and jacking me off at the same time. Damn, she’s a treat. Whoever gets to slide into her first will be one lucky mother fucker.



Edit: Turns out that Tumblr downsizes the images when uploading. If you want an actual 1536 X 2048 wallpaper, just message me.


Edit: Here is pt. 1:

Also including the Koyomimonogatari launch screen!

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Mysme peeps with chubby Mc HCS? Pls and thank u!!!!

ahah no problemo! I hope you see this zomg I’m so bad at handling my tumblr requests and school at the same time ><”


  • when he first set his eyes on her he could not believe it
  • that was MC? that was her. MC. seriously? 
  • he cannot even contain himself
  • like hi hello yes this is my first time seeing you but here have a very intimate long hug from me because why not i mean
  • he doesn’t let go until Zen pries him off 
  • “nooooooooooo”
  • *insert picture of yoosung being dragged away by Zen with his crying emoji face thing*
  • someone draw this PLEASE!! (if only I were good at art)


  • okay he was sosososososso excited to see MC 
  • he had no time for shock bro 
  • MC and her little wittle puffy cheeks 
  • he just wanted to pinch her and give her bowties to wear on her head
  • you won’t believe this but he literally wanted to take her to the amusement park immediately and buy her ice cream and fEED HER COTTON CANDY CUZ
  • his eyes literally turned into heart shapes you know like those anime characters when they see their crush yea like that
  • right anyway he was extremely starstruck and couldn’t even talk properly


  • it was just great 
  • she’d always sleep on MC’s squishy thighs and feel MC smooth her hair while she drifts off
  • ULTIMATE life goals man
  • sometimes she’d squish MC’s cheeks and play around with her face to make her have different facial expressions
  • do ya know what I’m talking about?? 
  • it was really fun
  • and they’d binge eat a million things together while watching Netflix :D


  • constantly hugged MC super tightly while they slept 
  • they went shopping together and he picked out ALL her outfits because he wanted her to look 
  • anyway he was totally into it and glared at anyone who had anything bad to say about MC


  • he was really excited to show MC his belly pouch
  • y’know from all those chips and soda
  • they have to go somewhere am i right or am i right
  • he liked to tickle MC a lot and poke her belly when he was bored 
  • sometimes he would take off his shirt and draw faces on his belly and then make it talk 
  • you know like this (except it’d be his 707 chicken meme face thingymabobber):
  • he would do the same to MC
  • idk about the taking off shirt part for MC but you do whatever you waaant ;)


  • he didn’t really have an reaction lol
  • but he did enjoy poking MC’s face
  • like a lot
  • *poke poke poke* 
  • ten seconds later 
  • *poke poke po-*
  • “Saeran what r u doin”
  • “poking your cheeks”
  • “why??”
  • “because you’re cute”


  • he honestly was so proud??? 
  • i mean
  • MC looked so healthy and happy in her own body
  • he couldn’t ask for more
  • he love love loveddd her cheeky smile and just everything about her??
  • “MC you’re the most beautiful girl in the world - how can you look so photogenic in every picture?” 

yes I watched iCarly lmao

~Cherry L.

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why doesn't lavi just QUIT being bookman and go LOVEE EVERYONE LIKE HE CLEARLY WANTS TO?? MY HEART MAN

Lavi, better known as the polyamorous mess who thinks literally all his friends are freaking gorgeous and he cannot concentrate to save his life.

Everyone is beautiful, and Lavi can’t handle it. XD

Honestly, Anon, I really really REALLY want Lavi to give up being a Bookman and just stay with his friends. You can see how much it hurts him to choose, especially after he’s taken his 49th persona. This poor boy, I just ache thinking about how hard everything must be for him. I just want him to be happy.

50 shades of Ed (more like two but ok)
  • Ed in the manga and like 30% of fanfics: (blushes at almost every encounter with romance) oh shit what the hell do I do now Winry's so hot I cannot handle this please help me I beg you I cannot romance though I can be adorable and dorky aHhHHHHH
  • Ed in most fanfics: (is such a bad boy) I'm so smooth and hot and sexy around Winry, it's why she fell for me. I'm gorgeous and so's she. Sometimes I'm even a player, and I'm so good with the ladies. Wanna do it with me, Winry?

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So to sum it up: you write brilliant fics (I assume you're the same vague enthusiast of "How Darwinian"?), your art is breathtaking, you recently showed your face here and it's fucking pretty, and now it turns out you're also a musician! What is your secret? Also, if you don't mind, for the aesthetic thingy, bands and old books?

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i cannot



bands: talk about a song/band/lyric that has affected your life in some way.

Alright, here’s one: “Reflecting Light” by Sam Phillips. It’s featured in Gilmore Girls, which is one of my all-time favourite shows. It’s got gorgeous lyrics, and it inspired this lil painting and this lil fic!

old books: what’s one thing you don’t want your parents to know?

done! ^.^

Ok, so I need the universe’s forgiveness for doing something I don’t like doing. Namely, taking pictures of people without their consent. But yesterday, the husband and I went out on a date, which included some of the delicious sushi you can see in the picture. And Ron aND HERMIONE WERE THERE TOO RON EVEN HAD A LONG NOSE AND THEY BOTH LOOKED THE RIGHT AGE TOO I CANNOT HANDLE I wanted to become friends with them lol 

I pixelated their faces in an attempt to preserve their anonymity, although I know this doesn’t make me better than a fan after the War selling pictures to The Prophet or something :( Only that I’m not selling it to anyone, of course; I just wanted to share with the few people that will understand our excitement.

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Oh, and I love that ever since they consummate their relationship, Richonne has been sharing a bed. Even without a mattress, Rick wasn't having it any other way as he built them a palette on the floor. It's the little things. 🤗🤗🤗

Originally posted by usedpimpa

Yes, @loveremains4eva! OMG. My heart still cannot handle that they share a bed, even though they’re canon. Whenever I see the gifsets or photosets I literally smile all goofy-like. Ha!

Every. Single.Time.


Richonne is the Ultimate OTP because of the little things. And I love that Rick gave our wife the biggest, most comfortable-looking pillow! I’m goofy-smiling to myself again.

Thank you, gorgeous lady!

I can’t say I agree with some of the methods used (this is a television show and they do lack time to fully flesh some story lines out) but I have to commend the writers for how they’re handling Olicity. 

It’s so human

They’re treating Oliver and Felicity like the flawed creatures they are and I love it so much because it’s honoring them as individuals, in the twisted way that it is, and forcing them to stumble and fall all over the place when it comes to being in a relationship. Just like you’re challenged when something goes wrong in your life, and you’re judged by how you handle it, a couple is as well. 

This is painful and horrible and confusing and angering - just as it should be!

I’m here for this ride, friends, because it will be rocky and painful and gorgeous and amazing and when they do get back together - because they will, you cannot honestly sit down and tell me that Olicity isn’t endgame at this point, you simply cannot - it will be so amazing, and the pain and angst will have been so worth it.

4x16 was wonderful, in so many ways, and I can’t wait to have my heart ripped apart even more in the upcoming episodes.

Just watched Danai, Lupita, and Liesl on Charlie Rose.

First of all, they all looked GORGEOUS, just stunning.

Secondly, I cannot overstate how much I appreciate that Danai never downplays TWD, she never acts like it’s beneath her skills and gifts, she clearly actually LOVES the show and her job and even though she gets to do all kinds of amazing other things and is gifted beyond belief, her gratitude for the show and love of it is genuine. 

(if you didn’t see, he tried to get her to say she wouldn’t be happy only doing TWD..which I agree, he’s right, but she wouldn’t put the show down in any way, she handled that question so well)

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Hello Princesses and Princes!

Thank you so so so so much for so many lovely followers! This is actually so amazing and I am so blessed to be a part of all your dashboards! I hope that I am able to spread at least a bit of Disney magic into your lives!

Disney bloggers who have impacted my life in some way:

thedisneybeauty - Fiona, you are one of my closest friend and you mean so much to me. Thanks for being part of my life!!!!

disneyismyescape - Shannon, you are a true princess with a heart of gold. Your humor lights up my whole dashboard! ☆☆☆

yohoyohoadisneylifeforme - Tori, you have a kind and gentle soul. So loving to everybody and anybody. (。◕‿◕。)

monorailsandmagic - Vanessa, you are such a cutie and our first tumblr interaction still makes me so so so happy!

mkealcoran - Mike, you have such a talent for photography and your photos instantly make me happy. You capture true Disney magic.

thedisneylady - Tam, thank you for always showering me with so many lovely compliments! You are too nice to me!

barkblogs - Barkev, you are seriously a qt and your instagram is amazing. I hope to see you in Disneyland one day!

disneyinspirations - Abbey, you are beyond gorgeous and I can’t even handle your perfection. Thank you for coming straight out of a fairytale.

missmaceymouse - Macey, you have lots of love to give and I miss interacting with you on tumblr! I sincerely hope you are doing well.

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anonymous asked:

Is it strange I find Stephen Amell more attractive than Oliver Queen? I mean obviously they have the same gorgeous face and amazing body but the thing is, I love Stephen's smile, and he hardly ever gets to smile as Oliver. Honestly one of the main reasons I ship Olicity is because Stephen has broken character a few times because he can't help but smile at EBR. I really hope the next season includes more smiling and less brooding.

It is 100% NOT strange, anon, because I am the same exact way. We won’t get into the annoyingly obsessive daydreams I’ve had about Stephen Amell, alright, because then you might question my sanity. Not about Oliver Queen, but about Stephen Amell, that beautiful, amazing human being whose goodness and genuine niceness literally angers me (because I cannot handle my feels about this man).

How does he exist? He’s sweet, gentle, confidant, unassuming, smart, humble, understanding, in wicked amazing shape that simultaneously gets me heated and shames me, super talented actor, absolutely drop-dead gorgeous, an amazing husband and father, and everything makes him smile - when he smiles the skies open and rains down happiness and joy in the shape of sunflowers and sunshine.

Alright, enough musings, I also wanted to say I’m with you on Olicity! Olicity has grown so organically and beautifully as a direct result of the chemistry and friendship and overall comfort level between Stephen Amell and Emily Bett Rickards. People always talk about some chemistry being like lightning in a bottle and those two? ARE IT. If they had the ability to extract this from these two and mass-produce it, the world would be overrun with too many feels because we’d all be watching each other interact. Nothing would get done. I stare at gifs of these idiots (in-character and out) for so many minutes it’s shameful.

They just have to look at each other and I get butterflies. THAT IS CHEMISTRY. (Imagine what it will be like when Olicity is actually together?)

And let’s be real, when Oliver smiles, it’s not a Stephen smile. That guy’s entire face - nay, his entire being - lights up when he smiles! (I HAVE BEEN HAVING A STEPHEN AMELL CRISIS FOR A VERY LONG TIME.)

Hopefully some of that starts to bleed into Season 4, I want to see some more full-teeth grins, Oliver! Hopefully Oliver getting to this point of realizing that he can certainly be every facet of himself without having to sacrifice something will let him finally relax.

Let him smile.






So Oliver can fucking smile for once.

I don't feel Kirstie gets enough appreciation

First of all, her vocal range is E3 - B(flat)7, Idk how many octaves that is, I think thats 3. And thats pretty fucking amazing. Now, this girl has the voice that can give me full body chills, and she can do whistle notes?? This chick is insane.

She can also be Drop. Dead. Gorgeous, like look at her!

But she can also be the most adorable thing on this planet, and I can’t handle it, my heart explodes. 

She will squash you’re heart like you’re a little bug, and you won’t mind. I literally, cannot handle her. Her voice. Her beauty. Her Adorable.

I just can’t.

She needs to be noticed more.